When Xiao Fan’s voice fell,Lin Yoona immediately seemed to understand something,Said to Xiao Fan:“You mean,This Liu family is here,To ask for money from our family。”

“If my analysis is correct,That should be like this,otherwise,Can you think of anything else they will have for this trip??”Xiao Fan asked。
Lin Yuner shook her head,to be frank,Except when Xiao Fan just now,Analyzed this,She really just can’t analyze anything else。
But just when Lin Yuna felt that she should know the purpose of Liu family,She suddenly looked like a deflated ball。
“Yoona,What’s wrong with you,Did you think of something again??”Xiao Fan asked concerned。
“I thought about it,The possibility of them coming to ask for money is very high,But this shouldn’t be,The Liu family developed in the past has always been better than our Lin family,Although the performance has declined in recent years, right?,But the saying goes well,A lean camel is bigger than a horse,They should not be short of money to this level,Moreover,My mom starts from my memory,But I did not secretly send money back to the Liu family。”Lin Yuner curled her mouth and said。
Xiao Fan sweats suddenly,It turns out that Liu Chunlan sent them money,Lin Yoona actually knew it,If even Lin Yuna knew about this,,Then Lin Feng should be more clear!
It’s really because of Liu Chunlan who still thinks how strict she is doing this thing.!
It seems that the whole family knows this without exception,Just for Liu Chunlan,Lin Feng and Lin Yoona have been pretending to not know。
“So you know about this!”Xiao Fan said awkwardly。
Because Xiao Fan always thought that Lin Yoona didn’t know?
So after he knew,So I helped Liu Chunlan to hide the two Lin Feng and his daughter。
but,did not think of,I already knew it。

“That way,Let’s go one step at a time,If she’s not so excessive,We are not so overly,You like to fight back,Then fight back。”Wang Shuai’s posture as long as Chen Wenjin is willing to play,At the end:“but,You don’t want her body?”

“the first,I have girlfriend;second,You have to have a bottom line。”Chen Wenjin frowned when she saw Wang Shuai,Fudge him again:“You look so handsome,Maybe she will fall in love with you?”
“When i’m stupid?Will give this cheap?She gave it a bargain?If she is willing to give this cheap player, the introducer will not say that she is a good girl!”After a series of rhetorical questions by Wang Shuai,Said again:“Forget it,Take one step and see one step,In case she did too much during the period,To hurt our body and innocence,Then you can fight back equally。Hey,Punish evil and promote good with so many restrictions,Why are there fewer punishments??Because it’s easy to be a bad person and it’s troublesome to be a good person!”
“I think it’s because,Punishing the behavior itself,It’s actually evil。Turn into evil first,Use evil again,To punish evil。”
“……”Wang Shuai thought for a while,Feels like this。If you are full of brilliance and grandeur, you can only deal with it after evil happens,They can detect evil early in this way,Then it’s not good。
“I have girlfriend,So this scene,I can only pretend to be moved by Xiao Xiao,Acting in moderation。”Chen Wenjin thinks Xiao Xiao is just speculation,She can’t run away if she deliberately sultry,But deliberately just for fun,Still no bottom line,This is not sure yet。It’s just that he doesn’t want to punish Wang Shuai’s enthusiasm,Anyhow, the punishment Wang Shuai pondered is a good way to avoid going to the originally established future.,Count on Wang Shuai to change his mind,It’s unrealistic to glow with kindness from the inside out。
Play anyway,Playing bad guys is still a punishment。
This level is the biggest motivation for Wang Shuai to stay close to Shan,Even the only reason。
“Okay,Play free first。Since Xiao Xiao deliberately played with people,I don’t think she will just play with us,Maybe there are many people who are fascinated by her,It’s not uncommon to jump out suddenly。”Wang Shuai smoking a cigarette,Said again:“I have been weird for a few days,Xiao Xiao never brought her own friends to us,Like her,No matter how passive, there should be a group of people staring and chasing?”
“Do you think,Everyone’s activity is the same as ours?”Chen Wenjin wondered what misunderstanding Wang Shuai might have about a good girl,Think about Lulu,Don’t go out to play during holidays,In the school, I have regular activities with a few good friends,Only limited to the school,I always go shopping with her mother during holidays。Such a flower,Although there are many people who have a crush,No one else can date her,I want to stare and chase。
“Do you think Xiao Xiao might really not come out to play before,Just started recently?”Wang Shuai thought about this possibility……I really can’t say it’s impossible。
“Yes。”Chen Wenjin thinks there is such a possibility,Maybe Wang Shuai was the first wave of people that Xiao Xiao contacted outside to play outside。
“That’s more interesting,I can’t let her go to harm others,We must punish her on behalf of justice!Let her know how great,She won’t think she’s doing nothing,I can go back and be a good girl,Don’t we benefit society?Hey,Her future husband must thank us,Without us exuding the glory of justice,Xiao Xiao might fall into darkness……”When Wang Shuai is talking more and more shameless,I saw Xiao Xiao walk over in a silver skirt,Wang Shuai squinted and said:“Take a look、Take a look!Gold and silver,Besides, she must have heard people say that I like silver,Pick up two in a dress!I guess she will sit next to you in the car,If she is colder, she should move closer,My head is hotter, it can cause me to be anxious at a distance。”

