Because in the concept of people,No one waits enough to disappear in place。

Yes,Just disappear in place!
Even in the powerful master,He can create disappearance,But that will also leave traces in the air,But there is no trace of the person who appeared at the moment。
And after the other party disappeared, he disappeared,If you have two good friends,They will be surprised,I saw that figure at the same time thousands of miles away。
Traveling thousands of miles without a trace in an instant,What kind of concept is this,I am afraid that few people in the whole country can understand。
If Xia Chenglong sees,I must know each other at first sight,Yes,This is when the dragon seed absorbed the moon,Be alarmed。
Honorary President of the Martial Arts Association,Dahuaguo is recognized as the number one master,So after knowing the other person’s name,All these weird behaviors will be reasonably explained。
Today came to this remote North Sea again,Naturally to meet some people。
On the west border of the Fracture Mountain Range,This is absolutely no man’s land,The harsh geographical environment does not allow anyone to survive here。
Even those hunting groups that occasionally break into this,Will decisively leave after determining their location。
Feng endless appears here,Naturally because a month ago,A big thing happened here that involved the entire North Sea area。
Feng kept looking at the dragon’s breath around the Dragon Mountain Range,A little surprised at this natural protection,But only a surprise,Those powerful energies that the world calls insurmountable,Split between his hands,Free up a channel。