Think about it,As Hu Ge now,And wealth,I really don’t need to care what Chen Yin thinks about that short winter melon,Anyway, there is no intersection with him。

If you say you become an enemy,Then look a little bit at the guy Chen Yin。The audience in the live room,Don’t think that guy has the capital to be an enemy of Hu。
“it is good,Brother Hu, you have the final say。”Wen Wenhao said。
Their group,Did not stay in place and wait for Chen Yin to catch up to apologize,Just wander in this ancient street,Looking for treasure。They come out,Not just to pick up the leak,Increase experience?
Especially Xiao Gao,I hope that in this short period of time,Learn more from Brother Hu。
“what is this?”Xiao Gao from a small stall,Pick up something,Asked。
I saw,That is a bracelet,String a few things that look like lotus flowers,At a glance,Very buddhist,Very zen,Very attractive vision。
“Bro,This is a lotus flower,Not expensive,Only one hundred yuan,Let’s have a bunch!”The stall owner introduced。
Only one hundred yuan?
This is beyond Xiao Gao’s expectation,Look at this thing,Really beautiful,Seems to be natural,Maybe processed,But it’s definitely not completely carved out。He thought,Should be quite expensive。
“A hundred is a bit expensive,Our side,Dozens of dollars a lot。This is plain,Made of wild pineapple。There is a lot of sand on the beach,Just don’t have the time to pick it。”Hu Yang said。
This stuff,When I first appeared in the Wenwan circle,Zen-like appearance,Like a buddha lotus,Immediately sought after,A bracelet that used to be very ordinary,I bought it for several thousand yuan,And those boutique,Once hundreds of thousands were out of stock。
The drop of blood means its color,After playing,The color gradually becomes red,Especially the top is very red like blood。
however,The so-called dripping lotus bodhi,Was quickly exposed,The raw material is actually made of wild pineapple。
“and,You drop of blood lotus,Not a drop of blood,Poor quality!It is clear,It’s a new product that hasn’t been played before。”
See Hu Yang and continue,The stall owner interrupted immediately:“OK!OK!70 yuan for you!”
Seeing Xiao Gao’s inquiring eyes,Populus euphratica nodded slightly:“If you play by yourself,The price is still acceptable。in fact,Play it,It’s the same truth as Wenwan Walnut。”

