“I won’t say anything else,I don’t need you to answer immediately,of course,You can go together if you want,Only one person can master it,It doesn’t even matter if you don’t even both。I just came to talk to you。All right,Nothing else,I’ll go first!”

Qin Feng stood up after speaking,Then I looked at the desktop,The most expensive one on the tableXoLet me go。
Qin Feng is gone,But Chen Chong and Song Dixu in the box looked at each other.。
It is true that Qin Feng suddenly sent them a bomb,I don’t know whether to connect it。
“Chen Shao,How to say?”
“Song Shao, you are a guest, of course you choose first。”
“no no,Chen Shao, I have always admired you,Let’s talk about your opinion!”
The two are here to push away,And the little brothers beside them have weird faces,In the end, a younger brother of Chen Chong named A Ming couldn’t help but speak first。
“Two elders,In my opinion, just send a hand like me to control the situation.。You don’t need to come out in person。”
However, Chen Chong shook his head when he heard Amin’s words.,“Amin, you are wrong,Don’t look at Qin Feng’s seemingly casual look,But he can’t trust the people under us,Unless we go there personally,Otherwise don’t want to touch this cake。”
“Why is this again?”Amin asked。In fact, none of those kids want to understand。
Chen Chong looked at everyone present,Then sighed,“Tell you so,Don’t look at Qin Feng as lonely,In fact, he is the chief。Although the chief head is presiding over the Liang family against the Zhang family,But he still has enough energy to pay attention to every move of other families。
And in his eyes,Our four eldest sons are the benchmark of the family,So how do we choose,Decides how they handle it。If our two sons go to Myanmar,Bad words,Actually it’s half a hostage。In this way, the big chief can feel at ease
。At least if we are there,It means we cannot rebel!”
Except for the two sons,The other boys are all lost in thought。