CBA YAS: Liu Xiaoyu’s onderzoek naar Wu Pan Defensive Research heel veel, Li Muhao wordt beter en beter

Beijing Shouguna versloeg het Zhejiang-team 89 tot 81 op de 8e, en ze hebben twee opeenvolgende overwinningen. Na het spel maakte de hoofdcoach yasis een opmerking, hij dacht dat het team zeer duurzaam was in de defensieve kant, en het was ook erg slim op hetzelfde moment en vond de juiste aanvallende kans.

Hij onthulde dat Liu Xiaoyu een diepe studie heeft gedaan voor Wu’s verdediging vóór het spel.

Yasis zei: In veel opzichten hebben we op veel manieren veel gedaan, en het verdedigende einde is erg sterk geweest, en het is erg geduldig en slim. Onze rebounds in deze game zijn erg goed, winnen de tegenstander. Tegelijkertijd zijn er veel manieren om de belangrijkste spelers te beperken. Het eerste stalen team beperkte de sleutelspeler van de andere partij eerder, ze lieten hem maar 15 punten krijgen. Dit is een grote rol in de verdediging van Liu Xiaoyu. Jasis onthulde dat Liu Xiaoyu erg transparant was voor de voorkant van Wu Qi voor het spel, wat ook een belangrijke reden is waarom hij zijn tegenstander kan beperken.

Li Muhao viel in dit spel en kreeg een grote twee paren.

Zijn recente uitvoering werd ook gereageerd na Jenis Game. Hij zei: Ik heb Li Muhao heel vroeg gekend.

Ik heb mezelf gevraagd waarom Li Muhao niet beter en beter kan worden? Ik denk dat het een overwinning is dat alleen hij beter is dan het laatste spel. Tegenwoordig kan hij teruggaan naar de spiegel, ik verslagen mezelf, als hij dit elke dag kan doen, zal hij zeker beter en beter worden, en het team zal profiteren.

Tekst / Beijing Jeugd Daily Reporter Song Xiang Bewerkte / Zhang Yingchuan.

China’s national leader in South Korea

 According to the Chinese Consulate General in South Korea, on December 10th, Zhang Chenghong, the Consul General, Zhang Chenghong, published a signature article in the local media "Gangzhou Daily", "The Third Historical Resolution of the Communist Party of China", the Ten of the Communist Party The Spirit of the Jiuzhong Plenary Session and the "Resolution of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on the Communities and Historical Experiences".

The full text is as follows: The third historical resolution of the Chinese Communist Party and its meaning.

  Not long ago, the Ninth Plenary Session of the Ninth Central Committee of the Communist Party of China was reviewed the "Resolution of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on the 100-year struggle of the Communist Party of China", which is the third historic resolution in the CPC’s Century. For more than 100 years, the Chinese Communist Party will lead the people from quartep of five crackers, a plate of sand to highly unified, national unity, from a poor two white to comprehensive well-off, from full of bullying to independence, only for decades, after hundreds of years have passed the country for hundreds of years The industrialization process has created two miracles of rapid economic development and social long-term stability. On the eve of the victory of the Anti-Japanese War in 1945, in 1981, the Chinese Communist Party has established two historical resolutions, which laid an important foundation for realizing the national, Xingguo and rich countries.

  The "resolution" focuses on the historic achievements of China’s past nine years since the 18th National Congress. The party leaders the people of the country realize the first hundred years of struggle. In China, it has built a well-off society in China. The gross domestic product exceeds 10 trillion yuan, with a per capita gross domestic product of more than 10,000 US dollars, comprehensive national strength and international influence. Quality improvement. China has overcome a series of major risk challenges, solves many problems that have long been resolved and unresolved, and do a lot of things that have been wanted to do. Current China is moving towards the new journey to achieve the second hundred years of struggle.

  The Communist Party of China is highly attaching importance to history and paying attention to summary. The most important thing in the history experience of the success of the Communist Party of China is a systematic guidance of a strong leadership core and Marxist China’s theory of China.

The "resolution" has comprehensively summarized the ten important experiences of the Chinese Communist Party, that is, adhere to the party’s leadership, people’s first, theoretical innovation, independence, China’s road, the heart, pioneering and innovation, dare to fight, unify the front, self-revolution, revealing The successful password of the world’s first major government party. This "resolution" is a guide to building socialist modernization, achieving the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, is also a programming document in the world to understand China’s future development direction. "Resolution" will also have a profound impact on the world.

