But the snake girl is really quite interesting,Took the initiative to solve the trouble of the Zhu family for Lu Menglin,It’s not so much to reciprocate,Rather, it’s because of the fear of the great sage Lu Menglin,Deliberately please。

Since the Zhu family no longer poses any threat,Lu Menglin and the four have no need to stay in Jincheng anymore。
Just when they were about to leave the hotel,When going to the airport,Lu Menglin unexpectedly received a call。
“Hey,Lu Menglin,it’s me!I have arrived at Jincheng Airport,Where are you?”What came from the phone was a long-lost voice,While full of magnetism,There is also an indescribable confidence。
Lu Menglin was a little surprised,Replied quickly:“Our Shangri-La hotel in the city center,Ready to go to the airport!How did you come?Is there anything i can help?”
“Count you!Then come to the airport!I’ll wait for you at the airport!I’m here specifically for you,I’ll talk after you meet。”Jiang Jinghong’s voice was on the other end of the phone,As old as passionate。
“it is good!wait for me!Coming soon!”Lu Menglin hung up after speaking,No more。
Jiang Jinghong suddenly appeared in Jincheng,And came here to find myself,This surprised Lu Menglin,I thought she would never come to intercede for the Zhu family, right??
It’s a pity that the Zhu family,Actually, it really has nothing to do with me,I’m afraid I will disappoint her。
Talked to the other three brothers,The four rushed to Jincheng Airport。
Jiang Jinghong has been waiting for a long time,Already a little impatient。
Hello sister!Why are you looking for me in such a hurry??”Reunion,Of course Lu Menglin smiled,Greeting。
Jiang Jinghong glanced at the three people behind Lu Menglin,Nod at them slightly,Said:“I have something to discuss with you,Let’s talk a few words alone。”
Listen to her,Chen Jiannan and they are very acquainted and walk away quickly,Leave room for Jiang Jinghong and Lu Menglin。


Chapter four hundred and ten Su Ran was fined
Xiao Fan knew that Old Fan wouldn’t be so easy to agree to let Su Ran approach danger,If he will send Su Ran abroad, he must have planned Su’s way out for half a lifetime。
Everyone says that Fan Lao is ruthless and righteous,Inhumane fireworks,Live for the self,Only Xiao Fan knows,When Fan Lao treats someone sincerely,I will give all my hard work。
As long as they are valued by Fan Lao,I also know very well what this old Fan is like,Knowing that sometimes he is hard-mouthed and soft-hearted,and so,Even in normal times,What kind of punishment does Lao Fan punish them?,These people are also treated as a kind of love for them.。
this matter,If Mr. Fan doesn’t agree,Xiao Fan will never force,After all, everyone has the right to protect their loved ones。
Su Ran followed Fan Lao to the secret room,This secret room,It’s Fan Lao’s private domain,Even Xiao Fan has only been lucky enough to meet him once,Su Ran knows what it means to bring her to the secret room。
Su Ran promised Fan Lao before going abroad,I will never touch areas that shouldn’t belong to her in this life,And don’t put yourself in danger,He also promised that Mr. Fan would continue to hide his identity after returning home,Live safely。right now,But want……
Su Ran broke his promise first,If grandpa wants to punish her today,She will definitely accept,I even hope Fan will punish her,This way, Old Fan might feel better,Not so angry anymore。
Fan Lao Lu was cold from beginning to end,Not say a word,He has protected Su Ran so well for so many years,Do you want to watch her go in danger like this?。
To the secret room,Old Fan glanced at Su Ran and said:“Just stay here and give me reflection,Without my permission,You are not allowed to go out this door!”
Su Ran stayed in the secret room,When Fan Lao turned and left,She suddenly said:“grandfather,I accept your punishment,I also know that I’m not keeping promises,I worry about you,But I really want to manage the base with Shen Lin,I want to live a different life。”
Old Fan shook his head helplessly,Sighed and said:“You want to live a different life now,It’s too late to regret after you experience it。”Turn around and leave。

November 8th NBA online live video Pistons vs Clippers Zhuang Shen pk Little Jordan_1


