Even if you let the deer go to the emergency department and make a clinic,thats right“Have a sin”what!

However, when Zhou Yucu’s eyes look to Week antelope,He became extremely hesitant。
He carefully looked at Zhou Liang at this moment.,She takes off the white coat really looks really good.。
Slim body,Skin, like a snow,Delicate,Plus gentle eye,People simply see……
Let the deer go to the outpatient town, even if it is,If you let Zhou Lanbo have worked hard work overtime,Zhou Ye is even somewhat uncomfortable.。
Zhou Ye said to the gods:“Antelope,You should be tired,Would you like to take a break?。”
Being loved by Zhou Ye,Zhou Ante antelope is still watching the coordinates of the takeaway in the mobile phone,Take note of the special after his eyes,She began to avoid a somewhat awkward。
“Need not,Takeaway is coming,Do you want to eat first.。”Weekly seeing tall brothers are only in the emergency room.200Meter。
Should be delivered soon!
At this time, the nurses over the emergency department were rushed again.。
Zhou Ye,I hope that people are here.,Still helping Li Qifeng works alive.,After all, he can also have a meal of lunch.。
Zhou Ye called the nurse that came.:“No need to call Feng brother,He is handling things,I will go out for a while.。”
The nurse saw Zhou Yewu did not wear white coats.,Deck:“Are you also a doctor at the hospital??”
Zhou Ye went down at his clothes.,I found that there is no white coat.,Suddenly somewhat awkward。
Fortunately, Shu Dehe and Zhou Lu often come to emergency clinic,The nurse knows the two people behind Zhou Ye。
She laughed to Xulu and Week antenna.,I quickly withdraw the clinic.,There is also a bunch of patients waiting for a body temperature.,Emergency person is nervous now,Can’t delay for a moment。
Otherwise, the patient is anxious.,I have to start my mother.。
“I will eat here.,What patient do I go?。”Zhou Jiwu has walked in the emergency department of the internal medicine.。
NS98chapter Apple’s breath
Shu Lu originally wanted to leave!
But after all, emergency is also a poor department,I think that Li Qifeng is going to stay in the room.,It is also an internal medicine clinic to see a patient……
She actually couldn’t bear to call Zhou Niangwu, I didn’t go out.!
And emergency internal medicine clinics,General patients are really uncomfortable to see a doctor at night.,I really can’t bear it.!
Zhou Ye, rushed to the outpatient clinic of emergency internal medicine.。
Good in the emergency internal medicine clinic, set the entrance to the emergency,Not very hard to find。
When he entered the door, he saw a very beautiful.18The expression of a girl is very painful, sitting on a chair.!
To handle patients,The first thing is to wear a white coat,Prove that your identity!
Zhou Ye didn’t think too much.,After reading the girl,I will find a white coat from the door.。
Everyone is used to putting white big clothes behind the door.,So relatively,It is more convenient to find!
Who is Zhou Yixi?,It’s put on the piece and yourself and your figure.!A aroma floated from the white big jan!
He put it behind,I noticed that this white big coat is actually waist.……
The white coat of the waist is a female comrades.,Plus this white coat,In Zhou Ye, even if he guess, this is a white coat of a female doctor.。
But the patient is in front of him,Zhou Ye is not convenient to change it again.。
He does not dare,I sat on the chair immediately.,Looking at girl:“what’s the situation?”
The girl is also following a middle-aged parent.,Looking at Zhou Ye, my breast is unable to look,He is originally dissatisfied,But the girl is painful,He is already here.5Don’t see a doctor in minutes。
I am not easy to have a doctor now.,He really dares to drive away,Otherwise I don’t know when this is going to see.……
Middle-aged parents have not spoken,Girls will open:“doctor,My chest is proneous,Feeling that you can breathe。”
Zhou Ye looks to the chest of the girl,The two chests under the school uniform seem to have been!
It seems that the breathing cost is caused!

“I think Fujitora is better!”

