First of all,He is not a masochist,Second, he likes the Xiaojiabiyu type。

This type of queen,He can’t figure it out。
“That one,I suddenly remembered that I still have some papers that I haven’t finished writing,beauty,Go there and report my Xin Zhao’s name,Just keep my account,Goodbye!”
Just go,For girls who are not sure,Xin Zhao will not be a dog in investment。
I think he is a top student of the North Star,No girl,Pooh!
“You have to go,sure,I’ll be beaten up first!”Lena saw Xin Zhao slipping away,I feel his charm is ignored by him。
And Lena will tell Xin Zhao a truth today,People who ignore her charms,Need to be beaten up by society。
“what are you doing!”
Raise your hand,Xin Zhao feels like he has entered the legendary bullet time,The girl named Rena,If you don’t agree, you will start fighting,He reached out and blocked Rena’s fist。
then,Fly out。
‘I go,Is this guy a cow?,So much strength,What did you eat?!Without delay,Run quickly!’Xin Zhao has no other ideas at this time,For this queen type,People who will fight if they don’t agree,He really doesn’t want to provoke。
“Reina,This guy activated the genetic program,There is no problem with being able to withstand your punch,It seems that the degree of activation of this gene is quite high!”Jace watched Xin Zhao being punched by Lena and flew out ten meters,Then pat butt,Ran away in a hurry,Said to Lena。
Yes,Just a slip of smoke。
Xin Zhao’s body emits some arcs,To fly the dust around,And then ran away,With Jace’s ability,Really can’t catch him。
As for Lena,This is the finger extending the sleeve length,Touched chin“Interesting and interesting,Did not expect this generation of German Star Gun,Unexpectedly so powerful,I only activated for three days,He was not trained,Opened the genetic program,This person belongs to me。”

After leaving the house of Old Man Zhou,He intends to run outrcity,But when driving to the toll gate,From a distance, I saw security checking cars one after another。

He quickly turned around,Then he heard the radio report on the car,Said he becamerThe first person to commit economic crimes since the reform and opening of the city。
These ten years,His tax evasion has reached a staggering three billion,Plus deceptionhState subsidies,The total amount involved has reached over 5 billion。
Due to the huge amount of money involved,The head of the Economic Investigation Bureau expressed his heartache when interviewed by reporters,People like Ge Bin,EmbezzlehNational property,Heinous,They will give the people andhAn explanation。
and so,I am sorry nowhcountry,I’m sorry, the most wanted criminal。
After hearing the news,Ge Bin hurried to the village in the city,Lost the car at the entrance of the village,I removed the phone card and lost it。
Then he put on a peaked cap,Head down into a small shop,Bought a bunch of drinks and non-staple food cigarettes,Prepare to hide in the house for a few days,Wait until the limelight passes, then find a chance to get out of town。
Dong dong dong。
suddenly,He heard a violent knock on the door。
He is clever,Bouncing off the sofa。
who is it?
He has doubts,How come someone knocks on the door this time。
To know,this place,Even his wife doesn’t know。
and,His playmate doesn’t know that he is here today。
Did you knock on the wrong door??
He sticks into the door,Listen attentively,Hope to hear something。
Bang bang bang。
Knock on the door again。
Then a strange voice:“Mr. Huang Yile,We are property,Please open the door,The residents downstairs told us that their bathroom was leaking,Let’s check if it is a problem with your floor。”
Huang Yile,Is the name of Ge Bin’s playmate。

at this time,Six Great Warriors,Three dead and two injured,Only one Shu Xiujuan still has some fighting power。