Secretary down,Wang Zhenguo raised his chin and pondered。

Chen Geng prepares to move the COMACF150Airliner sold to McDonnell Douglas Group,He actually already knows,The prerequisite for this deal to be concluded is Air China、Eastern Airlines chose McDonnell Douglas in this intercontinental airlinerMD-11。
As for why he didn’t explain to the secretary that Air China purchased from McDonnell DouglasMD-11、In exchange for McDonnell Douglas Group to buy COMACF150Technical things,It’s actually easy to understand,After all, it’s just a matter of no character,But now from the point of view that Chen Geng and the senior management team of the entire COMAC are going to visit him,This thing seems to be a little eye-catching?
Honestly,When I first heard the news from Minister Guo,Wang Zhenguo thinks that COMAC is crazy:What a joke,That’s McDonnell!The world’s first aircraft is being developed“Full two floors”McDonnell Douglas, a large intercontinental wide-body airliner!In order to be able to obtain and assemble McDonnell DouglasMD-80Qualifications,It took so much effort?Now you say you want to sell your own aircraft technology to McDonnell Douglas?
Isn’t this nonsense!
Is it possible that the technical strength of your COMAC is even stronger than McDonnell Douglas?
After listening to Guo Wenxiang’s analysis,Wang Zhenguo understands,It is not that COMAC has surpassed McDonnell Douglas in aircraft manufacturing technology and R&D level,It’s a coincidence that the time of COMAC and Chen Gengka,It happened to be stuck in McDonnell Douglas and used all the fundsMD-12Research and development、The civil aviation market in today’s world,The demand for short- and medium-range narrow-body trunk aircraft has changed in a special stage,This makes this thing a little bit of possibility。
From the perspective of China,Of course, Wang Zhen’s domestic heart hopes that this deal can be concluded.,If COMAC can obtain this business after receiving the support of Air China,Whether it’s out of personal national sentiment or something else,He is also willing to support COMAC——Whose plane is not buying?,Since buying a McDonnell Douglas plane can help you,How about that bunch?Air China Group is also the COMAC GroupF100Big customers,Everyone is friends。
It’s just days passed,Chen Geng didn’t even say to come and sit down、Say two words of thanks,This makes Wang Zhenguo feel a little unhappy:It’s one thing that I am willing to help you,But you can’t just be so at ease?You think it’s over?
I thought I could let Chen Geng run away in person,Wang Zhenguo“Puff……”Laugh out loud:“Count your kid will be a man。”
Can let the world’s richest man visit him in person,have to say,Wang Zhenguo is still quite proud,The unpleasantness in my heart before disappeared instantly without a trace。
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First1058chapter I am not dead,You are all princes
Going to my heart,Air China Group gave a very high reception standard to the arrival of the COMAC Group,Wang Zhenguo and the leaders of Air China personally stood at the gate of the group headquarters and waited,The long red carpet extends from the entrance of the office building to the entrance of the compound,I don’t know what the heavyweight leader is here。
For this scene of Air China,Chen Geng is extremely calm:I haven’t seen anything?
Seeing Chen Geng getting off the car,Wang Zhenguo took the lead with a big smile on his face:“Mr. Chen,welcome,Your arrival makes Air China shine。”
“Mr. Wang, you are too kind,You blame me for being too late,”Chen Geng firmly held Wang Zhenguo’s hand,Smiled:“Air China is usF100The largest purchaser of aircraft,ourF120After completing the airworthiness certification work,Air China is the first to drop us off12HomeF120Orders,Air China has supported our work with practical actions,Thank you,It should be me thanking Mr. Wang and Air China for their support to COMAC。”

“If King Jun is here,Guess he dare to talk to me like this?”Lu Meng’s face is as heavy as iron,Said coldly。

“what?Haha!This wild boy is really serious!Bros!Don’t froze,Give him a good look,My Sun Sanlei wants to show him,What is arrogant!”Sun Sanlei cried out strangely,It also caused a lot of applause around。
How could Tu Shanming behind Lu Menglin bear this kind of sigh?,Grinned immediately:“grown ups,Leave it to me here!You go first!”
Talk about it,This guy draws a knife,One stop one hundred,Rush over。
Sun Sanlei wants to fight each other,Suddenly he pulled out the knife with great interest,Unambiguous。
“Wait!”No one thought,Lu Menglin suddenly made a noise at this time。
“Now I know regret?late!You guys dare to resist arrest,Kill without mercy!”Sun Sanlei shouted,There was a loud promise from all around。
Long Zhanye frowned,He is not
Got it。
These people present,Don’t look at the hundreds,No one can really fight,That is to say, the leader has forty-two levels,Reluctantly,Those left,All are around level 40,There are also 38 levels mixed in to charge,Mobs like this,Don’t say it’s Lord Wuhao,Even if it’s me and Tu Shanming,Just a rush,The opposite is mostly defeated。
Master Wu Hao is extremely anxious,At this moment, he stopped Tu Shanming,Is there something hidden in this?
“You are just cannon fodder,It’s just pushed out and sold。Who is in my way,Whoever will die!”Lu Menglin said coldly。
After speaking,He holds Leiji,Go straight to the group of people。
Maybe this scene is too weird,When Lu Menglin walked closer,None of those people dared to do it,Look at each other。
Because they really can’t understand,This young man is holding Leiji,Walk straight towards them,Isn’t he afraid of death?
Sun Sanlei,He saw Lu Menglin approached,I’m about to enter the crowd,If you don’t stop this kid,Where do I put my face??
then,Sun Sanlei yelled,Brandishing the sword in his hand impermeably,Hacked at someone。

