However,Just got a few steps,He stopped his footsteps,Sudden turning around,Drink,“Whoever!”

“it’s me!”
A black robes,Foothold,Slowly walk from the corner。
He has a thick white hair and beard,The wrinkles on the face are stacked,Like a dry drink。
But the old skeleton is very large.,It looks very strong,Especially a pair of eyes,Outstanding bright。
but,He does not have the temperament of the fairy wind bone。
Instead, it is more like a black magician in some fantasy movies abroad.。
“summer,We meet again。”
The old man walks,Coldway,“This time,What else can you say?。”
See him,Summer pupil condensation,A needle,Restore normal。
Once God of God,Today’s law enforcement,Silvester!Summer’s mind is very circulating。
Instant,He thought a lot。
He can confirm,The real Silvester has been killed by him.。
So what is the person in front of him?。
Why is there a breath or an immersion,Actually, like Silvester.,Even if he is also difficult to distinguish。
He also thought of the mysterious phone that gave himself to Silvester.……Interrogate,Summer double eyes,Cold channel,“It’s even you,Silvester,Is this behind the scene??”
“Hum!Don’t fall into me,Be a law enforcement,I am disdainful to do those who have no people.。”
Silvester snort,“You change this,Kill so many people,It has spread throughout the world now。”
Toned,Eye circulating machine,“You are too mad,Don’t you put our law enforcement in your eyes?,Reach the cave,Do not participate in any disputes and grudges in the underground world,But you destroy rules,I actually killed the Tianshen Walston and his hand under hundreds of masters.,summer,You are looking for death!”
Summer mouth hooked the radians,Narrow,“Want to add sins,I have killed a lot of people.,But those people are people in clarite,My grievances,Can’t set the disputes in the underground world.。”
Do not wait for each other,Faint,“I have never seen anything from beginning to end.,Want to smear me,Take evidence。”
“Don’t deceive people。”
Silvester anger,“For us this kind of person,Is evidence important??”
He slowly came,Already a strong sense of pressure。
Sound slowly,But the killing is quite。
“Reach the cave,Do you think that you are invincible?,Ah,In our five law enforcements,You are just a bird bird flying in front of the dragon.,A flawless fireflies flashed below the moon。”
His body transplands a bit white light。
This is Silvester’s holy light。
White holy light will cover him,Only a pair of eyes to send cyan cold light,Icy gaze summer,There is no emotion of a human human。
As if there is the gods coming on him。
Summer looks, he has traveled with Silvester,Know that this is some kind of ability to holy light。
Incorporate,It will become very powerful,Can fight against him without falling。
Summer is more confused。
If you don’t experience your experience,He is simply regarded people in front of the real Silvester.。

With Him,A desperate。

Taikoo gods paid a heavy price for this,Soading the soil of the birthplace——Magic is very limited。 Su Chen is obviously broken this。
He is an accident。
In the smile of strong people,Su Chen not only cooperates with the Taiji god magic map of Xuan Tianjie,Open your eyebrow blood eye。
he“See”The last disappearance of the Tiandao incarnation,Get a picture。
A huge black scorpion in a mouthful,The coffin board has opened a slit slit.,Just a wire,It is like a abyss,There is a breath of the world,More His breath。
Su Chen hiped a answer。
Black bury“Heaven”。
Western world is His family funeral。
Or is the lost six reincarnation。
“Burial day!”
Someone is unpoiled,Create the black coffin,Bury“Heaven”。
This means makes Su Chen difficult to imagine。
He thus deeply knows the bloody eyes of the sky,only“Xuan Tian”Tiny part,Only the horizon of the iceberg。
Black spar is likely to be buried is complete“Heaven”,Or just“Xuan Tian”。
The latter is more terrible than the former。
Black burial is“Heaven”,So what will be wrapped in the wrap??
It should also be“Heaven”。
Su Chen heart。
He is very suspected of being damaged by heaven.。
Su Chen is therefore no smash“Defeated the sky”Joy,The more understand,The more you know what he will face in front.。
Just yet is impossible。
If there is a terrible storm,Then he will come before the storm,Become a more terrible storm,Besides,No other choice。
When he did this decision,As if you can feel the will,Have a gratification。
They have not yetful。
Tai Chi Magical Package,Back to Kunlun Fairy。
Else visible,Kunlun Mountain in Kunlun,There is a black and white big day,Slow rotation,Evil at the breath of the demon。
The rising martial arts is under this glorious bath,growing up healthily。
The martial arts is going to the way of God,But it is very different。
“Smash vacuum”It is the ultimate pursuit of all martial arts,This is currently only limited to legend。
Time is swaying,Three thousand years old。
Kunlun fairyland produces flooded changes。
Black and white big day, more amazing。
Each martial art is watching,Will out of the devout to the extreme eyes。
Black and white Daily is the source of their cultivation。
Su Chen is waiting for black and white big days to completely refine Xuan Tianjie。
When this is completed,It is the day when he takes the congenital god.。

