Will it hurt Lena?!

to be frank,Xin Zhao never thought about this problem,Because for him,This question is negative,Won’t exist。
“Big sister head,Are you brain watt,How could i hurt you,Now I don’t even move smoothly, okay。”Thought for a while,Xin Zhao felt that he should avoid the edge for now,Because he suspected that this was the set that Reina gave herself。
According to Xin Zhao’s understanding,When people are in a bad mood,It’s best to find a punching bag,Then take the qi in your body,Vent it all,That’s good。
of course,Now in Zhao Xinjin,I seem to be about to be this punching bag。
Heard this perfunctory answer,Of course Lena won’t be satisfied。She finally wanted to talk about her troubles,Xin Zhao actually dared to answer like this。
“Forget it,Don’t want to say it,Please let go of my hand!”
Talking,Lena is going to take her little hand back。
And Xin Zhao certainly won’t let Rena take her palm back,If she took her little hand back,How can Xin Zhao take advantage?,Do not,How do you comfort Lena?。
“I said,I said,I haven’t thought about this problem before,Big sister, you give me a little time to think, OK?!”Xin Zhao grabbed Lena’s tender hand with both hands,Then beg for mercy。
Facing Xin Zhao’s plea,Lena agreed with him“But time limit,If you don’t answer after a minute,Then stop talking!”
“Good,One minute one minute!”
Xin Zhao casually agreed,Then began to think about this issue carefully。
Will I hurt Lena??
to be frank,If Lena doesn’t target the earth,Xin Zhao felt that he would never stand in opposition to Lena,Wait until my parents are a hundred years later,The earth’s bondage to Xin Zhao no longer exists,By the time Xin Zhao could go to Lieyang to hug Lena’s thigh。
I will get a few maids the last time,And live a luxurious life there,I feel happy just thinking about it。

Since ancient times,Every spring rain,Heaven and earth meet,Generate Thunder,Hit in the mountains,Rebirth,Bring vitality to the earth。

The power of this thunder and lightning,Is the most mysterious in nature,Is also the most powerful force。
Among ancient myths and legends,Whenever a monster wants to get rid of the mortal womb,Transcendence,Will be backlashed by heaven and earth,Attracting thunder and lightning,Thunder Tribulation,Only powerful creatures who survived thunder,In order to obtain a new evolution of life。
And Chen Qingyun’s call of Thunder just now,Is to use the power of heaven and earth,Evolution Thunder,Attack Lu Menglin,I never thought I would miss it。
now,Lu Meng’s body is black and cyan,Well-defined muscles,Every muscle in the body is like steel,And contains explosive power。
This is his martial artist,Seeing God’s Immortal Body,Stimulate human life potential,Unparalleled combat skills“Body of ghosts”,Body of Gods and Demons。
This is the ultimate combat state of human warriors,Represents the ultimate human potential,Every bone on the body,Every muscle,Have stimulated the ultimate potential,Reproduce the richness of gods and demons in ancient times。
however,When manpower is exhausted,Just by the body of a ghost,It may not be able to stop the power of thunder that purifies everything。
and so,In Lu Menglin’s body,In addition to the ghosts and gods representing human potential,There is another force,Just
Light pattern power。
This light pattern power,At first Lu Menglin always thought,Is exclusive to the god nation,I can have this power,Because of the rewards of the system。
however,just now,When he was struck by thunder,Light pattern power emerges automatically,Fusion of Thunder Power,Not only reduced the lethality of Thunder,It also gave Lu Menglin a new understanding of this power。
Light pattern power,Can be transformed by the power of blood,It is a higher-level power than the power of human martial artist,It is not the same as the space energy in the dark race,Even overwhelmed。
but,Just when those few thunders fell on him,Lu Menglin was shocked to discover an amazing fact,The power of the light pattern is almost the same as the energy attribute of Thunder,It’s just that the energy structure of the light pattern is more stable。
Humans and nature are not opposites,Humans are the same as other creatures,Also part of nature。
and so,The power of qi and blood cultivated by humans,Can be transformed into light pattern power,And the fission mode of light striation power,It seems to have produced the power of thunder。
“You really are a monster!I want to see how many thunders you can withstand!”Chen Qingyun in midair recovered,Gritted teeth。
He didn’t expect Lu Menglin to be so difficult,And did things that he couldn’t even do,Carry the power of thunder with the flesh。
As the commander-in-chief of the Earth Alliance,Chen Qingyun’s strength for the top ten strong players on the Billboard,In fact, they all know something。
He knows Lu Menglin’s trick,Can be transformed into the body of a ghost for a short time,indestructible,Powerful,Once slashed a dozen tanks,Hao Yong Wushuang。

