Network magic weight loss recipe 3 days thin 4 kg

Network magic weight loss recipe 3 days thin 4 kg

Many weight loss recipes on the web, but some are effective?

MMs don’t have much time and energy to try.

Today, the old Chinese medicine health net recommended a set of slimming recipes for you, it has been on the Internet for a long time, called three days can reduce four pounds.

Try to lean MM and try it out.


hzh {display: none; }  【第一天】   早餐:花生酱土司一片、柚子半个。   Lunch: 110 grams of water-stained squid (remove excess oil and water), 1 piece of whole wheat toast.

  Dinner: 40 grams of lean meat (chicken, pork or beef), 1 cup of beans, half apple, and 100 grams of low-fat vanilla ice cream.

  [Day 2]Breakfast: 1 boiled egg, 1 whole wheat toast, half a banana.

  Lunch: 110 grams of low-fat cheese and 5 slices of soda crackers.

  Dinner: 2 lean sausages, 110 grams of broccoli, 55 grams of bamboo shoots, half a banana, half a cup of low-fat vanilla ice cream.

  [Day 3]Breakfast: 1 slice of cheese, 5 slices of soda cracker, half apple.

  Lunch: 1 boiled egg, 1 slice of toast, 110 grams of water-stained squid (remove excess oil and water), dried radish, 55 grams of broccoli, 1 slice of melon, half a cup of low-fat vanilla ice cream.

  Dinner: 40 grams of lean meat (chicken, pork or beef), 110 grams of broccoli, half an apple, half a cup of low-fat vanilla ice cream.

  Tip: Fast weight loss is the dream of most lazy women. However, scientific diet and moderate exercise are always the key to healthy weight loss. The weight loss should not exceed 1 kg per week. Otherwise, most of the loss is water and protein.Physical health is unfavorable and it is easy to rebound.

  Therefore, although this side is effective in weight loss, it must be referred to by people who need to lose weight urgently. Unless there is any discomfort in the meantime, it should be terminated immediately.

High-fat foods are the least likely to be full

High-fat foods are the least likely to be full

In the evening, I had a dinner with friends and talked about the most famous roast duck in Beijing.
Why is the roast duck so irritating, and the name is spread all over the world?
If you want to think about it, it is nothing more than the word fat.
The test showed that the fat content of the roast duck is as high as nearly 40%, and the average duck is much lower.
  However, life is good, the temptation of roast ducks is getting smaller, just like moon cakes have long been tired of urban people.
My friend sighed at this, and I said: It is nothing more than too much oil in the daily diet.
As long as one week in advance, every day, low-fat vegetarian food, guaranteed to see the roast duck enthusiasm, feels delicious.
  A friend said: Although this is the case, the roast duck can’t be eaten in half a pan.
Vegetables and fruits can be eaten in large quantities.
Therefore, it is easier to eat something that has oil and water, and it is easier to overeat something that is not oily.
  I said: The opposite is true – many studies have consistently proved that if the sense of satiety is strong, the order is protein > carbohydrate > fat > alcohol.
On weekdays, people say that fat-rich things are easy to saturate. In fact, it is a kind of appearance.
You think about it, when the oil and water were low, everyone was desperate to eat, why not fat?
Now eating something is too big, how to eat a little bit fat?
In addition to the motor factors, it is also an important reason that fat is not easy to saturate.
  The friend looked at me incredulously and shook his head.
– How is it possible that more fat will eat more?
  In fact, this is the deception of fat, and research can debunk its disguise.
The researchers gave the subjects the same food, but quietly adjusted the fat content of the food, some high, some low, and then asked the subjects to report the fullness after eating.
Then, give them a buffet, let them eat freely and see what happens to the energy they eat.
  As a result, no matter what foods are used for experiments, no matter whether they are doing experiments for men, women and children, the results are similar. The fat content in food is lower, or higher, and the feeling of fullness is similar.
If calculated according to the unit energy, the higher the fat intake, the lower the satiety of the unit energy.
In other words, if you also eat 800 kilocalories of food, then you will not feel full when you eat more fat.
  Friends still don’t believe it.
I said, then make a calculation.
  Roast duck contains 40% fat, and the energy per 100 grams is as high as 420 kcal.
Three people are divided into a duck, about 150 grams of roast duck per person, plus 50 grams of lotus leaf cake made of flour, a total of about 800 kilocalories.
Together with other cold dishes and ingredients, it is about 1000 kcal.
  What if you change the roast duck to low fat chicken breast?
It contains only 5% fat and 130 kilocalories per 100 grams.
Also eat 150 grams of grilled chicken breast, brush the sweet noodles and other ingredients, plus 50 grams of bread and a little cold dish, a total of 660 kcal.
However, if you eat and see, which one is easier for you to stop?
I am afraid that the roast duck will make you feel unfinished, and the roast chicken breast makes you feel that you don’t want to eat anymore.
However, the difference between the two is more than three thousand kilocalories.
  This is because the body is accustomed to using weight to calculate the intake of food, and is not accustomed to using the amount of energy to evaluate whether the food is enough.
High-fat foods must have a relatively small weight under the same energy, so the body will feel unfinished.
The high-fat food has a good aroma and is more stimulating, so it is more difficult to control the amount of food automatically.
One investigator combined the results of 13 related studies to arrive at a conclusion that “the evidence strongly supports the conclusion that a low-fat diet is the best choice for preventing weight gain and obesity”.  The friend finally showed a stunned expression.

