But at this moment,Strange things happened!

Zhu Xiaoguang, who had already slipped out of the examination room,Suddenly came back,And also looks depressed。
“Beautiful!Haha!I want to come back for the exam!Auntie drops,This must be tested!”Zhu Xiaoguang muttered to himself,He buried his head and rushed to the desk that Lu Menglin had previously vacated.,Then sat down。
402The brothers in the dormitory looked at each other,I don’t know what happened outside,Actually made Zhu Xiaoguang come back for the exam?Is this the sun coming out from the west??
Everyone in the classroom soon knew the answer,Because it’s at the door of this examination room,Someone appeared,A woman,exactly,Is an extremely beautiful woman。
Her eyebrows and apricot eyes,Skin white as jade,Sexy big wavy curly hair shawl,I am wearing a black dress with a very textured fabric,Wearing a beige knitted jacket,Holding a stack of test papers in his arms,Flirtatious in the hope,Seductive,Full of flavor。
No wonder Zhu Xiaoguang will come back halfway,As long as it is a normal boy,Whoever sees such a stunner,Absolutely refuse to leave。
When this charming female teacher walks into the classroom,The boys all gasped,Staring at her intently,And those girls also looked at this person who had never met with curious eyes,But a very nice female teacher。
“I have never seen her before!If ever seen,Must have an impression!”
“This is our new female teacher?My goodness!This is too beautiful!Just this look,You can definitely make a star debut!”
“I finally know what a real beauty is,I used to think that beautiful people are all imagined by people,It turns out that this kind of best product really exists in reality!”
For a time,The exclamation and shock in the classroom one after another,Endlessly。
Lu Menglin also saw the beauty who came in from the door of the classroom,He was really a little surprised,But more is consternation。

Populus euphratica can’t let go,Or these two people,I hope that after he leaves Suzhou,Qi Hongye can often take care of these two siblings。

This matter,Even Ye Mei is very active,That she will help in the future。
“What is difficult,Tell these two brothers and sisters,They will try to help you solve。of course,You can also call me,do you understand?”Hu Yang told Zheng Xinyan。
Wait for that little guy to have surgery,He has left Suzhou,So I can only ask Qi Hongye to come and see。
Don’t say Zheng Xinyan is moved,Even the audience in the live broadcast room is no exception。Brother Hu’s concern about this matter,Even more than tens of millions of antiques。
Charity auction,Held in a five-star hotel。The organizer has wrapped up the entire floor of the lobby,And arranged,And put on the red carpet。
When Populus came,,Identify,After verification by the other party,I respectfully invited them in。
“I knew there was a buffet,We are not eating。”Huazi said depressed。
Only found inside,Not only free drinks,Some red wines even Ye Mei can’t drink,And all kinds of food。
“Just,There is champagne over there,I haven’t drank it yet,Don’t know if it’s expensive。”Ye Mei licked her lips,An eager posture。
Hu Yang smiled:“Ordinary champagne is not expensive,You can buy a bottle for three to five hundred yuan,That kind of words,Estimated to be more than a thousand。You can go have a taste,But don’t drink so much。”
Since it’s all here,Naturally I want to see the world,So Populus is not against everyone to taste。
Hearing what Brother Hu said,Ye Mei is not welcome。Qi Hongye also walked towards what interests him,I really want to see my eyes。
The audience in the live room,But looking for celebrities。

