“But really competitive with us,Just now the Nine Spirits Yuansheng is one。”

quickly,The Red Dust Boat flies all the way,But encountered several flying boats one after another、Palace magic weapon。
It is clear,These flying boat palace magic weapons are all here to find the crocodile devil。
On these flying boats,From ten to twenty gods and gods,More than 30 people,And are led by those top gods,At least it is sure to deal with the strength of a Seven Lunar God。
Lu Dongbin is considered to be a direct line of Daomen,Is of human origin again,More popular。
Most of the gods and gods who came to deal with the crocodile king,I can get some friendship with him,Even if there is a competitive relationship,But not hostile。
But occasionally there are some gods and gods,Quite hostile to their group、indifferent。
For example,The black warship that passed by the Red Dust Flying Boat just now。
“No room door?!”Lu Dongbin’s face turned gloomy,During the First World War,He has not reincarnated,Or the Emperor Donghua of the ancient heaven,Also participated in that battle。
Countless friends have died tragically under Wujianmen’s hands。
Although Wujianmen is now integrated into the Three Realms,But it is impossible not to be hostile。
of course,Not just him,Wang Lingguan、Qingfeng Daotong has been hostile to Wujianmen,Among the four, Li Ming has never played against Wujianmen。
Even in the life of the candle dragon,He fought Luo Hui,Killed the Chaos Alien Mind General。
But long before the invasion of Wujianmen,He will reincarnate,The only time I have dealt with Wu Jian Men before was when Wu Jian Men pulled him into the group and was rejected。

“what?Five thousand yuan,Dare you say。People’s heads are broken,I heard a lot of blood was shed。You can’t give ten thousand,Let me give you eight thousand less!”

on this side,Wang Youcai is an expert。In fact, when he called Wu Wu just now,Call him,The person who was beaten was only slightly injured,Medical expenses are just over 1,000 yuan,If you can get five thousand yuan, it will be settled.。These three thousand yuan,But Wang Youcai added it himself。
Du Xiaohong is a smart man,When she heard that Wang Youcai said,She took the wine bottle and walked to Wang Youcai’s side,Then smiled and said:“Boss Wang!You don’t look at the face of the monk but the face of the Buddha,Three thousand yuan for someone like my brother,Not a small number。Talk more,If you can avoid it”
Wang Youcai fixed his eyes on Du Xiaohong’s tall chest,He didn’t hold back,Then reached out,I hugged Du Xiaohong’s somewhat plump waist,Then gently,Du Xiaohong took the opportunity to sit in his arms。
“Boss Wang!Let’s drink the bar!”
Wang Youcai smiled:“Drink a fart wine,I want to drink your wine”Wang Youcai smirked,Grabbed Du Xiaohong’s wine glass。He slammed Du Xiaohong down on the sofa。
“Boss Wang!You haven’t said about the three thousand yuan”
Du Xiaohong twisted gently***,A look of wishing to welcome or reject。Seeing Du Xiaohong like this,Wang Youcai couldn’t hold back for a long time。
He said roughly:“no,If unavoidable,Even if I paid the money”
“Say it early”Du Xiaohong smiled,The two people hug each other。
the next day,When Wang Youcai was sleeping on Du Xiaohong’s big bed, Zhengxiang,His phone rang。Wang Youcai touched the phone and took a look,I found it’s already over nine o’clock,Du Xiaohong by his side has long since disappeared。
The phone is the base number,Wang Youcai was a little unhappy to connect。Tian Wa’s a little worried voice came from inside immediately:“Wang Ge!Where are you?Liu Ying cut the vegetables,Very serious,Must go to the hospital for treatment”
“Oh!You guys get ready to go to the gate,I’ll be back in 20 minutes at most”
Wang Youcai hung up the phone,I quickly got dressed and got out of bed。Only then did he feel,Mixed body soreness and weakness。He really didn’t expect,On the surface, a serious Du Xiaohong,This sex is still pretty powerful。Wang Youcai almost fell into the hands of this woman。

Shen Yingjie suddenly tightened,Hugged by a solid and powerful arm,Then there was a feeling of falling forward,Actually leaned against the thick chest of the opponent,Immediately shame and angry,I don’t know what Li Tianzhen is doing,The elbow hits the opponent’s rib after the stress response。

