Beijing Daxing District 7e Citizen Happy Ice Snow Seasy Series gelanceerd

People’s Network Beijing 31 december (Pool Dream) Op 31 december, het Daxing District Sports Bureau Hosted, Doxing District Social Sports Management Centre, "Beijing) Sport Cultuur Development Co., Ltd." National Fitness Winter The Olympic Ice Snow Dreams "The Launching Ceremonie van het 7e Dict District "Happy Ice Snow Season-serie-activiteiten werden gehouden in het Xingchuang-centrum, het Daxing, Oyue International Curling Museum.

Het evenement is ontworpen om de Olympische Spelen van Beijing 2022 te verwelkomen en de Olympische Winterspelen van de Winter, de massa’s te leiden om aandacht te besteden aan de Olympische Winterspelen, deelnemen aan de Olympische Winterspelen, de Olympische Winterspelen te cre?ren, een Winter Olympics te cre?ren en de Winter Olympics te maken en de Winter OuTheon te prompen en de Winter OUTCHON en het massa’s Daxing District. Seksuele ijs- en sneeuwontwikkeling.

Om epidemische preventie- en controlemaatregelen te versterken, verhindert Peking strikt strikte controle over epidemische preventie, en het verminderen van de stroom van mensen, het minimaliseren van aggregatierisico.

Het eerste ijs- en sneeuwseizoen lanceren ceremonie wordt tegelijkertijd uitgevoerd, verdeeld in vier locaties, waaronder een hoofdlocatie in Peking Xingchuang Sportcentrum Daxing Ouchao International Valuta Museum, vier divisies bij de Joybei Ice Rink (skating) van Tiangongyuan, Daxing District, Malet Manor (ijs + sneeuw), Daxing District Xincheng Sports Park (Ice Experience Project). Het evenement opende de live uitzending van live uitzendingen, de openingsceremonie is de hoofdlocatie, en de openingsceremonie wordt live uitgezonden. Na de openingsceremonie, zal het volgens de punten van punten uitzending en willekeurig deelgenomen aan de Evenement werd ge?nterviewd. In het proces van live uitzending van het publiek wordt het publiek publiek uitgegeven voor het publiek.

Volgens rapporten wordt verwacht dat Daxing District Citizens ‘Happy Ice and Snow Seizoensactiviteiten 300.000 mensen in het hele district rijdt om deel te nemen aan ijs- en sneeuwsporten, en een goede sociale sfeer cre?ren voor de Olympische Spelen van Peking 2022 en winter.

Tegelijkertijd voldoet verder aan het multiculturalisme van sportculturele behoeften, het bevorderen van nationale fitness en een gezonde diepte-integratie, en helpt bij het bouwen van gezonde China en sportlanden.

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Convergence of red kinetic energy to highlight the insurance force China’s financial insurance Jiangsu branch implemented "I do practical things for the masses"

As the main body of Jiangsu policy agricultural insurance and major illness insurance, China’s financial insurance, Jiangsu Branch, has always adhered to the "service country, service three farmers, service people’s livelihood, and wholeheartedly provide insurance guarantee for the people", always remember the state The mission of the controlling insurance company is responsible, with "I do practical things for the people" as the starting point, gather red kinetic energy, and continuously highlight the insurance force in the service of national strategy and ensuring social people’s livelihood.

Serving the Rural Revitalization Supply Side Reform of the China Financial Insurance Jiangsu Branch fully exerts the advantages of farming insurance operations, and actively provides services to the rural revitalization of financial products. Since 2019, there have been three projects to select the Dalian Commodity Exchange "Farmers’ Income Protection Plan", which is a farmer’s locks in farmers; pig insurance, live pig price index insurance, etc.

In 2021, Jiangsu Huai’an Branch won the "Advanced Unit of Service Rural Revitalization" and "Agricultural Insurance Service System Upgrade and Innovation and Creative Project Award"..

In order to help the agricultural industry, promote the county praise financial projects, the company provides a non-mortgage-free public credit online loan to all county farmers, which effectively supplemented the farmers financing channels.