When Xia Chenglong ran to that place,I found out,There is a door opening to him,At this moment, he opened the door and walked in,When he went in,This is a sudden discovery,There is a secret hidden in this place that he doesn’t know。

When he entered there,I just felt a whirl of the sky,Then followed by a flash of white light,Once it reaches the soft white light, it wraps him up。
Xia Chenglong at this time,After feeling the white light,His face also changed,There is a bit more dignity in the eyes。
And then it’s probably between three breaths,The soft white light around Xia Chenglong disappeared。
“Who are you?”Xia Chenglong said coldly。
The man smiled slightly when he saw Xia Chenglong,There was a playful look in his eyes。
“who am I?to be frank,I don’t know who I am,Maybe you don’t believe it,But I can tell you clearly,I didn’t lie to you!”
When Xia Chenglong heard that person say that,A few dignity suddenly rose in the eyes。
Obviously Xia Chenglong at this time didn’t believe the explanation that person gave him。
“Then why did you come to my sea of knowledge?Why i haven’t seen you before?”
The man smiled softly,Then he shook his head again:“Actually I can tell you the truth,These questions you asked,I can’t answer any of them,Not on purpose,Don’t want to answer your question,But because i really don’t know!”
Xia Chenglong’s eyes fixed on that man’s face,He found that the man revealed a little calmness when he spoke。
Xia Chenglong at this time is willing to believe that what the person said is true。
Although Xia Chenglong is willing to believe that person,Tell the truth,But at this time he is still very curious about the identity of that person。
After all, it is impossible for all people to be susceptible to foreign creatures that appear in their bodies for no apparent reason.,Not curious,So at this moment he went on to say:“Then why did you come to me?Or,How did you come to my sea of knowledge,You should know this?”
The man still shook his head:“It seems that from the moment I wake up,Already appearing with you,But to be honest,What exactly am i,And where it was before,I don’t know that,So how can you ask me,I can’t give you a specific answer!”
Xia Chenglong gave up completely when he heard what that person said.,I will keep asking about this idea,But the curiosity about that person’s identity,Really getting heavier。
Xia Chenglong looked at the man with a blank face,Although very sympathetic to his experience,But Xia Chenglong is absolutely impossible to tell him to stay in his own sea of knowledge。
So at this time Xia Chenglong gave a cold snort:“Since you don’t know anything,,I won’t ask,But you must also know the importance of this sea of knowledge,It is naturally impossible for you to stay in my sea of consciousness again,Please also find another place。”
What Xia Chenglong said is really good,Nowhere else in this sea of knowledge,No matter who,His knowledge of the sea must be his weakest place。

When Xiao Fan’s voice fell,Lin Yoona immediately seemed to understand something,Said to Xiao Fan:“You mean,This Liu family is here,To ask for money from our family。”

“If my analysis is correct,That should be like this,otherwise,Can you think of anything else they will have for this trip??”Xiao Fan asked。
Lin Yuner shook her head,to be frank,Except when Xiao Fan just now,Analyzed this,She really just can’t analyze anything else。
But just when Lin Yuna felt that she should know the purpose of Liu family,She suddenly looked like a deflated ball。
“Yoona,What’s wrong with you,Did you think of something again??”Xiao Fan asked concerned。
“I thought about it,The possibility of them coming to ask for money is very high,But this shouldn’t be,The Liu family developed in the past has always been better than our Lin family,Although the performance has declined in recent years, right?,But the saying goes well,A lean camel is bigger than a horse,They should not be short of money to this level,Moreover,My mom starts from my memory,But I did not secretly send money back to the Liu family。”Lin Yuner curled her mouth and said。
Xiao Fan sweats suddenly,It turns out that Liu Chunlan sent them money,Lin Yoona actually knew it,If even Lin Yuna knew about this,,Then Lin Feng should be more clear!
It’s really because of Liu Chunlan who still thinks how strict she is doing this thing.!
It seems that the whole family knows this without exception,Just for Liu Chunlan,Lin Feng and Lin Yoona have been pretending to not know。
“So you know about this!”Xiao Fan said awkwardly。
Because Xiao Fan always thought that Lin Yoona didn’t know?
So after he knew,So I helped Liu Chunlan to hide the two Lin Feng and his daughter。
but,did not think of,I already knew it。

“Good girl shit!Good girl treats you as a treasure!I have heard the name Zhai Xiaoxin,She has a good reputation in our department。”The voice of Master Xu Jiao came from the lower bunk.。

