But this does not mean that they only know how to kill and kill members of the four mythical beast family。

It is also possible to cultivate or enslave members of the four mythical beasts as spies。
Although the rise of the Lieshan Elves is not long,But the strength is definitely the pinnacle level of the palace lord。His previous battles,Battle of Flower Island,Besieged and killed by the three major palace masters,The battle to kill the blood elves, etc.,Have proved the strength of the peak of the palace lord。
Even the patriarch of the eight major families is not sure to defeat him。。。Even if it is two enemy one or even three enemy one,Maybe it’s okay to beat the opponent,But it’s impossible to stay。
But send out three powerhouse masters,It’s already a limit for the eight big families。
In addition to the eight patriarchs,There are only two or three palace-level powerhouses on the face of the eight major families,And they are all weaker in the palace master level。
Eight families,It’s because of the enmity of the four mythical beast families that unite together。It’s not a group of friendly。
Dispatched more than three patriarchs to besieged the elves,What if you fall?What if there is a loss?What if the four mythical beast families swarm out and desperately?
Anyway, now the eight big families besieging the four mythical beast families can be considered orderly。Although your lord Youlan jumped in,Preventing them from completely exterminating the four mythical beast families。But it weakens little by little,In the eyes of the eight patriarchs, it is completely acceptable。
Of course on the other hand,Although the wife of the Lieshan Elf is very strong,,Should have the strength comparable to the Seven-Star Elves,But the previous battles have never used their talents。
And the intelligence of the eight major families also showed,This member of the Qinglong clan,Ten thousand years ago, the four mythical beast families did not move.。
Maybe self-comfort,Or to give yourself a step down,The eight patriarchs directly judged that she was a very distant branch of the Four God Beast family,Haven’t even experienced the baptism in the ancestral hall。
Hate the four mythical beast family again,For a very far side branch to face up with a palace master pinnacle master,This behavior is obviously not worthwhile。

Zheng Sun Zhenchi is supported by the guests、Compliment to mid-frequency cheers,When I am proud,A horse ran up from downstairs,Even shouting:“Big……Big and young,Oh no……”

Sun Zhenchi frowned,Very unhappy in my heart,Today is my new day,Why does Sun Hong say all bad things?,Beat the table,Anger:“Sun Hong,What style of panic,I’m still fighting when the sky falls,It won’t fall!”
Sun Hong was scared by him,I even swallowed the words I put to my lips,Sun Zhenchi said with satisfaction this time:“Speak,what’s up?”
“two……The second younger is dead!”
Sun Zhenchi stood up excitedly,All the guests in the room are all silenced at once。
At this moment, Jiading was carrying Sun Zhenyi’s body upstairs in the back。
Seeing the brother’s body on the stretcher,The wine glass in Sun Zhenchi’s hand is“Bang”Fell to the ground,Roared:“Who the fuck did it,I will smash him into pieces!”
Sun Hong hastened to briefly talk about Chen Xiu and Daniel.,Even more:“Big and young,The two of them left the city from Beicheng a quarter of an hour ago,Do we chase!”Interesting reading
Sun Zhenchi has calmed down a bit,Shook his head and said:“Beicheng is the site of Hu Mazi,Our Big Sword Club only killed the wolf gang last night,Hu Mazi in Beicheng and Bing Liu in Xicheng are panic,All day alert,Worried that we will kill them together。
At this moment, if I lead someone to chase from Beicheng,Only cause misunderstanding,Let Hu Mazi go to war with us。Although we are not afraid of Hu Mazi,But I fought a tough battle last night,Haven’t taken a break,Now is not the time to start war。”
Sun Hong said right away:“Don’t you just let them go!”
“Of course not!”
Sun Zhenchi asked:“You just tortured me by the onlookers,Make sure one of them is an Orion in Longxi Village, right??”
“Yes,I questioned a few people,They all recognize that Daniel is the prey of Longxi Village,I used to sell animal skins in the town。”

Leo’s fingers are against his face,If Leo is so a little bit,His head is about to explode。

