“Have you had breakfast??If not,Can eat together,Her craftsmanship is still very good!”

Xiang Chen points to Lan Youmeng,Said calmly to Han Yuxiang。
Lan Youmeng and Han Yuxiang glance at each other,Although the two people haven’t communicated much since the beginning,But from the momentum, there is a trace of predecessor and current aura radiating。
Just nodded like fading into the water,Even if Han Yuxiang and Lan Youmeng have said hello,Moreover, I am worried about Lan Youmeng’s unconscious chest action。
“Or you should eat first!I’m afraid after I finish talking,You can’t eat it anymore!”
Korean Xiang holding the file,Said lightly。
Han Genji, standing behind Han Yuxiang, nodded,It seems to be confirming what the Korean Xiang said is true。
Xiang Chen smiled,He has eaten all the living moles by dissecting them piece by piece,What else can make him lose his appetite?It’s just that past work cannot be exposed too much in front of Han Yuxiang,Otherwise, it is very likely that this girl will be regarded as the key task of eradicating rape。
“and many more!Let me have something to eat first!”
Xiang Chen was still very confident,But just when the Korean-speaking Xiang was about to open the file in hand,Xiang Chen suddenly stopped,And then to the breakfast on the table,Started to gobble up with Yuan Qing。
Chapter Three Hundred and Forty One Bad news and accidents
do not know why,After seeing Korean Xiang,There is a hint of faintness in Xiang Chen’s heart,Bad feeling。
Actually, there is no need for Xiang Chen,The words not good news were written on the face of Xiang in Korean。
I’ve been urging Yuan Qing to eat,Finally, after the little girl ate a bowl of porridge,Angrily grabbed the two sandwiches on the table and walked out of the inn。
So far,There are no more minors in the inn。
Xiang Chen looked up and observed the people around,Even though I have spoken,They still didn’t do anything,I thought I knew something before myself。
“Why don’t you wait a while,I’ll eat more!”
Xiang Chen meditates slightly,Then I put something in my mouth。

But the snake girl is really quite interesting,Took the initiative to solve the trouble of the Zhu family for Lu Menglin,It’s not so much to reciprocate,Rather, it’s because of the fear of the great sage Lu Menglin,Deliberately please。

Since the Zhu family no longer poses any threat,Lu Menglin and the four have no need to stay in Jincheng anymore。
Just when they were about to leave the hotel,When going to the airport,Lu Menglin unexpectedly received a call。
“Hey,Lu Menglin,it’s me!I have arrived at Jincheng Airport,Where are you?”What came from the phone was a long-lost voice,While full of magnetism,There is also an indescribable confidence。
Lu Menglin was a little surprised,Replied quickly:“Our Shangri-La hotel in the city center,Ready to go to the airport!How did you come?Is there anything i can help?”
“Count you!Then come to the airport!I’ll wait for you at the airport!I’m here specifically for you,I’ll talk after you meet。”Jiang Jinghong’s voice was on the other end of the phone,As old as passionate。
“it is good!wait for me!Coming soon!”Lu Menglin hung up after speaking,No more。
Jiang Jinghong suddenly appeared in Jincheng,And came here to find myself,This surprised Lu Menglin,I thought she would never come to intercede for the Zhu family, right??
It’s a pity that the Zhu family,Actually, it really has nothing to do with me,I’m afraid I will disappoint her。
Talked to the other three brothers,The four rushed to Jincheng Airport。
Jiang Jinghong has been waiting for a long time,Already a little impatient。
Hello sister!Why are you looking for me in such a hurry??”Reunion,Of course Lu Menglin smiled,Greeting。
Jiang Jinghong glanced at the three people behind Lu Menglin,Nod at them slightly,Said:“I have something to discuss with you,Let’s talk a few words alone。”
Listen to her,Chen Jiannan and they are very acquainted and walk away quickly,Leave room for Jiang Jinghong and Lu Menglin。

He is also an auxiliary mutant,I can vaguely guess that Mr. Lu uses mental skills,But he never thought,There are people who can use their mental power to this level。

