“When I am as rich as Wang Shuai——”Chen Wen paused today,Sip tea,Then smiled and said:“I won’t be generous in this way。”

Chen Wenjin sees Li Xiang looking at him,Talking to Qiangwei。
Compared to Rose,Li Xiang has a gaseous state similar to wind and dust,The look in my eyes looks at the person in the abyss,It’s not like the rose has a very high gas camouflage。
A Bao said proudly:“Hey,how about it?Li Xiang is pretty too?Hehe,I sometimes hug the left and the right!”
Chen Wenjin thumbs up,Pretend to be envious。
He already understands Abao’s pursuit anyway,I won’t say unnecessary words。
Qiangwei called Chen Wenjin,Introduced Li Xiang to him,Said again:“Li Xiang is my best friend。”
Chen Wenjin said hello politely,Didn’t say much。
“The tank usually doesn’t see it,He’s also very prestigious!Called so many people today,Wang Shuai bought the single again,Majesty is his,This time he is awesome!Others will say,Tank treat,Hundreds of people have gone。Next time I will look for a chance to be so prestigious again,When people talk about it,Everyone will say that I can shout out the strength of hundreds of people.!”Leopard looked at the vigorous appearance of the tank,Very envious。
“Is a way。”Chen Wenjin also knows that people playing outside will spread like this,The last thing I heard is,The tank yelled hundreds of people,Of course this kind of strength is ridiculous。But called out hundreds of people,How different is it from the current situation?,But it’s obvious……
Just talking,Di,Kotaka,Big bear,benefit,Taozi came with a few people。
This table has a place,Just wait for them to sit together。
Di didn’t come empty-handed,Bought a gift,Big smelly mouth vomited ivory today,Congratulations to the tank saying:“Faith will move mountains to open,I only believe this now!Your lovers finally get married,We must grow old together!I’m going to use your story to blow the bullshit forever!”
Hui and Xiao Gao also brought gifts,Obviously inspired by the benefit。
A group of acquaintances sat down,Lively chat。

Tian Lu held it in her hand,Exclaimed as before:“Is it a reduced version of the star??so beautiful,so amazing!”

Ye Xingkong looked at her with a kind smile。
“and so,Just to give me this,Find me in the back yard?”Tian Lu asked。
Ye Xingkong nodded,Take out the phone and type a line to show Gu Lu,Tian Lu took a look,Chant:“The zodiac was bought on the road,The stars are made from a part of my iron sheet,Unique on earth。”
Isn’t the night of the stars the night of encounter、Isn’t it the meaning of his name??
Tian Lu takes the color of joy,Put the gift in my chest,Looked at the bracelet he gave,All grateful,Said in a solemn tone:“thank you,This is the best gift I have ever received!”
Talk about it,But Tian Lu must talk to Ye Xingkong about the idea of renting a small house in the backyard.。
Ye Xingkong was silent for a while,Originally didn’t speak,The expression at the moment is more gloomy。
Seeing Tian Lu’s face firm,Insist on moving,Think for a moment,Finally agreed by default。
Tian Lu smiled and looked at him,Grateful for his support,A warm current in my heart。
There is also a kind of loss after joy,After all, she wants to move away from Ye Xingkong,But I think I can meet at any time,I’m not so sad anymore。
First85chapter As wished
Ye Xingkong not only looks like Ding Kelan,And the personality and personality charm are as popular as Ding Kelan,Especially Chen Limu has a deep understanding。
Chen Limu had a little gap with Ye Xingkong before,Quite a criticism,Up to now, I can accept Ye Xingkong in my heart。
Ye Xingkong typed a few lines on the phone,I hope my mother can support his friend Tian Lu to rent an idle building in the backyard。
When Chen Limu hesitated,Xiaoyun and Yangzi next to each other greeted with joy。They both think this is a good thing,Finally“Remove”Nail in the eye。In their eyes,Tian Lu doesn’t deserve to live with them in the noble apartment。
Work during the day,Tian Lu doesn’t meet them,Get off work early and evening,It’s inevitable that you will still see you。
As long as you see Tian Lu,It will make Xiaoyun and Yang Zi panic。When I heard that Tian Lu was moving to a small building in the backyard,delighted。

