Tian Lu held it in her hand,Exclaimed as before:“Is it a reduced version of the star??so beautiful,so amazing!”

Ye Xingkong looked at her with a kind smile。
“and so,Just to give me this,Find me in the back yard?”Tian Lu asked。
Ye Xingkong nodded,Take out the phone and type a line to show Gu Lu,Tian Lu took a look,Chant:“The zodiac was bought on the road,The stars are made from a part of my iron sheet,Unique on earth。”
Isn’t the night of the stars the night of encounter、Isn’t it the meaning of his name??
Tian Lu takes the color of joy,Put the gift in my chest,Looked at the bracelet he gave,All grateful,Said in a solemn tone:“thank you,This is the best gift I have ever received!”
Talk about it,But Tian Lu must talk to Ye Xingkong about the idea of renting a small house in the backyard.。
Ye Xingkong was silent for a while,Originally didn’t speak,The expression at the moment is more gloomy。
Seeing Tian Lu’s face firm,Insist on moving,Think for a moment,Finally agreed by default。
Tian Lu smiled and looked at him,Grateful for his support,A warm current in my heart。
There is also a kind of loss after joy,After all, she wants to move away from Ye Xingkong,But I think I can meet at any time,I’m not so sad anymore。
First85chapter As wished
Ye Xingkong not only looks like Ding Kelan,And the personality and personality charm are as popular as Ding Kelan,Especially Chen Limu has a deep understanding。
Chen Limu had a little gap with Ye Xingkong before,Quite a criticism,Up to now, I can accept Ye Xingkong in my heart。
Ye Xingkong typed a few lines on the phone,I hope my mother can support his friend Tian Lu to rent an idle building in the backyard。
When Chen Limu hesitated,Xiaoyun and Yangzi next to each other greeted with joy。They both think this is a good thing,Finally“Remove”Nail in the eye。In their eyes,Tian Lu doesn’t deserve to live with them in the noble apartment。
Work during the day,Tian Lu doesn’t meet them,Get off work early and evening,It’s inevitable that you will still see you。
As long as you see Tian Lu,It will make Xiaoyun and Yang Zi panic。When I heard that Tian Lu was moving to a small building in the backyard,delighted。