The workers burst into laughter,Obviously,Some of them really think so。

“What i want to say is,You guys think too much,Whether it’s steak or pork chops,Are only available in limited quantities,Each person can only receive one,”Chen Geng is also laughing:“So if you want an all-you-can-eat steak,That is impossible,I can’t disclose the specific price of the raw materials in the canteen,Because it involves our contract with the food raw material supplier,But you can refer to the prices of special products in the supermarket,Like chicken legs,A bag5The price of a pound frozen chicken drumstick is only1.99USD,And as a food supplier can be long-term、Bulk purchasing partners,The price of the chicken drumsticks they provide us,Much cheaper than this。”
Listening to Chen Geng talking about a bag in the supermarket5The pound of frozen chicken drumsticks only needs1.99USD,The workers were taken aback:Is that so?
“Mr. Fernandez should be right,”In the crowd,Immediately a worker whispered:“My wife bought a bag of chicken drumsticks last week,I remember it seems to be2USD。”
“According to Mr. Fernandez,The price of the goods in our canteen is even lower,Say so,Maybe the chicken legs purchased in the cafeteria,5Pound Chicken Drumsticks1.5No need for dollars?”
“Hard to say,But it’s cheaper than buying in the supermarket……”
“correct,I went to the supermarket two days ago,I remember it seems to be a special steak,10A big bag of pound only needs1.99USD,Don’t know why it’s so cheap……”
Speaking of the super cheap raw meat products in the supermarket,The interest of the workers came immediately,You start to discuss each sentence。
“Hi!What do you say so much,”at last,Someone interrupted everyone’s chat:“Anyway, as long as we know that the company does not need to subsidize a lot of money for this restaurant、This restaurant can go on,That’s it,others,What do we care about so much?”
“exactly,”Say this out,Immediately won the approval of other workers around:“As long as we know that this independent restaurant can continue to open, it becomes a chant,Other people care about him!”
As the second largest auto manufacturer in the U.S. by production capacity,AMCNo shortage of public relations costs,Since there is no shortage of public relations expenses,So many newspapers in Michigan、Many media platforms such as radio and TV stations have successively releasedAMCAuto Workers’ Cafeteria Report,It’s just a matter of course,Such as famous《Detroit News》,So reported……

