Chen Feng was terrified,He hurriedly said:“Boss Wang!If I, Chen Feng, offend you somewhere,Just say it,I can do it,Must do so”

Chen Feng was talking,I kept looking at the door,How he wishes this time,Which horses standing outside the door can rush in。I also blame myself for being careless just now,If you bring all these people in,He won’t be like this now。
Wang Youcai saw through Chen Feng’s mind,He let go,Chen Feng almost slumped on the floor。Wang Youcai said with a cold smile“Boss Chen!Don’t think about it,Even if all the people you brought come in,Still lying on the ground”
“Ah!Boss Wang’s two men are really amazing”Chen Feng said with a smiley face。
It’s almost done,Wang Youcai said to Chen Feng:“Sit down!I really have something to find you,I didn’t expect that I would come here to spoil my good deeds“
Wang Youcai said,So I pulled Lan Ling,Let her sit on his lap。Then his big hand was in front of Chen Feng,Caressing gently on Lan Ling’s thigh without any scruples。
“Boss Wang!Tell me what you have,Although I’m not talented, Chen Feng,But I still know a few people in Pingdu“This guy is about to play his score again。
Wang Youcai laughed and said:“Don’t you have a brother in the city hall??But you forgot,My second brother works in the provincial government。He said,As long as I don’t mess with him,If anyone dares to bully me in Pingdu,He won’t stand by”Wang Youcai is definitely a good player。These words are all made up by him,Wang Youdao wouldn’t say such a thing when he was killed。
Chen Feng,His face changed slightly。He was thinking,Some time ago,Wang Youcai always sees the dragon but never sees the end,He is hiding from the lawsuit,Now suddenly appeared,It seems that what happened to him is over,He has to be careful。
“Boss Wang has big roots,Don’t talk about being in Pingdu,Even in the provincial capital,Generally no one dares to move you。You speak!looking for me?”Chen Feng suddenly became very refreshed,He said with a smile。
Lan Ling was a little uncomfortable being touched by Wang Youcai,She twisted her waist like a water snake,So I say:“Wang Ge!This place has always been your place,Now under the control of others,I feel very uncomfortable”This woman can really see the needle。
“Really a smart woman,How do you know i’m going to say this?”Wang Youcai said,Reached out and grabbed Lan Ling’s plump ass。
The woman yelled a little presumptuously。Chen Feng is not a fool,He has seen what Wang Youcai meant,But he has a special heart for this beauty international,Even though I’m a bit sad,But this situation tonight,If he doesn’t let go,I’m afraid he can’t get out of here。
There is a saying that he who knows current affairs is Junjie,Chen Feng knows everything in his heart,Money is insignificant compared to life。Moreover,Feng Shui turns,This place is yours today,Maybe it’s mine tomorrow。
Chen Feng thought about this problem clearly,Smiled immediately:“Good to say boss Wang!This Beauty International was originally Boss Wang’s plate,It makes sense to take it back today。starting from tomorrow,This is yours”
“Happy Boss Chen!Aperitif”Wang Youcai pats his thigh,Shout loudly。

The door is empty,Lights in the room,But the sky above the kang is empty,Where is the shadow of Zhao Hong。

