But this does not mean that they only know how to kill and kill members of the four mythical beast family。

It is also possible to cultivate or enslave members of the four mythical beasts as spies。
Although the rise of the Lieshan Elves is not long,But the strength is definitely the pinnacle level of the palace lord。His previous battles,Battle of Flower Island,Besieged and killed by the three major palace masters,The battle to kill the blood elves, etc.,Have proved the strength of the peak of the palace lord。
Even the patriarch of the eight major families is not sure to defeat him。。。Even if it is two enemy one or even three enemy one,Maybe it’s okay to beat the opponent,But it’s impossible to stay。
But send out three powerhouse masters,It’s already a limit for the eight big families。
In addition to the eight patriarchs,There are only two or three palace-level powerhouses on the face of the eight major families,And they are all weaker in the palace master level。
Eight families,It’s because of the enmity of the four mythical beast families that unite together。It’s not a group of friendly。
Dispatched more than three patriarchs to besieged the elves,What if you fall?What if there is a loss?What if the four mythical beast families swarm out and desperately?
Anyway, now the eight big families besieging the four mythical beast families can be considered orderly。Although your lord Youlan jumped in,Preventing them from completely exterminating the four mythical beast families。But it weakens little by little,In the eyes of the eight patriarchs, it is completely acceptable。
Of course on the other hand,Although the wife of the Lieshan Elf is very strong,,Should have the strength comparable to the Seven-Star Elves,But the previous battles have never used their talents。
And the intelligence of the eight major families also showed,This member of the Qinglong clan,Ten thousand years ago, the four mythical beast families did not move.。
Maybe self-comfort,Or to give yourself a step down,The eight patriarchs directly judged that she was a very distant branch of the Four God Beast family,Haven’t even experienced the baptism in the ancestral hall。
Hate the four mythical beast family again,For a very far side branch to face up with a palace master pinnacle master,This behavior is obviously not worthwhile。

Old man Dong hurriedly illuminated the front of the folding fan to the place where the black smoke disappeared,And the puppet next to him moves faster than him,Bow and arrow,Whoosh,An orange streamer cuts through the night sky,Exploded with a bang,The figure of the strange bird appears,The feather arrow is fanned by its fleshy wings,But also revealed whereabouts,At this time its sharp claws just grabbed one person,Volley flap。

