Xin Zhao’s eyes showed a terrifying light,Subconsciously want to see more clearly,Unconsciously took Wu Xing’s phone in his hand。

Originally this was just a random take,But out of Wu Xing’s headset link,Directly play the hot music currently live。
moment,The classroom rang out. The man was beaten up,Woman listened to blushing dance music。
“!!!”Xin Zhao was taken aback,Quickly covered the phone’s pronunciation,But don’t want to be too late,Everyone looked at him in unison,Including Lena and Liu Chuang who was pinched by her neck and hung on the wall。
“sure,Xin Zhao,you666。”Ge Xiaolun said admiringly。
“Awesome。”Cheng Yaowen agrees。
Put this stuff in the classroom,And there are so many beauties present,This operation is simply a shock。
“Do not,not mine,From Angkor。”Stared by so many people,Xin Zhao’s face flushed red,After a quick explanation,Threw the phone back to Wu Xing,Trying to disassociate himself。
Because of Xin Zhao’s throw,The music whose voice was muffled sounded again,There are waves in the classroom again‘Ok…what’Jiaochuan。
“……”Ge Xiaolun。
“……”Cheng Yaowen。
“……”Xin Zhao。
This comes againyinThe music makes Rui Mengmeng and Qilin,His face turned flushed,Especially Rui Mengmeng,Already on the table,Covering ears with hands。
Although Du Qiangwei is not so serious,But his face is also a little red,of course,More weird。


China Automobile Industry Corporation also knows that this kind of forced free-riding behavior is more annoying,If the counterparty is a domestic company,As the investment and management agency of the national automobile industry,I can ignore the other person,But if this person is Chen Geng,That’s another matter。
So I saw Chen Geng,The former deputy director of the Automobile Administration of the First Machinery Department、Zhang Changmou, currently deputy general manager of China Automotive Industry Corporation,Apologize to Chengji:“Mr. Chen,sorry,I’m sorry,The reason,It’s really when our comrades are assisting you with the entry procedures for your vehicle,I think your car is too beautiful,Comrades have little knowledge,I don’t know what kind of car it is,After going back, he gave me a report。
After i went to see the car,Ok……This is not,I’m coming to you with a shame……Sorry sorry,Really sorry,I’ll treat you back,Apologize to Mr. Chen……”
Zhang Changmou has already said so,What else can Chen Geng say?He waved,Explained by the way:“Vice President Zhang, you are too polite……Ok,It’s also my cars that we haven’t officially launched yet.。”
It turned out to be a car that hasn’t been officially launched。
Zhang Changmou suddenly realized:The comrades of China Automotive Industry Corporation are very knowledgeable.,Basically, you know all the well-known cars at home and abroad,How can you not recognize this car that Chen Geng brought,This is understandable。
“Speaking of which,”Chen Geng changed the topic,Ask Zhang Changmou:“Deputy Director Zhang,I submitted to you an application for a vehicle test in China more than a month ago,Why is it so long,You haven’t given me a reply?”
Chen Geng’s application for road test did not get a reply?
This problem is a bit serious,Zhang Changmou’s face suddenly became serious:“There is this?”
“You don’t think I’ll make fun of you with this kind of thing.?”
“No no no,of course not,”Zhang Changmou hurriedly waved:“I mean……Ok,Will it be during the data transfer、What negligence occurred during the transfer?”

“I really don’t want to fight with him,But he never accepted my kindness。”

Huang Longwen is also in a dilemma,He knows how great Qin Feng’s potential is,Especially when Qin Feng seems to have some secrets,Once he provokes Qin Feng,That’s a place to die without burial。
But he also doesn’t know how he should change the current situation。
Hear these words,Xie Zhiwei sighed and said:“In that case,We can also think of other means?”
I don’t believe that Qin Feng will not need any help,If he needs something,What do we give him,Anyway, we only need our basic things,This is fine?
Xie Zhiwei’s house also has more than ten acres of land,If we follow this normal level,As long as Qin Feng is willing to take care of it,He believes he can mix well here。
Huang Longwen frowned,His home is also a field similar to Xie Zhiwei,Because the previous fields were replaced by other things by him。
But should this be the case now??
Don’t know how,Huang Longwen is a bit unwilling,Besides, he thought of another situation:“Many forces have entered the village now,Will those guys look at Qin Feng so arrogant??”
After all, Huang Longwen wants to make Qin Feng unlucky,He is back to the time he was in power。
This is also normal,You know when Qin Feng didn’t come out,Huang Longwen is the biggest person in a village,And he is also the richest person。
The result is good now,Qin Feng’s appearance soaring into the sky,So he can’t do anything。
Xie Zhiwei saw Huang Longwen’s appearance,A little disappointed in his heart,He naturally knew what Huang Longwen was worried about,But he and Huang Longwen have different interests,He was a running dog for Huang Longwen,Isn’t it just for profit??
If there are enough benefits,Who is he going to

“That way,Let’s go one step at a time,If she’s not so excessive,We are not so overly,You like to fight back,Then fight back。”Wang Shuai’s posture as long as Chen Wenjin is willing to play,At the end:“but,You don’t want her body?”

