“When I am as rich as Wang Shuai——”Chen Wen paused today,Sip tea,Then smiled and said:“I won’t be generous in this way。”

Chen Wenjin sees Li Xiang looking at him,Talking to Qiangwei。
Compared to Rose,Li Xiang has a gaseous state similar to wind and dust,The look in my eyes looks at the person in the abyss,It’s not like the rose has a very high gas camouflage。
A Bao said proudly:“Hey,how about it?Li Xiang is pretty too?Hehe,I sometimes hug the left and the right!”
Chen Wenjin thumbs up,Pretend to be envious。
He already understands Abao’s pursuit anyway,I won’t say unnecessary words。
Qiangwei called Chen Wenjin,Introduced Li Xiang to him,Said again:“Li Xiang is my best friend。”
Chen Wenjin said hello politely,Didn’t say much。
“The tank usually doesn’t see it,He’s also very prestigious!Called so many people today,Wang Shuai bought the single again,Majesty is his,This time he is awesome!Others will say,Tank treat,Hundreds of people have gone。Next time I will look for a chance to be so prestigious again,When people talk about it,Everyone will say that I can shout out the strength of hundreds of people.!”Leopard looked at the vigorous appearance of the tank,Very envious。
“Is a way。”Chen Wenjin also knows that people playing outside will spread like this,The last thing I heard is,The tank yelled hundreds of people,Of course this kind of strength is ridiculous。But called out hundreds of people,How different is it from the current situation?,But it’s obvious……
Just talking,Di,Kotaka,Big bear,benefit,Taozi came with a few people。
This table has a place,Just wait for them to sit together。
Di didn’t come empty-handed,Bought a gift,Big smelly mouth vomited ivory today,Congratulations to the tank saying:“Faith will move mountains to open,I only believe this now!Your lovers finally get married,We must grow old together!I’m going to use your story to blow the bullshit forever!”
Hui and Xiao Gao also brought gifts,Obviously inspired by the benefit。
A group of acquaintances sat down,Lively chat。

Xin Zhao’s eyes showed a terrifying light,Subconsciously want to see more clearly,Unconsciously took Wu Xing’s phone in his hand。

Originally this was just a random take,But out of Wu Xing’s headset link,Directly play the hot music currently live。
moment,The classroom rang out. The man was beaten up,Woman listened to blushing dance music。
“!!!”Xin Zhao was taken aback,Quickly covered the phone’s pronunciation,But don’t want to be too late,Everyone looked at him in unison,Including Lena and Liu Chuang who was pinched by her neck and hung on the wall。
“sure,Xin Zhao,you666。”Ge Xiaolun said admiringly。
“Awesome。”Cheng Yaowen agrees。
Put this stuff in the classroom,And there are so many beauties present,This operation is simply a shock。
“Do not,not mine,From Angkor。”Stared by so many people,Xin Zhao’s face flushed red,After a quick explanation,Threw the phone back to Wu Xing,Trying to disassociate himself。
Because of Xin Zhao’s throw,The music whose voice was muffled sounded again,There are waves in the classroom again‘Ok…what’Jiaochuan。
“……”Ge Xiaolun。
“……”Cheng Yaowen。
“……”Xin Zhao。
This comes againyinThe music makes Rui Mengmeng and Qilin,His face turned flushed,Especially Rui Mengmeng,Already on the table,Covering ears with hands。
Although Du Qiangwei is not so serious,But his face is also a little red,of course,More weird。

Will it hurt Lena?!

