In a dream,Ding Kelan’s half brother Ding Keyu,After Dinklan disappeared unexpectedly,Come to the door to please Chen Limu’s heart。

Ding Keyu helped Chen Limu sit down,Pretending to be considerate:“How are you recently?take care of your body!Go to the hospital for regular checkups。”
Chen Limu listened,Replied repeatedly following his words:“it is good、it is good,I am healthy,But you are very worried about running around,Pay attention to your body,You are the hope of our Ding family。”
Ding Keyu pretended to be sad and said:“If only brother can find it soon,Can share the pressure on me now,Now almost the whole burden of carrying blue light is on me,I am deeply responsible。”
Ding Keyu didn’t know he was mocking his heavy burden and weak ability,I’m still bragging about being the dominant team in the company。
Chen Limu is not concerned about this,As soon as I heard my son’s name,His face became gloomy a lot,Forcefully said with a smile:“Ke Lan is really blessed,With a good brother like you,But he failed to enjoy this blessing。After he disappeared,I know,You are also very sad、Very hard,I stayed for a few all night and took a special class to find。”
Talking,Tears can’t stop running down the corner of my eyes,Ding Keyu hurriedly handed over a paper handkerchief,Chen Limu took it and wiped it off gently,Choked,Calm down。
Ding Keyu also looked sad,He said:“The police,I have also asked several times,Still no information,I hope my brother will have news soon。”
Chen Limu nodded,Keep saying:“Ke Lan is as sensible as you,If he listens to the adults,Won’t go racing,It won’t happen。”
Ding Keyu comforted:“Everyone has aspirations,Will have hobbies,No one thought that something like that would happen。”Ding Keyu pretends to be sad,False consolation。
Chen Limu praised him,Said:“If it wasn’t for a caring child like you,I don’t know how to live。”
Ding Keyu said:“I will come back to see you often,If you have anything difficult, just tell me。”
Chen Limu nodded。
Ding Keyu then asked:“correct,I heard earlier today,Someone who looks like my brother came here?”
Chen Limu was taken aback,Didn’t think deep,Said:“It’s a pity that he is not your brother,This is his first time here。”
Ding Ke Yucheng Mansion“Oh”With a:“I just entered the yard,I heard the waiter talk about this one after another。”

In fact, he also knows that some relatives in his work will basically make a lot of money secretly,So living in the villa area is actually normal behavior。

It’s just that what makes him depressed,After entering the villa area,He seems to have seen an acquaintance。
“Where’s your person?”Wang Fang looked at Wang Guangming with a face of a ghost!
no way,Because if this matter is solved
It’s really horrible and even unbelievable to explain it。He actually saw the three of Qin Feng waiting impatiently for him to reappear,The only difference is that Huo Jia is being tied up,No matter how you look at it, you will think that Qin Feng and the three are gangsters or kidnappers.。
How did they know the position of Huojia?
Wang Fang looks at his son Wang Guangming。Did your son leak the news??
“Ugh,You are still too young。Don’t watch out for this kind of thing?This is just great,I’m afraid it will be more difficult to negotiate!”Wang Fang said this to his son,After all, everything in the future will be taken over by my son。However, the problem now is,Own son,I’m afraid I can’t compare with the opposite young man。
“All right,One billion for me,Let go,This thing ends here!”Wang Fang still said calmly,As if what he said was an order。
However, Qin Feng smiled and shook his head.:“Ha ha,I talked to you for 100 million。But now I do so many things,Do you think one billion can be solved??”
“This.What do you want?”Wang Fang also knows that he can’t compromise with the other party at this time,But if you don’t compromise,He can’t guarantee that Qin Feng will not do anything extreme。
But now the problem is coming,Why they are no longer willing to accept the initial offer?This is interlocking?
Qin Feng didn’t want to take this step originally,But now that Huojia has been tied up,Then it belongs to two categories with what I did before。
At least what I am doing now falls under the category of violations,Once official power is used,I’m afraid that Qin Feng is not feeling well here。
Maybe I want to understand this too,So at this moment, Wang Fang said with a smile,“Ha ha,I don’t need Huojia anymore。You can go to the court to sue us。”

“Ha ha,Say so,I designed the bomb here。The bomb in front of the door will blow you seriously。But the bomb in the house,Can blow up the woman。These all involve the use of gunpowder。This is my major!”