“the first,I have girlfriend;second,You have to have a bottom line。”Chen Wenjin frowned when she saw Wang Shuai,Fudge him again:“You look so handsome,Maybe she will fall in love with you?”
“When i’m stupid?Will give this cheap?She gave it a bargain?If she is willing to give this cheap player, the introducer will not say that she is a good girl!”After a series of rhetorical questions by Wang Shuai,Said again:“Forget it,Take one step and see one step,In case she did too much during the period,To hurt our body and innocence,Then you can fight back equally。Hey,Punish evil and promote good with so many restrictions,Why are there fewer punishments??Because it’s easy to be a bad person and it’s troublesome to be a good person!”
“I think it’s because,Punishing the behavior itself,It’s actually evil。Turn into evil first,Use evil again,To punish evil。”
“……”Wang Shuai thought for a while,Feels like this。If you are full of brilliance and grandeur, you can only deal with it after evil happens,They can detect evil early in this way,Then it’s not good。
“I have girlfriend,So this scene,I can only pretend to be moved by Xiao Xiao,Acting in moderation。”Chen Wenjin thinks Xiao Xiao is just speculation,She can’t run away if she deliberately sultry,But deliberately just for fun,Still no bottom line,This is not sure yet。It’s just that he doesn’t want to punish Wang Shuai’s enthusiasm,Anyhow, the punishment Wang Shuai pondered is a good way to avoid going to the originally established future.,Count on Wang Shuai to change his mind,It’s unrealistic to glow with kindness from the inside out。
Play anyway,Playing bad guys is still a punishment。
This level is the biggest motivation for Wang Shuai to stay close to Shan,Even the only reason。
“Okay,Play free first。Since Xiao Xiao deliberately played with people,I don’t think she will just play with us,Maybe there are many people who are fascinated by her,It’s not uncommon to jump out suddenly。”Wang Shuai smoking a cigarette,Said again:“I have been weird for a few days,Xiao Xiao never brought her own friends to us,Like her,No matter how passive, there should be a group of people staring and chasing?”
“Do you think,Everyone’s activity is the same as ours?”Chen Wenjin wondered what misunderstanding Wang Shuai might have about a good girl,Think about Lulu,Don’t go out to play during holidays,In the school, I have regular activities with a few good friends,Only limited to the school,I always go shopping with her mother during holidays。Such a flower,Although there are many people who have a crush,No one else can date her,I want to stare and chase。
“Do you think Xiao Xiao might really not come out to play before,Just started recently?”Wang Shuai thought about this possibility……I really can’t say it’s impossible。
“Yes。”Chen Wenjin thinks there is such a possibility,Maybe Wang Shuai was the first wave of people that Xiao Xiao contacted outside to play outside。
“That’s more interesting,I can’t let her go to harm others,We must punish her on behalf of justice!Let her know how great,She won’t think she’s doing nothing,I can go back and be a good girl,Don’t we benefit society?Hey,Her future husband must thank us,Without us exuding the glory of justice,Xiao Xiao might fall into darkness……”When Wang Shuai is talking more and more shameless,I saw Xiao Xiao walk over in a silver skirt,Wang Shuai squinted and said:“Take a look、Take a look!Gold and silver,Besides, she must have heard people say that I like silver,Pick up two in a dress!I guess she will sit next to you in the car,If she is colder, she should move closer,My head is hotter, it can cause me to be anxious at a distance。”

In the Black Blood Guard,He doesn’t believe anyone dares to do it to himself,But this wild boy has a special idea,Who knows what he thinks?