After the three have finished speaking,We bowed and thanked He Bu together,Sincere。

He Bu obviously panicked,Stammered quickly:“Do not,not me!I did nothing!”
Wei Xiaoxing also followed:“You guys,Is there any misunderstanding??”
The voice has not fallen,The female mage named Xi looked at Wei Xiaoxing,Said to He Bu with a smile:“Little brother,Your pet looks pretty well-behaved,Where did you get it?I want to get one to play next time。”
“Pet?”He Bu、Wei Xiaoxing,Liu Niuer、All four of Lu Menglin were stunned。
“Little brother,You saved our lives,Don’t be polite to us!You should take these trophies!”The little priest in white robe smiled。
“Wait a minute,What the hell is a spiritual pet?When did I become his favorite?”Wei Xiaoxing is not happy this time,Don’t bring such a bully,You can dislike my weakness,But you have to treat me like a human!
The three of them ignored Wei Xiaoxing,You are not even a person,We don’t talk to pets,On the contrary, he was full of enthusiasm for He Bu。
He Bu was also a little panicked,Can’t help but cast his eyes on Teacher Lu。
Lu Menglin frowned slightly,He has been observing the members of these three gods,I always feel that there is an indescribable weirdness in the other party。
“Three,I made it just now,Do you know what i am?”Lu Menglin suddenly said,And when you speak, it’s strange things that everyone doesn’t understand。
What is called,Do you know what i am?Liu Niuer was taken aback first,Immediately showed a surprised expression,Lower your head immediately,Say nothing。
The young Taoist priest in white robe turned his head this time,Take a serious look at Lu Menglin,Then suddenly smiled:“Little brother,It’s okay with your spirit,But the hero you brought is really good!What spell did he use just now,Even Huang Quan Mo can control?”
“hero?What is it?”He Bu shook his head,Muttered。
At this moment,The female mage Xi blinked,Smiled:“Oh!I know,Because you are still young,Level too low,So I don’t understand anything!Which city are you a citizen?Need us to send you back?”
He Bu was really confused by the question,I had to look at Teacher Lu for help。

Talking,The girl patted herself on the chest,A terrified expression,Made everyone laugh。

“Don’t wrong Wen Yunyun!”
This is what Lin Manzhen said,Last time because of Wang Zhenjie’s girlfriend relationship broke down,Haven’t spoken for a long time,Now Wen Yunyun is happy to see that she actually speaks for herself。
“still you.”
Have not finished,Lin Man really interrupted,“Listen to my dad,They went to jail,I haven’t been,I heard that his parents came to my house and begged my dad for help!”
First51chapter Wen Yunyun was beaten
Hear words,Everyone burst into laughter,She didn’t care about Wen Yunyun’s increasingly ugly expression,Saw her collapse,Lin Manzhen’s eyes flashed with pride。
I heard that Wang Zhenjie is going to be discharged,Dress yourself up,But learned that he went to find Wen Yunyun!Why doesn’t this make her sad?Why not hate?
“What are you guys!You guys are worthy to call me?”
Wen Yunyun is not a wronged person,I heard everyone laugh at myself,Got angry right away,Regardless of whether the other party is crowded or not,Direct curse。
Hear her,Some classmates with poor family conditions,No sound,But his face is also ugly,But the conditions at home are not bad,Didn’t get used to her at all!
“What are we?At least we are not like someone,Xiaosan’s daughter,Jump every day,And also a prisoner!Tut tut!”