Xia Jian couldn’t help being taken aback,this late,Where can she go?Lights in the room,She shouldn’t go far,Xia Jian remembered,Zhao Hong may have gone to the bathroom or shower。
Thought of here,Xia Jian looked at Zhao Hong’s bathroom,There is a light in the room,Xia Jian couldn’t help feeling ecstatic,Then quietly walked over。
The porter has a slit open,Xia Jian took two steps,He looked curiously against the crack of the door,Seeing that Zhao Hong has already taken a bath,Standing in front of the mirror combing hair。
The bathroom in the countryside is relatively simple,Just a house with concrete floors,There is a drainage pipe below,People like Zhao Hong are already more particular。
Xia Jian gently opened the door,So I squeezed my body in。
Zhao Hong has seen Xia Jian’s figure in the mirror,She couldn’t help but open her mouth wide,But her voice hasn’t come out yet,Xia Jian has covered her mouth。
Zhao Hong who just took a bath,I only wore a thin pajama,Xia Jian’s hand touched it,Zhao Hong came out of the nose slightly**sound。
Xia Jian has a hot body,Hardly self,He let go of the hand covering Zhao Hong’s mouth,Both hands began to knead on her soft body。
Zhao Hong gasped and said:“Don’t be here,Let’s go back!“
“No way,Right here,I can not wait anymore“Xia Jian panting,Tore off Zhao Hong’s pajamas,Woman’s plump body,Fully revealed。
Zhao Hong is struggling,I pulled down the switch on the wall。
The bathroom was suddenly dark,But the heavy gasps of men and women inside ups and downs,And the clinking sound of the tub against the wall,Make this night no longer peaceful。
First0362chapter Confused
Early morning,Rooster tweet,When the smoke from Xiping Village,When some young people are sleeping。
The big horn of the village committee rang at this time,Popular songs played for a few minutes,Immediately afterwards, Zhao Hong shouted in a crisp voice:“Attention folks,Except for arranging the staff on duty to continue to work in the cooperative today,Others have a half-day holiday,Because this morning,The village committee will move into a new office building,I hope everyone can participate in this work”

It is also because of the demolition,He before he lived in a respiratory ward because of his breathing difficulties.。

Is the old man really induced by these conflict contradictions?
Sure enough, it’s more.!
“This world has never been a sudden illness that will have no reason.,It is just that we didn’t understand the truth that hidden behind the condition.,And analyze the current clues,There is only one truth!Lu Min is really a mental illness!”He belongs to the voice。
Finish medical advice,Zhou Ye watched Eye Rivi Xin,I found that his face is very nervous。
“believe us,Since you choose to live in it,Just accept our treatment,I promise not to have anything.,It will definitely let the patient have improved as soon as possible.!”I just finished this.,Zhou Ye suddenly chest a bit of a while。
Is it that bragging can’t be too early??
Blowing sequelae?
Can be facing Lu Weixin’s nervousness and fear of father,This is not comfortable.!
“Small brother,Do we check a bed first??”Yang is watching22The bed also delayed a lot of time,So asked。
I have been waiting for a psychological department.。
Isolated,Check the doctor’s advice,Standing here, it is, it is to let Lu Min’s family is slightly not nervous.。
However, Zhou Jiwu is still a matter of unwillingness.,“Do you want to wait?,Your call,It should be very fast over there.,And I want to observe again.22bed。”
“Do you know how to consciously know??”Zhou Ye suddenly said。
His consciousness is not his professional,But sometimes it will be very accurate,Also hesitating and croising character,Make Zhou Niwu more than ordinary people。
Lu Weixin stands at the door,Listening to Lu Min,The eye angry infiltrates thin tears。
It is now that he is invited to take care of Lu Min.。
Zhou Ye went to Lu Weixin,Take out a pack of small bags from the pocket of white coat,“It’s fine,You go in.,Cast your father,Let him cooperate, etc.CTAlso do。”
Lu Weixin nodded,I wiped tears to go to my father.。
But helplessness seems to be almost crazy.。
Completely persuade invalid!
Zhou Yewu and Yang have only pushed to move to the bedside,“Even communication communication seems to be difficult?”
Lu Weixin sighed:“Dr. Zhou,Even if there is no disease,He has never slept, it is not good.,Town static?”
“Can。”Zhou Ye helpless。
to be honest,I know that he is almost the same as Yang.,will22Bed as a bed“Mental illness”,Even in the psychological,Pushed after stability,Take a bed for a bed.。
Zhou Yewu quickly opened a temporary doctor on mobile computer car。
Not two minutes,The previous supervisor will come in,Injury10Migrators,After a few minutes, the old man was quiet.。
“First do an electrocardiogram first,Then blood,Finally, go to the skullCT,If you have no problem, you will take the old man home.。”Zhou Ye has drawn the last words of the elderly about the illusion of the cause of the elderly.。
Will it be a problem with a heart??
This electrocardiogram is normal……I really check the one bed.!

