And looking at it all,At this time, Wang Teng is looking in front of him,In his heart,Even more eager to try。

“well,In this case,Then just follow what you said,Ready to start。”
When Wang Teng’s words are finished,Others followed Wang Teng,A swarm of swarms began to rush towards the distance。
For them,How to solve such a thing this time。
Just these,Actually it has become very difficult。
And Wang Teng,In fact, it is also to solve this kind of thing comprehensively。
“Actually now,All of this,Are doomed。”
“In that case,Then this time,They will never have a chance。”
When Wang Teng’s words are finished,The people around looked at each other,They raised their heads and looked in front of them。
After all, the more so,These things,Still need to deal with it as soon as possible。
And at the same time,The other side。
Wei Zhonglei came here with a large group of people。
“Wang Teng,You get out!”
Wei Zhonglei knows,Now words,In fact, it should be necessary to deal with these things quickly.。
if not,Continue to consume,No one knows,What the result will be。
I watched it for a while,at this time,In front of Wei Zhonglei,The people around said to Wei Zhonglei。
“Boss,We took a look,Find something over there。”

Green Bull looked at Leo blankly, not knowing what happened。

“Don’t snore!”
When Green Bull heard Leo’s words, he couldn’t help but curl his mouth.,You have a face to tell me not to snore,Why do I sleep in such a hurry??
Is it because you snore too loudly,Made me unable to sleep,That’s why I rushed to sleep first。
But Green Bull fought a few battles during the day,Consumption is not small,So go to sleep again。
Watching the green bull calm down,Leo lay in bed and thought quietly。
Although he doesn’t seem to care about power,But I really care,Because these little brothers are the basis for his future actions。
“Want to harm the Tianlong people,Power is definitely needed,Also let them help find Weibull!”
Weibull’s news often has,But it has not been able to lock Weibull’s position。
The vast sea,As long as you don’t stay in one place for a long time,No one can find。
If you can lock the position,Then the pirates are not a problem for the navy,Let the lieutenant general go and sweep。
The problem is that it is hard to find,I find someone and I will run when I see you。
“How strong is Weibull??”Leo has been worried about this problem,If too strong,Even if Weibull’s brain is not good, he can’t deal with it。
“Let Seun go first,Thurn is not Weibull’s opponent but can trade injury for injury,I’ll take the head steadily!”
Seen is really important,Not just facing Weibull,Leo still has to rely on Seren to resist the next temptations of the forces。
Thinking about,Leo stood up suddenly,Then take the moon song and go out。
When Leo took the knife,The green new who was still asleep suddenly woke up,There is no trace of sleepiness in my eyes,Only asking。

Lu Hao gave Xia Jian the route,Xia Jian drove straight to He Yumei’s house。The big village,Just a few minutes after driving。

Finally the car stopped at a courtyard gate。Typical rural yard,Red brick building on three sides。From outside,This family should be living well。
The big red painted wooden door is closed tightly,Xia Jian pushed hard。No plug in,The gate opened with a crash。At this moment,A woman in her thirties walked out of the upper room。This woman dresses plainly,But good shape。At first glance, it is the embryo of a great beauty。
“Who are you looking for?”The woman asked in her coaxing voice。
Xia Jian said quickly:“Let’s find He Yumei!”Xia Jian finished saying this,I found that Yao Junli beside me was standing still。Staring at this woman。
This woman did not speak,But came over to Xia Jian。I can see clearly when I get closer,Except for the traces of the years,Black skin is not black,Because women living in the countryside,It’s pretty good to have this kind of skin tone。
“Yao Junli!Did you go to the wrong door?!”The woman suddenly sneered。
Yao Junli smiled and said:“What do you mean He Yumei!Are you trying to drive us out?Don’t forget,All visitors。Zhang Lu does not treat guests like you”Yao Junli is the boss,People who have seen the world,He Yumei was trapped in two sentences。
“Your mouth is still so good。I mean my family is poor,You came in and didn’t even have a place to sit,I’m afraid that your clothes will get dirty”He Yumei smiled slightly,But she still doesn’t spare Yao Junli。
Xia Jian looked anxious,Because time is a bit rush,They have to do business。If these two people keep fighting like this,Didn’t you delay business。
So he laughed and said:“Sister He!We have something to ask you。Do business first,You two will quarrel again!”Xia Jian is straight to the point,Go straight。
“Sister He?Am i older than you?Don’t look at my dark complexion,But i’m young,Maybe younger than you”What He Yumei said is serious,Say it’s true。
Yao Junli couldn’t help laughing:“Cucumber hit donkey,Mixed tender。I’ll tell you!He is one year younger than me,Three years younger than you,you got it!”