Especially now,He faced Gu Cangnan in anger,Even dare not breathe。

He can only when Gu Cangnan no longer looks at him,Staring at Gu Cangnan with bitter eyes,Beat yourself,I thought I met a rescuer,Turned out to keep training myself。
Gu Cangnan turned his head,Look towards Xiao Fan,Asked:“Your name is Xiao Fan?”
Xiao Fan nodded。
“Have you rescued an old man at the intersection of Champagne Park three days ago??”Gu Cangnan asked excitedly。
Xiao Fan glanced at Lin Yoona,Seeing Lin Yoona is also confused,Just said:“Yes,How would you know?”
Gu Cangnan quickly got off his seat,Come to Xiao Fan’s side,Hold Xiao Fan’s hands tightly,Said excitedly:“Great,I finally found you!”
Gu Cangnan looked at Xiao Fan and Lin Yun’er with a blank look,I realized that I was too emotional,So scared them。
So I quickly let go of my hands holding Xiao Fan,Said:“That old lady is my mother,I heard from the doctor in the hospital that if it wasn’t for a person named Xiao Fan to give my mother an emergency rescue in advance,I’m afraid my mother has no chance to wait until the ambulance comes。and so,Thank you so much!”
Xiao Fan did not expect,Things turned out to be so coincidental,The old lady I accidentally rescued turned out to be the mother of Gu Cangnan, the mayor of Yun City。
But Xiao Fan is not the only one,And Lin Yuna,She never thought that after she left in a hurry that day,Xiao Fan unexpectedly encountered such a thing,But I didn’t even hear Xiao Fan mention a few words。
Lin Yuner looked at Xiao Fan,Maybe even Lin Yoona doesn’t know it,At the moment, her face is full of worship,Xiao Fan,I refreshed my view of him again。
And Xiao Fan faced the extremely excited Gu Cangnan,But it’s very calm,Just listen to him lightly:“You don’t have to worry about it,Just a little effort!”
Facing such a humble Xiao Fan,Gu Cangnan’s approval cannot be concealed anymore,When I was in the hospital,After saving people,People who leave quietly without leaving their names,Gu Cangnan already feels good。

The workers burst into laughter,Obviously,Some of them really think so。

“What i want to say is,You guys think too much,Whether it’s steak or pork chops,Are only available in limited quantities,Each person can only receive one,”Chen Geng is also laughing:“So if you want an all-you-can-eat steak,That is impossible,I can’t disclose the specific price of the raw materials in the canteen,Because it involves our contract with the food raw material supplier,But you can refer to the prices of special products in the supermarket,Like chicken legs,A bag5The price of a pound frozen chicken drumstick is only1.99USD,And as a food supplier can be long-term、Bulk purchasing partners,The price of the chicken drumsticks they provide us,Much cheaper than this。”
Listening to Chen Geng talking about a bag in the supermarket5The pound of frozen chicken drumsticks only needs1.99USD,The workers were taken aback:Is that so?
“Mr. Fernandez should be right,”In the crowd,Immediately a worker whispered:“My wife bought a bag of chicken drumsticks last week,I remember it seems to be2USD。”
“According to Mr. Fernandez,The price of the goods in our canteen is even lower,Say so,Maybe the chicken legs purchased in the cafeteria,5Pound Chicken Drumsticks1.5No need for dollars?”
“Hard to say,But it’s cheaper than buying in the supermarket……”
“correct,I went to the supermarket two days ago,I remember it seems to be a special steak,10A big bag of pound only needs1.99USD,Don’t know why it’s so cheap……”
Speaking of the super cheap raw meat products in the supermarket,The interest of the workers came immediately,You start to discuss each sentence。
“Hi!What do you say so much,”at last,Someone interrupted everyone’s chat:“Anyway, as long as we know that the company does not need to subsidize a lot of money for this restaurant、This restaurant can go on,That’s it,others,What do we care about so much?”
“exactly,”Say this out,Immediately won the approval of other workers around:“As long as we know that this independent restaurant can continue to open, it becomes a chant,Other people care about him!”
As the second largest auto manufacturer in the U.S. by production capacity,AMCNo shortage of public relations costs,Since there is no shortage of public relations expenses,So many newspapers in Michigan、Many media platforms such as radio and TV stations have successively releasedAMCAuto Workers’ Cafeteria Report,It’s just a matter of course,Such as famous《Detroit News》,So reported……