“The two of them are one hundred dollars together,Still 100 per day?”Lu Menglin asked the price very carefully.。

“One hundred dollars together。”Half of the face answered honestly。
Talk out,One half of the face immediately felt a bit hot on the half of the cheek,This style is wrong!Why should I discuss this kind of thing with him here??
“Cheap!Too cheap!With these two talents,It’s only 100 dollars a day?I can not believe it!This place looks like we have come to the right!Then please,Can I find something better?”Lu Menglin asked with a smile。
“I don’t have a second-level mutant,If you need it,I can help you contact,But one thousand dollars a day。”Half of the face answered honestly。
Lu Menglin nodded,Asked with a smile:“Is there anything more powerful??correct,A bold question,How do you calculate the mutant level here??”
When Lu Menglin asked these words,,Carlo’s eyes suddenly gleamed,He finally understood why Lu Menglin wanted to chat with these bad guys,It turns out that he was learning about the intelligence of this red zone city!
This kind of thing,I should have thought of it first,And to arrange the execution,But because of the red mist environment,Instead, let Lu Menglin do it first,This made Carlo a little bit frustrated deep in his heart。
Half of his face didn’t suspect that Lu Menglin was understanding intelligence,And this information is not a secret in Iquitos。
“Mutants in the city are mainly divided into two categories: combat type and functional type,And the level of the mutant,Are distinguished according to their degree of mutation。The higher the degree of variation,Means they are stronger。”Half of his face said with a serious face。
“The higher the degree of variation?Can they stay sane??”Lu Menglin asked casually。
Half of the face was taken aback,I wonder how this kid can capture the core essence of things all at once?
“Yes!The vast majority of mutants will lose their sanity as the degree of alienation deepens,So this is why the number of advanced mutants is scarce。Those who lose their sense and humanity,Will be expelled or led to the jungle,Let it fend for itself。Only first mutation,In order to maintain the degree of alienation,Stay sane,Will not become a beast。”
Chapter six hundred and sixty six A bowl of hot dry noodles
“Not bad,Not bad!Listen to your words,Winning ten years of reading。I have a card here,Who can help,I will pay five thousand dollars as a deposit,Hire someone for me。”Lu Menglin stretched out his hand,Draw a card from somewhere,Into the hands of half of the face。
Half of the face was startled,Holding this card for a long time,Finally gritted his teeth,Handed it to the younger brother。
“Swipe!”Half of his face said viciously。

Because in the concept of people,No one waits enough to disappear in place。

Yes,Just disappear in place!
Even in the powerful master,He can create disappearance,But that will also leave traces in the air,But there is no trace of the person who appeared at the moment。
And after the other party disappeared, he disappeared,If you have two good friends,They will be surprised,I saw that figure at the same time thousands of miles away。
Traveling thousands of miles without a trace in an instant,What kind of concept is this,I am afraid that few people in the whole country can understand。
If Xia Chenglong sees,I must know each other at first sight,Yes,This is when the dragon seed absorbed the moon,Be alarmed。
Honorary President of the Martial Arts Association,Dahuaguo is recognized as the number one master,So after knowing the other person’s name,All these weird behaviors will be reasonably explained。
Today came to this remote North Sea again,Naturally to meet some people。
On the west border of the Fracture Mountain Range,This is absolutely no man’s land,The harsh geographical environment does not allow anyone to survive here。
Even those hunting groups that occasionally break into this,Will decisively leave after determining their location。
Feng endless appears here,Naturally because a month ago,A big thing happened here that involved the entire North Sea area。
Feng kept looking at the dragon’s breath around the Dragon Mountain Range,A little surprised at this natural protection,But only a surprise,Those powerful energies that the world calls insurmountable,Split between his hands,Free up a channel。

“So as long as I play the card of your brother Joe,Let those oil producing countries know that your brother Joe is the most solid backing for my Sartu,Then they will definitely come back to my camp。”

