Zhu Minglang firmly believe,Even if this dragon has just been full,It won’t take a few days to hunt,Besides, winter is here,Sleep,Predators are the most anxious!

Two days。
Three days。
On the fourth day,Unkempt Zhu Minglang finally heard the movement on Longya!
That’s the sound of flapping meat wings,Zhu Minglang looks up along the crack,I saw a dragon covered with moss scales in the narrow sky gradually lifting off,Its wings are as big as a pine canopy,The cast wing shadow gives people a sense of fear……
Is a forest dragon!
And obviously an adult,The aura emanating from the whole body is much stronger than the big black teeth!
Zhu Minglang can’t judge its strength。
The mature stage and the complete stage are very similar,If the forest dragon is complete,Even Bingchen Bailong’s shot may not be able to subdue!
It is wise not to use brute force at will。
Zhu Minglang has started to act。
He’s not waiting these few days,I have already figured out the habits of those treasure house guardian cliff eagles,Easily bypassed the group of cliff eagles,Zhu Minglang immediately rushed into the depths of the cave。
The depth of the cave is upward,Obviously connected to the top of the cliff,Zhu Minglang walked up along,Soon I saw a large swath of light leaking from above, obliquely,Like giant spears,Pierced the darkness under this cliff。
I wish Minglang go there,I found that whether it’s overhead or where I came from,There are cliff eagles patrolling,After the forest dragon left,Cliff eagle guards become tight,It’s a pity that they never thought that someone would hide inside early。
There is almost no defense inside,I wish Minglang walk towards the place where the light is pouring,Found that this is a chisel from the top of the cliff,Dragon’s nest cut by claws。
The dragon’s nest is close to a house,Covered with gold and silver jewelry,The slanted sunlight only shines on a small part of it,It gives people a sense of dazzling!!

The boy is closest to the stalagmite,I feel the eardrums are pierced by this sound,This fierce beast suddenly came alive,A huge shadow appeared out of thin air behind the stalagmite,At the young man’s teeth and claws,Fierce flame。

Analysis by Golden Crow,The vitality of this evil thing should be related to the strength of the call of the foundation stone of the holy fire above,Juvenile don’t understand,It was originally a holy relic of the Five Elements Palace,How could it become so evil?
In a rage,The young man made a mistake with his hands and offered a red fireball again,Although it is a bit smaller than the previous one,But more vivid and thick,The fireball whirled around the boy’s chest for a few times and then flew towards the foundation stone of the sacred fire.。
“Guardian beast,Why so manic?!”The teenager shouted,Crazy stimulus,Suddenly turned over from midair,Right arm long swing,A black line suddenly appeared in the palm,The shadow facing the red fire cornice is a void slash。
The black line was like a light at first,But in the next moment, everyone’s sight turned into a broken line where the phantom of the beast head suddenly split.,The scary thing is that this broken line extends down quickly,The real stalagmite suddenly broke into two pieces,A terrifying crack appeared in the surrounding land and rocks,Look at the mountains,It’s as neat as a knife cut tofu。
Imagination,The heart-piercing roar of the fierce beast did not appear again,Silently after the black line flashed,It’s as if the surrounding space was instantly annihilated,The very ferocious foundation stone of the Holy Fire seems to feel an indescribable threat,Suddenly quieted down in the entanglement with the flames of the sky fire。
The youth is pale,Right arm trembling,I did my best just now,Drained all his spiritual power in an instant,No room for anger,This is also his strongest blow since he realized Void Cleave,Unexpectedly。
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Stalagmites temporarily ceased activity,And the foundation stone of the sacred fire hidden behind the bright red fire cloud has not changed anything,It seems like a living creature knows how to peek and think in the dark。
Jinwu Sacred Palace climbed up from the edge of the cliff,Already weak,But still stand up,It waved to the boy who was about to rush over,Loudly,“Build up strength,Behead again!”
These words not only did not blame the boy for ruining a red fire cornice,Instead, he encouraged him to make persistent efforts,Sounds incredible,In fact, it knows better than everyone present,Let these red flames resurrect,Unscrupulous,Then it’s not just the Five Elements Island that is ruined,I’m afraid the whole free world is also at stake。
Teenage wry smile,The air sea has dried up and bottomed out,Just how hard,In a short time, it’s difficult to accumulate that kind of spiritual power again,How to behead one more?