“you!”Qin Feng is very angry。He was seriously injured at this time,The skin has burned a lot。If you guessed right,Afraid of disfigurement。
But he can move,Just leave here smoothly,Everything can be restored。After all, medical technology is so advanced today,No matter what, he can get a plastic surgery。
Just listen to each other,The bomb was deliberately not to kill him?What is this?
“Ha ha,I like to punish my heart。how about it,Isn’t it frustrating to fail to save Carina Du??Tell you so,Carina Du was taken away by our people from the beginning。We even told her the truth about his father’s death。That’s why she will cooperate with us in this scene。But unfortunately,She didn’t know the bomb was changed by me,She thought she could go to Huangquan with you。Really poor woman。”
“you,You bastard!”
Talking,Qin Feng threw a flying knife in his hand。
Kang Dang!
One of the foreign men easily solved Qin Feng’s flying knife。
Of course Qin Feng made the sword with the heart to kill Gong Ming,The issue is,He was seriously injured,In addition, the opponent is also a master with a special metal glove。So it blocked Qin Feng’s flying knife attack。I don’t know if this glove is specifically aimed at Qin Feng。
Gong Ming said with a smile,“Ha ha,Young people are impulsive。how about it,Do you want to join us spiders and become one of us。of course,So you will be my knife。Only follow my orders from now on。I am a pity,So I don’t want to see you fall。All right,Chance gave you,Or surrender,Want to die!”
After saying the last dead word,The smile on Gong Ming’s face also disappeared。
And at this moment,Those fire-fighting gangsters also scattered like birds and beasts。If it wasn’t for the fire truck that didn’t drive away,,As if these people never existed before。
Seeing Qin Feng did not respond,Tekken man walked forward。

“The villain is also a guest,My Li family should serve good teawww.0872.!”

The old man in Tang suit only said one thing,Turned around and entered the house,Then no one talked to Xiangchen and Mo Mo,No invitation,Did not refuse。
“This old man wants to sleep with you?”
Xiang Chen asked Mo Mo,Obviously, come to Li’s house again,Mo Mo must be better off sneaking into his freedom。
Asked Mo Mo jokingly,One is to relieve the pressure on Mo Mo,After Xiang Chen saw the old man,The pressure on myself is not small。
“He wants to sleep with me,Also have the ability to harden!He is Li Futang,The last generation of the Li family,Li Zhaoliang who offended me,His eldest son!”
Mo Mo snorted,I thought Xiang Chen didn’t know what fear was!The appearance of Li Futang just now,I took four steps back,think carefully,Xiang Chen also took a half step back。
Xiang Chen didn’t bother to entangle with Mo Mo on this topic,It’s better not to mention your shortcomings。
Walk slowly into Li’s house,From the moment you enter,Xiang Chen felt that the home away from home decoration fell short。
“The interior decoration carries nine palaces and gossip,I feel a little uncomfortable the first time I come。”
It is not Mo Mo who is beside him who reminds Xiang Chen,But Li Futang, the old patriarch of the Li family。
The old man looked at Xiang Chen with a blank face,But he still asked the servant to serve Xiang Chen and Mo Mo with first-class tea。
“He was right,When i first came in,I almost thought I was divided into spirits,Then came two or three times one after another,Gradually adapt。And this Longjing,Expensive and scary!”
As a rough man,For all the liquids that can be drunk, Xiang Chen’s cognitive concept is to quench thirst,Naturally, it is not as tasteful as Mo Mo’s life。
But for Mo Mo’s economic strength,Something scary that he can evaluate,That’s really valuable。
Drank all the tea in the jade teacup,Xiang Chen cheeky and asked Li’s servant for a drink。
“Just your two cups of tea,Is enough for you to buy a square meter house in Wanghai!”
Mo Mo said with a small smile in Xiang Chen’s ear,A middle-aged man not far away can obviously hear Mo Mo’s words,Not sure nor deny。