“Hold your breath,Don’t breathe。”Li Tianzhi has a pain,The sound leaks a little bit,Then Yingjie Shen felt her waist tight again,The other party hugged her regardless,Suddenly there is wind in my ears,The body starts to violently bump,Li Tianzhen has already started running。
Inside the cave,Shen Yingjie suddenly couldn’t see anything,The vision just adjusted to the dark environment is lost again,The skin feels strangely cold,It hurts like acupuncture in an instant,No specific part,My whole body hurts,It hurts to the extreme soon,As if there are thousands of knives scratching on the body,She suddenly remembered that Li Tianzhen asked her to keep her breath,I almost yelled,I quickly reached out to cover my mouth,But found that the arm can’t move,Mo Ming’s fear made her suddenly fall into the abyss。
I can still hear the sound of footsteps,Gradually the voice is getting fuzzy,Shen Yingjie feels his body has fallen into a black hole that cannot be seen to the end,Tumbling and spinning,There are strands of black air lingering around,The deeper you go, the more black energy,A lot of black air tangled together and condensed into a cluster,Substance,The head of a monster suddenly appeared in front of him,Very obtrusive,This thing has a big mouth with a blood basin,Very scary,In panic, Shen Yingjie kicked the monster’s chin,This head flew far away。
But before she could catch her breath,Another head appeared,It was the man with a big hole in his chest that I saw just now,The chubby face keeps a strange smile,Her head is reflected in her huge eyes,This time, Shen Yingjie finally couldn’t hold back and screamed loudly,At the same time, he rose up and kicked the man’s face fiercely,Head away again。
But more heads made of black gas surged,Shen Yingjie punches and kicks like crazy,But she can’t move the next moment,The faces floating in the distance are very familiar faces,That is Xu Wen,Faint smile,Handsome face,Although dark,But still can’t hide his heroic posture。
“what!”Shen Yingjie holding his head in pain and shouting loudly,But there are always familiar faces flying by,‘Ranger’Companion in,Even instructors,And the comrades in the army、A long-awaited girlfriend Huayun,Friends from school days,Time seems to be tracing back quickly,She even saw her young self,Sitting in the stroller,Put your thumb in your mouth and suck it sweetly,Smile satisfied。
Familiar pictures are flying in front of her like explosive fragments,These fragments gradually become trivial,And then split into tiny black spots,Every black spot grows limbs and head,Holding a huge mouthpart that is not commensurate with the body, the monster called and threw at Shin Yingjie。
Am i dead?What a terrifying and dark world this is?Is it hell?Shen Yingjie’s nerves are on the verge of collapse,She suddenly wanted to laugh,But just about to open your mouth,Was firmly covered by a big hand。
“hold onto,Don’t breathe。”A familiar and warm voice lingers in my ears,It was a little ethereal and illusory at first,But it has strong toughness and penetration,Finally, there was a bang in Shen Yingjie’s mind,Those black、The very evil bug suddenly turned into nothingness,Her head became clearer all at once,I feel the cold wind around me again,And the sound of footsteps。
Li Tianzhen went crazy and ran towards the entrance of the cave,His body also began to tremble,The sea of vitality is boiling and roaring,But why can’t it break out of the sky,Colorful beams of light flicker,Buzzing,Can’t penetrate the night sky without stars,The huge sky seems to be covered by a black cloth with no end in sight,The black cloth emits black air like a living thing,Black gas is getting stronger,Filled the night sky,Cover up all the stars。
There are constantly dark golden runes falling from the air,The little golden man leaped high,Catch a petal-shaped rune,Trying to push the rune back into the beam of light,But it failed,Unexpectedly the rune is so heavy,Take it down to the sea of vitality。
Li Tianzhi who lost his vitality,Situation is terrible,Hallucinations began to appear in my mind,Almost exactly the same as Shin Yingjie’s situation,But fortunately he still has a sea of vitality,Although the vitality like a huge wave cannot break through the dark sky,,But it also effectively blocked the further intrusion of black gas,Countless runes burst into the night sky and exploded,Burning the raging black air,Some obscured stars showed light again,However, more black air comes from the shady scene,Rushing downwards with teeth and claws,Two powerful consciousnesses fought fiercely over the sea of vitality,Gradually fall into a stalemate。

at this time,A middle-aged woman in her fifties knocked on the door and walked in,She carried a big plastic bag,She put the bag on the coffee table,Then smiled and said to Wang Yihua:“President Wang!Everything you want is here“

