2021 negentien chongyang nationale senioren fitnesslijn display activiteiten stemkanaal

People’s Network Beijing 26 oktober (Reporter HU Xuecong) Reporter geleerd van de Chinese sportvereniging, 2021 negen-nine Chongyang National Senior Fitness Line Show Activity Video Upload Stage, Volkswagen Situate Channel is op 24 oktober omdraaien.

Er wordt gemeld dat dit evenement 30.293 mensen trok om deel te nemen, met in totaal 3.611 video’s, met een totale bezoeker heeft meer dan 2,3 miljoen keer opgebouwd. Op dit moment wordt het evenement ook officieel geopend. Het publiek kan stemmen via de offici?le website van de Chinese sportvereniging of "lichaamsnetwerk", "National Fitness" Wechat Public Account, stem voor de video-werken, prijs de top 20% van de competitie Werk krijgt de Volkswagen Award.

Bovendien zal alle invoer ook worden beoordeeld door de professionele scheidsrechters die zijn geselecteerd door elk projectcomité, met een score, met een verhouding van 40% en 60% van het aantal werken en evalueren de beste display Award en Excellent Display Award.

Alle teams en individuen die bij dit evenement betrokken zijn, hebben een elektronisch gedenktekencertificaat verkregen dat is afgegeven door de Chinese oudere associatie.

De populaire plek duurt tot 10 uur op 24 november om 17:00 op 24 oktober.

2021 Nineteen Chongyang National Senior Fitness Line Display-activiteiten worden geleid door de Groep van China National Sports-generaal, gehost door de sportvereniging van China.

De activiteiten zijn ontworpen om de uitgebreide ontwikkeling van mensen te bevorderen, voldoen aan de doelen van oudere fitness en bieden een platform voor oudere sportfitness-enthousiastelingen. (Editor: Wang Zhen, LU Wei) Delen Laat meer mensen aanbeveling lezen.

Dialogue "100 billion courier girls" "This luck is an encouragement of returning home"

Original title: Dialogue "100 billion courier girl" "This luck is an encouragement of returning home" ■ On December 8, the national post office express big data platform real-time monitoring data shows that in 2021 my country’s express delivery has reached 1 billion This is the first time in my country’s express year’s business exceeded 100 billionth, has been ranking in the world for 8 consecutive years, and the average daily service users have been nearly 700 million.

■ It is understood that the 100 billion courier this year is a box from the Yanyan Orange sent from Zhengshankou Village, Yueyue Town, Meishan City, Sichuan Province. And the recipient location is Xi’an in Shaanxi. ■ I didn’t expect China, the 100 billion parcels this year were actually produced in their own hands. This "unexpected joy" made Zhang Feng into the "100 billion express girl" and gave her more confidence.

■ On December 8th, Chengdu Business News-Red Star Journalist contact Zhang Fusheng, speech, her laughter is cool, saying that she returns home business, in addition to being confident in his hometown, more importantly, his own age is still Young is to have a dream. Become "100 billion courier girl" Sichuan 90, female college students go home to sell fruit "until the relevant person of Post is notified me, I know that I am a hundred billion express girl, too lucky, happiness is too sudden, laughing girl, luck Will not be too bad.

"At noon on December 8, the Chengdu Business News-Red Star Journalist contact Zhang Fushed, she was immersed in excitement.

Zhang Fengmeng said that this year’s 100 billion express is a 9-pound of Emery Orange, the price of 55 yuan, the location of the recipient is Xi’an, "I hope they can share this joy together." Zhang Feng’s home, in the village of Joy Town, Yuezhen Town, Dongpo District, Meishan City, is located in the northwest of Meishan City, more than 20 kilometers away from urban areas, usually have outsiders, and started to start with autumn and winter. Every household is busy picking citrus, the goods sold to the foreign wholesalers, or sells through the network platform, which is the main source of income from the villagers. The north and south of the village, there is a small courtyard, from the window of the room, the place is all the citrus trees in the mountains, and Zhang Fueli is here every day through the Internet sales home and village. Fruits and then sent to all parts of the country through the express delivery station in the village. In the past, the villagers sent oranges to ride three-wheeled car to 10 kilometers away from 10 kilometers, and the time-firing is very inconvenient. In July of this year, under the support of the Meishan Postal Administration, Zhengshankou Village and express delivery enterprises cooperated to use the idle public assets of the Village Party Service Center to open a express public service station, solve the daily receipt of the villagers, send express delivery Demand, also for the village, Eyuan Orange, and Yan Shi, etc., the bridge, etc. At the same time, Zhang Fu meng chose to return to the hometown at the same time in the express station.