"Urgent farmers are urgent, solving the people’s households", the disaster is difficult, and the Jiangsu Branch of China has always adhered to the customer’s interest.

During the 2019 African swine fever, the company took the initiative to act as a timely claim, paying pig insurance claims over 100 million yuan; in 2021, in the face of "4 · 30" extreme weather disasters, the company started the emergency plan, opened the green channel, Quickly complete the work of claims, greatly filled the business loss of the affected farmers, and ate "Dingxin Pill" for farmers.

Serving grassroots people’s livelihood builds a rivers, "blocking dams", in order to consolidate expansion of poverty, 2020, China’s financial insurance Jiangsu Branch undertakes the poverty and rescue liability insurance project in Huai’an District, Huai’an City. Zhang Jun, secretary of the party committee and general manager of the Jiangsu Branch of China, said that "the poverty alleviation is the work of the central government.

In order to do a good job in service, we will go up and down, innovate breakthroughs, and make the work to make the work, and ensure that this people in Huai’an District can fall into practice and win the people. "At present, Huai’an District" anti-reflection "project has entered a comprehensive claims, and strongly guarantees the income of low-income people, guards the prevention of large-scale return to the bottom line. At the same time, in order to give full play to the" blood transfusion "function of insurance, 2021 The company upgrade has launched "Zhenxiang", incorporating fires, explosions, infectious disease rescue, etc., enabled related products to achieve "customizable", providing a more comprehensive responsibility guarantee for special groups.

At the service of people’s livelihood, protect the welfare of the people, China’s financial insurance Jiangsu Branch actively responded to the government’s call, participating in policy health insurance projects including major illness insurance.

Since 2013, the company’s policy health insurance project has involved 7 sets of Jiangsu Province, of which Wuxi, Huai’an, Taizhou and other places have been continuously organized, and it has accumulated a major illness insurance guarantee for 6.3 million people. The insured provides more than 300 million yuan.

At the same time, the company combines the needs of the market and customers, strengthening product innovation and combination optimization, sustainably in the fields of people’s livelihood, health, medical care, and continues to get into the local Huimin security project, actively serve the construction of many social security systems in the country.

Adhere to the time to provide temperature-friendly service as a state-owned enterprise, China’s financial insurance Jiangsu branch has never been forgotten, actively practicing "service first, abide by the commitment, returning society", measures, let financial services Temperature.

Since 2021, the company has comprehensively implemented the "Nine Services Commitment, Top Ten Service Measures". The national 7 × 24-hour customer service hotline is constantly filed, and the "Up to Run once", the headquarters complained hotline often supervision … is committed to providing customers with more efficient , Better service.

At the same time, in order to adapt to the development of the times, the company actively implements the older financial services, preparing an auxiliary equipment for the elderly in the business places, and has also opened the "Elderly Green Service Channel", let the elderly intelligent into the intelligent era, share development Result. Seize the "3 · 15" International Consumer Rights Day, "7 · 8" National Insurance Publicity Day, etc. The harm of knowledge, campus loans, illegal aggregate funds, popularization of financial knowledge, and enhance consumers’ risk prevention awareness. The enthusiastic public welfare industry shows that state-owned enterprises act as a healthy growth of children. In June 2021, the company donated 500 students worth 100,000 yuan to Suihong County, Suzhou Town, Suzhou Town, Suzhou City, Xuzhou City. During the college entrance examination, the company organized "love escort, for college entrance examination refueling" public welfare activities, carrying out the test, test site service, etc. At the same time as strict implementation of epidemic prevention, actively fulfill social responsibility, the party industry group linkage, accumulating the donation of 150,000 yuan in Yangzhou, donating an anti-vloural material worth more than 150,000 yuan for Nanjing, Huai’an, through the relay donation, and delivering the family. China’s financial insurance Jiangsu branch will continue to practice the initiality and mission, continue to promote the history, understanding of the idea, do practical things, open a new bureau, and constantly solve the masses "urgent expectations" problem, earnestly enhance the people’s acquisition Sense and happiness.