Because in the concept of people,No one waits enough to disappear in place。

Yes,Just disappear in place!
Even in the powerful master,He can create disappearance,But that will also leave traces in the air,But there is no trace of the person who appeared at the moment。
And after the other party disappeared, he disappeared,If you have two good friends,They will be surprised,I saw that figure at the same time thousands of miles away。
Traveling thousands of miles without a trace in an instant,What kind of concept is this,I am afraid that few people in the whole country can understand。
If Xia Chenglong sees,I must know each other at first sight,Yes,This is when the dragon seed absorbed the moon,Be alarmed。
Honorary President of the Martial Arts Association,Dahuaguo is recognized as the number one master,So after knowing the other person’s name,All these weird behaviors will be reasonably explained。
Today came to this remote North Sea again,Naturally to meet some people。
On the west border of the Fracture Mountain Range,This is absolutely no man’s land,The harsh geographical environment does not allow anyone to survive here。
Even those hunting groups that occasionally break into this,Will decisively leave after determining their location。
Feng endless appears here,Naturally because a month ago,A big thing happened here that involved the entire North Sea area。
Feng kept looking at the dragon’s breath around the Dragon Mountain Range,A little surprised at this natural protection,But only a surprise,Those powerful energies that the world calls insurmountable,Split between his hands,Free up a channel。

“Not a threat,Is a notice。”Xiang Chen looks calm,Said lightly。

Xiang Chen looked at Korean Xiang,The latter has no fear at all,Xiang Chen almost replied with the same eyes。
Secretly said, forget it,Xiang Chen shook his head slightly,It’s more reliable on your own。
Pass by Han Yuxiang,Xiang Chen feels there is still a lot to do by himself。
And under the leadership of Wang Qiaoqiao,There are also many old and academic doctors in white coats gathered around Tian Dazhuang。
Suddenly, Sun Luyao, who had been staring at Tian Dazhuang nervously, let out an exclamation.,Xiang Chen hurriedly turned around,Follow Sun Luyao’s eyes,Xiang Chen didn’t see how Tian Dazhuang’s scorched hand dropped,But what do the parallel lines in those displays represent,Xiang Chen still knows。
icuThe doctors in the ward are of all ages,They all started to rescue Tian Dazhuang,Even some young doctors temporarily came to work as nurses。
About ten minutes later,The instruments used to detect Tian Dazhuang recovered after several fluctuations,The two parallel lines are finally back to peace,No more fluctuations。
“Thank you for your efforts,I won’t waste your time anymore。”
Xiang Chen pushed awayicuDoor of the ward,Now the so-called aseptic environment is of no use to Tian Dazhuang。Follow Xiang Chen,Sun Luyao also rushed in,Just covering my mouth,The teardrops in my eyes keep spinning。
Wang Qiaoqiao opened her mouth,Then hung his head,Walked out sadly。She wanted to tell Xiang Chen that she could try again,But for these angels in white who are used to seeing life and death every day,There will be no more miracles in this ward,This is the common understanding of every common-sense healthcare worker。
Wang Xingzhi and Kong Zhen are already waiting with peoplewww.51haow.outside,Xiang Chen and the others came to the hospital,Yu Qing Yu Li, Wang Xingzhi and Kong Zhen should both show up。
Usually,When a person declares that the rescue is invalid,Will put it as soon as possibleicuVacate the ward。Just in Xiang Chen’s current state,No one knows how to talk to him。
“How to do?”Kong Zhen quietly asked Wang Xingzhi。
“How to do?How do i know what to do?If i knew,Won’t stand here!”Wang Xingzhi snorted coldly,I feel quite tricky about the current situation。
So much!Then wait here!Everyone heard the answer in Wang Xingzhi’s tone,Since I don’t know what to do,Then stand here and wait!

