“So as long as I play the card of your brother Joe,Let those oil producing countries know that your brother Joe is the most solid backing for my Sartu,Then they will definitely come back to my camp。”

“So brother Joe,Really sorry,I did use you today, buddy,Use your reputation to wave the flag for myself,I hope you can Haihan!”
After speaking, Prince Sartu stood up with difficulty,Bowed respectfully to Qiao Tianyu。
“Dude Sartu,useless!useless!”Qiao Tianyu hurriedly helped Prince Sartu to sit down on a stool in fear。
The prince of the world’s largest royal family bows to himself such a hairy boy,It seems that Prince Sartu has indeed been driven to desperation!
seriously,Was taken advantage of,Qiao Tianyu was not too surprised,Because Qiao Tianyu has always believed in one truth,That is when others use you,Explain that you are still useful,At least it’s a manifestation of your personal values!
“Dude Sartu,I really didn’t expect your situation to be so difficult these days,Prince Na Mahmoud and Prince Harita, father and son are really ludicrous,It’s too much!”
First0384chapter Great disparity
In order to relieve Prince Sartu,Qiao Tianyu held Prince Sartu’s hand tightly,Speaking earnestly。
“Dude Sartu,Don’t hide,Even if you don’t find me today,I will come to you too。”
“As you said,Many factions in the offshore financial market in the world,The situation is complicated,Strong enemies around you and me,Let’s work together,Tongtu Daye!”
“Brother Qiao has this heart,that’s great!”Prince Sartu burst into tears after hearing it。
“Just now I was still worried, brother Joe, you don’t want to get involved in the disputes in the world offshore financial market,Will make you harder,I’m completely relieved now!Join forces with your brother Joe,This time we have the chance to win!Haha.”
“No no no,Dude Sartu,You and I still don’t underestimate the enemy!”Qiao Tianyu saw Prince Sartu feel a little airy,Quickly pour cold water on him to cool down。
“Among the three major forces in the world’s offshore financial market,The petro-dollar system is the weakest,Now, Prince Mahmoud and his son have split most of the petro-dollar family.,Now our situation is even less optimistic!”
“Hehe,I was worried about this before,But today I am not afraid,Didn’t your brother Joe have the help of the Russian financial oligarchs and Wall Street investment bankers?!”Prince Sartu looked at Qiao Tianyu with a smirk and said。
I rub!Prince Sartu’s calculations are really jingling,It happened so early that Rubin and Palizovsky’s idea came up!