It turned out to be the case. No wonder I felt that I didn’t eat much, but I was not thin. I used to eat stilts.

I will change the salted duck to mix the vegetables and steamed steamed buns tomorrow night. Is this the general line?

  I have a thumbs up: You really learn fast.

That’s right, this is a low-key choice.

However, you are insisting.

Precautions for practicing yoga exercises, you will understand after reading.

Precautions for practicing yoga exercises, you will understand after reading.


Will you be unable to learn yoga because you are too old?

The answer is no.

Practice yoga exercises instead of receptor strength and age restrictions.

Tianjin Yoga says that as long as it can be practiced practically, it can benefit people of any age.

But when you start practicing yoga, you need to keep in mind: don’t be nervous, the action should be slow and quiet.


Is yoga a religious life?

of course not.

Tianjin Yoga says that yoga is a traditional fitness exercise originating from India. It is the crystallization of the constant efforts, research and improvement of yoga enthusiasts, which contains the essence of the culture and philosophy of the oriental people.

Tianjin Yoga says that regardless of its religious beliefs, you can learn yoga exercises. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about being a Hindu believer in order to enjoy the benefits of yoga.

In fact, we advocate doing yoga exercises for the purpose of bodybuilding, not for someone to believe in Indian religion.


What is the difference between yoga exercises and general bodybuilding?

Yoga is another form of exercise, and its practice is different from general bodybuilding.

Yoga is focused on combining posture, breathing and consciousness, which is the biggest difference between it and general bodybuilding.

Yoga exercises require slow movements and calmness, neither fast nor intense.

The purpose of slow exercise is to step on the muscles. Tianjin Yoga says this is because when breathing in yoga, the oxygen in the blood can be transported to the muscles and tissues. When the muscles are relaxed by exercise, the blood circulation will be strengthened.The carbon dioxide contained in it is excreted.

Since the various postures are combined with yoga breathing, when the blood circulation is stimulated, the body will be filled with new vitality, and the waste in the body will be largely eliminated from the lungs, skin, kidneys and lesions.


Does practicing yoga exercise reduce weight?

This is a question that all women are very concerned about.

The answer is: exercisers can adjust their weight according to their actual situation, because many postures of yoga exercises can regulate thyroid function and metabolism.

The result is to eliminate the excess aunt and make the muscles firm, rather than the muscles that are as weak as those who lose weight through a lot of dieting.

At the same time, Tianjin Yoga says that people who are underweight learn to relax and rehabilitate their body to a normal level and make their body fuller and more fit.


What are the conditions for practicing yoga?

Practicing yoga exercises requires neither a lot of money nor time constraints, and indoor planks can be practiced.

