Blind weight loss vigilance 5 big mistakes

Blind weight loss vigilance 5 big mistakes

Misunderstanding 1: Weight loss = beauty can be determined: weight loss is not equal to beauty.

  It is a pity that there are many girls who have a very poor understanding of their understanding. They think that there is nothing wrong with their body. This is called beauty.

If this is the case, I advise these girls to live in Ethiopia for three months, and they will be able to achieve results. They will not have to go on a diet at home, and they will be dizzy but have no way to get the ideal body.

  If you have biological knowledge, you should understand that all the human body’s scores and this distribution ratio are natural wonders.

Aunt also has an irreplaceable role.

Moreover, with the uncle’s pad, the skin will look smoother and more elastic.

This is why the skinny bones look so pitiful.

In this way, for girls, the place that can embody the charm of women requires a large number of aunts without exception.

Otherwise, no one will admit that a piece of wood that will move is good-looking.

  Therefore, my point is that weight loss should not be reduced to hate all the embarrassment.

  Misunderstanding 2: Needless to say, pure dieting, modern people are very clear that dieting can not exercise the role of weight loss, it will be counterproductive.

  Because the body’s need for food is neuromodulated, it is achieved through basal metabolism.

If the absorption excess is reduced too much, the basal metabolism will be less protective and the energy consumed will be reduced, but it will be useless.

  Moreover, when there is not enough food in the stomach, or the density of the contents changes too much, the stomach will have corresponding reflex activity.

At least part of it, otherwise sputum, or nausea, first of all, the stomach is in a sub-health state, and then naturally it will be ill.

Dieting will have other abnormalities, sometimes bulimia, some anorexia, and thus more serious, absolutely not feasible.

  Misunderstanding 3: Although the high-dose exercise and heavy-duty intensity exercise also has the word “sports”, it is not a good way to lose weight.

  Exercise weight loss has its requirements: small intensity, continuous, can still breathe freely after exercise, talk and laugh, and fatigue will recover quickly.

Some people are eager to lose weight, and once they want to run for a few seconds at a speed of 100 meters, they are lucky without shock.

Slight burning takes time. High-dose exercise does not provide good conditions for light consumption. It only causes thickening of the muscles, excessive heart load, and constant discomfort.

For the general population without exercise prescriptions, it is very likely to hurt themselves, not worth the candle.

  Misunderstanding 4: Weight-loss drugs There are currently no more than one thousand kinds of weight-loss drugs on the market, but there are no ones.

  Weight loss drugs are nothing more than the following: 1.

Appetite-entropy: malnutrition, stomach damage, rebound and possible overeating;

Fiber incorporation produces satiety – discrete: long-term use, the effect has not been confirmed;

Prevent adult intake – anisotropy: It’s hard to say that even the internal body’s nutrient absorption will affect, and what else can’t be done.

  Moreover, weight-loss drugs abuse the buyer’s wallet without exception, causing a “fatal threat.”

If this doesn’t work, you can imagine how much the buyer is suffocating.

Most importantly, I haven’t heard of it yet.

  Misunderstanding 5: Quickly lose weight to check the food conversion table and energy consumption table, you can know that fast weight loss is a fantasy, no possibility, or can be hungry for a week, both fast weight loss and rapid coma.

  Losing weight is really a long-term task in hard areas. The most effective way for this task is to relax your mind, step by step, work and rest, exercise and diet, and use auxiliary sports nutrition. I can’t think of anything else.A good way.