“Hurry in!Look at your tired face,Are you feeling tired?”Dragon Ball asked with a smile。

Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“Really tired,Ran all the way from home,Didn’t even drink saliva halfway”Xia Jian said,Opened the trunk。Dragon Ball came over,Help Xia Jian bring out all the things he brought。
Lao Xiao and Aunt Ding heard that Xia Jian was here,They walked out of the house with Dragon Ball and her dad,Xia Jian greeted them one by one。When Old Xiao saw what Xia Jian brought him,My eyes narrowed with a smile。
Dragon Ball said to her mother busy:“mom!Hurry up and cook!President Xia hasn’t eaten yet”
Aunt Ding,So I went to the kitchen with Dragon Ball’s mother。Xia Jian said a few words to Lao Xiao,It’s all greetings to Xia Jian’s parents。Uncle Long’s smile,He has been listening,Did not speak。
Xia Jian couldn’t help asking:“Uncle Long!You guys stay here all the time,Didn’t you go anywhere??”
“Hey!You really treat us as old people,We went far away,Also came back today”Uncle Long said,He gave a happy smile。
Watching a few old people so happy,Of course Xia Jian was also happy。In a while,Mother Dragon Ball’s rice is ready,Dragon Ball Accompanying Xia Jian,Ate two bowls of noodles。
“Don’t go back tonight,Have two drinks with us at night。You go to the hotel to rest now!I asked Dragon Ball to call you during dinner”Old Xiao smiled and walked into the restaurant,Said to Xia Jian。
Dragon Ball glanced at Xia Jian and said:“Don’t go to the hotel,Just for a while,Sleep in my bed!My bedding was replaced a year ago,I didn’t sleep all night”
“Oh!That means you just came back today?”Xia Jian couldn’t help asking。
Dragon Ball nodded and said:“Yes indeed!I’m on duty for the three days of the Chinese New Year,From today to work,Xi Zhen is in charge of the company,I go to the group again on the sixth grade”
Xia Jian nodded,Went into Dragon Ball’s bedroom。The girl’s house is different,The decoration is not only warm,And there is a sense of fashion,This person with higher education,Just not ordinary。Xia Jian opened the curtains and took a look outside,It’s already the sun。
Xi Zhen came in,Unfolded the quilt for Xia Jian,Then I turned on the electric blanket on the bedside and said:“The mountain is a bit colder than outside,You have to learn to protect yourself”
Xia Jian untie the shoelace,I took off my shoes and got in。The bed is very soft and comfortable。He lay down,Then ask Dragon Ball Road:“There should be nothing in the company these two days, right?!”
“Okay!But there were a few stolen items on the construction site,People are all caught。No loss of property,But it seems a bit strange,Said it was collusion between inside and outside,People sent to the police station”Dragon Ball said,Got up and walked out the door。
Xia Jian is really sleepy,He fell asleep as soon as he lay down,I sleep very comfortably,When he wakes up,The house is dark。It seems it’s late,He took out his phone and took a look,My boy,It was past eleven at night,Didn’t you say you drink?,It seems that they didn’t call him。
The bed is very warm,Xia Jian sat up,Take off all clothes,Then lay down again,Lie down,Until the next morning Xiao Hei called,So I quarreled Xia Jian。
After Xia Jian wakes up,He walked out the door to take a look,So everyone is up。When Dragon Ball saw Xia Jian,Said with a smile:“I wanted to have two drinks with you,I see you sleeping really well,Can’t bear to disturb you,So we didn’t drink”
“Nothing,You can call me up,You won’t be sleepy with a drink”Xia Jian smiled and went to the bathroom。When he comes out,Dragon Ball has already made him a face wash。