The people standing behind him saw that Wang Youcai became angry,So he huffed all over,Formed a semi-siege situation against Chen Feng’s people。Those yellow hairs of Chen Feng,Not vegetarian,They also jumped twice,People on both sides have a kind of trigger situation。

“Boss Wang!What are you doing?If you really want to fight,We shouldn’t be here!Since it’s here,Let’s talk peacefully,Some things fist can solve,But some things can’t。dont you agree?“Chen Feng patience,Chong Wang Youcai said with a smile。
Wang Youcai just wanted to give Chen Feng a chance,He doesn’t want to really fight。There is no saying“A thousand enemies,Self-folding eight hundred“。He still understands this truth。
Wang Youcai stared,Roar:“Give me back!No one can move without my order“Wang Youcai’s voice just came out。The people in black behind him all stepped back。It seems that Wu Wu did not train them less often。
Chen Feng saw Wang Youcai’s people retreat behind,He also waved。Which yellow hairs on his body huff,Then withdrew,Some people still run into each other,After all, this place is just a place to eat,Size is still limited。
“it is good!Since Boss Chen has this sincerity,Then you can talk about it first!Your people steal my people,Six brothers who hurt me,These people are still lying in the hospital,What do you say about this?Finished talking about this,Let’s talk about the next thing“Wang Youcai finally showed his trump card。
Chen Feng said with a smile:“Boss Wang,As the saying goes, one slap can’t make a sound,So we are all responsible for this。You hurt six brothers,And I also hurt four,So you can’t just blame me for this!“
“Boss Chen!It seems that you have no sincerity at all,Do we still need to talk about it??I only know,It’s your people who caused the incident,Then the person who hurt me,It’s that simple“Wang Youcai said very aggressively,He didn’t give Chen Feng any room to retreat。
Chen Feng said with a smile:“Boss Wang!Pingdu is so big。The original old rivers and lakes are all hidden,Now speaking can count,Just the two of us,So we have to unite,Earning money is the best policy,dont you agree?”
“Don’t tell me these useless,You speak!What about my six injured brothers?If you didn’t think about it,Then you think about it before you ask me“Wang Youcai said,He stood up abruptly。
Chen Feng looked anxious,He hurriedly waved and shouted:“Don’t worry, boss Wang!Let’s talk about it now,I will give you a good answer“
“it is good!My six brothers only cost more than 10,000 in hospital,You can come down and ask about this。So you have to give me 20,000 yuan,There is no discussion on this matter。But I remind you,If you don’t agree,After these people are discharged from the hospital, they will retaliate against you in secret,I can do nothing“Wang Youcai sat down again。
He is forcing Chen Feng,Want him to make concessions,Otherwise, there is no way to talk about it。
Chen Feng looked at Wang Youcai,It took a long time to say:“Boss Wang!You are a bit too cruel, right!One export is 20,000 yuan。What about my four injured brothers?You can’t leave it alone!“
“I said,Your injuries have nothing to do with us,I’m talking about my six injured brothers tonight,You must give them a satisfactory expression!“Wang Youcai said,Looking back at the man in black behind him。He is putting pressure on Chen Feng,Let him first realize,If the negotiation fails tonight,The people Wang Youcai brought will definitely not let him go。
Chen Feng’s men originally had two generals,But these two people went out recently,Not by his side,So he seemed a little weak in negotiation。And this Wang Youcai is domineering,Blindly force him。
20,000 yuan for him,Not much。But it’s about face,If he recognizes the account so readily,Later, Wang Youcai was riding on his neck and shit。
“No good boss!You are a bit too domineering。If you really want to force me,Then we can only end the negotiation,As for the ending,Then leave it to God“Chen Feng suddenly changed,He didn’t accept Wang Youcai’s move。