If you feel that you are quieter in the bedroom, you can easily wear ordinary short-sleeved clothes and tight-fitting short-sleeved pants; if you want to practice in this exercise, it is best to wear long sportswear.

However, Tianjin Yoga reminds you not to wear tight underwear to avoid inconvenience.

The place where you practice is ideally a hidden corner in the garden of a wooden board or on a lawn, or a small room or a corner of a room dedicated to exercise.

Tianjin Yoga says that the scope of the venue actually only needs to be stretched a little larger than when the body is lying down.

It would be best if you could put a suitable mat or mat on the floor and put a clean sheet or blanket on it.

If you want to practice indoors, you should keep it well ventilated and let fresh air circulate; rooms filled with cigarettes and not fresh air are naturally not good.


When should I practice?

Practicing yoga exercises should be done on an empty stomach, that is, after getting up in the morning and during the two hours before bedtime.

However, avoid it within two hours after a meal and half an hour before and after bathing, because this will make the internal organs too heavy and harmful to the body.
Even if you eat less, you have to rest for an hour and a half; if you eat more than one meal, you have to rest for two and a half hours.
Tianjin Yoga says that if you only want to do one, two simple and easy movements to eliminate some kind of tension on the body, you don’t have to be limited by time.


What are the taboos for practicing yoga?

It is absolutely forbidden to practice yoga exercises after a short period of time and after surgery; if you want to practice, you should consult with your doctor beforehand.

I can’t practice after drinking.

Tianjin Yoga said that in the pregnancy and menstrual period of women, you must follow the “practice points” and strictly choose the practice program.

When there are injuries in certain parts of the body, it is also called barely practice, so as not to increase the pain to the body.

In short, don’t go beyond your physical strength and adaptability. Forcing you to be ruthless is harmful to your health.

Old lungs, hot cough, what to eat, six kinds of clear lung recipes recommended

Old lungs, hot cough, what to eat, six kinds of clear lung recipes recommended

Radish, onion, white, cold, cough, practice: radish 1 amount, 6 scallion, ginger 15 amount, first use the three bowls of water to cook the radish first, then put onion, ginger, boil a bowl of soup, even the slag once served.

Application: Xuanfei solution table, phlegm and cough.

Treatment of cold and cough, phlegm and more foam, accompanied by chills, body aches and so on.

Brown sugar ginger jujube soup treatment of cold cough practice: brown sugar 30 grams, fresh ginger 15 grams, red dates 30 grams.

In the three bowls of water, fry until half, and take the clothes, and the sweat will be healed.

Applicable: drive the wind and dispel the cold.

Treatment of cold cough, stomach tingling, postpartum cold diarrhea, yin and so on.

Xiang Tang Ping cold cough practice: 芫荽 (cilantro) 30 amount, 30 grams of sugar, rice 100 amount.

First wash the rice, then add water to cook the soup.

Take three tablespoons of rice soup and simmer, stir the sugar and steam for 10 minutes, serve once and take care to avoid the cold.

Application: Sweat through the table to cure cough caused by cold.

Steamed shellfish turtles nourishing Yin and lungs practices: Sichuan Fritillaria 5 appropriate amount, 1 turtle (about 500 grams), chicken clear soup about 1 kg, onions, ginger, pepper, cooking wine, salt, the right amount.

Slaughter the turtle, remove the head and internal organs, and cut into pieces.

Put the turtle pieces in the steaming bowl, add the fritillary, salt, cooking wine, pepper, onion, ginger, steamed for 1 hour.

Take it hot.

Application: nourishing yin and clearing heat, moistening the lungs and relieving cough, and reducing fever.

Treatment of yin deficiency, cough, low fever, night sweats, etc.

Sugar candy bird’s nest porridge treatment of lung deficiency and long-term cough practices: 10 grams of bird’s nest, 100 grams of rice, 50 grams of rock sugar, and other rice washed into the pot, add three bowls of water, stir-fry, use the simmer.

Put the pure bird’s nest into the pot and cook it with rice for about 1 hour. Add the rock sugar and dissolve it.