Skeleton Soldier Xiaoqiang,Only when I was called out,Then the skeleton was shattered by the light pattern power erupting on the tip of the sword,Turned into a pile of dead bones。

But Lu Menglin used the skeleton soldier to block this sword for himself,Rush forward,A heavy punch hit Huang Shaotian’s left armpit。
boom!This punch is extremely heavy,Lu Menglin doesn’t know how to pity Xiangxiyu,It directly blasted a light pattern power close to the forty level。
Poor girl in white skirt,Hit the punch firmly,Was beaten with a long sword,Shocked,As if all the power was emptied by this punch。
Swiftly,The beautiful swordsman Huang Shaotian’s tears and nose all rushed out all of a sudden,The organs all over the body seem to be out of control,It can be seen that the power of this punch is huge。
Her whole life,I have never suffered such a heavy fist,I’ve never been beaten like this。
pain!It hurts!Huang Shaotian can’t bear the pain,Just fainted。
She is dizzy,Lu Menglin was worried!
What’s the situation?Is it too hard??
it should be no problem!Didn’t kill her!And she stabbed me with the sword first!So ruthless,Xiaoqiang was cut into scum by her!
The key is,This house is empty,Except for Huang Shaotian,There is no one!I want to find someone to ask what is going on。
Lu Menglin thought for a while,I think it’s not that simple,Take your time,Long-term plan is better。
Soon,Huang Shaotian wakes up,Regained consciousness,A huge sense of fear instantly hit my heart。
Head down suddenly,I find that my clothes are still intact,It just relaxes slightly。
She never expected,That nasty barbarian,I can stun myself!
I thought it was just a difference last time,Unfortunately lost,This time Huang Shaotian finally understood,I think too much,People are really much stronger than themselves。

Talking,The girl patted herself on the chest,A terrified expression,Made everyone laugh。

“Don’t wrong Wen Yunyun!”
This is what Lin Manzhen said,Last time because of Wang Zhenjie’s girlfriend relationship broke down,Haven’t spoken for a long time,Now Wen Yunyun is happy to see that she actually speaks for herself。
“still you.”
Have not finished,Lin Man really interrupted,“Listen to my dad,They went to jail,I haven’t been,I heard that his parents came to my house and begged my dad for help!”
First51chapter Wen Yunyun was beaten
Hear words,Everyone burst into laughter,She didn’t care about Wen Yunyun’s increasingly ugly expression,Saw her collapse,Lin Manzhen’s eyes flashed with pride。
I heard that Wang Zhenjie is going to be discharged,Dress yourself up,But learned that he went to find Wen Yunyun!Why doesn’t this make her sad?Why not hate?
“What are you guys!You guys are worthy to call me?”
Wen Yunyun is not a wronged person,I heard everyone laugh at myself,Got angry right away,Regardless of whether the other party is crowded or not,Direct curse。
Hear her,Some classmates with poor family conditions,No sound,But his face is also ugly,But the conditions at home are not bad,Didn’t get used to her at all!
“What are we?At least we are not like someone,Xiaosan’s daughter,Jump every day,And also a prisoner!Tut tut!”

What is called“Properly fulfilled、Legal procedure,And the program is ok”,Isn’t this nonsense,Whoever does business seriously is not like this?