November 8th NBA Online Video Live Pistons vs Clippers Zhuang Shen PK Jordan
At 11:30 on November 08, 2016, Beijing time, the NBA regular season Clippers VS Pistons.The Clippers’ goal this season is to reach the Western Conference finals, and the team has performed very well in the new season.The Pistons also performed very well, with Drummond inside playing stably, but there was a certain gap between the team and the Clippers in the depth of the bench.The game will be broadcast live at half an hour in advance at 11:00 am on the 8th.Click on the picture to enter the video live room. More Pistons vs Clippers live broadcast address: QQ live (no plug-in) QQ live 2 (no plug-in) QQ live 3 (no plug-in) interactive graphic live score live broadcast Zhuang Shen vs. Xiao Jordan: Competition of top defensive teams]In tomorrow’s game between the Pistons and Clippers, defense may be the key to the final decision.Both teams are strong defensive teams this season, and the Clippers averaged 90 points per game.7 points, ranking first in the league, and their average per game is 102.7 points.The Pistons are second only to the Clippers in scoring points per game. They averaged 93 points and averaged 100 points.5 points.  The Clippers point guard Chris Paul is currently ranked first in the league steals list, he can contribute 3 per game.5 steals.The Clippers averaged 10 steals per game.0 times, ranked first in the league.  Drummond of the Pistons is the top defender in the post, averaging 14.With 7 rebounds, the Pistons averaged 47 per game.Three rebounds, ranked fifth in the league.The Clippers rank 11 in this statistic, and their team averages 45 per game.2 rebounds.In terms of offensive rebounds, the two teams are equal, with an average of 10 offensive rebounds per game.2.  It is foreseeable that the contest between the two teams must be a brutal defensive battle. Whoever can better control the opponent’s game and who can better control the rebound is likely to win the game.[Star Showdown: Jordan Jr.’s melee in the basket]As a substitute for the top defender in the post, the contest between Drummond and Jordan Jr. will be very exciting.  In this season’s game, Drummond is averaging 13.7 points, 14.7 rebounds, 1.5 assists, 1.3 steals and 1.5 bilateral; Jordan is averaging 9.0 points, 12.3 rebounds, 0.5 assists, 0.3 steals and 2.Start with 0.From the data point of view, Drummond is better than Little Jordan, but this is related to the role of the two in the team.  Jordan is a defender and end point in the Clippers, while Drummond is the core of the piston tactics.  However, the two individuals are very similar, that is, bad free throws.Drummond and Jordan Jr. were one of the league’s worst free throwers last season, and this situation has not changed in the new season.In 6 games of the new season, Jordan Jr. made a free throw and reset.6%, a new career low.Drummond reset his free throws in the first 6 games by 48.5% is the height he has never reached in his career.[Recent status of the two sides: Clippers have won in the past 5 years]The Pistons are currently ranked fifth in the east with 4 wins and 2 losses, and the Clippers are ranked second in the west with 5 wins and 1 loss.After the Pistons achieved a three-game winning streak, the last game unexpectedly lost to the Nets. Both away games this season lost.  In addition to losing one game to the Thunder, the Clippers maintained a victory in other games.In the last game, the Clippers easily defeated the Memphis Grizzlies.  In the past 5 seasons, the two teams have fought a total of 9 times, of which the Clippers won 9 games.In the last two matches between the two sides last season, the Pistons narrowed the gap between the two teams, and both games lost with a slight gap.[Comment before the game: Griffin is ready for defense]Pistons coach Van Gundy recently praised the team’s replacement strikers Harris and Marcus Morris.Van Gundy said that Harris is always eager to become stronger and very mature.In his coaching of the Pistons, Harris will take the initiative to find where he needs to improve, and never make any excuses for himself.  At the time of Morris, Van Gundy said: Morris and Harris are a type of player, and they will continue to improve.  The Clippers have already started the hardship of this game. Their starting power forward Griffin said: Everything must start from the defense.This is something we have been talking about, but it is by no means an exaggeration.[Expected starting]Pistons: Ismail-Smith, Pope, Harris, Marcus Morris, Drummond Clippers: Paul, Redick, Bamot, Griffin, Jordan Jr.

Tesla China raises Model 3 minimum


Tesla China raises Model 3 minimum
On April 24, Tesla China’s official website showed that the 3-standard battery life upgrade version and the long-life battery version made in China increased by 4,500 yuan and 5,000 yuan, respectively, and the current 3-standard battery life upgrade version was 30 after the decrease.3.55 million yuan, the long-life version is 34.4.05 million, while the advanced version that will be delivered in January and January next year will remain unchanged at a minimum of 41.980,000 yuan.Yesterday, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other four ministries jointly issued the “Notice on Improving the Promotion and Application of Financial Subsidy Policies for New Energy Vehicles”, mentioning that new energy vehicles with a starting price of more than 30 million US dollars will no longer enjoy subsidies, but support the power replacement modelThe exception is the vehicle, which officially came into effect on July 22.The “Notice” clarifies that during the transition period from April 23 to July 22, sales of branded vehicles that meet the requirements of the 2019 technical indicators but do not meet the requirements of the 2020 technical indicators will be given 0 according to the corresponding standards of the new energy subsidy policy last year.5 times subsidy, the sales of listed vehicles that meet the requirements of 2020 technical indicators will be subsidized according to the 2020 standard.Because the thickness is more than 300,000 and does not support power replacement, Tesla China’s current cars will not be able to continue to enjoy new energy subsidies on July 22 this year.However, the research report of CICC pointed out that the 30 million door cloud line will force many brands, including Tesla Model3, to decrease by the middle of the year, accelerate the increase in the localization rate of parts, and bring more by the price reduction.Order speed up.Sauna, Night Net Editor Lu Caifu Yue Caizhou proofreading Liu Jun