“Not a threat,Is a notice。”Xiang Chen looks calm,Said lightly。

Xiang Chen looked at Korean Xiang,The latter has no fear at all,Xiang Chen almost replied with the same eyes。
Secretly said, forget it,Xiang Chen shook his head slightly,It’s more reliable on your own。
Pass by Han Yuxiang,Xiang Chen feels there is still a lot to do by himself。
And under the leadership of Wang Qiaoqiao,There are also many old and academic doctors in white coats gathered around Tian Dazhuang。
Suddenly, Sun Luyao, who had been staring at Tian Dazhuang nervously, let out an exclamation.,Xiang Chen hurriedly turned around,Follow Sun Luyao’s eyes,Xiang Chen didn’t see how Tian Dazhuang’s scorched hand dropped,But what do the parallel lines in those displays represent,Xiang Chen still knows。
icuThe doctors in the ward are of all ages,They all started to rescue Tian Dazhuang,Even some young doctors temporarily came to work as nurses。
About ten minutes later,The instruments used to detect Tian Dazhuang recovered after several fluctuations,The two parallel lines are finally back to peace,No more fluctuations。
“Thank you for your efforts,I won’t waste your time anymore。”
Xiang Chen pushed awayicuDoor of the ward,Now the so-called aseptic environment is of no use to Tian Dazhuang。Follow Xiang Chen,Sun Luyao also rushed in,Just covering my mouth,The teardrops in my eyes keep spinning。
Wang Qiaoqiao opened her mouth,Then hung his head,Walked out sadly。She wanted to tell Xiang Chen that she could try again,But for these angels in white who are used to seeing life and death every day,There will be no more miracles in this ward,This is the common understanding of every common-sense healthcare worker。
Wang Xingzhi and Kong Zhen are already waiting with peoplewww.51haow.outside,Xiang Chen and the others came to the hospital,Yu Qing Yu Li, Wang Xingzhi and Kong Zhen should both show up。
Usually,When a person declares that the rescue is invalid,Will put it as soon as possibleicuVacate the ward。Just in Xiang Chen’s current state,No one knows how to talk to him。
“How to do?”Kong Zhen quietly asked Wang Xingzhi。
“How to do?How do i know what to do?If i knew,Won’t stand here!”Wang Xingzhi snorted coldly,I feel quite tricky about the current situation。
So much!Then wait here!Everyone heard the answer in Wang Xingzhi’s tone,Since I don’t know what to do,Then stand here and wait!

“Ha ha,Say so,I designed the bomb here。The bomb in front of the door will blow you seriously。But the bomb in the house,Can blow up the woman。These all involve the use of gunpowder。This is my major!”

“you!”Qin Feng is very angry。He was seriously injured at this time,The skin has burned a lot。If you guessed right,Afraid of disfigurement。
But he can move,Just leave here smoothly,Everything can be restored。After all, medical technology is so advanced today,No matter what, he can get a plastic surgery。
Just listen to each other,The bomb was deliberately not to kill him?What is this?
“Ha ha,I like to punish my heart。how about it,Isn’t it frustrating to fail to save Carina Du??Tell you so,Carina Du was taken away by our people from the beginning。We even told her the truth about his father’s death。That’s why she will cooperate with us in this scene。But unfortunately,She didn’t know the bomb was changed by me,She thought she could go to Huangquan with you。Really poor woman。”
“you,You bastard!”
Talking,Qin Feng threw a flying knife in his hand。
Kang Dang!
One of the foreign men easily solved Qin Feng’s flying knife。
Of course Qin Feng made the sword with the heart to kill Gong Ming,The issue is,He was seriously injured,In addition, the opponent is also a master with a special metal glove。So it blocked Qin Feng’s flying knife attack。I don’t know if this glove is specifically aimed at Qin Feng。
Gong Ming said with a smile,“Ha ha,Young people are impulsive。how about it,Do you want to join us spiders and become one of us。of course,So you will be my knife。Only follow my orders from now on。I am a pity,So I don’t want to see you fall。All right,Chance gave you,Or surrender,Want to die!”
After saying the last dead word,The smile on Gong Ming’s face also disappeared。
And at this moment,Those fire-fighting gangsters also scattered like birds and beasts。If it wasn’t for the fire truck that didn’t drive away,,As if these people never existed before。
Seeing Qin Feng did not respond,Tekken man walked forward。

Chapter Three Hundred and Four Distress awareness

Left side of Jiefang Road, Liufang Factory,Chunmanyuan Restaurant。
Speaking of,This Chunmanyuan restaurant was previously opened by Zhao Yuanchao’s brother-in-law,But now I have changed the boss。
The new boss is an old chef from Hunan,Good craftsmanship,Loyal,The price is not cheap,But the portion is definitely enough。
Wang Shaoxiao booked a box in Chunmanyuan,Let Wang Yanan sit in the box,But he stayed at the entrance of the restaurant,Waiting for Lu Menglin and the others to come。
Soon,Lu Menglin and Jin Soyan came as scheduled,Seeing the fat man so solemnly,Lu Menglin smiled immediately。
“As for?So grand!And came to greet me at the door。”
Wang Shaoxiao did not feel embarrassed because of Lu Menglin’s ridicule,Low voice:“I want to talk to you later,Do you think it is appropriate for her to hear?”
When talking,Wang Shaoxiao also pointed upstairs pretending to be mysterious。
Lu Menglin knew that Miss Wang Yanan he was referring to,Asked with a smile:“What do you think?”
“I think it can,It’s time for them to understand our methods!I’m just worried you are upset,Just ask you first。”
“Let’s go!Go up to eat,I haven’t eaten Liufang for a long time。”Lu Menglin smiled and said。
The three went to the second floor of Chunmanyuan,Enter the box。
Wang Yanan saw Lu Menglin and Jin Soyan come in,Got up and greeted。