Zhou Ye is carrying a book bag,Put in the bag,And the gift is not brought。

“I don’t know if this is the dormitory.。”Zhou Ye 挠。
Future2Half of the year,He may stay in Tianfeng Affiliated Hospital.,Follow Xu Ruo。
Tianfeng Affiliated Hospital is the best hospital in Tianfeng,The emergency card is also there.,The light is three times tripled by the Tiande People’s Hospital.,Therefore, Wang Ye is directly in the entrance of the emergency department.:“Good money。”
Zhou Ye is luminous,Watching this next hospital for two years.,Suddenly, someone knocked on his shoulders behind him.。
I go
Scared people don’t pay。
Intoxicated in my own hospital tall,Zhou Yewu was frightened by this cold greeting forward to the front of the ground.。
“Who is,Fortunately, I will be stable.,Otherwise it is really likely to fall.。”
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Two years later,Zhou Ye wished to take a special medical university in Tianfeng’s local medical university。
And this place is not far from Tianfeng People’s Hospital.,So I am very satisfied with Zhou Ye.。
After all, the medical school can test is too small.。
The vast majority is,It’s too little to make the college students.。
If you are Chen Riyuan helps to find a school,Then, there is a signature of the top three of the national top three.,Otherwise, don’t necessarily have a chance to read this special。
Specialized for medical,Is the best graduate type。
Because of a clinician,That is hardware,The four-way doctors fierce!
Otherwise speaking three years to cultivate a student,Then spend three years to participate in the standardized training of hospitalized doctors?
Hospital is not a charity,What you want is to fight!
This,Zhou Ye is also very clear.,So the head is directly reported to the ranking of the college,Then just in Tianfeng2year,Do not deal with patients,So directly picking an emergency major。
My name is Zhou Niangwu。
current state,Emergency school。
Today is the first day of being sent to the Tianfeng Affiliated Hospital to participate in the proposal。
And my legendary life begins here.。
Zhou Ye is sitting on the bus to Tianfeng Affiliated to Tianfeng in the north of Tianfeng.。
His tutor is the director of Tianfeng’s first medical emergency department Xu Ruozhi。
A legendary man writing name in emergency medicine。
Along with the harsh horn and the truck fierce brakes, the Wild, I’ve been smashed out.。
“Tianfeng affiliated to the first hospital station,Please get off at the passenger of the station。”The voice of the genital signs in the truck。
Zhou Ye I listen to this pleasing voice,I remembered the car skills of this smell driver who killed thousands of knives.,Loudly:“Others driving is to send guests,You are here to send me on the West。”
Your uncle。
Zhou Ye wondered,This way is clearly a line,But by the driver, it is also a feeling that the bumps are unlimited.。
He is really speechless。

Fuming raised his eyebrows,Sitting with the girl waiting for the car to start,The man came in after a while,After talking to the driver, the car started,The car is suspended,Energy isT05,Enough to support the journey。

The car started slowly,Slowly get faster,Although extremely fast,But the car doesn’t look bumpy,I’m extremely stable when sitting。
Look far away,I’m coming to Tarot City!
Chapter Eleven:Strong combat power,Relieve the crisis
Very peaceful along the way,Fuming took advantage of the time to continue to temper his body with energy,Suddenly got a breath“Long Yuan,I feel like continuing to refine,I don’t feel the genetic lock anymore。”
Long Yuan checked after hearing this“It looks like,The genes in your body have reached saturation in Chengdu,Next,You can start to break through”。
“is it,Will it still hurt after the breakthrough?”Fuming asked。
“nonsense,Every time you break through,The genes in the body will be sublimated,Although small,But there are still some,Refining genes in the body is more than just strengthening,More able to develop the hidden potential,Do you still want to become stronger?”Long Yuan said lazily。
“You just stand up and talk”
“cut,The pain was above you when I was training,Besides, where is my body?,You humans are advanced intelligent creatures,Has great potential in the body,It can even be said that you humans have discovered too little potential in your own body!”
Fuming was said to be speechless,Who dares to assert on this topic?。
Just as they were communicating,The car gave a jerk,Open your eyes,The middle-aged man looked flustered“Miss,We are targeted”
Woman sitting on the seat,Two exposed eyebrows,Lightly pick“Don’t panic,First look”The woman’s voice is clear and beautiful,Like a lark。
The man calmed down a bit,Walked to the side of the attendants and said a few words softly,I lean against the woman from then,Seems to be ready。
Car parked in place,no way,Since the other party is prepared,Even if you keep starting the car, the cotyledons are useless,Can’t fight with the car,Maybe there is still a chance。
Wait for the man and woman to get out of the car,Fuming stood up and told the girl:“Don’t go out here,I’ll be back soon。”
Girl nodded,There seems to be a little look in the eyes。
Wait to get out of the car,A voice came“Hahahaha,You deserve to be Murong’s eldest lady,People who have seen big scenes have different auras!”
A group of guys driving a hovering car surrounded them,All in armor,The rest areDLevel one to two,But there are twoDThree-tier,What is even more terrifying is the khaki light tumbling on the headed guy,It’s the awakening attribute at a glanceCStrong。

