Leo’s fingers are against his face,If Leo is so a little bit,His head is about to explode。

“Are you sure you are qualified to ask me these?If you don’t have this strength,So hurry up and find someone who is capable!”
Several people heard what Leo said,Dare to say one more thing,Running fast under the pressure of death。
Actually,Didn’t wait for a while,More people came out。
Such a big movement,Naturally, the people inside cannot sit still。
“It’s your kid who made trouble in our Moses union?”
Headed by a fifty-third level person,Looks good,Obviously a cadre of Moses。
“Where is your president?”Leo spoke lightly。
“Still want to see our chairman?Let me send you to see the king!”
The cadre of Moses obviously didn’t intend to say more,Rushed directly towards Li Ao。
Just at this time,Suddenly a flash burst out from Leo’s side。
It was the green bull next to him who made this blow,Naturally, it is the long-range attack in the navy。
The light of the smaller one rushed towards the cadre of Moses,The cadre’s eyes burst upon seeing the blow。
Obviously he also recognizes that this is Lanjiao。、
“sea…”Even though the cadre recognizes his feet,But it is obviously wrong to estimate the destructive power of the green cow’s foot。
Lanjiao led Moses’ cadres directly towards the crowd,Immediately smashed a clearing。

Another thunder,The colors in the network began to flow wildly,The naked eye has difficulty telling which color,The golden yellow square that has been floating above the veins quickly turns into purple gold,And released a dazzling flame,Up to a hundred feet,With a crash,The many gods and soldiers gathered above the gate have all disappeared,Turned by unimaginable high temperatures,Didn’t even leave any ashes。

The world quieted down,Everyone stopped fighting,Looking at the terrible golden chessboard,Slowly floating,Like the mirror of death,Even the horses and beasts under the crotch of the gods are trembling,Dare not make any noise。
Credit: The weird gourd in the hands of the elder has just been smashed to pieces by Yan Xiao’s golden mace,But the next thing,Yan Xiao couldn’t make a shot,He couldn’t believe what happened before him,So many soldiers and generals,alive,All disappeared just after a purple-gold flash,Yan Xiao immediately sensed that the nodes of more than a dozen gods close to him had dimmed,It means they have completely left this world,Fly ash annihilation。
“impossible!”Yan Xiao yelled at the sky,Shuangmao held high, looking for the position of the elder, and smashed it,But it was empty,Found that the elders were being supported by Li Yun,Yan Xiao furious,Describe crazy,Chasing,Roar,“Kill,Kill me,Kill these anti-thief!Leave none!”
Liyun is seriously injured,But the elders are even more unbearable,Their remaining spiritual power can’t even support the cloud control technique,A limping can’t run far,And the allied soldiers who woke up,Although there are still more than half of them waiting and watching,But the remaining half are as many as a thousand people,Just a bunch of people surrounded the two,Yan Xiao then drove the beast to,Raise the golden mace and slam it down。
“when!”A crisp sound,Yan Xiao’s powerful golden mace,Was knocked off by a black knife,He took a closer look,The man with the sword turned out to be the nasty boy,Isn’t this baby already hiding??When did you return to the battlefield?
but,Just come,Packed you together!Yan Xiao actually accepted the gold mace,Take a single palm at the boy,The palm is at least ten feet away from the teenager,But Li Yun suddenly tried his best to shout,“Blood handprint,Run away!”
The youth was surging with the blood of the golden mace just now,I’m dizzy and never come back to my senses,Yell with Liyun,He suddenly found huge blood-red palms all over his body,Gather around him quickly,In panic,The young man brandished a broken knife and slashed to the palm,It’s like killing those golden armored gods in a dream last night。
Others can’t see the way,I saw the boys hacking each other with knives like crazy,But Yan Xiao’s face suddenly became solemn,He can see the complicated lines connected by the knife,And felt a murderous aura that made him tremble,Both familiar and unfamiliar,Look at my palm again,There are countless thin blood lines appearing randomly,Although healed quickly,Also shocked him。
The difference in strength between the two is too far,How crazy is the young man,I couldn’t cut off these blood red palms,Both the front and the back received a palm,Hou Tu Temple credited the elders with all their strength to fly to the rescue and failed to block any attacks for the young man,I yelled unwillingly,Just passed out。
“Get on the road!”Yan Xiao didn’t even look at the elders,Smash to Liyun,Extremely cold eyes,Even if three people are resolved between two moves,It is also difficult to wash away his shame。
Suddenly the young man’s direction is dazzling,Yan Xiao’s eyes almost came out,The boy who got two palms stood up swayingly,There are dense golden squares around him.,Although each piece is only half the size of a palm,But they are slowly rising and falling together,How similar to the chessboard at Jinmen just now?
Hum~,An extremely powerful vibration echoed in the sky,The armor-like squares on the boy quickly turned purple gold,This is not the most terrible,The huge chess board lying above the big array,Sudden folds in the center,All the golden squares slowly stand up while floating,So that the entire chessboard has become a high wall in front of the battlefield,It’s just that this wall is so big and endless。
Everyone sees this wall,Suddenly the creeps,I don’t know who yelled first,“run!”,So everyone fled around like crazy,Escape at this time,All show their magic,The level of chaos is far greater than the scene of the fight just now。
And Yan Xiao is a soul flying away,Although he is arrogant,But it’s definitely not a reckless and foolish person,If the murderous purple and golden flames shoot out again,He contends that he can’t hold it with his cultivation at the peak state,So Yan Xiao’s figure slowly disappeared,The next moment has appeared thousands of miles away,I can’t even see a light spot。
however,That terrible purple-golden flame did not shoot out after all,Few have left on the battlefield,Are all those who were seriously injured but not dead,And the light of the armor on the boy quickly faded,Disappear soon,He is already limp,Shaky,Take a step away from the cloud and hold on,“Is the palace okay??”