[How do old turtles eat well]_Method_Efficacy

Searching for troubles and troubles in the pot: the world ‘s most powerful patents, the world ‘s patents, the world ‘s patents, the world ‘s most powerful, the world ‘s most powerful, the world ‘s most powerful, the world ‘s most powerful, the world ‘s most powerful, the world ‘sInsufficiency and infringement are the most important thing: the front and back of the pot, the top of the pot, the top of the pot, the top of the pot, the top and the bottom of the river, the way to go, the way to go, the way, the way, the way, the way, the way, the way, the way, the way, the way, the way旇緝宸殑浜烘潵璇达紝閫傚綋鐨勫悆涓€浜涳紝鏈夊緢濂界殑琛ョ泭韬綋鐨勪綔鐢紝鑰屼笖鍛抽亾涔熸瘮杈冮矞缇庯紝鑰侀硸鐨勫仛娉曚篃鏄瘮杈冨鐨勶紝鍙互鍋氭垚鑽喅鍏荤敓槌栫瓑绛夛紝鎴戜滑鏉ョ湅涓€涓嬨€傝嵂鑶冲吇鐢熼硸绠€浠?I’m sorry, I’m going to pick you up, I’ll pick you up, I’m going to do it, I’m not afraid of it, I don’t know how to do it, I don’t want to donate it, I don’t want to donate it.偪澶х瓑鐥囷紱 槌栫敳鎬у瘨锛屽唴鍚泲鐧借川銆佽兌璐ㄣ€佺淮鐢熺礌绛夛紝鏈夋粙闃淬€侀櫎鐑€佹暎缁撱€佹秷鐥炪€佺泭鑲俱€佸仴楠ㄤ箣鍔熸晥锛岃兘鏁f筏琛€锛岃皟鏈堢粡锛屾秷鑴捐偪锛岄櫎鐥ㄧ儹锛?槌栧ご鍙不瀛愬鑴卞瀭銆佸皬鍎胯劚鑲涚瓑鐥囷紱槌栬涓烘粙闃撮€€鐑箣鑹嵂锛屽彲鐢ㄤ簬鑲虹粨鏍告墍Tweezers Cui Sui Qiang Qiang   銙 f 滩 廛 劁 傆 傛 揗 揓 揓 揓 擓 擓 哓 揓 擓 擓 哓 揓 揓 擓 流 罐?The hammer?鍙紝鑽喅閫傞噺锛岃洡铚婇€傞噺鍋氭硶1銆侀浮鑵匡紙鍦熼浮鎴栦箤楠ㄩ浮锛夊拰槌栨礂鍑€鍒囧潡锛岀◢宸濈儷鍘昏姘达紝澶囩敤銆?銆 ? 璆 銆 焪 綉 稉?銆戠殑椋熸潗涓庡拰鍏朵粬閰嶆枡缃叆鍐呴攨锛屽姞姘存饭杩囬鏉愶紝鎸夋枡鐞嗘ā寮忋€婅倝绫汇€嬨€?You can’t wait for a while. You can’t wait for a while. You can’t do it. You can’t do it. You can’t do it. We can’t do it. You can’t do it.Regarding the letter of fortune, the committee member of the government and the committee of law and order, the government of the country and the people of the world, the chain of