China contribution helps global response to climate change open new journey

  The Second Sixteenth Parties (hereinafter referred to as the Convention) of the UN Climate Change (hereinafter referred to as the "Tower" day after the "Tower", closed on the United Kingdom Glasgow on the 13th.

The General Assembly reached a "Paris Agreement" implementation rules, and opened the new journey of the "Paris Agreement" in an international community.

As a responsible state, China has promoted the global response to the process of climate change, and contributes for the success of the conference. However, due to adaptation, finance, technical support and other core concerns of developing countries, developed countries did not give an adequate response, the conference still regret and shortcomings, the global response to climate change is still facing many challenges.

Significant: the global response to climate change to open a new journey for the first time the conference is held after the Conference of the Parties "Paris Agreement" entered the implementation stage, is the past and the next General Assembly. The International Society completed the implementation of the "Paris Agreement" implementation rules, further promoted the overall and effective balanced implementation of the agreement. Parties in about two weeks, to work together to bridge differences and expand consensus, reached the final implementation details, "Paris Agreement," including negotiations on issues left over market mechanisms, transparency, national self-contribution and other common time frame for the implementation of the "Paris agreement "laid a good foundation.

  Head of the Chinese delegation, Vice Minister, Ministry of Ecology Environment Zhaoying Min told Xinhua News Agency reporters after the meeting of the General Assembly to reach a resolution documents, in particular to achieve the implementation details, "Paris Agreement," the maintenance of multilateralism, focusing implement the "Paris Agreement" of great significance, it will open a new journey full implementation of the "Paris Agreement," the international community.

  In addition to reaching Rules "Paris Agreement", the General Assembly also adopted a number of documents "Declaration on forests and land use Glasgow leader" and so on. On adaptation, finance and other issues of common concern in developing countries, the General Assembly also made some progress. For example, in financial terms, the parties agreed to continue funding the long-term agenda to 2027, the developed countries will continue to assume existing obligations in 2025 and completed in 2025 after the new funding arrangements quantitative targets in 2024.

In the adaptation, the General Assembly would adapt global goals of developing countries concerned to make arrangements for the next step of work, we decided to establish and immediately start the "Glasgow – Sharm el-Sheikh to adapt to the global target two-year work plan" to implement the "Paris Agreement" About requirements to adapt to the global objectives and enhance the understanding of the parties to adapt to the global target. Chinese contribution: global climate governance processes to actively promote the conference, China has always actively communicate in a constructive manner in consultation with the parties concerned, the contribution of the Chinese wisdom and China plan to show the Chinese responsible image.

China actively promotes the global climate governance process and contributes for strength to the General Assembly. In the summit of world leaders held after the opening of the General Assembly, the State President Xi Jinping delivered a written speech on how to tackle climate change, promote world economic recovery this contemporary issues, put forward the multilateral consensus, pragmatic and focused action to accelerate the green transition three proposals, The international community has won wide praise. China and the United States in the field of bilateral joint document of the General Assembly on climate change successfully laid a solid foundation. Based on the key moments of the negotiating parties into a stalemate, the two countries jointly issued the "China-US Joint Declaration on strengthening Glasgow Climate Action in the 2020s", in April this year, "Sino-US Joint Statement climate crisis" on He proposed the two sides in accordance with the principle of common but differentiated responsibility, to carry out their domestic action to strengthen bilateral cooperation and jointly promote specific initiatives to address climate change in the multilateral process.

This effectively enhance the confidence of the parties to work together to address climate change, positive and constructive impetus to the process of the General Assembly, to bridge differences between the parties, expand common position into a driving force. During the conference, the Chinese delegation actively with the United Nations Secretariat, the President of the National Assembly and the Parties to the United Kingdom in close consultation "Convention" coordinate their positions, maintenance of common but differentiated responsibilities to determine the "Paris Agreement," "Convention" and other related principles and interests of developing countries, played an active and constructive role, has made its own contribution to the success of the General Assembly. Unfortunately, insufficient: the developed countries have to implement the commitments as soon as possible, although the conference has made some progress in terms of adaptation, financial support, but the international community generally believes that these need to improve compared to the developing countries to address climate change, there are still a lot of regret and inadequate, some of the core concerns of developing countries have not been very good response.

  "Although the negotiations very difficult, it should be said in terms of adaptation, financial support still has some progress, but not enough." Zhaoying Min said, "The future of the arduous task, China looks forward to the parties to implement their commitments, take concrete action to promote global climate governance throughout the process moving again.

"As early as the 2009 Copenhagen Climate Change Conference, the collective commitment of developed countries to provide at least $ 100 billion annual fund by 2020 to help developing countries cope with climate change challenges, but 12 years later, this promise has not been fulfilled.

  Many developing countries during the General Assembly have expressed disappointment. Climate Change Minister of Pakistan Malik Amin Aslam told Xinhua News Agency said in venue reporters, said: "the developed countries to make a commitment to spend $ 100 billion a year, and for developing countries is a continuation of a decade of disappointment so far these promises just empty talk. "Zhaoying Min said China called on developed countries to honor their commitments to further increase support for developing countries, rather than" blindly requires the parties to raise ambition. "

  Guterres, UN Secretary-General issued a video statement after the closing ceremony, said the participating parties made an important step, but "not enough", the developed countries, financial institutions and technology holders should work together to help reduce emissions in emerging economies, accelerate the shift towards a green economy. He asked the developed countries to honor their commitments to pay $ 100 billion a year, called for global solidarity, the common challenge of climate change.

  (Participation reporter: Guo Shuang, Zhang Lei behalf, Jin Jing, Xu Feng, Xu is still modest) Glasgow Xinhua News Agency November 13 electricity.