“Alang,Our family is coming to the day,Want to wait for when。Now Xiaogu is in danger,You go back to Yucheng, host the overall situation.。”

“Yeah,Go back to Yucheng Hosting a big situation.!”
Yang Su is with Gao Baoyi.,If you can,He wants to replace Gao Baoyi leader.。
“I see,You go out first,I have something to say to my lady.。”
Gao Bao waved,Yang Suzhen’s exit outside。
“We may have a period of time.,The situation of Yucheng is better than I think of you.。”
He holds Li Shi Tan Bai Tender Sleeper,Then gently release。
There is no hundred days.,Flower without a hundred days。The joy of them lasted for a few days.,It is necessary to turn into a branchless。
“At the beginning, Li Jia recruits that you are a gap.,Now, you can rely on you to keep my little aunt.,It’s really a creation.。”
Li Tan has a kind of helplessness that is stressed by the actual pressure.,In fact, she is willing to be Gao Baoyi should not be like this now.。
Your husband has become Li family’s reliance on the mountains.,But Li Tan has selfish emotions,She is not willing to stand out for her family to stop.。
In fact, as long as he will cover the wind for himself.,That kind of person burden,Usually died very early。
It seems to guess your own ideas,Gao Bao Yi said:“Undergo,Announce。Queen is gone,Prince can’t afford。
Your brother,Gao Yang is very unhappy,It’s all looking at the prince on the queen.。
Once the paragraph,We will all die without burial。Li Jia others may be fine,Queen,Prince,you and me,And our little contract,That is definitely can’t run away.!
It’s not easy to get it, you will be tired.。”
Gao Baoyi is definitely not in a glance,Even him is still good。
Once a high ocean,Scrap prince,Even if he does not clean up,Those political enemies,Such as the flow of Zhaojun,Well hope that Gao Baoyi is dead。
Gao Yin is a prince,Li Zuyu is the queen,So“Jing Xiangwang”Gao Biyi is the maximum guarantee for the continuation of the regime。
But if it is the upper place,The situation is just that it will be。
His Gao Bao will become the biggest uneasiness of the North Qi regime continues.!Especially he still have great prestige in Jingxiang.,What is like Hou?,Wang Lin,A large pile of happiness in Jiangzhou,It’s all watching Gao Baoyi in the seat.,I will be booked to the side of North Qi.。
If Gao http://www.szjiwjyybwlxjo.cn Bi is cleared,these people,Ha ha,Join together,Change in Jingxiang。
Who will go“Excuse”?
“we have a deal,Ping peace is back。If you have something,I am not living with our Xiaocheng.。”Li Shi Tan said very much。
“Why drag the child?”Gao Biyi is very confused with this uncomfortable logic。
“We are all dead.,Li Jiadu is in the house.,Is it bullied by him??You think everyone is you,Can you be a member of a member??”
NS304chapter 雄 幕
Tang Dynasty,Guanzhong climate warm and moist,Every evening spring,Rain water is constantly。
Tang Poetry:城 雨 浥,Guestbook。
Yucheng is near Xianyang today,It can be seen that Changan at the climate is very humidity.。
Rain drops outside the window,Yu Wentai lying in bed,Face-shaped。
swhat,Have a little less!s ida6
“uncle,Silang is coming back.。”
Yu Wenzhi whispered in http://www.szsamscn.cn Yu Wentai。
dfnDepend on,A few! ,Quick update!dfn ida9
“Let him come in.。”

