“This is how you are willing to take a bath,Is the reason for the lack of trimming??”Lu Menglin smiled slightly,Tao。

Yu Sheng was taken aback for a moment,Wryly smiled:“That’s not it。Personal habit。”
“He is lazy!I always said I was going to sleep in the wild anyway,No need to take a bath or something!”Sin priest Labuda smiled and cursed。
Lu Menglin shook his head with a look of fear,Tao:“I respect your habits,But you should take a bath!Also take care of others’ feelings!”
This remark,Wild survival expert Yu Sheng was taken aback first,Then she was happy。
“so,You have decided to accept me?Master Wu Hao,You haven’t tested my ability yet!Really,Give me a difficult question,I promise to do it!”Yusheng quickly said。
Lu Menglin’s head shook like a drum,Said with a smile:“no need!Your good teammates,I believe in their eyesight,You just have to take a shower!Go!Best go now。”
“That line!Thank you Master Wu Hao,You really deserve a master’s vision!I go take a bath,Come again with a change of clothes!”Yu Sheng laughed,Go out on the sky。
Lu Menglin looked at this person’s upright back,Suddenly feel,This person’s temperament changes when it changes,It seems to be reborn all at once,Become another person。
Unexpectedly, this Yusheng who looks like a tramp,There is such a free and easy true temperament,Jinai Qiren!
In a blink of an eye,There is only one left in the six-member expert group,Is an old acquaintance of Master Wuhao,Gao Dajin。
At this moment,Lu Menglin looked at Gao Dajin,Gao Dajin stared at him,Neither of them spoke,Just staring at each other so indifferently。
It’s been a long while,Gao Dajin put away his provocative gaze,Asked in a daze:“Master Wu Hao,What are you staring at me?”

Tian Lu whispered:“Just say what they like,Anyway me andakeyIt’s nothing。”

“I just say,These people are really uneducated,The most hateful remarks。”After Chen Amei finished,I still have something to say,But didn’t say it:I just say,So good、GoldakeyWhy would you like Tian Lu?。
After Chen Amei and Tian Lu finished talking,Each busy,Didn’t treat rumors as the same thing。
After hitting this,Some of the staff deliberately got to know Tian Lu,I think she has no legs with Ding Kelan,It’s also an unusual relationship with Ding Kelan,Most of them don’t dare to underestimate her,Even the manager Xia Meihan always deliberately treat her almost。
Originally, A-mei Chen had a ten-minute meaning to Xia Meihan,See Xia Meihan praise Tian Lu consciously or unconsciously,Upset。Lao Gao who is pouting in front of Tian Lu on and off work。Tian Lu coaxes Chen Amei in every possible way,Deliberately belittle yourself in front of Chen Amei,And said it’s all an illusion。Chen Amei turned her dark into a smile,Even if Amei Chen doesn’t say anything,Tian Lu also feels that Chen Amei is secretly in love with Xia Meihan。It’s hard for Xia Meihan to be over 40,Focus on work,Still single,It’s no wonder that A-mei Chen will secretly promise。
The company’s environment is so strange,No matter what degree or literacy,Gossip seems to be innate in every industry,Has nothing to do with the quality of personnel,Sometimes it will be a spice for the environment。
No impermeable wall,Tian Lu took Ding Kelan’s car back to the company early in the morning,Although the words are calm on the surface,But there has always been this legend,Tian Lu was asleep by the president。
Tian Lu denies that the two are innocent,But getting out of the car together is a fact。This matter somehow reached Xie Lisu’s ears,Xie Lisu finally came here。
Is it Xingshi’s questioning?,Probably can’t say,She just came to know the truth。if it is ture,She Xie Lisu is about to take measures,There is only one Mrs. President,That’s her Xie Lisu。
Dress sexy and fashionable,When Xie Lisu, full of famous brands, appeared in front of Tian Lu,Tian Lu’s ordinary style simple dress,The style is simply a heaven and earth,Tian Lu has long been used to this posture,No longer afraid of this aura,When Xie Lisu came to her,Promise without fear。
“There was a lot of excitement outside,Said that something happened between you and Ke Lan,Is there such a thing?”Xie Lisu asked bluntly。
“You also believe,You overestimated me,I’m average,How can Ding Kelan look at me。”Tian Lu replied。
“really?”The light in Xie Lisu’s eyes softened a lot。
“When did i lie to you!”Tian Lu answered。
Xie Lisu turned Tian Lu around,I looked up and down transparently,Think about it,How can Ke Lan look at her,I really worry too much。Leave a sentence that doesn’t hurt or itchy:“That’s best!”Then stand upXiongBu Xiong went away angrily。
Ding Kelan on the other side is devoted to researching,Busy with business,This kind of message still reaches Ding Kelan’s ears intentionally or unintentionally。such as,Lin Hai called and ridiculed:“Hey,busy person,I haven’t had a few drinks with my buddies recently,I have time to pick up girls。”