Wang Yihua nodded,She glanced at her watch and said:“Aunt Wang!It is half past two,You and Lao Liu can go home。Come back before six o’clock。Front door locked,Release the big flower and the black tiger“
Middle-aged woman nodding,said laughingly:“Ok,Then we will go home once,I’ll leave it to you for now“
When the middle-aged women go out,Xia Jian couldn’t help asking:“Here you are the two couples?“
“Ok!Other workers are released,It’s autumn now,Some time later,Bees are going through winter,Nothing here,Too many people are useless。Their husband and wife live on the mountain next door,It takes only an hour back and forth。Moreover,There are two bulldogs,Release,Most people don’t want to approach this bee farm“Wang Yihua said very confidently。
Her voice just fell,Just listen to two dog barks,Then the hidden door was pushed open。Two black and white bulldogs squeezed through the door,This body is stronger than Xiao Hei。
“big flower!Black tiger come here,this is my friend,But need to recognize“Wang Yihua walked over,Patted the heads of these two dogs,It’s like talking to someone。
These two guys are very smart,Seems to understand what Wang Yihua said,They really ran to Xia Jian,Sniffed him,Make Wang Yihua laugh。
This dog is the same as a human,It’s been a long time since I saw Wang Yihua,They rubbed their bodies on Wang Yihua’s legs,Significantly intimate。Wang Yihua took out the dog food from the drawer without losing the opportunity,Put them in their mouths。These two guys ran around the house happily。
“Black Tiger went to see the bee farm,Dahua waits for me outside,Take us up the mountain in a while“Wang Yihua is like talking to people,Speak loudly to the two dogs。
Really good,Heihu and Dahua really ran out of the room。This made Xia Jiangui really laugh,He just thought,Xiao Hei is already a non-cong dog,Unexpectedly, I ran into two more here。
“Don’t underestimate these two guys,I paid a lot of money to buy it back,Ready to raise at home,But later I found out that this body is too big,Belong to bulldog,And hire someone to train,Finally put them here,Can be considered a pomp“Wang Yihua said,Smiled happily。
After smiling, she remembered the plastic bag on the coffee table,She came over and opened,Took out a bottle of honey and said:“This is Our pure honey,Are all brewed from mountain flowers,I can’t buy it outside。There are ten bottles in total here,Give Mr. Guo and Xiaoxi two bottles each,The rest is yours“
Xia Jian curiously picked up two bottles of lard-like things and asked Wang Yihua:“And this honey?“
“ Silly!This is royal jelly,Especially nutritious,But like you ate,It is said to be very mighty,You can be careful if the bed can stand it“Wang Yihua said,Covered his mouth and laughed。

And Qin Su Ya is also shame full of red,Because that is her pants,And still hollow。

Li Hui did not think that this gentle woman will dare to wear so bold clothes.。
“Xiao Li,Xu Tianci is nothing?
Will you die??
I just saw him spitting blood.。”
I heard Qin Su Ya’s worry,Li Hui Feng is also a rope,While calm:“It’s fine,Can’t die,It is dead, it is also dead.。”
Speech,He has already released the rope on Qin Su Ya.。
Because the rope is too tight,He can clearly see that Qin Su Jaya’s white wrist has appeared red print.。
“Xiao Li,We still hurry to see it.。”
Qin Su Ya quickly got up,I really want to go out soon.。
Just because the rope is too tight.,The leg and feet are not in the blood time, she hasn’t waited for her, I feel that my legs are numb.,Directly。
See this scene,Li Hui also is also eye health.,Hold the other party,I am afraid that the other party will fall down.。
Just is ingenious,His hands have encountered a place that should not touch。
And Qin Su Ya is also suddenly treated,Turn on the face of shameless:“Xiao Li,You will go see it.,If he really has three short two,We will definitely have no good days.。”
Right, she can’t help but looked at the miniature camera behind the door light bulb.,I am afraid that Li speaks with Xu Tianci.。
If Xu Tianci is really dead,The thing this camera is taken is evidence.。
Li Hui Feng also looks at Qin Su Ya ‘s eyes.,Just also saw the existence of the camera,Look at the computer in the house,When he wants to call the police。
“sister in law,The camera is not used?”
“Um,Tube is tube,I am not very useful.,So it is always a display。”
Just when Li Hui wants to open the computer to check it out.,I heard Xu Tianfei’s voice from the distance.。
“Rape,Rape,College students with small widow private,Everyone is coming over.。”
Chapter 5, Baise
Heard this sound,Li Hui also can’t see the computer.,Go out directly。
I saw that the door is not far away.,Xu Tianci actually brought a group of small mixed spirits.。
He felt that the other party was weak.,Just a few minutes of time,The other party actually gave him a feeling of life dragon。
If he thinks it is possible to throw out the other party to the other party to enter the energy in the body.。
Besides,He really can’t understand what strength can make the other party so soon to live dragon。
For this, Xu Tianci is also a sense of being surprised.,However, he thinks that he is good.,I didn’t think of it is the reason for Li Hui.。
I was flying out by the other side.,Then I feel that the whole person is dead.,He feels like dreaming,But that is thrown out of the door,He is almost instantly, it feels that the whole person is spiritual.,He thinks it is coincident.。
But for the sake of insurance,He still decided to convene the younger brother to deal with Li Hui,At the same time, decided that Li Hui has completely mixed it in the village.。
“Lee,What else is there today??
The big night’s lonely male widow woman is doing things in a room.,It seems that you are really in the school.。”
A group of younger brothers around Xu Tianfei also:“I don’t think it is true.,And it is likely to have a trip.。”
“Correct,There is definitely,Such people can’t let him in the village,What day in the morning, the other girls in the village,Who can afford this result?”
I heard this,Li Hui is also anger.。
“Xu Tianci,Obviously you have to be strong in the small elegant,Then I blocked by me.,Do you feel this??”
“hehe,My blood spray?