“I won,Come take a bet!”After Lu Menglin finished,Step forward,In front of everyone,The four rulings placed on the table are all in the arms。
“you,Do you dare to use military supplies?”Master Hu almost jumped up in surprise,Yelled。
The surrounding black blood riders guarding the warehouse gathered around,As long as the quartermaster orders,They are ready to get people。
Liu Wenzhang was also surprised,Unexpectedly, Wu Hao really dared to go forward and get those rulings,Doesn’t he know that arrogant use of military resources is a big crime??
“Prince Mili invited me to the barracks!I took these four rulings,If you are not convinced,Ask him to reason!”Lu Meng’s scales and tigers eyes wide open,Said unceremoniously。
Listen to him mention the name of the Sixth Prince,That Master Hu couldn’t help shaking,Take a closer look at this one,Awe-inspiring,Where is the smell of wild boy,There is clearly a domineering attitude from a superior person!
Able to move out the name of the Sixth Prince,And speak so casually,Like an old friend,It shows that he is really confident!Hu Da is one of the most popular,Can’t help but feel half short。
Six Prince Mili,without any exaggeration,He is equivalent to the master of this black blood cavalry guard,Is the supreme leader of this army,It turns out that this little corps leader turned out to be the person next to the Sixth Prince?
“The Black Blood Cavalry’s wind is eroded,Weakened to the point where it is today,Don’t you people have any points in your heart??Don’t practice well,Strong oneself,Do these smoky things every day,Spend all energy on internal consumption!Humph!Master Hu,Do you think this is true?”Lu Menglin’s face changed,Aggressively scolded。
Master Hu paled at hearing,I feel more and more that this person should be the confidant of the Sixth Prince,Otherwise a corporal leader,How could such a powerful force burst out?And not only dismissive of myself as a superior,Dare to comment on military discipline,Obviously there is some support!
He didn’t dare to answer at all,Just thinking about how to settle this matter,Is to take advantage to sell the one in front of you?Still find my own backer,Center coordination?
At this moment,Liu Wenzhang also recovered his sanity from shock。
This buddy thought,Wuhao ah Wuhao!Why are you so courageous?It’s just hairy on the gall,I’m so bold!
His Royal Highness the Sixth Prince just heard your name,Whether you remember it or not is another matter!You dare to pull the chicken feathers as an arrow,To be the confidant of His Royal Highness the Sixth Prince,Comment on Military Discipline here。
If this is known through,Not beat you to death on the spot,My last name is not Liu!
but,Liu Wenzhang then thought again,its not right!His Royal Highness the Sixth Prince just put Wu Hao in the Black Blood Cavalry Guard,Maybe I’ll use this kid in the future,I really can’t let him be beaten to death in this camp。
“Wuhao,enough!The six princes just let you stay in the camp,I didn’t say let you monitor military discipline!Give me face this time,Don’t care about him。”Liu Wenzhang’s heart is over,Deliberately said。
He doesn’t say it’s okay,Say so,The sweat beaded on the forehead of that Master Hu,Scared to death。

Skeleton Soldier Xiaoqiang,Only when I was called out,Then the skeleton was shattered by the light pattern power erupting on the tip of the sword,Turned into a pile of dead bones。

But Lu Menglin used the skeleton soldier to block this sword for himself,Rush forward,A heavy punch hit Huang Shaotian’s left armpit。
boom!This punch is extremely heavy,Lu Menglin doesn’t know how to pity Xiangxiyu,It directly blasted a light pattern power close to the forty level。
Poor girl in white skirt,Hit the punch firmly,Was beaten with a long sword,Shocked,As if all the power was emptied by this punch。
Swiftly,The beautiful swordsman Huang Shaotian’s tears and nose all rushed out all of a sudden,The organs all over the body seem to be out of control,It can be seen that the power of this punch is huge。
Her whole life,I have never suffered such a heavy fist,I’ve never been beaten like this。
pain!It hurts!Huang Shaotian can’t bear the pain,Just fainted。
She is dizzy,Lu Menglin was worried!
What’s the situation?Is it too hard??
it should be no problem!Didn’t kill her!And she stabbed me with the sword first!So ruthless,Xiaoqiang was cut into scum by her!
The key is,This house is empty,Except for Huang Shaotian,There is no one!I want to find someone to ask what is going on。
Lu Menglin thought for a while,I think it’s not that simple,Take your time,Long-term plan is better。
Soon,Huang Shaotian wakes up,Regained consciousness,A huge sense of fear instantly hit my heart。
Head down suddenly,I find that my clothes are still intact,It just relaxes slightly。
She never expected,That nasty barbarian,I can stun myself!
I thought it was just a difference last time,Unfortunately lost,This time Huang Shaotian finally understood,I think too much,People are really much stronger than themselves。