But Howard·Baker and Lee Gen understand,What Chen Geng’s words really mean:For my Sino-Soviet、U.S.-Soviet trade cannot be imposed arbitrary restrictions!
Before,Although Chen Geng was acquiesced by the Reagan administration,“Misu”,But the scale is limited,Roughly,The Reagan administration allowed Chen Geng to purchase from the United States every month、The total amount of materials used for U.S.-Soviet trade10About ten thousand tons,exceed10Ten thousand tons,Chen Geng’s US-Soviet trade will encounter some inexplicable troubles。
1010,000 tons is of course a terrifying number,But think carefully,In fact, it’s just full of one10It’s just a 10,000-ton ocean freighter,For the United States、For a superpower like the Soviet Union,This amount of trade is not even a mere dime,Chen Geng is obviously not reconciled to every month10Ten thousand tons“quota”,He asked for more。
Howard·Baker is no nonsense,Just say:“Every month20Ten thousand tons。”
“80Ten thousand tons。”
“80Ten thousand tons?What a joke?!”
Howard·Baker was scared,Even Lee Gen was scared,Although I made it myself“20Ten thousand tons”The overweight is for Fernandez·Chen left room for bargaining,but80Ten thousand tons?
Is this guy crazy?!
“8010,000 tons is just4Ship2010,000-ton freighter only,”Chen Geng looked indifferent:“And the President、Chief of Staff,Don’t forget,The U.S. economy is not doing well right now,With this every month2010,000 tons of materials,So many people will not be unemployed?From this perspective,I’m helping you。”
Reagan and Howard·Baker can’t laugh or cry at the same time:how?Here,Instead, you are helping us?
Yes,Yes,Under the impact of this global stock market crash,Hundreds of thousands of factories in the United States closed down,The number of unemployed suddenly increased by several million,The economic and social life of the entire United States has been greatly affected,According to expert analysis,At least2I can recover in years,If Chen Geng could provide the American society with20Ten thousand tons of foreign trade orders,Coupled with the leading role of upstream and downstream related industries,At least hundreds of thousands of people will not lose their jobs,but……You are fernandez·Chen’s appetite is too big!
Nothing,Although the president no longer has to consider the question of votes,But providing more jobs is not a bad thing……
“25Ten thousand tons,Can’t be more。”
“70Ten thousand tons,I’m giving impetus to the revitalization of the U.S. economy。”
“30Ten thousand tons……”
finally,The two parties reached an agreement,Chen Geng can purchase from the United States every month4010,000 tons of various products that do not involve military sensitive technologies,For U.S.-Soviet trade——The premise is that Chen Geng can persuade Gorbachev to visit the United States next month.,And what Lee Gen will do next“Unilaterally destroy all land-based and sea-based tactical nuclear weapons”The approach gives a clear、Reciprocal response。
When an agreement is reached,Chen Geng finally breathed a sigh of relief。

In fact, Qin Feng has actually considered this matter carefully。

At that time, he didn’t want to affect Zhang Lili, who didn’t wake up.,So I didn’t fight other people。
But I want to come later,The remaining people are not very strong,Even if it’s Nikaido Harunobu,Qin Feng didn’t have much difficulty dealing with it。
So later he thought,The group did not threaten him Qin Feng。But I don’t deny that maybe they would attack the people of Qin Fengbian。
But if there is such a player among the disciples of the mountain gate,That shouldn’t be a teacher
The kind of revenge。So this book has some paradoxes。
of course,For safety reasons,Qin Feng stayed in the East City during this time to guard a few girls。
As for the Su family,The little brothers from Fengmeng over there watch,In case of accident,They will report。At that time, Qin Feng will go over and clean up the mess.。
“and so,Actually nothing happened to me, right?”After Jiang Min listened to Qin Feng’s analysis,I think Qin Feng’s approach seems to be justifiable。
In this case,Then there is nothing to worry about。
“Was originally!”Qin Feng’s mouth。
“No way,Qin Feng Kid,I think you are getting more and more arrogant now。It just so happens that my use of energy has reached the point of extraordinary,I want to compete with you。Let you understand what it means to respect the teacher!”
Now that the business has been settled,The old stubborn Jiang Min naturally started to spoil again。He just wanted to teach Qin Feng a lesson,After all, he feels that Qin Feng has become more and more free now。