China’s development achievements have shown that a big country uses several decades to rank among high-income economies from almost the poorest countries, so that people’s lives have improved. China’s development has deeply affected the world history process, making significant contributions to human progress careers. China-style modern roads provide new choices to countries and nations who are both hoping to accelerate development and wish to maintain their own independence. Human fate is a major idea and "one belt all the way" major initiative, fully indicating that the Chinese Communist Party is for the Chinese people to make a happy, for the Chinese nation, and also make progress in humanity, for the world. China is the second largest economy in the world. It has been more than 30% of the global economic growth for many years. China’s long-term stable and high quality development provides a huge opportunity and strong power for the world.

China’s 14 billion people’s big market will become the source of the growth of the world economy, and the source of vitality. China will continue to expand high levels of opening up, sharing development opportunities, maintaining and practicing real multilateralism, promoting economic globalization, and promoting economic globalization. A garment of water in China and South Korea, the establishment of diplomatic relations in the past 30 years, the deep generation of various fields, the world is rare, and the world has established a model of bilateral relations development.

Next year is the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic diplomatic relations between China and South Korea, and the relations between the two countries face important development opportunities.

I hope that China and South Korea will jointly plan the future development blueprint, consolidate political mutual trust, deepen economic and trade, and active humanities exchanges, close international cooperation, and jointly build a community of China and South Korea, promote China and South Korea’s relationships.

(Editor: Shen Yuhuan, Wu Sanwei) Sharing let more people see.

All the way to the ancient city of the ancient Town, China National Geographic Network

The first known "Zhenyuan" is because the teenage period is obsessed with the martial arts book without Jin Yong’s novel "The Swordsman", "Jian Yan" and "Ice Sword" and "Ice Wash Sword Record" rivers and lakes, there is no wind, Yunyun, Zhenjiang Lake The Zhenyuan Dunning Bureau Zhenyuan Dart Barter, that is, the darts in the world are strong, the martial arts, the martial arts, the invincible, and theft will be bold! Once young love fantasy, fantasy is like ancient swordsman generally fresh clothes, horses and faster, and the sword will take the sky with curiosity. It has been in the past two years ago, the town of Zhenyuan is hidden here. ? Life is a lonely trip you walk every paragraph is a Zhenyuan Zhenzhen, which is a comprehend, traceable, ancient town, and the intersection of "five streams" and "Easyper" in history. The department, that is, the land of the usual. As early as the spring and autumn, the town is far-reaching, Qin is the county; the Han Dynasty is the Tomb County, the Jingzhou; the change of Tang and Songs changed to the final belonging. Song Baoyou six years (AD 1258) building Huangping City, giving a name Zhenzhou, and the beginning of the town.

The meaning of Zhenyuan Guzhen Town is that it is in the manner since ancient times, and the shortcuts and trims of Beijing, Southwest, and Siamese, and will have a shortcut and willing, there is "Southern Silk The road is the beauty of it.

Here is both the political, economic, cultural centers and transportation of Luoxidong, and the military heavy town that the military must fight.

In the classical master of "Confucian History", Wu Jingli did not hesitate to describe the Tang General and Miao’s leader, the leader of the town and the land of the local customs, and the local customs, Humen Yangwei’s patriotic Mingzi Lin Renxu, Zeng Sanjun Road, there is a sense of the land of the mountain and dangerous mountains and dangers, write down the "Zhenyuan Road" one poem: "Two mountains, rivers, water evil, one diameter autumn smoke mountain foot.

Pedestrians in the mountains in the stream, these are not falling. "Two mountains, rivers, water evils, one track of autumn smoke, pedestrians in the mountains in the stream, these are not falling to the town, there is no need to wait a stunning in one issue.

With the farther, the different mood is different, and the years of the years in each person see is different.

It is more than a bitter of domineering needs than many martial arts than most Wenzhu Town, which is more quiet than the ancient town of many people. Like a wise man who has a vicissitudaus, quiet and indifferent, standing in the southeast of Guizhou, silently watching you me … The ancient town is not big, there is history but does not look heavy, gossip general totems on this land Thousands of years of light.

Historical smoke clouds give its rich famous monuments, nature’s ghost artifacts make it unique in Taiji.