Mi Xiaochong thought for a while,Suddenly his eyes became firm,Said:“I have a bold idea,May be able to break the game。”

“What do you think!”Lu Menglin asked quickly。
Mi Xiaochong said:“If we can move the Bright Dragon God Altar directly to the vicinity of the Gupan Evil God,And while it’s sleeping,Directly sacrifice it to the bright dragon god,Use the mighty power of the Bright Dragon God to deal with it,Do you think it is possible?”
“This?Doesn’t sound very reliable,I do not know。”Lu Menglin answered honestly。
“grown ups,Are you not the favor of Dragon God?If you don’t even know,Then I’m really not recruited!”Mi Xiaochong blinked,Smiled。
“Uh.This is not the point!How are you and Huang Shaotian getting along?”Lu Menglin was stunned by the question,Simply divert the subject。
As soon as I talk about this,Mi Xiaochong blushed on the spot,Sighed slightly shy:“Miss Huang has a heart,My heart to the moon,But Mingyue to the ditch!”
Snapped!Lu Menglin suddenly became angry and funny,A chestnut hit his forehead。
“Who is the ditch?Nonsense!”Lu Menglin stared,Anger。
Mi Xiaochong looked slumped,Wry smile:“She likes you!But I just can’t hate you!I’m so useless!”
“What did you say!I have a wife!I always treat Huang Shaotian as my sister。Do not be discouraged,You still have a chance!Fierce girl,Understand?”Lu Menglin is really pitiful seeing this small,Had to offer comfort。
“what?Brother Wu turns out you are already married?”Mi Xiaochong heard the breaking news,I was so surprised immediately。
“Ok,Keep silent,You know it for yourself!”
“Ugh,Unfortunately, even if you marry,I still can’t compare to you!Miss Huang just treats me as a friend,She won’t like me。”Mi Xiaochong shook his head,A look of regret。
“nonsense!Of course you can’t compare to me!I ask you,If you are a girl,Will you fall in love with me?”Lu Menglin turned around and asked。
Mi Xiaochong thought about it seriously,Nodded vigorously,Tao:“meeting!You are a hero,Even the woman in the core circle,I just met you,Should also like you,Even if i’m not a girl,I like you too!”
“Pooh,Pooh!Who wants you to like!That’s what i said!Speaking of the core circle,Do not know why,I always think she has a problem。Think about it,This past,She is the only one in the inner circle,The others are robots,I didn’t even see a living person’s shadow,This in itself is weird!”Lu Menglin suddenly grasped something,Talk to yourself。
Mi Xiaochong doesn’t know what he is talking about,I had to look at Master Wu Hao blankly,What I think is his yellow girl。
“Forget it!You don’t understand what I told you,You should go with Huang Shaotian!You must have a chance!”Lu Menglin patted him on the shoulder,Said with a smile。
Mi Xiaochong nodded,Turned and walked two steps,Back again,Looking at Wuhao Brother,Said:“The way I just talked about going home,you consider it,Even at risk,Also worth a try!Just take advantage of the massive offensive of the Human Race,Instead, we have a chance to get close to the ancient pan evil god。”

“Have you had breakfast??If not,Can eat together,Her craftsmanship is still very good!”