“As long as you just have a word,Them,Don’t want to run one。”

As Huang Yue said,Shen Xuan is very interesting。
Shen Xuan is of course clear,Huang Yue is not kidding。
but,Shen Xuan did not have this idea。
“Take a break,Be a mysterious person in charge of Flying Eagle Plan。”
Shen Xuan, the whole person, I looked at the eyes.。
Say this,what is the problem?
This rhythm,It’s just that people feel,It seems that some can’t understand。
This flying eagle plan,what is the problem?
Shen Xuan is somewhat curious,I plan to look at it first.,What is the situation here again?。
but,With Shen Xuan’s understanding,Shen Xuan whole person,It’s even more cold.。
“My goodness,How can it become like this??”
When Shen Xuan’s eyes fall in front of you,Shen Xuan’s heart of the whole person。
this matter,It is completely not expected.。
Shen Xuan originally just feel,This flying eagle plan,It should be just one of the groups。
For example, the previous shadow assassin。
certainly,Shadow Assassin’s strength,In fact, it is no weak.。
but,After waiting for Shen Xuan to see it clearly,Shen Xuan’s heart。It is completely unpredictable.。
“did not expect,My identity,Also this layer is intentionally?”
“only,I don’t know like this.,What kind of feelings will be in the heart of Lin Xiaoxue?。” Of course,all of these,In fact, for Shen Xuan,In fact, it is not important.。
As for Lin Gangxue,What will she think in her heart?,And Shen Xuan,What is the relationship??
Shen Xuan’s heart thought of these,Farming in the heart。
“Leader,what happened?”
Huang Yue saw Shen Xuan this,I thought,Shen Xuan is hesitant。
But here,When Shen Xuan is in front of his eyes。
Shen Xuan’s face,It’s all over a touch of smile.。
Other things,In fact, you will not say anything.。
But here,Shen Xuan still is very light:“fine,Just suddenly feel,very interesting。”
“Let’s go back first.,I still have something to solve.。”
Chapter 279 This person in charge,Critical

“Sister,You are so beautiful today.!”

Lu Yu Yao,Luke ink,Lu Yi,Three brothers ran over,Looking at my sister, I am very happy.。
Blue Qiqi also smiled very happy,“?,Thank you ink,Thank you.,Thank we for us.,I have to listen to my mom and my mother in the future.。”
Brothers are in the same way。
“Thank you very brother.!”
Lan Qiqi wants to stand up,Press Blue Handjun to the shoulder,“Kiki,Don’t get up,You are so beautiful today,Can you walk,Grandmother said,According to the tradition,Let you go back in a big brother,Give you to Dad more,Dad will give you to Han Yuxuan.。”
“Ah”Blue Qiqi is very surprised,Suddenly I feel very ritual。
“Brother,I am really happy.。”
Blue Qiqi moved red eyes。
Lan Lu Jun smiled,Gently smashed her head,There are too many people in my heart.,“Stupid。”
“Yight,You are all。”
Blue Xin is dressed in a red hollow pattern today,Hair,Elegant and noble。
Six children are smiling and shouting。
Blue Xin goes to the daughter,Looking at the beautiful daughter,She is red。
“Kiki,Be happy。”
“Mom,I will。”
Blue, laughing, leaning against her arms。
Blue Xin smiled and looking to his eldest son,“Xiao Jun,See your father in a while,Be happy,He is very mood today.。”
Lan Qun nodded,“Mom,I will。”
“Mom,You can rest assured.,I will drink a few more drinks in a while.,Then you take him back to sleep.,Now my dad’s alcohol is getting more and more.。”
Blue Xin smiled and patted his shoulders did not speak。
Junite,Blue 梓 俊 under the hurt of everyone,Back your sister to the door。
Door link red carpet transfer,Lu Haocheng’s high-end suit,Extraordinary,His a few brothers。
Blue 梓 Jun put his sister on the red carpet,Looking at my father laughing:“Father,Refuel!”
Lu Hao Cheng:“”Give it to me.!“Father,I love you!”
Blue, laugh, smiles in his father,Red eye。
She knows that Dad is the most reluctant to。
Lu Hao completed closed dark eyes,Who can understand his mood??