“Are you sure you are qualified to ask me these?If you don’t have this strength,So hurry up and find someone who is capable!”
Several people heard what Leo said,Dare to say one more thing,Running fast under the pressure of death。
Actually,Didn’t wait for a while,More people came out。
Such a big movement,Naturally, the people inside cannot sit still。
“It’s your kid who made trouble in our Moses union?”
Headed by a fifty-third level person,Looks good,Obviously a cadre of Moses。
“Where is your president?”Leo spoke lightly。
“Still want to see our chairman?Let me send you to see the king!”
The cadre of Moses obviously didn’t intend to say more,Rushed directly towards Li Ao。
Just at this time,Suddenly a flash burst out from Leo’s side。
It was the green bull next to him who made this blow,Naturally, it is the long-range attack in the navy。
The light of the smaller one rushed towards the cadre of Moses,The cadre’s eyes burst upon seeing the blow。
Obviously he also recognizes that this is Lanjiao。、
“sea…”Even though the cadre recognizes his feet,But it is obviously wrong to estimate the destructive power of the green cow’s foot。
Lanjiao led Moses’ cadres directly towards the crowd,Immediately smashed a clearing。

Zhu Minglang firmly believe,Even if this dragon has just been full,It won’t take a few days to hunt,Besides, winter is here,Sleep,Predators are the most anxious!

Two days。
Three days。
On the fourth day,Unkempt Zhu Minglang finally heard the movement on Longya!
That’s the sound of flapping meat wings,Zhu Minglang looks up along the crack,I saw a dragon covered with moss scales in the narrow sky gradually lifting off,Its wings are as big as a pine canopy,The cast wing shadow gives people a sense of fear……
Is a forest dragon!
And obviously an adult,The aura emanating from the whole body is much stronger than the big black teeth!
Zhu Minglang can’t judge its strength。
The mature stage and the complete stage are very similar,If the forest dragon is complete,Even Bingchen Bailong’s shot may not be able to subdue!
It is wise not to use brute force at will。
Zhu Minglang has started to act。
He’s not waiting these few days,I have already figured out the habits of those treasure house guardian cliff eagles,Easily bypassed the group of cliff eagles,Zhu Minglang immediately rushed into the depths of the cave。
The depth of the cave is upward,Obviously connected to the top of the cliff,Zhu Minglang walked up along,Soon I saw a large swath of light leaking from above, obliquely,Like giant spears,Pierced the darkness under this cliff。
I wish Minglang go there,I found that whether it’s overhead or where I came from,There are cliff eagles patrolling,After the forest dragon left,Cliff eagle guards become tight,It’s a pity that they never thought that someone would hide inside early。
There is almost no defense inside,I wish Minglang walk towards the place where the light is pouring,Found that this is a chisel from the top of the cliff,Dragon’s nest cut by claws。
The dragon’s nest is close to a house,Covered with gold and silver jewelry,The slanted sunlight only shines on a small part of it,It gives people a sense of dazzling!!

Chen Feng was terrified,He hurriedly said:“Boss Wang!If I, Chen Feng, offend you somewhere,Just say it,I can do it,Must do so”