disease, the chain of disease, the silicon, the silicon, the system, the system and the system, the key is to repair the disease.Can you draw a picture of the effect of reading the details of 1 揜 洪  揶 囶 椂 闂 up to 3 fine 椏 椂 餭 揭 揭 懭 枡 枡 採 採 採 採 採 採 採 採 枡 採 枡 採 枡 採 枡 採 枡 採 揤0 Weibirenbang 30  Yan Wei Biren Zaogangguojuan?0 鍏 嬶 楴 楦 ¤ 倝 50 鍏 嬶 庴 娓 呴 尴 450 姣 傀 咂 嘀 傞 噺 噺 噺 噆 囆 傉 傉 傉 傉 嗉 嗉?1) What is the version of the Chinese version of 撃 庖 庯 纴 鏀 fear 叆 75 鎽 勬 璬 搴 ︽ Biaojun Cui Fuxian?Do you want to press the button?2) What’s the difference between the hammer and the hammer?3) Copernicium Cainue 900 Zuxiang  Lu Jiao  Ju mistress Village Nin 450 Ju Wei Xu Jiao  tired Wan Tuo Ren Hay ュ Hezun  scorch Ren Xiao Tan Biao Yu great fortune hammer Ci Fort TOWER?4) Last but not least, press the key?00 姣  崌 推 汨 堡 屜 咜 哜 哜 叡 燂 燴 纴 珴 圴 峸 姹 ゅ 囿 姿 300 姣  和 啞 讹 纴 男 犵 璂 璋 咨 凗 銆?5) What is the best way to do it? If you are afraid of you, you will be afraid of you.6)灏嗙焊閿呯疆鐐倝涓婂姞鐑繘椋熴€傚績寰?5鎽勬皬搴︾殑姘存俯鏄蹈槌栭櫎鑶滅殑鐞嗘兂娓╁害銆傛竻鐐栭┈韫勯硸鏉愭枡鍑€椹箘槌?(Chacha Ben) 1) Hazard 600; Haha; Haha; Haha: Haha: Haha: Haha: Haha: Haha: Haha: Haha: Haha: Haha: Haha: Haha: Haha: 600?Sorry, I’m sick of 25, and I’m so beautiful. I’m 3, and I’m so beautiful. ℃  經?协 嬶 楴 last ℃ fort 750 鍏 嬶 庴 鐚  裝 25 鍏 嬶 麴 哋 和 娌?0鍏嬶紝鍐扮硸3鍏嬨€傚仛娉?銆佸皢鐏吙鍒囨垚鐗囥€傚噣椹箘槌栧墎鎴愬潡銆傚鍒囩墖銆?銆佺敳楸煎潡涓嬪叆娌告按閿呭唴鐓紑鎹炲嚭鍐叉礂鍑€锛屾播鍘绘按銆?銆佸皢鐢查奔鍧楁寜鍘熷舰鐮佸叆娌欓攨鍐咃紝鏀惧叆鐏吙鐗囥€佽懕缁撱€佸鐗囥€佺伀鑵块銆佺粛娲掋€侀浮姹ゃ€佺尓娌广€佺簿鐩愩€佸啺绯栫儳寮€锛屾拠鍑€娴搏锛岀倴鑷崇啛鐑傦紝鍘绘帀鐏吙楠紟钁便€佸锛屽姞鑳℃绮夈€佽姖楹绘补鍗虫垚銆傚皬璇€绐嶇壒鐐硅蒋鐑傞唶棣欙紝姹ら矞娴撻儊銆傛搷浣滄彁绀虹This is the best way to find out what is the best way to do it:  割 镙 標 訙 栫 树 树 湑 渑 Key 佸 Key 屽 啾 尼 竴 瀹 氲  鐢 鐆 銆 銆 銆 鐆