The professionalism of Zhang Fu University in 1993 was psychology. After graduation, I went to Shanghai a Internet foreign-funded enterprise to do data analysis, and there were seven or eight thousand yuan per month. Later, Zhang Fu-meng returned to Chengdu and opened the home. In March this year, the father told her that the sales situation of Embassy orange this year is not optimistic. "With the continuous expansion of Ehmera orange planting, the epidemic influence, most of the oranges in the village can only sell to wholesalers at very low prices." Zhang Fengmeng said, seeing the village has a express service station, she holds the test A test attitude, forward in a circle, social group, and opened an online store, helping home to sell Embal Orange. What can’t be her unexpected is that the customers are gratifying to her home.

In the time of more than a month, she sells her own 3,000 pounds of Emele Orange.

After the relatives and neighbors were listening, they were looking for home to ask her to help. "I will help them sell, the price is more than doubled than sold to wholesalers." "I am not suitable for the atmosphere of the workplace, plus my age is not big, I want to do something you like." And many rural youths that I want to develop in large cities, Zhang Fenmere feels that they are more suitable for rural areas.

In July of this year, after some thinking, Zhang Fusheng was supported in the support of his family.

"I have confidence in my hometown", this lucky is the support of returning home. After the support of their family, Zhang Fu melted began to punch, from planting to harvest, to sell, and stepped up. Since September, Ehmele Orange has matured again. Zhang Feng’s experience has also become more abundant. She seized a great opportunity to enter the village. On December 8th, she is in less than half a year, it has become "100 billion courier girl". . Zhang Fengmeng said that he can become the "koi" of the first 100 billion express delivery, it is an accident, it is also an encouragement of the entrepreneurship of ourselves, and has firmly determined her net sales, helping everyone to get rich together.

"In the past few days, the citrus in the village is mature. I will continue to help everyone online." Zhang Fengmeng said confidently, she has changed the name of the online store "100 billion cent love橙, has a lucky blessing of 100 billion pieces, and more confident on this road. In fact, Zhang Feng’s accident is inevitably: In recent years, the Meishan, who is represented by "Meishan Chuncou", is called.

In 2019, due to the outstanding industrial advantage, Meishan was identified as a good night’s citrus, Chinese characteristic agricultural product advantage, 2020 is among the national unique evening mature citrus advantage characteristic industrial clusters. The Embar Orange, which is a distinctive pointers in the eyebrows, and the citrus is also known as the jelly orange, because of the unique taste, the vitamin content is rich and the consumer is free.

At present, Meishan has 5 districts and counties as the leading industry, and the planting area reaches 1.05 million mu, including 880,000 mu of evening matters, 35 citrus 10,000, the overall citrus output value reached 11.5 billion yuan, driving more than 100,000 Employees have increasing 10,000 yuan.

Zhang Fu-meng is a member of this million people.

In her opinion, express delivery logistics, network and other infrastructure, plus the price policy of express station in the village, delivery cost is cheaper than the town, laid a solid foundation for her network sales. No. 100 billion Express witnessed express service "Sichuan goods from Chuan" In fact, the first 100 billion express delivery is in Sichuan Meishan, which is both a testimony of my country’s express industry development. It is also a testimony of Sichuan Express Service "Sichuan Province." The relevant person in charge of the Sichuan Postal Administration told reporters that by the end of June this year, Sichuan Province, 26,114 provinces in Sichuan Province, realized the communication channel. In 2021, the Sichuan Post Express Industry implemented "Express to enter the village hundred days", adopted "According to the village list, inverted time, one village one policy, account filler, list sales number" mode wall chart operation. On this basis, Sichuan polish the "gold medal sign" in agriculture. Up to now, the express service "Sichuan" "Sichuan" delivery has achieved more than 100 million.