“Good girl shit!Good girl treats you as a treasure!I have heard the name Zhai Xiaoxin,She has a good reputation in our department。”The voice of Master Xu Jiao came from the lower bunk.。

Teacher Xu usually rarely speaks in the dormitory,He is more interested in sleeping than communicating with people,Even he spoke,It means that he has really heard of Xiaoxin’s name。
“you shut up!Don’t insult her!”
Liu Tao stood up fiercely and yelled,But he didn’t prevent his head hitting the top bed。
“Lao Liu,Whether or not what the leader said is true,Isn’t it true that this woman spent you so much money??You have to be sober,Don’t be fooled。”Zhang Bo suddenly hurt Liu Tao,Sighed。
“enough!You don’t understand anything!One only knows how to sleep,One only knows how to play games,You don’t understand love at all!”Liu Taosheng roared loudly。
After this kid finished roaring,Simply jump out of bed,Rushed to the door,Slammed the door and left。
402The three remaining people in the dormitory looked at each other,I didn’t expect this lover to be so angry!
Zhang Bo stood there for a long time,Then I looked up at the upper bunk,Do not know why,He always feels that Lu Menglin’s mind is actually the most mature in this dormitory,At this time, you have to listen to him。
“Lu Menglin,What do you say?”Zhang Bo sighed。
Lu Menglin poked his head out of the bed,Smiled:“Can do?This is life experience,It’s just fine。Time can tell,Can also obliterate everything,Don’t worry too much。”
For Lu Menglin’s current vision,Whether that Xiaoxin is really in love with Liu Taosheng,Are not that important。
Who has never met a few scumbags in a lifetime?Only experienced,Pained,Will grow,This is the throes of youth,Inevitable。
text Chapter Two Hundred and Fifty One Poorest dormitory in history
Wee hours,Zhu Xiaoguang stumbled all the way,Back to402dorm room。
The first to wake up was Zhang Bo, who was sleeping by the door,Seeing Zhu Xiaoguang’s virtue,I know the big thing is bad。
“Zhuge,what’s the situation?”Zhang Bo asked softly。

In the Black Blood Guard,He doesn’t believe anyone dares to do it to himself,But this wild boy has a special idea,Who knows what he thinks?

“I won,Come take a bet!”After Lu Menglin finished,Step forward,In front of everyone,The four rulings placed on the table are all in the arms。
“you,Do you dare to use military supplies?”Master Hu almost jumped up in surprise,Yelled。
The surrounding black blood riders guarding the warehouse gathered around,As long as the quartermaster orders,They are ready to get people。
Liu Wenzhang was also surprised,Unexpectedly, Wu Hao really dared to go forward and get those rulings,Doesn’t he know that arrogant use of military resources is a big crime??
“Prince Mili invited me to the barracks!I took these four rulings,If you are not convinced,Ask him to reason!”Lu Meng’s scales and tigers eyes wide open,Said unceremoniously。
Listen to him mention the name of the Sixth Prince,That Master Hu couldn’t help shaking,Take a closer look at this one,Awe-inspiring,Where is the smell of wild boy,There is clearly a domineering attitude from a superior person!
Able to move out the name of the Sixth Prince,And speak so casually,Like an old friend,It shows that he is really confident!Hu Da is one of the most popular,Can’t help but feel half short。
Six Prince Mili,without any exaggeration,He is equivalent to the master of this black blood cavalry guard,Is the supreme leader of this army,It turns out that this little corps leader turned out to be the person next to the Sixth Prince?
“The Black Blood Cavalry’s wind is eroded,Weakened to the point where it is today,Don’t you people have any points in your heart??Don’t practice well,Strong oneself,Do these smoky things every day,Spend all energy on internal consumption!Humph!Master Hu,Do you think this is true?”Lu Menglin’s face changed,Aggressively scolded。
Master Hu paled at hearing,I feel more and more that this person should be the confidant of the Sixth Prince,Otherwise a corporal leader,How could such a powerful force burst out?And not only dismissive of myself as a superior,Dare to comment on military discipline,Obviously there is some support!
He didn’t dare to answer at all,Just thinking about how to settle this matter,Is to take advantage to sell the one in front of you?Still find my own backer,Center coordination?
At this moment,Liu Wenzhang also recovered his sanity from shock。
This buddy thought,Wuhao ah Wuhao!Why are you so courageous?It’s just hairy on the gall,I’m so bold!
His Royal Highness the Sixth Prince just heard your name,Whether you remember it or not is another matter!You dare to pull the chicken feathers as an arrow,To be the confidant of His Royal Highness the Sixth Prince,Comment on Military Discipline here。
If this is known through,Not beat you to death on the spot,My last name is not Liu!
but,Liu Wenzhang then thought again,its not right!His Royal Highness the Sixth Prince just put Wu Hao in the Black Blood Cavalry Guard,Maybe I’ll use this kid in the future,I really can’t let him be beaten to death in this camp。
“Wuhao,enough!The six princes just let you stay in the camp,I didn’t say let you monitor military discipline!Give me face this time,Don’t care about him。”Liu Wenzhang’s heart is over,Deliberately said。
He doesn’t say it’s okay,Say so,The sweat beaded on the forehead of that Master Hu,Scared to death。