But the next scene,Let them even have such thoughts.。

Picking the star directly crushed such a huge merits。
The http://www.okyixin.cn yang is incredible to watch this scene。
Because so huge merits,Even if the robbery monks cannot be crushed easily。
How can it be broken by the forest of Yuanying strength in the district?
Then feel a cold in the body,Slow down,Looking at your chest bloody cavity,He spit out a old blood。
Be unwilling!I have an effort, but I have lost this field.,hateful。
Standing there,Resentful staring。
“value,worth。There are so many people,Worthwhile。”
Lin Wong does not pay attention to the heart of the heart directly directly,The body is also heavy to the ground.,Take a house。
The monks who are far away from the lively Lingnan land understand one thing.,Since then,The owner of this place is no longer a court of Lingnan Wangfu.,Yin Shenlin。
Many things that want to be hurt in two people, they have http://www.yk9999.cn also dismissed the idea.。
Because of the forest,There is no tiredness that has just been fighting.。
Lin looked at the onlookers of those onlookers,Disdaining showing a smiley。
I don’t dare to do my own life.,ridiculous。
I have seen the caching that has become a dead land.,Deadness,Gray black,Make people chestnose。
This person is really mourning,Whole corpse should not leave him。
But before destroying the deadline,I should also touch his corpse.,Just don’t because the Yang god in order to resist his pick-up,Thus all merits are consumed。
That’s somewhat.。
Chapter 190 Immodulation
Lin ring,Holding the body and the snow from this place。
When they leave,The route has a monk comes to the battlefield just now.。
Residual horror waves make everyone feel awkward。
There is an idea in the http://www.qdzncn.cn monks of those half-step infants.:
Can they achieve such strength in the future??
Despite some arrogance of the proud,But there are rules in my heart.,Understand some of yourself a few pounds。
Like such a powerful Yuan Yingqiang,Maybe they can’t achieve their lives。
no doubt,Today’s battle will also become a legend。
But Lin ring is not concerned about it.,He took the bodies of the Yang god and found a temple in the road to come in the road.。
Bai Ru Xue is very interesting.。
Lin randably put the body after the table,The finger encounters the moment of the skin,Only the residual sparetmid is absorbed。
Talk to not!
The right hand touched from the chest of the body.。
A booklet。

怔怔 怔怔 看 新闻 新闻 新闻 新闻 新闻 新闻 新闻,Elisa’s look is a bit confused,Especially in listening to everyone is talking about‘Miracle’Topic,Girl smiles,Unable knees sitting on the ground。

“Are you ok?”At this moment,A familiar voice is somewhat hesitant from the side,Elisa lifts the head,Just see the ones who are worried about the slightness.。
“Be numb?”Elisa muttered。
“I don’t know this.。”Before a fountain square,Elisa and upper strips,Pink long hair girl,“After all, I have seen this accident before I have a miracle.,Why is this unexpected??”
“Hey, this is also。”Pick up the corner of the upper mouth,Slightly said helpless。
“I don’t have memory three years ago.。”Elisa said softly,Standing in front of the fountain,The fountain of the fountain flashed gentle golden,“This name is also a http://www.taoboli.com.cn sterilizer to help me.。”
There is no talk,In his feelings,At this time, quiet listening is the best.。
“So I don’t belong to my own things.。”Aisha’s voice with a touch of sad sadness,“So I can only choose to sing.。”
“As long as singing,I will feel warm in my heart.。”Girl show smile,“In the heart, it seems like there is something in the past.。”
“I think as long as there is a song,One day in the morning and evening,I can retrieve my loss.。”Elisa’s face with gentle smile,There is no more sad feeling before.,“This is also the meaning I have always insisted.。”
Don’t you retrieve the loss three years ago??
The upper stroke is slightly,What do you want to say?,But finally turned a touch of smile,Drift in the corner of the mouth。
“I probably understand your thoughts.。”Upper striker,“At least you have your own belief,Then there will be no problem.。”
“As long as there is enough faith,You will find something you lost sooner or later.。”Staring at the beautiful face,The upper strikes have vowed to say,“I believe this。”
“Be numb”Elisa is moving,But I don’t know what to say.。
“Well,Go home。”Laughing,“I am probably having to have a little bit of a thing with my friends.,So you go back first.。”
“Um。”Elisa nodded,Don’t ask more questions,Laugh at the laughter,Turn around。
“Click one’s tongue”Looking at the back of Elisa,The Qing Dynasty reveals the shape from the other side of the fountain.,The stone column sitting http://www.cctv-zhongjiangzhihui.cn in the top of the fountain,Laughing on the upper,“This girl will not be interested in you.?”
“shut up。”The old face is red,Turning a white eye against the Qing Palace,“How do you see about the afternoon??”
“Magician。”Qinggong shrugged,“But he didn’t count, I am present.,It can be seen that your choice yesterday is still a bit wit.,They don’t easily let go easily.。”
“Magician”Some headaches are scratched,“Why do they have to start with Elisa??”
“this problem,I think you ask for someone else.。”Laughing in the Qing Dynasty,“so,I think your doubts should be able to solve some。”
“What should I say that you know the same soil??”The upper strip is doing,The eyes have grown up,Looking at another moving juvenile figure。
“Ah, ah.,You are really awkward in the Qing Dynasty.。”Soil door is still wearing like a hooligan flower shirt,Wear sunglasses,The face is overlooked.,“I will know that I am sure that I am sure that I am sure.,You will ask me to ask me to eat!”
“Less nonsense。”Qingguang smiled,“You must know that it is right,There is also a cracked,Come out。”
“You still participate in this matter。”Sadness and sound,then,Black-haired girl with a hand-long knife slows out from the dark,“Do you know that the super powers of the school city are involved in this increasing difficulty??”
“Don’t let me know some secrets。”The Qing Palace shrugs don’t care,“You two in the urban city,If there is no meowletGive you an identity,Other organizations have long thought of finding you.。”
“Do you think I will be afraid?。”God snorted。
“Other dark organizations are alsolevel 5Level of super powers。”Laughing in the Qing Dynasty,“and,The day after tomorrow is the opening ceremony of the NMs.,I don’t know this matter.,I am afraid that my heart will be uneasy.。”Speaking of which,The Qing Palace sighs to sigh。
actually,I don’t know anything yourself.。
Although the memory from the past is a bit blurred,But in your own memories, you can still think of a lot of things.,Such as Elisa,Another example is the girl named Shatrira.。