Relevant data shows that by the end of October this year, Sichuan Province has cultivated 184 "one county and one product" delivery brand, driving agricultural production value billion.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Sichuan Post Administration, the next step in Sichuan will promote the more closely combined with the courier and express delivery villages, and the local economic development, the rural rejuvenation is more closely intensive, and the construction of the county country three-level logistics distribution system is continuously expanded. Sichuan goods sent social influence.

Chengdu Business Daily – Red Star Journalist Jiang Lin Yu Yao Shen Mengzhen (Editor: Yuan Yu, Luo Wei) Share more people to see.

Chinese culture is the foundation of our existence of the meaning of the world

  Author: Chen Sheng pretext cultural genes are an interesting topic, and Chinese cultural genes are an important topic.

The so-called "cultural gene" means a long-term cultural characteristics, which has been previously long, and it will appear from time to time. It determines the identity of a group, just like a natural gene. A species.We all know that all modern human beings belong to a species, which differ in natural genes, and truly determines that the human group of contemporary society is cultural.Culture is an inclusive thing, so we can extract the structures of those long-term stable in culture, called cultural genes.The cultural gene is a product of a group for long-term production. It is something that can learn from each other – its main transmission mechanism is learning exchange, just like a natural gene can be mixed.

This understanding of the essence of racism is the essence of racism.

The racist believes that there is an indispensable difference between different ethnic groups, that is, a group is never have something in biological or cultural.

Cultural genes can be learned, and they can work hard to create.

In the past, we are used to the "excellent national cultural tradition" and the like.

The cultural gene is a theory and is the product of evolution for cultural analysis. Archaeological is a cultural and research representative represented by substances.

This theory can help archaeologists explain the evolution and blending of cultures, and even help archaeologists explain the changes in the specific material remains. "The origin of Chinese cultural genes: the perspective of archeology", Chen Sheng, the People’s University Press, the Press, China Publishing History, on the stage of world civilization, Chinese civilization (or Chinese civilization, Huaxia civilization) is a very significant exist.

China’s land did not disappear, and humans have been survive here, and culture has been evolved here, and cultural genes are formed, change, disappear or inherit.

Why is the Chinese civilization give more than 5,000 years? Why is the Chinese civil society form a super-large civilization? What is the cultural genes of this? These are all worthy of ponder. 2020 is a very special year, the new crown epidemic swept the world, the impact of it is full, very far-reaching, so that the "world is flat" Friedman Friedman Friedman will be re-crown Define History: AC and BC (before the new crown epidemic). His observation is quite keen, but his explanation is quite rough, and China’s successful response to the epidemic in China is accustomed to strict social management. This habit originates from history for long-term disasters in history.

He seems to forget the disaster suffered by the Western history, including the plague, not less than China. China’s truth is actually very simple, that is, respect for science, science has become a way to deal with the crisis. A major event that has had important significance for Chinese archeology in 2020. On September 28, the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee on the latest discovery of my country’s archeology and its significance, the meeting emphasized that it is necessary to attach great importance to archaeological work, strive to build Chinese characteristics, Chinese style, Chinese style archeology, better The Chinese civilization of the source is far from a long history, and the profound and profound Chinese civilization will provide strong support for the promotion of Chinese traditional culture and enhance cultural self-confidence. I very much agree with this understanding. Chinese archaeologists have a responsibility to have an obligation to try to know our culture and promote our culture. Over the past a hundred years, we have been in progress, we seem to feel that our history is a mistake, and all the difficulties of reality are attributed to history. Learning technology, innovation system, criticizing tradition, we have wanted to abandon Chinese characters, we successfully abandon our own clothing. We can think of this, if we truly delete our history, our culture, will we live in a world? People live in a natural environment, leaving it, people can’t survive; but people live in the cultural sense, leaving it, life will be tasteless. People are alive, not just because of life, more because of meaning, meaning, we really don’t have to hold it.