to be frank,Xin Zhao never thought about this problem,Because for him,This question is negative,Won’t exist。
“Big sister head,Are you brain watt,How could i hurt you,Now I don’t even move smoothly, okay。”Thought for a while,Xin Zhao felt that he should avoid the edge for now,Because he suspected that this was the set that Reina gave herself。
According to Xin Zhao’s understanding,When people are in a bad mood,It’s best to find a punching bag,Then take the qi in your body,Vent it all,That’s good。
of course,Now in Zhao Xinjin,I seem to be about to be this punching bag。
Heard this perfunctory answer,Of course Lena won’t be satisfied。She finally wanted to talk about her troubles,Xin Zhao actually dared to answer like this。
“Forget it,Don’t want to say it,Please let go of my hand!”
Talking,Lena is going to take her little hand back。
And Xin Zhao certainly won’t let Rena take her palm back,If she took her little hand back,How can Xin Zhao take advantage?,Do not,How do you comfort Lena?。
“I said,I said,I haven’t thought about this problem before,Big sister, you give me a little time to think, OK?!”Xin Zhao grabbed Lena’s tender hand with both hands,Then beg for mercy。
Facing Xin Zhao’s plea,Lena agreed with him“But time limit,If you don’t answer after a minute,Then stop talking!”
“Good,One minute one minute!”
Xin Zhao casually agreed,Then began to think about this issue carefully。
Will I hurt Lena??
to be frank,If Lena doesn’t target the earth,Xin Zhao felt that he would never stand in opposition to Lena,Wait until my parents are a hundred years later,The earth’s bondage to Xin Zhao no longer exists,By the time Xin Zhao could go to Lieyang to hug Lena’s thigh。
I will get a few maids the last time,And live a luxurious life there,I feel happy just thinking about it。

But at this moment,Strange things happened!

Zhu Xiaoguang, who had already slipped out of the examination room,Suddenly came back,And also looks depressed。
“Beautiful!Haha!I want to come back for the exam!Auntie drops,This must be tested!”Zhu Xiaoguang muttered to himself,He buried his head and rushed to the desk that Lu Menglin had previously vacated.,Then sat down。
402The brothers in the dormitory looked at each other,I don’t know what happened outside,Actually made Zhu Xiaoguang come back for the exam?Is this the sun coming out from the west??
Everyone in the classroom soon knew the answer,Because it’s at the door of this examination room,Someone appeared,A woman,exactly,Is an extremely beautiful woman。
Her eyebrows and apricot eyes,Skin white as jade,Sexy big wavy curly hair shawl,I am wearing a black dress with a very textured fabric,Wearing a beige knitted jacket,Holding a stack of test papers in his arms,Flirtatious in the hope,Seductive,Full of flavor。
No wonder Zhu Xiaoguang will come back halfway,As long as it is a normal boy,Whoever sees such a stunner,Absolutely refuse to leave。
When this charming female teacher walks into the classroom,The boys all gasped,Staring at her intently,And those girls also looked at this person who had never met with curious eyes,But a very nice female teacher。
“I have never seen her before!If ever seen,Must have an impression!”
“This is our new female teacher?My goodness!This is too beautiful!Just this look,You can definitely make a star debut!”
“I finally know what a real beauty is,I used to think that beautiful people are all imagined by people,It turns out that this kind of best product really exists in reality!”
For a time,The exclamation and shock in the classroom one after another,Endlessly。
Lu Menglin also saw the beauty who came in from the door of the classroom,He was really a little surprised,But more is consternation。

Since ancient times,Every spring rain,Heaven and earth meet,Generate Thunder,Hit in the mountains,Rebirth,Bring vitality to the earth。