The unique Tai Chi is now, when the situation is moved, everything in the past has long settled.

Only the Yanghe day and night will pass through the city with "S".

The river is scattered with a large small pier, swaying in the clear color of the color of the color, telling the prosperous old dreams of Zhenyuan’s water trading.

One of Yang River pier Guxiang winding old streets of the city. Every piece of quartzite, are recorded every piece of brick monuments, Qi Su vicissitudes of the Millennium town.

Stroked the engraved full-time traces of mottled stone, time seems to have become slow, can not help but heart sigh: "Years of quiet good, this life peacefully."

Here the mountain topography of ancient houses, step-up layer by layer, the streets narrow and deep, cross-title even.

"Heresy" is its pattern, scattered seven guxiang level, but inconsistent, the door to the back alleys, back lanes of the mountains. After the slope obliquely, there roadway lane, Lane have wells, on the dock, through the post road, can also be met at the casual courtyard. Ancient houses by the mountain topography, step-up layer by layer, the streets narrow and deep, cross-title even. The so-called town of rhyme, in fact it is hidden in an ancient alley. Alley is not "can only look, can not play."

Whether residential or snack, are enough fascinating. Shen Xiang, a taste of the ancient city of "soft tofu" tofu is not only fresh, and there Jisi old taste.

Along guxiang forward, inadvertently appeared in front of this distillery. Quaint atmosphere that attracted me, wish I could drink, experience the big mouth drinking bowl to eat meat heroic, time stands still do Zhenyuan Foolish. When approaching the ancient distillery evening, boarded Shi Ping Shan, overlooking the panoramic Zhenyuan, the ancient fortress sitting watching the sunset, sunset speckled throughout the city, giving an infinite sadness.

Ancient fortress sitting here watching the sunset of the United States, need to understand quietly. Walking in the Millennium stone on the road, hands touch over the ancient city walls; Miaojiang or set foot on the Great Wall, then feel here, "Xiao Bing horseshoe" …… remains of the ancient Great Wall, though not grand, but silent and quaint piece of history. As night fell, the two sides Caiyanghe red lanterns hung high, dim the lights dotted the river.

The ancient city after nightfall, lit up red lanterns, seems to remind guests from afar, booming life is about to begin …… night, dim the lights dotted with Yang River. A river, town houses, red lanterns businesses, ribbons and other lighting opt lit, the entire ancient city dressed up Ambilight, making a lot of modern and elegant flavor of life. The river breeze blowing, the two sides of different styles of music singing far and near, the lights on the bridge to remind you to complete the transformation of a piece of history of the crossing, at this time whether the find a place to enjoy food, but very close to the far Zhenyuan to be positioned. Guizhou to not eat the night Suantang the most pleasant way to explore the river tongue cuisine. To Guizhou, you can not eat the sour soup. There are a folk song "three days do not eat acid, walk to fight jump jump.

"Yang River Suantang eating warm, breezy, indescribably comfortable.

A bar lounge singer who sings, a drunk impermanence of life.

Zhenyuan night is noisy, blurred, that time is infinite.

Restaurant wine shop, among the shops, mixed with the Rendezvous Court Palace, on the streets, crowds of people coming and going, with a smile, eyes brimming full of praise on the front of the King and appreciation. Looking at the cool river, in the village singing songs on the chest beside children frolic there, looking at the cool river, in the village singing the song in his heart, a better life unspeakable, that is what we aspire to place. There are peaceful life in the mountains between residents who live sunset, sunrise life.

Not disturb things, full of the reality of the gas. Yanlong cold moon in the water cage yarn, Bells restaurants near Yang Yanlong cold moon in the water cage yarn, Bells near Yang restaurants.

Life flavors, water years, have turned into a sun shade in the river the night.

A lighting a mood, a ray bundle of warmth, one color one kind of flavor, deep and bright atmosphere Implications distant. The so-called moments of beauty since the day, that is the landscape of this city of Yelang the depths of it. A river, town houses, red lanterns businesses, ribbons and other lighting opt lit, the whole dress was the ancient city Ambilight night of the day I do not know, "charm", the night did not know the white simplicity. After a noisy night, it’s hard to imagine Zhenyuan day is so quaint tranquility.