Ye Qingqing simply expressed his attitude and opinion,No further defense,Can sit here and receive the money,It is indeed related to my own efforts,But it is indeed inseparable from Ding Sheng and their capital operation behind their own。

“What happened?”
Xiang Chen seems to be back,Kneaded my eyes,I wanted to sleep till the end of this boring party,But these three people around me,There is really no way to create a good sleeping atmosphere for myself,Especially Li Tianxing,Always increasing prices,Disturbing dreams。
Xiang Chen woke up suddenly,No one has answered Xiang Chen’s question yet,The waiter at the reception is also carrying something,Let Li Tianxing sign。
“It seems to have spent a lot of money!”
In the auction,Although Xiang Chen has not participated in similar interactions,But Xiang Chen saw the scene before him,Can understand,What is happening。
Li Tianxing smiled at Xiang Chen who only woke up,Said:“I spent a lot of money,I just don’t understand why I have to sign every time the auction is successful,Take a look!Did my character grow a lot??”

Chapter five hundred and fourteen Infighting
Among all the people present,Li Tianxing is certainly not the richest,But he is most willing to spend money,After he took the third item,Every success,It’s all in a certain way,Same result。
So that,The look in his eyes changed a lot every time the waitress who came to him to sign for confirmation looked at him。
After the scribbled signature,Li Tianxing was not in a hurry to hand the documents back to the waitress,Instead, Xiang Xiangchen showed off his handwriting。
“I don’t feel bad for spending money like this?”
Xiang Chen saw a lot of Li Tianxing’s names,He doesn’t think there will be Li Tianxing’s personal fans here,So what do these names mean,That’s obvious。
Look at Li Tianxing,Xiang Chen doesn’t know if Xiangyang’s children will be like this in the future,Spend big money,Spend money like running water。
The efforts of previous generations,People behind can’t see,For them,There is a big mountain at home,It won’t matter if you throw a few big rocks。
Xiang Chen is distracted,Knowing that Li Tianxing’s palm is dangling in front of his eyes,Xiang Chen is back,Inquiring look at Li Tianxing,Ask him what he wants with his eyes?
“You won’t listen to me all the time?”

Chapter Three Hundred and Four Distress awareness

Left side of Jiefang Road, Liufang Factory,Chunmanyuan Restaurant。
Speaking of,This Chunmanyuan restaurant was previously opened by Zhao Yuanchao’s brother-in-law,But now I have changed the boss。
The new boss is an old chef from Hunan,Good craftsmanship,Loyal,The price is not cheap,But the portion is definitely enough。
Wang Shaoxiao booked a box in Chunmanyuan,Let Wang Yanan sit in the box,But he stayed at the entrance of the restaurant,Waiting for Lu Menglin and the others to come。
Soon,Lu Menglin and Jin Soyan came as scheduled,Seeing the fat man so solemnly,Lu Menglin smiled immediately。
“As for?So grand!And came to greet me at the door。”
Wang Shaoxiao did not feel embarrassed because of Lu Menglin’s ridicule,Low voice:“I want to talk to you later,Do you think it is appropriate for her to hear?”
When talking,Wang Shaoxiao also pointed upstairs pretending to be mysterious。
Lu Menglin knew that Miss Wang Yanan he was referring to,Asked with a smile:“What do you think?”
“I think it can,It’s time for them to understand our methods!I’m just worried you are upset,Just ask you first。”
“Let’s go!Go up to eat,I haven’t eaten Liufang for a long time。”Lu Menglin smiled and said。
The three went to the second floor of Chunmanyuan,Enter the box。
Wang Yanan saw Lu Menglin and Jin Soyan come in,Got up and greeted。