Multi-party is in secret operation,Li Hui Hui and Nie Yang are very happy.。

For some things in Nie Yang,Li Anti-style is also known。
Just let him didn’t think of the old boss of the previous bloodthirsty blood wolf,Actually have your own bottom line。
According to the truth, he did not talk to people like Nie Yang.。
But in order to get some intelligence you want,He is still slowly looking for a common topic。
One of them is to put the Di Hall。
“Lee Boss,You also saw it,The engineering team behind the golden boss now has trouble every day.,The root is the business of the money.,As for the bar, I can take a look at it.。”
“But you should also understand,These brothers left now are grazing,In the past, those meat。”
“I really want to play,Or dry,We don’t say that it is basically almost the same side.。”
Li Rong Life:“You feel that they will use such an original approach to solve?”
“Forehead,Don’t use this method?”
Nie Yang is surprised to watch Li Hui Feng。
After all, the blood wolf can have today.,That is really a fist.。
“May use,But now I feel that they should not use,After all, there is no black society.,You dare to admit that you are a black society?”
The first thousand four hundred and sixty-seventh chapter wants melons
“Forehead,I am not stupid,Why recognize?”
Nie Yang has some speechless look at Li Hui Feng。
Li Rong Life:“Yup,You are not stupid,They are also not stupid,So what you said by the knife body should be unlikely,Unless there is no need。”
“Um,Then do you feel how they will swallow??”
“This is not good,But these days, you are best to investigate the problem of discovers.,There are also books and the like.,I suspect that they will slowly step by step.。”
“And this first step,It is not an accident that is from the person under your hand.,If the person under your hand is gone,So behind things, don’t use me, you know,That is the foundation.,The foundation is gone, but it will fall.。”
Nie Yang listened to this analysis of Li Hui,Some point:“Row,I will start investigation.。”
“Need not,Don’t hit the snake,Secret survey。”
“Um?What you mean is now infiltrated.?”
Nie Yang face is a bit hard to look。
“Ten eight nine,You still have a good job.,I will not leave tonight.,If you have trouble, you are looking for me.,I will solve it.。”
Looking at Li Hui’s Skinth Skinish,Nie Yang smiled。
“Lee Boss,You still sit in the rear of the town,If you are rushing, it will be done directly by them.。”
“rest assured,They can’t do it.。”
Finish,Li Hui Feng confessed,Directly went to the card next to the Di。
He originally thought that Jin Xijie has responded to him.,But I didn’t expect to actually arrived.。
At the same time, he is also a little curious, Li Mei, how is it for Changsheng?。
After all, the cause of this disco is like two people.。
Two people do things style,He doesn’t believe what kind of man is。
Day night,Li Hui Feng did not find any abnormalities,Just also have some uncomfortable men and women,But these Li Hui also closed one eye.。
He wants to find a big fish behind the scene。

Xin Zhao’s eyes showed a terrifying light,Subconsciously want to see more clearly,Unconsciously took Wu Xing’s phone in his hand。