And not far behind women,Middle-aged man standing with a black robes,actually,Man is not standing,Be suspended!

In his impression,The man said a word.,“Miss,Not going,If you want to know the existence of young people,Farm,This is a fear of the disaster,Young master is also difficult to live!”
Listening to this man,Woman gently pushed him,Then quietly put this ring to his arms.,“Xuan Chung,Take care of Linger,Take good care of yourself,Don’t hate your mother”
Say this sentence,Woman turns around with black robe。
He stayed,Then crazy, generally chasing,pity,He did not chase,Because the black robe man and the woman are flying。
that’s it,He has been chasing, chasing,Until, I still stopped it.,And that woman,I haven’t returned,Just like the black robe man disappeared at the end of the sky.。
After a moment,Ye Xuan recovery thoughts,His right hand pinching the ring,His right hand itself is hurt,At this moment,Wound crack,A drop of blood suddenly dropped on the black ring。The ring in his hand suddenly trembled,Ye Xixiang is shocked,I quickly bowed to the ring in my hand.,On the moment he bowed,The ring suddenly turned into a black light and did not enter his eyebrow.。
Instant,Ye Xuan disappeared in the original place,Once again,Already in a midst of no stars。
Not far from him,Hanging a black tower,Tower has a twelve layers,So that is suspended there。High tower has four columns like a huge black iron chain lock,At the top of the tower,Insert a three-handed sword!
Whole tower,阴 阴 森 森。
Ye Xuan’s shock in the heart,He looked at the top of the first entrance,There,Two blood red characters:Ringer。
On both sides of the door,There are also two rows of blood red,Just a pair of couplets。
right:Forbidden,Banish,Forbidden people。
Thirty-nine-ninth chapter force battle Dong evil
Guiyunzhuang garden,Moonlight,I saw a peach flower rain.。
Two kinds of palm and leg law,Junior to the odd monk armor!
A palm,Falling in the hands,It seems that elegance is beautiful.0Handsome girl reading mobile phone,Let’s register a member?,Registered members can experience the novel。
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Sword, Ye Xuan Ye
author:Jiangshan feather
Chapter One:Who dares to move my girl!
Qingcheng,Leaf home,Ancestral。
“Ancestor,Ye Xuan invasive,No morality,Show Ye Xuan Shizi,Inherited by Ye can’t。”
Speaking is a old man in a black robe。
Not far behind the old man,Standing a teenager,Bird’s mouth hangs a faint smile。This person,It is Yafe。
Both sides,Ye Houzheng。
at this time,A somewhat voice suddenly sounded in this ancestral hall。
Everyone he said,A little girl standing at the door,Little girl is about 12 or three years old,Two small hands pinch the skirt,Face with a pale case,It looks a bit weak,There is also a smooth color in my eyes.。/wenxue/78863/53080994htl
This little girl named Ye Ling,It is Ye Xuan’s kismer,I heard the family to see Ye Xuan.,She rushed over her illness.。
Black robe old brow frowned,“Ye Ling,what are you doing!”
The little girl named Ye Ling has a slight gift in the ancestral hall.,Sound:“Elder,My brother is the world.,Why do you have to waste him??”