“Fang brother!”Old man Dong exclaimed,Hastily adjusted the direction of the folding fan,Avoid catching with that person,The one caught is an old man,Beard and hair are white,Weak swing of arms,The claws of the strange bird have pierced his shoulders,Serious injury,It is the practitioner who cast the Hunyuan Thunderbolt Net。
This person’s cultivation is not inferior to Old Man Dong,It is also the late stage of Dan formation,Although it has been slow to break through the Nascent Soul Realm,But it can also be regarded as a master in the spiritual world,By no means to be slaughtered,Just because of continuous stimulating Hunyuan Pili.com,True yuan consumption is too large,I was successfully attacked by this strange bird。
There seems to be a flash of silver fireworks in the night sky,Then quickly faded,That Hunyuan Piliwang loses control of the old man,Disperse,One side of the net parcel fell like fallen leaves,now,Everyone is throwing a rat avoidance device,Back again after the old man’s scolding,The encirclement was immediately full of loopholes,Everyone can only watch the strange bird catch the old man flying higher and higher。
With the whistling sound,Two giant strange birds emerged from the gap in space,Neighing,Pounce on Old Man Dong,Rushed towards Gu Changfeng,Old Gu’s creeps suddenly,In a rush to direct the puppet to shoot arrows,But the strange bird suddenly turned in the air,Pounce at Old Man Dong’s back faster。
Weird birds are very intelligent,See the power of the folding fan,I didn’t want my life to attack Old Man Dong back and forth,Li Hao and other younger cultivators threw out the flying swords and other weapons in their hands,The automatic weapons in the hands fired together,I want to firmly protect Dong Lao’s back with powerful firepower。
But something terrible happened,A fan of strange bird’s meat wings,All the magic weapons were shot flying,The bullet could not penetrate the skin of the strange bird at such a close distance.,The huge impact has very limited damage to the strange bird,This giant turned several somersaults in the air,Teng Ran showed his claws,Straightly grabbed the old man Dong’s back。
The strange bird on the front was intercepted by Mr. Yang and the other three,They did bad things in a hurry,Old man Dong is concentrating on controlling the giant painting fan,Just wait for the strange bird to hit it,Seeing my family break in,Had to give up,Old man Dong is still hard to use this giant fan,Mainly still the difference in cultivation level,So almost never used it in actual combat,For the first time today,But repeated measures,Can’t help but frustrate confidence,I didn’t care about the danger after coming to myself。
In the unbearable exclamation,Old man Dong suddenly exploded his scalp,I feel tight,Tearing pain all over the body,Then there is nothing,Actually rises off the ground,This surprise is not trivial,He knew immediately that he had stepped in the footsteps of that brother,Became a prisoner under the claws of a strange bird。
The true essence of the whole body began to leak out quickly,Want to fight back,Suddenly weakened limbs,Old man Dong knew there was no escape,You must not let go of these three evil spirits from other worlds just because your subordinates throw a rat avoidance device,He prepares to explode,Strictly warn everyone,Fighting with alien creatures must not have the slightest fluke,In addition,It can kill one of the strange birds anyway?
At this moment,A strong light shines in the sky,Followed by a touch of green from far to near,It’s hard to tell when I see it,In an instant,The emerald green has quickly enveloped the entire scene,The instructor and Gu Changfeng have a look,Are overjoyed,Leaf knife!
The rapidly spinning green ring,Swipe across the long neck of the strange bird,The ugly bird with a tall goose crown suddenly separated from its body,Subsequently,The green ring floats like fallen leaves,The two giant claws holding Old Man Dong were also severed,The old man Dong who was almost about to explode with the golden core, suddenly walked through the underworld,Thinking blank,Falling straight from the air。
“Walker,There is an old man,Where!”Gu Changfeng opened his throat and shouted,Although he can’t see where Li Tianzhen is,,But still desperately sticking fingers and flying farther and farther,Already a little white dot, another strange bird,That was called by Old Man Dong‘Fang brother’The old man is dressed in white。
Ye Dao buzzed,Go away suddenly,Then a faint golden light that was imperceptible to the naked eye also flew towards the white spot,in a blink,A green light flashed near the white spot,Then the white spots began to fall straight。
“bad!”Gu Changfeng slapped his head,Then shouted again,“Walker,Save people to the end,so tall,Old man will fall to death。”
No one responds,But in everyone’s attention,The speed of the old man’s fall suddenly slowed,at the same time,The green light flies back again at an incredible speed,Hovering in mid-air and suddenly standing still,The old man Yang and the three are now beating and killing the last strange bird,Fierce anomaly,Ye Dao is eyeing,But didn’t intend to help。
“Walker,Since it’s here,Come out and meet。”Instructor shout。

He Chong is not to blame,He has a brain,Often can’t respond,Everyone in the circle knows,He is a famous martial idiot,Before he joined the Glory Gun Tai Chi Team,Is continuous5National Martial Arts Champion of the Year,Followed official visits in political circles40Many countries and regions,Won many honors that ordinary people can’t surpass in their lifetime。