Derogatory,This person is still moving,Waiting for the section, with other people in Yucheng, I will kill.。

If the battle is beneficial to Duan,So dermight light is in Yucheng,I will slap in the back of the Gao Baoyi,Accelerate the progress of war。Then, the retainer is completely the ship of the family.!
If the battle is good for Gao Baoyi,So even more,The golden blocked the pot,Don’t let a helper,Even Jinyang, which occupation of the troops, is possible.。
At that time, the Xianbei army of the six towns will become a solitary army.,Can’t enter,Return and was blocked in the kettlement。hehe,Duan Yue two people 擒 擒 手,It is probably only the road to the North Monday.。
“Do you want,We directly”
Tang Wei made a movement of your neck。
Duan Shao slightly thinks about a moment,Then slow moving:“actually,Many people share the same mind like a law,Just they didn’t do so obvious.。
We deal with the law,Will make others also everyone,Once there is a wind blowing,The military is scattered.。Since this old fox is not willing to send troops,Then just let him go.。
Anyway, we don’t expect to be aid for food.。We want to even give the time at both ends of the mouse.,Directly take the city,At that time, all difficulties are naturally desirable.!
Do not,Even no need to lay down the city,As long as you can help it,This is completely winning!”
Section is very accurate analysis,The only chance they have,Jincheng“Land”。Just take advantage of this,Out of the way all the way,Don’t need so many flowers。
“Head,There is also a road。If it is a Gao Boyi,River,What should I do with my back??”
Tang Yu asked。
The way he said,It is a road that Zhao Jun against Qin Jun in Warring States,That battlefield,Call!
Is it one more?“Leading battle”?
“Allocation,Can you only walk all the way?I still understand this reason.。”
Duan Zhao smiled and swayed,Tang Wei is completely worried。If he doesn’t understand this,Don’t mix,Directly escape to the North Week to get better。
“I know,You can’t worry, I am not worried.,But Who is sending it??”
Tang Yu is anxious,Ask the cuffs of Duan Yao。
“You said?”
“Never let He Buli and others bring a poor to take the river!If they are only afraid that the law is still too much!”
Tang Wei is almost whispering。
Duan Yaoxian is a glimpse,Go back to God,Deep a sense of each other, the prosperity of Jinyang is innecting to know。
He Buli Ren, etc., never likes to make people.,Once the city is defeated,The most profound people are themselves with Tang Yu,The status of their people,Will there be a substantive change。
If this time,Gao Bao sent people to lobby them,Hoss,It is difficult to protect these people to smoke,Will open a eye to the battlefield!
I am afraid that I am awesome.。
“Then what do you say??”
“SendqievenianFierce,Flatter。after all,Director is only told this way.。”
Tang Yu is very reasonable。Duan Yao wants to be in a straightforward,Its tribe is also a Han people, the name is like a hill.,But the Han Chinese in the earth,Clear species,Due to the family, the court guards Qilian Mountain,Therefore, change the name of Qilian,Mang people,Write it,Scale,Easy to control。
Lianlian wants to take the rebellion to Gao Baoyi,He is not qualified enough,The component is too light.,It is difficult to affect the overall situation。
This person only rely on himself,Can survive in the Xixiang in the six towns。The six town is full of query.,Not everyone is a fresh poison,Among them, the Han people are not a few