If the ring after ring is really composed of mental power,Has been condensed to the level of substantial,Endless changes!
He Bu stared at the Huangquan leader who was trapped by the halo,But my heart is full of regret。
If not for being too weak,You can easily kill that monster right now!The teacher clearly subdued it,It moves so slowly,If your sword can break the defense,Can definitely kill it。
But now,He Bu could only watch this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity slip through his fingers。Because he is too weak!So weak that it can’t even cut through the skin defense of the leader of Huangquan!
now,He Bu is not the only regret,And Lu Menglin。
He had an idea just now,I think of playing games back then,Tips for using the light of temptation to stop monsters,Just tried it。
This Huangquan leader responds to mental attacks,Then the temptation halo can also be used。
only,What depressed Lu Menglin most was,If you still have space energy in your body,Only one knife《Open Sky Slash》,Can slay the leader of Huangquan。
Unfortunately, there is no if,No space energy,I can’t do everything《Open Sky Slash》,And as soon as I release my mental power,The leader of Huangquan will definitely run away,It will only be more troublesome。
“Wei Xiaoxing!Try freezing it!”Lu Menglin had to shout。
Wei Xiaoxing heard this,Two steps quickly,Palms out,Release the little ice energy in the body。
A cold wind blew,A layer of frost immediately hung on the body of the leader of Huangquan,Even the joints are frozen。
but,Wei Xiaoxing yelled with a sad look:“No way!Can’t freeze it!”
His cold air can only freeze the skin of the leader of Huangquan,I can’t even restrict the opponent’s movements!Unless it’s a heart-wrenching,Completely frozen the opponent,Is possible。
Lu Menglin smiled secretly in his heart,Is it really going to explode??And it’s still a big explosion?otherwise,I’m afraid I can’t take care of this Huangquan leader,Everyone has to be in big trouble!
Big in this foreign landBOSSbefore,Whether it is a Dando warrior,Seeing God is not bad,Or ancient Yi Xing Quan Yi,It’s a little bit off。
Unless you have a magic weapon,Or have unlimited space energy,Swing at any time《Open Sky Slash》Absolutely,Otherwise in this foreign world,I’m afraid it’s hard to move。
“teacher,let me help you!”at this time,Lu Menglin’s ear suddenly heard a loud shout from He Bu。
Everyone is surprised,He Bu just slashed over,Even the knife in his hand broke,He wants to fight?Why does he help Lu Menglin?

Cracks appeared on the body of the magic knife,This magic knife is about to die!

“How,How come this way?”
The old man Huomu looked at the magic knife in his hand that had begun to fragment,I have forgotten the severe pain under me,The magic knife that I rely on,I was defeated by this guy?
Didn’t Master tell me??What about the strength of God Realm Invincible??
A soft sound,The Xuantian Sword directly penetrated this guy’s head,With the moment when the old man Huomu died,The magic knife in his hand was also broken,Turned into a pile of useless scrap iron!
Chapter 980 Hong Yuntian
The strong man who reached the top of the generation asked the gods was beheaded like this,For this world,Will be a huge turmoil!
till this moment,The strongest person who can move freely in this world,That is to ask the strong of the gods,Although in the last big event,Almost all the powerhouses in the world of asking gods were born,It makes people think that these guys are actually like cows,But in fact it is not,Everyone who asks the top level of the gods,In decades and hundreds of years,Only then can one emerge from among the so many powerhouses asking the gods!
Such a powerful warrior,Even in the power of the whole world,I can’t pick a few that can beat it,Almost this level asks the gods as long as they don’t die,Not being targeted by more powerful warriors,So basically there will be no problems!
Most of the top powerhouses in the questioning realm finally died because they could not break through the limits of this level.,Through the broken memory in this guy’s soul, we can know,Above this world,There is another world!
Big Thousand World!Not just a simple slogan,But even if it reaches the legendary refining realm,Seems to want to enter the great world,It also takes a lot of effort。
This world had a huge aura thousands of years ago,Countless powerful warriors have been born in the endless years,even,In the war,Asking the strong in the gods is the basic fighter level,But such a large-scale battle,Directly destroy the spiritual veins of the entire world!
Aura,finally,It is extremely difficult to become a warrior,then,The cultivation civilization of the entire world has a fault for nearly a thousand years,In order to prevent the influence of the spiritual energy from dissipating on themselves,All rushed into another layer of heaven and earth,Here named Hong Yuntian!
According to the memory of this guy,It was recorded in his sect,This world is the foundation of the entire world,But it is also the place where life is the most inferior,Only break through the limits of this world,To reach the higher world,As for what the real world looks like,This is impossible to verify!
It’s just between this world and the great world,There are two faults,One is the gathering place of the martial artist of the current concentrating state level,Hong Yuntian;The other is the small world that really links the big world,Lianghuatian!
Although the name is Tian,But it’s not really in the sky,But in a certain corner of the world,A place similar to the secret realm,Compared to this world,Where is the paradise of real warriors!
“Looks pretty good!”
Xia Chenglong smiled slightly,Among these information,There is a very powerful restriction between Hong Yuntian and this world,Those warriors in the concentrating state are in order to avoid the aura in Hong Yuntian from pouring back into this world,So set a very strong limit,Not only limits the loss of aura,It also restricts my entry and exit。