So how did such a martial arts wizard enter the field of e-sports??
It is said that,He Chong’s real name is“He Cong”,His master at Ruyi Taijimen“Master of One Water”,Discovered his extraordinary aptitude,Carefully cultivate his every action essentials,And appointed him as the captain of the martial arts team。
“But He Cong has some flaws in his character,Too easy to soften up,I don’t know where to go,Better to rename‘He Chong’Bar!Don’t always think about obeying others in the future,But to have a momentum,Go forward courageously!”Master Yishui said。
that’s it,He Chong changed his name。He Chong as the captain of the martial arts team,The thing I do most is to wake up the younger brothers and sisters every day、Record points to attendance,Also, go to Internet cafes to catch other children playing games to practice martial arts。
Children always like to compete,Why go back,Unless He Chong wins them in the game,He Chong had no choice but to do it,So come and go,No one in Tai Chi Gate can play games above him。All the younger brothers and sisters were convinced that they lost,But they are only looking forward。
Over time,No one calls him again“He Cong”This name,This makes his brother“Where to go”Somewhat helpless,So his brother also changed his name“He Meng”,How Meng is not someone else,Now it is the youngest boxing instructor of Ruyi Taijimen。
Three caves,Due to repeated disobedience,He Meng’s most hated disciple,According to the rules of the gate like a tower,Should be expelled from Ruyi Tai Chi Gate,but,Guitu Sanku, a doll who grew up in Tai Chi Gate, has some hidden secrets,His original name is Zhang Santu,Both parents are disciples of Ruyi Taijimen,It was originally a fascinating couple,But 15 years ago because of a car accident during a martial arts tour,to make
A pair of desperate mandarin ducks,Their child Zhang Santu became an orphan without a father or mother,He grew up in Ruyi Tai Chi Gate since childhood,It’s not that He Meng doesn’t want to fire him,But Zhang Santu is really homeless,Even if he is expelled from his discipleship, he will not leave Tai Chi Gate……
In order to reduce unnecessary trouble for myself,Clean up this rebellious kid who always makes trouble for himself,He Meng will be sent to He Chong’s team,Guitu Sanku does not have much rejection of the game inexplicably,Except for a hot temper,But he will still give He Chong some face,After all, in front of absolute strength,Want to have a say,Can only defeat him。
Cunning Rabbit Three Caves in order to challenge He Chong,2Used various routines and career changes over the years,But He Chong can always cope with changes。This makes him extremely depressed,He Chong always said that waiting for Zhang Santu to challenge himself to succeed in the game,Will give him a chance to replace him,But this day has not come,Guitu Sanku is a bit discouraged,I think the longest way I’ve walked is He Chong’s routine,I know I can’t beat him,Also set this difficult goal,Harmful cunning rabbit Sanku is still a regular two-year team life,I simply suppressed the budding in my heart for too long too long。
“Why don’t you specialize in a profession?This is what Senior He Chong might want to tell you……”One by one, the new team members, one meter and eighth tall, gave their opinions to the three caves of the cunning rabbit lying in front of the computer,。
“who are you?Actually like to point old players?He let me be single?I don’t,I have to prove that the path I choose is my way,My way is the true way!”Guitu Sanku got up and looked at the newcomer with red lips and white teeth with hatred eyes.。
“Ha ha,My name is Huang Shangqing,you can call me‘Injury’or‘Emperor please’,Right my gameIDCalled‘Huanglian Shangqing’!”That one smiles like a mother,The newcomer who doesn’t have a hint of sarcasm introduced himself。

“Actually I think,The most important thing right now,Or you have to keep these。”

“As for the relevant personnel,I will arrange immediately,As long as you report,I will remove these people immediately!”
Lin Kangtai finished,Ye Xuan nodded。
OK,Actually originally,Should do it。
But when I saw this,Actually in Ye Xuan’s heart,For such things,In itself,It’s a little unexpected。
slowly,Looking at these。
At this moment,Ye Xuan nodded heavily。
“Chairman,I promise you,No matter what,As long as these people don’t target me,I would never do this。”
Ye Xuan finished,Lin Kangtai is more important。
“very good,Now that you understand this truth,Then the next thing,In fact, it has become much easier。”
With Lin Kangtai finished,Ye Xuan smiled slightly。
As for other things,Ye Xuan didn’t struggle too much。
“All right,Since this is the case,Then next,What should I do,You can do it yourself。”
Ye Xuan saw this,I don’t forget to speak directly here。
The more so,Actually, Ye Xuan looked at these,At this moment,Ye Xuan’s whole mouth has a faint smile。
“Let’s not talk about anything else,But these things,Actually need to deal with!”
Chapter 39 The Attack
“But now the problem is,What are they going to do?”

deed,Land use certificate,Other rights,Proxy right,Industrial and commercial certificate,These certification of the Health Bureau added these,Two billions of value,Dare to play two hundred million?”