“So brother Joe,Really sorry,I did use you today, buddy,Use your reputation to wave the flag for myself,I hope you can Haihan!”
After speaking, Prince Sartu stood up with difficulty,Bowed respectfully to Qiao Tianyu。
“Dude Sartu,useless!useless!”Qiao Tianyu hurriedly helped Prince Sartu to sit down on a stool in fear。
The prince of the world’s largest royal family bows to himself such a hairy boy,It seems that Prince Sartu has indeed been driven to desperation!
seriously,Was taken advantage of,Qiao Tianyu was not too surprised,Because Qiao Tianyu has always believed in one truth,That is when others use you,Explain that you are still useful,At least it’s a manifestation of your personal values!
“Dude Sartu,I really didn’t expect your situation to be so difficult these days,Prince Na Mahmoud and Prince Harita, father and son are really ludicrous,It’s too much!”
First0384chapter Great disparity
In order to relieve Prince Sartu,Qiao Tianyu held Prince Sartu’s hand tightly,Speaking earnestly。
“Dude Sartu,Don’t hide,Even if you don’t find me today,I will come to you too。”
“As you said,Many factions in the offshore financial market in the world,The situation is complicated,Strong enemies around you and me,Let’s work together,Tongtu Daye!”
“Brother Qiao has this heart,that’s great!”Prince Sartu burst into tears after hearing it。
“Just now I was still worried, brother Joe, you don’t want to get involved in the disputes in the world offshore financial market,Will make you harder,I’m completely relieved now!Join forces with your brother Joe,This time we have the chance to win!Haha.”
“No no no,Dude Sartu,You and I still don’t underestimate the enemy!”Qiao Tianyu saw Prince Sartu feel a little airy,Quickly pour cold water on him to cool down。
“Among the three major forces in the world’s offshore financial market,The petro-dollar system is the weakest,Now, Prince Mahmoud and his son have split most of the petro-dollar family.,Now our situation is even less optimistic!”
“Hehe,I was worried about this before,But today I am not afraid,Didn’t your brother Joe have the help of the Russian financial oligarchs and Wall Street investment bankers?!”Prince Sartu looked at Qiao Tianyu with a smirk and said。
I rub!Prince Sartu’s calculations are really jingling,It happened so early that Rubin and Palizovsky’s idea came up!

In fact, he also knows that some relatives in his work will basically make a lot of money secretly,So living in the villa area is actually normal behavior。

It’s just that what makes him depressed,After entering the villa area,He seems to have seen an acquaintance。
“Where’s your person?”Wang Fang looked at Wang Guangming with a face of a ghost!
no way,Because if this matter is solved
It’s really horrible and even unbelievable to explain it。He actually saw the three of Qin Feng waiting impatiently for him to reappear,The only difference is that Huo Jia is being tied up,No matter how you look at it, you will think that Qin Feng and the three are gangsters or kidnappers.。
How did they know the position of Huojia?
Wang Fang looks at his son Wang Guangming。Did your son leak the news??
“Ugh,You are still too young。Don’t watch out for this kind of thing?This is just great,I’m afraid it will be more difficult to negotiate!”Wang Fang said this to his son,After all, everything in the future will be taken over by my son。However, the problem now is,Own son,I’m afraid I can’t compare with the opposite young man。
“All right,One billion for me,Let go,This thing ends here!”Wang Fang still said calmly,As if what he said was an order。
However, Qin Feng smiled and shook his head.:“Ha ha,I talked to you for 100 million。But now I do so many things,Do you think one billion can be solved??”
“This.What do you want?”Wang Fang also knows that he can’t compromise with the other party at this time,But if you don’t compromise,He can’t guarantee that Qin Feng will not do anything extreme。
But now the problem is coming,Why they are no longer willing to accept the initial offer?This is interlocking?
Qin Feng didn’t want to take this step originally,But now that Huojia has been tied up,Then it belongs to two categories with what I did before。
At least what I am doing now falls under the category of violations,Once official power is used,I’m afraid that Qin Feng is not feeling well here。
Maybe I want to understand this too,So at this moment, Wang Fang said with a smile,“Ha ha,I don’t need Huojia anymore。You can go to the court to sue us。”

