It is also because of the demolition,He before he lived in a respiratory ward because of his breathing difficulties.。

Is the old man really induced by these conflict contradictions?
Sure enough, it’s more.!
“This world has never been a sudden illness that will have no reason.,It is just that we didn’t understand the truth that hidden behind the condition.,And analyze the current clues,There is only one truth!Lu Min is really a mental illness!”He belongs to the voice。
Finish medical advice,Zhou Ye watched Eye Rivi Xin,I found that his face is very nervous。
“believe us,Since you choose to live in it,Just accept our treatment,I promise not to have anything.,It will definitely let the patient have improved as soon as possible.!”I just finished this.,Zhou Ye suddenly chest a bit of a while。
Is it that bragging can’t be too early??
Blowing sequelae?
Can be facing Lu Weixin’s nervousness and fear of father,This is not comfortable.!
“Small brother,Do we check a bed first??”Yang is watching22The bed also delayed a lot of time,So asked。
I have been waiting for a psychological department.。
Isolated,Check the doctor’s advice,Standing here, it is, it is to let Lu Min’s family is slightly not nervous.。
However, Zhou Jiwu is still a matter of unwillingness.,“Do you want to wait?,Your call,It should be very fast over there.,And I want to observe again.22bed。”
“Do you know how to consciously know??”Zhou Ye suddenly said。
His consciousness is not his professional,But sometimes it will be very accurate,Also hesitating and croising character,Make Zhou Niwu more than ordinary people。
Lu Weixin stands at the door,Listening to Lu Min,The eye angry infiltrates thin tears。
It is now that he is invited to take care of Lu Min.。
Zhou Ye went to Lu Weixin,Take out a pack of small bags from the pocket of white coat,“It’s fine,You go in.,Cast your father,Let him cooperate, etc.CTAlso do。”
Lu Weixin nodded,I wiped tears to go to my father.。
But helplessness seems to be almost crazy.。
Completely persuade invalid!
Zhou Yewu and Yang have only pushed to move to the bedside,“Even communication communication seems to be difficult?”
Lu Weixin sighed:“Dr. Zhou,Even if there is no disease,He has never slept, it is not good.,Town static?”
“Can。”Zhou Ye helpless。
to be honest,I know that he is almost the same as Yang.,will22Bed as a bed“Mental illness”,Even in the psychological,Pushed after stability,Take a bed for a bed.。
Zhou Yewu quickly opened a temporary doctor on mobile computer car。
Not two minutes,The previous supervisor will come in,Injury10Migrators,After a few minutes, the old man was quiet.。
“First do an electrocardiogram first,Then blood,Finally, go to the skullCT,If you have no problem, you will take the old man home.。”Zhou Ye has drawn the last words of the elderly about the illusion of the cause of the elderly.。
Will it be a problem with a heart??
This electrocardiogram is normal……I really check the one bed.!