After leaving the house of Old Man Zhou,He intends to run outrcity,But when driving to the toll gate,From a distance, I saw security checking cars one after another。

He quickly turned around,Then he heard the radio report on the car,Said he becamerThe first person to commit economic crimes since the reform and opening of the city。
These ten years,His tax evasion has reached a staggering three billion,Plus deceptionhState subsidies,The total amount involved has reached over 5 billion。
Due to the huge amount of money involved,The head of the Economic Investigation Bureau expressed his heartache when interviewed by reporters,People like Ge Bin,EmbezzlehNational property,Heinous,They will give the people andhAn explanation。
and so,I am sorry nowhcountry,I’m sorry, the most wanted criminal。
After hearing the news,Ge Bin hurried to the village in the city,Lost the car at the entrance of the village,I removed the phone card and lost it。
Then he put on a peaked cap,Head down into a small shop,Bought a bunch of drinks and non-staple food cigarettes,Prepare to hide in the house for a few days,Wait until the limelight passes, then find a chance to get out of town。
Dong dong dong。
suddenly,He heard a violent knock on the door。
He is clever,Bouncing off the sofa。
who is it?
He has doubts,How come someone knocks on the door this time。
To know,this place,Even his wife doesn’t know。
and,His playmate doesn’t know that he is here today。
Did you knock on the wrong door??
He sticks into the door,Listen attentively,Hope to hear something。
Bang bang bang。
Knock on the door again。
Then a strange voice:“Mr. Huang Yile,We are property,Please open the door,The residents downstairs told us that their bathroom was leaking,Let’s check if it is a problem with your floor。”
Huang Yile,Is the name of Ge Bin’s playmate。

“The two of them are one hundred dollars together,Still 100 per day?”Lu Menglin asked the price very carefully.。

“One hundred dollars together。”Half of the face answered honestly。
Talk out,One half of the face immediately felt a bit hot on the half of the cheek,This style is wrong!Why should I discuss this kind of thing with him here??
“Cheap!Too cheap!With these two talents,It’s only 100 dollars a day?I can not believe it!This place looks like we have come to the right!Then please,Can I find something better?”Lu Menglin asked with a smile。
“I don’t have a second-level mutant,If you need it,I can help you contact,But one thousand dollars a day。”Half of the face answered honestly。
Lu Menglin nodded,Asked with a smile:“Is there anything more powerful??correct,A bold question,How do you calculate the mutant level here??”
When Lu Menglin asked these words,,Carlo’s eyes suddenly gleamed,He finally understood why Lu Menglin wanted to chat with these bad guys,It turns out that he was learning about the intelligence of this red zone city!
This kind of thing,I should have thought of it first,And to arrange the execution,But because of the red mist environment,Instead, let Lu Menglin do it first,This made Carlo a little bit frustrated deep in his heart。
Half of his face didn’t suspect that Lu Menglin was understanding intelligence,And this information is not a secret in Iquitos。
“Mutants in the city are mainly divided into two categories: combat type and functional type,And the level of the mutant,Are distinguished according to their degree of mutation。The higher the degree of variation,Means they are stronger。”Half of his face said with a serious face。
“The higher the degree of variation?Can they stay sane??”Lu Menglin asked casually。
Half of the face was taken aback,I wonder how this kid can capture the core essence of things all at once?
“Yes!The vast majority of mutants will lose their sanity as the degree of alienation deepens,So this is why the number of advanced mutants is scarce。Those who lose their sense and humanity,Will be expelled or led to the jungle,Let it fend for itself。Only first mutation,In order to maintain the degree of alienation,Stay sane,Will not become a beast。”
Chapter six hundred and sixty six A bowl of hot dry noodles
“Not bad,Not bad!Listen to your words,Winning ten years of reading。I have a card here,Who can help,I will pay five thousand dollars as a deposit,Hire someone for me。”Lu Menglin stretched out his hand,Draw a card from somewhere,Into the hands of half of the face。
Half of the face was startled,Holding this card for a long time,Finally gritted his teeth,Handed it to the younger brother。
“Swipe!”Half of his face said viciously。