[Drinking tea like this makes you short-lived]_How to drink_How to drink

Uncles and uncles, uncles and uncles, villages, villages, villages, villages, villages, and villages, all over the world, the chain, the chain, the chain, the chain, the chain, the chain, the chain, the chain, the chain, the chain, the chain, the chain, the chain, the chain, the chain, the chain, the chain, the chain, the chain, the chain, the chain, the chain, the chain, the chain, the chain, the chain, the chain, and the chain.変簺鑼跺彲浠ユ敼鍠勪汉浣撴満鑳姐€傚鏋滄兂閫氳繃鍠濊尪鏉ユ敼鍠勪汉浣撲竴浜涚柧鐥咃紝闇€瑕佹帉鎻℃纭殑鍠濊尪鏂瑰紡锛岄€夋嫨閫傚悎鑷繁鐨勮尪鍙躲€傚鏋滄寜鐓т笅闈㈠唴瀹硅繖鏍峰枬鑼惰浣犲懡鐭槸浠堕潪甯稿鏄撶殑浜嬫儏锛屼竴璧锋潵浜嗚В涓嬩笉姝g‘鐨勫枬鑼舵柟寮忓惂锝炰竴銆侀偅浜涢敊璇What’s the difference?1 TOWER crafty Chun Juan Mian Nan gong stamp  Hamamatsu H Hong pot ュ defended Does Not Feng TOWER efficiency ぇ Chán Dongkai fermium Ju costumes of Fen visiting Lu Hamamatsu Hong Jing Chán ц Dating mustard Yi chain Bian Cun Yue Yang Jingrou bake Lian fermium勶紝涓€鑸潵璁诧紝涓嶈鏄粈涔堣尪锛岄兘鏈€濂戒笉瑕侀€夋嫨鍦ㄦ櫄涓婂枬锛屽挨鍏舵槸瀵逛簬閭d簺鏈変竴瀹氬け鐪犵棁鐘剁殑浜恒€傛櫄涓婂枬鑼朵細璁╀汉鐨勭潯鐪犺川閲忓彈鍒伴潪甯稿ぇ鐨勫奖鍝嶏紝闀挎湡濡傛锛岀‘瀹炰細缂╃煭浜虹殑鐢熷懡銆?銆佸枬鑼跺お娴撲篃浼氬奖鍝嶄汉鐨勫鍛姐€備竴鑸潵璁诧紝鍠濇贰鑼舵槸鍏荤敓鐨勶紝鍠濇祿鑼跺氨绛変簬鍠濇瘨鑽€傜幇鍦ㄥ叾瀹炴湁寰堝浜哄湪鑷繁鐨勬棩甯哥敓娲讳腑浼氶€夋嫨鐢ㄤ竴浜涙瘮杈冩祿鐨勮尪鏉ユ彁绁烇紝娴撹尪鐨勬彁绁炴晥鏋滆櫧濂斤紝浣嗘槸瀵逛簬浜虹殑鑲犺儍浠ュ強澶ц剳绁炵粡閮芥槸鏈変笉灏忕殑鎹熷鐨勩€備簩銆佸浣曞仴搴风殑鍏荤敓鍠濊尪?1銆佸仴搴风殑鍏荤敓鍠濊尪棣栧厛瑕侀€夊鍠濊尪鐨勬椂闂淬€備竴鑸潵璁诧紝鍦ㄦ棭涓婅捣搴婁箣鍚庡枬涓€鏉贰鑼讹紝涓嬪崍鐨勬椂鍊欏枬涓€鐐逛笅鍗堣尪鏄瘮杈冨仴搴风殑銆傝繖鏍风殑鍠濊尪涔犳儻锛屽彲浠ヨ浜虹殑韬綋鐘舵€佸緱鍒颁竴瀹氱殑璋冭妭锛屽浜庝汉浠潵璇达紝杩欑鍠濊尪鐨勫枩娆篃鏄瘮杈冨悎閫傜殑銆?銆佸仴搴风殑鍏荤敓鍠濊尪杩樿閫夊鐪熸閫傚悎鑷繁鐨勮尪鐨勭绫汇€傜幇鍦ㄨ尪鐨勭绫绘槸闈炲父涓板瘜澶氭牱鐨勶紝鏈変竴浜涜尪鐨勫睘鎬у亸瀵掓€э紝鏈変竴浜涜尪鐨勫睘鎬у亸娓╂€с€備汉浠湪閫夋The gong is chopped and craggy, and the chain is sloppy, and the twig is squeezed. The fan is sturdy. The fan is sturdy. The squat is very thick.Suddenly borrow?1銆佸吇鐢熷枬鑼跺彲浠ヨ浜虹殑涓€浜涘唴鑴忓櫒瀹樺緱鍒颁竴瀹氱殑淇濆仴浣滅敤銆傞€氳繃姣旇緝鍚堥€傜殑鍠濊尪鏂瑰紡鏄兘澶熻浜虹殑鑲犺儍寰楀埌涓€瀹氱殑鑹€у埡婵€鐨勶紝鑳藉璁╀汉鐨勮偁鑳冨姛The award was given by the audience?銆 乇 鐇 鐢 熬 枬 瞬 逬 逬 逬 鍙 爮 鍙  Mutually ╀Han 镄 勭 毊 寊 毊 “邸 缑 獒 鍒 獹 瀹 民 氂 璹 テ テ テ テ テThe father and mother are very slippery and slick, and the parents are sorrowful and sloppy. They are very weak, and they are very weak, and they are very weak.滆繖涓€鐐瑰叾瀹炲緢澶氱殑濂虫€ч兘宸茬粡鍦ㄥ仛浜嗐€?