“That’s not so easy,Especially now,It’s not so simple to win each other。”Kirsted shook his head and said,“If it is just a six-star demon who has practiced for hundreds of years,I won’t come to you for that,You look at this first。。。”Talk about it,Kilsd waved his hand,A crystal ball appeared in his hands,Beams of light in the crystal ball shoot out,Forming a floating shadow on a wall。

And the scene on this floating shadow is exactly the battle of Flower Island。
After watching the floating shadow,Geis Leisen has a serious face。
“Both of these are quite strong,Especially the two old guys,The strength is not inferior to you and me,And the upper god who is good at gravity space,The strength is almost the same as that of Bru,But also better at assisting group attacks。”
“The upper god you said is good at gravitational space。。。The one I told you just now。”
Gas Rason:“。。。。。。No way,A six-star demon,Strength can improve so fast!?”
“But this is true!”The patriarch of Suzaku sighed:“According to the latest news I got,This high-ranking god is already a palace master-level powerhouse,And there is evidence that,He is a strong soul mutation。”
“House Lord,Soul mutation?!But also good at assistive methods?!”Gas Rason says,“Kirsted,Do you know where he is now!I plan to send some tribesmen to win him,If it works,Our four mythical beast families face eight families,Also have the confidence to counterattack。”
“I have sent someone to investigate,I just don’t know if I can move him!”Kirsted also sighed:“After all,It’s also that our four mythical beast family provoked too many enemies back then。”
“Kirsted!”Gas Rason said loudly:“We are a family of four gods,From the four main gods,Born noble,How can it be comparable to those weak。It’s just taking advantage of the missing father to attack us。”
“Hey~”Kirsted sighed,But didn’t say much。Intellectually,He understands mother,Or three other uncles and uncles have fallen,Otherwise, it is impossible not to show up in such a bad situation of the four mythical beast family。
But deep in his heart,Why don’t you want to believe,Mother, they are just imprisoned or stumbled by things?Countless years of affection,He really doesn’t want to believe that they will fall。
Life God Realm,Yan Yu Mainland,Thunder Mountain,In a castle outside Gulei City。
“Brother Lieshan,This is the information you want,About Blood Elf、Patriarch Bard、The information of Palace Master Youchang and God Rong is on it。”Palace Master Leishan said to Wright in front of him with a rather ugly expression。

Zheng Sun Zhenchi is supported by the guests、Compliment to mid-frequency cheers,When I am proud,A horse ran up from downstairs,Even shouting:“Big……Big and young,Oh no……”