Chapter four hundred and ten Su Ran was fined
Xiao Fan knew that Old Fan wouldn’t be so easy to agree to let Su Ran approach danger,If he will send Su Ran abroad, he must have planned Su’s way out for half a lifetime。
Everyone says that Fan Lao is ruthless and righteous,Inhumane fireworks,Live for the self,Only Xiao Fan knows,When Fan Lao treats someone sincerely,I will give all my hard work。
As long as they are valued by Fan Lao,I also know very well what this old Fan is like,Knowing that sometimes he is hard-mouthed and soft-hearted,and so,Even in normal times,What kind of punishment does Lao Fan punish them?,These people are also treated as a kind of love for them.。
this matter,If Mr. Fan doesn’t agree,Xiao Fan will never force,After all, everyone has the right to protect their loved ones。
Su Ran followed Fan Lao to the secret room,This secret room,It’s Fan Lao’s private domain,Even Xiao Fan has only been lucky enough to meet him once,Su Ran knows what it means to bring her to the secret room。
Su Ran promised Fan Lao before going abroad,I will never touch areas that shouldn’t belong to her in this life,And don’t put yourself in danger,He also promised that Mr. Fan would continue to hide his identity after returning home,Live safely。right now,But want……
Su Ran broke his promise first,If grandpa wants to punish her today,She will definitely accept,I even hope Fan will punish her,This way, Old Fan might feel better,Not so angry anymore。
Fan Lao Lu was cold from beginning to end,Not say a word,He has protected Su Ran so well for so many years,Do you want to watch her go in danger like this?。
To the secret room,Old Fan glanced at Su Ran and said:“Just stay here and give me reflection,Without my permission,You are not allowed to go out this door!”
Su Ran stayed in the secret room,When Fan Lao turned and left,She suddenly said:“grandfather,I accept your punishment,I also know that I’m not keeping promises,I worry about you,But I really want to manage the base with Shen Lin,I want to live a different life。”
Old Fan shook his head helplessly,Sighed and said:“You want to live a different life now,It’s too late to regret after you experience it。”Turn around and leave。

Ding Keyu was startled,Wake up,Kill his child、So he can’t be with Xie Lisu,It’s you Ding Kelan、Ye Xingkong,They are the culprit,Ding Kelan died,Another Ye Xingkong。

Ding Keyu bit his teeth“Giggle”Direct sound。

First136chapter Uncontrollable
Ye Xingkong amateur in addition to fitness,His biggest habit is holding books from Ding Kelan’s study,It takes hours to read。
Or study his ironware in spare time,Not so much vulgar sayings“Ironware”,In fact, it is composed of countless chips,And these chips are not available on earth,But since arriving on earth,It’s not functioning enough,How can I return to my planet without enough power。
He read the books,I just hope to find more breakthroughs。
Tian Lu saw that Ye Xingkong hadn’t contacted her for several days,Days feel boring,Somewhat puzzled。
She is not used to taking the initiative to swagger to the apartment,Or run into an unintentional miscellaneous person, etc.。
Had to send text greetings。Ye Xingkong’s reading is full of attention,See phone“beep”With a,Take a look without rushing,See Tian Lu,The corner of the mouth is slightly tilted,Complacency mixed with happiness。Open SMS,It says:Hey,What are you busy with?
Ye Xingkong’s fingers move flexibly,Returned a paragraph:No,reading a book。
Tian Lu doesn’t know how to answer the call,Neither party will return SMS,Phone becomes quiet。But the looks of the two are a little different,Rippling,I look forward to the phone ringing again。

Chen Wenjin looked at the wound on his body,Point to a place and say:“This one hurts first?The wound is dry,This is almost dry,I haven’t done this yet,These look relatively new,The wound on your body,The time span is quite large,Like being locked up intermittently。”