Originally this was just a random take,But out of Wu Xing’s headset link,Directly play the hot music currently live。
moment,The classroom rang out. The man was beaten up,Woman listened to blushing dance music。
“!!!”Xin Zhao was taken aback,Quickly covered the phone’s pronunciation,But don’t want to be too late,Everyone looked at him in unison,Including Lena and Liu Chuang who was pinched by her neck and hung on the wall。
“sure,Xin Zhao,you666。”Ge Xiaolun said admiringly。
“Awesome。”Cheng Yaowen agrees。
Put this stuff in the classroom,And there are so many beauties present,This operation is simply a shock。
“Do not,not mine,From Angkor。”Stared by so many people,Xin Zhao’s face flushed red,After a quick explanation,Threw the phone back to Wu Xing,Trying to disassociate himself。
Because of Xin Zhao’s throw,The music whose voice was muffled sounded again,There are waves in the classroom again‘Ok…what’Jiaochuan。
“……”Ge Xiaolun。
“……”Cheng Yaowen。
“……”Xin Zhao。
This comes againyinThe music makes Rui Mengmeng and Qilin,His face turned flushed,Especially Rui Mengmeng,Already on the table,Covering ears with hands。
Although Du Qiangwei is not so serious,But his face is also a little red,of course,More weird。


China Automobile Industry Corporation also knows that this kind of forced free-riding behavior is more annoying,If the counterparty is a domestic company,As the investment and management agency of the national automobile industry,I can ignore the other person,But if this person is Chen Geng,That’s another matter。
So I saw Chen Geng,The former deputy director of the Automobile Administration of the First Machinery Department、Zhang Changmou, currently deputy general manager of China Automotive Industry Corporation,Apologize to Chengji:“Mr. Chen,sorry,I’m sorry,The reason,It’s really when our comrades are assisting you with the entry procedures for your vehicle,I think your car is too beautiful,Comrades have little knowledge,I don’t know what kind of car it is,After going back, he gave me a report。
After i went to see the car,Ok……This is not,I’m coming to you with a shame……Sorry sorry,Really sorry,I’ll treat you back,Apologize to Mr. Chen……”
Zhang Changmou has already said so,What else can Chen Geng say?He waved,Explained by the way:“Vice President Zhang, you are too polite……Ok,It’s also my cars that we haven’t officially launched yet.。”
It turned out to be a car that hasn’t been officially launched。
Zhang Changmou suddenly realized:The comrades of China Automotive Industry Corporation are very knowledgeable.,Basically, you know all the well-known cars at home and abroad,How can you not recognize this car that Chen Geng brought,This is understandable。
“Speaking of which,”Chen Geng changed the topic,Ask Zhang Changmou:“Deputy Director Zhang,I submitted to you an application for a vehicle test in China more than a month ago,Why is it so long,You haven’t given me a reply?”
Chen Geng’s application for road test did not get a reply?
This problem is a bit serious,Zhang Changmou’s face suddenly became serious:“There is this?”
“You don’t think I’ll make fun of you with this kind of thing.?”
“No no no,of course not,”Zhang Changmou hurriedly waved:“I mean……Ok,Will it be during the data transfer、What negligence occurred during the transfer?”

“I really don’t want to fight with him,But he never accepted my kindness。”

Huang Longwen is also in a dilemma,He knows how great Qin Feng’s potential is,Especially when Qin Feng seems to have some secrets,Once he provokes Qin Feng,That’s a place to die without burial。
But he also doesn’t know how he should change the current situation。
Hear these words,Xie Zhiwei sighed and said:“In that case,We can also think of other means?”
I don’t believe that Qin Feng will not need any help,If he needs something,What do we give him,Anyway, we only need our basic things,This is fine?
Xie Zhiwei’s house also has more than ten acres of land,If we follow this normal level,As long as Qin Feng is willing to take care of it,He believes he can mix well here。
Huang Longwen frowned,His home is also a field similar to Xie Zhiwei,Because the previous fields were replaced by other things by him。
But should this be the case now??
Don’t know how,Huang Longwen is a bit unwilling,Besides, he thought of another situation:“Many forces have entered the village now,Will those guys look at Qin Feng so arrogant??”
After all, Huang Longwen wants to make Qin Feng unlucky,He is back to the time he was in power。
This is also normal,You know when Qin Feng didn’t come out,Huang Longwen is the biggest person in a village,And he is also the richest person。
The result is good now,Qin Feng’s appearance soaring into the sky,So he can’t do anything。
Xie Zhiwei saw Huang Longwen’s appearance,A little disappointed in his heart,He naturally knew what Huang Longwen was worried about,But he and Huang Longwen have different interests,He was a running dog for Huang Longwen,Isn’t it just for profit??
If there are enough benefits,Who is he going to