Especially now,He faced Gu Cangnan in anger,Even dare not breathe。

He can only when Gu Cangnan no longer looks at him,Staring at Gu Cangnan with bitter eyes,Beat yourself,I thought I met a rescuer,Turned out to keep training myself。
Gu Cangnan turned his head,Look towards Xiao Fan,Asked:“Your name is Xiao Fan?”
Xiao Fan nodded。
“Have you rescued an old man at the intersection of Champagne Park three days ago??”Gu Cangnan asked excitedly。
Xiao Fan glanced at Lin Yoona,Seeing Lin Yoona is also confused,Just said:“Yes,How would you know?”
Gu Cangnan quickly got off his seat,Come to Xiao Fan’s side,Hold Xiao Fan’s hands tightly,Said excitedly:“Great,I finally found you!”
Gu Cangnan looked at Xiao Fan and Lin Yun’er with a blank look,I realized that I was too emotional,So scared them。
So I quickly let go of my hands holding Xiao Fan,Said:“That old lady is my mother,I heard from the doctor in the hospital that if it wasn’t for a person named Xiao Fan to give my mother an emergency rescue in advance,I’m afraid my mother has no chance to wait until the ambulance comes。and so,Thank you so much!”
Xiao Fan did not expect,Things turned out to be so coincidental,The old lady I accidentally rescued turned out to be the mother of Gu Cangnan, the mayor of Yun City。
But Xiao Fan is not the only one,And Lin Yuna,She never thought that after she left in a hurry that day,Xiao Fan unexpectedly encountered such a thing,But I didn’t even hear Xiao Fan mention a few words。
Lin Yuner looked at Xiao Fan,Maybe even Lin Yoona doesn’t know it,At the moment, her face is full of worship,Xiao Fan,I refreshed my view of him again。
And Xiao Fan faced the extremely excited Gu Cangnan,But it’s very calm,Just listen to him lightly:“You don’t have to worry about it,Just a little effort!”
Facing such a humble Xiao Fan,Gu Cangnan’s approval cannot be concealed anymore,When I was in the hospital,After saving people,People who leave quietly without leaving their names,Gu Cangnan already feels good。

When Xia Chenglong ran to that place,I found out,There is a door opening to him,At this moment, he opened the door and walked in,When he went in,This is a sudden discovery,There is a secret hidden in this place that he doesn’t know。

When he entered there,I just felt a whirl of the sky,Then followed by a flash of white light,Once it reaches the soft white light, it wraps him up。
Xia Chenglong at this time,After feeling the white light,His face also changed,There is a bit more dignity in the eyes。
And then it’s probably between three breaths,The soft white light around Xia Chenglong disappeared。
“Who are you?”Xia Chenglong said coldly。
The man smiled slightly when he saw Xia Chenglong,There was a playful look in his eyes。
“who am I?to be frank,I don’t know who I am,Maybe you don’t believe it,But I can tell you clearly,I didn’t lie to you!”
When Xia Chenglong heard that person say that,A few dignity suddenly rose in the eyes。
Obviously Xia Chenglong at this time didn’t believe the explanation that person gave him。
“Then why did you come to my sea of knowledge?Why i haven’t seen you before?”
The man smiled softly,Then he shook his head again:“Actually I can tell you the truth,These questions you asked,I can’t answer any of them,Not on purpose,Don’t want to answer your question,But because i really don’t know!”
Xia Chenglong’s eyes fixed on that man’s face,He found that the man revealed a little calmness when he spoke。
Xia Chenglong at this time is willing to believe that what the person said is true。
Although Xia Chenglong is willing to believe that person,Tell the truth,But at this time he is still very curious about the identity of that person。
After all, it is impossible for all people to be susceptible to foreign creatures that appear in their bodies for no apparent reason.,Not curious,So at this moment he went on to say:“Then why did you come to me?Or,How did you come to my sea of knowledge,You should know this?”
The man still shook his head:“It seems that from the moment I wake up,Already appearing with you,But to be honest,What exactly am i,And where it was before,I don’t know that,So how can you ask me,I can’t give you a specific answer!”
Xia Chenglong gave up completely when he heard what that person said.,I will keep asking about this idea,But the curiosity about that person’s identity,Really getting heavier。
Xia Chenglong looked at the man with a blank face,Although very sympathetic to his experience,But Xia Chenglong is absolutely impossible to tell him to stay in his own sea of knowledge。
So at this time Xia Chenglong gave a cold snort:“Since you don’t know anything,,I won’t ask,But you must also know the importance of this sea of knowledge,It is naturally impossible for you to stay in my sea of consciousness again,Please also find another place。”
What Xia Chenglong said is really good,Nowhere else in this sea of knowledge,No matter who,His knowledge of the sea must be his weakest place。