Ye Qingqing simply expressed his attitude and opinion,No further defense,Can sit here and receive the money,It is indeed related to my own efforts,But it is indeed inseparable from Ding Sheng and their capital operation behind their own。

“What happened?”
Xiang Chen seems to be back,Kneaded my eyes,I wanted to sleep till the end of this boring party,But these three people around me,There is really no way to create a good sleeping atmosphere for myself,Especially Li Tianxing,Always increasing prices,Disturbing dreams。
Xiang Chen woke up suddenly,No one has answered Xiang Chen’s question yet,The waiter at the reception is also carrying something,Let Li Tianxing sign。
“It seems to have spent a lot of money!”
In the auction,Although Xiang Chen has not participated in similar interactions,But Xiang Chen saw the scene before him,Can understand,What is happening。
Li Tianxing smiled at Xiang Chen who only woke up,Said:“I spent a lot of money,I just don’t understand why I have to sign every time the auction is successful,Take a look!Did my character grow a lot??”

Chapter five hundred and fourteen Infighting
Among all the people present,Li Tianxing is certainly not the richest,But he is most willing to spend money,After he took the third item,Every success,It’s all in a certain way,Same result。
So that,The look in his eyes changed a lot every time the waitress who came to him to sign for confirmation looked at him。
After the scribbled signature,Li Tianxing was not in a hurry to hand the documents back to the waitress,Instead, Xiang Xiangchen showed off his handwriting。
“I don’t feel bad for spending money like this?”
Xiang Chen saw a lot of Li Tianxing’s names,He doesn’t think there will be Li Tianxing’s personal fans here,So what do these names mean,That’s obvious。
Look at Li Tianxing,Xiang Chen doesn’t know if Xiangyang’s children will be like this in the future,Spend big money,Spend money like running water。
The efforts of previous generations,People behind can’t see,For them,There is a big mountain at home,It won’t matter if you throw a few big rocks。
Xiang Chen is distracted,Knowing that Li Tianxing’s palm is dangling in front of his eyes,Xiang Chen is back,Inquiring look at Li Tianxing,Ask him what he wants with his eyes?
“You won’t listen to me all the time?”

As everyone knows, the moment Xiao Fan turned around,Lin Yoona who was lying on the bed suddenly opened her eyes。

Lin Yuner looked at Xiao Fan’s back,A few drops of tears fell from the corner of her eyes.,At this moment,Lin Yoona’s heart was full of emotions。
Chapter Three Hundred and Thirty One relieve fatigue
Soon,Came from the bathroom“Rushing”The sound of running water,Lin Yuna knows,This is Xiao Fan putting bath water for her。
The irritable mood just now has been unknowingly replaced by Xiao Fan’s full of love。
Although Lin Yuner’s heart is not particularly clear about Xiao Fan’s true strength,But one thing,Lin Yoona’s heart is very sure,That is Xiao Fan is definitely not an ordinary person。
And not only is he not an ordinary person,Still a very, very capable person,And his kind of strength is not what I can imagine。
but,Just such a person,Such an omnipotent man,But I am willing to be in my own home,Accept,It’s just years of grievance。
later,He used his strength to help himself again and again,Helped the Lin family,In exchange for everyone’s respect for him。
but,Even so,Xiao Fan still failed to get rid of his practice of putting himself first,anytime,As long as you need it,Whether it’s a major company issue,Still small things in life,He is always the first time to help himself deal with it。
and,Never complained。
Like it is now,Even the little things like putting bath water,Xiao Fan is willing to do it for himself。
Be like this,What’s not satisfied with Lin Yoona??
Withdraw my gaze to look at the bathroom,Because there is no longer Xiao Fan in sight。
She closed her eyes obediently,Close your eyes。
Soon,Xiao Fan put the bath water and walked out,Wait till he comes to the bed,When I want Lin Yoona to take a hot bath,He found that Lin Yuner unexpectedly heard a uniform breathing。

But the snake girl is really quite interesting,Took the initiative to solve the trouble of the Zhu family for Lu Menglin,It’s not so much to reciprocate,Rather, it’s because of the fear of the great sage Lu Menglin,Deliberately please。

