Cracks appeared on the body of the magic knife,This magic knife is about to die!

“How,How come this way?”
The old man Huomu looked at the magic knife in his hand that had begun to fragment,I have forgotten the severe pain under me,The magic knife that I rely on,I was defeated by this guy?
Didn’t Master tell me??What about the strength of God Realm Invincible??
A soft sound,The Xuantian Sword directly penetrated this guy’s head,With the moment when the old man Huomu died,The magic knife in his hand was also broken,Turned into a pile of useless scrap iron!
Chapter 980 Hong Yuntian
The strong man who reached the top of the generation asked the gods was beheaded like this,For this world,Will be a huge turmoil!
till this moment,The strongest person who can move freely in this world,That is to ask the strong of the gods,Although in the last big event,Almost all the powerhouses in the world of asking gods were born,It makes people think that these guys are actually like cows,But in fact it is not,Everyone who asks the top level of the gods,In decades and hundreds of years,Only then can one emerge from among the so many powerhouses asking the gods!
Such a powerful warrior,Even in the power of the whole world,I can’t pick a few that can beat it,Almost this level asks the gods as long as they don’t die,Not being targeted by more powerful warriors,So basically there will be no problems!
Most of the top powerhouses in the questioning realm finally died because they could not break through the limits of this level.,Through the broken memory in this guy’s soul, we can know,Above this world,There is another world!
Big Thousand World!Not just a simple slogan,But even if it reaches the legendary refining realm,Seems to want to enter the great world,It also takes a lot of effort。
This world had a huge aura thousands of years ago,Countless powerful warriors have been born in the endless years,even,In the war,Asking the strong in the gods is the basic fighter level,But such a large-scale battle,Directly destroy the spiritual veins of the entire world!
Aura,finally,It is extremely difficult to become a warrior,then,The cultivation civilization of the entire world has a fault for nearly a thousand years,In order to prevent the influence of the spiritual energy from dissipating on themselves,All rushed into another layer of heaven and earth,Here named Hong Yuntian!
According to the memory of this guy,It was recorded in his sect,This world is the foundation of the entire world,But it is also the place where life is the most inferior,Only break through the limits of this world,To reach the higher world,As for what the real world looks like,This is impossible to verify!
It’s just between this world and the great world,There are two faults,One is the gathering place of the martial artist of the current concentrating state level,Hong Yuntian;The other is the small world that really links the big world,Lianghuatian!
Although the name is Tian,But it’s not really in the sky,But in a certain corner of the world,A place similar to the secret realm,Compared to this world,Where is the paradise of real warriors!
“Looks pretty good!”
Xia Chenglong smiled slightly,Among these information,There is a very powerful restriction between Hong Yuntian and this world,Those warriors in the concentrating state are in order to avoid the aura in Hong Yuntian from pouring back into this world,So set a very strong limit,Not only limits the loss of aura,It also restricts my entry and exit。