“This is how you are willing to take a bath,Is the reason for the lack of trimming??”Lu Menglin smiled slightly,Tao。

Yu Sheng was taken aback for a moment,Wryly smiled:“That’s not it。Personal habit。”
“He is lazy!I always said I was going to sleep in the wild anyway,No need to take a bath or something!”Sin priest Labuda smiled and cursed。
Lu Menglin shook his head with a look of fear,Tao:“I respect your habits,But you should take a bath!Also take care of others’ feelings!”
This remark,Wild survival expert Yu Sheng was taken aback first,Then she was happy。
“so,You have decided to accept me?Master Wu Hao,You haven’t tested my ability yet!Really,Give me a difficult question,I promise to do it!”Yusheng quickly said。
Lu Menglin’s head shook like a drum,Said with a smile:“no need!Your good teammates,I believe in their eyesight,You just have to take a shower!Go!Best go now。”
“That line!Thank you Master Wu Hao,You really deserve a master’s vision!I go take a bath,Come again with a change of clothes!”Yu Sheng laughed,Go out on the sky。
Lu Menglin looked at this person’s upright back,Suddenly feel,This person’s temperament changes when it changes,It seems to be reborn all at once,Become another person。
Unexpectedly, this Yusheng who looks like a tramp,There is such a free and easy true temperament,Jinai Qiren!
In a blink of an eye,There is only one left in the six-member expert group,Is an old acquaintance of Master Wuhao,Gao Dajin。
At this moment,Lu Menglin looked at Gao Dajin,Gao Dajin stared at him,Neither of them spoke,Just staring at each other so indifferently。
It’s been a long while,Gao Dajin put away his provocative gaze,Asked in a daze:“Master Wu Hao,What are you staring at me?”

“This world does not seem to have heaven and earth,I don’t know if it can accommodate the gods?otherwise,I can directly use the points to exchange the power of a god with Zhang Xiaofan。”

“You can learn from the jade charms of Xu Xian group members,just,No amount of jade charms,It’s just a dead thing after all,Can’t completely kill the three young masters of Aolai country。”
“The effect of Flat Peach is of no use to Tier 3 Pinnacle and Tier 4,If you use the fourth-order integration,It’s the most effective way,just,With my current points,Not enough for the creatures of the third peak to advance to the fourth。”
“It seems that this matter needs careful consideration。”
King power lies on the grass,Thinking about how to make his sister Wangquan drunk to advance to Tier 4,Whisper,In his current situation,The most appropriate way is to use the points to make your sister Wangquan drunk to advance to the fourth level。
just,The most critical question is,His points are not enough,or,Incorporate the authority of a god,It should be possible to make his sister Wangquan drunk to advance to Tier 4,It’s just that the hegemony industry doesn’t know if there are any hidden dangers。
Chapter Three Hundred and Four Luo Chen
“Forget it,After a while, go to the chat group hall and ask other group members if there is any good way.,It’s the third youngest of Aolai Country,I forgot to ask if the phalanx is abnormal。”
“What if the phalanx was left behind by its owner?,That would be unthinkable,But the situation should not be as bad as I thought,Maybe this is because the one who exists in the chaos fighting is too tragic,So the whole body collapsed。”
“Did not see the phalanx in person,I can’t guess what’s going on,But it’s okay,If something unexpected happened,I can also turn to the big guys in the chat group,No need to worry。”
King power lies on the grass,Whisper,Although he was a little worried that the phalanx was abnormal,But he is also not rushing to ask Aolai Junior Three,Besides,It’s been so long,All safe and sound,perhaps,He really thinks too much。

Cracks appeared on the body of the magic knife,This magic knife is about to die!