At this time, the live broadcast of Wang Dahamer is completely crazy.。
“Oh, I didn’t expect the goddess of the goddess, but it is still a might.。”
“Yup,The big hammer now encounters an opponent.。”
“Yup,Look at this hammer is always in the weekdays.,This time I can’t put it.?”
This proposal for Li Hui Feng,Let the Wang Daji brain a blank。
Then it is excited。
“Hey-hey,I don’t have so much money.,Ten million, I can take it out.,Two billions, I have no,You won’t be gambling,Deliberately take two hundreds of millions to persuade me.?”
“hehe,Row,That’s 10 million.,You go to the doctor to come over,I have to look at how this check is qualified.。”
Say,Li Hui has directly put the test single on the table.,Then just find a cup pressed above。
“In order to be afraid you go back to change the test,This is here,Now you can find someone.。”
“Hey-hey,Row,You wait for me for half an hour,I will come soon.。”
Say,Wang Dajie is directly on a sports car.,Throttle,Fly out。
At this time, the fans in the live broadcast of Wang Dahamer are also rising.。
Even the platform is also directly promoted by this matter.,Directly promote to the page。
The crazy rising fans in a time,Let Wang Damer are also excited.。
He is even able to fantasize the situation of a big anchor that he becomes a thousand million fan level.。
Don’t say two billions,Is not impossible for three billion five billions.。
Open the live broadcast all the way,Directly。
Just waiting for him to go to the hospital yet.,It is the phone that received the Land Changsheng.。
“Hey-hey,Brother,You are looking for me?”
“Um,You are really ready to pull the doctor to compare with each other.?”
I heard the tone of the Land Changsheng.,Wang Dammer is also getting off,Go out。
After all, this is related to 10 million things.,He just thought about it to find a doctor to prove that the test list is really enough.。
But Lu Changsheng found him,But let him be a little amazed.。
Others may not know the power of land,But he mixed the underground forces every day.,Clearly understand that each other is the boss,The other party can find him.。
“Hey-hey,Brother,You also see that I bet with him in the live stream.,And I just let the doctor prove that the test list is really enough.?”
“What level is your brother??”
Lu Chang was frowned and asked.。
“Forehead,Is the internship period,Haven’t turned yet。”
“Humph,This level you make your brother not to send vegetables for the other party??
The other party is sick,And your bodny said no sickness,Then change a place for a place,You say that you are not a water drift.?”
This analysis of Lu Changsheng,Immediately let the cold sweat of Wang Dahamer suddenly。

“No,I learned something in the army before。”Li Tianchou didn’t hide it。

“Well,Here you look after。”Second Artillery nodded,Got up and found a shovel,Looks like we have to go。
“Stop for me!Fucking go home!”There was a loud shout in the distance,Broken momentum。Li Tianchou heard it was strict,It seems that unexpected events have also shocked him。
In a while,The workers who rushed out came back one after another,One by one,Obviously he was trained strictly,The Second Artillery who hasn’t walked a few steps also gasped,Angrily threw the shovel aside。
at this time,Yan Defa rushed over with two people,He first looked at the little widow’s injury,I was also surprised by Li Tianchou’s methods,But just nodded,Didn’t say anything。
Then Yan Tafa got up,I shook my hands two steps in place,Please clear your throat,“Bros,Everyone comes out to work to eat,Not brave。So call you back,Just to calm everyone down,Think about your family,Think about wives and children。If anyone has three long and two short,How can i tell your family?
“I admit that this happened more than once,I have reported to the site leader,And also called the police,I believe they will value,right?I won’t say too much,Go back to sleep,If anyone dares to cause trouble,I will ask him to leave。”
“Pay attention to hair?Police heading。”Second Artillery muttered disdainfully。
“What are you talking about?”Yan Defa glared his eyes,Obviously angry。
Second gun rolls his eyes,Speechless。Yan Defa made the old winter gourd pay some money,Assign Li Tianchou with him,Go to the hospital with the little widow,To facilitate care。No need to go to work tomorrow,Calculate attendance。Then I confessed two more sentences,Just take people away。
Everyone started talking buzzingly,Although dissatisfied with Yan Defa’s statement,But I had to do it。From the discussion,Li Tianchou got a general idea,Before he comes,Three incidents of migrant workers being beaten at the construction site,And without exception, it’s at night,The other party started when the migrant workers were out for a stroll,Very targeted。
Reported several times,But after the police came to investigate, there was no more information。Li Tianchou obviously feels that the assault is definitely not an ordinary hooligan who is provoking trouble,Should be premeditated。
As for the reason,Of course, Li Tianchou just came here.,But he suddenly understood why it has always been difficult to recruit people on construction sites。Not earning much money is second,Life safety is not guaranteed,Who wants to do it?No wonder the monkey reminded him not to go out alone at night。Oh shit,This idiot doesn’t make it clear,And they don’t remind Da Kun when the meal starts。
In a while,120Ambulance arrived,The police from the police station are also here。Li Tianchou was shocked,Hurriedly got into the ambulance with the little widow,Fortunately, Yan Defa arranged this,Otherwise in case you get questioned by the police,I’m really a little guilty。