Application: nourishing yin and moistening the lungs, relieving cough and phlegm, treating lung deficiency and long-term cough and coughing and yin.

Fresh pear shellfish cure cough and lung phlegm practices: 500 grams of fresh pears, 6 grams of Fritillaria, 30 grams of sugar.

Peel the pears, cut them, nucleate, fill in the mother-of-pearl and sugar, and put them together in a bowl and steam.

Eat in the morning and evening.

Applicable: clearing heat and dissolving sputum.

Use cough or tuberculosis, see chest pain, chills, cough, fever, dry mouth, throat dryness, phlegm and blood stasis or pus and blood stasis.

Vinegar slippery family diet

Vinegar slippery family diet

Black vinegar weight loss principle: black vinegar ingests the essential amino acids of the human body, can adjust the acidic constitution to alkaline physique, eliminate qi, purify blood vessels and triglycerides (even do not know what it is) and promote consumption of body aunt, strengthen proteinAnd the metabolism of sugars.

In addition, the enzymes contained in balsamic vinegar can stimulate gastrointestinal motility and help to eliminate the body’s stool.

However, since balsamic vinegar tastes sour, it is better to add fruits and vegetables together to achieve a better taste of the juice.

Ginger is spicy, which allows the body to produce energy and achieve a slimming effect.

  Apple black vinegar material: apple, black vinegar 15ML, boiling water 200ML practices: wash the apples with water and then cut into the core, and into the juice machine with boiling water into a juice, such as the cup and then add black vinegar mixed.

  Efficacy: Pectin in apples can absorb the excess water inside, which can stimulate the series peristalsis and help to improve the defecation effect.

  Tomato black vinegar material: one tomato, black vinegar 15ML, boiling water 200ML practice: wash the tomatoes with water and then cut into the core, and put it into the juice machine with boiling water to make juice, then add the black vinegar and mix and stir.

  Efficacy: Tomato contains lycopene, diuretic helps digestion, and can quench thirst.

  Spinach black vinegar material: spinach 60G, apple half, black vinegar 15ML, boiling water 200ML practices: wash the spinach with water and then cut into the core, and boiled into the juice machine into a juice, poured into the cup and then add balsamic vinegarMix and stir.
  Effect: Spinach contains fiber, which can stimulate gastrointestinal motility, help digestion, and apple to improve constipation.

After receiving the free eggs, this group of people bought fake C. sinensis was cheated 1.5 million yuan.

After receiving the free eggs, this group of people bought fake “C. sinensis” was cheated 1.5 million yuan.

In mid-August of this year, many people in the town of Danyang Lingkou in Zhenjiang were very happy, because a hotel in the nearby hotel had a caring “health lecture hall”, sending eggs every day, sending oil, and sending rice!

But soon, everyone found that the situation was somewhat wrong. Why is this?

The victim, Master Ding, said that he listened to the villagers and said that on the second floor of a hotel, there was a free egg delivery activity, so he followed others to pick up 12 eggs a day.

For four days, he took a lot of eggs in white, but on the fifth day, the “Lecture Hall” began to promote health care products, a “winter Cordyceps” that can cure all diseases, up to 6000 yuan per box, buy one gift.Second, and can also cash back 500.

“They said that Cordyceps can cure many diseases, including cancer, and even the old women are working.

Master Ding said.

As a result, more than 80 victims at the scene bought nearly a hundred of Cordyceps sinensis.

Zhang Zhiwei, the police station of the Danyang Municipal Public Security Bureau, said: “The main ingredient in this product is xylitol, which has no health effects, and is not something that can cure diseases.

“If you buy health care products, the “health lecture hall” owner also presented two gifts, a bracelet, a gold necklace, claiming to be worth millions, but these are all fake, completely rough work, the cost price is a few dollars.
Obviously, this so-called “health lecture hall” is to use the banner of free delivery, in the elderly!

According to the mobile phone number provided by the victim, the bank card number, the police successfully tracked nine suspects.

After review, this group has repeatedly used similar means to commit crimes. The amount involved in the town of Danyang Lingkou in Zhenjiang was as high as 1.5 million yuan.