Bai Yan was chatting with Bingzu Chiyou in the wilderness,Suddenly a light flashed,Came to a strange place,Looking at a black-clothed and white-haired man standing in front of him,There are more than 20 creatures in different costumes lying on the ground,Said with a smile。

Can summon him directly,This means,Should be a means of ancestral consciousness,Although he hasn’t seen the traveler fellow for a long time,I don’t know what happened to the ancestral consciousness summoning him。
But Bai Yan looked at these traversers in front of me,Feel very kind,Therefore, Bai Yan can’t wait to share the scene he just saw with these fellow travellers.。
It turns out that what the history books say is true,Bingzu Chiyou’s mount is really an iron-eater,However, Bingzu Chiyou’s iron-eating beast does not have the slightest bit of coquettish and cute temperament.,Looks more powerful than the tiger, the king of beasts。
The vernacular voice falls,The whole sky tavern is peaceful,Even at this moment, the twenty-odd traversers who can’t get up on the ground are still shocked by the coercion of the emperor Nether,I didn’t expect such a weird traverser to suddenly appear.。
This scene is clearly a moment of life and death,The heart is still so big,Is it really suitable?but,Not all traversers think this way,For example, the corpse ancestor thinks that this traverser fellow and strong is really amazing。
He also wanted to see how ferocious the iron-eater of Bingzu Chi You was,Maybe he can raise an iron beast for fun,At least you can tease the iron beast when you are bored。
Ancestral Star’s consciousness glanced at the strongest among the traversers,Vernacular,Mind moved,Thousands of light spots that were originally shrouded in the sky tavern suddenly disappeared。
“what?Why don’t you guys speak?I knew I just discussed with Chi You, the ancestor of soldiers, to borrow his iron beast for a few days,Bring it here to open your eyes。”
Bai Yan watched no one respond to him,Said awkwardly,Could it be that he played in the wrong way?There is no such thing as a traverser, the fellow curious about the difference between the iron eater raised by the soldier’s ancestor Chi You and the iron eater who only acted like a baby?
at this time,An inexplicable wave flashed by,Bai Yan’s consciousness suddenly fell asleep,Next second,Bai Yan opened his eyes indifferently,Endless tyranny flashed in my eyes,A golden light flashed,Bai Yan’s figure has completely changed。
I only saw the white words and blond hair at the moment,Endless golden lightning entangles Bai Yan’s body,A golden tail swayed constantly behind me。
“This is a transformation?How do you feel that this translator’s transformation is a bit familiar?,It seems to be similar to Wukong’s transformation?Also blonde,And golden lightning。”
Nezha, who was sitting around silently watching the scene before him, saw the sudden appearance of the traverser after transforming,Curiously asked,The transformation method of this traverser is exactly the same as that of Wukong.。
“Not almost,It’s the lineage of this Tier 4 traverser that is Saiyan lineage,Have the same blood as the Wukong members,It seems that I still underestimated the ancestral consciousness means。”

“This world does not seem to have heaven and earth,I don’t know if it can accommodate the gods?otherwise,I can directly use the points to exchange the power of a god with Zhang Xiaofan。”