Sun Zhenchi frowned,Very unhappy in my heart,Today is my new day,Why does Sun Hong say all bad things?,Beat the table,Anger:“Sun Hong,What style of panic,I’m still fighting when the sky falls,It won’t fall!”
Sun Hong was scared by him,I even swallowed the words I put to my lips,Sun Zhenchi said with satisfaction this time:“Speak,what’s up?”
“two……The second younger is dead!”
Sun Zhenchi stood up excitedly,All the guests in the room are all silenced at once。
At this moment, Jiading was carrying Sun Zhenyi’s body upstairs in the back。
Seeing the brother’s body on the stretcher,The wine glass in Sun Zhenchi’s hand is“Bang”Fell to the ground,Roared:“Who the fuck did it,I will smash him into pieces!”
Sun Hong hastened to briefly talk about Chen Xiu and Daniel.,Even more:“Big and young,The two of them left the city from Beicheng a quarter of an hour ago,Do we chase!”Interesting reading
Sun Zhenchi has calmed down a bit,Shook his head and said:“Beicheng is the site of Hu Mazi,Our Big Sword Club only killed the wolf gang last night,Hu Mazi in Beicheng and Bing Liu in Xicheng are panic,All day alert,Worried that we will kill them together。
At this moment, if I lead someone to chase from Beicheng,Only cause misunderstanding,Let Hu Mazi go to war with us。Although we are not afraid of Hu Mazi,But I fought a tough battle last night,Haven’t taken a break,Now is not the time to start war。”
Sun Hong said right away:“Don’t you just let them go!”
“Of course not!”
Sun Zhenchi asked:“You just tortured me by the onlookers,Make sure one of them is an Orion in Longxi Village, right??”
“Yes,I questioned a few people,They all recognize that Daniel is the prey of Longxi Village,I used to sell animal skins in the town。”

Zhang San Li four listened to the real name,In fact, it is indeed,Every group of appreciation,Call Zhang San Li 4,It should be the Heroes Island,Under the two island,The code of the third fourth person。

“Have you sent it??”Chu Deiren asked quickly。
“received。”Murongjiu directly nodded。
See the Chu Deiren,Murongjiu explained this:“Originally, I want to give me a good order.,I didn’t give him a reply.,When he came back, he would host him in Murong Mountain.,As a result, the head of the Jiangnan twenty-eight cottage was sent a penalty.,Let me hit……I have warned them.,Switching is that I took a good order!”
Murongjiu is still proud,Probably I feel that I have successfully bought the people of Jiangdong Green Forest.……
Hotspot heroes in the Dajiang Lake
Chapter 558 good
Heroes in the Dajiang Lake,Rule ratio《Herk passenger》In the original,More than a lot。
After all, put it in the big rivers and lakes.,Although the Heroes Island is also a martial arts、Hidden world,Just a generation of Zhang San Li four,Is a master,but……Not far from the world,Kill、Taking the existence of Zhang Sanli, there is no person,There are two people who know the Chu Deirens.。
by《Herk passenger》Rules,Don’t say that it is a good penalty,Even if the Longmu Er Island is also unable to hold。
In the big rivers and lakes,Reward the rules of a bad penalty,Enjoy the good order、Not accept,No matter how to choose,Heroes will not be reluctant,But just get it,It is necessary to go to the appointment。
And penalty is not to pick up,Must and Zhang San Li four——Have a hundred strokes,The two people turned。
If you have,Either accept、Either!
This is also for anger,Otherwise, such as Dingchun Autumn,Although support,But if more,Can completely join hands to kill and appreciate the evil。
Objects posted,Not only limited to all senders,Just a person who has a home,It’s easy to find,So there is more posting.!