Even if you let the deer go to the emergency department and make a clinic,thats right“Have a sin”what!

However, when Zhou Yucu’s eyes look to Week antelope,He became extremely hesitant。
He carefully looked at Zhou Liang at this moment.,She takes off the white coat really looks really good.。
Slim body,Skin, like a snow,Delicate,Plus gentle eye,People simply see……
Let the deer go to the outpatient town, even if it is,If you let Zhou Lanbo have worked hard work overtime,Zhou Ye is even somewhat uncomfortable.。
Zhou Ye said to the gods:“Antelope,You should be tired,Would you like to take a break?。”
Being loved by Zhou Ye,Zhou Ante antelope is still watching the coordinates of the takeaway in the mobile phone,Take note of the special after his eyes,She began to avoid a somewhat awkward。
“Need not,Takeaway is coming,Do you want to eat first.。”Weekly seeing tall brothers are only in the emergency room.200Meter。
Should be delivered soon!
At this time, the nurses over the emergency department were rushed again.。
Zhou Ye,I hope that people are here.,Still helping Li Qifeng works alive.,After all, he can also have a meal of lunch.。
Zhou Ye called the nurse that came.:“No need to call Feng brother,He is handling things,I will go out for a while.。”
The nurse saw Zhou Yewu did not wear white coats.,Deck:“Are you also a doctor at the hospital??”
Zhou Ye went down at his clothes.,I found that there is no white coat.,Suddenly somewhat awkward。
Fortunately, Shu Dehe and Zhou Lu often come to emergency clinic,The nurse knows the two people behind Zhou Ye。
She laughed to Xulu and Week antenna.,I quickly withdraw the clinic.,There is also a bunch of patients waiting for a body temperature.,Emergency person is nervous now,Can’t delay for a moment。
Otherwise, the patient is anxious.,I have to start my mother.。
“I will eat here.,What patient do I go?。”Zhou Jiwu has walked in the emergency department of the internal medicine.。
NS98chapter Apple’s breath
Shu Lu originally wanted to leave!
But after all, emergency is also a poor department,I think that Li Qifeng is going to stay in the room.,It is also an internal medicine clinic to see a patient……
She actually couldn’t bear to call Zhou Niangwu, I didn’t go out.!
And emergency internal medicine clinics,General patients are really uncomfortable to see a doctor at night.,I really can’t bear it.!
Zhou Ye, rushed to the outpatient clinic of emergency internal medicine.。
Good in the emergency internal medicine clinic, set the entrance to the emergency,Not very hard to find。
When he entered the door, he saw a very beautiful.18The expression of a girl is very painful, sitting on a chair.!
To handle patients,The first thing is to wear a white coat,Prove that your identity!
Zhou Ye didn’t think too much.,After reading the girl,I will find a white coat from the door.。
Everyone is used to putting white big clothes behind the door.,So relatively,It is more convenient to find!
Who is Zhou Yixi?,It’s put on the piece and yourself and your figure.!A aroma floated from the white big jan!
He put it behind,I noticed that this white big coat is actually waist.……
The white coat of the waist is a female comrades.,Plus this white coat,In Zhou Ye, even if he guess, this is a white coat of a female doctor.。
But the patient is in front of him,Zhou Ye is not convenient to change it again.。
He does not dare,I sat on the chair immediately.,Looking at girl:“what’s the situation?”
The girl is also following a middle-aged parent.,Looking at Zhou Ye, my breast is unable to look,He is originally dissatisfied,But the girl is painful,He is already here.5Don’t see a doctor in minutes。
I am not easy to have a doctor now.,He really dares to drive away,Otherwise I don’t know when this is going to see.……
Middle-aged parents have not spoken,Girls will open:“doctor,My chest is proneous,Feeling that you can breathe。”
Zhou Ye looks to the chest of the girl,The two chests under the school uniform seem to have been!
It seems that the breathing cost is caused!