“You can learn from the jade charms of Xu Xian group members,just,No amount of jade charms,It’s just a dead thing after all,Can’t completely kill the three young masters of Aolai country。”
“The effect of Flat Peach is of no use to Tier 3 Pinnacle and Tier 4,If you use the fourth-order integration,It’s the most effective way,just,With my current points,Not enough for the creatures of the third peak to advance to the fourth。”
“It seems that this matter needs careful consideration。”
King power lies on the grass,Thinking about how to make his sister Wangquan drunk to advance to Tier 4,Whisper,In his current situation,The most appropriate way is to use the points to make your sister Wangquan drunk to advance to the fourth level。
just,The most critical question is,His points are not enough,or,Incorporate the authority of a god,It should be possible to make his sister Wangquan drunk to advance to Tier 4,It’s just that the hegemony industry doesn’t know if there are any hidden dangers。
Chapter Three Hundred and Four Luo Chen
“Forget it,After a while, go to the chat group hall and ask other group members if there is any good way.,It’s the third youngest of Aolai Country,I forgot to ask if the phalanx is abnormal。”
“What if the phalanx was left behind by its owner?,That would be unthinkable,But the situation should not be as bad as I thought,Maybe this is because the one who exists in the chaos fighting is too tragic,So the whole body collapsed。”
“Did not see the phalanx in person,I can’t guess what’s going on,But it’s okay,If something unexpected happened,I can also turn to the big guys in the chat group,No need to worry。”
King power lies on the grass,Whisper,Although he was a little worried that the phalanx was abnormal,But he is also not rushing to ask Aolai Junior Three,Besides,It’s been so long,All safe and sound,perhaps,He really thinks too much。

Brolong obviously did not expect Lu Menglin to be so fast.,Almost too late for him to react,I had to bow my back subconsciously,Abruptly received this blow。

boom!Everyone only heard a loud noise!
Brolong was also fisted by Lu Menglin,Flew straight out,The whole person is plunged into the opposite rock wall,The kind that can’t even be extracted。
Lu Menglin got it right,Did not slack off,But broke out again,With a clever and subtle way of fearing cats,High speed movement,In a flash, he reached the position where Brolong also fell to the ground。
Brolong, who had finally pulled out from the large fragments of broken rocks, was hit again.,Be Lu Menglin hit his forehead with a megalodon fist,With his falling down again,The rocks all around were crushed by this megalodon fist,Crush。
Lu Menglin didn’t leave a single blow,Almost used his best。
Alchemy master’s full blow,It also uses the megalodon punch, which is known for its ferocity and invincibility.,This move hit Bro Longye’s body,I can see the apostles’ eyelids jumping,Even the cold sweat came out。
Brolong is also lying in the gravel pit,like a statue。
The blow just now,Under Lu Menglin’s strength,Even the ground was blasted out of a big pit where people can lie down,The power is more fierce than explosives。
Do not know why,Although the opponent is lying motionless at the bottom of the pit,But Lu Menglin’s heart flashed with warning signs,There is a shocking feeling。
In order to suppress this extremely disturbed sense of crisis,Lu Menglin’s heart moved,Left arm raised,Swipe down,The fingertips shoot out the air wire like a blade,Strikes at Bro Longye’s neck with lightning speed。
Let you change,Chop off your head,See if you die?
Lu Menglin’s choice is very correct,Under this slash,Brolong really reacted。
He doesn’t seem to want to be beheaded and separated,Stretch your legs,The whole person is sliding on the bottom of the pit,Abruptly avoiding Lu Menglin’s strength。
bass!The knife slashed on the rock at the bottom of the pit,While making a soft noise,Pulled out a deep mark。

Mi Xiaochong thought for a while,Suddenly his eyes became firm,Said:“I have a bold idea,May be able to break the game。”