The street is the street last night, but the night is brilliant and crowded, bustling but as a hallucination. Zhenyuan ancient day like living here, you can leisure life, do not care. During the day the ancient town of Pu Anning would like to use this round decorative hearts love affair quiet years, but knowing that they have become far too poetry, became the minds of most people aspire to look. "Rise former becomes slow, cars, horses, mail is very slow, your whole life to love a person.

"Zhenyuan Walking down the street you can see on a Qing Dynasty-like post office building, wall, shelf, on the counter, everywhere can see the history and culture of Post. And outside the Qing mailbox, brave copper plastic, Zhenyuan Post Station introduction, couplet, reflect each other, complement each other. Road ordinary people "do not look at the river Yang, Chen-yuan is equal to white.

"Yang River sign attractions – peacock Yang River belongs to a tributary of the Yangtze River tributaries, a total length of 258 kilometers, with the" Three Gorges of the male, Shu Emei show, Lijiang River in Guilin beauty of Yangshuo scenery of You "and the crown of the world yang. River water flowing out of the cave are mostly not only clean, but also very green. "peacock" is Caiyanghe sign attractions. maybe because I saw a lot of mountains and rivers everywhere, unrivaled do not think how amazing Yang River.

Look great scenery limitations on board, but as a general tourists only be the case. Sun River swim to the gate area, it should be the phrase "three days without sunshine", a sudden burst of heavy rain. Fortunately, just line to the entrance area, there would be no wet body said. A small town, the streets of a small town story, the story of the streets, the landscape here is soft dream in your heart, do not know what joy in this world, no traces worth in this excursion.

Zhenyuan, you wait for me two thousand years; these two days, I accompany you through two thousand years …… Zhenyuan, look forward to the next meet again! .

China UnionPay: All-round meets consumers and corporate customers diversified payment needs

Recently, in the "Point 2021 My Favorite Chinese Brand" event hosted by China National Brand Network, China UnionPay won the brand of the financial industry.

It is understood that as an important platform and hub in my country’s payment industry, UnionPay always adheres to the "payment of the people" service concept and "open cooperation" winning spirit, all-round satisfy consumer and corporate customers diversified payment needs, to create more Multi-value. According to China UnionPay, since its establishment, UnionPay continued to upgrade the power of Pu excmisions, paying from bank cards to mobile payment, and carry out the mobile payment convenience project, significantly enhances the payment efficiency and user experience of each scene user, has involved 37 City subway, more than 1700 cities and county bus and nearly 2.22 million retail merchants.

In 2020, the UnionPay network transferred transaction amount trillion yuan.

During the Spring Festival of 2021, the amount of UnionPay network transaction reached trillion.

The person also pointed out that in the face of the digital wave, the UnionPay continues to explore the innovation "cooperation and win-win, symbiosis and praise" multi-party cooperative business model, and build a new industrial cooperative relationship with digital times. In 2017, the Union was officially released the cloud flashing app.

In more than 3 years, the app continuously integrates digital functions and services, and the cross-bank account management functions are becoming more and more improved. The information architecture continues to adjust optimization. The content services are increasing, and the number of users exceeds 400 million.

At present, China UnionPay has covered 180 countries and regions around the world, and the total number of households accepted at home and abroad reached 55 million. The total amount of UnionPay card issued worldwide exceeded 9 billion. At the same time, the UnionPay is also constantly promoting the environmental construction of global mobile payments. At present, there are currently more than 8 million merchants support UnionPay QR code or UnionPay mobile flash payment, and the environment is continuously optimized. (Editor: Rona, Mao Siyuan).

Ding Rui: Complete the short board to play the subjective initiative to improve the county hospital service capabilities

On May 11th, the "Qiang County Domain Qian County" National Piece District Exchange Club, Hebei Station, is held in Shijiazhuang. Ding Rui, deputy director of the Medical Administration Department of Hebei Health and Health Committee, is the subject of "Introduction to the Medical Service Capacity Policy" and Information on County-level Hospital, in introducing statistical analysis results of county hospital capabilities in all regions of Hebei Province. Requires the hospital manager to compare the gap, make up the short board, implement the subject responsibility, and play the subjective initiative to improve the service capabilities of county-level hospitals. In September 2019, the first list of county hospitals in the country’s 300 integrated service capacitys, in the first batch of standard list, 21 county hospitals in Hebei Province were selected.