Chen Feng was talking,I kept looking at the door,How he wishes this time,Which horses standing outside the door can rush in。I also blame myself for being careless just now,If you bring all these people in,He won’t be like this now。
Wang Youcai saw through Chen Feng’s mind,He let go,Chen Feng almost slumped on the floor。Wang Youcai said with a cold smile“Boss Chen!Don’t think about it,Even if all the people you brought come in,Still lying on the ground”
“Ah!Boss Wang’s two men are really amazing”Chen Feng said with a smiley face。
It’s almost done,Wang Youcai said to Chen Feng:“Sit down!I really have something to find you,I didn’t expect that I would come here to spoil my good deeds“
Wang Youcai said,So I pulled Lan Ling,Let her sit on his lap。Then his big hand was in front of Chen Feng,Caressing gently on Lan Ling’s thigh without any scruples。
“Boss Wang!Tell me what you have,Although I’m not talented, Chen Feng,But I still know a few people in Pingdu“This guy is about to play his score again。
Wang Youcai laughed and said:“Don’t you have a brother in the city hall??But you forgot,My second brother works in the provincial government。He said,As long as I don’t mess with him,If anyone dares to bully me in Pingdu,He won’t stand by”Wang Youcai is definitely a good player。These words are all made up by him,Wang Youdao wouldn’t say such a thing when he was killed。
Chen Feng,His face changed slightly。He was thinking,Some time ago,Wang Youcai always sees the dragon but never sees the end,He is hiding from the lawsuit,Now suddenly appeared,It seems that what happened to him is over,He has to be careful。
“Boss Wang has big roots,Don’t talk about being in Pingdu,Even in the provincial capital,Generally no one dares to move you。You speak!looking for me?”Chen Feng suddenly became very refreshed,He said with a smile。
Lan Ling was a little uncomfortable being touched by Wang Youcai,She twisted her waist like a water snake,So I say:“Wang Ge!This place has always been your place,Now under the control of others,I feel very uncomfortable”This woman can really see the needle。
“Really a smart woman,How do you know i’m going to say this?”Wang Youcai said,Reached out and grabbed Lan Ling’s plump ass。
The woman yelled a little presumptuously。Chen Feng is not a fool,He has seen what Wang Youcai meant,But he has a special heart for this beauty international,Even though I’m a bit sad,But this situation tonight,If he doesn’t let go,I’m afraid he can’t get out of here。
There is a saying that he who knows current affairs is Junjie,Chen Feng knows everything in his heart,Money is insignificant compared to life。Moreover,Feng Shui turns,This place is yours today,Maybe it’s mine tomorrow。
Chen Feng thought about this problem clearly,Smiled immediately:“Good to say boss Wang!This Beauty International was originally Boss Wang’s plate,It makes sense to take it back today。starting from tomorrow,This is yours”
“Happy Boss Chen!Aperitif”Wang Youcai pats his thigh,Shout loudly。

“But really competitive with us,Just now the Nine Spirits Yuansheng is one。”

quickly,The Red Dust Boat flies all the way,But encountered several flying boats one after another、Palace magic weapon。
It is clear,These flying boat palace magic weapons are all here to find the crocodile devil。
On these flying boats,From ten to twenty gods and gods,More than 30 people,And are led by those top gods,At least it is sure to deal with the strength of a Seven Lunar God。
Lu Dongbin is considered to be a direct line of Daomen,Is of human origin again,More popular。
Most of the gods and gods who came to deal with the crocodile king,I can get some friendship with him,Even if there is a competitive relationship,But not hostile。
But occasionally there are some gods and gods,Quite hostile to their group、indifferent。
For example,The black warship that passed by the Red Dust Flying Boat just now。
“No room door?!”Lu Dongbin’s face turned gloomy,During the First World War,He has not reincarnated,Or the Emperor Donghua of the ancient heaven,Also participated in that battle。
Countless friends have died tragically under Wujianmen’s hands。
Although Wujianmen is now integrated into the Three Realms,But it is impossible not to be hostile。
of course,Not just him,Wang Lingguan、Qingfeng Daotong has been hostile to Wujianmen,Among the four, Li Ming has never played against Wujianmen。
Even in the life of the candle dragon,He fought Luo Hui,Killed the Chaos Alien Mind General。
But long before the invasion of Wujianmen,He will reincarnate,The only time I have dealt with Wu Jian Men before was when Wu Jian Men pulled him into the group and was rejected。

Old man Dong hurriedly illuminated the front of the folding fan to the place where the black smoke disappeared,And the puppet next to him moves faster than him,Bow and arrow,Whoosh,An orange streamer cuts through the night sky,Exploded with a bang,The figure of the strange bird appears,The feather arrow is fanned by its fleshy wings,But also revealed whereabouts,At this time its sharp claws just grabbed one person,Volley flap。