After the three have finished speaking,We bowed and thanked He Bu together,Sincere。

He Bu obviously panicked,Stammered quickly:“Do not,not me!I did nothing!”
Wei Xiaoxing also followed:“You guys,Is there any misunderstanding??”
The voice has not fallen,The female mage named Xi looked at Wei Xiaoxing,Said to He Bu with a smile:“Little brother,Your pet looks pretty well-behaved,Where did you get it?I want to get one to play next time。”
“Pet?”He Bu、Wei Xiaoxing,Liu Niuer、All four of Lu Menglin were stunned。
“Little brother,You saved our lives,Don’t be polite to us!You should take these trophies!”The little priest in white robe smiled。
“Wait a minute,What the hell is a spiritual pet?When did I become his favorite?”Wei Xiaoxing is not happy this time,Don’t bring such a bully,You can dislike my weakness,But you have to treat me like a human!
The three of them ignored Wei Xiaoxing,You are not even a person,We don’t talk to pets,On the contrary, he was full of enthusiasm for He Bu。
He Bu was also a little panicked,Can’t help but cast his eyes on Teacher Lu。
Lu Menglin frowned slightly,He has been observing the members of these three gods,I always feel that there is an indescribable weirdness in the other party。
“Three,I made it just now,Do you know what i am?”Lu Menglin suddenly said,And when you speak, it’s strange things that everyone doesn’t understand。
What is called,Do you know what i am?Liu Niuer was taken aback first,Immediately showed a surprised expression,Lower your head immediately,Say nothing。
The young Taoist priest in white robe turned his head this time,Take a serious look at Lu Menglin,Then suddenly smiled:“Little brother,It’s okay with your spirit,But the hero you brought is really good!What spell did he use just now,Even Huang Quan Mo can control?”
“hero?What is it?”He Bu shook his head,Muttered。
At this moment,The female mage Xi blinked,Smiled:“Oh!I know,Because you are still young,Level too low,So I don’t understand anything!Which city are you a citizen?Need us to send you back?”
He Bu was really confused by the question,I had to look at Teacher Lu for help。

“So as long as I play the card of your brother Joe,Let those oil producing countries know that your brother Joe is the most solid backing for my Sartu,Then they will definitely come back to my camp。”