Will it hurt Lena?!

to be frank,Xin Zhao never thought about this problem,Because for him,This question is negative,Won’t exist。
“Big sister head,Are you brain watt,How could i hurt you,Now I don’t even move smoothly, okay。”Thought for a while,Xin Zhao felt that he should avoid the edge for now,Because he suspected that this was the set that Reina gave herself。
According to Xin Zhao’s understanding,When people are in a bad mood,It’s best to find a punching bag,Then take the qi in your body,Vent it all,That’s good。
of course,Now in Zhao Xinjin,I seem to be about to be this punching bag。
Heard this perfunctory answer,Of course Lena won’t be satisfied。She finally wanted to talk about her troubles,Xin Zhao actually dared to answer like this。
“Forget it,Don’t want to say it,Please let go of my hand!”
Talking,Lena is going to take her little hand back。
And Xin Zhao certainly won’t let Rena take her palm back,If she took her little hand back,How can Xin Zhao take advantage?,Do not,How do you comfort Lena?。
“I said,I said,I haven’t thought about this problem before,Big sister, you give me a little time to think, OK?!”Xin Zhao grabbed Lena’s tender hand with both hands,Then beg for mercy。
Facing Xin Zhao’s plea,Lena agreed with him“But time limit,If you don’t answer after a minute,Then stop talking!”
“Good,One minute one minute!”
Xin Zhao casually agreed,Then began to think about this issue carefully。
Will I hurt Lena??
to be frank,If Lena doesn’t target the earth,Xin Zhao felt that he would never stand in opposition to Lena,Wait until my parents are a hundred years later,The earth’s bondage to Xin Zhao no longer exists,By the time Xin Zhao could go to Lieyang to hug Lena’s thigh。
I will get a few maids the last time,And live a luxurious life there,I feel happy just thinking about it。

Since ancient times,Every spring rain,Heaven and earth meet,Generate Thunder,Hit in the mountains,Rebirth,Bring vitality to the earth。

The power of this thunder and lightning,Is the most mysterious in nature,Is also the most powerful force。
Among ancient myths and legends,Whenever a monster wants to get rid of the mortal womb,Transcendence,Will be backlashed by heaven and earth,Attracting thunder and lightning,Thunder Tribulation,Only powerful creatures who survived thunder,In order to obtain a new evolution of life。
And Chen Qingyun’s call of Thunder just now,Is to use the power of heaven and earth,Evolution Thunder,Attack Lu Menglin,I never thought I would miss it。
now,Lu Meng’s body is black and cyan,Well-defined muscles,Every muscle in the body is like steel,And contains explosive power。
This is his martial artist,Seeing God’s Immortal Body,Stimulate human life potential,Unparalleled combat skills“Body of ghosts”,Body of Gods and Demons。
This is the ultimate combat state of human warriors,Represents the ultimate human potential,Every bone on the body,Every muscle,Have stimulated the ultimate potential,Reproduce the richness of gods and demons in ancient times。
however,When manpower is exhausted,Just by the body of a ghost,It may not be able to stop the power of thunder that purifies everything。
and so,In Lu Menglin’s body,In addition to the ghosts and gods representing human potential,There is another force,Just
Light pattern power。
This light pattern power,At first Lu Menglin always thought,Is exclusive to the god nation,I can have this power,Because of the rewards of the system。
however,just now,When he was struck by thunder,Light pattern power emerges automatically,Fusion of Thunder Power,Not only reduced the lethality of Thunder,It also gave Lu Menglin a new understanding of this power。
Light pattern power,Can be transformed by the power of blood,It is a higher-level power than the power of human martial artist,It is not the same as the space energy in the dark race,Even overwhelmed。
but,Just when those few thunders fell on him,Lu Menglin was shocked to discover an amazing fact,The power of the light pattern is almost the same as the energy attribute of Thunder,It’s just that the energy structure of the light pattern is more stable。
Humans and nature are not opposites,Humans are the same as other creatures,Also part of nature。
and so,The power of qi and blood cultivated by humans,Can be transformed into light pattern power,And the fission mode of light striation power,It seems to have produced the power of thunder。
“You really are a monster!I want to see how many thunders you can withstand!”Chen Qingyun in midair recovered,Gritted teeth。
He didn’t expect Lu Menglin to be so difficult,And did things that he couldn’t even do,Carry the power of thunder with the flesh。
As the commander-in-chief of the Earth Alliance,Chen Qingyun’s strength for the top ten strong players on the Billboard,In fact, they all know something。
He knows Lu Menglin’s trick,Can be transformed into the body of a ghost for a short time,indestructible,Powerful,Once slashed a dozen tanks,Hao Yong Wushuang。

