Blum Oriental (601339): Vietnam’s expansion of production capacity is methodical and undistorted.

Blum Oriental (601339): Vietnam’s expansion of production capacity is methodical and undistorted.
Key points for investment: The scope of cotton hedging in the second quarter resulted in a drop of 31% in 19H1 net profit, which exceeded expectations.1) 19H1 achieved operating income of 28.700 million, down 2 every year.7%, achieving a net profit of 2.2 ‰, a decrease of 31 per year.1%, deducting non-net profit 2.300 million, down 5 every year.2%.2) 19Q2 achieved operating income13.500 million, a year down 15.9%, realized a net profit of 10,000 yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 57.3%, deducting non-net profit 1.500 million, down 12 a year.1%.Mainly due to weak internal downstream demand, the number of domestic factory orders fell short of expectations, the start-up rate declined, and domestic factory revenue declined significantly; meanwhile, the company’s cotton hedging profit exceeded 50 million in the first half of the year, which significantly dragged down the company’s performance.  Gross profit margin declined, 武汉夜网论坛 expenses were well controlled during the period, net interest margin fell, and asset quality needed to be improved.1) Gross profit margin in 19H1 decreased by 1 compared with the same period last year.8pc to 18%, mainly due to the increase in the company ‘s low-margin white yarn sales in Vietnam and the relatively high cost of purchasing cotton in the early stage; the 18-year management expense ratio rose by 0.9 points to 5.2%, the sales expense ratio rose by 0.1 point to 2.1%; Cotton hedging losses drove the company’s net interest rate down by 3.2pct to 7.8%.2) Inventory of 19H1 increased by 8 trillion to 53 trillion compared with the beginning of the year, mainly due to the nearly 3.5 billion reserves of raw materials such as cotton.19H1 Bills receivable and accounts receivable increased by 1 earlier.100 million to 5.800 无锡桑拿网 million.In 19H1, operating cash flow increased by RMB 49.73 million to -5 compared with the early period.10,000 yuan.  Vietnam’s production capacity has been steadily released, and the proportion of overseas production capacity has gradually increased.1) Vietnam ‘s production capacity has expanded rapidly, continuing to maintain double-digit growth.The company currently has a total production capacity of 1.4 million spindles of spun yarn. The domestic and Vietnamese production capacity ratio is 1: 1.The additional 200,000 spindles of yarn capacity in Zone B in 19 was put into operation in advance, and it is expected that all of the newly added capacity will be put into production by September 19.2) The production capacity is methodical, and overseas capacity will account for 60%.It is estimated that by 2020, the total capacity of 500,000 ingots in Zone B will be completed and put into operation. At that time, the company’s total production capacity will reach 1.7 million ingots (700,000 ingots + 1 million ingots in Vietnam), and the overseas capacity will account for 60%.3) Vietnamese factory orders are good and revenue continues to grow rapidly.19H1 Vietnam Blum achieved revenue13.40,000 yuan, an annual increase of 26%, to achieve a net profit1.100 million, a year-on-year decrease of 27%.The main reason for the decrease in the net profit of Vietnam’s factories is that the purchase price of cotton in the previous period has increased the cost of raw materials, and the increase in the proportion of low-yield white yarn production has reduced the gross profit margin.  Cotton hedging has the potential to affect 19H1 performance and better investment returns.1) Since the cotton futures price continued to decline in the second quarter, Zheng Cotton’s main contract fell by more than 10%, resulting in a potential cotton hedging of 19H1 company exceeding 50 million yuan.As of the first half of the year, the company held 6,000 cotton futures contracts, with a floating loss of 37.07 million yuan, which is expected to have a certain impact on the third quarter performance.2) The 19H1 company’s investment income from associates and joint ventures performed better, and realized a total of investment income1.10,000 yuan.  The company is the leader in domestic color spinning. Vietnam ‘s production capacity has been steadily released. The proportion of overseas production capacity has continued to increase, maintaining the “overweight” level.  The continuous expansion of production capacity in Vietnam has led to a steady increase in total production capacity.However, taking into account the poor demand for domestic downstream orders, the continuous continuous growth of production capacity, and at the same time the profitability of cotton hedging has dragged down the performance, so the profit forecast for 19-21 is lowered, and net profit attributable to mothers is expected to be realized in 19-21.8/5.2/5.700 million (was 6 in 19-21).1/6.9/7.900 million), EPS is 0.32/0.35/0.38 yuan, corresponding PE is 12/11/10 times, considering that the company’s current PB is only 0.8 times, so maintain “overweight” rating.

Guodian NARI (600406): ICT sector shines on ICT, UHV, and power automation will continue to drive rapid growth

Guodian NARI (600406): ICT sector shines on ICT, UHV, and power automation will continue to drive rapid growth

2018 revenue increased by 17 in ten years.