Leo listened to these people,Frown,He doesn’t want to pick up people’s teeth,Fujitor should leave it to the blind man。
“Leo,Do you have any ideas?”Sengoku asks Leo。
After all, the alternate general is also an important presence in the Navy,Belongs to the deterrent power,The external name must be exquisite,Can’t just pick one。
“I think the dark horse is good!”Talk when the card is popular。
Leo’s eyelids twitched,Master Cap,Can you go eat donuts,Don’t mess around。
If it is called a dark horse,Then he has no face to meet people。
“How about Zilong?”Gion suddenly said。
Leo is actually very satisfied with the dragon character,But Zilong?Why do you feel a bit on the wrong set?。
“Zebra is also good!”Father Karp speaks again。
Leo’s collapse,Don’t talk when the old man is eating,Make him mess up。
zebra,What a joke。
“It’s Canglong!”Leo suddenly said。
Warring States Frown:“Canglong?”
Seems ok,But it’s weird。
Long,It’s not too special in Pirate World,Kaido just ate the dragon fruit,I haven’t seen how。
“Now that Leo has decided,Then call it Canglong!”
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at this time,A middle-aged woman in her fifties knocked on the door and walked in,She carried a big plastic bag,She put the bag on the coffee table,Then smiled and said to Wang Yihua:“President Wang!Everything you want is here“

Wang Yihua nodded,She glanced at her watch and said:“Aunt Wang!It is half past two,You and Lao Liu can go home。Come back before six o’clock。Front door locked,Release the big flower and the black tiger“
Middle-aged woman nodding,said laughingly:“Ok,Then we will go home once,I’ll leave it to you for now“
When the middle-aged women go out,Xia Jian couldn’t help asking:“Here you are the two couples?“
“Ok!Other workers are released,It’s autumn now,Some time later,Bees are going through winter,Nothing here,Too many people are useless。Their husband and wife live on the mountain next door,It takes only an hour back and forth。Moreover,There are two bulldogs,Release,Most people don’t want to approach this bee farm“Wang Yihua said very confidently。
Her voice just fell,Just listen to two dog barks,Then the hidden door was pushed open。Two black and white bulldogs squeezed through the door,This body is stronger than Xiao Hei。
“big flower!Black tiger come here,this is my friend,But need to recognize“Wang Yihua walked over,Patted the heads of these two dogs,It’s like talking to someone。
These two guys are very smart,Seems to understand what Wang Yihua said,They really ran to Xia Jian,Sniffed him,Make Wang Yihua laugh。
This dog is the same as a human,It’s been a long time since I saw Wang Yihua,They rubbed their bodies on Wang Yihua’s legs,Significantly intimate。Wang Yihua took out the dog food from the drawer without losing the opportunity,Put them in their mouths。These two guys ran around the house happily。
“Black Tiger went to see the bee farm,Dahua waits for me outside,Take us up the mountain in a while“Wang Yihua is like talking to people,Speak loudly to the two dogs。
Really good,Heihu and Dahua really ran out of the room。This made Xia Jiangui really laugh,He just thought,Xiao Hei is already a non-cong dog,Unexpectedly, I ran into two more here。
“Don’t underestimate these two guys,I paid a lot of money to buy it back,Ready to raise at home,But later I found out that this body is too big,Belong to bulldog,And hire someone to train,Finally put them here,Can be considered a pomp“Wang Yihua said,Smiled happily。
After smiling, she remembered the plastic bag on the coffee table,She came over and opened,Took out a bottle of honey and said:“This is Our pure honey,Are all brewed from mountain flowers,I can’t buy it outside。There are ten bottles in total here,Give Mr. Guo and Xiaoxi two bottles each,The rest is yours“
Xia Jian curiously picked up two bottles of lard-like things and asked Wang Yihua:“And this honey?“
“ Silly!This is royal jelly,Especially nutritious,But like you ate,It is said to be very mighty,You can be careful if the bed can stand it“Wang Yihua said,Covered his mouth and laughed。

Gong Changchun shook his head and said:“Dragon King is the most disciplined person,I’m afraid I won’t sell my face。but,If you add the face of the four of you together,Might make him make concessions。”

Tang Ren and Gong Changchun are the most familiar,Laughed:“You little spring is cunning,It’s okay to save face on your own,I just want to bring us,You are not willing to eat at a small loss。”
“Okay,You can contact Dragon King,Today, some of our old guys will sell for the face,See if our face is worth the money。”
Ye Hongfei and others naturally nodded in agreement,Qin Bodong said:“The Dragon King’s problem is resolved,How to deal with Burning Heaven,Chen Xiu and Fentian have a deep grievance,The face of the five of us alone may not necessarily make Fen Tian regress。”
“No face,We just use the lining!”
Ye Hongfei said domineeringly:“Although the Liu family in Kyoto behind Burning Heaven is a family that has passed on for hundreds of years,In fact, it’s just an old ship in dilapidated condition。Although our five are upstarts,Not as long as they are,But we join hands,Don’t believe he won’t give in!”
654 Dragon King’s Covenant
After Chen Xiu hung up the video call,O Sheng was pulling him over and over and asking about the things he met Ge Hong last night。
Chen Xiu repeated it again,Said:“It’s really scary thinking about it now,I actually had a fight with a fairy last night!”
O Sheng rolled his eyes and said:“You are not called fighting,Called beaten!”
Although the truth is the truth,Fact is this fact,It just sounds so uncomfortable。
“You got him in the chest last night,All right?”
“What can be,Fairies are nothing more than that。”
Chen Xiu bragged that he completely forgot the pain he vomited after waking up last night.。
“But it’s really strange,Logically,There should be six when Ge Hong became a fairy、70 years old now。Why is he so young when I saw him last night?”
“Immortals can live forever,What’s so surprising when you look the youngest。”