Ma Tianyin broke his brain and died,Zu Zhong was pierced by Gang Jin,Kick and kill,Ba Shengrong fractured both wrists,Zhang Changlin’s hands are also gone,Neither can fight again,There is only one Shu Xiujuan left,Obviously it’s not a climate anymore。
If not for seeing,Who can think of it,Six powerful warriors,Determined to sweep the third-level mining area,In the end, he was beaten into this miserable look by a young man。
And the most helpless is,This battle could have been avoided,They only need to give up a part of the benefits,Don’t even need profit,As long as you don’t provoke that young man。
It’s a pity that the six powerful fighters are too confident,They don’t believe in others,Unwilling to share benefits with others,That’s why it ended up like this。
“How did your move just now change?Why i can’t see!”Ba Shengrong with red eyes,Slumped。
One of his arms is dead,Only 20-30% left,There is no chance of turning over。
Lu Menglin thought for a while,Lightly:“In the form of a cat。Not in twelve shapes,You haven’t seen it is normal。”
“Fear cat?Fear cat?There is such a creature in the world?Jaguar,But more fierce than a leopard!”Ba Shengrong muttered to himself。
He deserves to be the Xingyiquan everyone,I can see the mysteriousness of Lu Menglin’s move just now。
Lu Menglin could hardly catch up with Ma Tianyin just now,In a hurry,Suddenly,I thought of the cat-like aura felt in that crystal mineral fossil,Take the charm of the cat hunting,Sure enough, an unexpected result was achieved。
“No wonder,No wonder!Although you are not familiar with Xingyi Quan,But you can make a beast shape beyond the twelve shapes!No wonder i will lose!”Ba Shengrong shook his head and smiled bitterly。
“Kid!Kill if you want!We never frown!”Shu Xiujuan shouted。
This old woman has a strong temper,Even though knowingly out of,But still very fierce。

“What to run?Mom hasn’t finished yet,Sit down sit down。”

Huo Yunhe looked helplessly at her shameless mother,Very speechless,You said you are an aunt who loves square dancing,So much energy,“mom,I have to go to work tomorrow,You go get a beauty sleep too。”
“No hurry,”Yun Minzhi didn’t see her son’s sad face,Mumbling,“Your sister Yawen is only two years older than you,My son is three years old,I got another one in my belly,Have a second child soon,look at you,Why are you behind so much,Mom’s old face has lost you!”
Sister Yawen got pregnant unmarried,The house is almost turning the sky,Although my husband’s house is a grand wedding,But their Huo family is still resentful,Until now, Brother-in-law comes home,I still can’t straighten up。
Huo Yunhe looked at the spiral staircase helplessly,My mother stood there condescendingly watching the brother-in-law who came to the house,Not a good face。
“mom,When my sister had a boyfriend,That’s not what you said?Why did you get here,You can get on the bus first and make up the ticket?”
“Can that be the same?”
Yun Minzhi gave her son a roll of eyes,“Your sister is a girl,In case you encounter scum,What to do if you suffer?Your character mother put a hundred hearts,You just have to bring your wife back,Mom will do your wedding right away,If double happiness comes,Just better!”
No more,There is a mother who is too sturdy,He reallyHOIDCan’t help,Rushed upstairs,“I am sleepy,Go up first,Good night mom。”
“son,The apartment in the city is very close to the company,You can live there,Mom looks forward to your good news。”
Yun Minzhi’s too straightforward words made Huo Yun and his legs shake,Almost didn’t fall on the stairs,Turning to look at mother with a narrow smile,Nodded heavily,“I will move in tomorrow。”
Huo Yunhe who can’t sleep in bed,Remembering what mom said just now,Can’t help but laugh。
They say mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are natural enemies,I haven’t got along well since ancient times,but,This situation does not exist in their home。
When grandma came in,Too grandma took grandma’s hand,Thank her for taking care of her son;When mom came in,Grandma gave the same words to her。
When he was born,Grandma is gone,The impression of her is only the recount of grandma。
Grandma said,The rise and fall of a family,The person in power is critical,The wife of the person in power is equally important,Only husband and wife work together,In order to be invincible in the treacherous waves。
Grandma Tai said all the best,It has always been the family motto of their Huo family,Grandma also carried out this spirit,In Huo Yunhe’s memory,Grandma and mother never blushed,Even if opinions are not uniform,It’s also right and wrong。
Such a good family style,Yiyi has such a good temper,Will soon be incorporated。

“The villain is also a guest,My Li family should serve good teawww.0872.!”