96%, net profit attributable to mother increased by 28 in ten years.


In 2018, the company achieved revenue of 285.

400,000 yuan, an increase of 17 in ten years.

96%; net profit attributable to mother 41.

62 ppm, an increase of 28 in ten years.

44%, excluding Academician Shen’s equity consolidation, accounting standards adjustments, we expect the growth rate to be about 14%; comprehensive gross profit margin 28.

74%, down by 1 every year.

26pct; period rate is 12.

60%, down by 1 every year.

06 points.

Dividends in cash for every 10 shares3.

7 yuan (including tax).

In the first quarter of 2019, the company achieved revenue of 37.

51 ppm, a decrease of 2 per year.

41%; net profit attributable to mother 7656.

360,000 yuan, down by 18 every year.

81%; comprehensive gross profit margin 24.

11%, a decline of 0 per year.

69pct; period rate 23.

08%, up 2 every year.

44 points.

By the end of 2018, the company had 331 orders in hand.

02 ppm, of which the new decade in 2018 was 193.

7.4 billion.

The company plans to realize 31.4 billion operating income in 2019, an increase of more than 10%, operating costs of 223 trillion, and period expenses of 38.

8.3 billion.

Looking at each segment, the performance of ICT business is dazzling, and power automation is expected to usher in rapid growth.

Grid automation and industrial control: 2018 revenue 167.

56 ppm, an increase of 23 in ten years.

70%; gross margin 28.

30%, a decline of 0 every year.


We estimate that the slight decrease in gross profit margin is due to the increase in the proportion of integrated turnkey projects.

Looking at the business of each department, we expect that the distribution network automation business will continue to grow rapidly; the demand for substation automation equipment will increase steadily; the demand for power automation will bottom out and recover.10,000, a high increase of about 68% each year; dispatch automation system from the end of 19 to 20 years into the replacement cycle to boost demand; the company’s power grid automation and industrial control sector is expected to continue to grow steadily.

Relay protection and flexible transmission: 2018 revenue 53.

77 ppm, a ten-year increase4.32%; gross margin 38.

44%, a decline of 8 per year.


We expect revenue growth to come from increased demand for products such as UHV, while gross margin decline will mainly come from increased competition and product mix adjustment.

In 2019, we expect that the relay products will maintain stable growth; the UHV business will resume rapid growth with the rapid advancement of the project.

Electric power automation information and communication: 2018 revenue 38.

23 ppm, an increase of 34 in ten years.

19%; gross margin 27.

79%, an annual increase of 7.

68 points.

Breakthroughs in informationization of dispatching, new product network security management platforms, and other products have boosted revenue and rapid increase in gross profit margin.

As one of the information communication business entities of the State Grid, we expect the rapid advancement of the electric power Internet of Things to gradually continue to drive the company’s business orders and revenues to grow rapidly in 2019 and subsequent years.

Power generation, water conservancy and environmental protection: 2018 revenue 19.

90 ‰, a decrease of 9 per year.

23%, gross profit margin 5.

71%, a decrease of 3 per year.

At 37pct, we expect that revenue and gross margin decline will mainly come from photovoltaics, and thermal power and other markets have improved due to the impact of national policies.

During the period, the rate dropped by nearly 1.

06 points.

Expense rate during 2018 is 12.

60%, downgraded by 1 in ten years.

06 points; of which management fee rate is 2.

24%, 0 in ten years.

58pct; sales rate 5.

27%, 0 in ten years.

01pct; R & D expense rate 5.

40%, an increase 无锡桑拿网 of 0 a year.

23pct; financial rate -0.

31%, down one year.

70pct, the decrease in financial expense ratio was mainly due to the increase in exchange gains in 2018.

Profit forecast and investment rating.

Overall, we expect that business sectors such as ICT, UHV, smart meters, distribution networks, and dispatching will continue to drive the company’s overall business growth.

It is expected that the company’s net profit attributable to its mothers will be 47 in 2019-2021.

6.6 billion, 54.

9.6 billion, 63.

2.6 billion.

Corresponds to a relative return of 1.

03 yuan, 1.

19 yuan, 1.

37 yuan.Given 20-25 times PE in 2019, the corresponding reasonable value range is 20.


75 yuan, maintaining the “primary market” rating.

risk warning.

Grid investment progress falls short of expectations, market competition leads to shortened profitability

Network magic weight loss recipe 3 days thin 4 kg

Network magic weight loss recipe 3 days thin 4 kg

Many weight loss recipes on the web, but some are effective?

MMs don’t have much time and energy to try.

Today, the old Chinese medicine health net recommended a set of slimming recipes for you, it has been on the Internet for a long time, called three days can reduce four pounds.

