“This is how you are willing to take a bath,Is the reason for the lack of trimming??”Lu Menglin smiled slightly,Tao。

Yu Sheng was taken aback for a moment,Wryly smiled:“That’s not it。Personal habit。”
“He is lazy!I always said I was going to sleep in the wild anyway,No need to take a bath or something!”Sin priest Labuda smiled and cursed。
Lu Menglin shook his head with a look of fear,Tao:“I respect your habits,But you should take a bath!Also take care of others’ feelings!”
This remark,Wild survival expert Yu Sheng was taken aback first,Then she was happy。
“so,You have decided to accept me?Master Wu Hao,You haven’t tested my ability yet!Really,Give me a difficult question,I promise to do it!”Yusheng quickly said。
Lu Menglin’s head shook like a drum,Said with a smile:“no need!Your good teammates,I believe in their eyesight,You just have to take a shower!Go!Best go now。”
“That line!Thank you Master Wu Hao,You really deserve a master’s vision!I go take a bath,Come again with a change of clothes!”Yu Sheng laughed,Go out on the sky。
Lu Menglin looked at this person’s upright back,Suddenly feel,This person’s temperament changes when it changes,It seems to be reborn all at once,Become another person。
Unexpectedly, this Yusheng who looks like a tramp,There is such a free and easy true temperament,Jinai Qiren!
In a blink of an eye,There is only one left in the six-member expert group,Is an old acquaintance of Master Wuhao,Gao Dajin。
At this moment,Lu Menglin looked at Gao Dajin,Gao Dajin stared at him,Neither of them spoke,Just staring at each other so indifferently。
It’s been a long while,Gao Dajin put away his provocative gaze,Asked in a daze:“Master Wu Hao,What are you staring at me?”