Ding Rui pointed out that there are still some weak links in the development of county-level hospitals in Hebei Province. I hope that the dean can improve the analysis of the results of the assessment data according to the county hospital capacity, combined with the actual situation of their respective hospitals, and formulate the next hospital department. , Development and improvement plan for improvement in medical technology, information construction and other aspects. In terms of clinical path management, Ding Rui said that the implementation of clinical paths is largely relied on the level of information construction, and the hospital needs to increase investment.

For departmental settings, service and bed usage should be further standardized, data management and reporting must be implemented. Bed settings are hooked with the care ratio and combined with the overall assessment system of the entire county hospital.

For the weak counties of medical ability, further emphasize the intersection of help, the specialist, the subject leader, etc., provide professional guidance and help.

"I hope that through today’s exchange training, let everyone find the gap and short board.

The comprehensive service capacity of county-level hospitals is improved, including medical constructs, medical quality and safety improvement, etc., hospital managers must implement subject responsibility. Ding Rui pointed out that with the introduction of related supporting policies, hospital managers should also give full play to subjective initiative, reform in medical insurance payment methods, strengthen talent training, and self-sovereign, etc., gradually improve the county hospital service capabilities.

Advantaged industries pick up the big girders

Original title: Advantaged Industry Picking Big Liang Kaibang Horsepower Stastating Growth Core Review 2020

With the implementation of the focus leader, strengthen policy security, warm heart service talents and other measures, steel new materials, construction machinery industry inject new vitality into the high quality development of Loudi. Located in the Shuishi River, there are nearly 10 kilometers of large-scale enterprises such as Hunan, Huiling, Huiling, Huiling, and the factory. The factory is nearly 10 kilometers; the Loudi High-tech Zone, the upstream of the river Factory, three arm rack light tower factories are efficiently running … In Loudi, Iron and Construction Materials and Engineering Machinery Industries and the development is rapid.

  Since 2020, Loudi has vigorously built steel new materials, engineering machinery advantageous industrial chains, leading the high quality of entities. Around the two industrial chains, the industry’s industrial enterprises, the industry-based industrial enterprises in January-October, reached 100 million yuan, which increased in the city, accounting for% in the city, which is more than 2019. The steel new materials and engineering machinery have two industrial chains, and the growth rate of industrial added value in the city has reached more than 90%, and new vitality is injected into the high quality development of Loudi.

  Focus on the leading enterprise, the precise and effective power chain entered the production workshop of Jinxin Technology Co., Ltd. in Loudi High-tech Zone.

A few days later, these products will be sent to the Three Road Lighthouse Factory, which is not far away, for the pressure receiving machine unit assembly. "Our products are mainly supplied to three groups. I found that the three will build a factory in Loudi High-tech Zone. We will have a thought of close service. The Loudi High-tech Zone has introduced a lot of preferential policies, and the company quickly seized the opportunity.

After entering the park, the logistics cost of transporting products saves 90%. Qiu Xue love, secretary of the party committee of Loudi High-tech Zone, Jinxin Technology is the first three-way supporting enterprise in the park. There are currently five suppliers of Sanyuan Road to park, and the construction machinery industry chain of the three roads is constantly improving.

  "The development of the park relies on the industry chain, and the industrial chain must have the leader, and the three becomes the leading enterprise of our leader." Qiu Xi love said that in recent years, the local successful introduction of the three-way light tower factory, three arm rack light tower Factory these two projects. In this context, the park’s investment promoters are more targeted – focus on upstream and downstream companies, attracting more suppliers to invest.

  This is just a microcosm that is in business. By fully focusing on leading enterprises, Loudi to carry out accurate investment, plotting industry panorama and status quo, establish industry merchants, project libraries, focusing on key areas of industry chain, weak links, flexible development Modern industrial system. Since 2020, two leading enterprises, steel new materials and construction machinery have been seized, and the city has started to build 65 industrial projects in the city, with a total investment of 100 million yuan, including 5 billion yuan in investment. The above items, 8 items of 1.0 billion to 5 billion yuan, 18 million projects of 10 billion yuan.

  Strengthen policy guarantee, accelerated project construction with huge roars from the speed of rapid operation, and a line of steel sheets.

After automatic operation, the steel sheet is processed to a high strength steel sheet having a thickness of 3 mm. These sheets can be widely used in engineering machinery such as cranes. "This is the first phase of our new construction machinery for high-strength steel production line construction project, which effectively alleviates insufficient production capacity.

