“When I am as rich as Wang Shuai——”Chen Wen paused today,Sip tea,Then smiled and said:“I won’t be generous in this way。”

Chen Wenjin sees Li Xiang looking at him,Talking to Qiangwei。
Compared to Rose,Li Xiang has a gaseous state similar to wind and dust,The look in my eyes looks at the person in the abyss,It’s not like the rose has a very high gas camouflage。
A Bao said proudly:“Hey,how about it?Li Xiang is pretty too?Hehe,I sometimes hug the left and the right!”
Chen Wenjin thumbs up,Pretend to be envious。
He already understands Abao’s pursuit anyway,I won’t say unnecessary words。
Qiangwei called Chen Wenjin,Introduced Li Xiang to him,Said again:“Li Xiang is my best friend。”
Chen Wenjin said hello politely,Didn’t say much。
“The tank usually doesn’t see it,He’s also very prestigious!Called so many people today,Wang Shuai bought the single again,Majesty is his,This time he is awesome!Others will say,Tank treat,Hundreds of people have gone。Next time I will look for a chance to be so prestigious again,When people talk about it,Everyone will say that I can shout out the strength of hundreds of people.!”Leopard looked at the vigorous appearance of the tank,Very envious。
“Is a way。”Chen Wenjin also knows that people playing outside will spread like this,The last thing I heard is,The tank yelled hundreds of people,Of course this kind of strength is ridiculous。But called out hundreds of people,How different is it from the current situation?,But it’s obvious……
Just talking,Di,Kotaka,Big bear,benefit,Taozi came with a few people。
This table has a place,Just wait for them to sit together。
Di didn’t come empty-handed,Bought a gift,Big smelly mouth vomited ivory today,Congratulations to the tank saying:“Faith will move mountains to open,I only believe this now!Your lovers finally get married,We must grow old together!I’m going to use your story to blow the bullshit forever!”
Hui and Xiao Gao also brought gifts,Obviously inspired by the benefit。
A group of acquaintances sat down,Lively chat。