The bamboo pole has no expression。

“Um,Good name,Good name。”
Gao Baoyi coldfast has been a long time,I finally squeezed a sentence from the teeth.。
See you to give your son to pit,I didn’t dare to report.,Sure enough, there is a person in Gongsun.。
Gao Baoyi’s heart in the heart。
“father,The palace is coming.,I’m going to enter http://www.fangxiandani.cn you into the palace。”
Duan Suchen segment,Seeing my father is closing to the god,Gently said in the ear of each other。
Duan Yao open his eyes,Unable to put a horror:“I see,This enters the palace。”
He found that the paragraph seems to say,Solver frown,Not asked:“What is wrong??”
“Jinyangxiao,It seems that the locust is in a hurry,This fall is about to apologize this year.,Son is worried that military food may not be enough。”
have to say,Duan depth is still much better than the general official two generations.。certainly,Enchanting like Gao Boyi“Official second generation”Can’t compare。Duan Yu often feels that he has not born his son like Gao Baoyi.,Otherwise, I may now say that Qi Guofang is the family.。
He can only find some happy to find some good things in the section.。
“Go to Tang Yu,Let Tang Xi’s way。We only do things on military affairs,Sometimes you are good,But others think that you have violated their power.。So what should be done,Should not do something,Notify the people who do to do。
Wait until he didn’t do it well.,You come again。Understand this truth??”
Duan Zhao followed the truse。
Duan Shen nodded,This is not difficult to understand this.。He respectfully said to Duan Yong:“Xie Father’s teachings,I go to the horse。”
“Um,Go back。”
Section of the paragraph,Duan Yu is deeply sighed,The whole person looks old ten years old.。
Here,Still come。no surprise,What http://www.nesed6.cn is the relatives, what is afraid of relationships?,Also not at the parents。
This is the crowd of people!
Come to Jinyang Palace in Jinyang Established in Jinyang,Just called Jinyang Palace,It is built by Gao Huan Jin Jinyang,Duan Yu handed the Poly Sword to Qiang Gu,Then respect the temple。
as predicted,Zhao Zhaojun、High、Derogate、He Xiangren and other big men are there.,Only don’t see Tang Yan。Duan Yue feels that it should be a serious disaster.,Tang Yu to deal with this thing。
“See you。”
Duan Qi arch is a gift。
The color of Zhao Zhaojun looks too good.,Perhaps it is not adapt to the slightly dry climate in Jinyang.。
It may also be that this year’s climate will be dry and hot.,It’s early in the summer.,Lao Jia is old,Body is not suitable for events。
“Yang Yandu,Give a gift。”
Zhao Zhaojun said that he said。
Giving a seat is given to everyone,When http://www.zzafbbs.cn Duan Zhao came, everyone stood.,One of the times is sitting。Section,Everyone can sit.。
昭 君,On the one hand, it is important to highlight the segment.,on the other hand,Didn’t you have to do the meaning of Duan Zhao。
as predicted,He Budren and others are difficult,Finally, I still sat down.。They are big old,I don’t like to hide my emotions.。
Duan Yue can feel it,These people are very uncomfortable in their hearts.!He only realized at this moment.,Everything in Yucheng,In fact, for the Xiangyang Six Town, Jinyang,It is also an important suppression effect.。
No, Yucheng,The Xianbei, the six towns, and there is no such thing.“link”When you are ever。
Zhao Zhaojun supported a high thought of high performance.!
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NS841chapter The so-called tolerance is just a compromise
“Too,This will not be some inappropriate?”