Xiao Zunhu, secretary of Huiling and Steel Party Committee, introduced. In this past few years, with the rapid development of the construction machinery industry, the demand for high-strength steel sheets as raw materials will climb year by year, and Huilingang steel products are in short supply, and it is necessary to increase capacity.

  A year ago, Huilingang plans to invest 2.5 billion yuan, carry out new construction machinery, high strength steel project construction. Learn about this situation, the end of the open area actively puts the door to dock, and the landscape is implemented, simplifies the approval process.

At the same time, continue to carry out the "Monday to work, on-site solution" activities, quickly solve the problem of water electricity, construction site, and promote the project speed, improve, and improve the project in the construction of high-strength steel project construction.

  Xiao Zunhu told reporters that the project covers an area of ??more than 500 acres, and the first phase started construction in June last year, and it has been put into production in December last year.

It is expected that the second phase production line will be fully put into production at the end of December this year. "The project construction runs out acceleration. Under the help of local governments, we run along the time, seize the window period of the industry, and quickly open the market." Around the project signing, funds, start construction, and put production 4 links, local The government tracks the service.

According to reports, since 2020, Loudi has hosted more than 120 specific matters to each park, involving project financing, land transfer, standard factory building, electricity security, etc., there are currently 109 matters have been effectively resolved.

  In addition, the Loudi further optimizes the guarantee mechanism of "Elements Keeping the Project", promoting funds, land and other elements, and achieve quality resources to high quality project agglomeration.

The person in charge of the Loudi Municipal Bureau of Industry has introduced that Loudi City increases idle land, and it is inefficient to live, and strive for more land resources to incline to the industrial project. Construction credit support, which strongly promotes project progress. Warm heart service talents, help companies rooted in Sany Hydraulic Cylinder Intelligent Ecological Industrial City, Xu Chaozheng, Dean, ZTE Co., Ltd., Collected a large-scale tonnage crane cylinder that R & D staff buryed.

  The cylinder is a core component of excavators, cranes, pump trucks and other engineering machinery. In the past, the maximum tonnage of the crane cylinder of ZTE, which was more than 260 tons, and it was easy to cause a cylinder burst to cause an accident.

  In order to solve this problem, in 2020, ZTE has introduced the industry’s talents Xu Chao, established a research institute, led by him to develop a large tonnage crane cylinder. After the departure, the technical problem is finally solved.

  "Talent is the most valuable resources. How to make talents, stay, is the head of the enterprise." Zhou Hongzhi, Minister ZTE, Minister Xu Hong. In this regard, the Loudi has developed a number of intimate policies to help companies recruit. Take Xu Chao as an example, his account is in the field, and there is no housing in Loudi. In September of this year, his child has reached the age of attending elementary school. The company reflected this issue to Loudi Opened District Management Committee, coordinated by the relevant departments of the city, Xu Chao’s child was successfully enrolled.

"The whole process is less than one week.

"Xu Chao said," the troubles in life solved, we can be more worried.

"In addition to providing warm heart services in children, parents, the parents will provide warm heart service, and Loudi also introduced talent support rewards. For example, high-level talents can be classified per month to share life subsidies, housing subsidies.

  "We maximally use your policy to help companies stay, help companies to root." Kang Yanhua, deputy secretary of the party committee and director of the management committee.

  Grasping the key motivation of this development of talents, and solve the problem of urgent expensiveness in all kinds of talent life in time, so that the enterprise has high quality development. Today, the local leader is leading, and other companies in the pull chain are stepped on, initially forming the "industrial forest" of the branches. (Editor: Zhou Yuting, Wang Wei) Sharing let more people see client downloads.

Beijing real estate inheritance notary fee of 10,000 yuan

Original title: The city’s real estate inheritance notary fee 10,000 yuan capped this newspaper (internship reporter Deer Yang) The Municipal Development and Reform Commission has recently announced that from November 30th, the city will down-regulate the economic contract notary, the real estate inheritance and the legacy is notarized. The notarized service charge standard, improving the government pricing method, and at the same time limit the highest cost total, it is expected to reduce the social burden of 19 million yuan. According to national requirements, combined with the rise in real estate value in recent years, the relevant notary matters are adjusted from the proportion of property benefits to the price of the property, and the square meters of square meters is not more than 80 yuan per construction. As an example, a single price of 10,000 yuan / square meter, a commercial area of ??the construction area of ??the commercial house for inheritance, shall pay a notary according to the original standard, and the yuan shall be paid according to the new standard and 46%.