Xiang Chen points to Lan Youmeng,Said calmly to Han Yuxiang。
Lan Youmeng and Han Yuxiang glance at each other,Although the two people haven’t communicated much since the beginning,But from the momentum, there is a trace of predecessor and current aura radiating。
Just nodded like fading into the water,Even if Han Yuxiang and Lan Youmeng have said hello,Moreover, I am worried about Lan Youmeng’s unconscious chest action。
“Or you should eat first!I’m afraid after I finish talking,You can’t eat it anymore!”
Korean Xiang holding the file,Said lightly。
Han Genji, standing behind Han Yuxiang, nodded,It seems to be confirming what the Korean Xiang said is true。
Xiang Chen smiled,He has eaten all the living moles by dissecting them piece by piece,What else can make him lose his appetite?It’s just that past work cannot be exposed too much in front of Han Yuxiang,Otherwise, it is very likely that this girl will be regarded as the key task of eradicating rape。
“and many more!Let me have something to eat first!”
Xiang Chen was still very confident,But just when the Korean-speaking Xiang was about to open the file in hand,Xiang Chen suddenly stopped,And then to the breakfast on the table,Started to gobble up with Yuan Qing。
Chapter Three Hundred and Forty One Bad news and accidents
do not know why,After seeing Korean Xiang,There is a hint of faintness in Xiang Chen’s heart,Bad feeling。
Actually, there is no need for Xiang Chen,The words not good news were written on the face of Xiang in Korean。
I’ve been urging Yuan Qing to eat,Finally, after the little girl ate a bowl of porridge,Angrily grabbed the two sandwiches on the table and walked out of the inn。
So far,There are no more minors in the inn。
Xiang Chen looked up and observed the people around,Even though I have spoken,They still didn’t do anything,I thought I knew something before myself。
“Why don’t you wait a while,I’ll eat more!”
Xiang Chen meditates slightly,Then I put something in my mouth。

Chen Wenjin looked at the wound on his body,Point to a place and say:“This one hurts first?The wound is dry,This is almost dry,I haven’t done this yet,These look relatively new,The wound on your body,The time span is quite large,Like being locked up intermittently。”

“It’s been a long time,They won’t let me go。”Abao quickly made up the loophole,Chen Wenjin:“OK,I guess you just don’t want to divide the money,Feel sorry for me again,And don’t want to break up because of money,After racking my brains to come up with a bitter plan of being robbed。Where did you hit yourself?See you still have the ash of cement,Is it the cement block found on the roof??After a while, I’m tired and smoke a cigarette. I’ll continue to rest, right??How long has this body been tossed before and after?”
Abao blushed,Want to distinguish,But ashamed of speechless。
“You guy,Money first,It seems more important than your life!But well,It’s also important to see my friend,Not hesitate to self-harm,For the sake of this injury,I don’t think I can’t be moved by you!You can divide as much money as you want,A dollar will do,I don’t care about you。”
“Fucking!How do you tell?”A leopard doesn’t need to pay for it,I don’t want to force a denial,He grinned and said:“Can the doctor lighten up?”
The female doctor was holding back a smile,Can’t help but say:“If it hurts so much, you just have to wait for your friend to come.?”
The female doctor listened to what a young man like Abao said and was robbed of 100,000,Another car or something,I just wonder if he does some drug business,But don’t want to be troublesome。
Abao’s face is even redder,I’m sorry to see Chen Wenjin,Whispered:“If he didn’t see、Am I hurt??But it doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt!Sister Huo didn’t beat me so badly last time。”
“Actually, your biggest flaw is that you don’t hurt your face,Robbers will show mercy to your face?They must think you will call the police if they grab you so much money,I also think about not hurting your face、Lest your parents see the problem?Only you self-harm will have such concerns。”Chen Wenjin,Again:“Moreover,When I answered your call, I guessed it was a lie that I was robbed by bringing money out,just——I didn’t expect that you guy would use bitterness,Still used to this degree。Relying on your injuries,I can’t be cruel to break with you for money。It’s over。”
“Know you best!”Abao immediately opened his eyebrows and smiled,But the injury to the body,Painful grinning teeth,He took a sigh of relief,Just said:“Hehehe,You treat me so well,I can’t be stingy,Although you can only divide the money into one dollar,But I can’t just divide a dollar。I have wrapped your rice noodles this year,Not many bowls,If you want to eat me!how about it?I’m interesting enough!”
“Would you like to divide 10,000 yuan,I don’t need to eat rice noodles?”Chen Wenjin deliberately prolonged her voice,A Bao hurried his palms into one,Chuckle:“I’m wrong!I’m wrong,Rice noodles is what I should ask,Interesting enough is you,I should、Should be!”
Out of the clinic,Chen Wenjin sent Abao home,Abao said when he left:“Drive back,I won’t go out at night,These two days are probably recuperating,Drink together when the injury heals?”
“Drink again after years,I need to help with the Spring Festival,I promised to watch a seven-day movie with Chen Qian these days,No time to come out to play。”