The power of this thunder and lightning,Is the most mysterious in nature,Is also the most powerful force。
Among ancient myths and legends,Whenever a monster wants to get rid of the mortal womb,Transcendence,Will be backlashed by heaven and earth,Attracting thunder and lightning,Thunder Tribulation,Only powerful creatures who survived thunder,In order to obtain a new evolution of life。
And Chen Qingyun’s call of Thunder just now,Is to use the power of heaven and earth,Evolution Thunder,Attack Lu Menglin,I never thought I would miss it。
now,Lu Meng’s body is black and cyan,Well-defined muscles,Every muscle in the body is like steel,And contains explosive power。
This is his martial artist,Seeing God’s Immortal Body,Stimulate human life potential,Unparalleled combat skills“Body of ghosts”,Body of Gods and Demons。
This is the ultimate combat state of human warriors,Represents the ultimate human potential,Every bone on the body,Every muscle,Have stimulated the ultimate potential,Reproduce the richness of gods and demons in ancient times。
however,When manpower is exhausted,Just by the body of a ghost,It may not be able to stop the power of thunder that purifies everything。
and so,In Lu Menglin’s body,In addition to the ghosts and gods representing human potential,There is another force,Just
Light pattern power。
This light pattern power,At first Lu Menglin always thought,Is exclusive to the god nation,I can have this power,Because of the rewards of the system。
however,just now,When he was struck by thunder,Light pattern power emerges automatically,Fusion of Thunder Power,Not only reduced the lethality of Thunder,It also gave Lu Menglin a new understanding of this power。
Light pattern power,Can be transformed by the power of blood,It is a higher-level power than the power of human martial artist,It is not the same as the space energy in the dark race,Even overwhelmed。
but,Just when those few thunders fell on him,Lu Menglin was shocked to discover an amazing fact,The power of the light pattern is almost the same as the energy attribute of Thunder,It’s just that the energy structure of the light pattern is more stable。
Humans and nature are not opposites,Humans are the same as other creatures,Also part of nature。
and so,The power of qi and blood cultivated by humans,Can be transformed into light pattern power,And the fission mode of light striation power,It seems to have produced the power of thunder。
“You really are a monster!I want to see how many thunders you can withstand!”Chen Qingyun in midair recovered,Gritted teeth。
He didn’t expect Lu Menglin to be so difficult,And did things that he couldn’t even do,Carry the power of thunder with the flesh。
As the commander-in-chief of the Earth Alliance,Chen Qingyun’s strength for the top ten strong players on the Billboard,In fact, they all know something。
He knows Lu Menglin’s trick,Can be transformed into the body of a ghost for a short time,indestructible,Powerful,Once slashed a dozen tanks,Hao Yong Wushuang。

Think about it,As Hu Ge now,And wealth,I really don’t need to care what Chen Yin thinks about that short winter melon,Anyway, there is no intersection with him。

If you say you become an enemy,Then look a little bit at the guy Chen Yin。The audience in the live room,Don’t think that guy has the capital to be an enemy of Hu。
“it is good,Brother Hu, you have the final say。”Wen Wenhao said。
Their group,Did not stay in place and wait for Chen Yin to catch up to apologize,Just wander in this ancient street,Looking for treasure。They come out,Not just to pick up the leak,Increase experience?
Especially Xiao Gao,I hope that in this short period of time,Learn more from Brother Hu。
“what is this?”Xiao Gao from a small stall,Pick up something,Asked。
I saw,That is a bracelet,String a few things that look like lotus flowers,At a glance,Very buddhist,Very zen,Very attractive vision。
“Bro,This is a lotus flower,Not expensive,Only one hundred yuan,Let’s have a bunch!”The stall owner introduced。
Only one hundred yuan?
This is beyond Xiao Gao’s expectation,Look at this thing,Really beautiful,Seems to be natural,Maybe processed,But it’s definitely not completely carved out。He thought,Should be quite expensive。
“A hundred is a bit expensive,Our side,Dozens of dollars a lot。This is plain,Made of wild pineapple。There is a lot of sand on the beach,Just don’t have the time to pick it。”Hu Yang said。
This stuff,When I first appeared in the Wenwan circle,Zen-like appearance,Like a buddha lotus,Immediately sought after,A bracelet that used to be very ordinary,I bought it for several thousand yuan,And those boutique,Once hundreds of thousands were out of stock。
The drop of blood means its color,After playing,The color gradually becomes red,Especially the top is very red like blood。
however,The so-called dripping lotus bodhi,Was quickly exposed,The raw material is actually made of wild pineapple。
“and,You drop of blood lotus,Not a drop of blood,Poor quality!It is clear,It’s a new product that hasn’t been played before。”
See Hu Yang and continue,The stall owner interrupted immediately:“OK!OK!70 yuan for you!”
Seeing Xiao Gao’s inquiring eyes,Populus euphratica nodded slightly:“If you play by yourself,The price is still acceptable。in fact,Play it,It’s the same truth as Wenwan Walnut。”