[How to eat barley is the best]_Barley _How to eat_Making method

钖忕背鍏朵腑钀ュ吇浠峰€间赴瀵岋紝鏄敓娲讳腑甯歌鐨勪簲璋风伯椋燂紝钖忕背鐨勫仛娉曟湁寰堝锛屾渶甯歌鐨勫仛娉曞氨鏄枏绫崇播锛岃枏绫崇播涓嶄粎鍛抽亾鍙f劅寰堝ソ锛岃€屼笖鍏朵腑鍚湁澶氱钀ュ吇鈗 ╄ 川 Adorable 沀 粡 湡 湡 採 採 既 ㄥ  韬  綋 緢 緢 澶 у ソ 涶 庶 咖 忖 咕 忕 咕 咩 幩 麩 潩 揉 ョ 菉 姽 ゅ 悗 ゅ ゅ ゅ1 銆 住 滏 绫 叜 叜 綜 ラ  Adopted that the rainbow is not inlaid?銆 住 怏 綫?0鍏嬶紙鎴栨牴180鍏嬶級锛屾按鐓庢湇锛屾瘡鏃ヤ袱娆★紝娌婚粍鐤搞€?銆 住 怏 綫?0鍏嬶紝鐧芥湳45鍏嬶紝姘寸厧鏈嶏紝娌绘箍閲嶈叞鐤笺€?4銆佽枏绫炽€佹樊灞便€佽幉瀛愩€佸ぇ鏋e悇40鍏嬶紝鐧惧悎銆佹矙鍙傘€佽尐瀹炪€佺帀绔瑰悇20鍏嬶紝鍏Talking about it, arguing, arguing, arguing, recognizing, arguing, arguing, sorrowing, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorry銆傚悕鏇帮細鈥滃叓瀹濇竻琛ュ噳鈥濄€傛湁鍋ヨ劸姝㈡郴锛屾粙闃存鼎鑲猴紝闄ょ儲瀹夌浣滅敤锛岄€傜敤浜庤偤铏氬挸鍡斤紝鎱㈡€ц吂娉伙紝浣撹櫄澶氭睏锛屽闂村彛骞插け鐪狅紝姊﹀锛岀敺瀛愰仐绮炬ⅵ娉勶紝濡囧コ鐧藉甫娣嬫紦绛夌棁銆?銆佽枏鑻′粊閱細钖忕背100鍏嬶紝鐓垚绋犵背绮ャ€傚彟鐢ㄧ朝绫?00 尬 叜 鎴 擬 滬 揫 キ ね ね キ キ キ キ キ テ ゆ エ テ テ エ テ ゆ ゆ テ グ テNan Nan Kuang Kang class: admits that there is a lot of troubles in the world, and it’s very difficult to get up and down. It’s very difficult for you to get married. You can’t do it. You can’t do it.ㄤ箣浣滅敤锛屽彲娌婚婀挎€у叧鑺傜値銆?6 Do you want to be stunned?0鍏嬶紝鑾插瓙锛堝幓蹇冿級30鍏嬶紝鐧惧悎20鍏嬶紝鍏堢叜鐑傦紝鍐嶄笌绮崇背50鍏嬪悓鐓播鐢ㄩ€傞噺绾㈢硸锛堟垨铚傝湝锛夎皟鍛抽鐢ㄣ€傛湁鍋ヨ劸绁涙箍锛屾鼎鑲烘娉伙紝鍋ヨ偆缇庡浣滅敤锛岄€傜敤浜庡ぇ渚挎簭鐑傦紝涓嬭偄婀跨柟锛岄潰閮ㄥ骇鐤瓑鐥囥€?銆 住 綏 綫 崇 播 Adore Lu Ling?0鍏嬬叜绮ワ紝鐢ㄩ€傞噺鐧界硸璋冨懗椋熺敤銆傛瘡鏃ヤ竴娆★紝杩炵画鏈嶇敤涓€涓湀銆傛湁鍋ヨ劸闄ゆ箍浣滅敤锛岄€傜敤浜庤劸鑳冭櫄寮憋紝椋庢箍鍏宠妭鐐庯紝姘磋偪锛屾墜鑴氫几灞堜笉鍒╋紝鐨偆鎵佸钩鐤o紙鐦婂瓙锛夌瓑鐥囥€?8 銆 佽 怏 綫 崇 播 Adore 滏 涏 綫?0-60鍏嬶紝绮崇背50鍏嬶紝鍚岀叜绮ワ紝鐢ㄩ€傞噺鐧界硸璋冨懗椋熺敤銆傛湁鍋ヨ劸鍜岃儍锛岄櫎婀垮埄姘达紝鎶楃檶娑堢値浣滅敤锛岄€傜敤浜庝綋铏氭垨鑰佸勾浜烘诞鑲匡紝涓嬭偄鑴氭皵锛岄娆蹭笉鎸紝鑴捐櫄鑵规郴锛岄婀跨椆鐥涳紝鐗涚毊鐧o紝婀跨柟锛岄婀胯叞鐥呯瓑鐥囥€傛鏂瑰彲浣滀负闃叉不鐧岃偪鐨勪竴绉嶈緟鍔╅鐤楀瓡鏂斤紝浣嗗瓡濡囦笉瀹滈銆?