Jian Mang is like a thrilling,Tiandi discoloration,If you come through time and space。

This is the murderous of all the Holy Kings.,Simultaneous life,Do not die。
The energy that emerged on the swordsman, let other holy princes are instantaneous,Summer is not covered by the swords。
Eight pole king shot。
He doesn’t know,This situation is under this situation,Great adventure。
But he has a reason to show。
Summer growth is too fast。
Fast a heartbeat,Fast arrival。
even……Let him be fearful!Summer is just a little antique in his eyes.。
But with him kills Wuzi,After gradually showing the metamorphosis, the talent and potential,Eight-pole Holy Kings pay more and more attention。
Because he knows,Hership between themselves between the summer,It is impossible to resolve!After all, he was at the beginning of the Holy King Supreme.,I personally take the summer。
Both sides have long been dead!The eight pole king is completely affirmation,Once the summer grows up,I will inevitably don’t die.。
To the latter,He didn’t undervaluate summer,Negmang,There is Luohai owner sitting,He can only restrain。
In addition to entering the residue,I didn’t think I personally shot.,When you are, you will not find the summer.。
In the end,Can only be taught to manage five people swordscent,Use this to kill people。
never expected,Still slow。
Summer has broken through the Holy King。
Eight pole holy king is not,Not idiot,How can I not see the summer this metamorphosis。
Never let him continue to grow up!So, the danger。
Just kill summer,Even if you have a crime,But only just sin。
Moreover, he is not unlicensed。
only——The Eight-pole Holy King still underestimates the importance of summer on the road。
Woody three-person face change,Hit,Gratitude,Fast forward。
It’s still late。
The swords of the sky have been shrouded in the summer.。 The Holy King is full,What kind of power is this?。
The holy king around also changed color。
The Holy King of this new Jin is finished.。
from their perspective,Summer new Jin Shengwang,Self-space world is most,How can I compare with the eight pole。
Be late,At that time!Just a flash of the eight pole,Summer has a stream from the road,Instantly intersses。
He has the power of the world,The third style of God is completely large。
The hand of God is the first word of this world.,川 道 主 武 武,The strongest martial law in the world is not too。

Fish praise finished,忐忑 忐忑 高 伯 逸,I can say it.,The other party will not flush?

“You are not,No matter,Alone is exquisite,Quite unreasonable。I have a lot of use of Zhang Wei.,I will enter the palace tomorrow.,The Custody Division is taking care of you.。
You remember a little,Internal Secretary,Is my high-altitude,understand?You just need to consider whether there is any interest to harm my interests.!”
I heard this,Fish praise is overjoyed,I am busy falling in front of Gao Biyi.,Tou said like a garlic:“There is a day,My fish praised, I have died.!”
“okay,Go back。correct,Before you,There is also something to do.,But after two days, let’s talk.,Not time。”
Waiting for the fish,Gao Bao-shelled her face revealed a smile。
Is the behavior of fish praise??
If it is not currently using people,Gao Baoyi can’t wait to kill him directly.,儆 especially。
What is the things of fish??
have to say,On this matter,Fish praise,It is a premiere and nephew!
so,Fish praise is not a good person,But not necessarily do things for yourself。
Some people are big good people,But it is not necessarily bad bad things.。
What kind of standard is these things?,Still to see the results。However, this is a wake up to Gao Bo Yi.,Fish praise this person,Being used,Also restrict,Can’t let him be too crazy。
Fish praise is more dangerous than his old brother.!Old fish is a pure military talent,Don’t want something else on weekdays。The ambition of the fish is bigger.,Can not locate the people,Can meet his appetite。
Gao Bao felt that he was still in the world,So it is naturally a little bit of compressing fish.。If the reincarnation,Your health has become like a suite,So every time there is still much,Remove the wilders like the fish!
“Alang,The lady asked if you still have to write a book in the study tonight.。”
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NS736chapter Afterwards(over)
High-spirited face is looking forward to Gao Bo Yi slowly walk into the bedroom,Almost all of her bright eyes have to drop the water。
“What is this?”
The brain is the joy of the bed, noticed that the high-compatible hand is holding a stack of paper.。
“nothing,Death list。”
Gao Biyi handed the stack of paper to the high:“A total of 320,I have too many people.,Their family is just a slavery,what do you think?”
It seems like a pot of cold water directly from the head.,Let the high 彾 身 身,Those thoughts don’t know where to fly.。
The name of the top of the stacked paper can be described as densely numb,Visiting people’s heartbeat acceleration,Scalp。
“I was a child’s heart.,Hand writing more than 300 people,I have too much.?”
Gao Qiang smiled,That is the face of white,It’s even a bit of blood.,Miserable。
I know this.,When I heard that Gao Bo Yi Office is,She is quite happy,So I am going to be tonight.“Worry”Let’s take your own husband。
Well,Even if you indulge a little tonight,Even if you have to play three people, you will be。
Before the high, it is so thinking.。
However, when a name is jumped on paper,She is a little bit!
More than 300 people!That is not more than 300 pigs!