“When you have a baby,Confinement,What about your store?Who cares?”Wu Lili also worried for her。

“Many people have been recruited now,Training,Immediately on TV and newspaper advertisements,There are street signs and brochures, etc.,There will be customers soon,I don’t worry so much,Nothing。”Xia Shuyue said lightly on the surface,Actually, I don’t know,Still worried。
Wu Lili nodded,“Also,Large principal,Just good for business,Worry enough for small businesses。”
“Yes,More start-up capital,Is a lot easier,Training class now,Teacher is hard to find,There are only a few students,Want to expand,I can only say it after I give birth。”Xia Shuyue said helplessly。
“no way,Your month old now,Can’t work too hard,I can’t take care of things for a month after giving birth,Can only be managed by phone,So I can only wait with peace of mind,Don’t think too much。”
“Ok,It can only be this way。”The two chatted with each other,Wu Lili waited until Xia Shuyue got off work,Two people take a taxi and leave together。
When I returned to the villa,Zhang Siwei is home,Xia Shuyue talked about Yang Yong’s application today。
Zhang Siwei smiled,“Is driving you,look by youself,Just feel right,Don’t need to tell me。”
Xia Shuyue is a little embarrassed,“I mainly think about the car and don’t know what to do,Do you still drive back and park in the garage every day??”After all, the car is expensive,She dare not call the shots,Afraid of losing!
Zhang Siwei smiled,“Your little head thought about these useless,Come to the garage every day,You need a car,People have to come first,How much time has to be lost?”
“and so,I’m worried!I think I’m back to put the garage,He is inconvenient for me,But drive him home,I am not at ease。”Xia Shuyue pouted。
“Don’t have to be so troublesome,Give the car to him and drive home every day,It’s convenient for him to pick you up in the morning,It’s convenient for him to go to get off work,In the carGPSPositioning,Can be found anywhere,Not afraid to lose,The only thing you have to do is to keep track of the number of kilometers after get off work,Can’t let him drive around。”
229 Teacher Yu

to be honest,Just appeared in the skinny and in front of,Right is a glimpse of it。