“What do you think!”Lu Menglin asked quickly。
Mi Xiaochong said:“If we can move the Bright Dragon God Altar directly to the vicinity of the Gupan Evil God,And while it’s sleeping,Directly sacrifice it to the bright dragon god,Use the mighty power of the Bright Dragon God to deal with it,Do you think it is possible?”
“This?Doesn’t sound very reliable,I do not know。”Lu Menglin answered honestly。
“grown ups,Are you not the favor of Dragon God?If you don’t even know,Then I’m really not recruited!”Mi Xiaochong blinked,Smiled。
“Uh.This is not the point!How are you and Huang Shaotian getting along?”Lu Menglin was stunned by the question,Simply divert the subject。
As soon as I talk about this,Mi Xiaochong blushed on the spot,Sighed slightly shy:“Miss Huang has a heart,My heart to the moon,But Mingyue to the ditch!”
Snapped!Lu Menglin suddenly became angry and funny,A chestnut hit his forehead。
“Who is the ditch?Nonsense!”Lu Menglin stared,Anger。
Mi Xiaochong looked slumped,Wry smile:“She likes you!But I just can’t hate you!I’m so useless!”
“What did you say!I have a wife!I always treat Huang Shaotian as my sister。Do not be discouraged,You still have a chance!Fierce girl,Understand?”Lu Menglin is really pitiful seeing this small,Had to offer comfort。
“what?Brother Wu turns out you are already married?”Mi Xiaochong heard the breaking news,I was so surprised immediately。
“Ok,Keep silent,You know it for yourself!”
“Ugh,Unfortunately, even if you marry,I still can’t compare to you!Miss Huang just treats me as a friend,She won’t like me。”Mi Xiaochong shook his head,A look of regret。
“nonsense!Of course you can’t compare to me!I ask you,If you are a girl,Will you fall in love with me?”Lu Menglin turned around and asked。
Mi Xiaochong thought about it seriously,Nodded vigorously,Tao:“meeting!You are a hero,Even the woman in the core circle,I just met you,Should also like you,Even if i’m not a girl,I like you too!”
“Pooh,Pooh!Who wants you to like!That’s what i said!Speaking of the core circle,Do not know why,I always think she has a problem。Think about it,This past,She is the only one in the inner circle,The others are robots,I didn’t even see a living person’s shadow,This in itself is weird!”Lu Menglin suddenly grasped something,Talk to yourself。
Mi Xiaochong doesn’t know what he is talking about,I had to look at Master Wu Hao blankly,What I think is his yellow girl。
“Forget it!You don’t understand what I told you,You should go with Huang Shaotian!You must have a chance!”Lu Menglin patted him on the shoulder,Said with a smile。
Mi Xiaochong nodded,Turned and walked two steps,Back again,Looking at Wuhao Brother,Said:“The way I just talked about going home,you consider it,Even at risk,Also worth a try!Just take advantage of the massive offensive of the Human Race,Instead, we have a chance to get close to the ancient pan evil god。”

As everyone knows, the moment Xiao Fan turned around,Lin Yoona who was lying on the bed suddenly opened her eyes。

Lin Yuner looked at Xiao Fan’s back,A few drops of tears fell from the corner of her eyes.,At this moment,Lin Yoona’s heart was full of emotions。
Chapter Three Hundred and Thirty One relieve fatigue
Soon,Came from the bathroom“Rushing”The sound of running water,Lin Yuna knows,This is Xiao Fan putting bath water for her。
The irritable mood just now has been unknowingly replaced by Xiao Fan’s full of love。
Although Lin Yuner’s heart is not particularly clear about Xiao Fan’s true strength,But one thing,Lin Yoona’s heart is very sure,That is Xiao Fan is definitely not an ordinary person。
And not only is he not an ordinary person,Still a very, very capable person,And his kind of strength is not what I can imagine。
but,Just such a person,Such an omnipotent man,But I am willing to be in my own home,Accept,It’s just years of grievance。
later,He used his strength to help himself again and again,Helped the Lin family,In exchange for everyone’s respect for him。
but,Even so,Xiao Fan still failed to get rid of his practice of putting himself first,anytime,As long as you need it,Whether it’s a major company issue,Still small things in life,He is always the first time to help himself deal with it。
and,Never complained。
Like it is now,Even the little things like putting bath water,Xiao Fan is willing to do it for himself。
Be like this,What’s not satisfied with Lin Yoona??
Withdraw my gaze to look at the bathroom,Because there is no longer Xiao Fan in sight。
She closed her eyes obediently,Close your eyes。
Soon,Xiao Fan put the bath water and walked out,Wait till he comes to the bed,When I want Lin Yoona to take a hot bath,He found that Lin Yuner unexpectedly heard a uniform breathing。