The meaning is from culture, and there is no cultural sense of life is pure animal. Chinese culture is the foundation of us existing in the meaning of the world, whether we like or don’t like it.

Our culture is our mental mother, lost her, we will have no loss. In such a big change in the world, in such a three thousand years of challenge, in such a thousand-year-scale social changes (from the agricultural society to the industrial society), our culture is transforming, is innovating It is also reviving. We need to break some superstitions, some superstitions that are modern in the West.

We don’t have to be completely self-defeating. In contrast, we must further reform and opening up, both to be external, and As a great civilization, we can’t stand at others, we need to have a unique contribution to world civilization. We don’t want to replace who, but never want to be replaced by who. Indeed, it is very difficult to study the balance between the West and the critique of the West.

Any learning must be hidden, it does not print, it is not intelligent, and it is not realistic (including the tradition of us).

邯郸 学 步 式 式 千 千 古 古 古 古 千 古 古 古 古 古 古 古 千 古 古 古 古 古 古 古 古 古 古 古 古 古 千 千 千 古 古 千 事

  The above is the background and starting point of the origin of "the origin of Chinese cultural genes: archeology". What I want is to promote the beautiful part of Chinese culture. I hope that all Chinese people live in a meaningful, meticulous, beautiful environment. I hope that Chinese culture can get a new year, and can bring more choices to the world. Just like a Chinese meal beyond Western food. I respect the value of each culture, nor does it refuse to learn from any object worth learning. However, if another cultural is over Chinese culture, we will regard our (or his own) culture such as enemies, that is, I am firmly opposed.

  (The author is a professor of Archaeological College, Renmin University of Renmin University of History.

Armed Police Hubei Corps Training Way to Carry out Revolutionary Traditional Education

On the morning of September 18, 2020, the Armed Police Hubei Corps organized more than 300 special team officers and soldiers to find the Sundang Source of Shiyan City Donggou patriotic education base to carry out revolutionary traditional education.

Recently, the armed police Hubei Corps, the "Devil Week" in the northwestern part of the Armed Police is fully launched in the mountainous area of ??Shiyan, and the local red resources have become a vivid textbook that stimulates the spirit of combat. In 1931, He Long led the Red Third Army to fight the Northwest of East, and the development of the revolutionary team in Donggou Village; 1946 On the eve of the founding of New China, the county party committee in the village is located in a Mingqing Architecture Court in the village.

In the revolutionary holy place, everyone will not be glow. In the exhibition hall, the officers and men played a piece of cultural relics carrying the revolutionary martyrs and bravely fighting the history of Guanghui, a picture, listened carefully to the explanation staff to lead the people to live for someone to die, and strive for liberation. The introduction of the struggle, deeply feels that today’s harmony, happiness life is not easy.

(Text / Figure Xue Le Sheng, Cheng Lin).

Dalian took the lead in implementing a medical insurance in the country

  Since November, Dalian has taken the lead in carrying out the first-stop settlement of medical insurance and business insurance, medical insurance agencies and commercial insurance companies to achieve data sharing, and participate in the business insurance patients who participate in the basic medical insurance in Dalian will "medical insurance" + Maintenance + Self-payment "is completed simultaneously, there is no need to complete medical insurance reimbursement in the hospital as before, and then compensate for the business protection.

  Commercial supplementary medical insurance is an important part of our multi-level medical security system, but the "medical insurance + business insurance" claims slow, and the procedures are all existed. Patients with business preservation often need to handle medical insurance settlement in the hospital, then copy the medical record, organize the ticket, and then go to the insurance company to submit a claim, after waiting for the approval to complete the maintenance reimbursement, time-freight. In order to crack this problem, Dalian medical insurance department rely on the networked settlement system, caught the data is island between the fixed-point hospital and the insurance company, and realizes a one-stop "second pay" of "medical insurance + merchants". For the insured, this will effectively improve the convenience of medical treatment. When the settlement is settled, the insurance company can complete the claim in real time. Patients only need to fill the difference after deducting the medical insurance and the maintenance reimburse, achieving the desktop settlement "Up to one time"; for the company’s protection company, through a convenient and reliable information sharing platform, no need to consume energy to verify the validity of the ticket, effectively improve the quality of service and efficiency, saving operating costs.