“I think Fujitora is better!”

Leo listened to these people,Frown,He doesn’t want to pick up people’s teeth,Fujitor should leave it to the blind man。
“Leo,Do you have any ideas?”Sengoku asks Leo。
After all, the alternate general is also an important presence in the Navy,Belongs to the deterrent power,The external name must be exquisite,Can’t just pick one。
“I think the dark horse is good!”Talk when the card is popular。
Leo’s eyelids twitched,Master Cap,Can you go eat donuts,Don’t mess around。
If it is called a dark horse,Then he has no face to meet people。
“How about Zilong?”Gion suddenly said。
Leo is actually very satisfied with the dragon character,But Zilong?Why do you feel a bit on the wrong set?。
“Zebra is also good!”Father Karp speaks again。
Leo’s collapse,Don’t talk when the old man is eating,Make him mess up。
zebra,What a joke。
“It’s Canglong!”Leo suddenly said。
Warring States Frown:“Canglong?”
Seems ok,But it’s weird。
Long,It’s not too special in Pirate World,Kaido just ate the dragon fruit,I haven’t seen how。
“Now that Leo has decided,Then call it Canglong!”
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“Why doesn’t this person pant??”The person standing next to Qin Hao said blankly。

But no one answered his question,Everyone stared at Qin Hao intently。
“10,000 push-ups,It’s really only enough for him to warm up,”Ye Cunxin muttered to herself。
Suddenly there was a strange emotion in her heart towards Qin Hao,It’s just that she hasn’t felt it yet。
“Thirteen thousand。”
“what,How can Chenguang not finish this yet?,”People around are talking。
“Is this abnormal??Turtle speed,”The person next to me started teasing。
“Actually it’s not that he is slow,It’s because others did it too fast,He can’t keep up。”
“Usually arrogant,I thought he took the first place in the barracks every year,It’s terrible,right now……”
These words were said in front of He Chenguang,He Chenguang’s face was red and white。
I hate Qin Hao even more,If it wasn’t for Qin Hao,Can he get to this point??
The glorious image of his whole person,Looked bleak in front of Qin Hao,Even his image has collapsed。
Looked up,Ye Cunxin’s face also showed a smile,This can’t help making him angry。

Just night,The leader of the wolf ride, Gao Jie, returns on the dragon of the wolf,Those of his men also have some injuries。

Gaojie walked quickly to the City Lord’s Mansion,To the Parliament,Seeing everyone else are returning,So I explained the situation I encountered with everyone。
“We have been looking for the footprints of the ravenous dragon,Did kill a few,But the situation in the water village is out of control。The farmers in the water village do not want to pay the soldiers,They unite,Killed a group of soldiers who committed atrocities,The officers and soldiers of Shuizhuang are now gathering,Started crusade against these tyrannical farmers。”Gaojie sighed。
Things have reached the point of irreversibility,Gaojie doesn’t understand either,Why did the farmers who used to be responsible for the water farm suddenly rise up,And killed the soldiers,This is tantamount to a popular riot。
The ruler of the water village will definitely send troops to suppress,How can farmers unite?,How can you resist the officers and soldiers?,In the end it was another blood disaster。
“Greedy……”Li Xinghua muttered to himself。
Omen beast that makes people greedy,This greed,If the impact is minor,It’s just some neighborhood disputes,If it’s serious,Will lead to class antagonism!
Official greed,Want to get more fruits of labor from the people。
Greedy,Delusion to take more land from the official。
Class antagonism,Cause blood disaster。
the next day,The men of the Bronze Sword Army also returned,Chao Ruijin also fully recounted his experiences and experiences these days。
“The ice is quite serious,Mountain river、The lakes are frozen,Those wild beasts in the mountains had to look for water on the plain、Foraging,So that the monsters and spirits inhabiting the mountains followed down the mountain,To many villages、People in towns have an impact,Bred livestock being eaten,Even living people have been eaten a lot……”Chao Ruijin of the Bronze Sword Army said。