But at this moment,Strange things happened!

Zhu Xiaoguang, who had already slipped out of the examination room,Suddenly came back,And also looks depressed。
“Beautiful!Haha!I want to come back for the exam!Auntie drops,This must be tested!”Zhu Xiaoguang muttered to himself,He buried his head and rushed to the desk that Lu Menglin had previously vacated.,Then sat down。
402The brothers in the dormitory looked at each other,I don’t know what happened outside,Actually made Zhu Xiaoguang come back for the exam?Is this the sun coming out from the west??
Everyone in the classroom soon knew the answer,Because it’s at the door of this examination room,Someone appeared,A woman,exactly,Is an extremely beautiful woman。
Her eyebrows and apricot eyes,Skin white as jade,Sexy big wavy curly hair shawl,I am wearing a black dress with a very textured fabric,Wearing a beige knitted jacket,Holding a stack of test papers in his arms,Flirtatious in the hope,Seductive,Full of flavor。
No wonder Zhu Xiaoguang will come back halfway,As long as it is a normal boy,Whoever sees such a stunner,Absolutely refuse to leave。
When this charming female teacher walks into the classroom,The boys all gasped,Staring at her intently,And those girls also looked at this person who had never met with curious eyes,But a very nice female teacher。
“I have never seen her before!If ever seen,Must have an impression!”
“This is our new female teacher?My goodness!This is too beautiful!Just this look,You can definitely make a star debut!”
“I finally know what a real beauty is,I used to think that beautiful people are all imagined by people,It turns out that this kind of best product really exists in reality!”
For a time,The exclamation and shock in the classroom one after another,Endlessly。
Lu Menglin also saw the beauty who came in from the door of the classroom,He was really a little surprised,But more is consternation。

Populus euphratica can’t let go,Or these two people,I hope that after he leaves Suzhou,Qi Hongye can often take care of these two siblings。

This matter,Even Ye Mei is very active,That she will help in the future。
“What is difficult,Tell these two brothers and sisters,They will try to help you solve。of course,You can also call me,do you understand?”Hu Yang told Zheng Xinyan。
Wait for that little guy to have surgery,He has left Suzhou,So I can only ask Qi Hongye to come and see。
Don’t say Zheng Xinyan is moved,Even the audience in the live broadcast room is no exception。Brother Hu’s concern about this matter,Even more than tens of millions of antiques。
Charity auction,Held in a five-star hotel。The organizer has wrapped up the entire floor of the lobby,And arranged,And put on the red carpet。
When Populus came,,Identify,After verification by the other party,I respectfully invited them in。
“I knew there was a buffet,We are not eating。”Huazi said depressed。
Only found inside,Not only free drinks,Some red wines even Ye Mei can’t drink,And all kinds of food。
“Just,There is champagne over there,I haven’t drank it yet,Don’t know if it’s expensive。”Ye Mei licked her lips,An eager posture。
Hu Yang smiled:“Ordinary champagne is not expensive,You can buy a bottle for three to five hundred yuan,That kind of words,Estimated to be more than a thousand。You can go have a taste,But don’t drink so much。”
Since it’s all here,Naturally I want to see the world,So Populus is not against everyone to taste。
Hearing what Brother Hu said,Ye Mei is not welcome。Qi Hongye also walked towards what interests him,I really want to see my eyes。
The audience in the live room,But looking for celebrities。