I’m going to cut him off,Suddenly a red figure flashed out,Hands up,Throw more than ten fireball balls of infuriating energy,Throw to Promise,The two fight,Wuji Slashing Blade Qi is eliminated,The fireball was also broken,Splashing around,Burn all the weeds on the ground。
“Another master!”
That person is masked,Can’t see clearly,http://www.fxccmy.cn She’s still a woman from her body。
Chen Xiu Yuguang sweeps to Wei Kai,This guy can actually move his hands and feet slightly,I’m afraid I will recover soon。
If these two join hands,I’m not an opponent!
Crane control function out,Wei Kai dropped Yuan Jing on the ground and flew,He dare not touch it directly,But tore a piece of cloth from the body,Wrap it up,I dare not stay long,Bounced,Body shape flashes,Turn around and run away。
The masked man gave a soft drink,Flying chase。
Chen Xiu ran to the woods by the pond,Just leaped on a tall pine tree,The wind is coming,Stunned,Why is the speed of this masked man so amazing,Is her light work better than her?
To know,After his Ninth Stage Zhenqi Consummation,The speed of light work and full deployment is completely no less than that of a normal high-speed car。
The sound of breaking through http://www.simier-shop.cnthe air changed from low to bright,The enemy should be within five feet,Reluctantly twisted and slapped back。
He turned around and knew it was bad,The palms of masked people are in front of me。
Chen Xiu splits both left and right palms,Forcibly blocked the opponent’s four palms,I didn’t know the other party suddenly changed their palms and fingers,Jin shot two air arrows towards Chen Xiu’s face,Take his eyes straight。
Chen Xiu is too narrow to guard,Exclaimed,Cast a heavy pendant,Abruptly fell under the tree。
People have not touched the ground,A black shadow flies from the corner of the eye,But Wei Kai has already killed,Hit his staying power。
Chen Xiu flicked his feet on the ground,Cannonballs pop out,Is to escape the fatal blow of Wei Kai。
Above the head http://www.ds-system.cn is a masterpiece,The masked man is a spinning top turning into a circle after another,Pat the top of Chen Xiu’s head with both palms。
Chen Xiu sees the other person’s palm,Dispel the conviction,Flash to the side,Gap machine escape,Applause from behind。
He sighed secretly,These two men are not only powerful,The most terrible part is that the cooperation is seamless,Just one of them,Or can barely handle it,But if the two join hands,Don’t talk about winning by yourself,I have problems even escaping。