After becoming a god,Wright gave the Azure Dragon Ring to Cecilia,After all, Wright still remembers the benefits of Lin Lei in the Ring of Azure Dragon in the original book。

as expected,After refining this broken master artifact,Cecilia directly absorbed the blood of the main god Azure Dragon,Under Wright’s prompt,Spend more than ten years researching,Absorbed a drop of the power of the main god in the Azure Dragon Ring,The strength of the divine body has reached an incredible level。
How incredible is it,According to Wright’s test,Cecilia in the form of a dragon blood warrior,The defense power of the scales far exceeds the strength of the artifact in Wright’s hand。
And Cecilia’s pure muscle power,Also far superior to Wright’s power。Wright estimated that it was the fusion of the three lower powers.,Is not as good as Cecilia’s physical strength。
Although Wright also feels the beginning of Cecilia’s improvement,But it’s obvious that Wright can’t beat his wife.。
At least it has been like this for nearly a hundred years after Cecilia absorbed the main power,As for the continual integration of the law and mystery in the later period,Wright’s strength has also increased rapidly。
Cecilia’s appearance has hardly changed from three hundred years ago,Only time has given some grace and luxury。
“Cecilia~”Wright is a little bit silly,The recent retreat is indeed a bit long,Ten years。Although the last three hundred years,Both husband and wife practice the law of perception in the secret room regularly,But a full ten years of retreat,Also very long,No wonder Cecilia is dissatisfied。
Seeing her husband presumably put on a cautious look,Cecilia’s anger quickly faded,The two talked about each other’s recent situation。
“You are now comprehending the second mystery of the water system?I’m trying to understand and merge with each other?It seems that the high priest is not necessarily your opponent?”Wright looked at his wife in surprise,The speed of this law is really beyond my imagination,Although it’s a little bit closer than myself。
“I am also a genius,Wait for my two profound mysteries to merge,Ha ha!”Seeing my cultivation speed surprised my husband,Cecilia is also very happy。
in those days,She practiced with Wright in the Sunset Mountains,He was hunted down by the ninth-level strong,After that, I naturally awakened the blood of the tiger warrior,At that time, her strength actually surpassed Wright。However, within ten years,Wright’s perception of the law becomes extremely profound,Even with the foundation of a ninth-level fighter, she overwhelmed her who reached the sanctuary after transforming.。
Of course she broke through the god level later,After refining that magical drop of blood,Strength once again surpassed Wright,But she also knows that this advantage will quickly decrease。
Cecilia knows the extent to which the secrets of Wright’s soul mutation and the laws are fused,Now her power is superior to Wright’s divine power,But as Wright gradually broke,This advantage will inevitably decrease。Especially when the fusion of Wright’s law mystery enhances the strength even more amazing,She is not so quickly surpassed by Wright,So a lot of work has been done in this area。