“Yongan Wang came to the night,What is the so-called?”
Scenic and enjoyment。
Only the fool doesn’t know why it is.,pity,Scenic and not fool,But I hope that I am a fool at the moment.。
“Of course, for a big event!”
High-tech munny,That kind of,Don’t know,I really thought that he was a thousand people in Qi Guo.。
Peak and I really want to take the end of the three countries in the hand.,Then let this go back and read the book.。
What you want to deal with,Is the author of this book!People who can write this book,Can it be a good person??
Even afraid of the Lao Luo that writes the Romance of the Three Kingdoms in history,That is also Zhang Shicheng’s counselor.!The strategy of itself is no problem.。
“Yongan Wang has something to speak。”
Peak and do not move。
He is actually wanting to send guests.。
“Tomorrow, God, the army opened the south,Then Kawu。After they left the city,It’s not a three days and two days.。
I hope that the general will open a city gate at night.。”
Finish,He handed a roll yellow silk to the skin and,Do not open the other party,Gao Yan is rushing:“After the event,Gyeonggi Metro,There is also a fortune,Belong to General。”
He didn’t say“Incident”,What is this thing?。But probably not need to understand it.,Silk promise inside,It should already be a problem.。
No need to do extra things,Just open the city gate at night,Similar to the policy,Come you can get a step!
Such“Good thing”,Don’t say it.,It is usually to dream of dreaming.,Too much illusory。
“Goddess army left,They will come back。”
Scenic and a bitter,Push the silk to high-tech,There is no excess。
“As long as Gao Bao is not there,Goddess army,It’s not used back。
Zhao Yan has promised to help to stabilize the palace,There are not many things to do.,Just open a door.。Very simple。”
Simple and simple,Not how to say how to say how,Pests and considers more。But at this moment, it is not good to refuse.,after all,The fish is dead.,Gao Jia people have poured hatred to themselves. It is a very embarrassing thing.。
After all, his skinny scene is not a Gao Baoyi.!
“I think about this.,Before tomorrow,Give you a reply。”
Scenic and reach out,Put the silk to the arms,The face of the high-tech board is eased.,The hand is going to the priest and a gift:“I will go first.,Wholly。”
NS1125chapter Taste of conspiracy(3)
Late at night,The Chu Wangfu living in Gao Baoyi,Outside the door is a lighting,Not only hanging lanterns,And I still have a fire,Will look around as white。
Don’t say that it is assassin.,It is a cat, dog.,It is nowhere to hide。
Scenic and tired pace,Put off a round of sergeant,Fukin City,Bridge over the Weihe River,Finally, finally entered the North City,Come to Gao Boyi。
Be right,Gao Boyi deliberately puts the house in the original residents.,邺 邺 城 邺 城 邺 城,Then this place,It’s just that he said.。
邺 南城 is not good,But every place in the North City,Have Gao Baoyi’s tentacles there。This place of green skin、Ligator、The city must even a small man in the government.,They are directly or indirectly related to Gao Biyi。

Think about it,As Hu Ge now,And wealth,I really don’t need to care what Chen Yin thinks about that short winter melon,Anyway, there is no intersection with him。

If you say you become an enemy,Then look a little bit at the guy Chen Yin。The audience in the live room,Don’t think that guy has the capital to be an enemy of Hu。
“it is good,Brother Hu, you have the final say。”Wen Wenhao said。
Their group,Did not stay in place and wait for Chen Yin to catch up to apologize,Just wander in this ancient street,Looking for treasure。They come out,Not just to pick up the leak,Increase experience?
Especially Xiao Gao,I hope that in this short period of time,Learn more from Brother Hu。
“what is this?”Xiao Gao from a small stall,Pick up something,Asked。
I saw,That is a bracelet,String a few things that look like lotus flowers,At a glance,Very buddhist,Very zen,Very attractive vision。
“Bro,This is a lotus flower,Not expensive,Only one hundred yuan,Let’s have a bunch!”The stall owner introduced。
Only one hundred yuan?
This is beyond Xiao Gao’s expectation,Look at this thing,Really beautiful,Seems to be natural,Maybe processed,But it’s definitely not completely carved out。He thought,Should be quite expensive。
“A hundred is a bit expensive,Our side,Dozens of dollars a lot。This is plain,Made of wild pineapple。There is a lot of sand on the beach,Just don’t have the time to pick it。”Hu Yang said。
This stuff,When I first appeared in the Wenwan circle,Zen-like appearance,Like a buddha lotus,Immediately sought after,A bracelet that used to be very ordinary,I bought it for several thousand yuan,And those boutique,Once hundreds of thousands were out of stock。
The drop of blood means its color,After playing,The color gradually becomes red,Especially the top is very red like blood。
however,The so-called dripping lotus bodhi,Was quickly exposed,The raw material is actually made of wild pineapple。
“and,You drop of blood lotus,Not a drop of blood,Poor quality!It is clear,It’s a new product that hasn’t been played before。”
See Hu Yang and continue,The stall owner interrupted immediately:“OK!OK!70 yuan for you!”
Seeing Xiao Gao’s inquiring eyes,Populus euphratica nodded slightly:“If you play by yourself,The price is still acceptable。in fact,Play it,It’s the same truth as Wenwan Walnut。”