Also made him very unexpected。

In fact,If you do not pull,Even if summer dreams will be doubtful to Williams。
“What happened?”
Seeing summer silence,The fairy next to it can’t help but ask。
Summer shink,Stand up,“Wake the moon first。”
After walking two steps,Summer stagnation,Fairy,“I was stared.。”
Xian Tiyi。
She naturally can see it,After receiving the phone in the summer,Although http://www.sh-luyu.cn it seems to be。
But for Xuexiao to understand the summer,But captured a touch of downs from the eyes of the summer。
More than this。
She also saw hesitation from the summer manner.。
Just as you just,She asked what happened in summer.。
But in the summer did not answer,But just turned,Summer change ideas。
“Is it very serious??”
Summer nice head,“I haven’t figured it yet.,But now,I can’t leave Mixi.。”
Toned,Also,“Wait two days,I will send people to send the moon.,You come to replace her。”
Xianti 黛 蹙 蹙。
Xiani stunned,Noddler,“Good。”
Out of the absolute trust in the summer,She did not ask more。
http://www.caihlj.cn Two people go out,On the way,I have dial a few calls in the summer.。
……At the same time。
A hotel’s room。
Han Meiji is a glass of red wine,Sitting on the sofa,A middle-aged middle-aged person who is not http://www.ljrfkz.cn surprisingly standing in front,Frown,“Jin Shengyuan?
What did he do??”
“He came to find a lady.……”Middle-aged eyebrows,It seems that there is not much awe of Han Mei Ji between Han Mei Ji.,“The whole Korean knows,He is pursuing young。”

First experiminary,That is Kai you。

When humans want to get a new force,Otherwise sacrificed most people。
forMEI,Kay is negative in the organization。
He saw the feasibility of the fusion warrior,If humans continue to fight bad with weak body,Earlier。
Later, Kai lived in the body’s super factor,Behind the super fusion warrior,This experiment can be completely launched。
Although there are still many examples of failure,But the warriors organized in the time for the future of humans,Whether the life is dedicated。
This record has little password.,Casual one-on-fire moth soldiers can be queried。
Seeing that Han River is not sighing,Kai this http://www.bcaofan.cnis forMEIHow much is it?。
And he saw Kay’s tenacity and iron blood from another angle.。
This is something that can also be seen in Otto.,They all have a new path with a strong force.。
Even if I have a name for this,That is nothing。
Of course, regardless of Otto or Kay,Two people are not so big.,The two selfishness still have。
A man who can do this step for a woman,Lost is a minority,No matter who everyone is admired。
Chapter 489 Betrayal all mankind
Han Jiang also thinks to crack more storage information,Unfortunately, the safety shield of this is extremely high.,With his ability,Is some difficult person。
Try a few times,Almost open the alarm system of the archives room,Han Jiang will stop this。
“What are you doing??”
Xier looked up and came over,Pointing the sakura necklace in the sakura:“Sakura http://www.szladpxerxnolv.cn sister’s necklace is very beautiful。”
Sakura smile:“Thank you. I appreciate the compliment,Hi Jier。”
“that”Xier looked at the door,Some worry:“Outside guard,Will not come in??”
“We are not familiar with this,If there is a battle”
Sakura shook his head,Higher:“Don’t worry,Outside mechanical guards have their own established procedures,If attacking,I will protect you.。”
“no,I said that I can also fight.,Can help Sakura。”
Sakura said:“It’s fine,You don’t have to worry about you.,Here is the base of the fire moth,I used to be a member of the fire moth。”
“only”Sakura’s look is hesitant,Then firmly said:“Now they are my enemies。”
“You are all at ease.。”Sakura moved to Hanjiang’s body,Because she felt that Xier just asked,It is Hanjiang to teach her.,“I won’t really get you in prison.。”
Xier continued to ask:“The girl in the photo,Is it also related to prison??”
“Um。”Sakura:“She is called Ling,Is my sister,I only family。”
“Originally, she should be with you.,But I saw two times when I came.,It seems that the fire moth will be transferred to other places.。”
Xier suddenly said:“No wonder cherry sister will come to prison。”
“Although my purpose is to save my sister,But the fire-free moth is imprisoned too much like a child.,There are still many innocent people,So you can rest assured.。”
“It’s very dangerous outside now.,Wait until,You can first go to my house with me first.,Waiting to the crisis,You can leave yourself。”
The current Sakura is for the fire moth,Reason。
At this moment, I am very sensitive to her heart.,Will talk to Hanjiang and Xier’s talks to other things。
She is not willing to hurt two people,I am also slightly less reluctant to worry about Hanjiang.,Frightened Han River back to tell,The child like Hiji will not make such a thing.。
If you let Han Jiang know that he is actually this in the heart.,Han Jiang immediately went to cry,I am so bad that I am thinking.。
It is not a sakura with the heart of a small person.,But Han Jiang is obviously an adult,And adults are far less than a child.,http://www.lfxajt.cn Always weighing the pros and cons,Going to do something。
“Since you are looking for your sister,We also want to find a partner,It is she don’t know if it is here.。”