Try to lean MM and try it out.


hzh {display: none; }  【第一天】   早餐:花生酱土司一片、柚子半个。   Lunch: 110 grams of water-stained squid (remove excess oil and water), 1 piece of whole wheat toast.

  Dinner: 40 grams of lean meat (chicken, pork or beef), 1 cup of beans, half apple, and 100 grams of low-fat vanilla ice cream.

  [Day 2]Breakfast: 1 boiled egg, 1 whole wheat toast, half a banana.

  Lunch: 110 grams of low-fat cheese and 5 slices of soda crackers.

  Dinner: 2 lean sausages, 110 grams of broccoli, 55 grams of bamboo shoots, half a banana, half a cup of low-fat vanilla ice cream.

  [Day 3]Breakfast: 1 slice of cheese, 5 slices of soda cracker, half apple.

  Lunch: 1 boiled egg, 1 slice of toast, 110 grams of water-stained squid (remove excess oil and water), dried radish, 55 grams of broccoli, 1 slice of melon, half a cup of low-fat vanilla ice cream.

  Dinner: 40 grams of lean meat (chicken, pork or beef), 110 grams of broccoli, half an apple, half a cup of low-fat vanilla ice cream.

  Tip: Fast weight loss is the dream of most lazy women. However, scientific diet and moderate exercise are always the key to healthy weight loss. The weight loss should not exceed 1 kg per week. Otherwise, most of the loss is water and protein.Physical health is unfavorable and it is easy to rebound.

  Therefore, although this side is effective in weight loss, it must be referred to by people who need to lose weight urgently. Unless there is any discomfort in the meantime, it should be terminated immediately.

After receiving the free eggs, this group of people bought fake C. sinensis was cheated 1.5 million yuan.

After receiving the free eggs, this group of people bought fake “C. sinensis” was cheated 1.5 million yuan.

In mid-August of this year, many people in the town of Danyang Lingkou in Zhenjiang were very happy, because a hotel in the nearby hotel had a caring “health lecture hall”, sending eggs every day, sending oil, and sending rice!

But soon, everyone found that the situation was somewhat wrong. Why is this?

The victim, Master Ding, said that he listened to the villagers and said that on the second floor of a hotel, there was a free egg delivery activity, so he followed others to pick up 12 eggs a day.

For four days, he took a lot of eggs in white, but on the fifth day, the “Lecture Hall” began to promote health care products, a “winter Cordyceps” that can cure all diseases, up to 6000 yuan per box, buy one gift.Second, and can also cash back 500.

“They said that Cordyceps can cure many diseases, including cancer, and even the old women are working.

Master Ding said.

As a result, more than 80 victims at the scene bought nearly a hundred of Cordyceps sinensis.

Zhang Zhiwei, the police station of the Danyang Municipal Public Security Bureau, said: “The main ingredient in this product is xylitol, which has no health effects, and is not something that can cure diseases.

“If you buy health care products, the “health lecture hall” owner also presented two gifts, a bracelet, a gold necklace, claiming to be worth millions, but these are all fake, completely rough work, the cost price is a few dollars.
Obviously, this so-called “health lecture hall” is to use the banner of free delivery, in the elderly!

According to the mobile phone number provided by the victim, the bank card number, the police successfully tracked nine suspects.

After review, this group has repeatedly used similar means to commit crimes. The amount involved in the town of Danyang Lingkou in Zhenjiang was as high as 1.5 million yuan.

At present, nine suspects have been approved for prosecution and the case is under further investigation.

7 bad habits after meals

7 bad habits after meals

It turns out that the habits that we take for granted after dinner are actually the “culprits” that hurt health!

Let’s come together to “literacy”, be wary, get healthy and good body!


Eating fruit after a meal is a wrong habit.

After the food enters the stomach, it takes 1 to 2 hours to digest. If the fruit is eaten immediately after the meal, it will be blocked by the food that was previously eaten, so that the fruit cannot be digested normally.

After a long time, it can cause abdominal distension, diarrhea or constipation.


Drinking tea after a meal with a strong tea will dilute the gastric juice and affect the digestion of the food.

In addition, the tea contains a large amount of residual acid, and after drinking tea, the protein that has not been digested in the stomach is combined with the metabolic acid to form a non-digestible precipitate, which affects the absorption of the protein.

Tea is about to be involved in the absorption of iron, which can even cause iron deficiency anemia in the long run.


A cigarette after a meal, happy like a fairy.

“In fact, the harm of smoking after meals is 10 times larger than usual!

This is due to an increase in blood circulation in the digestive tract after eating, resulting in a large amount of harmful components in the smoke, which damage the liver, brain and heart blood vessels, causing diseases in these areas.


There is a saying in the folk after bathing that “full bathing and shaving”, this is also an incorrect lifestyle.