When Xia Chenglong ran to that place,I found out,There is a door opening to him,At this moment, he opened the door and walked in,When he went in,This is a sudden discovery,There is a secret hidden in this place that he doesn’t know。

When he entered there,I just felt a whirl of the sky,Then followed by a flash of white light,Once it reaches the soft white light, it wraps him up。
Xia Chenglong at this time,After feeling the white light,His face also changed,There is a bit more dignity in the eyes。
And then it’s probably between three breaths,The soft white light around Xia Chenglong disappeared。
“Who are you?”Xia Chenglong said coldly。
The man smiled slightly when he saw Xia Chenglong,There was a playful look in his eyes。
“who am I?to be frank,I don’t know who I am,Maybe you don’t believe it,But I can tell you clearly,I didn’t lie to you!”
When Xia Chenglong heard that person say that,A few dignity suddenly rose in the eyes。
Obviously Xia Chenglong at this time didn’t believe the explanation that person gave him。
“Then why did you come to my sea of knowledge?Why i haven’t seen you before?”
The man smiled softly,Then he shook his head again:“Actually I can tell you the truth,These questions you asked,I can’t answer any of them,Not on purpose,Don’t want to answer your question,But because i really don’t know!”
Xia Chenglong’s eyes fixed on that man’s face,He found that the man revealed a little calmness when he spoke。
Xia Chenglong at this time is willing to believe that what the person said is true。
Although Xia Chenglong is willing to believe that person,Tell the truth,But at this time he is still very curious about the identity of that person。
After all, it is impossible for all people to be susceptible to foreign creatures that appear in their bodies for no apparent reason.,Not curious,So at this moment he went on to say:“Then why did you come to me?Or,How did you come to my sea of knowledge,You should know this?”
The man still shook his head:“It seems that from the moment I wake up,Already appearing with you,But to be honest,What exactly am i,And where it was before,I don’t know that,So how can you ask me,I can’t give you a specific answer!”
Xia Chenglong gave up completely when he heard what that person said.,I will keep asking about this idea,But the curiosity about that person’s identity,Really getting heavier。
Xia Chenglong looked at the man with a blank face,Although very sympathetic to his experience,But Xia Chenglong is absolutely impossible to tell him to stay in his own sea of knowledge。
So at this time Xia Chenglong gave a cold snort:“Since you don’t know anything,,I won’t ask,But you must also know the importance of this sea of knowledge,It is naturally impossible for you to stay in my sea of consciousness again,Please also find another place。”
What Xia Chenglong said is really good,Nowhere else in this sea of knowledge,No matter who,His knowledge of the sea must be his weakest place。

When Xiao Fan’s voice fell,Lin Yoona immediately seemed to understand something,Said to Xiao Fan:“You mean,This Liu family is here,To ask for money from our family。”

“If my analysis is correct,That should be like this,otherwise,Can you think of anything else they will have for this trip??”Xiao Fan asked。
Lin Yuner shook her head,to be frank,Except when Xiao Fan just now,Analyzed this,She really just can’t analyze anything else。
But just when Lin Yuna felt that she should know the purpose of Liu family,She suddenly looked like a deflated ball。
“Yoona,What’s wrong with you,Did you think of something again??”Xiao Fan asked concerned。
“I thought about it,The possibility of them coming to ask for money is very high,But this shouldn’t be,The Liu family developed in the past has always been better than our Lin family,Although the performance has declined in recent years, right?,But the saying goes well,A lean camel is bigger than a horse,They should not be short of money to this level,Moreover,My mom starts from my memory,But I did not secretly send money back to the Liu family。”Lin Yuner curled her mouth and said。
Xiao Fan sweats suddenly,It turns out that Liu Chunlan sent them money,Lin Yoona actually knew it,If even Lin Yuna knew about this,,Then Lin Feng should be more clear!
It’s really because of Liu Chunlan who still thinks how strict she is doing this thing.!
It seems that the whole family knows this without exception,Just for Liu Chunlan,Lin Feng and Lin Yoona have been pretending to not know。
“So you know about this!”Xiao Fan said awkwardly。
Because Xiao Fan always thought that Lin Yoona didn’t know?
So after he knew,So I helped Liu Chunlan to hide the two Lin Feng and his daughter。
but,did not think of,I already knew it。