Teacher Xu usually rarely speaks in the dormitory,He is more interested in sleeping than communicating with people,Even he spoke,It means that he has really heard of Xiaoxin’s name。
“you shut up!Don’t insult her!”
Liu Tao stood up fiercely and yelled,But he didn’t prevent his head hitting the top bed。
“Lao Liu,Whether or not what the leader said is true,Isn’t it true that this woman spent you so much money??You have to be sober,Don’t be fooled。”Zhang Bo suddenly hurt Liu Tao,Sighed。
“enough!You don’t understand anything!One only knows how to sleep,One only knows how to play games,You don’t understand love at all!”Liu Taosheng roared loudly。
After this kid finished roaring,Simply jump out of bed,Rushed to the door,Slammed the door and left。
402The three remaining people in the dormitory looked at each other,I didn’t expect this lover to be so angry!
Zhang Bo stood there for a long time,Then I looked up at the upper bunk,Do not know why,He always feels that Lu Menglin’s mind is actually the most mature in this dormitory,At this time, you have to listen to him。
“Lu Menglin,What do you say?”Zhang Bo sighed。
Lu Menglin poked his head out of the bed,Smiled:“Can do?This is life experience,It’s just fine。Time can tell,Can also obliterate everything,Don’t worry too much。”
For Lu Menglin’s current vision,Whether that Xiaoxin is really in love with Liu Taosheng,Are not that important。
Who has never met a few scumbags in a lifetime?Only experienced,Pained,Will grow,This is the throes of youth,Inevitable。
text Chapter Two Hundred and Fifty One Poorest dormitory in history
Wee hours,Zhu Xiaoguang stumbled all the way,Back to402dorm room。
The first to wake up was Zhang Bo, who was sleeping by the door,Seeing Zhu Xiaoguang’s virtue,I know the big thing is bad。
“Zhuge,what’s the situation?”Zhang Bo asked softly。

In a dream,Ding Kelan’s half brother Ding Keyu,After Dinklan disappeared unexpectedly,Come to the door to please Chen Limu’s heart。

Ding Keyu helped Chen Limu sit down,Pretending to be considerate:“How are you recently?take care of your body!Go to the hospital for regular checkups。”
Chen Limu listened,Replied repeatedly following his words:“it is good、it is good,I am healthy,But you are very worried about running around,Pay attention to your body,You are the hope of our Ding family。”
Ding Keyu pretended to be sad and said:“If only brother can find it soon,Can share the pressure on me now,Now almost the whole burden of carrying blue light is on me,I am deeply responsible。”
Ding Keyu didn’t know he was mocking his heavy burden and weak ability,I’m still bragging about being the dominant team in the company。
Chen Limu is not concerned about this,As soon as I heard my son’s name,His face became gloomy a lot,Forcefully said with a smile:“Ke Lan is really blessed,With a good brother like you,But he failed to enjoy this blessing。After he disappeared,I know,You are also very sad、Very hard,I stayed for a few all night and took a special class to find。”
Talking,Tears can’t stop running down the corner of my eyes,Ding Keyu hurriedly handed over a paper handkerchief,Chen Limu took it and wiped it off gently,Choked,Calm down。
Ding Keyu also looked sad,He said:“The police,I have also asked several times,Still no information,I hope my brother will have news soon。”
Chen Limu nodded,Keep saying:“Ke Lan is as sensible as you,If he listens to the adults,Won’t go racing,It won’t happen。”
Ding Keyu comforted:“Everyone has aspirations,Will have hobbies,No one thought that something like that would happen。”Ding Keyu pretends to be sad,False consolation。
Chen Limu praised him,Said:“If it wasn’t for a caring child like you,I don’t know how to live。”
Ding Keyu said:“I will come back to see you often,If you have anything difficult, just tell me。”
Chen Limu nodded。
Ding Keyu then asked:“correct,I heard earlier today,Someone who looks like my brother came here?”
Chen Limu was taken aback,Didn’t think deep,Said:“It’s a pity that he is not your brother,This is his first time here。”
Ding Ke Yucheng Mansion“Oh”With a:“I just entered the yard,I heard the waiter talk about this one after another。”

Tian Lu whispered:“Just say what they like,Anyway me andakeyIt’s nothing。”