The old man in Tang suit only said one thing,Turned around and entered the house,Then no one talked to Xiangchen and Mo Mo,No invitation,Did not refuse。
“This old man wants to sleep with you?”
Xiang Chen asked Mo Mo,Obviously, come to Li’s house again,Mo Mo must be better off sneaking into his freedom。
Asked Mo Mo jokingly,One is to relieve the pressure on Mo Mo,After Xiang Chen saw the old man,The pressure on myself is not small。
“He wants to sleep with me,Also have the ability to harden!He is Li Futang,The last generation of the Li family,Li Zhaoliang who offended me,His eldest son!”
Mo Mo snorted,I thought Xiang Chen didn’t know what fear was!The appearance of Li Futang just now,I took four steps back,think carefully,Xiang Chen also took a half step back。
Xiang Chen didn’t bother to entangle with Mo Mo on this topic,It’s better not to mention your shortcomings。
Walk slowly into Li’s house,From the moment you enter,Xiang Chen felt that the home away from home decoration fell short。
“The interior decoration carries nine palaces and gossip,I feel a little uncomfortable the first time I come。”
It is not Mo Mo who is beside him who reminds Xiang Chen,But Li Futang, the old patriarch of the Li family。
The old man looked at Xiang Chen with a blank face,But he still asked the servant to serve Xiang Chen and Mo Mo with first-class tea。
“He was right,When i first came in,I almost thought I was divided into spirits,Then came two or three times one after another,Gradually adapt。And this Longjing,Expensive and scary!”
As a rough man,For all the liquids that can be drunk, Xiang Chen’s cognitive concept is to quench thirst,Naturally, it is not as tasteful as Mo Mo’s life。
But for Mo Mo’s economic strength,Something scary that he can evaluate,That’s really valuable。
Drank all the tea in the jade teacup,Xiang Chen cheeky and asked Li’s servant for a drink。
“Just your two cups of tea,Is enough for you to buy a square meter house in Wanghai!”
Mo Mo said with a small smile in Xiang Chen’s ear,A middle-aged man not far away can obviously hear Mo Mo’s words,Not sure nor deny。

What is called“Properly fulfilled、Legal procedure,And the program is ok”,Isn’t this nonsense,Whoever does business seriously is not like this?

But Howard·Baker and Lee Gen understand,What Chen Geng’s words really mean:For my Sino-Soviet、U.S.-Soviet trade cannot be imposed arbitrary restrictions!
Before,Although Chen Geng was acquiesced by the Reagan administration,“Misu”,But the scale is limited,Roughly,The Reagan administration allowed Chen Geng to purchase from the United States every month、The total amount of materials used for U.S.-Soviet trade10About ten thousand tons,exceed10Ten thousand tons,Chen Geng’s US-Soviet trade will encounter some inexplicable troubles。
1010,000 tons is of course a terrifying number,But think carefully,In fact, it’s just full of one10It’s just a 10,000-ton ocean freighter,For the United States、For a superpower like the Soviet Union,This amount of trade is not even a mere dime,Chen Geng is obviously not reconciled to every month10Ten thousand tons“quota”,He asked for more。
Howard·Baker is no nonsense,Just say:“Every month20Ten thousand tons。”
“80Ten thousand tons。”
“80Ten thousand tons?What a joke?!”
Howard·Baker was scared,Even Lee Gen was scared,Although I made it myself“20Ten thousand tons”The overweight is for Fernandez·Chen left room for bargaining,but80Ten thousand tons?
Is this guy crazy?!
“8010,000 tons is just4Ship2010,000-ton freighter only,”Chen Geng looked indifferent:“And the President、Chief of Staff,Don’t forget,The U.S. economy is not doing well right now,With this every month2010,000 tons of materials,So many people will not be unemployed?From this perspective,I’m helping you。”
Reagan and Howard·Baker can’t laugh or cry at the same time:how?Here,Instead, you are helping us?
Yes,Yes,Under the impact of this global stock market crash,Hundreds of thousands of factories in the United States closed down,The number of unemployed suddenly increased by several million,The economic and social life of the entire United States has been greatly affected,According to expert analysis,At least2I can recover in years,If Chen Geng could provide the American society with20Ten thousand tons of foreign trade orders,Coupled with the leading role of upstream and downstream related industries,At least hundreds of thousands of people will not lose their jobs,but……You are fernandez·Chen’s appetite is too big!
Nothing,Although the president no longer has to consider the question of votes,But providing more jobs is not a bad thing……
“25Ten thousand tons,Can’t be more。”
“70Ten thousand tons,I’m giving impetus to the revitalization of the U.S. economy。”
“30Ten thousand tons……”
finally,The two parties reached an agreement,Chen Geng can purchase from the United States every month4010,000 tons of various products that do not involve military sensitive technologies,For U.S.-Soviet trade——The premise is that Chen Geng can persuade Gorbachev to visit the United States next month.,And what Lee Gen will do next“Unilaterally destroy all land-based and sea-based tactical nuclear weapons”The approach gives a clear、Reciprocal response。
When an agreement is reached,Chen Geng finally breathed a sigh of relief。