After taking a bath after a meal, the blood flow of the body surface will increase, and the blood flow of the gastrointestinal tract will be correspondingly reduced, thereby diluting the digestive function of the gastrointestinal tract and causing indigestion.


Relaxing pants after a meal Many people feel overwhelmed after eating too much, often relax the belt buckle, so although the stomach is comfortable, but it will cause the pressure in the abdominal cavity to drop, forcing the stomach to sag.

In the long run, you will suffer from a true stomach droop.


After a meal, after a meal, “hundred steps”, not only can not live “ninety-nine”, and then because of the increase in exercise, affect the absorption of nutrients in the digestive tract.

Especially in the elderly, heart function decline, hardening of the arteries, and more blood pressure drops after a meal.


After dinner, singing karaoke folks has a common saying that “satisfaction is full of sings,” this sentence is correct.

After eating, the stomach capacity of the person increases, the stomach wall becomes thinner, and the blood flow increases. At this time, singing causes the diaphragm to move down, and the pressure in the abdominal cavity increases, which causes indigestion, and causes rehabilitation or other complications.

Green love magic makes passion penetrate the soul

Green love magic makes passion penetrate the soul

Do you still like luxury, cumbersome, and extravagant ways of sex?

  It is currently being replaced by a saving, environmentally friendly, simple green sex approach.

  Under the global climate of promoting environmental protection and energy conservation, the urban people’s sexual love is also upgrading, and the transition to “green love”.

Greenpeace has also launched a “Green Sex Guide” to teach everyone how to save resources while making love.

  Be a green sex lover, liberate from the grand ritual of ritual sex, concentrate on returning to the harmony of nature and the pure beauty of the soul – start acting now!

  The first stop of Green Love Magic: Demonstration novel: “Tango on the Plateau” Is this the author of “The Bridges of Madison County” Robert?


Waller re-launched the classic work.

The architectural artist Carlisle tried to be a renegade in the commercial era. He stayed away from the hustle and bustle and came to the plateau town of Salamanda, which was not yet fully developed. He built a practical and romantic house with exquisite craftsmanship, trying to be in this IndianEveryone lives quietly through the idyllic life.

Did he meet the mysterious charm of Susanna?

Ban Yanen, she came to the hut with the ancient poetry of the bagpipes and the unspeakable style of the witch, surrounded him with love.

This is the spiritual Garden of Eden, and the ancient music is still lingering.

Many businessmen who have been hailed as “economic animals” have come to the road and opened up roads. Carlisle has fought and tried to maintain harmony between man and nature and to maintain the tranquility of ancient civilizations and endangered animals.

  In the book, Carlisle and Susanna’s description of sex is a model of green sex.

The heroine danced naked in the wooden house, and the two men passed through the spiritual exchange and finally entangled on the wooden floor.

The “last cowboy” and his goddess esotericly jumped out of the plateau’s moving tango on this piece of land that has not yet been “opened up”.

Like the wild plants on the plateau of their love, they are full of nature and unconstrained.

  Green Love Learning: Pro-naturalism On a weekend or holiday, take your other half to a suburban villa vacation.

The location must choose the closest place to nature, go to the forest, go to the beach, and go to all places where the negative oxygen ions are reversed.

It is best to choose a house with floor-to-ceiling windows and wooden floors, and you can see the sea or large virgin forest outside the window.

You can learn to walk naked in the house, dance the foreplay like the original man, and then listen to the ancient bagpipes into the sex music.

Imagine yourself as a wild, unfinished animal with wild and gentle movements. Both of them return to the natural embrace and concentrate on the sense of physical unity in the process.

You are best versed in the basic theory of taiji or Chinese medicine physiotherapy. You can add these ingredients while making love, and improve the comfort of the human body.

  Her reminder: 1.

Don’t worry about spending two hours in your luxurious Thai-style bathtub, which is a waste of water and replace it with a shower!

If you have to choose a bath, then take a little water-saving bath, remember to use a towel instead of a paper towel afterwards;

Have you ever had a variety of chic lights in your bedroom to create an atmosphere for sex?

The green sex lover advocates turning off the electric light, rejoicing in the natural environment such as the moon and the moon, focusing on the inner meditation of nature and nature;

Do you still like to watch various erotic films to mobilize the atmosphere?

The green lover hopes to cross this simple level of stimulation. They basically do not watch any erotic films, but listen to the inner voice, let the passions cross the mind and slowly penetrate.

  The second stop of Green Love Magic: Demonstration movie: Dunbar, the tired man of the war with the wolf, does not like the main theme of the development and development of society in the United States at the time. He would rather be a survivor and guard the land of Indians.

The scenery in the west is very shocking: the sea of clouds, the vast grassland, and the wild cattle that are full of primitive dynamic rhythm.