Secretary down,Wang Zhenguo raised his chin and pondered。

Chen Geng prepares to move the COMACF150Airliner sold to McDonnell Douglas Group,He actually already knows,The prerequisite for this deal to be concluded is Air China、Eastern Airlines chose McDonnell Douglas in this intercontinental airlinerMD-11。
As for why he didn’t explain to the secretary that Air China purchased from McDonnell DouglasMD-11、In exchange for McDonnell Douglas Group to buy COMACF150Technical things,It’s actually easy to understand,After all, it’s just a matter of no character,But now from the point of view that Chen Geng and the senior management team of the entire COMAC are going to visit him,This thing seems to be a little eye-catching?
Honestly,When I first heard the news from Minister Guo,Wang Zhenguo thinks that COMAC is crazy:What a joke,That’s McDonnell!The world’s first aircraft is being developed“Full two floors”McDonnell Douglas, a large intercontinental wide-body airliner!In order to be able to obtain and assemble McDonnell DouglasMD-80Qualifications,It took so much effort?Now you say you want to sell your own aircraft technology to McDonnell Douglas?
Isn’t this nonsense!
Is it possible that the technical strength of your COMAC is even stronger than McDonnell Douglas?
After listening to Guo Wenxiang’s analysis,Wang Zhenguo understands,It is not that COMAC has surpassed McDonnell Douglas in aircraft manufacturing technology and R&D level,It’s a coincidence that the time of COMAC and Chen Gengka,It happened to be stuck in McDonnell Douglas and used all the fundsMD-12Research and development、The civil aviation market in today’s world,The demand for short- and medium-range narrow-body trunk aircraft has changed in a special stage,This makes this thing a little bit of possibility。
From the perspective of China,Of course, Wang Zhen’s domestic heart hopes that this deal can be concluded.,If COMAC can obtain this business after receiving the support of Air China,Whether it’s out of personal national sentiment or something else,He is also willing to support COMAC——Whose plane is not buying?,Since buying a McDonnell Douglas plane can help you,How about that bunch?Air China Group is also the COMAC GroupF100Big customers,Everyone is friends。
It’s just days passed,Chen Geng didn’t even say to come and sit down、Say two words of thanks,This makes Wang Zhenguo feel a little unhappy:It’s one thing that I am willing to help you,But you can’t just be so at ease?You think it’s over?
I thought I could let Chen Geng run away in person,Wang Zhenguo“Puff……”Laugh out loud:“Count your kid will be a man。”
Can let the world’s richest man visit him in person,have to say,Wang Zhenguo is still quite proud,The unpleasantness in my heart before disappeared instantly without a trace。
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First1058chapter I am not dead,You are all princes
Going to my heart,Air China Group gave a very high reception standard to the arrival of the COMAC Group,Wang Zhenguo and the leaders of Air China personally stood at the gate of the group headquarters and waited,The long red carpet extends from the entrance of the office building to the entrance of the compound,I don’t know what the heavyweight leader is here。
For this scene of Air China,Chen Geng is extremely calm:I haven’t seen anything?
Seeing Chen Geng getting off the car,Wang Zhenguo took the lead with a big smile on his face:“Mr. Chen,welcome,Your arrival makes Air China shine。”
“Mr. Wang, you are too kind,You blame me for being too late,”Chen Geng firmly held Wang Zhenguo’s hand,Smiled:“Air China is usF100The largest purchaser of aircraft,ourF120After completing the airworthiness certification work,Air China is the first to drop us off12HomeF120Orders,Air China has supported our work with practical actions,Thank you,It should be me thanking Mr. Wang and Air China for their support to COMAC。”

“I really don’t want to fight with him,But he never accepted my kindness。”

Huang Longwen is also in a dilemma,He knows how great Qin Feng’s potential is,Especially when Qin Feng seems to have some secrets,Once he provokes Qin Feng,That’s a place to die without burial。
But he also doesn’t know how he should change the current situation。
Hear these words,Xie Zhiwei sighed and said:“In that case,We can also think of other means?”
I don’t believe that Qin Feng will not need any help,If he needs something,What do we give him,Anyway, we only need our basic things,This is fine?
Xie Zhiwei’s house also has more than ten acres of land,If we follow this normal level,As long as Qin Feng is willing to take care of it,He believes he can mix well here。
Huang Longwen frowned,His home is also a field similar to Xie Zhiwei,Because the previous fields were replaced by other things by him。
But should this be the case now??
Don’t know how,Huang Longwen is a bit unwilling,Besides, he thought of another situation:“Many forces have entered the village now,Will those guys look at Qin Feng so arrogant??”
After all, Huang Longwen wants to make Qin Feng unlucky,He is back to the time he was in power。
This is also normal,You know when Qin Feng didn’t come out,Huang Longwen is the biggest person in a village,And he is also the richest person。
The result is good now,Qin Feng’s appearance soaring into the sky,So he can’t do anything。
Xie Zhiwei saw Huang Longwen’s appearance,A little disappointed in his heart,He naturally knew what Huang Longwen was worried about,But he and Huang Longwen have different interests,He was a running dog for Huang Longwen,Isn’t it just for profit??
If there are enough benefits,Who is he going to

at this time,Six Great Warriors,Three dead and two injured,Only one Shu Xiujuan still has some fighting power。