Bai Yan was chatting with Bingzu Chiyou in the wilderness,Suddenly a light flashed,Came to a strange place,Looking at a black-clothed and white-haired man standing in front of him,There are more than 20 creatures in different costumes lying on the ground,Said with a smile。

Can summon him directly,This means,Should be a means of ancestral consciousness,Although he hasn’t seen the traveler fellow for a long time,I don’t know what happened to the ancestral consciousness summoning him。
But Bai Yan looked at these traversers in front of me,Feel very kind,Therefore, Bai Yan can’t wait to share the scene he just saw with these fellow travellers.。
It turns out that what the history books say is true,Bingzu Chiyou’s mount is really an iron-eater,However, Bingzu Chiyou’s iron-eating beast does not have the slightest bit of coquettish and cute temperament.,Looks more powerful than the tiger, the king of beasts。
The vernacular voice falls,The whole sky tavern is peaceful,Even at this moment, the twenty-odd traversers who can’t get up on the ground are still shocked by the coercion of the emperor Nether,I didn’t expect such a weird traverser to suddenly appear.。
This scene is clearly a moment of life and death,The heart is still so big,Is it really suitable?but,Not all traversers think this way,For example, the corpse ancestor thinks that this traverser fellow and strong is really amazing。
He also wanted to see how ferocious the iron-eater of Bingzu Chi You was,Maybe he can raise an iron beast for fun,At least you can tease the iron beast when you are bored。
Ancestral Star’s consciousness glanced at the strongest among the traversers,Vernacular,Mind moved,Thousands of light spots that were originally shrouded in the sky tavern suddenly disappeared。
“what?Why don’t you guys speak?I knew I just discussed with Chi You, the ancestor of soldiers, to borrow his iron beast for a few days,Bring it here to open your eyes。”
Bai Yan watched no one respond to him,Said awkwardly,Could it be that he played in the wrong way?There is no such thing as a traverser, the fellow curious about the difference between the iron eater raised by the soldier’s ancestor Chi You and the iron eater who only acted like a baby?
at this time,An inexplicable wave flashed by,Bai Yan’s consciousness suddenly fell asleep,Next second,Bai Yan opened his eyes indifferently,Endless tyranny flashed in my eyes,A golden light flashed,Bai Yan’s figure has completely changed。
I only saw the white words and blond hair at the moment,Endless golden lightning entangles Bai Yan’s body,A golden tail swayed constantly behind me。
“This is a transformation?How do you feel that this translator’s transformation is a bit familiar?,It seems to be similar to Wukong’s transformation?Also blonde,And golden lightning。”
Nezha, who was sitting around silently watching the scene before him, saw the sudden appearance of the traverser after transforming,Curiously asked,The transformation method of this traverser is exactly the same as that of Wukong.。
“Not almost,It’s the lineage of this Tier 4 traverser that is Saiyan lineage,Have the same blood as the Wukong members,It seems that I still underestimated the ancestral consciousness means。”