“Fang brother!”Old man Dong exclaimed,Hastily adjusted the direction of the folding fan,Avoid catching with that person,The one caught is an old man,Beard and hair are white,Weak swing of arms,The claws of the strange bird have pierced his shoulders,Serious injury,It is the practitioner who cast the Hunyuan Thunderbolt Net。
This person’s cultivation is not inferior to Old Man Dong,It is also the late stage of Dan formation,Although it has been slow to break through the Nascent Soul Realm,But it can also be regarded as a master in the spiritual world,By no means to be slaughtered,Just because of continuous stimulating Hunyuan Pili.com,True yuan consumption is too large,I was successfully attacked by this strange bird。
There seems to be a flash of silver fireworks in the night sky,Then quickly faded,That Hunyuan Piliwang loses control of the old man,Disperse,One side of the net parcel fell like fallen leaves,now,Everyone is throwing a rat avoidance device,Back again after the old man’s scolding,The encirclement was immediately full of loopholes,Everyone can only watch the strange bird catch the old man flying higher and higher。
With the whistling sound,Two giant strange birds emerged from the gap in space,Neighing,Pounce on Old Man Dong,Rushed towards Gu Changfeng,Old Gu’s creeps suddenly,In a rush to direct the puppet to shoot arrows,But the strange bird suddenly turned in the air,Pounce at Old Man Dong’s back faster。
Weird birds are very intelligent,See the power of the folding fan,I didn’t want my life to attack Old Man Dong back and forth,Li Hao and other younger cultivators threw out the flying swords and other weapons in their hands,The automatic weapons in the hands fired together,I want to firmly protect Dong Lao’s back with powerful firepower。
But something terrible happened,A fan of strange bird’s meat wings,All the magic weapons were shot flying,The bullet could not penetrate the skin of the strange bird at such a close distance.,The huge impact has very limited damage to the strange bird,This giant turned several somersaults in the air,Teng Ran showed his claws,Straightly grabbed the old man Dong’s back。
The strange bird on the front was intercepted by Mr. Yang and the other three,They did bad things in a hurry,Old man Dong is concentrating on controlling the giant painting fan,Just wait for the strange bird to hit it,Seeing my family break in,Had to give up,Old man Dong is still hard to use this giant fan,Mainly still the difference in cultivation level,So almost never used it in actual combat,For the first time today,But repeated measures,Can’t help but frustrate confidence,I didn’t care about the danger after coming to myself。
In the unbearable exclamation,Old man Dong suddenly exploded his scalp,I feel tight,Tearing pain all over the body,Then there is nothing,Actually rises off the ground,This surprise is not trivial,He knew immediately that he had stepped in the footsteps of that brother,Became a prisoner under the claws of a strange bird。
The true essence of the whole body began to leak out quickly,Want to fight back,Suddenly weakened limbs,Old man Dong knew there was no escape,You must not let go of these three evil spirits from other worlds just because your subordinates throw a rat avoidance device,He prepares to explode,Strictly warn everyone,Fighting with alien creatures must not have the slightest fluke,In addition,It can kill one of the strange birds anyway?
At this moment,A strong light shines in the sky,Followed by a touch of green from far to near,It’s hard to tell when I see it,In an instant,The emerald green has quickly enveloped the entire scene,The instructor and Gu Changfeng have a look,Are overjoyed,Leaf knife!
The rapidly spinning green ring,Swipe across the long neck of the strange bird,The ugly bird with a tall goose crown suddenly separated from its body,Subsequently,The green ring floats like fallen leaves,The two giant claws holding Old Man Dong were also severed,The old man Dong who was almost about to explode with the golden core, suddenly walked through the underworld,Thinking blank,Falling straight from the air。
“Walker,There is an old man,Where!”Gu Changfeng opened his throat and shouted,Although he can’t see where Li Tianzhen is,,But still desperately sticking fingers and flying farther and farther,Already a little white dot, another strange bird,That was called by Old Man Dong‘Fang brother’The old man is dressed in white。
Ye Dao buzzed,Go away suddenly,Then a faint golden light that was imperceptible to the naked eye also flew towards the white spot,in a blink,A green light flashed near the white spot,Then the white spots began to fall straight。
“bad!”Gu Changfeng slapped his head,Then shouted again,“Walker,Save people to the end,so tall,Old man will fall to death。”
No one responds,But in everyone’s attention,The speed of the old man’s fall suddenly slowed,at the same time,The green light flies back again at an incredible speed,Hovering in mid-air and suddenly standing still,The old man Yang and the three are now beating and killing the last strange bird,Fierce anomaly,Ye Dao is eyeing,But didn’t intend to help。
“Walker,Since it’s here,Come out and meet。”Instructor shout。