In addition, there is an agreement with Iron gall,A famous hero on the chivalrous list,Can only redeal,Otherwise, the master of the knight“Penalize”,The world’s first Zhuang and Shenhou’s face,First can’t go。
Murongjiu does not dare to say that everything is just a party,Even a year ago,But always,have not reach yet“Penalize”Degree——The Heroes is not asked by morality to request the rivers and lakes.,Generally a recognized evil person,Will you get a penalty。
What’s more, Murongjiu has never been over in the same day.,Naturally, Zhang San is appreciating good order。
At first, Murongjiu did not want to go,So just say“Entertain two times when you come back”。
Generally,Herosal Island appreciation penalty,It is Zhang Sanli to come out of the east.,West to Tibetan Snow Mountain、Xiangxi,North to Tianshan、Hengshan and Bai Mountain Black Water,South to Leizhou……
Snow Mountain Party、Northern north、Leizhou backon……These places,Heroes are generally。
It is also from east to the west.,Some good bones,And can choose not to pick up,When I went to China,Is the true snapper!
Finally, Zhang San Li 4 is the person who wants and accepts.,Out of the sea,Nature is also returning。
Like Changle help this imaginary black road,It will definitely handle it when it is back.。
Murong Jiu is originally thinking that I will discuss with Chu Deirers.,So I didn’t promise Zhang San、But didn’t say death to refuse,Just say that when they return, decide。
But later because I found this three Li four,Also give some famous Jiangdong Green Forests,Murongjiu is considering,The Jiangdong Green Lin took the good order!
Considering Murongjiu’s martial arts,Plus, she is just into Jiangdong Greenlin,Therefore, Zhang San Li’s four also promised,As long as Murong Jiu appreciates good order,After that, Jiangdong’s green forest is not issued.。
Heroes is outside the limit,I want to send some gold“Pleasure”Still very difficult,After all, people can pick up,I have passed the person who is pleased to Heroes.,Only Zhang Zhenren and Iron Gallo,Even Zhang Zhen people have been there during the year.,It is prohibited from moving in the disciples,So most appreciation,I can’t make it at all.……
Longmu Er Island, please take everyone to Heroes Island,Also purposeful,It’s not bad.,Can not be like this in the case,Naturally, I have to talk about some tips.。
Be limited to“Jiangnan East Road”The words of the green forest,Heroes is not given to them this time,Change a South Murgono,Undoubtedly。
Chu Deirers have a little complained,Murong Jiu is too impulsive,And it is very beautiful——What is the use of your goods??
But it is not too nervous.,Because……This 趟 侠 客 岛,Chu Deirers will definitely choose to take a trip!
Although Chu Deirens understand,Heroes is likely to be more mysterious than the original、More secret,But the big direction will not be wrong,Affirmation《Tai Xuan Jing》Come。
And I have to go to Wudang after the Chu Deirers.,I can ask Zhang Zhen people when I arrive.,What exactly is the Heroes Island?……
“strangeness,This San Li Fang did not see them to post it.?”Chu Deirers still have a bit wonderful。
“Of course, will not enter Lin’an,Otherwise, no matter what is good or penalty,At this time, I made a mess in Lin’an.,East Factory and the Longshan Villa will not sit.。”Murong Jiuti said。
“It seems that you want this post,I really have to stare at them.。”Chu Deirers are alone,Tasting all around,Zhang San Li, I am afraid I will not take the initiative to find him.。
“You have to go?”Murong Jiu Wen said a little amazed.,Slightly……There is still some embarrassment。

