“This world does not seem to have heaven and earth,I don’t know if it can accommodate the gods?otherwise,I can directly use the points to exchange the power of a god with Zhang Xiaofan。”

“You can learn from the jade charms of Xu Xian group members,just,No amount of jade charms,It’s just a dead thing after all,Can’t completely kill the three young masters of Aolai country。”
“The effect of Flat Peach is of no use to Tier 3 Pinnacle and Tier 4,If you use the fourth-order integration,It’s the most effective way,just,With my current points,Not enough for the creatures of the third peak to advance to the fourth。”
“It seems that this matter needs careful consideration。”
King power lies on the grass,Thinking about how to make his sister Wangquan drunk to advance to Tier 4,Whisper,In his current situation,The most appropriate way is to use the points to make your sister Wangquan drunk to advance to the fourth level。
just,The most critical question is,His points are not enough,or,Incorporate the authority of a god,It should be possible to make his sister Wangquan drunk to advance to Tier 4,It’s just that the hegemony industry doesn’t know if there are any hidden dangers。
Chapter Three Hundred and Four Luo Chen
“Forget it,After a while, go to the chat group hall and ask other group members if there is any good way.,It’s the third youngest of Aolai Country,I forgot to ask if the phalanx is abnormal。”
“What if the phalanx was left behind by its owner?,That would be unthinkable,But the situation should not be as bad as I thought,Maybe this is because the one who exists in the chaos fighting is too tragic,So the whole body collapsed。”
“Did not see the phalanx in person,I can’t guess what’s going on,But it’s okay,If something unexpected happened,I can also turn to the big guys in the chat group,No need to worry。”
King power lies on the grass,Whisper,Although he was a little worried that the phalanx was abnormal,But he is also not rushing to ask Aolai Junior Three,Besides,It’s been so long,All safe and sound,perhaps,He really thinks too much。