Xiao Fan quickly pressed the shutter to capture this moment,Beautiful moment。I took a few more shots。

In the photo, I smiled very happily,This is something he rarely sees,Only come out to play,Lin Yoona can truly see her own emotions,He is so happy。
quickly,The carousel time is only three minutes, which is the time of one song。
Get off immediately,Lin Yuner said to Xiao Fan:“This game is really。Not afraid at all,Just go up leisurely。”
Xiao Fan said:“Yes。Is it still a little bit stimulating?,It’s quite comfortable to sit。”
“Yes yes I take a look at the photos I just took, I think you’ve been taking pictures, did I take a lot of pictures。”
Xiao Fan said:“Where is the sneak shot? I’m a blatant shot.,Show you,There are indeed many shots。”
Lin Yoona flipped through the photos in the camera one by one,Xiao Fan’s camera skills are very good。
He took beautiful photos。Lin Yoona is quite satisfied,After flipping the photos,He put the camera on Xiao Fan’s neck again。
tell him:“My photographer。You must do your job well today。You just checked and accepted the results are not bad,keep it up。”He patted Xiao Fan on the shoulder。
Xiao Fan said:“it is good,Her Majesty,I must be very beautiful,You can leave it to me,This camera is in my hand,I will not waste him。”
Chapter VIII Hesitate
Lin Yoona didn’t want to play anymore after sitting on the merry-go-round,Sitting on it after all,No excitement at all,Just enjoy the leisurely feeling,Once is enough。
“Ah ah ah。”Xiaofan and Lin Yuner heard the harsh screams together,Male and female,It’s also very big。
They looked at the jumping machine in the direction of the scream。The gondola machine has a total of four seats,Just now Xiao Fan and Lin Yuner heard the shouting, which was uploaded from the day of jumping off the building.。
they。I don’t seem to have fun,I just pursued the excitement,The moment of falling from the top of the jumping machine is very exciting,That’s why they shouted。
Lin Yun was infected by this shout,Say to Xiao Fan:“How about we both try。”
Xiao Fan said:“Are you sure?Play this?”
“I don’t think you should try this because of the sensitivity of your playing pirate ship.,This is really scary。”

See Chen Geng headed by,Xu Guang didn’t wait for the secretary to help open the car door,Once the car stopped,He hurriedly pushed the car door and walked towards Chen Geng,Sincere and fearful:“Mr. Chen,Sorry,Thank you for waiting。”