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Do not forget the initial mission, stick to the fight against the epidemic – National Energy Administration, Menghe Village, Tongjixian, Help, Help, Handling First-line Fighting

  Since the emergence of a new round of new coronal pneumonia, the National Energy Administration has resolutely implemented the provincial, municipal, county epidemic prevention and control decision-making deployment, transforming the party’s political advantage, organizational advantage into powerful The epidemic power, the first time to get into the epidemic prevention and control, no matter whether it is dark night, no fear of wind and snow, always stick to the ordinary position, strive to build a strong defense against the resort prevention and control of the village, so that the party members become a banner, in The epidemic prevention and control is high. One is a quick response, take the initiative.

After the local case of neoguanpumitis in Gansu Province, the National Energy Administration resorted the residential prevention and control work as a first-class major event, and took the initiative to work on the weekend duty. Line, actively actively actively take the initiative to practice the initial mission in the prevention and control of the actual action.

As the Northeast Regulatory Bureau of the Northeast Regulatory Bureau of the National Energy Administration, as the first secretary of the village, helping the team captain, with the help of the National Energy Administration and the Northeast Energy Regulatory Bureau, always keep in mind the teaching and arrival of the Northeast Bureau Party Group, the epidemic The hour is not interrupted to adhere to the prevention and control of Menghe Village, and strive to get into the epidemic prevention and control. The second is the careful deployment and planning.

Coordinating a team of work meetings in the village, conveying prevention and control policies, seriously planning the situation, refining and decomposing tasks, ensuring that "external prevention input, internal to investigate" requires no unclosure to practice.

All members of the help team and the village cadres and the masses have a whole body. All-day prevention and control work, through grid management, take a person-by-week, forming the epidemic prevention and control system in the lateral, vertical direction, to ensure The health and safety of the masses, build the "copper wall" wall of the epidemic prevention and control with practical actions. The third is extensive propaganda, scientific prevention and control.

Helping the Task Force with close to the public, to the masses to promote the epidemic prevention policy, through the prevention and control warning propaganda slogan, the household visit, WeChat group, shoot promotion, short video, etc. Educate the masses to understand epidemic prevention and control policies and knowledge, and actively answer questions and psychological counseling, urge protection of protective measures, improve the ability of villagers’ protection and scientific to prevent epidemic, and motivate everyone to unite, and hard work. .

Bank of China Shanxi Branch and Shanxi Provincial Civil Affairs Signing Strategic Cooperation Agreement, Time Bank Platform Cooperation Agreement

  On November 11, the Bank of China Shanxi Branch signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Shanxi Provincial Civil Affairs Department, and the time bank platform cooperation agreement. The leaders of the two sides.

  The Bank of China Shanxi Branch President Li Xinjun said that the Bank of China Shanxi Branch always adheres to the mission of "combating the world, benefiting society", and has closely related to the Shanxi Red Cross, Shanxi Charity Federation, Linyi City Charity Association. Cooperation, construct a good and far-reaching relationship. I hope that the two sides continue to work in accordance with the principles of equal mutual benefits, complementary, mutual support, and promote development, and actively carry out financial services such as pension industries, charity donations, social groups, and jointly explore the effective way for financial support for civil affairs. Provide all-round support for the development of Shanxi Province.

  Cooperative signing ceremony site.

  It is reported that according to the contents of the agreement, the two sides will support the development of pension industries in the financial support, innovate products and services, and carry out collaborative development in Kangsuo Shanxi and time banking project cooperation, and jointly build new models of endowment characteristics. (Yang Nairui, Liang Dong).

Changzhou confirmed cases of the virus mutants for the Delta 4 0

November 5, Changzhou City, the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control headquarters held an emergency press conference the third time, on the 4th of November 0-24, Changzhou City, no new cases. Whole genome sequencing analysis of cases of the virus have been completed, confirmed to Delta mutants, and the Northwest outbreak of highly homologous to the viral genome.

As of 5 November 14, a total of 753 people in close contact with the local investigation, isolation 753, sampling 753 people, 751 people have been the results were negative, pending the outcome of the two people.