Zhou Ye is carrying a book bag,Put in the bag,And the gift is not brought。

“I don’t know if this is the dormitory.。”Zhou Ye 挠。
Future2Half of the year,He may stay in Tianfeng Affiliated Hospital.,Follow Xu Ruo。
Tianfeng Affiliated Hospital is the best hospital in Tianfeng,The emergency card is also there.,The light is three times tripled by the Tiande People’s Hospital.,Therefore, Wang Ye is directly in the entrance of the emergency department.:“Good money。”
Zhou Ye is luminous,Watching this next hospital for two years.,Suddenly, someone knocked on his shoulders behind him.。
I go
Scared people don’t pay。
Intoxicated in my own hospital tall,Zhou Yewu was frightened by this cold greeting forward to the front of the ground.。
“Who is,Fortunately, I will be stable.,Otherwise it is really likely to fall.。”
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Two years later,Zhou Ye wished to take a special medical university in Tianfeng’s local medical university。
And this place is not far from Tianfeng People’s Hospital.,So I am very satisfied with Zhou Ye.。
After all, the medical school can test is too small.。
The vast majority is,It’s too little to make the college students.。
If you are Chen Riyuan helps to find a school,Then, there is a signature of the top three of the national top three.,Otherwise, don’t necessarily have a chance to read this special。
Specialized for medical,Is the best graduate type。
Because of a clinician,That is hardware,The four-way doctors fierce!
Otherwise speaking three years to cultivate a student,Then spend three years to participate in the standardized training of hospitalized doctors?
Hospital is not a charity,What you want is to fight!
This,Zhou Ye is also very clear.,So the head is directly reported to the ranking of the college,Then just in Tianfeng2year,Do not deal with patients,So directly picking an emergency major。
My name is Zhou Niangwu。
current state,Emergency school。
Today is the first day of being sent to the Tianfeng Affiliated Hospital to participate in the proposal。
And my legendary life begins here.。
Zhou Ye is sitting on the bus to Tianfeng Affiliated to Tianfeng in the north of Tianfeng.。
His tutor is the director of Tianfeng’s first medical emergency department Xu Ruozhi。
A legendary man writing name in emergency medicine。
Along with the harsh horn and the truck fierce brakes, the Wild, I’ve been smashed out.。
“Tianfeng affiliated to the first hospital station,Please get off at the passenger of the station。”The voice of the genital signs in the truck。
Zhou Ye I listen to this pleasing voice,I remembered the car skills of this smell driver who killed thousands of knives.,Loudly:“Others driving is to send guests,You are here to send me on the West。”
Your uncle。
Zhou Ye wondered,This way is clearly a line,But by the driver, it is also a feeling that the bumps are unlimited.。
He is really speechless。

deed,Land use certificate,Other rights,Proxy right,Industrial and commercial certificate,These certification of the Health Bureau added these,Two billions of value,Dare to play two hundred million?”