Secretary down,Wang Zhenguo raised his chin and pondered。

Chen Geng prepares to move the COMACF150Airliner sold to McDonnell Douglas Group,He actually already knows,The prerequisite for this deal to be concluded is Air China、Eastern Airlines chose McDonnell Douglas in this intercontinental airlinerMD-11。
As for why he didn’t explain to the secretary that Air China purchased from McDonnell DouglasMD-11、In exchange for McDonnell Douglas Group to buy COMACF150Technical things,It’s actually easy to understand,After all, it’s just a matter of no character,But now from the point of view that Chen Geng and the senior management team of the entire COMAC are going to visit him,This thing seems to be a little eye-catching?
Honestly,When I first heard the news from Minister Guo,Wang Zhenguo thinks that COMAC is crazy:What a joke,That’s McDonnell!The world’s first aircraft is being developed“Full two floors”McDonnell Douglas, a large intercontinental wide-body airliner!In order to be able to obtain and assemble McDonnell DouglasMD-80Qualifications,It took so much effort?Now you say you want to sell your own aircraft technology to McDonnell Douglas?
Isn’t this nonsense!
Is it possible that the technical strength of your COMAC is even stronger than McDonnell Douglas?
After listening to Guo Wenxiang’s analysis,Wang Zhenguo understands,It is not that COMAC has surpassed McDonnell Douglas in aircraft manufacturing technology and R&D level,It’s a coincidence that the time of COMAC and Chen Gengka,It happened to be stuck in McDonnell Douglas and used all the fundsMD-12Research and development、The civil aviation market in today’s world,The demand for short- and medium-range narrow-body trunk aircraft has changed in a special stage,This makes this thing a little bit of possibility。
From the perspective of China,Of course, Wang Zhen’s domestic heart hopes that this deal can be concluded.,If COMAC can obtain this business after receiving the support of Air China,Whether it’s out of personal national sentiment or something else,He is also willing to support COMAC——Whose plane is not buying?,Since buying a McDonnell Douglas plane can help you,How about that bunch?Air China Group is also the COMAC GroupF100Big customers,Everyone is friends。
It’s just days passed,Chen Geng didn’t even say to come and sit down、Say two words of thanks,This makes Wang Zhenguo feel a little unhappy:It’s one thing that I am willing to help you,But you can’t just be so at ease?You think it’s over?
I thought I could let Chen Geng run away in person,Wang Zhenguo“Puff……”Laugh out loud:“Count your kid will be a man。”
Can let the world’s richest man visit him in person,have to say,Wang Zhenguo is still quite proud,The unpleasantness in my heart before disappeared instantly without a trace。
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First1058chapter I am not dead,You are all princes
Going to my heart,Air China Group gave a very high reception standard to the arrival of the COMAC Group,Wang Zhenguo and the leaders of Air China personally stood at the gate of the group headquarters and waited,The long red carpet extends from the entrance of the office building to the entrance of the compound,I don’t know what the heavyweight leader is here。
For this scene of Air China,Chen Geng is extremely calm:I haven’t seen anything?
Seeing Chen Geng getting off the car,Wang Zhenguo took the lead with a big smile on his face:“Mr. Chen,welcome,Your arrival makes Air China shine。”
“Mr. Wang, you are too kind,You blame me for being too late,”Chen Geng firmly held Wang Zhenguo’s hand,Smiled:“Air China is usF100The largest purchaser of aircraft,ourF120After completing the airworthiness certification work,Air China is the first to drop us off12HomeF120Orders,Air China has supported our work with practical actions,Thank you,It should be me thanking Mr. Wang and Air China for their support to COMAC。”

“If King Jun is here,Guess he dare to talk to me like this?”Lu Meng’s face is as heavy as iron,Said coldly。