“So brother Joe,Really sorry,I did use you today, buddy,Use your reputation to wave the flag for myself,I hope you can Haihan!”
After speaking, Prince Sartu stood up with difficulty,Bowed respectfully to Qiao Tianyu。
“Dude Sartu,useless!useless!”Qiao Tianyu hurriedly helped Prince Sartu to sit down on a stool in fear。
The prince of the world’s largest royal family bows to himself such a hairy boy,It seems that Prince Sartu has indeed been driven to desperation!
seriously,Was taken advantage of,Qiao Tianyu was not too surprised,Because Qiao Tianyu has always believed in one truth,That is when others use you,Explain that you are still useful,At least it’s a manifestation of your personal values!
“Dude Sartu,I really didn’t expect your situation to be so difficult these days,Prince Na Mahmoud and Prince Harita, father and son are really ludicrous,It’s too much!”
First0384chapter Great disparity
In order to relieve Prince Sartu,Qiao Tianyu held Prince Sartu’s hand tightly,Speaking earnestly。
“Dude Sartu,Don’t hide,Even if you don’t find me today,I will come to you too。”
“As you said,Many factions in the offshore financial market in the world,The situation is complicated,Strong enemies around you and me,Let’s work together,Tongtu Daye!”
“Brother Qiao has this heart,that’s great!”Prince Sartu burst into tears after hearing it。
“Just now I was still worried, brother Joe, you don’t want to get involved in the disputes in the world offshore financial market,Will make you harder,I’m completely relieved now!Join forces with your brother Joe,This time we have the chance to win!Haha.”
“No no no,Dude Sartu,You and I still don’t underestimate the enemy!”Qiao Tianyu saw Prince Sartu feel a little airy,Quickly pour cold water on him to cool down。
“Among the three major forces in the world’s offshore financial market,The petro-dollar system is the weakest,Now, Prince Mahmoud and his son have split most of the petro-dollar family.,Now our situation is even less optimistic!”
“Hehe,I was worried about this before,But today I am not afraid,Didn’t your brother Joe have the help of the Russian financial oligarchs and Wall Street investment bankers?!”Prince Sartu looked at Qiao Tianyu with a smirk and said。
I rub!Prince Sartu’s calculations are really jingling,It happened so early that Rubin and Palizovsky’s idea came up!

“What to run?Mom hasn’t finished yet,Sit down sit down。”

Huo Yunhe looked helplessly at her shameless mother,Very speechless,You said you are an aunt who loves square dancing,So much energy,“mom,I have to go to work tomorrow,You go get a beauty sleep too。”
“No hurry,”Yun Minzhi didn’t see her son’s sad face,Mumbling,“Your sister Yawen is only two years older than you,My son is three years old,I got another one in my belly,Have a second child soon,look at you,Why are you behind so much,Mom’s old face has lost you!”
Sister Yawen got pregnant unmarried,The house is almost turning the sky,Although my husband’s house is a grand wedding,But their Huo family is still resentful,Until now, Brother-in-law comes home,I still can’t straighten up。
Huo Yunhe looked at the spiral staircase helplessly,My mother stood there condescendingly watching the brother-in-law who came to the house,Not a good face。
“mom,When my sister had a boyfriend,That’s not what you said?Why did you get here,You can get on the bus first and make up the ticket?”
“Can that be the same?”
Yun Minzhi gave her son a roll of eyes,“Your sister is a girl,In case you encounter scum,What to do if you suffer?Your character mother put a hundred hearts,You just have to bring your wife back,Mom will do your wedding right away,If double happiness comes,Just better!”
No more,There is a mother who is too sturdy,He reallyHOIDCan’t help,Rushed upstairs,“I am sleepy,Go up first,Good night mom。”
“son,The apartment in the city is very close to the company,You can live there,Mom looks forward to your good news。”
Yun Minzhi’s too straightforward words made Huo Yun and his legs shake,Almost didn’t fall on the stairs,Turning to look at mother with a narrow smile,Nodded heavily,“I will move in tomorrow。”
Huo Yunhe who can’t sleep in bed,Remembering what mom said just now,Can’t help but laugh。
They say mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are natural enemies,I haven’t got along well since ancient times,but,This situation does not exist in their home。
When grandma came in,Too grandma took grandma’s hand,Thank her for taking care of her son;When mom came in,Grandma gave the same words to her。
When he was born,Grandma is gone,The impression of her is only the recount of grandma。
Grandma said,The rise and fall of a family,The person in power is critical,The wife of the person in power is equally important,Only husband and wife work together,In order to be invincible in the treacherous waves。
Grandma Tai said all the best,It has always been the family motto of their Huo family,Grandma also carried out this spirit,In Huo Yunhe’s memory,Grandma and mother never blushed,Even if opinions are not uniform,It’s also right and wrong。
Such a good family style,Yiyi has such a good temper,Will soon be incorporated。