He is also an auxiliary mutant,I can vaguely guess that Mr. Lu uses mental skills,But he never thought,There are people who can use their mental power to this level。

If the ring after ring is really composed of mental power,Has been condensed to the level of substantial,Endless changes!
He Bu stared at the Huangquan leader who was trapped by the halo,But my heart is full of regret。
If not for being too weak,You can easily kill that monster right now!The teacher clearly subdued it,It moves so slowly,If your sword can break the defense,Can definitely kill it。
But now,He Bu could only watch this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity slip through his fingers。Because he is too weak!So weak that it can’t even cut through the skin defense of the leader of Huangquan!
now,He Bu is not the only regret,And Lu Menglin。
He had an idea just now,I think of playing games back then,Tips for using the light of temptation to stop monsters,Just tried it。
This Huangquan leader responds to mental attacks,Then the temptation halo can also be used。
only,What depressed Lu Menglin most was,If you still have space energy in your body,Only one knife《Open Sky Slash》,Can slay the leader of Huangquan。
Unfortunately, there is no if,No space energy,I can’t do everything《Open Sky Slash》,And as soon as I release my mental power,The leader of Huangquan will definitely run away,It will only be more troublesome。
“Wei Xiaoxing!Try freezing it!”Lu Menglin had to shout。
Wei Xiaoxing heard this,Two steps quickly,Palms out,Release the little ice energy in the body。
A cold wind blew,A layer of frost immediately hung on the body of the leader of Huangquan,Even the joints are frozen。
but,Wei Xiaoxing yelled with a sad look:“No way!Can’t freeze it!”
His cold air can only freeze the skin of the leader of Huangquan,I can’t even restrict the opponent’s movements!Unless it’s a heart-wrenching,Completely frozen the opponent,Is possible。
Lu Menglin smiled secretly in his heart,Is it really going to explode??And it’s still a big explosion?otherwise,I’m afraid I can’t take care of this Huangquan leader,Everyone has to be in big trouble!
Big in this foreign landBOSSbefore,Whether it is a Dando warrior,Seeing God is not bad,Or ancient Yi Xing Quan Yi,It’s a little bit off。
Unless you have a magic weapon,Or have unlimited space energy,Swing at any time《Open Sky Slash》Absolutely,Otherwise in this foreign world,I’m afraid it’s hard to move。
“teacher,let me help you!”at this time,Lu Menglin’s ear suddenly heard a loud shout from He Bu。
Everyone is surprised,He Bu just slashed over,Even the knife in his hand broke,He wants to fight?Why does he help Lu Menglin?

Ding Keyu was startled,Wake up,Kill his child、So he can’t be with Xie Lisu,It’s you Ding Kelan、Ye Xingkong,They are the culprit,Ding Kelan died,Another Ye Xingkong。

Ding Keyu bit his teeth“Giggle”Direct sound。

First136chapter Uncontrollable
Ye Xingkong amateur in addition to fitness,His biggest habit is holding books from Ding Kelan’s study,It takes hours to read。
Or study his ironware in spare time,Not so much vulgar sayings“Ironware”,In fact, it is composed of countless chips,And these chips are not available on earth,But since arriving on earth,It’s not functioning enough,How can I return to my planet without enough power。
He read the books,I just hope to find more breakthroughs。
Tian Lu saw that Ye Xingkong hadn’t contacted her for several days,Days feel boring,Somewhat puzzled。
She is not used to taking the initiative to swagger to the apartment,Or run into an unintentional miscellaneous person, etc.。
Had to send text greetings。Ye Xingkong’s reading is full of attention,See phone“beep”With a,Take a look without rushing,See Tian Lu,The corner of the mouth is slightly tilted,Complacency mixed with happiness。Open SMS,It says:Hey,What are you busy with?
Ye Xingkong’s fingers move flexibly,Returned a paragraph:No,reading a book。
Tian Lu doesn’t know how to answer the call,Neither party will return SMS,Phone becomes quiet。But the looks of the two are a little different,Rippling,I look forward to the phone ringing again。