Dunbar lived in the gate of the grassland and suffered a wolf. From the initial defense, the hostility to the mutual trust and mutual friendship between the later people and the wolf, he slowly tried to get along with the flora and fauna of nature.

At the same time, he also married his own love.

The sexual love that reveals the original color trembles.

Dunbar is bathing at the waterfall and encounters a lover.

The two naturally fell in love, lit a bonfire in a tent in the grassland, the wolf was waiting outside, and the tent was dry and burning.

  Green Love Learning: Dancing with animals and plants, you can also choose to go camping, set up tents on the grasslands, ignite the campfire, and watch the stars while making love.Studying Dunbar and your lover, you can also try to entangle yourself in strange places in the wild, such as waterfalls.

Let yourself be the protector and defender of nature, fear the surrounding flora and fauna, and live in harmony with them.

Having sex in the companionship of animals, enjoying the yin and yang in the waiting of all things, may be restored to become the son of nature.

  Her reminder: 1.

Don’t hunt down any small animals around you, some small squirrels, hares, etc., to make small animals add fun to sex.

It is not bad to refuse any blanket or prop with animal skin in the process of sex. Some of them are worn by your lover.


Try to take materials as far as possible, bathe with natural water as much as possible, accompaniment with natural sounds, try not to use any extra electrical appliances, and collect firewood to create a bonfire to bring more romantic taste. After waking up in the morning, you can also watch a sunrise;  3.

Green lover advocates pure natural, a small amount of insulin used in the past and some non-environmental sex appliances. You can use cream, jelly, etc. as an alternative additive, and use gentle touch and soft sound like natural sound instead of excessive movement and highThe bed is called.

  Green Love Magic Third Station: Demonstration works: “Izu’s Dancing Girl” Japan is currently the most environmentally friendly country in the world.

Take a look at the movie based on Kawabata’s famous “Izu’s Dancing Girl”, you may be fascinated by Japan’s beautiful natural scenery and customs.

The little dancing girl is less than fourteen years old. She is naked at the hot springs. For example, the spring buds of the same branch are beckoning to the male protagonist. The style-style room, the beautiful song and dance of the smoker, and the gentle look of the water, the first loveEmotions pierced the heart of the male protagonist.

Later, the two broke up, as if the white cherry blossoms rushed into the melt.

The growth rate in the book: “I” asked the dancer and asked for the wooden comb on her head.

The ship’s whistle screamed, the dancing girl smoked the hand to shake the color pad, ran to the pier and the long embankment, the blue water patted the sky, the heart was ups and downs, and the music rippled.

Wonderful innocence makes it hard to let go.

  Green Love Learning: Maintaining subtle and modest environmentalist sex is full of implicit and restrained spiritual temperament, and is by no means a simple physical collision.

They firmly believe that love is an innocent and specific expression, and will also use heart to understand every warm detail with the lover.

He collects the small items on his lover, respects every decision of his lover, and comforts with each other, but does not force possession.

You may wish to follow this feeling, adding bathing in the hot springs and singing and dancing in the foreplay.

Choose a quiet filtration of the premises, let everything be out of the way, do not easily smash the layer of window paper, let the beautiful lyrics hide in the heart.

  Her reminder: 1.

The green lover advocates advocating the establishment of a stable emotional-only relationship, finding lasting happiness in one person, not indulgence, and not wanting to let go, everything goes with the flow;

Remember, the action must be slow, to be observed, and the green lover declares that he enjoys a chronic life in a controlled manner, and never insists on it, nor does he force it.


Work hard on sexual beauty, and let go of some fleeting moments of fun. You may wish to paint poems, convey love tokens to each other, and extend the play before and after.

  Green Love Magic Fourth Station: Demonstration Movie: The classic film “Mrs. Chatterley’s Lover” gives people a feeling of sorrow.

The love drama between Chatterley’s Constance and the Lin Man is even more touching.

The young and beautiful Constance guards a disabled husband, who sleeps in bed, has no feelings, and has no sex.

Lonely, she began to walk deep into the woods every day to send a boring mood.

Later, she came to a log cabin in the forest, where there was a strong looking man, Parkin, and some chickens and other poultry in front of the house.

The walk in the forest made her evacuate, and her feelings with Pargin were slowly brewing.

This is a natural feeling for men and women: Linzhong Trail, simple wooden house, two people passionately ran naked to nature, it was raining, just two people of Adam and Eve sang in the rain, ParkinThe garland was worn on the head of Constance.

The asexual rigid marriage between each other, they enjoy the pleasure of active love.

  Green Love Learning: The role of the “farmer show” between you has become too procedural, lifeless, lack of creativity, what should I do?

May wish to plan such a lively love.