“what?Haha!This wild boy is really serious!Bros!Don’t froze,Give him a good look,My Sun Sanlei wants to show him,What is arrogant!”Sun Sanlei cried out strangely,It also caused a lot of applause around。
How could Tu Shanming behind Lu Menglin bear this kind of sigh?,Grinned immediately:“grown ups,Leave it to me here!You go first!”
Talk about it,This guy draws a knife,One stop one hundred,Rush over。
Sun Sanlei wants to fight each other,Suddenly he pulled out the knife with great interest,Unambiguous。
“Wait!”No one thought,Lu Menglin suddenly made a noise at this time。
“Now I know regret?late!You guys dare to resist arrest,Kill without mercy!”Sun Sanlei shouted,There was a loud promise from all around。
Long Zhanye frowned,He is not
Got it。
These people present,Don’t look at the hundreds,No one can really fight,That is to say, the leader has forty-two levels,Reluctantly,Those left,All are around level 40,There are also 38 levels mixed in to charge,Mobs like this,Don’t say it’s Lord Wuhao,Even if it’s me and Tu Shanming,Just a rush,The opposite is mostly defeated。
Master Wu Hao is extremely anxious,At this moment, he stopped Tu Shanming,Is there something hidden in this?
“You are just cannon fodder,It’s just pushed out and sold。Who is in my way,Whoever will die!”Lu Menglin said coldly。
After speaking,He holds Leiji,Go straight to the group of people。
Maybe this scene is too weird,When Lu Menglin walked closer,None of those people dared to do it,Look at each other。
Because they really can’t understand,This young man is holding Leiji,Walk straight towards them,Isn’t he afraid of death?
Sun Sanlei,He saw Lu Menglin approached,I’m about to enter the crowd,If you don’t stop this kid,Where do I put my face??
then,Sun Sanlei yelled,Brandishing the sword in his hand impermeably,Hacked at someone。

After the three have finished speaking,We bowed and thanked He Bu together,Sincere。

He Bu obviously panicked,Stammered quickly:“Do not,not me!I did nothing!”
Wei Xiaoxing also followed:“You guys,Is there any misunderstanding??”
The voice has not fallen,The female mage named Xi looked at Wei Xiaoxing,Said to He Bu with a smile:“Little brother,Your pet looks pretty well-behaved,Where did you get it?I want to get one to play next time。”
“Pet?”He Bu、Wei Xiaoxing,Liu Niuer、All four of Lu Menglin were stunned。
“Little brother,You saved our lives,Don’t be polite to us!You should take these trophies!”The little priest in white robe smiled。
“Wait a minute,What the hell is a spiritual pet?When did I become his favorite?”Wei Xiaoxing is not happy this time,Don’t bring such a bully,You can dislike my weakness,But you have to treat me like a human!
The three of them ignored Wei Xiaoxing,You are not even a person,We don’t talk to pets,On the contrary, he was full of enthusiasm for He Bu。
He Bu was also a little panicked,Can’t help but cast his eyes on Teacher Lu。
Lu Menglin frowned slightly,He has been observing the members of these three gods,I always feel that there is an indescribable weirdness in the other party。
“Three,I made it just now,Do you know what i am?”Lu Menglin suddenly said,And when you speak, it’s strange things that everyone doesn’t understand。
What is called,Do you know what i am?Liu Niuer was taken aback first,Immediately showed a surprised expression,Lower your head immediately,Say nothing。
The young Taoist priest in white robe turned his head this time,Take a serious look at Lu Menglin,Then suddenly smiled:“Little brother,It’s okay with your spirit,But the hero you brought is really good!What spell did he use just now,Even Huang Quan Mo can control?”
“hero?What is it?”He Bu shook his head,Muttered。
At this moment,The female mage Xi blinked,Smiled:“Oh!I know,Because you are still young,Level too low,So I don’t understand anything!Which city are you a citizen?Need us to send you back?”
He Bu was really confused by the question,I had to look at Teacher Lu for help。