  How can I enjoy the "medical insurance + business insurance" one-stop settlement? Patient is Dalian basic medical insurance insured (employee medical insurance or medical insurance for urban and rural residents), but also the insured of commercial supplementary medical insurance; the commercial supplementary medical insurance participated in patients has been filed in Dalian medical insurance department and has been filed with the city Medical Saving Mechanism Realizes Information Exchange.

Meet these two conditions, the patient’s medical expenses in the designated pharmaceutical institution, after the settlement of social medical insurance, the surplus medical expenses meet the cost of commercial health insurance claims, the cost of the medical service, the cost of the medical service, the cost of the medical service The agency is directly settled, and the individual only pays social health insurance and commercial supplementary medical insurance settlement.

  Any commercial supplementary medical insurance product that is in compliance with Dalian Medical Insurance Systems can apply for one-stop settlement. The commercial insurance company (including the third party platform confirmed by the main underwriting unit or the main admission unit) proposes a one-stop settlement application to Dalian Medical Security Information Management, providing a review of relevant materials such as settlement programs. After passing, the insurance personnel information, payment scope and payment standards are pushed to the medical insurance through the data interface according to the time and manner agreed with the medical insurance, and the information maintenance work is achieved in real time.

Medical Saving Gaffements are maintained to the medical insurance information system in a timely manner, payment, payment scope, and payment standards such as commercial insurance companies.

(Reporter Wang Rongqi) +1.

Automobile Sailing District Community Education Work Promotion will be held smoothly

  On the afternoon of November 26, Zhao Deqin, deputy director of the steam open area management committee, held a 2021 community education work promotion meeting.

More than ten sectors, the four street leaders, the president of the four streets, the president of the school, and the presidents of the school participated in the meeting. Zhao Deqiao, deputy director of the management committee, is definitely the achievement of the characteristics of the community education. From daily management, specialty creation, development direction, etc., focusing on the social education work of the auto-open area community education. Emphasis on improving the understanding of the important significance of community education; we must do a good job in overall planning, and build a long-term mechanism to promote community education; we must do a good job in work, and promote the healthy development of community education.

Community education work must do a good job in the characteristics, and conduct community education activities according to the characteristics of the auto open area.

Create a community education brand, help international auto city "double-first" construction, build a new pattern of community education development, and realize the strategic goal of community education development in auto-open area.

  The Deputy Director of the Education Bureau interprets the "Changchun Automobile Economic Technology Development Zone to further promote the implementation of community education development".

The person in charge of the community education work in the Changqi college, Dongfeng Street, and the Xihu Experimental School has made statements on the development of community education in this unit, and have a statement of characteristics, planning and development, existing issues. Community education work is related to the overall education work. We must strengthen the confidence and determination to develop community education. Effectively enhance the sense of responsibility and urgency of serving community education. In line with new requirements, show new as new developments in community education in steam, create a new happiness in Happy Changchun.

(Yu Wei / Writing, Li Danfeng / Review).

Cangzhou: Tax precision service helps rural logistics

In November, Yanzhou Orange Mysterie Green, San Navel Orange and other agricultural products were sold throughout the place.

The villager of the E-commerce Operation Center of the Hezi Town, Anyuan County, who puts their own agricultural products in the smart shuttle, the machine slowly rises, and saves the next stop through the air in the air. The intellectual express line is the green smart logistics and transportation mode built by the Zhongbao Society Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. based on the near-ground low-altitude cableway and shuttle robot. It meets the transportation of urban and rural logistics "less batch, multi-product, multi-variety, long distance". Need to form a new e-commerce logistics model of smart industrial park + smart transport mall + intelligent express line. In August 2020, the pilot in the crane town of Hezi Town, Anyuan County, with the application scenario in the county countryside, the low-altitude frame, the automation of the county – township-village automation and transportation network system, forming a smart industrial park + Zhirun Mall + Smart Express New e-commerce logistics mode.