Cumulative times in close contact with the local investigation 1801, 1795 focused on isolating people, six home quarantine, sampling 1801 people, 1794 people have been the results were negative, pending the outcome of the 7 people.

November 4, the city sealed off the area to complete the 17329 nucleic acid testing, the results were negative. As of 5 November 14, control zone has been completed nucleic acid sample 46285 people, 36526 people have been the results were negative, the remaining results to be out.

Precision prevention and control gaolers defense, Changzhou were divided into three types of areas sealed off the area, control area to prevent area.

In sealed off the area, residents need to do to stay at home; in the control area, the principle of "no man cell"; in the prevention area, members of the public the right to wear masks when they go out, wash their hands often ventilation, do not gather, and strictly implement into the indoor public places reservations peak load shifting, temperature measurement, sweep the yard, wearing a mask, one meter line. For sealed off the area, strict management, service warm heart. Wujin District to take "not only into the" sealing control management measures for the district where the positive cases immediately.

BAN cell cases where other nucleic acid detection sampling home residents embodiments, all persons residing BAN overnight transit point set to the isolation isolation. Sealed off the area residents in 6725, the government distributed free on-site living materials, the standard 20 yuan per person per day, household as a unit, to provide material support life rice oil, meat, vegetables, eggs and other home quarantine for the entire staff. More than 600 cadres every day, police officers and more than 200 young volunteers connected distribute all materials. Wujin Hi-tech Zone Party Work organization 24 party members and volunteers, the first time to support health monitoring point.

Qiong Yang is one of them, wearing protective clothing "Delivery boy" Yang Qiong, lunch Yi Tangtang customized to your room door every health monitoring staff, knock on the door to remind you to go out collar meal.

Building 2 has 6 layers, more than 260 rooms, this kind of action she repeated nearly 200 times a day. Wujin District, a new era of civilization Practice Center set up the first time member of the public reserve team of volunteers. Mekong Express little brother Zhang Yu in the sealed off area City area to send pieces to be closed in the community, to see one after another load of supplies delivered, Zhang first time approached and began the "Bank", help unloading, sorting .

Enthusiastic district residents found stranded communities express little brother, the first time for Zhang vacant housing provides live and love lunch.

Zhang day and night in the neighborhood community, stands ready to provide "one-point" run errands service. 4 night, in the rain, the Tianning 218 medical personnel rushed to build each time nucleic acid detection point, daytime battle. As of the morning of November 5 million copies to complete sample collection.

Reporters in the community sealed off Kyushu Garden to see the New World, the residents holding an umbrella in the rain for nucleic acid detection, scene orderly.

Lei Feng volunteer service stations, especially technology-hui told reporters that all the volunteers who slept in the service station, you grit your teeth together, gaolers defense.

Changzhou Party Secretary Chen Jinhu held a regular analysis judged the meeting stressed that the current epidemic prevention and control at a critical period, we should continue to maintain rigorous and meticulous work style, up and down collaborative, efficient and orderly manner to do all the anti-epidemic prevention and control in the city emergency command control work, to "inside-proliferation, anti-spill, anti-enter", determined to win the war of annihilation epidemic prevention and control.

Since the outbreak, the municipality Changzhou environmental disinfection area to quickly launch emergency response mechanism.

Currently, the city’s total area of the municipality set up 160 teams sterilization, disinfection staff 428 people, the first time on-site disinfection of premises and asymptomatic patients infected live or once lived, and other potentially contaminated sites, conduct final end disinfection. As of now, the city involved in the investigation into the epidemic places 370, environmental disinfection total area of 484,206 square meters, is an orderly environment disinfection work to do to ensure accurate sterilization, disinfection science. (Cai Wei Tian Bo) (Editor: Gu Shu Shu, Wu Ji climbing) share to allow more people to see.

2021 First China Scalp Management Science Trend Forum held in Nanning

On November 9, the "Precision Grasping and Definition Future of the Jointly Hosted by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the First China Scalp Management Science Trend Forum" was held in Nanning.