“When I am as rich as Wang Shuai——”Chen Wen paused today,Sip tea,Then smiled and said:“I won’t be generous in this way。”

Chen Wenjin sees Li Xiang looking at him,Talking to Qiangwei。
Compared to Rose,Li Xiang has a gaseous state similar to wind and dust,The look in my eyes looks at the person in the abyss,It’s not like the rose has a very high gas camouflage。
A Bao said proudly:“Hey,how about it?Li Xiang is pretty too?Hehe,I sometimes hug the left and the right!”
Chen Wenjin thumbs up,Pretend to be envious。
He already understands Abao’s pursuit anyway,I won’t say unnecessary words。
Qiangwei called Chen Wenjin,Introduced Li Xiang to him,Said again:“Li Xiang is my best friend。”
Chen Wenjin said hello politely,Didn’t say much。
“The tank usually doesn’t see it,He’s also very prestigious!Called so many people today,Wang Shuai bought the single again,Majesty is his,This time he is awesome!Others will say,Tank treat,Hundreds of people have gone。Next time I will look for a chance to be so prestigious again,When people talk about it,Everyone will say that I can shout out the strength of hundreds of people.!”Leopard looked at the vigorous appearance of the tank,Very envious。
“Is a way。”Chen Wenjin also knows that people playing outside will spread like this,The last thing I heard is,The tank yelled hundreds of people,Of course this kind of strength is ridiculous。But called out hundreds of people,How different is it from the current situation?,But it’s obvious……
Just talking,Di,Kotaka,Big bear,benefit,Taozi came with a few people。
This table has a place,Just wait for them to sit together。
Di didn’t come empty-handed,Bought a gift,Big smelly mouth vomited ivory today,Congratulations to the tank saying:“Faith will move mountains to open,I only believe this now!Your lovers finally get married,We must grow old together!I’m going to use your story to blow the bullshit forever!”
Hui and Xiao Gao also brought gifts,Obviously inspired by the benefit。
A group of acquaintances sat down,Lively chat。

Tian Lu held it in her hand,Exclaimed as before:“Is it a reduced version of the star??so beautiful,so amazing!”

Ye Xingkong looked at her with a kind smile。
“and so,Just to give me this,Find me in the back yard?”Tian Lu asked。
Ye Xingkong nodded,Take out the phone and type a line to show Gu Lu,Tian Lu took a look,Chant:“The zodiac was bought on the road,The stars are made from a part of my iron sheet,Unique on earth。”
Isn’t the night of the stars the night of encounter、Isn’t it the meaning of his name??
Tian Lu takes the color of joy,Put the gift in my chest,Looked at the bracelet he gave,All grateful,Said in a solemn tone:“thank you,This is the best gift I have ever received!”
Talk about it,But Tian Lu must talk to Ye Xingkong about the idea of renting a small house in the backyard.。
Ye Xingkong was silent for a while,Originally didn’t speak,The expression at the moment is more gloomy。
Seeing Tian Lu’s face firm,Insist on moving,Think for a moment,Finally agreed by default。
Tian Lu smiled and looked at him,Grateful for his support,A warm current in my heart。
There is also a kind of loss after joy,After all, she wants to move away from Ye Xingkong,But I think I can meet at any time,I’m not so sad anymore。
First85chapter As wished
Ye Xingkong not only looks like Ding Kelan,And the personality and personality charm are as popular as Ding Kelan,Especially Chen Limu has a deep understanding。
Chen Limu had a little gap with Ye Xingkong before,Quite a criticism,Up to now, I can accept Ye Xingkong in my heart。
Ye Xingkong typed a few lines on the phone,I hope my mother can support his friend Tian Lu to rent an idle building in the backyard。
When Chen Limu hesitated,Xiaoyun and Yangzi next to each other greeted with joy。They both think this is a good thing,Finally“Remove”Nail in the eye。In their eyes,Tian Lu doesn’t deserve to live with them in the noble apartment。
Work during the day,Tian Lu doesn’t meet them,Get off work early and evening,It’s inevitable that you will still see you。
As long as you see Tian Lu,It will make Xiaoyun and Yang Zi panic。When I heard that Tian Lu was moving to a small building in the backyard,delighted。