"The company puts funds to research advanced information technology such as 5G, big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things. During the period, the tax department took the initiative to visit, counseling enterprises enjoy nearly 360,000 yuan R & D fees and deduct preferential policies, for us to overbidify The technical problems such as operation, intelligent delivery, smart network provide power. "Zhang Yujie, a finance person in Zhangzhou Zhongbao Custle Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

The shuttle robot is designed with a weight of 100 kg and a speed up to 60 kilometers. It can be run 24 hours a day to achieve "time-time, on time", smooth agricultural products and consumer goods two-way circulation channels.

At present, the "Village" project of the Zhezi Town has been put into use, and the intersection of the smart mall has driven local agricultural products sales, and the number of consumer goods will increase by 90%, and the monthly average sum is more than 5,000 orders. With the continuous rise of the navel orange, the sales of the ‘Double 11’ sales, our invoice demand increases, the tax department provides us with an invoice online application, free delivery service, and the mouse invoice is sent to the hand, also posted Attached to policy guidelines. "Anyuan Wang Pin Friendry Co., Ltd. is a large-scale fruit industry planting, processing and sales company, and the company’s person in charge of Guo Young photos.

It is reported that since November, the number of active number of smart transport malls has increased by nearly 50%, and the average order volume increased by nearly 40%.

In order to meet the needs of taxpayers paying taxes, the taxpayer payment of taxpayers, the Anyuan County Taxation Bureau has implemented "I do practical things for the masses", with fine service as the starting point, carry out "mailing on the basis of" online office " "Telephone Office" "Pocket", make full use of the good tax enterprises WeChat exchange group, 12366 service hotline and "tax" service platform, provide online remote "custom service", forming "straight interoperability, instant handling" Operating mode.

After the "Tianlu" sales of agricultural products, it attracts many "new farmers" to return home business, so that the mobile phone in the hands of the peasants has become "new farm tools", live broadcasts become "new farm activities", successfully drive 642 household poverty Households to develop agricultural breeding industries, this year is expected to drive 9 villages in the town to achieve more than 100,000 yuan of national collective economic income, and the village collective economic cooperatives have increasing 8,400 yuan. (Huang Xu Li, Huang Xin) (Editor: Qiu Wei, Shuai) Sharing let more people see.

De basiswet van de Volksrepubliek China, speciale administratieve regio [10]

Originele titel: Bijlage II van de basiswetgeving van de Volksrepubliek China, de basiswetgeving van de Volksrepubliek China: de werkprocedures van de wetgevingsraad van de Speciale Administratieve regio Hong Kong (1) voor wetgevende Raad (1) De wetgevingsraad van de wetgevende Raad van de SPECIALE ADMINISTRIAIRE VAN HONGISCH KONG SPECIALE ADMINISTRATIEFEURIGHED DAGELIJKS 60 PERSONEN, DE EERSTE SESSIE De wetgevingsraad wordt geproduceerd in overeenstemming met de beslissing van het Congres van het Nationaal Volksrecht op de eerste regering en wetgevende Raad van de SPECIALE REGIONEEL HONG KONG . De tweede, de samenstelling van de derde wetgevende Raad is als volgt: de 2e functionele groepsverkiezers van 30 leden van de verkiezingscommissie verkozen leden van de leden van 6 personen DIRECTE Verkiezingen 24 Leden van de 3e functionele groepsverkiezingen 30 Personen Directe verkiezingen Leden 30 (2) Naast de eerste wetgevende Raad is het bovengenoemde verkiezingscomité een verkiezingscomité uiteengezet in bijlage bij deze wet. De selectie, stemmethode, verschillende functionele grenzen en wettelijke groepen, de verdeling van verschillende functies, de toewijzing van de verschillende maatregelen en het verkiezingscommissie verkiezingen en de verkiezingswet door de overheidsbepalingen van Hong Kong speciale administratieve regio.