Another thunder,The colors in the network began to flow wildly,The naked eye has difficulty telling which color,The golden yellow square that has been floating above the veins quickly turns into purple gold,And released a dazzling flame,Up to a hundred feet,With a crash,The many gods and soldiers gathered above the gate have all disappeared,Turned by unimaginable high temperatures,Didn’t even leave any ashes。

The world quieted down,Everyone stopped fighting,Looking at the terrible golden chessboard,Slowly floating,Like the mirror of death,Even the horses and beasts under the crotch of the gods are trembling,Dare not make any noise。
Credit: The weird gourd in the hands of the elder has just been smashed to pieces by Yan Xiao’s golden mace,But the next thing,Yan Xiao couldn’t make a shot,He couldn’t believe what happened before him,So many soldiers and generals,alive,All disappeared just after a purple-gold flash,Yan Xiao immediately sensed that the nodes of more than a dozen gods close to him had dimmed,It means they have completely left this world,Fly ash annihilation。
“impossible!”Yan Xiao yelled at the sky,Shuangmao held high, looking for the position of the elder, and smashed it,But it was empty,Found that the elders were being supported by Li Yun,Yan Xiao furious,Describe crazy,Chasing,Roar,“Kill,Kill me,Kill these anti-thief!Leave none!”
Liyun is seriously injured,But the elders are even more unbearable,Their remaining spiritual power can’t even support the cloud control technique,A limping can’t run far,And the allied soldiers who woke up,Although there are still more than half of them waiting and watching,But the remaining half are as many as a thousand people,Just a bunch of people surrounded the two,Yan Xiao then drove the beast to,Raise the golden mace and slam it down。
“when!”A crisp sound,Yan Xiao’s powerful golden mace,Was knocked off by a black knife,He took a closer look,The man with the sword turned out to be the nasty boy,Isn’t this baby already hiding??When did you return to the battlefield?
but,Just come,Packed you together!Yan Xiao actually accepted the gold mace,Take a single palm at the boy,The palm is at least ten feet away from the teenager,But Li Yun suddenly tried his best to shout,“Blood handprint,Run away!”
The youth was surging with the blood of the golden mace just now,I’m dizzy and never come back to my senses,Yell with Liyun,He suddenly found huge blood-red palms all over his body,Gather around him quickly,In panic,The young man brandished a broken knife and slashed to the palm,It’s like killing those golden armored gods in a dream last night。
Others can’t see the way,I saw the boys hacking each other with knives like crazy,But Yan Xiao’s face suddenly became solemn,He can see the complicated lines connected by the knife,And felt a murderous aura that made him tremble,Both familiar and unfamiliar,Look at my palm again,There are countless thin blood lines appearing randomly,Although healed quickly,Also shocked him。
The difference in strength between the two is too far,How crazy is the young man,I couldn’t cut off these blood red palms,Both the front and the back received a palm,Hou Tu Temple credited the elders with all their strength to fly to the rescue and failed to block any attacks for the young man,I yelled unwillingly,Just passed out。
“Get on the road!”Yan Xiao didn’t even look at the elders,Smash to Liyun,Extremely cold eyes,Even if three people are resolved between two moves,It is also difficult to wash away his shame。
Suddenly the young man’s direction is dazzling,Yan Xiao’s eyes almost came out,The boy who got two palms stood up swayingly,There are dense golden squares around him.,Although each piece is only half the size of a palm,But they are slowly rising and falling together,How similar to the chessboard at Jinmen just now?
Hum~,An extremely powerful vibration echoed in the sky,The armor-like squares on the boy quickly turned purple gold,This is not the most terrible,The huge chess board lying above the big array,Sudden folds in the center,All the golden squares slowly stand up while floating,So that the entire chessboard has become a high wall in front of the battlefield,It’s just that this wall is so big and endless。
Everyone sees this wall,Suddenly the creeps,I don’t know who yelled first,“run!”,So everyone fled around like crazy,Escape at this time,All show their magic,The level of chaos is far greater than the scene of the fight just now。
And Yan Xiao is a soul flying away,Although he is arrogant,But it’s definitely not a reckless and foolish person,If the murderous purple and golden flames shoot out again,He contends that he can’t hold it with his cultivation at the peak state,So Yan Xiao’s figure slowly disappeared,The next moment has appeared thousands of miles away,I can’t even see a light spot。
however,That terrible purple-golden flame did not shoot out after all,Few have left on the battlefield,Are all those who were seriously injured but not dead,And the light of the armor on the boy quickly faded,Disappear soon,He is already limp,Shaky,Take a step away from the cloud and hold on,“Is the palace okay??”