“Its skin is,But it’s dark inside。”

“What do you say?”Li Tianzhen is shocked,And I feel very uncomfortable,I don’t know what happened in the former Temple of War,Why do so many silver armored warriors appear in the mortal world?According to Qilin Beast,Didn’t this silver armor samurai also fall??
“The soul makes up its flesh and blood,Soul crystal formed a new soul,This is an extremely superb trick,The caster arrested countless souls to prevent his reincarnation,Then cultivate the soul and kill the soul,Refining Soul Crystal,Finally find a suitable body to reshape a new soul,Sure enough。
“But this soul’s mentality is weak,But full of evil。‘Lord of Seven Flames’,We have to be careful,The guy just now is just an introduction,The guy behind it is really strong。”
“Compared to the Demon Lord?”
“Only high not low,I just don’t know if this thing is also trapped,Otherwise you and I better go home。”
“Since it’s here,There is no reason to turn around and run,Maybe the dignified Qilin Beast God is also timid and afraid?”Li Tianzhen frowned,Stronger than the devil,What is that concept?But it’s impossible to go home,Xiao Songhe‘Mane rat’Missing,At least check it out.,It’s just that the difficulties and risks are a lot bigger than imagined。
“Ha ha,You don’t want to excite me,I know I can’t beat you,How is this different from dying?”Unicorn beast talking,Body shape shrinks rapidly,The forefoot injury seems to have healed,Suddenly or as a black smoke, it sinks directly into Li Tianzhu’s Yintang,“You don’t need to go,It’s all up to you next。”
So bastard?Provoked an ass,Hide by myself?Li Tiansi stunned,It’s funny thinking about it,Once I make a mistake,Except for the Magic Tower,Where else can you run?
After the monster escaped,Doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to retaliate,The mountains in the distance are very quiet,Look around,Already dark as ink,The stars in the night sky seem to hide suddenly,Even the only light in the farmhouse disappeared,Since I hit the monster,Must have provoke the terrible existence here,I can’t go up the mountain right now,Can only make do for one night in this small village,Just to consolidate the state,It’s just that whether it’s peaceful this night is between the two。
Make up your mind,Li Tianzhen strolled along the path beside the paddy field,Not long,I saw a white flower appeared under the ridge in front,Seems to have just happened,Very abrupt,He couldn’t help but raise his energy again,The dark golden dagger on his arm spit out light,Now it is convenient for lighting。
That is a*Male corpse,Soaked Snow White Extreme,It looks very gloomy in the dark night,The male body is in his early thirties,Face square,Serene facial features,Just eyes open,How awkward,No matter from which angle,Those eyes seem to be looking at Li Tianzhi,Obviously no gods,How can there be a feeling of being targeted?Weird!
Li Tianzhen rubbed his eyes and looked again,The scary thing is that the corpse seemed to blink,I don’t know if it’s dazzled,Anyway, he really moved a bit in his feelings。Li Tianzhen simply squatted down,Energize,Full vision,Trying to find something from the corpse’s dilated pupils,There seems to be a change in the depth of the dead pupil,Gradually zoomed in Li Tianzhen’s sight,Soon disappeared,The gray and depravity that represents death is everywhere,But soon it gradually gained brilliance。
front,It seems to be yellow sand in the sky,The wind is raging around everything you can see,Rough gravel under the feet,The vague and towering mountains undulate in the distance,How can this picture be so familiar?Li Tianzhen’s mind only fluctuated slightly.,Fell into the picture again。
Someone is running ahead,Towards the rising sun,Four people in total,wrong,Is five!One of them is carrying an old man,After the yellow sand fades,You can clearly see the back of these four people,Uniform navy clothing,And old-fashioned berets,But it’s all shabby,Everyone is carrying weapons and water bottles,It’s like a long journey,They are soldiers?Special Forces?Performing task?
The running young man is exhausted,Some are still injured,The old man is dying,Skewed head,Seeing to be unable to hold it。Li Tianzhen’s heartbeat speeds up suddenly,He found the past almost forgotten all at once,The dream that was once painful,More than twenty years ago,Far west border,Countless scenes suddenly spewed out,Filled my whole mind instantly,Li Tianzhen wanted to look at the faces of these people,A little worried while hesitating。

Gong Changchun shook his head and said:“Dragon King is the most disciplined person,I’m afraid I won’t sell my face。but,If you add the face of the four of you together,Might make him make concessions。”

Tang Ren and Gong Changchun are the most familiar,Laughed:“You little spring is cunning,It’s okay to save face on your own,I just want to bring us,You are not willing to eat at a small loss。”
“Okay,You can contact Dragon King,Today, some of our old guys will sell for the face,See if our face is worth the money。”
Ye Hongfei and others naturally nodded in agreement,Qin Bodong said:“The Dragon King’s problem is resolved,How to deal with Burning Heaven,Chen Xiu and Fentian have a deep grievance,The face of the five of us alone may not necessarily make Fen Tian regress。”
“No face,We just use the lining!”
Ye Hongfei said domineeringly:“Although the Liu family in Kyoto behind Burning Heaven is a family that has passed on for hundreds of years,In fact, it’s just an old ship in dilapidated condition。Although our five are upstarts,Not as long as they are,But we join hands,Don’t believe he won’t give in!”
654 Dragon King’s Covenant
After Chen Xiu hung up the video call,O Sheng was pulling him over and over and asking about the things he met Ge Hong last night。
Chen Xiu repeated it again,Said:“It’s really scary thinking about it now,I actually had a fight with a fairy last night!”
O Sheng rolled his eyes and said:“You are not called fighting,Called beaten!”
Although the truth is the truth,Fact is this fact,It just sounds so uncomfortable。
“You got him in the chest last night,All right?”
“What can be,Fairies are nothing more than that。”
Chen Xiu bragged that he completely forgot the pain he vomited after waking up last night.。
“But it’s really strange,Logically,There should be six when Ge Hong became a fairy、70 years old now。Why is he so young when I saw him last night?”
“Immortals can live forever,What’s so surprising when you look the youngest。”