In fact, Qin Feng has actually considered this matter carefully。

At that time, he didn’t want to affect Zhang Lili, who didn’t wake up.,So I didn’t fight other people。
But I want to come later,The remaining people are not very strong,Even if it’s Nikaido Harunobu,Qin Feng didn’t have much difficulty dealing with it。
So later he thought,The group did not threaten him Qin Feng。But I don’t deny that maybe they would attack the people of Qin Fengbian。
But if there is such a player among the disciples of the mountain gate,That shouldn’t be a teacher
The kind of revenge。So this book has some paradoxes。
of course,For safety reasons,Qin Feng stayed in the East City during this time to guard a few girls。
As for the Su family,The little brothers from Fengmeng over there watch,In case of accident,They will report。At that time, Qin Feng will go over and clean up the mess.。
“and so,Actually nothing happened to me, right?”After Jiang Min listened to Qin Feng’s analysis,I think Qin Feng’s approach seems to be justifiable。
In this case,Then there is nothing to worry about。
“Was originally!”Qin Feng’s mouth。
“No way,Qin Feng Kid,I think you are getting more and more arrogant now。It just so happens that my use of energy has reached the point of extraordinary,I want to compete with you。Let you understand what it means to respect the teacher!”
Now that the business has been settled,The old stubborn Jiang Min naturally started to spoil again。He just wanted to teach Qin Feng a lesson,After all, he feels that Qin Feng has become more and more free now。

Xiao Fan quickly pressed the shutter to capture this moment,Beautiful moment。I took a few more shots。

In the photo, I smiled very happily,This is something he rarely sees,Only come out to play,Lin Yoona can truly see her own emotions,He is so happy。
quickly,The carousel time is only three minutes, which is the time of one song。
Get off immediately,Lin Yuner said to Xiao Fan:“This game is really。Not afraid at all,Just go up leisurely。”
Xiao Fan said:“Yes。Is it still a little bit stimulating?,It’s quite comfortable to sit。”
“Yes yes I take a look at the photos I just took, I think you’ve been taking pictures, did I take a lot of pictures。”
Xiao Fan said:“Where is the sneak shot? I’m a blatant shot.,Show you,There are indeed many shots。”
Lin Yoona flipped through the photos in the camera one by one,Xiao Fan’s camera skills are very good。
He took beautiful photos。Lin Yoona is quite satisfied,After flipping the photos,He put the camera on Xiao Fan’s neck again。
tell him:“My photographer。You must do your job well today。You just checked and accepted the results are not bad,keep it up。”He patted Xiao Fan on the shoulder。
Xiao Fan said:“it is good,Her Majesty,I must be very beautiful,You can leave it to me,This camera is in my hand,I will not waste him。”
Chapter VIII Hesitate
Lin Yoona didn’t want to play anymore after sitting on the merry-go-round,Sitting on it after all,No excitement at all,Just enjoy the leisurely feeling,Once is enough。
“Ah ah ah。”Xiaofan and Lin Yuner heard the harsh screams together,Male and female,It’s also very big。
They looked at the jumping machine in the direction of the scream。The gondola machine has a total of four seats,Just now Xiao Fan and Lin Yuner heard the shouting, which was uploaded from the day of jumping off the building.。
they。I don’t seem to have fun,I just pursued the excitement,The moment of falling from the top of the jumping machine is very exciting,That’s why they shouted。
Lin Yun was infected by this shout,Say to Xiao Fan:“How about we both try。”
Xiao Fan said:“Are you sure?Play this?”
“I don’t think you should try this because of the sensitivity of your playing pirate ship.,This is really scary。”

See Chen Geng headed by,Xu Guang didn’t wait for the secretary to help open the car door,Once the car stopped,He hurriedly pushed the car door and walked towards Chen Geng,Sincere and fearful:“Mr. Chen,Sorry,Thank you for waiting。”