  Ten tweede wordt de wetgevende Raad van de Raad, de stemprocedure van het voorstel verschaft, naast deze wet, de wetgevende Raad van de Speciale Administratieve regio van Hong Kong neemt de volgende procedures uit: de rekening van de overheid, zoals het algemene aantal stemmen van De vergadering van de vergadering is er doorheen.

  De rekeningen, rekeningen en de wijzigingen van de regeringwet worden gekozen door de wijzigingen van de regeringwet en de scheidingswetenschappen van de verkiezing van de verkiezing van de verkiezingsverkiezingen worden ongeveer de helft van de vergadering gebracht. Ten derde moet de resultaten van de wetgevende raad na 2007 en de stemprocedures na 2007, de wetgevende Raad van de Speciale Administratieve regio van Hongkong, de wet van rechten, zoals de voorschriften van deze bijlage, alle leden van de Bijeenkomst waren meer dan tweederde, de Chief Executive overeengekomen en gerapporteerd aan het Permanent Comité van het Congres van het National People.

The new year walks the grassroots, the new year, the real trick, Chengdu, this community measures, "walking"

  The Spring Festival is coming, and Chengdu Chenghua District, Huafengling Community, a temple, a peaceful atmosphere.

In order to protect the residents, a series of measures have taken a series of measures in the peace year, the streets, communities and communities.Ms. Gong, the person in charge of the Industry Committee, introduced that the restriction of the Spring Festival personnel returned to the hometown, and the community strictly implemented the relevant provisions of epidemic prevention, organizing volunteers to promote the public, and advocated the New Year in the ground.

  The community also arranges property staff to check fire protection facilities, implement responsibility, and exclude fire hazards.

  In addition, the "Seven Colorful Work Team" set by the community special fund project assists the sanitation workers carry out green and sweep, keep the community environment clean and tidy.

  Film: Luo Shuai Wu Xiaoyhong is one Dan (internship).

Celebrating the 100th Anniversary Exhibition "Great Journey"

Original title: Celebrating the 100th Anniversary Exhibition "Great Journey" in Xibara, the first 100-year journey, can always see the imprint of time coordinates. On May 26th, the "Shanghai Revolutionary History Museum), the Capital Museum, the CPC Museum, the Central Museum, and the 100th Anniversary Exhibition of the Foundation of the Chinese Communist Party, the Sino Museum of the Shanghai Revolutionary History Museum. Carried out in the Westbai Memorial Memorial.

The exhibition exhibition is 300 square meters, and the exhibition line is 100 meters, and 177 pictures, 32 cultural relics materials. The exhibition is in the form of pictures, physical, historical materials, video combines, revisiting the great revolution of the establishment of the party to the establishment of new China, and the education of the whole party and the whole country from history, do not forget the initial heart, keep in mind the mission, difficult and hardship, Yu Yu is successful, and the Chinese dream of the Chinese nation is unremitting.

The exhibition is divided into "Dongfang Break Dawn", "Sparkling", "Zhongliu Pillar", "Crowd Victory". Among them, the "Oriental Break Dawn" unit mainly introduces the spread of the May 4th Movement and Marxism in China, the establishment of the Chinese Communist Party and the initial activities of the creation of the initial activities; "Sparks" unit reviewed the history of the land revolutionary war; "Medium flow 砥 砥" unit With historical data and precious cultural relics, the history of the national war; "seize the victory" unit tells the historical incidents related to the establishment of New China, representing the exhibits "China People’s Democratic Revolutionary Program" "China Land Law Outline" and Dong Biwu Notebook, etc.

Explore the red coordinates in the past 100 years, and the mental blood in the process of struggle. Yang Hongwei, member of the Party Committee of the Westbaipo Memorial, said Yang Hongwei, said that more than the party members and cadres and the broad masses of the people will experience the shock, education and baptism of the establishment of the party’s century history, and learn the spiritual power of enthusiasm. (Reporter Cao Wei) (Question: Zhang Xiaobo, Yuan Zigong).