  The two notarized charges have been added "ceiling" price, which provides a single set of resident real estate to handle the total notarized matters of the notarized matters. The total amount of notarized expenses shall not exceed 10,000 yuan. It provides a single piece to prove the economic contract, and the notary of the notary of the agreement shall not exceed 10,000 yuan. Enterprise and mass notary cost burden.

(Editor: Bao Congying, Gao Xing) Sharing let more people see.

Deng Xiaoping’s secret station in the Secretary of the Communist Party of China

Xiuancun Zhengyang Lane (Jijia Island) Bijiayuan, outside the house, 1938, Yangcheng is one of the important transfer stations connecting the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Yan’an and North China Eight Road Army.

Bijiayuan secretly stationed in the Trichtery Office of the Communist Party of China for nearly a year.

Therefore, some important leaders of the Communist Party of China and the Eighth Route Army came to the distance. In November 1938, Deng Xiaoping took the Sixth Plenary Session of the Sixth Plenary Session of the Sixth CPC, from Yan’an to the Eight Road Army Headquarters, and the Song Damai arrived in Yangcheng Bijiayuan.

Xiaoping listened to the work report of the Jinyu Special Committee and Yangcheng Secretary Committee in the front yard, and then introduced to you the basic situation of the Sixth Plenary Session of the Chinese Communist Party and the current anti-Japanese situation, especially in the army of the country’s national united front. Independent status problem.

At the same time, he is against the anti-communist surrender of Yangcheng, and the Ministry of the National Party, the 33rd Legion Place Task Force, destroying the inversion of the people against Japan in Yangcheng, indicating that the local party must launch the masses, and the anti-revolutionary counter-revolutionary force in the revolutionary Struggle. Deng Xiaoping lived in a short night, but brought the voice of the Party Central Committee to the Junyu Special Committee and Yangcheng Party Organization, which greatly encouraged everyone’s fighting spirit.

People’s Daily Talk about today: Let reading become a lifestyle

  "I think of the life of these years, the best place is the library." "Although it is uncomfortable, the life is forced, the rest will never forget you, Dongguan Library" … Recently, Dongguan Library is a signature "Hubei The leave message picture of the migrant workers, the sincerity of the sincerity, let countless netizens are moving.

It is gratifying that with the help of the local government, he found a sanitation cleaning work, and he can often read the book.

  Books are the entrance to the spiritual world. Reading may not necessarily point to external success, but will definitely bring intrinsic abundance. Through reading, people can get knowledge, exercise their minds, open their eyes, and also moist, cultivate their own products, and create spirit.

People are moving, not only the love of the outside staff to read, and he is in reading of a high-spirited spiritual character in reading.

As a netizen said, "he uses the most simple text to say extraordinary life." Everyone can meet a better world in reading, and encounter better yourself.

  Read your spiritual world flash, book fragrance makes the city more charming.

Let reading become a lifestyle, both need individual consciousness, and urban administrators have also needed to work hard: to create more reading space, let the city’s books, thus covering the soil reading of the whole people.

Beijing a courier packaging nucleic acid of how positive prevention courier spread of the virus?

People Beijing November 15 (Reporter Sun Hongli), according to official government public street in Zhongguancun No. "live music Zhongguancun" message, November 15 morning, Beijing Zhongguancun Street, Haidian CDC received a notification, a source of community residents in Inner Mongolia Branch express packaging goods autonomous detection results of the Xilin Gol League issued positive. Zhongguancun Street immediately launched an emergency response, and the first time the relevant personnel and environmental nucleic acid detection were carried out.

Currently, it is negative involving adhesion personnel and environmental nucleic acid detection. At present, the domestic epidemic was multi-point distribution, the "double eleven" Shortly after this, the Beijing Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention recently issued a reminder, during the epidemic prevention and control, non-essential from outside the high-risk areas do not mail-order merchandise, mail order cautious domestic commodity areas where local outbreaks have been reported.

In addition, the Chinese Center for Disease Control of Disinfection, chief expert of the current wave at the State Department, held November 13 on defense and control mechanism news conference, Zhang reminded wave flow, prevent the spread of the new crown courier virus.