“Mr. Xu, you are too kind,”Chen Geng gives Xu Guang a lot of face,Polite way:“Speaking of,Those of us who are doing business, also thank the leaders of Jinmen for providing us with a good business environment.。”
Can get Chen Geng’s evaluation,Xu Guang’s face was suddenly red,Quite proud of it:This is a disguised compliment that I did a good job。Lianliandao:“This is what we should do,As a servant of the people,Our aim is to serve the people wholeheartedly,Meet the development needs of leading companies like COMAC,Is our unshirkable responsibility。”
After the two parties exchanged greetings and business exchanges,Chen Geng did not directly talk to Xu Guang about the expansion of the second-phase capacity plan,But took Xu Guang to the manager’s laboratory,Invited him to visit the static testF120。
“Mr. Chen,The plane that is doing the experiment is?”
Watching this one undergoing a static testF120,Xu Guang thinks it seems to be the same as the Fokker that is being produced at the Jinmen factory of COMAC.F100No difference,But he didn’t express his opinion casually:Since this plane is doing experiments here,It shows that this aircraft and the previous FokkerF100There are differences,And it’s probably very different,So don’t talk nonsense by yourself,It is better to hide。
“This is the improved Fokker we are developingF100,”Chen Geng personally introduced Xu Guang:“Compared to the Fokker we are currently producingF100,The fuselage of this improved model that is undergoing static tests has been lengthened by three meters,Four rows of seats can be placed,That is20Passengers。
In other words,After this aircraft is officially put into production,Can ride at most at the same time120Passengers,So this improved model is also calledF120。”
“F120?”Xu Guang’s eyes suddenly brightened:“Can sit at most120Passengers?”
“Yes,”Nie Guang, who was accompanied by the side, added timely:“this number,Already equivalent to Boeing’s main model:737-200Up,Boeing737-200The maximum number of passengers is just118people。”
“More passengers than Boeing737More?”
Xu Guang was shocked by what Nie Guang said!
Since there is such a company on my site,,The leaders of Jinmen City naturally have to do some homework for the products of the world’s major aviation companies.、Some understanding(At least when you go out to brag with comrades in other brother provinces?),So for Boeing737model,The leaders of Jinmen City are naturally no strangers,Know that this aircraft is the most mainstream narrow-body trunk aircraft in the world today,Narrow body with the best sales worldwide、Short- and medium-range trunk aircraft,to some extent,Boeing737Is the benchmark product in this market segment。
Although Xu Guang knows that COMAC’s FokkerF100Very powerful,With Boeing737Don’t let the comparison,And the price is cheaper,Lower operating costs,But even so,He never thought about this Fokker of COMACF100Comparable with Boeing’s master products:This is too exaggerated!
Can be so exaggerated、Something that seems completely impossible,It happened so quietly under my eyelids,And as“Landlord”The main leaders of Jinmen were completely unaware……
Xu Guang feels a little fever on his face。
But while having a fever,More shocking:COMAC,To some extent, it can be compared with a world-class aviation giant like Boeing.?!
It’s amazing!

Little fish said inexplicably:“Why?Climb to the top without an elevator?”

“no,I didn’t say where to jump from,The first floor is also this building。”The butterfly finished,Jumped out,Chen Wenjin took a good look and guided it,Help the butterfly withstand part of the falling force,So when her feet fell,Not much impact,Just squat down and digest。
“butterfly!I hate you so much!”Xiaoyu turned angrily and ran away,Abao still doesn’t know what to do,Quickly chased the little fish back to the rental house。
Butterflies wear shoes,Relieved,To Chen Wenjin:“Should be fine,Little fish just looks angry,I’ll apologize for the present tomorrow morning,Should forgive me。”
Chen Wenjin believes in butterfly judgment,After all, she is more familiar with Xiaoyu。
He couldn’t help but feel,Didn’t it help the two girls get on the right path again this time??
‘It feels good to be helpful……Especially for beautiful girls like Butterfly!’Chen Wenjin wondered if he always attracted the same problem to the opposite sex in the past,Then why not try to guide those that can be guided now?So use the power of material inverse motion,That’s more meaningful than chasing money and power,It also makes him more motivated。
Chapter 82 Good things come together
Chen Wenjin certainly likes to use the power of material inverse movement to make a real sense。
but,Those who remembered his condition,Still later。
Until the entrance exam,Nothing special happened。
The rhythm of his date with the butterfly is maintained once a week,It didn’t stop until the exam。
Chen Wenjin originally had no special circumstances,Before the exam,The beautiful girl with water patterns in grade,In front of him again,I despised Lulu once.。
So Chen Wenjin remembered,Have to help Lulu。
‘Want to help anyway,Just help a few more。’Chen Wenjin wrote down the key exam questions,Think of Xu,Simply copy all the English questions on paper,The invigilator saw his test paper blank,But copied a title,Suspect that he was cheating,Just keep staring。
result,Chen Wenjin handed in Zhang Baiju。
After the exam,Chen Wenjin learned about the test situation of a circle of people。
Lulu is a little depressed,From the known estimates,She may not be as good as the watermark,She consciously sprinted very hard,The result is still to be mocked and despised by Watermark with scores,Uncomfortable thinking about it,Especially after the same school in the future,That will be used as a reason,Despised her for years,Even this life has to be lifted up by the water pattern and attacked。