“I just say,These people are really uneducated,The most hateful remarks。”After Chen Amei finished,I still have something to say,But didn’t say it:I just say,So good、GoldakeyWhy would you like Tian Lu?。
After Chen Amei and Tian Lu finished talking,Each busy,Didn’t treat rumors as the same thing。
After hitting this,Some of the staff deliberately got to know Tian Lu,I think she has no legs with Ding Kelan,It’s also an unusual relationship with Ding Kelan,Most of them don’t dare to underestimate her,Even the manager Xia Meihan always deliberately treat her almost。
Originally, A-mei Chen had a ten-minute meaning to Xia Meihan,See Xia Meihan praise Tian Lu consciously or unconsciously,Upset。Lao Gao who is pouting in front of Tian Lu on and off work。Tian Lu coaxes Chen Amei in every possible way,Deliberately belittle yourself in front of Chen Amei,And said it’s all an illusion。Chen Amei turned her dark into a smile,Even if Amei Chen doesn’t say anything,Tian Lu also feels that Chen Amei is secretly in love with Xia Meihan。It’s hard for Xia Meihan to be over 40,Focus on work,Still single,It’s no wonder that A-mei Chen will secretly promise。
The company’s environment is so strange,No matter what degree or literacy,Gossip seems to be innate in every industry,Has nothing to do with the quality of personnel,Sometimes it will be a spice for the environment。
No impermeable wall,Tian Lu took Ding Kelan’s car back to the company early in the morning,Although the words are calm on the surface,But there has always been this legend,Tian Lu was asleep by the president。
Tian Lu denies that the two are innocent,But getting out of the car together is a fact。This matter somehow reached Xie Lisu’s ears,Xie Lisu finally came here。
Is it Xingshi’s questioning?,Probably can’t say,She just came to know the truth。if it is ture,She Xie Lisu is about to take measures,There is only one Mrs. President,That’s her Xie Lisu。
Dress sexy and fashionable,When Xie Lisu, full of famous brands, appeared in front of Tian Lu,Tian Lu’s ordinary style simple dress,The style is simply a heaven and earth,Tian Lu has long been used to this posture,No longer afraid of this aura,When Xie Lisu came to her,Promise without fear。
“There was a lot of excitement outside,Said that something happened between you and Ke Lan,Is there such a thing?”Xie Lisu asked bluntly。
“You also believe,You overestimated me,I’m average,How can Ding Kelan look at me。”Tian Lu replied。
“really?”The light in Xie Lisu’s eyes softened a lot。
“When did i lie to you!”Tian Lu answered。
Xie Lisu turned Tian Lu around,I looked up and down transparently,Think about it,How can Ke Lan look at her,I really worry too much。Leave a sentence that doesn’t hurt or itchy:“That’s best!”Then stand upXiongBu Xiong went away angrily。
Ding Kelan on the other side is devoted to researching,Busy with business,This kind of message still reaches Ding Kelan’s ears intentionally or unintentionally。such as,Lin Hai called and ridiculed:“Hey,busy person,I haven’t had a few drinks with my buddies recently,I have time to pick up girls。”

Brolong obviously did not expect Lu Menglin to be so fast.,Almost too late for him to react,I had to bow my back subconsciously,Abruptly received this blow。

boom!Everyone only heard a loud noise!
Brolong was also fisted by Lu Menglin,Flew straight out,The whole person is plunged into the opposite rock wall,The kind that can’t even be extracted。
Lu Menglin got it right,Did not slack off,But broke out again,With a clever and subtle way of fearing cats,High speed movement,In a flash, he reached the position where Brolong also fell to the ground。
Brolong, who had finally pulled out from the large fragments of broken rocks, was hit again.,Be Lu Menglin hit his forehead with a megalodon fist,With his falling down again,The rocks all around were crushed by this megalodon fist,Crush。
Lu Menglin didn’t leave a single blow,Almost used his best。
Alchemy master’s full blow,It also uses the megalodon punch, which is known for its ferocity and invincibility.,This move hit Bro Longye’s body,I can see the apostles’ eyelids jumping,Even the cold sweat came out。
Brolong is also lying in the gravel pit,like a statue。
The blow just now,Under Lu Menglin’s strength,Even the ground was blasted out of a big pit where people can lie down,The power is more fierce than explosives。
Do not know why,Although the opponent is lying motionless at the bottom of the pit,But Lu Menglin’s heart flashed with warning signs,There is a shocking feeling。
In order to suppress this extremely disturbed sense of crisis,Lu Menglin’s heart moved,Left arm raised,Swipe down,The fingertips shoot out the air wire like a blade,Strikes at Bro Longye’s neck with lightning speed。
Let you change,Chop off your head,See if you die?
Lu Menglin’s choice is very correct,Under this slash,Brolong really reacted。
He doesn’t seem to want to be beheaded and separated,Stretch your legs,The whole person is sliding on the bottom of the pit,Abruptly avoiding Lu Menglin’s strength。
bass!The knife slashed on the rock at the bottom of the pit,While making a soft noise,Pulled out a deep mark。