“How,How come this way?”
The old man Huomu looked at the magic knife in his hand that had begun to fragment,I have forgotten the severe pain under me,The magic knife that I rely on,I was defeated by this guy?
Didn’t Master tell me??What about the strength of God Realm Invincible??
A soft sound,The Xuantian Sword directly penetrated this guy’s head,With the moment when the old man Huomu died,The magic knife in his hand was also broken,Turned into a pile of useless scrap iron!
Chapter 980 Hong Yuntian
The strong man who reached the top of the generation asked the gods was beheaded like this,For this world,Will be a huge turmoil!
till this moment,The strongest person who can move freely in this world,That is to ask the strong of the gods,Although in the last big event,Almost all the powerhouses in the world of asking gods were born,It makes people think that these guys are actually like cows,But in fact it is not,Everyone who asks the top level of the gods,In decades and hundreds of years,Only then can one emerge from among the so many powerhouses asking the gods!
Such a powerful warrior,Even in the power of the whole world,I can’t pick a few that can beat it,Almost this level asks the gods as long as they don’t die,Not being targeted by more powerful warriors,So basically there will be no problems!
Most of the top powerhouses in the questioning realm finally died because they could not break through the limits of this level.,Through the broken memory in this guy’s soul, we can know,Above this world,There is another world!
Big Thousand World!Not just a simple slogan,But even if it reaches the legendary refining realm,Seems to want to enter the great world,It also takes a lot of effort。
This world had a huge aura thousands of years ago,Countless powerful warriors have been born in the endless years,even,In the war,Asking the strong in the gods is the basic fighter level,But such a large-scale battle,Directly destroy the spiritual veins of the entire world!
Aura,finally,It is extremely difficult to become a warrior,then,The cultivation civilization of the entire world has a fault for nearly a thousand years,In order to prevent the influence of the spiritual energy from dissipating on themselves,All rushed into another layer of heaven and earth,Here named Hong Yuntian!
According to the memory of this guy,It was recorded in his sect,This world is the foundation of the entire world,But it is also the place where life is the most inferior,Only break through the limits of this world,To reach the higher world,As for what the real world looks like,This is impossible to verify!
It’s just between this world and the great world,There are two faults,One is the gathering place of the martial artist of the current concentrating state level,Hong Yuntian;The other is the small world that really links the big world,Lianghuatian!
Although the name is Tian,But it’s not really in the sky,But in a certain corner of the world,A place similar to the secret realm,Compared to this world,Where is the paradise of real warriors!
“Looks pretty good!”
Xia Chenglong smiled slightly,Among these information,There is a very powerful restriction between Hong Yuntian and this world,Those warriors in the concentrating state are in order to avoid the aura in Hong Yuntian from pouring back into this world,So set a very strong limit,Not only limits the loss of aura,It also restricts my entry and exit。

“I won’t say anything else,I don’t need you to answer immediately,of course,You can go together if you want,Only one person can master it,It doesn’t even matter if you don’t even both。I just came to talk to you。All right,Nothing else,I’ll go first!”

Qin Feng stood up after speaking,Then I looked at the desktop,The most expensive one on the tableXoLet me go。
Qin Feng is gone,But Chen Chong and Song Dixu in the box looked at each other.。
It is true that Qin Feng suddenly sent them a bomb,I don’t know whether to connect it。
“Chen Shao,How to say?”
“Song Shao, you are a guest, of course you choose first。”
“no no,Chen Shao, I have always admired you,Let’s talk about your opinion!”
The two are here to push away,And the little brothers beside them have weird faces,In the end, a younger brother of Chen Chong named A Ming couldn’t help but speak first。
“Two elders,In my opinion, just send a hand like me to control the situation.。You don’t need to come out in person。”
However, Chen Chong shook his head when he heard Amin’s words.,“Amin, you are wrong,Don’t look at Qin Feng’s seemingly casual look,But he can’t trust the people under us,Unless we go there personally,Otherwise don’t want to touch this cake。”
“Why is this again?”Amin asked。In fact, none of those kids want to understand。
Chen Chong looked at everyone present,Then sighed,“Tell you so,Don’t look at Qin Feng as lonely,In fact, he is the chief。Although the chief head is presiding over the Liang family against the Zhang family,But he still has enough energy to pay attention to every move of other families。
And in his eyes,Our four eldest sons are the benchmark of the family,So how do we choose,Decides how they handle it。If our two sons go to Myanmar,Bad words,Actually it’s half a hostage。In this way, the big chief can feel at ease
。At least if we are there,It means we cannot rebel!”
Except for the two sons,The other boys are all lost in thought。