Take a role-playing game on the go.

Now, you are Constance, he is watching the Lin.

While teasing small animals, weeding, fertilizing, and sexually teasing.

Abandoning the traditional place of sex, two people walked in the forest while looking for a shade and started to be passionate.Let the sun and the shade make your best set.

  Her reminder: 1.

Remember to wear soft and simple clothing such as environmentally friendly cotton and linen, while relaxing, while also responding to the music and love the natural style, creating convenience for wild sex;

It is best to have a small farmer’s life, to raise chickens, weeding, etc. It is also good to be a peasant woman, and the hands can touch the texture of the soil.

Let your foresters come over and hug you, give you a wild flower and enjoy the natural love of the farmer.


After finishing your love, you may wish to make some side dishes, mainly fruits and vegetables, supplement energy, and it is best to order small wine after meals. Diet is the best catalyst for sex.

  Green Love Magic Fifth Station: Demonstration Movie: The first half of this film, “Life and Death Reading”, is a young man and a middle-aged woman who has a love for the young, and the younger Berg has fallen in love with the middle-aged woman Hannah and deeply for her.Fascinated.

There is a green sex lover in it: the heroine Hannah’s favorite thing is to be outside the joy, listening to the lover Berg to read a variety of literary classics for her, “Odyssey”, “The Adventures of Huck”, “The Woman Holding the Dog”.Reading again and again, the relationship between the two is deepening.

However, Berg, a law school student, occasionally learned at a court trial that Hannah was a guard at the concentration camp during World War II and committed unforgivable sins.

  The story of the two did not end because Hannah was imprisoned as a former concentration camp guard. In the subsequent life, Berg passed through the soul and forgave Hannah’s behavior. He began to send Hannah to the prison.Hannah also began to read literacy, and sent a letter to Berg. The relationship between the two sides was further sublimated.

Although Hannah committed suicide before she was released from prison, the love and humanity between them always touched people’s hearts.

  Green love to learn: Come to a two-person spiritual yoga. If you think that the sex between you suddenly abandons it, it is a pity that it is tasteless. I suggest you take this film on your body.

Begin to use some classic classics or classic music to energize the atmosphere, let sex slowly sublimate towards the spirit and humanity.

If you are a long-distance relationship, you can use the classic literature to express your feelings and come to a two-person spiritual yoga to maintain common growth.

Let the feelings between you bear the limitations of human weakness, tolerate the biggest shortcomings of the other side, and at the same time sublimate to a higher level and explore the depth of the range.

  Her reminder: 1.

Green sex lovers value spiritual growth most, and they like to add more spiritual communication beyond sex.

Reading together by two people can ensure the mutual progress of the spirit of both parties, but pay attention to the choice of reading works as elegant and beneficial.


In addition to reading, you can also participate in some intimate workshops to learn more emotional communication courses, so that communication between the two sides is smoother and more effective.


Paying attention to the spiritual gains of your partner can help the other party to achieve spiritual progress and achieve a deep understanding of each other’s humanity. Even if you encounter obstacles, you must maintain a supportive attitude, and do not give up, do not change your partner.

  Her special tips: To be a green lover, you need a little “last cowboy” spirit, try to reject some of the modern fast food culture, do not rely on information dependants and material dependence, to eliminate all waste.

Of course, it is not to let you go back to the poor life, or to reset the spirit of saving when you are making love, pay more attention to the quality of love, use natural props, enjoy each other slowly and the simplicity of each other.emotion.
At the same time, it also advocates the rationalism of sex, not to be eroded by the pan-love and hedonistic culture, but to return to a more specific, deeper gender sentiment.

Be alert to the six symptoms of anemia

Be alert to the six symptoms of anemia

Anemia is not a new term. For women who “have blood loss” once a month, anemia is a phenomenon that occurs when you are not paying attention.

Among the many pale women, do you know which type of anemia symptoms you belong to?

  1, malnutrition anemia malnutrition anemia mainly refers to severe iron deficiency in the body, followed by vitamin B2 caused by anemia.

  Causes: Many women over-controlled diet, do not dare to eat meat, eggs and milk, and even eat less vegetable oil, long-term vegetarian, radish and other vegetarian food, resulting in anemia.

  Symptoms: In addition to dizziness, tinnitus, vertigo, burnout, dry hair and other symptoms of general anemia, or accompanied by loss of appetite, diarrhea, mouth sores, glossitis.

  The main complications of malnutrition anemia are adjustment of nutritional structure and scientific eating.

Breakfast can get enough high-quality protein, such as soy milk, eggs, milk, etc.; Chinese food can take a wide range of nutrients from the intake; eat less pregnant food and sweets to prevent indigestion and obesity.