At present, nine suspects have been approved for prosecution and the case is under further investigation.

Sleep experts teach you to sleep well

Sleep experts teach you to sleep well

“I have not had a good sleep recently.

“This sentence seems to become a lot of white-collar mantras. More and more modern people see sleep as a painful thing.”

The reporter learned from the psychiatric department of Zhejiang Medical College yesterday that the daily outpatient volume of the hospital is much higher than before. There are more than 100 patients every day, about 30% higher than usual, but the poor sleep is the smallest.
“In fact, 60%-70% of people do not sleep, they do not need medication at all.

“Psychiatric expert Xu Yi said so.”

  Today is World Sleep Day. The reporter specially invited three experts to treat sleep, and taught you how to get healthy sleep without using drugs.

  Dr. Xu Yi, the director of the psychiatric department of Zhejiang Medical First Hospital, should use hypnotics and related products with caution. Insomnia has become an increasingly common problem. Dr. Xu also told reporters the fact that in the treatment of insomnia, the misuse of drugs is alsoVery serious, including therapeutic drugs and health care products at peacetime.

  According to Dr. Xu, in addition to clinicians who love sleeping pills to treat insomnia, many people use hypnotics without authorization.

“Some people have a sleeping pill to solve the problem when they have a sleep problem, but in fact the sleep caused by sleeping pills is not a substitute for real natural sleep. The medicine will shorten the deep sleep and produce toxic side effects.

As far as my personal experience is concerned, the proportion of clinically open sleeping pills is no more than 20%. In many cases, as long as the patient is guided to scientific sleep, the sleep can be effectively adjusted.

Dr. Xu also pointed out that there are many health care products on the market that are used to treat insomnia and regulate sleep. Some of them bring benefits to the human body.

“We have recently discovered that individual health supplements do improve sleep, but people who eat have long-term complications, not to improve the body’s function, but to change the brain’s nerve function and disrupt the brain’s natural activities.The principle is easy to cause nervous disorders and other diseases, so this kind of related products should also be used with caution.

Dr. Feng Bin, the vice president of Tongde Hospital, insomnia, sleeps comfortably. It is most important to watch the insomnia specialist for a few years. Dr. Feng concluded that there are more and more people with sleep disorders.It becomes a burden for people, but in fact, sleep varies from person to person. It is most important to feel good when you sleep well.

“Many people who come to see the disease now have the same worry: I am afraid that I can’t sleep well at night. Most of them are very sleepy. They are prepared before going to bed, and the sleep time is strictly in accordance with the standard. But from the effect, the more worried, sleep.The worse the quality.

Dr. Feng said.

Among the people who went to insomnia specialists, many were not pathological insomnia, but sporadic, mainly due to increased competition, increased stress, increased mental burden, or due to circadian clock disorder.

Therefore, Dr. Feng suggested that such insomniacs can use other methods to improve sleep.

“Those insomnia caused by stress, you can try to relax, do not think too much before going to bed, naturally go to sleep; if you can’t do it, ask the doctor, let the psychologist relieve the worry, depression, getGood sleep helps.

There are also those insomnia that are disturbed by the circadian clock. They should adjust their biological clocks in time, mainly based on their own living habits, forming a fixed sleep time and sleep time, and taking a good mental state after waking up, instead of blindly pursuing 8Hour sleep time or the habit of sleeping at 9 o’clock in the evening.

“Cao Rifang, the insomnia specialist of the Seventh Hospital of the City, diet therapy to improve sleep, in fact, in addition to drugs and psychological adjustment methods, some of the usual diet is also effective in regulating sleep.

Dr. Cao told 12 kinds of foods that are helpful for sleep. You can choose according to your preferences.

  1) Vinegar: After a long journey, you can use a spoonful of vinegar to drink into the warm water and take it slowly. After drinking, you can close your eyes and you can fall asleep soon.

  2) Syrup: Those who are troubled by irritability and fall asleep can drink a cup of sugar water to promote sleep.

  3) Milk: There is a large amount of tryptophan in milk, which has the effect of inhibiting the excitement of the brain and making people feel quiet and calm. Therefore, taking a cup of milk before going to bed can make people sleep.