Nearly 300 experts and scholars such as professional colleges, scientific research institutions, financial enterprises, channel operations, gathered around China’s scalp management scientific development related policy orientation, scientific research results, consumer demand, investment hotspots and other topics, precise development Grasp the trend and define future development. In the forum, experts have respectively "from the love environment to the care of the head", "National Materia Medica · Estressive Farewear Application" "Scary Health Management Research: From the local direction of the whole, the head is integrated" "" "for the people "The subjects have conducted speeches and sharing. Li Zhongnan, deputy director of the Ministry of Nanning, delivered a speech on the forum. He pointed out that this forum is a major event in the history of large healthy industries in Nanning. It is in line with Guangxi to vigorously develop a big health industry. The Ministry of Unity attaches great importance to the innovation and development of private economies, strengthening service awareness, innovation and interactive mechanisms, and creates a good atmosphere, and strives to build Guangxi into a new highland. (旖旎 旖旎) (Editor: Pang Guanhua, Ye Bin) Share let more people see.

De belangrijkste macro-indicatoren zijn soepel tot een goede positieve factor geaccumuleerde groei

[] Sinds oktober blijven, omdat de overtrekbare epidemische preventie en controle en economische en sociale ontwikkeling blijven verschijnen, de stabiliteit en de ondersteunende economische ontwikkeling van entiteit blijven garanderen, de belangrijkste macro-indicatoren zijn groot, de nationale economie behoudt het herstel en benadrukte de taaiheid van mijn land economische ontwikkeling. Vanaf het productie-einde werd de gemiddelde toename van de industri?le toegevoegde waarde in oktober in oktober van% hersteld tot%, en de gemiddelde groei van de productie-index van de Service-industrie bedroeg tot%. Van de vraagzijde steeg de totale detailhandel van sociale consumptiegoederen in oktober van% tot%, en de gemiddelde groei van vaste activa-investeringen in januari en oktober was vlak in%. In oktober, in oktober, de gemiddelde groei van De toename van twee jaar in de Amerikaanse dollar% herstelde tot%. Bovendien geoogst in oktober in nationale Qiu Fuluna nabij het einde, van over het hele land, wordt verwacht dat de herfstkorrel de productie verhoogt. In oktober kunnen de macro-indicatoren een super-verwachte prestatie hebben, voornamelijk met betrekking tot de volgende factoren: ten eerste is de externe vraag nog steeds stabiel.

In oktober is het algehele terugwinning van de wereldeconomie, overzeese vraag, gesuperponeerd op het industri?le systeem van mijn land is het voltooid, de productieherstel is beter, de aanbodcapaciteit is sterk en de export zal de snelle groeisituatie voortzetten, waardoor de toename van de productie en productie wordt voortgezet investering. In oktober steeg de exportafgiftwaarde van de exportafgiftwaarde met% tot%, met het bereik van het hoogste niveau, sindsdien, de toename van de productie in oktober, verhoogd met% van% tot%, 1 tot oktober, productie-investering twee jaar gemiddeld De groeisnelheid herstelde van% tot%.

  Ten tweede is de epidemische preventie en -controle op zijn plaats.

Sinds het midden en laat in het midden van oktober, hoewel de binnenlandse epidemie in geval van verspreiding is, zijn alle locaties gecombineerd met de vorige ervaring, en de regeringen op alle niveaus co?rdineren de ontwikkeling en controle van de epidemie, waardoor het Epidemie beheert effectief binnen een bepaald bereik en had niet het hele land de service-industrie en de sociale consumptie hebben een aanzienlijke impact en de gemiddelde groei van het inkomen in oktober in oktober herstelde van de% tot% van de vorige maand. De derde is het beleidseffect.

In de afgelopen maanden heeft de centrale overheid een verhoogde regelgeving, stabiliserend bedrijf en het bevorderen van de arbeidsvoorwaarden blijven goed.