Seaweed heads, carrots, citrus, tomatoes, etc. should eat more, leading to enteritis, ulcer disease should be actively treated to improve systemic nutritional status.

  2, iron deficiency anemia iron deficiency anemia refers to the lack of stored iron in the body, affecting a small cell hypochromic anemia caused by hemoglobin synthesis.

It is the most common form of anemia in the world, including hypertension.

The incidence of this disease is very high, almost all over the world.

  Cause: Iron is an important trace element of hematopoiesis, and iron deficiency in sedimentation is the primary cause of anemia.

In addition, hookworm infection, gastrointestinal malabsorption, stomach and duodenal ulcer bleeding, hemorrhoids bleeding and women with menorrhagia, adolescent functional uterine bleeding caused by iron deficiency anemia.

  Symptoms: Similar to the symptoms of malnutrition anemia, which can be identified by testing trace elements in the hair.

  Attack: Treatment of iron deficiency anemia with ferrous sulfate or 10% ferric ammonium citrate 5?

20 ml, 3 times a day.

At the same time, you need to take vitamin C100-200 mg three times a day to promote iron absorption.

After the symptoms of anemia disappear, it is necessary to continue taking the medicine for 1-2 months in order to consolidate the curative effect.

  3, blood loss anemia blood loss is the most common cause of anemia, can be divided into acute and chronic two.

Chronic blood loss often causes iron deficiency anemia; due to trauma or disease process caused by rupture of blood vessels or defects in hemostasis, a large amount of blood loss in a short period of time causes anemia called acute hemorrhagic anemia.

  Etiology: severe functional uterine bleeding (blood collapse); ectopic pregnancy, placenta previa or various obstetric and gynecological hemorrhage during childbirth; severe bleeding in sexual intercourse; large hemoptysis of bronchiectasis or lung tumor; lower esophagus caused by ulcer disease or liver diseaseVaricose veins of variceal bleeding; various surgical trauma and bleeding during surgery.

  Symptom: If the amount of bleeding reaches 1500?

2000 ml (about 40% of the total blood volume), once the patient is healthy before the bleeding, bed rest after bleeding, still can not help but have thirst, nausea, shortness of breath, extreme dizziness and even a short loss.

Due to the redistribution of blood circulation, the patient’s hands and feet are cold, pale, and the amount of urine is reduced.

Blood pressure, cardiac output and central venous pressure are reduced, the pulse is fast and weak, and symptoms of shock appear gradually, such as irritability, difficulty breathing, pulse breakdown, cold skin, nausea and vomiting, and finally coma.

  Attack: Hemostasis and blood transfusion should be injected for the cause of bleeding, and then the primary disease should be treated.

Important treatments are rapid conversion of whole blood, plasma, dextran and saline to supplement blood volume and rescue shock.

Patients with a history of chronic bleeding or whose original iron storage has been supplemented or even supplemented, oral iron is administered 1-2 months after the cessation of bleeding to promote red blood cell production and supplement iron storage.

  4. Aplastic anemia Aplastic anemia is anemia caused by diabetic hematopoietic function or failure (occurrence disorder).

  Causes: related to exposure to certain harmful substances and taking certain drugs, such as benzene, acetic acid, iodine, chloramphenicol and radiation.

Some organic diseases such as tuberculosis, liver and kidney disease, leukemia, etc., can often be complicated by aplastic anemia.

  Symptoms: In addition to the general anemia symptoms, this type of anemia often has subcutaneous or mucosal bleeding, as well as chills and fever.

  Intravenous injection: The treatment of aplastic anemia is mainly based on Chinese herbal medicine and plasma pheromone. Adrenal cortex hormone and blood transfusion can also be used.

If the curative effect is not good, the drugs may be replaced with phenylpropionate, lithium carbonate, cobalt oxide, etc. to stimulate hematopoietic function, which has certain effects on some patients.

If it is still ineffective, consider doing splenectomy and gradually continue conservative treatment.

Preventing aplastic anemia should be carried out on a regular physical examination. If there is a change in the condition, please consult a doctor early. Do not repeat the anti-inflammatory drugs and promptly treat chronic diseases such as liver and kidney disease and tuberculosis.

  5, hemolytic anemia hemolytic anemia refers to the type of anemia that occurs when red blood cell destruction is accelerated and bone marrow hematopoietic function is insufficient.

  Etiology: According to the reason of shortening the life span of red blood cells, it can be divided into hemolytic anemia caused by internal defects of red blood cells, causes: 1 defects of erythrocyte membrane; 2 defects of hemoglobin structure or production; 3 defects of erythrocyte enzyme;Hemolytic anemia, the cause: usually acquired, red blood cells can be subjected to chemical, mechanical or physical factors, biological and immunological factors to cause hemolysis.Hemolysis can be in the blood vessels or outside the blood vessels.

