“brat,You are my fourth disciple!”

The man in the white robe taps Li Ming’s forehead with his finger,Mass memory transfer。
Li Ming only felt the roar of consciousness。
No matter the deity,Still doppelganger,I lost consciousness in an instant。
Comparing Li Ming with the soul of a Taoist monarch,It took three full breaths to calm down。
Feel the massive inheritance in the sea of knowledge,Li Ming straightened his face,Three bows to the white robe man。
Preaching Grace,Second only to heaven and earth,Parenthood。
Proud of him,It’s also a solemn salute right now。
“Haha,It’s a little guy who is polite。”White robe man,Do not,The ancestor of Tianqiong smiled,“But not bad,Ok,You obviously got it《Holy Book of Thousand Body》This is the best way,But with the formation method to untie the remaining divine stone,It’s strange。”
Tianqiong ancestors have a mild temperature,Seems to be permeated with a passion for life。
“I’m leaving the Yanlong realm,Just before the endless territory we often say,Also received two disciples,Also established sects。”
“but,Your big brother was accepted when I was ordinary,Fall early now,Your second elder sister has assumed the position of Sect Master Tianqiong,If Qiongzong still exists today,,You can go find her。”
“I’m actually not good at teaching disciples,So i created,Collected tricks,But it’s all in the memory inheritance。”
“Since you are good at formation,that《Light Mantra Mandala Collection》It must be understood。Pointing to the eternal way,Very important。”
“Other methods,you have《Holy Book of Thousand Body》This method,Supernatural power,I have to study and learn some methods of fighting and protecting the body。I was negligent in fighting,It was miserable to be chased by a peak Daoist。”Talking about being chased,The ancestor of Tianqiong is still incomparable
“As for the treasure,I also prepared a million squares of Chaos Spirit Liquid for you,One Enlightenment,And a puppet with the strength of the normal three-step Taoist—but,Before your strength can reach the threshold of the ordinary three-step path,But it can only drive him three times。”