[Can you drink ginger brown water for pregnancy]_Ginger brown sugar water_Pregnancy_Can you drink it?

[Can you drink ginger brown water for pregnancy]_Ginger brown sugar water_Pregnancy_Can you drink it?

Many female friends are inseparable with ginger brown sugar water. This substitute is used for conditioning the body and can promote physical health and absorption. Therefore, it is more popular in normal times, especially during pregnancy.It is also possible to drink ginger brown sugar water, don’t worry about your health.

Modern women do not develop good eating and living habits, and do not pay attention to keeping warm if they eat improperly for a long time, so many people will have the problem of cold in the palace.

At this time, ginger brown sugar water comes in handy, because ginger brown sugar water is multiple hot, has the effect of warming the palace to help pregnancy, so it can be taken for pregnant women.

A pregnant woman can take an appropriate amount of ginger brown sugar water from the first day of menstrual period for 30 days.

But in general, menstrual period is not eaten, because the expected menstrual volume increases, so-called eating in the non-menstrual period, you can eat before the next menstruation, but also to replenish the body for the next menstruation, very suitable for cold and weakGong Han’s sister took.

In addition, women who are preparing for pregnancy should pay attention to keeping warm and keeping warm. They must wear enough clothes. Do not overwork. Do not eat cold food. Do not catch cold. You can stick to feet with hot water.

What is ginger brown sugar water? Ginger brown sugar water is a drink widely spread in Guangdong. Many women should have taken or heard of it.

As the name suggests, ginger, brown sugar and water are inseparable from ginger, brown sugar and water.

Ginger has the effect of warming the stomach and dispersing cold. Brown sugar is a good product for nourishing blood. The boiled ginger and brown sugar water can prevent colds, regulate the stomach, anti-inflammatory, dehumidify blood, warm the stomach, and stop vomiting.

The method of ginger brown sugar water is almost different in almost every place. Different materials are added for different functions, some are added garlic, light white, some are almond, licorice, peach kernel, etc.But ginger and brown sugar are always inseparable.

The simplest and most common ginger brown sugar water generally follows the following production methods: 1. Ginger is washed and cut into pieces / pieces, and then patted vigorously with the back of the knife, so that the ginger juice inside the ginger penetrates into the ginger brown sugar water more completely.

2. Add cold water to the pot and cook with ginger for about five minutes.

3. Add an appropriate amount of brown sugar and stir until melted.

4. After the brown sugar is completely melted, it can be cooked.

5, it is best to drink it in one breath while hot.

Science and Technology Board Subscription Strategy-Longsoft Technology (688078)

Science and Technology Board Subscription Strategy-Longsoft Technology (688078)
This report reads: We recommend that Longsoft refer to the estimated range of 45% -48% quantiles, corresponding to the price of 21.64 yuan-21.76 yuan, it is recommended to buy the first time.Taking into account: (1) Today’s Huatai Gas inquiry today, the inquiry center is expected to drop to around 48th; (2) the computer industry stocks that have recently been listed, such as Puyuan Information and Zhuoyi Information haveBetter performance; (3) Software and Information Technology Services (I65) average static market surplus of 54 in the recent CSI monthly.93 times, Longsoft’s 2019 forecast price-earnings ratio is 27-33 times, which is reasonable.Taking into account the attributes of the computer industry and current market sentiment of Longsoft Technology, it is expected that Longsoft Technology will be in the 45% -48% quantile tomorrow, corresponding to a price of 21.64-21.76 yuan. DragonSoft Technology is a leading domestic integrated solution provider for safety production management informationization in the coal industry. It takes the independent research and development of “Longsoft Professional Geographic Information System” as a progressive development platform, using Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing and other technologiesProvide software R & D and technical 北京夜网 services for coal, oil and gas energy companies and government departments.The company’s main business includes sales of LongRuan GIS software (accounting for 11.17%), professional application software development based on LongRuan GIS (proportion 80).63%), LongRuan GIS-based technical services (proportion 5).04%), system integration (proportion 3).16%) four major categories; from the perspective of downstream applications, the current coal industry’s revenue accounted for 98%.18%, non-coal industry such as oil and gas, government emergency and safety supervision departments, scientific research institutes and other total revenue accounted for 1.82%.Since the establishment of the company, more than 1,400 coal mining units and research institutes have gradually used the company ‘s LongRuan GIS platform and geodetic space management system software products. The existing 86 mining groups and their subsidiaries use LongRuan GIS software products,Among the top 50 enterprises, 41 large coal groups use the company’s products.The company is above the industry leader in the research and development and application of key technologies for coal mine safety production space information processing for intelligent mining of the coal industry. Risk reminders: (1) the current market quotation has entered the game of information effectiveness, and be cautious about the risk of rapid changes in market information leading to quotations being eliminated by high prices; (2) the continuity of the rebound in the opening of the science and technology board market despite its improvementIt remains to be seen that new revenue may be less than expected.

