Chen Feng was terrified,He hurriedly said:“Boss Wang!If I, Chen Feng, offend you somewhere,Just say it,I can do it,Must do so”

Chen Feng was talking,I kept looking at the door,How he wishes this time,Which horses standing outside the door can rush in。I also blame myself for being careless just now,If you bring all these people in,He won’t be like this now。
Wang Youcai saw through Chen Feng’s mind,He let go,Chen Feng almost slumped on the floor。Wang Youcai said with a cold smile“Boss Chen!Don’t think about it,Even if all the people you brought come in,Still lying on the ground”
“Ah!Boss Wang’s two men are really amazing”Chen Feng said with a smiley face。
It’s almost done,Wang Youcai said to Chen Feng:“Sit down!I really have something to find you,I didn’t expect that I would come here to spoil my good deeds“
Wang Youcai said,So I pulled Lan Ling,Let her sit on his lap。Then his big hand was in front of Chen Feng,Caressing gently on Lan Ling’s thigh without any scruples。
“Boss Wang!Tell me what you have,Although I’m not talented, Chen Feng,But I still know a few people in Pingdu“This guy is about to play his score again。
Wang Youcai laughed and said:“Don’t you have a brother in the city hall??But you forgot,My second brother works in the provincial government。He said,As long as I don’t mess with him,If anyone dares to bully me in Pingdu,He won’t stand by”Wang Youcai is definitely a good player。These words are all made up by him,Wang Youdao wouldn’t say such a thing when he was killed。
Chen Feng,His face changed slightly。He was thinking,Some time ago,Wang Youcai always sees the dragon but never sees the end,He is hiding from the lawsuit,Now suddenly appeared,It seems that what happened to him is over,He has to be careful。
“Boss Wang has big roots,Don’t talk about being in Pingdu,Even in the provincial capital,Generally no one dares to move you。You speak!looking for me?”Chen Feng suddenly became very refreshed,He said with a smile。
Lan Ling was a little uncomfortable being touched by Wang Youcai,She twisted her waist like a water snake,So I say:“Wang Ge!This place has always been your place,Now under the control of others,I feel very uncomfortable”This woman can really see the needle。
“Really a smart woman,How do you know i’m going to say this?”Wang Youcai said,Reached out and grabbed Lan Ling’s plump ass。
The woman yelled a little presumptuously。Chen Feng is not a fool,He has seen what Wang Youcai meant,But he has a special heart for this beauty international,Even though I’m a bit sad,But this situation tonight,If he doesn’t let go,I’m afraid he can’t get out of here。
There is a saying that he who knows current affairs is Junjie,Chen Feng knows everything in his heart,Money is insignificant compared to life。Moreover,Feng Shui turns,This place is yours today,Maybe it’s mine tomorrow。
Chen Feng thought about this problem clearly,Smiled immediately:“Good to say boss Wang!This Beauty International was originally Boss Wang’s plate,It makes sense to take it back today。starting from tomorrow,This is yours”
“Happy Boss Chen!Aperitif”Wang Youcai pats his thigh,Shout loudly。