“It’s been a long time,They won’t let me go。”Abao quickly made up the loophole,Chen Wenjin:“OK,I guess you just don’t want to divide the money,Feel sorry for me again,And don’t want to break up because of money,After racking my brains to come up with a bitter plan of being robbed。Where did you hit yourself?See you still have the ash of cement,Is it the cement block found on the roof??After a while, I’m tired and smoke a cigarette. I’ll continue to rest, right??How long has this body been tossed before and after?”
Abao blushed,Want to distinguish,But ashamed of speechless。
“You guy,Money first,It seems more important than your life!But well,It’s also important to see my friend,Not hesitate to self-harm,For the sake of this injury,I don’t think I can’t be moved by you!You can divide as much money as you want,A dollar will do,I don’t care about you。”
“Fucking!How do you tell?”A leopard doesn’t need to pay for it,I don’t want to force a denial,He grinned and said:“Can the doctor lighten up?”
The female doctor was holding back a smile,Can’t help but say:“If it hurts so much, you just have to wait for your friend to come.?”
The female doctor listened to what a young man like Abao said and was robbed of 100,000,Another car or something,I just wonder if he does some drug business,But don’t want to be troublesome。
Abao’s face is even redder,I’m sorry to see Chen Wenjin,Whispered:“If he didn’t see、Am I hurt??But it doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt!Sister Huo didn’t beat me so badly last time。”
“Actually, your biggest flaw is that you don’t hurt your face,Robbers will show mercy to your face?They must think you will call the police if they grab you so much money,I also think about not hurting your face、Lest your parents see the problem?Only you self-harm will have such concerns。”Chen Wenjin,Again:“Moreover,When I answered your call, I guessed it was a lie that I was robbed by bringing money out,just——I didn’t expect that you guy would use bitterness,Still used to this degree。Relying on your injuries,I can’t be cruel to break with you for money。It’s over。”
“Know you best!”Abao immediately opened his eyebrows and smiled,But the injury to the body,Painful grinning teeth,He took a sigh of relief,Just said:“Hehehe,You treat me so well,I can’t be stingy,Although you can only divide the money into one dollar,But I can’t just divide a dollar。I have wrapped your rice noodles this year,Not many bowls,If you want to eat me!how about it?I’m interesting enough!”
“Would you like to divide 10,000 yuan,I don’t need to eat rice noodles?”Chen Wenjin deliberately prolonged her voice,A Bao hurried his palms into one,Chuckle:“I’m wrong!I’m wrong,Rice noodles is what I should ask,Interesting enough is you,I should、Should be!”
Out of the clinic,Chen Wenjin sent Abao home,Abao said when he left:“Drive back,I won’t go out at night,These two days are probably recuperating,Drink together when the injury heals?”
“Drink again after years,I need to help with the Spring Festival,I promised to watch a seven-day movie with Chen Qian these days,No time to come out to play。”

Little fish said inexplicably:“Why?Climb to the top without an elevator?”

“no,I didn’t say where to jump from,The first floor is also this building。”The butterfly finished,Jumped out,Chen Wenjin took a good look and guided it,Help the butterfly withstand part of the falling force,So when her feet fell,Not much impact,Just squat down and digest。
“butterfly!I hate you so much!”Xiaoyu turned angrily and ran away,Abao still doesn’t know what to do,Quickly chased the little fish back to the rental house。
Butterflies wear shoes,Relieved,To Chen Wenjin:“Should be fine,Little fish just looks angry,I’ll apologize for the present tomorrow morning,Should forgive me。”
Chen Wenjin believes in butterfly judgment,After all, she is more familiar with Xiaoyu。
He couldn’t help but feel,Didn’t it help the two girls get on the right path again this time??
‘It feels good to be helpful……Especially for beautiful girls like Butterfly!’Chen Wenjin wondered if he always attracted the same problem to the opposite sex in the past,Then why not try to guide those that can be guided now?So use the power of material inverse motion,That’s more meaningful than chasing money and power,It also makes him more motivated。
Chapter 82 Good things come together
Chen Wenjin certainly likes to use the power of material inverse movement to make a real sense。
but,Those who remembered his condition,Still later。
Until the entrance exam,Nothing special happened。
The rhythm of his date with the butterfly is maintained once a week,It didn’t stop until the exam。
Chen Wenjin originally had no special circumstances,Before the exam,The beautiful girl with water patterns in grade,In front of him again,I despised Lulu once.。
So Chen Wenjin remembered,Have to help Lulu。
‘Want to help anyway,Just help a few more。’Chen Wenjin wrote down the key exam questions,Think of Xu,Simply copy all the English questions on paper,The invigilator saw his test paper blank,But copied a title,Suspect that he was cheating,Just keep staring。
result,Chen Wenjin handed in Zhang Baiju。
After the exam,Chen Wenjin learned about the test situation of a circle of people。
Lulu is a little depressed,From the known estimates,She may not be as good as the watermark,She consciously sprinted very hard,The result is still to be mocked and despised by Watermark with scores,Uncomfortable thinking about it,Especially after the same school in the future,That will be used as a reason,Despised her for years,Even this life has to be lifted up by the water pattern and attacked。

“I won’t say anything else,I don’t need you to answer immediately,of course,You can go together if you want,Only one person can master it,It doesn’t even matter if you don’t even both。I just came to talk to you。All right,Nothing else,I’ll go first!”