“boss!You crawl on the bed http://www.haixingsujiao.cn first,I’ll open your back first”Woman talking,Helped Xia Jian climb down。I don’t know if the soaking is too comfortable or the woman’s technique is good,Anyway, Xia Jian fell asleep as soon as he climbed down。

When he wakes up,This woman is gone。Xia Jian hurriedly got up,Come outside,Opened the iron cabinet,He first checked what he was carrying,Found one piece,I got dressed quickly。
Just when he was walking towards the top of the stairs,He saw two women on the third floor,One of the women’s back flashed,Very familiar。Xia Jian couldn’t help being surprised,In this place,And still inHS,How could he run into an acquaintance??But he is sure,He has definitely seen this woman。
“boss!The third floor is the lounge,There is acting at this time,You can take a break with some tea”A male waiter glanced at Xia Jian who was in a daze and said。
Xia Jian nodded,Quickly chased up。In the lobby on the third floor,Opposite is a small stage,There is a pair of young men and women performing the Northeast Duozhuan。
The hall is full of single beds,There are many men and women lying on it。They lie down,Drinking tea,While watching the performance on stage,It’s so pleasant。
Xia Jian found a back position and lay down,His eyes don’t look up on the stage,But searching the hall for the familiar figure he saw just now。Row by row,Looked over one by one,Although the lights in the hall are not very bright,But I can see clearly。
Just when Xia Jianzheng felt strange about what happened just now,A woman in a sexy dress sat gently beside his bed。The woman leaned forward,She whispered:“boss!Do you want to go inside to rest?“
“inside?Is there a small private room??“Xia Jianyi heard this woman say that,Suddenly my heart moved。Will the familiar figure he saw just now enter the so-called small private room?。
A woman is interested in seeing Xia Jian,She posted her two tall and perfectly round balls,She whispered:“Of course there is,Not only private rooms,And we can do it in the private room“Woman talking,He reached out and stroked Xia Jian’s body。
Xia Jian gently grabbed the woman’s hand,Whisper:“Don’t move,I ask you questions,You answered,I’ll follow you in again,Understand?“
The woman nodded suspiciously,Yanked his hand back。She whispered:“What do you mean?You are here to check“Woman talking,Make a http://www.hexiangly.cn move。
Xia Jianyi listen,Busy with a smile:“You misunderstood,Where can I check it like this,dont you agree”Xia Jian said,He pulled the woman back。
Woman panicked,Xia Jian saw that she really misunderstood,He hurriedly said with a smile:“Don’t be afraid,I just saw an acquaintance coming up on the second floor,After I catch up,Without his shadow,So I ask if you have any other rooms?That’s what I mean”
When the woman heard Xia Jian say this,There was a smile on his face suddenly。She smiled and said:“I thought you were sent by the police。If it is to find someone,I can help you,But I can’t help you in vain,You have to call me clock”
“OK!This problem is not big,We can go now”Xia Jian stood up as he spoke。
First0964chapter Mysterious Lin Sanniang
A channel,In the dim light,Looks a little spooky。

“I didn’t think it’s too difficult to http://www.jixianbuxiugang.cn deal with.”Naruto touched his head。