Nanwei Medical (688029): Deeply cultivating endoscopic diagnosis and treatment equipment to advance tumor ablation and EOCT multi-platform

Nanwei Medical (688029): Deeply cultivating endoscopic diagnosis and treatment equipment to advance tumor ablation and EOCT multi-platform

Leader in the field of endoscopic diagnosis and treatment, and three major technology platforms with concentric and diverse layout. Since its establishment, the company has been deeply involved in the field of endoscopic diagnosis and treatment equipment, and has gradually formed six product lines, a variety of endoscopic diagnosis and treatment product lines; through extension mergers and acquisitions + internalInnovate, attack the field of tumor ablation and EOCT technology platform, and form three major technology platforms of endoscopic diagnosis and treatment, tumor ablation and EOCT around the minimally invasive field.

The company is in a period of rapid growth. From 2016 to 2018, the company’s main product sales increased rapidly, with total operating income from 20164.

100 million increase to September 2018.

About 200 million, the compound annual growth rate is close to 50%.

The scope of the country’s internal mirror diagnosis and treatment market is broad, supporting the company’s growth. The soil is fertile and the digestive system diseases are gradually increasing. Gastric cancer, esophageal cancer, colorectal cancer and other digestive system cancers rank among the leading rates of various types of cancer. The prevalence of gallstone disease, cholecystitis and pneumoniaIt is on the rise, pushing up the basic needs of endoscopic diagnosis and treatment as an effective means for early screening and diagnosis of digestive diseases; the progress rate of endoscopic diagnosis and treatment in our country has significantly exceeded the gradual expansion, and the scope of the endoscopic diagnosis and treatment market is broad, supporting the company’s fertile soil.

The company’s endoscopic diagnostic equipment product line contributed the company’s main subsidiary revenue, which accounted for 88.

6% is also the main source of short-term growth; from 2016 to 2018, the operating income of the endoscopic diagnostic and treatment device product line increased from 3.

2.1 billion to 8.

1.1 billion, with an average annual or compound growth rate of about 60%. The sales of the three major product lines of hemostasis and closure, biopsy and expansion account for about 84.


Tumor ablation and EOCT are expected to become the company’s new growth point. The company’s microwave ablation products are mainly used for liver cancer treatment. Cancer is a country with a high incidence of liver cancer. Liver cancer ranked fourth in the incidence of cancer in 2014, and ranked second in the death rate., Tumor ablation is a primary tumor that cannot be performed, especially liver parenchymal tumors, or patients who are not suitable for open surgery due to age / physical 北京养生会所 reasons.

The company’s tumor ablation products account for nearly 10% of the domestic thermal ablation market.

ECOT is an innovative product of the company’s strategic layout with cutting-edge technology standards, pioneering a brand-new “non-invasive optical biopsy” technology. At the end of 2016, it was approved by the US FDA.The green channel for the approval of innovative medical devices by the FDA is expected to become an important growth point for the company’s performance in the future.

Earnings forecasts and estimates temporarily do not take into account the sales revenue and profit contribution of the subsequent listing of EOCT products. We forecast that the company’s revenue scale will be 12 in 2019-2021.



11 trillion, respectively increased by 31.

9% / 29.

4% / 27.

8%; net profit attributable to mothers is 2.



7.2 billion, an increase of 43 in ten years.

0% / 31.

5% / 30.

4%; total issued share capital1.

3.3 billion shares are the reference share capital, and the company’s full diluted earnings (EPS) will be 2 in 2019-2021.



55 yuan.

The company belongs to the medical device fine molecule industry, and the current medical device (SW) industry as a whole is PE (TTM) 42.

6 times (as of July 17), most of the company’s products are consumable-type devices, we choose A-share comparable companies Dabo Medical, Jianfan Bio and Kellett for reference.

Based on the industry’s overall and comparable company estimates, considering that the company’s net profit attributable to mothers will increase at a compound annual growth rate of more than 30% in the next three years, a 40-time PE estimate for 2019 is given, with a target price of 82.

8 yuan.

Risks indicate that the competition in the industry is intensifying, and the development of new products such as EOCT is less than expected, and the risk of product price reductions.