Especially now,He faced Gu Cangnan in anger,Even dare not breathe。

He can only when Gu Cangnan no longer looks at him,Staring at Gu Cangnan with bitter eyes,Beat yourself,I thought I met a rescuer,Turned out to keep training myself。
Gu Cangnan turned his head,Look towards Xiao Fan,Asked:“Your name is Xiao Fan?”
Xiao Fan nodded。
“Have you rescued an old man at the intersection of Champagne Park three days ago??”Gu Cangnan asked excitedly。
Xiao Fan glanced at Lin Yoona,Seeing Lin Yoona is also confused,Just said:“Yes,How would you know?”
Gu Cangnan quickly got off his seat,Come to Xiao Fan’s side,Hold Xiao Fan’s hands tightly,Said excitedly:“Great,I finally found you!”
Gu Cangnan looked at Xiao Fan and Lin Yun’er with a blank look,I realized that I was too emotional,So scared them。
So I quickly let go of my hands holding Xiao Fan,Said:“That old lady is my mother,I heard from the doctor in the hospital that if it wasn’t for a person named Xiao Fan to give my mother an emergency rescue in advance,I’m afraid my mother has no chance to wait until the ambulance comes。and so,Thank you so much!”
Xiao Fan did not expect,Things turned out to be so coincidental,The old lady I accidentally rescued turned out to be the mother of Gu Cangnan, the mayor of Yun City。
But Xiao Fan is not the only one,And Lin Yuna,She never thought that after she left in a hurry that day,Xiao Fan unexpectedly encountered such a thing,But I didn’t even hear Xiao Fan mention a few words。
Lin Yuner looked at Xiao Fan,Maybe even Lin Yoona doesn’t know it,At the moment, her face is full of worship,Xiao Fan,I refreshed my view of him again。
And Xiao Fan faced the extremely excited Gu Cangnan,But it’s very calm,Just listen to him lightly:“You don’t have to worry about it,Just a little effort!”
Facing such a humble Xiao Fan,Gu Cangnan’s approval cannot be concealed anymore,When I was in the hospital,After saving people,People who leave quietly without leaving their names,Gu Cangnan already feels good。

The workers burst into laughter,Obviously,Some of them really think so。

“What i want to say is,You guys think too much,Whether it’s steak or pork chops,Are only available in limited quantities,Each person can only receive one,”Chen Geng is also laughing:“So if you want an all-you-can-eat steak,That is impossible,I can’t disclose the specific price of the raw materials in the canteen,Because it involves our contract with the food raw material supplier,But you can refer to the prices of special products in the supermarket,Like chicken legs,A bag5The price of a pound frozen chicken drumstick is only1.99USD,And as a food supplier can be long-term、Bulk purchasing partners,The price of the chicken drumsticks they provide us,Much cheaper than this。”
Listening to Chen Geng talking about a bag in the supermarket5The pound of frozen chicken drumsticks only needs1.99USD,The workers were taken aback:Is that so?
“Mr. Fernandez should be right,”In the crowd,Immediately a worker whispered:“My wife bought a bag of chicken drumsticks last week,I remember it seems to be2USD。”
“According to Mr. Fernandez,The price of the goods in our canteen is even lower,Say so,Maybe the chicken legs purchased in the cafeteria,5Pound Chicken Drumsticks1.5No need for dollars?”
“Hard to say,But it’s cheaper than buying in the supermarket……”
“correct,I went to the supermarket two days ago,I remember it seems to be a special steak,10A big bag of pound only needs1.99USD,Don’t know why it’s so cheap……”
Speaking of the super cheap raw meat products in the supermarket,The interest of the workers came immediately,You start to discuss each sentence。
“Hi!What do you say so much,”at last,Someone interrupted everyone’s chat:“Anyway, as long as we know that the company does not need to subsidize a lot of money for this restaurant、This restaurant can go on,That’s it,others,What do we care about so much?”
“exactly,”Say this out,Immediately won the approval of other workers around:“As long as we know that this independent restaurant can continue to open, it becomes a chant,Other people care about him!”
As the second largest auto manufacturer in the U.S. by production capacity,AMCNo shortage of public relations costs,Since there is no shortage of public relations expenses,So many newspapers in Michigan、Many media platforms such as radio and TV stations have successively releasedAMCAuto Workers’ Cafeteria Report,It’s just a matter of course,Such as famous《Detroit News》,So reported……