Qin Feng stood up after speaking,Then I looked at the desktop,The most expensive one on the tableXoLet me go。
Qin Feng is gone,But Chen Chong and Song Dixu in the box looked at each other.。
It is true that Qin Feng suddenly sent them a bomb,I don’t know whether to connect it。
“Chen Shao,How to say?”
“Song Shao, you are a guest, of course you choose first。”
“no no,Chen Shao, I have always admired you,Let’s talk about your opinion!”
The two are here to push away,And the little brothers beside them have weird faces,In the end, a younger brother of Chen Chong named A Ming couldn’t help but speak first。
“Two elders,In my opinion, just send a hand like me to control the situation.。You don’t need to come out in person。”
However, Chen Chong shook his head when he heard Amin’s words.,“Amin, you are wrong,Don’t look at Qin Feng’s seemingly casual look,But he can’t trust the people under us,Unless we go there personally,Otherwise don’t want to touch this cake。”
“Why is this again?”Amin asked。In fact, none of those kids want to understand。
Chen Chong looked at everyone present,Then sighed,“Tell you so,Don’t look at Qin Feng as lonely,In fact, he is the chief。Although the chief head is presiding over the Liang family against the Zhang family,But he still has enough energy to pay attention to every move of other families。
And in his eyes,Our four eldest sons are the benchmark of the family,So how do we choose,Decides how they handle it。If our two sons go to Myanmar,Bad words,Actually it’s half a hostage。In this way, the big chief can feel at ease
。At least if we are there,It means we cannot rebel!”
Except for the two sons,The other boys are all lost in thought。

“Oh?”Now Liu Xing feels interesting!

“You mean Qin Feng is also very strong in close combat,Just because of injury,So I was forced to become a sniper?”
“Otherwise what do you think?All right,go to bed early,Plans should be laid out tomorrow。”
“what’s the plan?”Liu Xing puzzled。
Chapter Two Hundred and Seventy Two You are my idol!
Early next morning,Liu Xing was called out,Then he understood what Zhong Fa said about the plan last night。
At this time, Qin Feng took a document and placed it in front of everyone。
The content inside is also very simple,Is to start from the other direction,Distribution map of some barracks near the blasting mercenary group。
of course,These are just simple things,After all, this information of Qin Feng is a comprehensive information provided by Xu Muhe’s official newspaper team.。
Because at this time Qin Feng entered Myanmar as the deputy head of the special team。He is on the side of the special forces to help,So although Qin Feng’s plan is not valued by many people,But still give the most basic information help。
“I asked,Lin Wenkong also sent people to investigate nearby before。The results obtained are not very different from this information。”
Qin Feng paused,“such,We blasted the barracks in a radius of five kilometers and there are about four small barracks。Lin Wenkong, you sent several people to ask if they would surrender and join our blasting barracks,We are willing to make them an independent team,Won’t distract him,He is in charge of the people。As for the detailed knot,Can talk slowly!”
Lin Wenkong felt a little guilty at this moment,It smells like a bow and snake shadow。After all, it was because of the relationship,So it led to war with two barracks,The final result is that there are now 300 people left so miserable。
“First salute。tell them,If you don’t want to surrender, you are your enemy!At that time we will surrender all their troops。Reap their lives!”Qin Feng Leng Lengdao。
“This.Ok!”Lin Wenkong is a little helpless,But I also know that the person who sent someone to explain the situation may not come back.。Although the two armies won’t be cut in battle,But it definitely won’t work here。The Golden Triangle is notoriously unruly,So the soldiers sent out can only ask for blessings。
“Then go to the next agenda!”I saw Lin Wenkong looking for the soldiers to send to the major camps,Qin Feng quickly went to the next item。
“If they surrender,We will have a little more people。But if they don’t want,Then we are dispatched at this time!These three positions,I,Zhong Fa,And Liu Xing,We are each responsible for a camp。Give the remaining camp to Yamucha and Agai。”