Van januari tot oktober was de nationale stedelijke nieuwe werkgelegenheid 11,33 miljoen, voltooide de jaarlijkse doeltaak van tevoren, oktober, het werkloosheidspercentage van het nationale stedelijke onderzoek is vlak tot%, en legt de basis voor consumptie. Daarnaast benadrukte het Centraal Comité van de Communistische Partij van China de "versterking van technologische innovatie en industri?le ketenstrooktoer", en de gemiddelde groei van de groei van twee jaar in de high-tech productie-investering van januari tot oktober, bleef Speel de tractie, het besturen van economische structurele upgrade. Optimalisatie. Het is vermeldenswaard dat het verschil van de schaar tussen de PPI en de CPI nog op een hoog niveau loopt. In oktober steeg PPI jaar-op-jaar en CPI steeg in een jaar-op-jaar en de twee schaar trok naar 12 procentpunten.

Dit toont aan dat het uitkleden van de stroomopwaartse tot het midden en stroomafwaarts nog steeds onvoldoende is, en het midden en de onderste reiken van de stad staan ??nog steeds voor de druk op de bedrijfskosten, en het is noodzakelijk om een ??goed werk van stabilisatie verder te doen. Kijk uit naar de volgende fase, het economische voortdurende herstel van mijn land is niet gewijzigd en positieve factoren zijn oplopende groei en de binnenlandse vraag zal naar verwachting uitbreiden.

Vanuit het perspectief van het verbruik is de werkgelegenheidsituatie in het algemeen stabiel, wat bevorderlijk is voor de toename van de inkomen van bewoners en de toename van het verbruik.

Van investeringen, de ontwikkeling van industri?le upgrading, de toename van het levensonderhoud van de mensen, en de constructie van grote projecten in het "14e vijfjarenplan" bevordert om de investeringsgroei te ondersteunen.

Vanuit de hervorming van het bedrijfsleven blijft de hervorming van "Ontluchting" in de diepte, de bedrijfsomgeving wordt geleidelijk geoptimaliseerd, de vitaliteit van de markt is verbeterd, het marktlichaam blijft toenemen en de activiteit wordt op een hoog niveau gehandhaafd.

  In de volgende fase moeten we ons houden aan de totale stabiele, volledige, nauwkeurige, uitgebreide implementatie van het nieuwe ontwikkelingsconcept, de macro-beleid Cross-Cycle-aanpassing versterken, implementeren effectief de pre-tuning Fine-Tuning om de belangrijkste doelwitstaken te waarborgen van de jaarlijkse economische en sociale ontwikkeling. Alle teksten, afbeeldingen, audio- en video-manuscripten en elektronische tijdschriften zoals "Economisch Referentie Nieuws" of "Economisch Referentienetwerk" zijn auteursrechtelijk beschermd door het economische referentie-nieuws. Elke vorm publiceren en spelen.

De conclusie van de mensen: de traditionele cultuur is in de klas, maar ook in het hart

"Toen we graveren, moeten we elke stap, slijpsteen, ontwerp, kopi?ren, manuscript, gegraveerde steen behandelen, elke stap is zorgvuldig zorgvuldig!" In de "Non-Legacy" -klasse in een school in Wuhan, de leerleraar van het leraar van de leerleraar die ik heb geprezen door leraren en studenten. Er kan gezegd worden dat in de afgelopen jaren Chinese traditionele kunst, zoals gravure, Peking Opera, Paper-Cut, Calligraphy, etc. Cultuur is het bloed en de geest tota van een natie, wat een belangrijke fundering is op basis van het bos van de wereld.

Ofeer en vervoer uitstekende traditionele cultuur, die bevorderlijk is voor het cultiveren van nationale trots en cohesie, waardoor mensen in sociale en economische ontwikkeling, weet waar ze komen, wat moet ik gaan.

Het is vermeldenswaard dat sommige jongeren een halve oplossing hebben voor de Chinese traditionele cultuur. Dit herinnert ons ook eraan: het bevorderen van de Chinese traditionele cultuur, het consolideren van de Chinese culturele genen, en wetenschappelijk, de vochturieten worden stil ge?mplementeerd. In februari van dit jaar heeft het ministerie van Onderwijs de "Chinese uitstekende traditionele cultuur in de programmageboekengeleider" uitgegeven, de relevante standaardvereisten van de uitstekende traditionele cultuur van China in primair en middelbare schoolcurriculum-leerboeken, die belangrijke begeleiding van betekenis heeft voor de promotie van Primaire en middelbare scholen. Dit is de eerste keer, het ministerie van Onderwijs heeft het ontwerp van de Curriculum-studieboeken van de Chinese en Middle School effectief ge?mplementeerd.