At this time, the live broadcast of Wang Dahamer is completely crazy.。
“Oh, I didn’t expect the goddess of the goddess, but it is still a might.。”
“Yup,The big hammer now encounters an opponent.。”
“Yup,Look at this hammer is always in the weekdays.,This time I can’t put it.?”
This proposal for Li Hui Feng,Let the Wang Daji brain a blank。
Then it is excited。
“Hey-hey,I don’t have so much money.,Ten million, I can take it out.,Two billions, I have no,You won’t be gambling,Deliberately take two hundreds of millions to persuade me.?”
“hehe,Row,That’s 10 million.,You go to the doctor to come over,I have to look at how this check is qualified.。”
Say,Li Hui has directly put the test single on the table.,Then just find a cup pressed above。
“In order to be afraid you go back to change the test,This is here,Now you can find someone.。”
“Hey-hey,Row,You wait for me for half an hour,I will come soon.。”
Say,Wang Dajie is directly on a sports car.,Throttle,Fly out。
At this time, the fans in the live broadcast of Wang Dahamer are also rising.。
Even the platform is also directly promoted by this matter.,Directly promote to the page。
The crazy rising fans in a time,Let Wang Damer are also excited.。
He is even able to fantasize the situation of a big anchor that he becomes a thousand million fan level.。
Don’t say two billions,Is not impossible for three billion five billions.。
Open the live broadcast all the way,Directly。
Just waiting for him to go to the hospital yet.,It is the phone that received the Land Changsheng.。
“Hey-hey,Brother,You are looking for me?”
“Um,You are really ready to pull the doctor to compare with each other.?”
I heard the tone of the Land Changsheng.,Wang Dammer is also getting off,Go out。
After all, this is related to 10 million things.,He just thought about it to find a doctor to prove that the test list is really enough.。
But Lu Changsheng found him,But let him be a little amazed.。
Others may not know the power of land,But he mixed the underground forces every day.,Clearly understand that each other is the boss,The other party can find him.。
“Hey-hey,Brother,You also see that I bet with him in the live stream.,And I just let the doctor prove that the test list is really enough.?”
“What level is your brother??”
Lu Chang was frowned and asked.。
“Forehead,Is the internship period,Haven’t turned yet。”
“Humph,This level you make your brother not to send vegetables for the other party??
The other party is sick,And your bodny said no sickness,Then change a place for a place,You say that you are not a water drift.?”
This analysis of Lu Changsheng,Immediately let the cold sweat of Wang Dahamer suddenly。

“Why doesn’t this person pant??”The person standing next to Qin Hao said blankly。

But no one answered his question,Everyone stared at Qin Hao intently。
“10,000 push-ups,It’s really only enough for him to warm up,”Ye Cunxin muttered to herself。
Suddenly there was a strange emotion in her heart towards Qin Hao,It’s just that she hasn’t felt it yet。
“Thirteen thousand。”
“what,How can Chenguang not finish this yet?,”People around are talking。
“Is this abnormal??Turtle speed,”The person next to me started teasing。
“Actually it’s not that he is slow,It’s because others did it too fast,He can’t keep up。”
“Usually arrogant,I thought he took the first place in the barracks every year,It’s terrible,right now……”
These words were said in front of He Chenguang,He Chenguang’s face was red and white。
I hate Qin Hao even more,If it wasn’t for Qin Hao,Can he get to this point??
The glorious image of his whole person,Looked bleak in front of Qin Hao,Even his image has collapsed。
Looked up,Ye Cunxin’s face also showed a smile,This can’t help making him angry。

Fuming raised his eyebrows,Sitting with the girl waiting for the car to start,The man came in after a while,After talking to the driver, the car started,The car is suspended,Energy isT05,Enough to support the journey。

The car started slowly,Slowly get faster,Although extremely fast,But the car doesn’t look bumpy,I’m extremely stable when sitting。
Look far away,I’m coming to Tarot City!
Chapter Eleven:Strong combat power,Relieve the crisis
Very peaceful along the way,Fuming took advantage of the time to continue to temper his body with energy,Suddenly got a breath“Long Yuan,I feel like continuing to refine,I don’t feel the genetic lock anymore。”
Long Yuan checked after hearing this“It looks like,The genes in your body have reached saturation in Chengdu,Next,You can start to break through”。
“is it,Will it still hurt after the breakthrough?”Fuming asked。
“nonsense,Every time you break through,The genes in the body will be sublimated,Although small,But there are still some,Refining genes in the body is more than just strengthening,More able to develop the hidden potential,Do you still want to become stronger?”Long Yuan said lazily。
“You just stand up and talk”
“cut,The pain was above you when I was training,Besides, where is my body?,You humans are advanced intelligent creatures,Has great potential in the body,It can even be said that you humans have discovered too little potential in your own body!”
Fuming was said to be speechless,Who dares to assert on this topic?。
Just as they were communicating,The car gave a jerk,Open your eyes,The middle-aged man looked flustered“Miss,We are targeted”
Woman sitting on the seat,Two exposed eyebrows,Lightly pick“Don’t panic,First look”The woman’s voice is clear and beautiful,Like a lark。
The man calmed down a bit,Walked to the side of the attendants and said a few words softly,I lean against the woman from then,Seems to be ready。
Car parked in place,no way,Since the other party is prepared,Even if you keep starting the car, the cotyledons are useless,Can’t fight with the car,Maybe there is still a chance。
Wait for the man and woman to get out of the car,Fuming stood up and told the girl:“Don’t go out here,I’ll be back soon。”
Girl nodded,There seems to be a little look in the eyes。
Wait to get out of the car,A voice came“Hahahaha,You deserve to be Murong’s eldest lady,People who have seen big scenes have different auras!”
A group of guys driving a hovering car surrounded them,All in armor,The rest areDLevel one to two,But there are twoDThree-tier,What is even more terrifying is the khaki light tumbling on the headed guy,It’s the awakening attribute at a glanceCStrong。