Populus euphratica can’t let go,Or these two people,I hope that after he leaves Suzhou,Qi Hongye can often take care of these two siblings。

This matter,Even Ye Mei is very active,That she will help in the future。
“What is difficult,Tell these two brothers and sisters,They will try to help you solve。of course,You can also call me,do you understand?”Hu Yang told Zheng Xinyan。
Wait for that little guy to have surgery,He has left Suzhou,So I can only ask Qi Hongye to come and see。
Don’t say Zheng Xinyan is moved,Even the audience in the live broadcast room is no exception。Brother Hu’s concern about this matter,Even more than tens of millions of antiques。
Charity auction,Held in a five-star hotel。The organizer has wrapped up the entire floor of the lobby,And arranged,And put on the red carpet。
When Populus came,,Identify,After verification by the other party,I respectfully invited them in。
“I knew there was a buffet,We are not eating。”Huazi said depressed。
Only found inside,Not only free drinks,Some red wines even Ye Mei can’t drink,And all kinds of food。
“Just,There is champagne over there,I haven’t drank it yet,Don’t know if it’s expensive。”Ye Mei licked her lips,An eager posture。
Hu Yang smiled:“Ordinary champagne is not expensive,You can buy a bottle for three to five hundred yuan,That kind of words,Estimated to be more than a thousand。You can go have a taste,But don’t drink so much。”
Since it’s all here,Naturally I want to see the world,So Populus is not against everyone to taste。
Hearing what Brother Hu said,Ye Mei is not welcome。Qi Hongye also walked towards what interests him,I really want to see my eyes。
The audience in the live room,But looking for celebrities。

Tian Lu held it in her hand,Exclaimed as before:“Is it a reduced version of the star??so beautiful,so amazing!”

Ye Xingkong looked at her with a kind smile。
“and so,Just to give me this,Find me in the back yard?”Tian Lu asked。
Ye Xingkong nodded,Take out the phone and type a line to show Gu Lu,Tian Lu took a look,Chant:“The zodiac was bought on the road,The stars are made from a part of my iron sheet,Unique on earth。”
Isn’t the night of the stars the night of encounter、Isn’t it the meaning of his name??
Tian Lu takes the color of joy,Put the gift in my chest,Looked at the bracelet he gave,All grateful,Said in a solemn tone:“thank you,This is the best gift I have ever received!”
Talk about it,But Tian Lu must talk to Ye Xingkong about the idea of renting a small house in the backyard.。
Ye Xingkong was silent for a while,Originally didn’t speak,The expression at the moment is more gloomy。
Seeing Tian Lu’s face firm,Insist on moving,Think for a moment,Finally agreed by default。
Tian Lu smiled and looked at him,Grateful for his support,A warm current in my heart。
There is also a kind of loss after joy,After all, she wants to move away from Ye Xingkong,But I think I can meet at any time,I’m not so sad anymore。
First85chapter As wished
Ye Xingkong not only looks like Ding Kelan,And the personality and personality charm are as popular as Ding Kelan,Especially Chen Limu has a deep understanding。
Chen Limu had a little gap with Ye Xingkong before,Quite a criticism,Up to now, I can accept Ye Xingkong in my heart。
Ye Xingkong typed a few lines on the phone,I hope my mother can support his friend Tian Lu to rent an idle building in the backyard。
When Chen Limu hesitated,Xiaoyun and Yangzi next to each other greeted with joy。They both think this is a good thing,Finally“Remove”Nail in the eye。In their eyes,Tian Lu doesn’t deserve to live with them in the noble apartment。
Work during the day,Tian Lu doesn’t meet them,Get off work early and evening,It’s inevitable that you will still see you。
As long as you see Tian Lu,It will make Xiaoyun and Yang Zi panic。When I heard that Tian Lu was moving to a small building in the backyard,delighted。


