Central – Hong Kong launched eight measures to help young people to play a greater potential

People in Hong Kong September 16 (Reporter Chen Ran) sponsored by the All-China Youth Federation "Central – Hong Kong young people will preach measures" was held on the 16th in Hong Kong announced eight specific measures recently introduced, covering education, work all aspects of entrepreneurship, internships, life, help Hong Kong youth to play a greater potential to actively integrate into the overall national development.

The central launch of the 8 – Hong Kong youth measures include: First, Hong Kong to the Mainland Internship Program, 5 years to provide 10,000 internships for young people in Hong Kong; Second, Hong Kong Youth Exchange Program Mainland, Hong Kong five years to provide 2 Teenagers ten thousand to go to the mainland exchange opportunities; third, "thousands of school Wan Kong" Hong Kong Youth special action; fourth, the "Year of Youth" China Youth innovation and entrepreneurship project support Program Hong Kong special; fifth, opening up China Telecom Hong Kong scholarships to college students apply for channel ; sixth, optimization in national youth competitions expand Hong Kong Branch track; seventh, opening up the country to perform good deeds nice, Zhong Nanshan Youth Science and Technology innovation Award and the honorary award application channels youth in Hong Kong; the eighth, the construction of large Guangdong, Hong Kong Bay Area Youth service positions. China Youth Federation Secretary-General Liu Aiping in video speech, said eight studies involving targeted initiatives of Hong Kong youth care, employment, various aspects of entrepreneurship, internships, life, and strive to open up the mainland to Hong Kong Youth Development "last kilometer" . She hoped that Hong Kong young people to make good use of these measures to actively participate in and promote her friends together to participate in the planning and implementation of various projects, help to broaden Hong Kong youth to support the development of inland pipeline, promote comprehensive contacts Mainland and Hong Kong youth, extensive exchanges depth blend.

The Central People’s Government in the Hong Kong Liaison Office of the Minister of Youth Work Department Zhang Zhihua Hong Kong youth can expect the best use of the central benefits to Hong Kong measures, but also hope that the SAR government to give more support measures, to devote more resources to support the center – Hong Kong landing effective measures. He said that in 2019 there are more than 100 million Hong Kong youth to study the development of exchanges mainland, accounting for 46 per cent of the Hong Kong Youth; "With the pace of Hong Kong youth into the overall national development continues to accelerate, as long as they import the personal development of Hong Kong dream, Chinese dream, will be able to show a new, break new ground.

"Hong Kong SAR Government Secretary for Home Affairs of Hong Kong Xuying Wei message to young people to cherish these special measures central to their launch, seize the opportunity to prepare.

He believed that Hong Kong young people must be better equipped, while multi-skills training, career development studies, also need to establish the correct values and positive thinking, demonstrate their skills, contribute to the country.

Vice-Chairman of All-China Youth Federation positive Liang said the central government has to find ways to help young people in Hong Kong seize future opportunities, so that they have a much clearer future, clear direction to help them understand national development, integration into the overall national development is the introduction of sub-central level benefits Hong Kong youth measures to provide more opportunities for young people in Hong Kong to the mainland exchange of learning.

Day event also set the sharing and interactive question and answer session, a number of universities and colleges principals, representatives of youth entrepreneurship, employment and youth representatives take part in the National Youth Federation, the benefits to Hong Kong measures around how to support young people in Hong Kong joined the national development blueprint and other lively Discuss.

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