The boy is closest to the stalagmite,I feel the eardrums are pierced by this sound,This fierce beast suddenly came alive,A huge shadow appeared out of thin air behind the stalagmite,At the young man’s teeth and claws,Fierce flame。

Analysis by Golden Crow,The vitality of this evil thing should be related to the strength of the call of the foundation stone of the holy fire above,Juvenile don’t understand,It was originally a holy relic of the Five Elements Palace,How could it become so evil?
In a rage,The young man made a mistake with his hands and offered a red fireball again,Although it is a bit smaller than the previous one,But more vivid and thick,The fireball whirled around the boy’s chest for a few times and then flew towards the foundation stone of the sacred fire.。
“Guardian beast,Why so manic?!”The teenager shouted,Crazy stimulus,Suddenly turned over from midair,Right arm long swing,A black line suddenly appeared in the palm,The shadow facing the red fire cornice is a void slash。
The black line was like a light at first,But in the next moment, everyone’s sight turned into a broken line where the phantom of the beast head suddenly split.,The scary thing is that this broken line extends down quickly,The real stalagmite suddenly broke into two pieces,A terrifying crack appeared in the surrounding land and rocks,Look at the mountains,It’s as neat as a knife cut tofu。
Imagination,The heart-piercing roar of the fierce beast did not appear again,Silently after the black line flashed,It’s as if the surrounding space was instantly annihilated,The very ferocious foundation stone of the Holy Fire seems to feel an indescribable threat,Suddenly quieted down in the entanglement with the flames of the sky fire。
The youth is pale,Right arm trembling,I did my best just now,Drained all his spiritual power in an instant,No room for anger,This is also his strongest blow since he realized Void Cleave,Unexpectedly。
One thousand two hundred and thirty-seven chapters At least one dollar
Stalagmites temporarily ceased activity,And the foundation stone of the sacred fire hidden behind the bright red fire cloud has not changed anything,It seems like a living creature knows how to peek and think in the dark。
Jinwu Sacred Palace climbed up from the edge of the cliff,Already weak,But still stand up,It waved to the boy who was about to rush over,Loudly,“Build up strength,Behead again!”
These words not only did not blame the boy for ruining a red fire cornice,Instead, he encouraged him to make persistent efforts,Sounds incredible,In fact, it knows better than everyone present,Let these red flames resurrect,Unscrupulous,Then it’s not just the Five Elements Island that is ruined,I’m afraid the whole free world is also at stake。
Teenage wry smile,The air sea has dried up and bottomed out,Just how hard,In a short time, it’s difficult to accumulate that kind of spiritual power again,How to behead one more?

Zhang San Li four listened to the real name,In fact, it is indeed,Every group of appreciation,Call Zhang San Li 4,It should be the Heroes Island,Under the two island,The code of the third fourth person。