“That way,Let’s go one step at a time,If she’s not so excessive,We are not so overly,You like to fight back,Then fight back。”Wang Shuai’s posture as long as Chen Wenjin is willing to play,At the end:“but,You don’t want her body?”

“the first,I have girlfriend;second,You have to have a bottom line。”Chen Wenjin frowned when she saw Wang Shuai,Fudge him again:“You look so handsome,Maybe she will fall in love with you?”
“When i’m stupid?Will give this cheap?She gave it a bargain?If she is willing to give this cheap player, the introducer will not say that she is a good girl!”After a series of rhetorical questions by Wang Shuai,Said again:“Forget it,Take one step and see one step,In case she did too much during the period,To hurt our body and innocence,Then you can fight back equally。Hey,Punish evil and promote good with so many restrictions,Why are there fewer punishments??Because it’s easy to be a bad person and it’s troublesome to be a good person!”
“I think it’s because,Punishing the behavior itself,It’s actually evil。Turn into evil first,Use evil again,To punish evil。”
“……”Wang Shuai thought for a while,Feels like this。If you are full of brilliance and grandeur, you can only deal with it after evil happens,They can detect evil early in this way,Then it’s not good。
“I have girlfriend,So this scene,I can only pretend to be moved by Xiao Xiao,Acting in moderation。”Chen Wenjin thinks Xiao Xiao is just speculation,She can’t run away if she deliberately sultry,But deliberately just for fun,Still no bottom line,This is not sure yet。It’s just that he doesn’t want to punish Wang Shuai’s enthusiasm,Anyhow, the punishment Wang Shuai pondered is a good way to avoid going to the originally established future.,Count on Wang Shuai to change his mind,It’s unrealistic to glow with kindness from the inside out。
Play anyway,Playing bad guys is still a punishment。
This level is the biggest motivation for Wang Shuai to stay close to Shan,Even the only reason。
“Okay,Play free first。Since Xiao Xiao deliberately played with people,I don’t think she will just play with us,Maybe there are many people who are fascinated by her,It’s not uncommon to jump out suddenly。”Wang Shuai smoking a cigarette,Said again:“I have been weird for a few days,Xiao Xiao never brought her own friends to us,Like her,No matter how passive, there should be a group of people staring and chasing?”
“Do you think,Everyone’s activity is the same as ours?”Chen Wenjin wondered what misunderstanding Wang Shuai might have about a good girl,Think about Lulu,Don’t go out to play during holidays,In the school, I have regular activities with a few good friends,Only limited to the school,I always go shopping with her mother during holidays。Such a flower,Although there are many people who have a crush,No one else can date her,I want to stare and chase。
“Do you think Xiao Xiao might really not come out to play before,Just started recently?”Wang Shuai thought about this possibility……I really can’t say it’s impossible。
“Yes。”Chen Wenjin thinks there is such a possibility,Maybe Wang Shuai was the first wave of people that Xiao Xiao contacted outside to play outside。
“That’s more interesting,I can’t let her go to harm others,We must punish her on behalf of justice!Let her know how great,She won’t think she’s doing nothing,I can go back and be a good girl,Don’t we benefit society?Hey,Her future husband must thank us,Without us exuding the glory of justice,Xiao Xiao might fall into darkness……”When Wang Shuai is talking more and more shameless,I saw Xiao Xiao walk over in a silver skirt,Wang Shuai squinted and said:“Take a look、Take a look!Gold and silver,Besides, she must have heard people say that I like silver,Pick up two in a dress!I guess she will sit next to you in the car,If she is colder, she should move closer,My head is hotter, it can cause me to be anxious at a distance。”