De genereuze naald heeft gevestigd en de problemen waarmee de implementatie wordt geconfronteerd, blijven om te worden gebarsten.

Op dit moment hebben alle locaties veel bestaande traditionele culturele opleiding, vaak hebben veel vormen van infusie, en de connotatie zal minder, voornamelijk mechanisch geheugen begrijpen en hebben de betekenis van culturele containers en artistieke waarde niet volledig aangetoond. Hoewel sommige scholen gerelateerde wedstrijden of uitvoeringen hebben uitgevoerd, blijft er meer in de ondiepe, er is "er geen educatief" fenomeen, en ze hebben een harde mouw, passieve imitatie, denken aan onvoldoende verlichting en beperkte opleiding.

De traditionele cultuur in de campus is een systeemtechniek.

Aan de ene kant moeten we de training van de kracht van leraren verbeteren. Leraren moeten de bijbehorende culturele teelt hebben, in plaats van deze Xuanke te gebruiken, kan de studenten, beter en beter maken. Aan de andere kant is het noodzakelijk om wetenschappelijk, een gericht curriculumontwerp, door de vorm van hoogleraar in de vorm van een student, geaccumuleerd in een bevelerde, zodat de campus echt studenten ‘leren, erfenis, en zelfs het park van wordt China’s uitstekende traditionele cultuur.

Laat onze volgende generatie een goed cultureel gen hebben, en alle lagen van het leven moeten hard werken.

De Chinese beschaving is al lang, baren aan de uitstekende spirituele producten van de Chinese natie en gecultiveerd het nastreven van de verheven waarde van het Chinese volk.

Uitstekende traditionele cultuur zoals "non-legacy" in het handboek, voer het klaslokaal in, vermijdt de traditionele cultuur "ontkoppeling". Versterking van de traditionele cultuuronderwijs van jongeren is een groots bedrijf in het hedendaagse, profiteren van de Qianqiu.

De zaden van de uitstekende traditionele cultuur in de ziel van jongeren zijn een must, wat het onvermijdelijke ding is in de teelt van talenten. Het zijn de elementen van de Chinese natie tot grote opwekking. (Editor: Yan Shuai, Songyuan) Delen Laat meer mensen zien.

Resolutely prevent the land "Temporary to become Permanent"

  The temporary land is not temporarily, invaded the farmland red line, destroying the market fairness … For various problems in the regulatory management of temporary land, the Natural Resources Department has recently issued the "Notice on Normative Provisional Training Management" (hereinafter referred to as "Notice"), highlighting cultivated land protection Requirements, further strict and improvement of policy measures, resolutely prevent "temporary permanent", focusing on the excessive range of temporary land, low approval level, the period is not reasonable, and the supervision is not in place. Strictly define the person in charge of the Natural Resource Development and Utilization of Natural Resources Department, which is not uniform for the place in temporary land management, and the "Notice" proposes the specific use requirements for temporary land. Temporary land has the characteristics of temporary and recovery, and is unrelated to construction projects, geological exploration, etc., it is not possible to return to the land or reintegration, and may not be used. "At the same time," Notice "further refines the specific use range of construction project construction and geological exploration temporary land.

  In terms of use, the "Notice" specifies the temporary land limit for temporary land use, and the construction of energy, transportation, and water conservancy and other infrastructure construction projects are temporary land, the period is no more than 4 years.

  Strict protection of cultivated land "notice" clearly, temporary land should do not occupy or account for less cultivated land. The beam field, mixing station, etc. It is difficult to restore the original planting conditions to occupy a cultivated land and permanent basic farmland, which can be used to use land or temporarily occupy unusedly.