Since the Zhu family no longer poses any threat,Lu Menglin and the four have no need to stay in Jincheng anymore。
Just when they were about to leave the hotel,When going to the airport,Lu Menglin unexpectedly received a call。
“Hey,Lu Menglin,it’s me!I have arrived at Jincheng Airport,Where are you?”What came from the phone was a long-lost voice,While full of magnetism,There is also an indescribable confidence。
Lu Menglin was a little surprised,Replied quickly:“Our Shangri-La hotel in the city center,Ready to go to the airport!How did you come?Is there anything i can help?”
“Count you!Then come to the airport!I’ll wait for you at the airport!I’m here specifically for you,I’ll talk after you meet。”Jiang Jinghong’s voice was on the other end of the phone,As old as passionate。
“it is good!wait for me!Coming soon!”Lu Menglin hung up after speaking,No more。
Jiang Jinghong suddenly appeared in Jincheng,And came here to find myself,This surprised Lu Menglin,I thought she would never come to intercede for the Zhu family, right??
It’s a pity that the Zhu family,Actually, it really has nothing to do with me,I’m afraid I will disappoint her。
Talked to the other three brothers,The four rushed to Jincheng Airport。
Jiang Jinghong has been waiting for a long time,Already a little impatient。
Hello sister!Why are you looking for me in such a hurry??”Reunion,Of course Lu Menglin smiled,Greeting。
Jiang Jinghong glanced at the three people behind Lu Menglin,Nod at them slightly,Said:“I have something to discuss with you,Let’s talk a few words alone。”
Listen to her,Chen Jiannan and they are very acquainted and walk away quickly,Leave room for Jiang Jinghong and Lu Menglin。


Chapter four hundred and ten Su Ran was fined
Xiao Fan knew that Old Fan wouldn’t be so easy to agree to let Su Ran approach danger,If he will send Su Ran abroad, he must have planned Su’s way out for half a lifetime。
Everyone says that Fan Lao is ruthless and righteous,Inhumane fireworks,Live for the self,Only Xiao Fan knows,When Fan Lao treats someone sincerely,I will give all my hard work。
As long as they are valued by Fan Lao,I also know very well what this old Fan is like,Knowing that sometimes he is hard-mouthed and soft-hearted,and so,Even in normal times,What kind of punishment does Lao Fan punish them?,These people are also treated as a kind of love for them.。
this matter,If Mr. Fan doesn’t agree,Xiao Fan will never force,After all, everyone has the right to protect their loved ones。
Su Ran followed Fan Lao to the secret room,This secret room,It’s Fan Lao’s private domain,Even Xiao Fan has only been lucky enough to meet him once,Su Ran knows what it means to bring her to the secret room。
Su Ran promised Fan Lao before going abroad,I will never touch areas that shouldn’t belong to her in this life,And don’t put yourself in danger,He also promised that Mr. Fan would continue to hide his identity after returning home,Live safely。right now,But want……
Su Ran broke his promise first,If grandpa wants to punish her today,She will definitely accept,I even hope Fan will punish her,This way, Old Fan might feel better,Not so angry anymore。
Fan Lao Lu was cold from beginning to end,Not say a word,He has protected Su Ran so well for so many years,Do you want to watch her go in danger like this?。
To the secret room,Old Fan glanced at Su Ran and said:“Just stay here and give me reflection,Without my permission,You are not allowed to go out this door!”
Su Ran stayed in the secret room,When Fan Lao turned and left,She suddenly said:“grandfather,I accept your punishment,I also know that I’m not keeping promises,I worry about you,But I really want to manage the base with Shen Lin,I want to live a different life。”
Old Fan shook his head helplessly,Sighed and said:“You want to live a different life now,It’s too late to regret after you experience it。”Turn around and leave。

November 8th NBA online live video Pistons vs Clippers Zhuang Shen pk Little Jordan_1


