Sword,Summer whirlpool,Bullish tattoo white light,Wipe it on the top of the cliff。

The cliff is bundled,There is also a dragonfly flying。
If it is slow in slow,I am afraid that he is his head.。
Crimsy is cold sweat,This sword is simple,It’s too sharp and fast.。
He didn’t know how many years,I have not experienced this http://www.reiqilong.cn taste of death.。
Attack in the moment,Summer precise capture battle machine,God,Martial arts,Integrally in the iron sword。
Sword,The power of the mountain inverted sea is once again,Like big waves,It’s like a silver river.。
Cliff wolf,Two people attack and defensive。
Summer does not retain,Almost use full,The wind broke out unimaginable。
Pound like a sea,Vast starry sky。
Every sword is overwhelming,Broken everything。
The cliff finally changed color,Strive to kill like him,I also feel extremely dangerous。
The whole human body table aroused a layer of particles,Scalp,Haircut dance,Be like a mad。
He is like a ghost,Xiangshi,Instantly disappear。
But the summer is like a shadow,The sword is firmly locked,At the same time,Direct point。
Cliff face change again,His this is a killing of gain from the battle,For dangers, it is most sensitive.。
A refund。
Two people constantly touching,Two http://www.com-htm.cn group light and shadow。
I finally broke out the strongest blow.,Cliff body,Vomiting blood。
In the middle of the way,He stared in the summer.,Haze,Grievances。
It seems to be branded in the bones.。
Fame,If you fly, you will escape.,The body is like a ghost in the mountains。
I have no meaning again.,He can’t kill each other。
Front,Two swords of swords。
Yunchui and Zhou Weitai have prepared,First shot。
Bedding house

“Hey,I will leave,How can this chance of this money?。”

http://www.wtxwifi.cn Once the mentality is released,Everyone is relaxed.。
“Ah,We are good for our five people.,Previously never met frustration,This time I was hurt.。”
“Summer kid is a metamorphosis。”
Everyone sounds,On the side of the summer。
At this moment, he started a new round of attack again.。
Not in a moment,There are dozens of Mozu died of。
Just after he charges the trophy,Suddenly changed the direction,Sneaky to the inner valley。
“What kind of moth he has to make?”
“this……He wants to enter the inner valley?”
Everyone sees,Summer is not in this mountain pocket,The number of times the shot is less and less。
the last time,He caused great movement,Put the nearby magicity。
And he took advantage of the direction of the valley。
Walked,The less the number of the Mozu。
Not really become less,But the area of http://www.sxshengshi.cn the inner valley is larger.,The distribution of the magic is diluted。
Everyone has come to the spirit,Nervous look。
“He really wants to go to the valley?
Have this kind of hidden secret,How good is outside??”
Someone sees,Be amazed。
……All the way is shocked。
Summer finally stepping into the inner valley。
As Zhuo Qing and others said,There are a lot of NATURE.。
Summer hidden half column,I didn’t even see one。
Sure,He relaxed slightly,Many courage is bigger。
No more deliberate hidden,Accelerate speed。
Shortly after,I finally met a magistrate.。
Then he was not hesitant to shoot.。
After shooting,There is also no large number of magic groups.。
Summer is also going on,Did not deliberately,As if there is a clear goal。
Until final,He completely passed out of the big black valley!Zhuo Qing five people were shocked。
Half half,One person said,“He won’t want to hunt the Mozu, a great strength.?”
No one speaks。
But everyone’s face has a complex color。