But for these,Actually, Ye Xuan is not very worried。

“Ye Xuan,Are you a little nervous??”
Gao Hong looks at Ye Xuan,Beautiful eyes blinked twice,Don’t forget to say to Ye Xuan。
Ye Xuan,The whole person seems very calm。
After all such a thing,Actually Ye Xuan looks,It’s totally expected。
“it does not matter,You sit down,I really want to start preparing to accelerate。”
When Ye Xuan said directly here,Finished,Actually Ye Xuan looks。
at this time,Ye Xuan’s heart,Even more eager to try。
“All right,In this case,Then start to accelerate。”
Ye Xuan finished,Slam the accelerator。
And Gao Hong sat aside,See Ye Xuan like this,Can’t help but talk。
“Do not,It’s a curve ahead,Slow down quickly,Otherwise like this,But something will happen。”
When Gao Hong finished,Actually Ye Xuan looks,These things,It’s very indifferent。
“It’s ok,Don’t worry,everything,In fact, it’s completely under my control。”

Sun Yuru stands at the door of the Siheyuan,It is also clearly listening to the fine sound.。

She knows that the Sihe Hospital is good,But so good sound insulation can hear the sound,It is imagined how fierce the battle of the inside.。
Hope how big,How big is it?。
Originally she thought that Li Hui is the same as suffering.,Maybe you always endure。
I didn’t think that the other party didn’t touch her.,It is exactly because Li Hui Feng has already had a new playmate.。
She is very clear,Once the man is happy, I am happy.,There will be a sage model。
Although business is still continuing,But she is slowly going back.。
Nothing tonight,She decided to go early tomorrow night.。
Just the next day,Li Hui Feng followed Jiang Yuwan to the emperor。
Originally he should be to go to the graduate,But hesitate to three, he still give up.,Just decided to follow Jiang Yu Wan,Then say other。
Arrived at the emperor,Although Li Hui is not the first time.,But the last time I came to the roots, I didn’t have a good time.。
This time,But there is different discovery,He feels that Lotus Village should want to develop better,Emperor is completely a good template。
Jiang Yu Wan has its own research room,The team that belts is basically high education.。
Plus this scientific research project is likely to create the opportunity to create the Nobel Prize again.,So many people are self-evident。
Only Li Hui is an accident。
I have studied several times with Jiang Yuwan.,Li Hui is very interesting and daughter.。
Because Jiang Yuwan is separated,Then constantly study a little bit。
Li Hui is a week later,It is the meaning of the resignation with Jiang Yuwan.。
Jiang Yuwan also saw that Li Hui Fengzhi is not here.,I know that I left the other party and gave Li Hui Zhi’s right.,Other researchers will also have a great opinion。
It’s time to scatter.,His team is basically gone.。
So the departure of Li Hui Feng,Jiang Yuwan still did not hesitate to agree.。
Originally, Li Hui is looking for Li Cuihua.,See how the other party has recently been。
But think of the relationship between the two people,I went straight to the army.。
Li Wanguo knows that Li Hui is coming back,Also happy。
Let Dawn will meet Li with the wind.。
“Lee brother,I thought you haven’t come out where there is no longer there.,How about it?
This time is not ready to give a point to the country.?”
I heard this,Li Hui is also a glimpse。
He knows if he contributes to the country in the army,Very big probability that is going to peace。
Or go to the border anti-drug。
Of course, he went to the small island of the border.,He feels unlikely。
The only possibility is peace or some dangerous things。
“Hey-hey,Li Da Ge said this,As long as the country needs,I dally, I am ready for the country.。”
I heard Li Hui’s words,Dawn is also a。
Looking at it seriously Li with the wind。