“I think Fujitora is better!”

Leo listened to these people,Frown,He doesn’t want to pick up people’s teeth,Fujitor should leave it to the blind man。
“Leo,Do you have any ideas?”Sengoku asks Leo。
After all, the alternate general is also an important presence in the Navy,Belongs to the deterrent power,The external name must be exquisite,Can’t just pick one。
“I think the dark horse is good!”Talk when the card is popular。
Leo’s eyelids twitched,Master Cap,Can you go eat donuts,Don’t mess around。
If it is called a dark horse,Then he has no face to meet people。
“How about Zilong?”Gion suddenly said。
Leo is actually very satisfied with the dragon character,But Zilong?Why do you feel a bit on the wrong set?。
“Zebra is also good!”Father Karp speaks again。
Leo’s collapse,Don’t talk when the old man is eating,Make him mess up。
zebra,What a joke。
“It’s Canglong!”Leo suddenly said。
Warring States Frown:“Canglong?”
Seems ok,But it’s weird。
Long,It’s not too special in Pirate World,Kaido just ate the dragon fruit,I haven’t seen how。
“Now that Leo has decided,Then call it Canglong!”
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