Ma Tianyin broke his brain and died,Zu Zhong was pierced by Gang Jin,Kick and kill,Ba Shengrong fractured both wrists,Zhang Changlin’s hands are also gone,Neither can fight again,There is only one Shu Xiujuan left,Obviously it’s not a climate anymore。
If not for seeing,Who can think of it,Six powerful warriors,Determined to sweep the third-level mining area,In the end, he was beaten into this miserable look by a young man。
And the most helpless is,This battle could have been avoided,They only need to give up a part of the benefits,Don’t even need profit,As long as you don’t provoke that young man。
It’s a pity that the six powerful fighters are too confident,They don’t believe in others,Unwilling to share benefits with others,That’s why it ended up like this。
“How did your move just now change?Why i can’t see!”Ba Shengrong with red eyes,Slumped。
One of his arms is dead,Only 20-30% left,There is no chance of turning over。
Lu Menglin thought for a while,Lightly:“In the form of a cat。Not in twelve shapes,You haven’t seen it is normal。”
“Fear cat?Fear cat?There is such a creature in the world?Jaguar,But more fierce than a leopard!”Ba Shengrong muttered to himself。
He deserves to be the Xingyiquan everyone,I can see the mysteriousness of Lu Menglin’s move just now。
Lu Menglin could hardly catch up with Ma Tianyin just now,In a hurry,Suddenly,I thought of the cat-like aura felt in that crystal mineral fossil,Take the charm of the cat hunting,Sure enough, an unexpected result was achieved。
“No wonder,No wonder!Although you are not familiar with Xingyi Quan,But you can make a beast shape beyond the twelve shapes!No wonder i will lose!”Ba Shengrong shook his head and smiled bitterly。
“Kid!Kill if you want!We never frown!”Shu Xiujuan shouted。
This old woman has a strong temper,Even though knowingly out of,But still very fierce。

“If King Jun is here,Guess he dare to talk to me like this?”Lu Meng’s face is as heavy as iron,Said coldly。

“what?Haha!This wild boy is really serious!Bros!Don’t froze,Give him a good look,My Sun Sanlei wants to show him,What is arrogant!”Sun Sanlei cried out strangely,It also caused a lot of applause around。
How could Tu Shanming behind Lu Menglin bear this kind of sigh?,Grinned immediately:“grown ups,Leave it to me here!You go first!”
Talk about it,This guy draws a knife,One stop one hundred,Rush over。
Sun Sanlei wants to fight each other,Suddenly he pulled out the knife with great interest,Unambiguous。
“Wait!”No one thought,Lu Menglin suddenly made a noise at this time。
“Now I know regret?late!You guys dare to resist arrest,Kill without mercy!”Sun Sanlei shouted,There was a loud promise from all around。
Long Zhanye frowned,He is not
Got it。
These people present,Don’t look at the hundreds,No one can really fight,That is to say, the leader has forty-two levels,Reluctantly,Those left,All are around level 40,There are also 38 levels mixed in to charge,Mobs like this,Don’t say it’s Lord Wuhao,Even if it’s me and Tu Shanming,Just a rush,The opposite is mostly defeated。
Master Wu Hao is extremely anxious,At this moment, he stopped Tu Shanming,Is there something hidden in this?
“You are just cannon fodder,It’s just pushed out and sold。Who is in my way,Whoever will die!”Lu Menglin said coldly。
After speaking,He holds Leiji,Go straight to the group of people。
Maybe this scene is too weird,When Lu Menglin walked closer,None of those people dared to do it,Look at each other。
Because they really can’t understand,This young man is holding Leiji,Walk straight towards them,Isn’t he afraid of death?
Sun Sanlei,He saw Lu Menglin approached,I’m about to enter the crowd,If you don’t stop this kid,Where do I put my face??
then,Sun Sanlei yelled,Brandishing the sword in his hand impermeably,Hacked at someone。