Out of the restaurant,Ji Yunfeng is still angry,“Poetry,If not for you,I have to beat up this bastard!Everyone can tell that the couple are lying,What makes money from stocks,Just that stock,It’s not bad to go bankrupt without losing money!That girl treats us as fools,Thought we would not check!”

Mr. Ji, who has always shown himself in the image of cold and proud,So angry。
Yu Shi was originally angry,Heard him say so,Instead smiled kindly,“Nothing,Before this I just doubted,Look at them like this,I’m sure,Who did my dad meet on the day of the accident?,Sun Jiaxing must know。It’s just that he was silenced,I won’t say it for a while。”
Look at Sun Jiaxing’s attitude,Yushi is a little disappointed。But think carefully,This is also expected。If he wants to say,Will not hide in the UK。
See Yushi go far,Sun Jiaxing dialed a phone number,This number is not in his address book,But he remembers very clearly。
Call connected,There is a man’s lazy and wary voice:“what happened,Why call me this time?”
Sun Jiaxing forgot about jet lag,It’s still late at night in China。
“Korean poetry came to me,Ask me who the chairman met on the day of the accident。I think she knows something。”Sun Jiaxing is a little nervous,Unprepared,Go straight。
The voice on the other end of the phone is slightly stagnant,Immediately disdain:“As long as you don’t say,What can she know?You won’t be shaken,Want to tell her?”
“I……Said nothing,She is gone,Said to return home for two days。”The expression on Sun Jiaxing’s face is very complicated。
“You hold on for two more days,Waiting for her to return home,It’s calm。All right,I slept!”Talk about it,Man hung up。
There is already a beep in the phone,Sun Jiaxing still stared at the front in a daze。
Ma Wanqiu hates iron and complains:“What’s so scary about her as a little girl?See what scared you!”