The temporary land is required to take up permanent basic farmland, and the original planting conditions must be restored.

  In addition, the "Notice" further improved the completion of reclamation period, and the temporary land use person should complete the land reclamation within one year since the expiration of the temporary land, which affects reclamation due to force majeure factors such as climate, disasters. Advantageously prolong the reclamation period. Strictly implement the temporary land resumption, temporary use (structure) should be demolished after the expiration of the temporary land, and the use of cultivated land should be reclaimed as a cultivated land, ensuring that the area of ??cultivated land is not reduced, and the quality does not decrease; other agricultural land other than the cultivated land should be Restore to agricultural land; unused land, for cultivated land for eligible encouragement reclamation.

  Standardized approval and supervision "The temporary land approval level is the important factor in which there are many problems in temporary land. The level is upgraded to the municipal or municipal level, stipulates that "the county (city) natural resource authorities are responsible for the approval of the temporary land, which involves occupying cultivated land and permanent basic farmland, by the municipal or above the natural resource competent authorities for approval. Under the provisional approvement approval rights or entrust relevant departments to exercise approval rights. " The person in charge introduces that in order to enhance temporary land supervision, "Notice" establishes a temporary land information system, and enhances the interim land approval, use and reclamation.

"Since March 1, 2022, the county (city) natural resource authorities should approve the temporary land approval document, contract, and four to the scope, land use status photo image information, etc. within 20 working days after approval of temporary land. Transport to the temporary land information system and disclose information to the society. "The person in charge said.

  In addition, the periodic spot checks and regular notification systems will be established, and the public will be disclosed to the society without approval, use, no reclamation, and the formation of illegal use of illegal land. (Editor: Luo Wei, Zhanghua Wei) Sharing let more people see.

Summary: Nicaragua is actively evaluated in Ni

  Xinhua News Agency, December 13, DEE, Nicaragua, active evaluation of Ni Zhongxiao Xinhua News Agency, Wu Hao Zhaokai China and China Nagaragua resumes the ambassador level diploma, Ni people are active for the two countries After returning, it is considered that China’s recovery is the correct decision made by the Government of Nicaragua. The cooperation between the two countries will bring them more development opportunities and benefit the local people. Nicaragua presidential consultant, government representative Lauraiano Ortta said that Ni Dynasty resumes diplomatic relations to the "Contact" between the Ni Ruling Party Sangdo National Liberation Front and the Chinese Communist Party and the people of Ni. And confirm.

Based on the establishment of the two countries in Ni China, on the basis of a Chinese principle, the Santo National Liberation Front and the Ni government will always respect this principles.

  Nicaragua Masa City Mayor Yinina Noga said that the resection of the two countries in Ni, is very important. Marsa’s pillar industry is a tourism industry and handicraft. It is hoped that the future can develop as a friendly city with similar characteristics. Communication and cooperation in social and cultural fields. Xinhua News Agency arrived in Nikka, Magashi, and became the first batch of Chinese journalists entering Nicaragua after completion of the two countries. Ni Cultural Small City Nikovo City Mayor Elvis Tapia told reporters that the two countries were re-explained in the correct decision made by Nicaragua. I hope that the cooperation between the two countries can bring more development opportunities for Nikovo Mo. promote economic development. Township Katarina is only 10,000 in Kataranna, which can receive at least 5,000 visitors from all over a weekend. Mayor Edgar Yiggo said that the correct choice made by the Ni government is in the correct choice to resend the government. Nicaragua people welcomed the Chinese people to visit Niki. Yiggo believes that China is a rapidly developed economic big country, science and technology big country, worth Nikaragua. Nicaragua National Autonomous University Socius Bismarck · Zie Luo said that the reunion of the two countries will bring huge opportunities for Nicaragua.

China has become a partner of Nicaragua will help Ni manufacturers to export to the Chinese market, and will also promote cooperation between the two countries in the fields of culture, education. Managua citizen Manuel Espina said that it can drive more investment after resection of the two countries, bringing more employment opportunities.

(Editor: Cui Yue, Liu Jie) Sharing let more people see.