NS2860chapter Li Jia’s secret “You and I know how the ancient Wu is,醍醐 醍醐 top,Become a super master overnight, is of course not realistic。”
Mr. Li looked straight into the summer.,Immediately。
“but,Worlds, full of wonders,There are always some special exercises and the secret law。”
Summer has no insert,Quiet, etc.。
Next to Ming, Ming, the father is also sitting straight,Take a good look。
“This is the case.,Inheritability,Or,Blood hereditary。”
Summer stunned,Mengyu becomes quite surprised。
This is definitely an extremely powerful and rare function.。
Just as two ancient warrants,Birthday,Inevitably combined with ordinary people,Become a higher chance to become ancient。
The reason,Female ancient martial arts during pregnancy,It’s unconscious, it’s unconscious.。
Their child is like an unexpected situation,After birth,Health and physical fitness,Born is much better than ordinary infants。
This is not blood inheritance。
The advantages of all have this only。
Real blood genetics,It is natural to have some feature.……And this feature,It is also the characteristics of the family of infants.。
Interrogate,The voice of the old man continues to come。
“Our people,Naturally opened,Snow mountain gas sea Dantian,Self-successive day。”
Summer is not strong,I feel some incredible。
Even some difficult to believe。
The biggest difficulty in cultivating ancient times is there。
Not a talent root,Also don’t have much relationship with your physique。
Maximum gully,It is the Wuyi。
Wuyi people have,But can you open?,Decide whether to practice the first step in the ancient Wu。
Can’t open the Wuyi,Let you be talented,Amazing,I can only be an ordinary person.。
Whether the Warrier is open,It is also a phenomenon that cannot be explored。
Because everyone’s Wuyi,Not the same。
E.g,Want to teach small flowers in the summer,Then he wants to go to find the root bone of small flowers.。
Root bone,Generally speaking,Just like Buddha’s Huigen,Dow’s fairy bones。

Han Jiang looks back,“look by youself,Dr. Ai Minstan judgment,It seems that there is an abnormal change in your body.。”

Qi Guan,Stand up,Looking at the ice son everywhere in the laboratory。
“This is……I do?”
Qiger flew away to a icicle,I touched my hand.,Smashing a suddenly。
“Good ice。”Qi Gi Fei once again put it up again,“In that moment,I really seem to get what I got.。”
“Which man is saying?,Is the strength of the Caslan family??”
Qi Gay is thinking,After all, it is something that the moon is brought back.,It is true if you can’t judge that the man is said to be true.。
“Han Jiang,Mr. Qifu Fei。”
Ai Minstan is holding a pot of hot coffee.,Dedicated to Hanjiang and Qi Guan。
Qi Guan quickly used his hand to seek coffee apologies:“Excuse me,Dr. Ali Shinstein,Just now……”
Ai Yestein shook his head,“It’s fine,Han Jiang is here,In addition to laboratory damage,I am nothing.。”
“but……Mr. Qifu Fei,In your body,A bit strange。”
“what?”Qi Gai asked。
“I analyzed the data previously monitored.,At that time, your energy response occurred in your body.,These ice cubes should be the embodiment of the collapse。”
“When the fire is full of storm, it completely releases its power.,Even users will burn ash,this,It is already open secret.。”Ai Minstan asked on the table。
Qi Gay nod,These legends have been spread very well.,There are many contact children in the history of Caslan, in order to fight against collapse,It is burned to release the power of the flavor of the flavor.。
“legend,The ancestors of the Caslan family,Have the power that can fully manipulate the temper。”Han Jiang also les on,Drink a bitter coffee。
“See,The power of the collapse,It should be the key to controlling the temper of the sky.,However, Mr. Qifu seems to be too long.。”
“and……that time,Mr. Qige Fei is a bit……”
Qi Gay nod,“This is my first time I feel this power.,My brain is blank at the time.,I don’t know what happened during this time.。”
“Based on my estimation,The ancestors of the Caslan family have had that collapsedna,After hundreds of generations of people,Already not active。”
“Hundred generations?”Qifu Fei’s eyes become a little quirky,“In that long period,Has a collapsed beastdna……this……”
Han Jiang endured news,It seems that Quege is thinking.,However, normal people will think so。
After all, hundred generations of people,How many years ago。
Ai Yinstein is speechless:“May be related to the previous era,Investigation in reverse entropy,Earth is in 50,000 years ago,I have appeared an unprecedented era。”
“The ruins on the moon are what staying in that era.。”
“Oh oh。”Qi Gi is hitting haha:“I know,Of course I know。”
“What to say,My ancestor,Even if the previous era is also very powerful.。”
“thanks。”Qi Gay is flying over the coffee filled with Ai Minstan:“I am facing the second law now,I need powerful power,PhD,Do you have a way to let me master the power??”
Ali Stein asked Hanjiang:“Han Jiang,How do you think coffee flavor??”
Han Jiang thought about it,“Bitter,But there will be a little sweet,I still want to drink some after drinking.。”
“So, don’t say strength。”Ali Stein asked QiG:“Mr. Qige Fei feels,How do I bubble coffee??”
“smell?”Qi Gi flew out coffee already finished,Slightly pinch the disposable paper cup in your hand,“Excuse me,I don’t pay attention to this rough.。”