  4) Bread: Bread is differentiated into various useful amino acids in the body, which can make people calm and calm.

  5) Fruit: Excessive fatigue and insomnia, eat apples, bananas, citrus, etc. before going to bed, can resist muscle fatigue, and the fruit’s fragrance itself also promotes sleep.

  6) Millet: Millet contains a large amount of tryptophan, which has a spleen and stomach and a sleeping effect.

The general method of eating is to make porridge for millet and eat it before going to bed.

  7) Fresh sputum: Fresh sputum has heat and nourishing blood, eliminates irritability, and can treat blood deficiency and insomnia.

The general method of eating is to take fresh oysters, smash with a small fire, add some honey after slicing, and eat at any time.

  8) Sunflower seeds: Sunflower seeds have the function of calming the liver and nourishing blood, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, and taking a sunflower seed before going to bed. It also has a good sleeping effect.

  9) Lotus seeds: lotus seeds are fragrant and delicious, have the effect of replenishing the heart and spleen, soothe the nerves, and increase the amount of serotonin (a substance secreted by the brain) to make people fall asleep.

Taking sugar water to boil the lotus seeds every night before going to bed, it will have a good sleep effect.

  10) Jujube: jujube is sweet, has a good tranquil effect, take 6-10 jujubes every night before going to bed, add water to cook, and help sleep.

  11) Honey: Take a small amount of honey, rinse with water, add meditation and tranquility before going to bed, and eliminate irritability.

  12) Lettuce: It has the effect of calming the nerves and is most suitable for patients with neurasthenia. When using it before going to bed, the lettuce can be sliced and cooked to drink soup. It can also be eaten like fruit after peeling lettuce, which can induce sleep.

Buttock practice small method

Buttock practice small method

The chest that is sexy represents, of course, it must be both curled and round, and it is also elastic and fleshy.


Are you not qualified?

Think about whether you can sit without standing, the mineral-type crush that can sit without sitting, the butt sticking the chair all day long?

It is no wonder that the flesh will be soft and flat and not elastic.

If you want to be in line with the sexy buttocks, let the butt can have a day of exuberance, get up and join the ranks of beautiful buttocks!

  Move your beautiful buttocks off the excess meat between the buttocks and the lower back: Lift the legs and lift the hips: 1.

Hold the back of the chair with both hands in a positive position, with the left toe forward and the right toe facing outward, so that the feet are ninety degrees open.


Lift the right leg backwards at a speed of five to five. After reaching the highest point, pause for five seconds in the air, and then lower the right leg at a speed of five to five.


After the right leg has been lifted at least eight times, change the left leg.

When lifting the leg, the body must maintain a straight posture, not tilting, bending or kneeling, and avoid leaning the center of gravity on the back of the chair.

  Lifting the hips to eliminate fat and firm muscles: puppies are easy to pose, hips are good teaching methods: 1.

The body squats in a kneeling position, with elbows and staring at the ground, and the distance between the arms and thighs is incredibly close or too open and parallel.


Move your right knee to the chest at a speed of a few ten, then raise it back and back, and pause for about five seconds at the highest point.


Then put the right leg down at a speed of five to five, and then change the leg after at least six legs.

Pay special attention to the balance of the body and not bend the elbow.

  Strengthen the curve between the hips and the legs and the compartments 诀: bend the stairs, dumbbells practice hips method: 1.

Stand on the ladder or small stool, open your feet and shoulder width, bend your body forward, hold your hands naturally and hold the dumbbells, and let your head, shoulders and neck completely relax.


At a speed of five to five, let the body and hands extend down again, so that the dumbbells are to the left and right of the toes. It should be noted that the legs are still in a straight line and cannot be bent.


Lift the dumbbells at a speed of five to five, returning to the anatomical height of the natural drooping, repeating at least ten times.

Wrong eating fish and getting fatal diseases

Wrong eating fish and getting fatal diseases

As the saying goes, “The meat is not as good as poultry, and the poultry is not as good as fish.”