“What do you think,This point may only play a very strong ability.,And the stronger him,The higher the extent it is also”Spring said that the Naruto said。
“And I said it is only half of the body’s full state.”Spring continues to fight the nun。
It can see how much strength has been played from the source will。
“So strong!”Naruto said surprised。
“Spring is correct,He is also rare in the coastal wood family.,But after the loss of half of the body,His soul is also hit hard,It is not so easy to recover.”Brilliant night。
“The key is that we can’t find him.,This is troublesome”Spring said helplessly。
“Not just like this,The ten tails he brought to the beginning also disappeared.,If he is found by him,He can quickly recover strength”Brilliant night。
“what!Is there only one http://www.chadegushi.cn tailed?”Sasuke said surprised。
“Who is talking to you only one,Planetary planet in the big tube,The number of ten tails is very much”Hui Night looked at the help。
“Don’t scare them,It should be not much ten tail to grow to now.”Spring smiles。
“Yes,The resources of this planet are too rich,So ten tails can grow to this extent”Hui night。
Square,The lack of the coach is not Chakra,Chakra 10 can get a variety of energy to get,The source will need souls。
And the people in the endurance,The soul is the most similar to the big cadre,Is the best resources。
“What resources?”Naruto said。
Why don’t he know what resources have?。
“Human soul”Spring said。
“soul!”Naruto flashed in the eyes of Naruto。
“Almost is also the time to tell them,So long,It should also make them improve the strength.”Spring to see Hui Night。
Hui night nodded。
“People’s soul,Will have a weak life will,And the tenth can be crushed soul,Extract the genus will,Gather together to form Chakra fruit”Spring explanation。
“You said,We must use these new will to enhance strength!Do not,I absolutely don’t agree with this way.”
Naruto http://www.skinami.cn shocked。
“Not all like this,Xianke can also slowly cultivate its own origin,Just too slow,We have not so much time”Spring said。
“Naruto,This is also something wrong.,What we face is the threat of the big tube.,Effective power required as soon as possible,Otherwise, the entire endurance will be destroyed”Latter。
“Do you have any way in Lianquan?”Naruto looks at spring。
Springs shook their heads。
“I have only one person again.,Even other big cylindrical killing,But dragging me is no problem,What should I do when I arrive?”
“Those souls,It is a long time to save.,If he does not collect,These soul will slowly dissipate,And we only deal with the soul of a hundred years ago.,The person who died in the future as long as I didn’t make any fault,We will also arrange the revision”

Sorry, he is also sitting on the side.,Pay attention http://www.huximiao.cn to the time flow of the hourly hourglass。

Day after one day。
He stood up,Explore a finger,Gently touch the diaphragm。
Diaphragm,Quick flow、shrink、Gather。
Finally, it became a drop of tearful five fingers.,Stickled on his finger。
Gob Sword is amazed,Look at the summer。
“Hahaha……”Summer laugh,A face of ecstasy,“Brother,We have time this time.。”
Gob Sword did not respond,Look at the tear droplets that are still sticking to your fingers,Summer laughing。
then,He also looked at the hourglass of the summer foot.。
Next moment,Eye Hawran,Exposes unbelievable expressions。
Timing hourglass under summer feet,I have passed.……eleven days!“this……”Gogjian is striker,Time hover。
Even if he is stupid,At this moment, I also realized that I have。
At the beginning of the mountain,In the summer, I have been speaking.,He has a time lapse of secret treasure fragment in the lower bound.。
Time secret treasure activates under cover,Ten days,It is equivalent to the outside world。
Gogjian,Toward the tear droplets again。
Is this a time flow rate of time in the summer??
He has repaired it.?
Think here,His envy。
to him,The most lack of time now is time。
If you can have this secret,Then he can raise your eyebrows in the competition.,Be expected。
Interrogate,Explore another hand,Photographing the jade bottle,Revenue with tear droplets。
Rotary is about to hand in the past,“summer,Congratulations, you fix it to treasure!”
He is envious,But it will not be better。
Such precious thing,Even if the Gobian is eager,You can’t win the beauty。
“Ha ha,Brother,This drop is given to you.。”
Summer does not pick up,But it’s going to push past,Laugh,“Based on my calculation and derivation,Consumables for this substance,One drop can support external practice for decades。”
Gogan has a big http://www.maidikuai.cn eyes,“Give me?”
Summer laughing,“I still have this substance.。”
“and also?”
Gobian is wrong,Thunder,Out of mouth,“This is not the time flow rate in your mouth.?”
Summer shaking head,“This is my chance to get the treasure.,Not stopping a drop,Brother,Now we have the most lack of time,let’s work hard together。”
Gogjian Zhang Zhang,I don’t know what to say.。
This world is coming,Even if there is still in the hands of summer,Can also consume,Can now give him a drop……This person is too big.。
In fact,Gobian is very clear,Even without this drop of drops,He is also owed by many kindness。
Although he will teach the soul to the summer,Can help him get everything in summer,Help him refine token。
Finally, the Holy King is inherited to give him。