“Zhao Kuo,Get your shameless thing out of me。”A shrew cursing the street came from outside the corridor。

“amount,Isn’t this the latest 18th line star Lin Xinxin??”
“Yes indeed,Lin Xinxin,It seems very unqualified!”
“cut,These wild models are all of this virtue。Do you think they are very educated?It’s not based on unspoken rules。”
“Ugh,The actor went wrong!”
Most people who can lie in the inpatient department of private hospitals are either rich or expensive,So they don’t really have a big cold with the so-called entertainment industry。
But they also rely on their own special,So they don’t want to say anything about this kind of bitch。It’s just that if the people at the hospital don’t care,,I’m afraid I can’t run this private hospital anymore。
After all,The advantages of quiet treatment in private hospitals are gone。
Qin Feng heard the sound and looked over,One hit
The gorgeously dressed woman walked over swaggeringly。There are two personal bodyguards behind her。
of course,Seeing that the level and specifications of bodyguards should not be high,Maybe it’s only 10,000 to 20,000 yuan a month。
But the style is very good。
Zhao Kuo shivered when someone called his name,He also looked out,I was relieved when I found that only Lin Xinxin and her bodyguard。
He is not afraid of Lin Xinxin,I’m afraid that gang of gangsters。After all, even if Lin Xinxin doesn’t make sense,,But she can’t let her bodyguard hit someone.?After all, if Zhao Kuo gets really angry and calls the police directly,Lin Xinxin was arrested directly。
After all,Zhao Kuo is also a small boss。Compared with people like Lin Xinxin who only received a dozen advertisements, they still have an advantage.。
“Humph,Lin Xinxin, dare you come?Not only find someone to beat me,Still want to swallow my company?Who do you think you are?Will you be able to do whatever you want after being on the list??”
Zhao Kuo is also very angry,After all, it was too depressing before。Originally, he was not in a hurry to leave the hospital but the purpose of staying here was actually to hide for a while,Wait until the limelight comes。

“Oh?”Now Liu Xing feels interesting!

“You mean Qin Feng is also very strong in close combat,Just because of injury,So I was forced to become a sniper?”
“Otherwise what do you think?All right,go to bed early,Plans should be laid out tomorrow。”
“what’s the plan?”Liu Xing puzzled。
Chapter Two Hundred and Seventy Two You are my idol!
Early next morning,Liu Xing was called out,Then he understood what Zhong Fa said about the plan last night。
At this time, Qin Feng took a document and placed it in front of everyone。
The content inside is also very simple,Is to start from the other direction,Distribution map of some barracks near the blasting mercenary group。
of course,These are just simple things,After all, this information of Qin Feng is a comprehensive information provided by Xu Muhe’s official newspaper team.。
Because at this time Qin Feng entered Myanmar as the deputy head of the special team。He is on the side of the special forces to help,So although Qin Feng’s plan is not valued by many people,But still give the most basic information help。
“I asked,Lin Wenkong also sent people to investigate nearby before。The results obtained are not very different from this information。”
Qin Feng paused,“such,We blasted the barracks in a radius of five kilometers and there are about four small barracks。Lin Wenkong, you sent several people to ask if they would surrender and join our blasting barracks,We are willing to make them an independent team,Won’t distract him,He is in charge of the people。As for the detailed knot,Can talk slowly!”
Lin Wenkong felt a little guilty at this moment,It smells like a bow and snake shadow。After all, it was because of the relationship,So it led to war with two barracks,The final result is that there are now 300 people left so miserable。
“First salute。tell them,If you don’t want to surrender, you are your enemy!At that time we will surrender all their troops。Reap their lives!”Qin Feng Leng Lengdao。
“This.Ok!”Lin Wenkong is a little helpless,But I also know that the person who sent someone to explain the situation may not come back.。Although the two armies won’t be cut in battle,But it definitely won’t work here。The Golden Triangle is notoriously unruly,So the soldiers sent out can only ask for blessings。
“Then go to the next agenda!”I saw Lin Wenkong looking for the soldiers to send to the major camps,Qin Feng quickly went to the next item。
“If they surrender,We will have a little more people。But if they don’t want,Then we are dispatched at this time!These three positions,I,Zhong Fa,And Liu Xing,We are each responsible for a camp。Give the remaining camp to Yamucha and Agai。”