Because of its deliciousness and nutrition, fish has always been a popular food.

The benefits of eating fish are harmful, but food can not be ruined, it will also cause harm to human health, and even cause fatal diseases.

When the ancestors made words, they attributed the word “fresh” to the “fish” department, and regarded the fish as the “fresh” best. The various ways of eating and renovating the dishes made the fish highly sought after.

However, eating fish should also be eaten healthily, otherwise there will be problems.


Raw fish fillets have “hepatic fluke disease” Many people like the fresh and delicious sashimi, but they do not know that raw fish fillets are very unfavorable to the liver, easily infected with liver fluke and even induce liver cancer.

  According to experts in nutrition and health, hepatic biliary disease is mainly caused by hepatobiliary disease. It is mainly a parasitic disease. People are infected by eating raw or partially cooked freshwater fish and shrimps and freshwater snails containing live sputum.The odds are extremely high. At present, there are millions of patients with liver fluke in Guangdong alone, many of whom are infected with raw fish and shrimp.

  Its clinical symptoms are fatigue, upper abdominal discomfort, indigestion, abdominal pain, diarrhea, liver pain, hepatomegaly, dizziness, etc., severe infection can cause liver cirrhosis and even death in the advanced stage.


Good to eat fish gallbladder detoxification is not anti-poisoning fish gallbladder is a traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine is commonly used to treat eye red gallbladder, throat, malignant sores.

  The folks also rumored that eating fish gallbladder can clear away heat and detoxify, and clear eyes and cough, so even the fish is bitter, and there are always people who are eager to try.

Excellent eating of fish gall, extremely dangerous, can easily lead to poisoning and even life-threatening.

  Experts pointed out that the bile of fish contains highly toxic toxins such as sodium sterol sulfate. These toxins are heat-resistant and are not destroyed by alcohol. Therefore, no matter whether the fish is cooked or cooked,Or use alcohol to serve, poisoning may occur.

 The incidence of fish gallbladder poisoning is fast, the condition is sinister, and the mortality rate is high.

Poisoned patients with nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea and other symptoms, severe cases of liver enlargement, jaundice, liver pain, oliguria or anuria, kidney pain and other symptoms, if the rescue is not timely, can cause liverKidney failure until death.

  The degree of poisoning in patients is generally related to the bile of fish bile, so the gallbladder that swallows biting fish is more susceptible to poisoning.


Eating fish on an empty stomach may cause “gout” in today’s day of weight loss. Too many people like to eat only food and not eat. It is commonplace to eat fish on an empty stomach, but it is likely to cause gout attacks.

Gout is a disease caused by an increase in blood uric acid caused by a disorder of prostaglandin metabolism.

  The lower purity of the fish itself, if the fasting of a large amount of fish containing sputum, but not enough free radicals to decompose, the body’s acid-base balance will be imbalanced, easy to induce gout or aggravate the condition of patients with gout.


Live killing of residual pesticides harms the body. Most people think that the freshest the fish is, the better, so they like to eat and eat now, and think that this can ensure the freshness and nutrition of the fish.

But this is actually a misunderstanding.

Whether it is artificially reared fish or wild fish, the body contains certain toxic substances.

  Live killing is now eaten. The toxic substances in the fish are often too late to be completely eliminated. The parasites and bacteria on the fish are not completely dead. These residual toxins are likely to be harmful to the body.

  In addition, the live fish protein is not completely decomposed, the nutrients are not sufficient, and the taste is not the best.

  It is undeniable that fish is indeed a good health food, but it is really good for your health to have a fish.

  Whether eating fish on an empty stomach is a waste of protein. There is now a saying that “fasting fish eats protein on an empty stomach”, because when the body needs energy, because there is not enough protein, it must break down the protein.

Do not eat starchy foods, eat a lot of protein-consuming food on an empty stomach, protein will be wasted, and it is not conducive to digestive health.

  This is a very one-sided statement.

First, we need to understand the role of protein in the human body.

1, for the synthesis of muscle tissue of the human body; 2, for the synthesis of functional substances in the body, such as antibodies, biological enzymes, complements, etc. in the body are proteins; 3, for energy metabolism, supply to the body needs.