  Symptoms: The clinical manifestations of hemolytic anemia are related to the urgency, degree and location of hemolysis.

Acute hemolysis: rapid onset, sudden cold war, high fever, pale, back pain, shortness of breath, fatigue, irritability, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and other gastrointestinal symptoms.

Chronic hemolysis: slow onset, in addition to fatigue, pale, shortness of breath, dizziness and other common anemia common symptoms, signs, can have varying degrees of yellow spleen, spleen, hepatomegaly, gallstones for ischemia see concurrentSymptoms, tuberculous yellow ulcers can occur.

The skin of the lower extremity fracture has ulcers and is not easy to heal. It is common in patients with sickle cell anemia.

  Attack: Etiology treatment: It is extremely important to remove the cause and cause.

Such as cold-type antibody autoimmune hemolytic anemia should pay attention to cold and warm; patients with faba bean disease should avoid eating broad beans and drugs with oxidizing properties; drug-induced hemolysis should be discontinued immediately; hemolysis caused by infection should be actively anti-infective treatmentSecondary to other diseases, to actively treat the primary disease.

  6, physiological anemia due to the increase in normal human blood volume, the anemia caused by blood replacement is called physiological anemia.

  Cause: Physiological anemia is most common in women during pregnancy.

This is because during pregnancy, due to the need to supply protein, the maternal blood volume will increase by about 35% compared with normal, in which the plasma increase is more than the increase of red blood cells, the plasma is increased by about 1000 ml, and the red blood cells are increased by about 500 ml.Blood is diluted.

  Symptoms: palpitations, shortness of breath, lack of concentration and bloating, etc., severe heart failure can occur.

Anemia pregnant women are also prone to a disease called pregnancy-induced hypertension syndrome, which may also lead to prolonged labor and postpartum hemorrhage when a baby is born.

  Disease: Physiological anemia is mainly improved by food.

Ensure adequate heat intrusion.

Only when the energy is sufficient can the various nutrients including the iron inside be fully absorbed and utilized.

  Eat enough animal food.

Animal foods contain excess iron and high quality protein.

When we choose food, we no longer have to look at its iron content, but also the iron absorption rate in food.

Animal foods contain heme iron, and its absorption rate far exceeds that of non-heme iron in plant foods. The absorption rate of heme iron is about 20%, which is about 10 times that of plant food.

In addition, oxalic acid, phytic acid, phosphoric acid and a large amount of doped fiber contained in plant foods may also affect iron absorption.

Therefore, despite the high content of iron in spinach, although it is black, it is not as easy to absorb as iron in lean meat and liver.

  Choose foods that contain more vitamin C.

Such as fresh vegetables, fruits, etc., vitamin C has the role of promoting iron absorption, should be there every day.

There should be animal internal organs such as liver, kidney, heart, etc. every week.

Animals often eat blood products such as pig blood, chicken blood, duck blood and so on.

But pay attention to hygiene.

Menstrual period, these weight loss methods can never be used

Menstrual period, these weight loss methods can never be used

Among the outpatients with “menstrual irregularities”, it was found that most of the young girls, a female patient controlled their weight through a specific diet, usually with high-pressure soup, aloe vera, melon, lettuce and other foods, the menstrual crampsDuring the period, the grapefruit diet was more effective.

  As a result, the patient found that the amount of menstruation was immediately reduced a lot, and the blood color was darkened. The situation in the second month was similar, and even the abdominal pain was uncomfortable, and the whole person was lost.

Before using this method to lose weight, most of these girls did not have a history of dysmenorrhea, and the cost was unpredictable.

  When menstrual cramps, in addition to full rest, but also pay attention to nutrition, cold food such as ice, cold drinks, grapefruit, grapefruit, pear, watermelon, coconut, orange, tomato, mung bean, lotus root, cucumber, bitter gourd, loofah, melon,Chinese cabbage, white radish, etc., must be avoided or eaten as little as possible.

Usually, after the combination of traditional Chinese medicine conditioning and food screening, the abdominal pain of these patients is improved.

  In addition to the specific diet weight loss method, short-term fasting method, slimming medicine slimming method, now popular is the Chinese side to lose weight.

The consequences are menstrual disorders, disrupting hormone secretion, and some people even lose weight.

The Asian Wall Street Journal recently reported that “not to be as thin as a muscle” seems to be the special psychology of the oriental women. In addition to the slimming method other than sports, there are people who try to “before and after”.

  This phenomenon was observed in outpatients.

In fact, eating less and moving is currently the only way to control weight, and shortcuts often tend to lose weight.

The regimen during the period is not difficult. For example, Western women like to take the opportunity to eat some chocolate. The Chinese long-standing longan red jujube soup, red bean soup, ginger and brown sugar are all good choices.