“The two of them are one hundred dollars together,Still 100 per day?”Lu Menglin asked the price very carefully.。

“One hundred dollars together。”Half of the face answered honestly。
Talk out,One half of the face immediately felt a bit hot on the half of the cheek,This style is wrong!Why should I discuss this kind of thing with him here??
“Cheap!Too cheap!With these two talents,It’s only 100 dollars a day?I can not believe it!This place looks like we have come to the right!Then please,Can I find something better?”Lu Menglin asked with a smile。
“I don’t have a second-level mutant,If you need it,I can help you contact,But one thousand dollars a day。”Half of the face answered honestly。
Lu Menglin nodded,Asked with a smile:“Is there anything more powerful??correct,A bold question,How do you calculate the mutant level here??”
When Lu Menglin asked these words,,Carlo’s eyes suddenly gleamed,He finally understood why Lu Menglin wanted to chat with these bad guys,It turns out that he was learning about the intelligence of this red zone city!
This kind of thing,I should have thought of it first,And to arrange the execution,But because of the red mist environment,Instead, let Lu Menglin do it first,This made Carlo a little bit frustrated deep in his heart。
Half of his face didn’t suspect that Lu Menglin was understanding intelligence,And this information is not a secret in Iquitos。
“Mutants in the city are mainly divided into two categories: combat type and functional type,And the level of the mutant,Are distinguished according to their degree of mutation。The higher the degree of variation,Means they are stronger。”Half of his face said with a serious face。
“The higher the degree of variation?Can they stay sane??”Lu Menglin asked casually。
Half of the face was taken aback,I wonder how this kid can capture the core essence of things all at once?
“Yes!The vast majority of mutants will lose their sanity as the degree of alienation deepens,So this is why the number of advanced mutants is scarce。Those who lose their sense and humanity,Will be expelled or led to the jungle,Let it fend for itself。Only first mutation,In order to maintain the degree of alienation,Stay sane,Will not become a beast。”
Chapter six hundred and sixty six A bowl of hot dry noodles
“Not bad,Not bad!Listen to your words,Winning ten years of reading。I have a card here,Who can help,I will pay five thousand dollars as a deposit,Hire someone for me。”Lu Menglin stretched out his hand,Draw a card from somewhere,Into the hands of half of the face。
Half of the face was startled,Holding this card for a long time,Finally gritted his teeth,Handed it to the younger brother。
“Swipe!”Half of his face said viciously。

Because in the concept of people,No one waits enough to disappear in place。

Yes,Just disappear in place!
Even in the powerful master,He can create disappearance,But that will also leave traces in the air,But there is no trace of the person who appeared at the moment。
And after the other party disappeared, he disappeared,If you have two good friends,They will be surprised,I saw that figure at the same time thousands of miles away。
Traveling thousands of miles without a trace in an instant,What kind of concept is this,I am afraid that few people in the whole country can understand。
If Xia Chenglong sees,I must know each other at first sight,Yes,This is when the dragon seed absorbed the moon,Be alarmed。
Honorary President of the Martial Arts Association,Dahuaguo is recognized as the number one master,So after knowing the other person’s name,All these weird behaviors will be reasonably explained。
Today came to this remote North Sea again,Naturally to meet some people。
On the west border of the Fracture Mountain Range,This is absolutely no man’s land,The harsh geographical environment does not allow anyone to survive here。
Even those hunting groups that occasionally break into this,Will decisively leave after determining their location。
Feng endless appears here,Naturally because a month ago,A big thing happened here that involved the entire North Sea area。
Feng kept looking at the dragon’s breath around the Dragon Mountain Range,A little surprised at this natural protection,But only a surprise,Those powerful energies that the world calls insurmountable,Split between his hands,Free up a channel。