Of course, the protein we get from food is mainly used for the first two functions, but in the body energy consumption, the sugar, slightly consumed excessively, will naturally consume part of the protein, otherwise the lack of energy will cause more seriousdamage.
Therefore, from the perspective of protecting the body function, even for energy consumption, it cannot be called waste protein.

  In fact, the consumption of protein needs to consider the degree of fasting.

If you may feel fasting or a little hungry, the body will not consume much protein.

When we are only hungry, our body consumes mainly glycogen stored.Can normal people’s glycogen storage be maintained at 3?
6 hours of energy is needed. At this time, I feel a slight obesity and take in protein. Protein is not consumed by energy, that is, it is not wasted.

  Third, the most important thing is that we must understand that eating fish on an empty stomach will “was waste protein.” This expression is too naive, and it does not understand the metabolic process of the human body at all.

The metabolism of the human body is programmed, and the absorbed protein is first distributed to the liver, and then distributed to various tissues and organs to synthesize, and other parts of the amino acid library in the human body composed of amino acids decomposed by the body itself.

Even if the body’s energy is insufficient, the absorbed protein is first used in the synthesis of the body, and then decomposed, rather than absorbed, to break down. This cannot replace waste.

  In fact, the real waste of protein should be to replace the excess protein.

The human body has limited use of protein. It can be used for synthesis without supplementation. Moreover, the human body does not have a storage function for excess protein. The excess protein is metabolized and finally discharged from the urine. This is a waste of protein.
Not only that, excessive protein metabolism is excreted through the kidneys, which increases the pressure on the kidneys and causes chronic damage to kidney function.

7 bad habits after meals

7 bad habits after meals

It turns out that the habits that we take for granted after dinner are actually the “culprits” that hurt health!

Let’s come together to “literacy”, be wary, get healthy and good body!


Eating fruit after a meal is a wrong habit.

After the food enters the stomach, it takes 1 to 2 hours to digest. If the fruit is eaten immediately after the meal, it will be blocked by the food that was previously eaten, so that the fruit cannot be digested normally.

After a long time, it can cause abdominal distension, diarrhea or constipation.


Drinking tea after a meal with a strong tea will dilute the gastric juice and affect the digestion of the food.

In addition, the tea contains a large amount of residual acid, and after drinking tea, the protein that has not been digested in the stomach is combined with the metabolic acid to form a non-digestible precipitate, which affects the absorption of the protein.

Tea is about to be involved in the absorption of iron, which can even cause iron deficiency anemia in the long run.


A cigarette after a meal, happy like a fairy.

“In fact, the harm of smoking after meals is 10 times larger than usual!

This is due to an increase in blood circulation in the digestive tract after eating, resulting in a large amount of harmful components in the smoke, which damage the liver, brain and heart blood vessels, causing diseases in these areas.


There is a saying in the folk after bathing that “full bathing and shaving”, this is also an incorrect lifestyle.

After taking a bath after a meal, the blood flow of the body surface will increase, and the blood flow of the gastrointestinal tract will be correspondingly reduced, thereby diluting the digestive function of the gastrointestinal tract and causing indigestion.


Relaxing pants after a meal Many people feel overwhelmed after eating too much, often relax the belt buckle, so although the stomach is comfortable, but it will cause the pressure in the abdominal cavity to drop, forcing the stomach to sag.

In the long run, you will suffer from a true stomach droop.


After a meal, after a meal, “hundred steps”, not only can not live “ninety-nine”, and then because of the increase in exercise, affect the absorption of nutrients in the digestive tract.

Especially in the elderly, heart function decline, hardening of the arteries, and more blood pressure drops after a meal.


After dinner, singing karaoke folks has a common saying that “satisfaction is full of sings,” this sentence is correct.

After eating, the stomach capacity of the person increases, the stomach wall becomes thinner, and the blood flow increases. At this time, singing causes the diaphragm to move down, and the pressure in the abdominal cavity increases, which causes indigestion, and causes rehabilitation or other complications.