“Have you sent it??”Chu Deiren asked quickly。
“received。”Murongjiu directly nodded。
See the Chu Deiren,Murongjiu explained this:“Originally, I want to give me a good order.,I didn’t give him a reply.,When he came back, he would host him in Murong Mountain.,As a result, the head of the Jiangnan twenty-eight cottage was sent a penalty.,Let me hit……I have warned them.,Switching is that I took a good order!”
Murongjiu is still proud,Probably I feel that I have successfully bought the people of Jiangdong Green Forest.……
Hotspot heroes in the Dajiang Lake
Chapter 558 good
Heroes in the Dajiang Lake,Rule ratio《Herk passenger》In the original,More than a lot。
After all, put it in the big rivers and lakes.,Although the Heroes Island is also a martial arts、Hidden world,Just a generation of Zhang San Li four,Is a master,but……Not far from the world,Kill、Taking the existence of Zhang Sanli, there is no person,There are two people who know the Chu Deirens.。
by《Herk passenger》Rules,Don’t say that it is a good penalty,Even if the Longmu Er Island is also unable to hold。
In the big rivers and lakes,Reward the rules of a bad penalty,Enjoy the good order、Not accept,No matter how to choose,Heroes will not be reluctant,But just get it,It is necessary to go to the appointment。
And penalty is not to pick up,Must and Zhang San Li four——Have a hundred strokes,The two people turned。
If you have,Either accept、Either!
This is also for anger,Otherwise, such as Dingchun Autumn,Although support,But if more,Can completely join hands to kill and appreciate the evil。
Objects posted,Not only limited to all senders,Just a person who has a home,It’s easy to find,So there is more posting.!
In addition, there is an agreement with Iron gall,A famous hero on the chivalrous list,Can only redeal,Otherwise, the master of the knight“Penalize”,The world’s first Zhuang and Shenhou’s face,First can’t go。
Murongjiu does not dare to say that everything is just a party,Even a year ago,But always,have not reach yet“Penalize”Degree——The Heroes is not asked by morality to request the rivers and lakes.,Generally a recognized evil person,Will you get a penalty。
What’s more, Murongjiu has never been over in the same day.,Naturally, Zhang San is appreciating good order。
At first, Murongjiu did not want to go,So just say“Entertain two times when you come back”。
Generally,Herosal Island appreciation penalty,It is Zhang Sanli to come out of the east.,West to Tibetan Snow Mountain、Xiangxi,North to Tianshan、Hengshan and Bai Mountain Black Water,South to Leizhou……
Snow Mountain Party、Northern north、Leizhou backon……These places,Heroes are generally。
It is also from east to the west.,Some good bones,And can choose not to pick up,When I went to China,Is the true snapper!
Finally, Zhang San Li 4 is the person who wants and accepts.,Out of the sea,Nature is also returning。
Like Changle help this imaginary black road,It will definitely handle it when it is back.。
Murong Jiu is originally thinking that I will discuss with Chu Deirers.,So I didn’t promise Zhang San、But didn’t say death to refuse,Just say that when they return, decide。
But later because I found this three Li four,Also give some famous Jiangdong Green Forests,Murongjiu is considering,The Jiangdong Green Lin took the good order!
Considering Murongjiu’s martial arts,Plus, she is just into Jiangdong Greenlin,Therefore, Zhang San Li’s four also promised,As long as Murong Jiu appreciates good order,After that, Jiangdong’s green forest is not issued.。
Heroes is outside the limit,I want to send some gold“Pleasure”Still very difficult,After all, people can pick up,I have passed the person who is pleased to Heroes.,Only Zhang Zhenren and Iron Gallo,Even Zhang Zhen people have been there during the year.,It is prohibited from moving in the disciples,So most appreciation,I can’t make it at all.……
Longmu Er Island, please take everyone to Heroes Island,Also purposeful,It’s not bad.,Can not be like this in the case,Naturally, I have to talk about some tips.。
Be limited to“Jiangnan East Road”The words of the green forest,Heroes is not given to them this time,Change a South Murgono,Undoubtedly。
Chu Deirers have a little complained,Murong Jiu is too impulsive,And it is very beautiful——What is the use of your goods??
But it is not too nervous.,Because……This 趟 侠 客 岛,Chu Deirers will definitely choose to take a trip!
Although Chu Deirens understand,Heroes is likely to be more mysterious than the original、More secret,But the big direction will not be wrong,Affirmation《Tai Xuan Jing》Come。
And I have to go to Wudang after the Chu Deirers.,I can ask Zhang Zhen people when I arrive.,What exactly is the Heroes Island?……
“strangeness,This San Li Fang did not see them to post it.?”Chu Deirers still have a bit wonderful。
“Of course, will not enter Lin’an,Otherwise, no matter what is good or penalty,At this time, I made a mess in Lin’an.,East Factory and the Longshan Villa will not sit.。”Murong Jiuti said。
“It seems that you want this post,I really have to stare at them.。”Chu Deirers are alone,Tasting all around,Zhang San Li, I am afraid I will not take the initiative to find him.。
“You have to go?”Murong Jiu Wen said a little amazed.,Slightly……There is still some embarrassment。