CBA新赛季赛制微调 首钢备战专注练内功_1


CBA新赛季赛制微调 首钢备战专注练内功
­  CBA新赛季赛制微调 首钢备战专注练内功­  2016/2017赛季CBA联赛新闻发布会昨天在京举行。在第22个年头,CBA再次对规则进行了调整,涉及赛制、外援政策及管理力度等10余个方面。对于新政策给北京首钢男篮可能带来的影响,主教练闵鹿蕾表示坦然接受。­  场次增加 半决赛七场四胜­  本赛季CBA最引人关注的一个变化是半决赛由以往的五战三胜增加为七场四胜,主客场顺序为2-3-2。CBA联赛办公室负责人张雄表示,这是出于市场需求,也是为了满足球迷的观赛愿望。­  经过将近4个月的常规赛和季后赛首轮的球队,只有5天的调整时间就将进入强度更大的半决赛。另外,总决赛的主客场顺序从上赛季的2-3-2变为2-2-1-1-1。张雄介绍,除了球队地域跨度因素,也希望能在比赛的最后时刻更加公平合理,“当然任何一种赛制的调整都有利有弊,我们也需要通过实践来看调整后的效果如何。”­  CBA的亚洲外援政策一直在争议中存在,本赛季可以使用亚洲外援的球队又减少一支,上赛季后5名球队中,除八一队,实际可使用亚洲外援的球队只有佛山、天津、吉林和同曦4支球队。张雄坦言:“亚洲外援政策近些年来外界议论很多,在联赛委员会内部也有不同声音,这次修改亚外政策的出发点,是为了让国内球员能有更多上场机会,在一些比赛的重要时间节点能有更多的锻炼机会。”­  继续严打 增追加停赛规定­  北京晨报记者了解到,CBA新赛季的纪律处罚条例也进行了修订,增加了队员、教练的技术犯规、违体犯规和夺权犯规累计追加停赛的规定。­  据介绍,运动员一个赛季中的个人技术犯规累计达到6次,将自动追加停赛1场;第12次则停赛3场,达到18次则取消本赛季比赛资格。违体犯规的累计次数则分别为4次、8次和12次,追加停赛场次与技术犯规相同。被夺权的处罚力度更大,个人累计2次,追加停赛3场;达到3次停赛场次翻倍,再出现一次将赛季报销。­  同时,CBA在新赛季还对教练员的行为做了进一步规范:将对教练员在比赛期间到记录台前质疑、干扰比赛秩序等违规现象进行录像取证,进行停赛追加处罚等。此外,队员如果发生打架等冲突事件,教练需负连带责任。­  备战加速 首钢要做好自己­  CBA各队主帅都出现在了昨天的发布会现场。对于半决赛场次增加带来的影响,首钢队主教练闵鹿蕾认为:“既然定出来了,就去执行和准备。七战四胜在体现球队实力方面可能更明显,不像一两场比赛那么有偶然性。我不排斥这个,正常吧。”­  首钢队打季后赛颇有心得,闵帅也表示相信球队的训练和调整能力,“总决赛不也是七战四胜吗,提前一轮而已。”闵帅还介绍了球队的备战情况。距离新赛季首战还剩10天,全队还需要进行最后的查缺补漏,“安排好这10天的训练很关键,队员又要保持好状态,又要保持健康。”朱彦西的恢复情况乐观,经过季前赛“试水”,教练组目前还是以保护他为主。闵帅还透露,张松涛在美国比赛时表现不错,“‘大树’有可用之处。一个是我怎么用好他,一个是他自己怎么去相信自己,把自己的东西开发出来。”­  闵帅表示,新赛季球队的目标依然是争取最好的成绩。“赛季很漫长,北京队并不会关注对手,而是做好我们自己,把我们的备战做好,这是最关键的。”­  北京晨报记者 刘晨