The door is empty,Lights in the room,But the sky above the kang is empty,Where is the shadow of Zhao Hong。

Xia Jian couldn’t help being taken aback,this late,Where can she go?Lights in the room,She shouldn’t go far,Xia Jian remembered,Zhao Hong may have gone to the bathroom or shower。
Thought of here,Xia Jian looked at Zhao Hong’s bathroom,There is a light in the room,Xia Jian couldn’t help feeling ecstatic,Then quietly walked over。
The porter has a slit open,Xia Jian took two steps,He looked curiously against the crack of the door,Seeing that Zhao Hong has already taken a bath,Standing in front of the mirror combing hair。
The bathroom in the countryside is relatively simple,Just a house with concrete floors,There is a drainage pipe below,People like Zhao Hong are already more particular。
Xia Jian gently opened the door,So I squeezed my body in。
Zhao Hong has seen Xia Jian’s figure in the mirror,She couldn’t help but open her mouth wide,But her voice hasn’t come out yet,Xia Jian has covered her mouth。
Zhao Hong who just took a bath,I only wore a thin pajama,Xia Jian’s hand touched it,Zhao Hong came out of the nose slightly**sound。
Xia Jian has a hot body,Hardly self,He let go of the hand covering Zhao Hong’s mouth,Both hands began to knead on her soft body。
Zhao Hong gasped and said:“Don’t be here,Let’s go back!“
“No way,Right here,I can not wait anymore“Xia Jian panting,Tore off Zhao Hong’s pajamas,Woman’s plump body,Fully revealed。
Zhao Hong is struggling,I pulled down the switch on the wall。
The bathroom was suddenly dark,But the heavy gasps of men and women inside ups and downs,And the clinking sound of the tub against the wall,Make this night no longer peaceful。
First0362chapter Confused
Early morning,Rooster tweet,When the smoke from Xiping Village,When some young people are sleeping。
The big horn of the village committee rang at this time,Popular songs played for a few minutes,Immediately afterwards, Zhao Hong shouted in a crisp voice:“Attention folks,Except for arranging the staff on duty to continue to work in the cooperative today,Others have a half-day holiday,Because this morning,The village committee will move into a new office building,I hope everyone can participate in this work”