November 8th NBA Online Video Live Pistons vs Clippers Zhuang Shen PK Jordan
At 11:30 on November 08, 2016, Beijing time, the NBA regular season Clippers VS Pistons.The Clippers’ goal this season is to reach the Western Conference finals, and the team has performed very well in the new season.The Pistons also performed very well, with Drummond inside playing stably, but there was a certain gap between the team and the Clippers in the depth of the bench.The game will be broadcast live at half an hour in advance at 11:00 am on the 8th.Click on the picture to enter the video live room. More Pistons vs Clippers live broadcast address: QQ live (no plug-in) QQ live 2 (no plug-in) QQ live 3 (no plug-in) interactive graphic live score live broadcast Zhuang Shen vs. Xiao Jordan: Competition of top defensive teams]In tomorrow’s game between the Pistons and Clippers, defense may be the key to the final decision.Both teams are strong defensive teams this season, and the Clippers averaged 90 points per game.7 points, ranking first in the league, and their average per game is 102.7 points.The Pistons are second only to the Clippers in scoring points per game. They averaged 93 points and averaged 100 points.5 points.  The Clippers point guard Chris Paul is currently ranked first in the league steals list, he can contribute 3 per game.5 steals.The Clippers averaged 10 steals per game.0 times, ranked first in the league.  Drummond of the Pistons is the top defender in the post, averaging 14.With 7 rebounds, the Pistons averaged 47 per game.Three rebounds, ranked fifth in the league.The Clippers rank 11 in this statistic, and their team averages 45 per game.2 rebounds.In terms of offensive rebounds, the two teams are equal, with an average of 10 offensive rebounds per game.2.  It is foreseeable that the contest between the two teams must be a brutal defensive battle. Whoever can better control the opponent’s game and who can better control the rebound is likely to win the game.[Star Showdown: Jordan Jr.’s melee in the basket]As a substitute for the top defender in the post, the contest between Drummond and Jordan Jr. will be very exciting.  In this season’s game, Drummond is averaging 13.7 points, 14.7 rebounds, 1.5 assists, 1.3 steals and 1.5 bilateral; Jordan is averaging 9.0 points, 12.3 rebounds, 0.5 assists, 0.3 steals and 2.Start with 0.From the data point of view, Drummond is better than Little Jordan, but this is related to the role of the two in the team.  Jordan is a defender and end point in the Clippers, while Drummond is the core of the piston tactics.  However, the two individuals are very similar, that is, bad free throws.Drummond and Jordan Jr. were one of the league’s worst free throwers last season, and this situation has not changed in the new season.In 6 games of the new season, Jordan Jr. made a free throw and reset.6%, a new career low.Drummond reset his free throws in the first 6 games by 48.5% is the height he has never reached in his career.[Recent status of the two sides: Clippers have won in the past 5 years]The Pistons are currently ranked fifth in the east with 4 wins and 2 losses, and the Clippers are ranked second in the west with 5 wins and 1 loss.After the Pistons achieved a three-game winning streak, the last game unexpectedly lost to the Nets. Both away games this season lost.  In addition to losing one game to the Thunder, the Clippers maintained a victory in other games.In the last game, the Clippers easily defeated the Memphis Grizzlies.  In the past 5 seasons, the two teams have fought a total of 9 times, of which the Clippers won 9 games.In the last two matches between the two sides last season, the Pistons narrowed the gap between the two teams, and both games lost with a slight gap.[Comment before the game: Griffin is ready for defense]Pistons coach Van Gundy recently praised the team’s replacement strikers Harris and Marcus Morris.Van Gundy said that Harris is always eager to become stronger and very mature.In his coaching of the Pistons, Harris will take the initiative to find where he needs to improve, and never make any excuses for himself.  At the time of Morris, Van Gundy said: Morris and Harris are a type of player, and they will continue to improve.  The Clippers have already started the hardship of this game. Their starting power forward Griffin said: Everything must start from the defense.This is something we have been talking about, but it is by no means an exaggeration.[Expected starting]Pistons: Ismail-Smith, Pope, Harris, Marcus Morris, Drummond Clippers: Paul, Redick, Bamot, Griffin, Jordan Jr.