“Mr. Xu, you are too kind,”Chen Geng gives Xu Guang a lot of face,Polite way:“Speaking of,Those of us who are doing business, also thank the leaders of Jinmen for providing us with a good business environment.。”
Can get Chen Geng’s evaluation,Xu Guang’s face was suddenly red,Quite proud of it:This is a disguised compliment that I did a good job。Lianliandao:“This is what we should do,As a servant of the people,Our aim is to serve the people wholeheartedly,Meet the development needs of leading companies like COMAC,Is our unshirkable responsibility。”
After the two parties exchanged greetings and business exchanges,Chen Geng did not directly talk to Xu Guang about the expansion of the second-phase capacity plan,But took Xu Guang to the manager’s laboratory,Invited him to visit the static testF120。
“Mr. Chen,The plane that is doing the experiment is?”
Watching this one undergoing a static testF120,Xu Guang thinks it seems to be the same as the Fokker that is being produced at the Jinmen factory of COMAC.F100No difference,But he didn’t express his opinion casually:Since this plane is doing experiments here,It shows that this aircraft and the previous FokkerF100There are differences,And it’s probably very different,So don’t talk nonsense by yourself,It is better to hide。
“This is the improved Fokker we are developingF100,”Chen Geng personally introduced Xu Guang:“Compared to the Fokker we are currently producingF100,The fuselage of this improved model that is undergoing static tests has been lengthened by three meters,Four rows of seats can be placed,That is20Passengers。
In other words,After this aircraft is officially put into production,Can ride at most at the same time120Passengers,So this improved model is also calledF120。”
“F120?”Xu Guang’s eyes suddenly brightened:“Can sit at most120Passengers?”
“Yes,”Nie Guang, who was accompanied by the side, added timely:“this number,Already equivalent to Boeing’s main model:737-200Up,Boeing737-200The maximum number of passengers is just118people。”
“More passengers than Boeing737More?”
Xu Guang was shocked by what Nie Guang said!
Since there is such a company on my site,,The leaders of Jinmen City naturally have to do some homework for the products of the world’s major aviation companies.、Some understanding(At least when you go out to brag with comrades in other brother provinces?),So for Boeing737model,The leaders of Jinmen City are naturally no strangers,Know that this aircraft is the most mainstream narrow-body trunk aircraft in the world today,Narrow body with the best sales worldwide、Short- and medium-range trunk aircraft,to some extent,Boeing737Is the benchmark product in this market segment。
Although Xu Guang knows that COMAC’s FokkerF100Very powerful,With Boeing737Don’t let the comparison,And the price is cheaper,Lower operating costs,But even so,He never thought about this Fokker of COMACF100Comparable with Boeing’s master products:This is too exaggerated!
Can be so exaggerated、Something that seems completely impossible,It happened so quietly under my eyelids,And as“Landlord”The main leaders of Jinmen were completely unaware……
Xu Guang feels a little fever on his face。
But while having a fever,More shocking:COMAC,To some extent, it can be compared with a world-class aviation giant like Boeing.?!
It’s amazing!

“Zhao Kuo,Get your shameless thing out of me。”A shrew cursing the street came from outside the corridor。

“amount,Isn’t this the latest 18th line star Lin Xinxin??”
“Yes indeed,Lin Xinxin,It seems very unqualified!”
“cut,These wild models are all of this virtue。Do you think they are very educated?It’s not based on unspoken rules。”
“Ugh,The actor went wrong!”
Most people who can lie in the inpatient department of private hospitals are either rich or expensive,So they don’t really have a big cold with the so-called entertainment industry。
But they also rely on their own special,So they don’t want to say anything about this kind of bitch。It’s just that if the people at the hospital don’t care,,I’m afraid I can’t run this private hospital anymore。
After all,The advantages of quiet treatment in private hospitals are gone。
Qin Feng heard the sound and looked over,One hit
The gorgeously dressed woman walked over swaggeringly。There are two personal bodyguards behind her。
of course,Seeing that the level and specifications of bodyguards should not be high,Maybe it’s only 10,000 to 20,000 yuan a month。
But the style is very good。
Zhao Kuo shivered when someone called his name,He also looked out,I was relieved when I found that only Lin Xinxin and her bodyguard。
He is not afraid of Lin Xinxin,I’m afraid that gang of gangsters。After all, even if Lin Xinxin doesn’t make sense,,But she can’t let her bodyguard hit someone.?After all, if Zhao Kuo gets really angry and calls the police directly,Lin Xinxin was arrested directly。
After all,Zhao Kuo is also a small boss。Compared with people like Lin Xinxin who only received a dozen advertisements, they still have an advantage.。
“Humph,Lin Xinxin, dare you come?Not only find someone to beat me,Still want to swallow my company?Who do you think you are?Will you be able to do whatever you want after being on the list??”
Zhao Kuo is also very angry,After all, it was too depressing before。Originally, he was not in a hurry to leave the hospital but the purpose of staying here was actually to hide for a while,Wait until the limelight comes。