“Let’s talk about strange things,I know that a treasure was born naturally under the flaws of the rules of heaven and earth at that time,At that time, a lot of strange things were born。”

“Of course it seems that this statement may not be true,At least not necessarily accurate。There are still strange things born in our current era。Do you know Amethyst??!”
“This amethyst,From hell,To be exact, it is a god from hell。This main god gave birth to a kind of wonder of heaven and earth—Soul stone,Is the legendary soul treasure。And the nether mountain in the underworld,There is also a kind of fruit-like wonders of heaven and earth,Nether Fruit,It is said that a high-ranking refining god is completely comparable to the seven-star elves。”
“Brother Lieshan,Now you know why I don’t want to shoot the Concealed Leaf。This treasure is merely a collection value,It’s no less than a medium-grade soul defense artifact。unless,You trade with me with the top grade soul defense artifact,Of course it would be better if you could give me a drop of the power of the main god。”
The Golden Winged Darkwalker was stunned,He has never seen this level of transaction,Even the power of the main god came out!
Wright frowned,He also doesn’t have top-grade soul defense artifacts,And the power of the main god?He snatched a drop from Patriarch Bard,But it’s a treasure at the bottom of the box,Although it doesn’t mean much to him,If he breaks through the three high-level gods,Fusion power is also very close to the power of the main god。But Cecilia and Harry can save their lives,:“Master Zing,Why don’t we trade in another way?”
“Brother Na Lieshan means?”
“I pledge this soul defense artifact to you,For 10,000 years。Within ten thousand years,I will return this treasure to you,This soul defense artifact is used as a cost。Of course all this,I will swear in the name of the Supreme God of Destiny。”
Master Zhenqi was silent for a while,He has strong intelligence capabilities,Naturally know more than ten years ago,This Lieshan Elf also used the power of the main god,But he is not sure that he has a second drop of power like this。Of course he also hopes to exchange for a drop of the power of the main god,This is a treasure that can save your life at the critical moment。But if the opponent does not have the power of the main god,Lend a strange thing to hide the spirit leaf for 10,000 years,It is also very worthwhile to exchange for a middle-grade soul defense artifact。
of course,This is also risky,In case Wright falls,Naturally this treasure can’t be exchanged。But compared to risk,Benefit more。After all, the family of the soul defense artifact is barely close to the strange thing in between。
“Then deal?”
“Congratulations。。。”The Golden Winged Darkwalker looked at the eyes of the two,My heart burst。“and many more,You two are trying to kill me。Master Zing,We are old friends,Brother Lieshan, I brought you here。”
The Golden Winged Darkwalker is really scared,These two can control the magic circle,An amazing strength,Team up to kill him easily。And that’s all about the secrets that the owner of the 豸蛌 said before,But later transactions,Feel that matters,Maybe these two will really do。。。
“You don’t have to kill it!”The owner of the 豸蛌 glanced at Wright,“but,Brother Jin Wing, you must swear to the Supreme God of Destiny,What I heard today,Can’t leak a word。”
“Good!”The Golden Winged Darkwalker took another look at Wright,I found Wright looked at him with a smile,No plans to do it,But relieved,Swear in the name of the Supreme God of Destiny。