But for these,Actually, Ye Xuan is not very worried。

“Ye Xuan,Are you a little nervous??”
Gao Hong looks at Ye Xuan,Beautiful eyes blinked twice,Don’t forget to say to Ye Xuan。
Ye Xuan,The whole person seems very calm。
After all such a thing,Actually Ye Xuan looks,It’s totally expected。
“it does not matter,You sit down,I really want to start preparing to accelerate。”
When Ye Xuan said directly here,Finished,Actually Ye Xuan looks。
at this time,Ye Xuan’s heart,Even more eager to try。
“All right,In this case,Then start to accelerate。”
Ye Xuan finished,Slam the accelerator。
And Gao Hong sat aside,See Ye Xuan like this,Can’t help but talk。
“Do not,It’s a curve ahead,Slow down quickly,Otherwise like this,But something will happen。”
When Gao Hong finished,Actually Ye Xuan looks,These things,It’s very indifferent。
“It’s ok,Don’t worry,everything,In fact, it’s completely under my control。”

And Qin Su Ya is also shame full of red,Because that is her pants,And still hollow。

Li Hui did not think that this gentle woman will dare to wear so bold clothes.。
“Xiao Li,Xu Tianci is nothing?
Will you die??
I just saw him spitting blood.。”
I heard Qin Su Ya’s worry,Li Hui Feng is also a rope,While calm:“It’s fine,Can’t die,It is dead, it is also dead.。”
Speech,He has already released the rope on Qin Su Ya.。
Because the rope is too tight,He can clearly see that Qin Su Jaya’s white wrist has appeared red print.。
“Xiao Li,We still hurry to see it.。”
Qin Su Ya quickly got up,I really want to go out soon.。
Just because the rope is too tight.,The leg and feet are not in the blood time, she hasn’t waited for her, I feel that my legs are numb.,Directly。
See this scene,Li Hui also is also eye health.,Hold the other party,I am afraid that the other party will fall down.。
Just is ingenious,His hands have encountered a place that should not touch。
And Qin Su Ya is also suddenly treated,Turn on the face of shameless:“Xiao Li,You will go see it.,If he really has three short two,We will definitely have no good days.。”
Right, she can’t help but looked at the miniature camera behind the door light bulb.,I am afraid that Li speaks with Xu Tianci.。
If Xu Tianci is really dead,The thing this camera is taken is evidence.。
Li Hui Feng also looks at Qin Su Ya ‘s eyes.,Just also saw the existence of the camera,Look at the computer in the house,When he wants to call the police。
“sister in law,The camera is not used?”
“Um,Tube is tube,I am not very useful.,So it is always a display。”
Just when Li Hui wants to open the computer to check it out.,I heard Xu Tianfei’s voice from the distance.。
“Rape,Rape,College students with small widow private,Everyone is coming over.。”
Chapter 5, Baise
Heard this sound,Li Hui also can’t see the computer.,Go out directly。
I saw that the door is not far away.,Xu Tianci actually brought a group of small mixed spirits.。
He felt that the other party was weak.,Just a few minutes of time,The other party actually gave him a feeling of life dragon。
If he thinks it is possible to throw out the other party to the other party to enter the energy in the body.。
Besides,He really can’t understand what strength can make the other party so soon to live dragon。
For this, Xu Tianci is also a sense of being surprised.,However, he thinks that he is good.,I didn’t think of it is the reason for Li Hui.。
I was flying out by the other side.,Then I feel that the whole person is dead.,He feels like dreaming,But that is thrown out of the door,He is almost instantly, it feels that the whole person is spiritual.,He thinks it is coincident.。
But for the sake of insurance,He still decided to convene the younger brother to deal with Li Hui,At the same time, decided that Li Hui has completely mixed it in the village.。
“Lee,What else is there today??
The big night’s lonely male widow woman is doing things in a room.,It seems that you are really in the school.。”
A group of younger brothers around Xu Tianfei also:“I don’t think it is true.,And it is likely to have a trip.。”
“Correct,There is definitely,Such people can’t let him in the village,What day in the morning, the other girls in the village,Who can afford this result?”
I heard this,Li Hui is also anger.。
“Xu Tianci,Obviously you have to be strong in the small elegant,Then I blocked by me.,Do you feel this??”
“hehe,My blood spray?