China Automobile Industry Corporation also knows that this kind of forced free-riding behavior is more annoying,If the counterparty is a domestic company,As the investment and management agency of the national automobile industry,I can ignore the other person,But if this person is Chen Geng,That’s another matter。
So I saw Chen Geng,The former deputy director of the Automobile Administration of the First Machinery Department、Zhang Changmou, currently deputy general manager of China Automotive Industry Corporation,Apologize to Chengji:“Mr. Chen,sorry,I’m sorry,The reason,It’s really when our comrades are assisting you with the entry procedures for your vehicle,I think your car is too beautiful,Comrades have little knowledge,I don’t know what kind of car it is,After going back, he gave me a report。
After i went to see the car,Ok……This is not,I’m coming to you with a shame……Sorry sorry,Really sorry,I’ll treat you back,Apologize to Mr. Chen……”
Zhang Changmou has already said so,What else can Chen Geng say?He waved,Explained by the way:“Vice President Zhang, you are too polite……Ok,It’s also my cars that we haven’t officially launched yet.。”
It turned out to be a car that hasn’t been officially launched。
Zhang Changmou suddenly realized:The comrades of China Automotive Industry Corporation are very knowledgeable.,Basically, you know all the well-known cars at home and abroad,How can you not recognize this car that Chen Geng brought,This is understandable。
“Speaking of which,”Chen Geng changed the topic,Ask Zhang Changmou:“Deputy Director Zhang,I submitted to you an application for a vehicle test in China more than a month ago,Why is it so long,You haven’t given me a reply?”
Chen Geng’s application for road test did not get a reply?
This problem is a bit serious,Zhang Changmou’s face suddenly became serious:“There is this?”
“You don’t think I’ll make fun of you with this kind of thing.?”
“No no no,of course not,”Zhang Changmou hurriedly waved:“I mean……Ok,Will it be during the data transfer、What negligence occurred during the transfer?”

First of all,He is not a masochist,Second, he likes the Xiaojiabiyu type。

This type of queen,He can’t figure it out。
“That one,I suddenly remembered that I still have some papers that I haven’t finished writing,beauty,Go there and report my Xin Zhao’s name,Just keep my account,Goodbye!”
Just go,For girls who are not sure,Xin Zhao will not be a dog in investment。
I think he is a top student of the North Star,No girl,Pooh!
“You have to go,sure,I’ll be beaten up first!”Lena saw Xin Zhao slipping away,I feel his charm is ignored by him。
And Lena will tell Xin Zhao a truth today,People who ignore her charms,Need to be beaten up by society。
“what are you doing!”
Raise your hand,Xin Zhao feels like he has entered the legendary bullet time,The girl named Rena,If you don’t agree, you will start fighting,He reached out and blocked Rena’s fist。
then,Fly out。
‘I go,Is this guy a cow?,So much strength,What did you eat?!Without delay,Run quickly!’Xin Zhao has no other ideas at this time,For this queen type,People who will fight if they don’t agree,He really doesn’t want to provoke。
“Reina,This guy activated the genetic program,There is no problem with being able to withstand your punch,It seems that the degree of activation of this gene is quite high!”Jace watched Xin Zhao being punched by Lena and flew out ten meters,Then pat butt,Ran away in a hurry,Said to Lena。
Yes,Just a slip of smoke。
Xin Zhao’s body emits some arcs,To fly the dust around,And then ran away,With Jace’s ability,Really can’t catch him。
As for Lena,This is the finger extending the sleeve length,Touched chin“Interesting and interesting,Did not expect this generation of German Star Gun,Unexpectedly so powerful,I only activated for three days,He was not trained,Opened the genetic program,This person belongs to me。”