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Chapter Two Hundred and Twenty Six More“prison”
Miss Cheng,Zheng Ye is already waiting outside。”
Inside a luxury private room of a restaurant,Cheng Yunxiao is relying on the red sandalwood chair boringly,Facing Li Hao’s report,Did not answer immediately,But use the small file on your hand,Trimming nails intently。
After a while,She looked at her hands carefully,White, tender skin and smooth nails,Smiled contentedly,I just answered Li Hao’s words。
“Who does Zheng Ye think of himself?,No contact for nearly two months,Today I remembered that we came,It turned out to be his appointment time,He himself was late for more than half an hour,He just takes himself too seriously,If I dare to have another time,I will definitely impress him。”
She straightened her body,Raise chin,Arrogant,Zhu lip whispered in a low voice:“Let him in。”
After getting the order,Li Hao directly opened the door of the private room,Zheng Ye has been standing outside the door,Bow your head and say nothing。
He heard Cheng Yunxiao’s words clearly outside the door,Although he was really late,But he dare not explain,I can only tacitly default my fault。
“Yo,Why are you so embarrassed。”Cheng Yunxiao raised his eyes and glanced at the person in front of him with a grin.。
At this time, although Zheng Ye tried his best to tidy up his clothes and hairstyle,But there are still dirt stains on the suit that have not been cleaned up,Both cuffs have different degrees of wear,Take a closer look,He who always loves his clothes,I wore a jacket with an open top。
“Sorry Miss Cheng,My time is running out,Can’t change clothes,I must tell you the news quickly……”
“You came out of prison,Do you have to go back in time??”Cheng Yunxiao was very dissatisfied with Zheng Ye’s attitude,But what Nianzai provided before was all valuable information,So I had to persuade myself to be patient,After listening, decide what to do。
She motioned Li Hao to go outside and guard with her eyes,Not out of distrust,It’s just that the soundproofing effect of this room door is too poor,Lest anyone pass by,Hear the information。
“okay,I can forgive you,But also look at the information you gave,Worth my forgiveness。”
Wait for Li Hao to remove the door,Close the door after nodding,Cheng Yunxiao said to Zheng Ye。

Face covered with blood,Make Leo smile extremely hideously at this moment。

Yuege began to wield constantly to repair his organs。
Others use knives to destroy organs,And he is just the opposite,You can use a knife to repair the organ。
But his restoration is not the kind of complete restoration。
Just a kind“Upright”,Like broken bones,He can straighten the position of the bones,As for true healing, the body still needs to solve it by itself。
This is because he doesn’t understand medicine,Otherwise it will be easier,of course,It is impossible for him to spend years and months studying。
The only good news is that he has a good grasp of his body,Even if you don’t know how to heal,Rely on this mastery,He can also repair the organs well。
Plus strong vitality,He can recover quickly even if his heart is broken。
Not being fatal is a small problem for him。
After a while,Leo completely repaired his organs,Then he started eating a lot。
Eat and drink while recovering with small life essence,Let the body recover as quickly as possible。
Which is two or three hours,Leo’s body basically recovered。

Three people laughed together,Talking accidentally,Listen intentionally,Actually Xia Jian is smiling,But I was thinking,The woman who is related to her now,Will you trouble him in the future?This matter can’t be taken lightly。

Finished eating,The three separated and went busy,Xia Jian hit a dick,Back to the apartment,Turned on his personal computer,First look at the email。
Many copies were sent by Wang Lin to sign him,Xia Jian glanced over,I replied all these emails to Wang Lin。The last one seems to be a personal letter from Wang Lin to him。
Xia Jian opened with caution,See it says“It’s been some time since you left Bucheon,There are many things at work,I can’t think of your leaving during the day,But at night, when the people are still,I will also be a little sad。You forgot my existence,Still really busy”
See here,Xia Jian stopped,He just remembered,I’ve been in Pingdu for so long,I haven’t called Wang Lin,Wang Lin came here for everything,And it’s all about work。
Xia Jian scrolled the mouse,Then look down“I know,You have your woman in Pingdu,And not one,I don’t care about it,As long as you keep me in your heart,Even just a phone call”
Turn off the computer,Xia Jian lay on the bed,Put your hands behind your head,He couldn’t help but think of Wang Lin,This woman is really nice,Regardless of her knowledge、Be a man、And beauty,Pick one out,It can be said that everything is good。
Xia Jian was thinking,Even thought of them goingszWhich nights,They get along so charming,Make people miss,There is an unforgettable feeling。
Just when Xia Jianzheng was immersed in this happiness,Suddenly the phone rang,Xia Jian took a look,Seeing that Bai Ruyu came here,He hurriedly connected and asked:“You are as good as jade,How are you doing?”
“not bad,Are you in Bucheon?”Bai Ruyu’s voice is very soft,But Xia Jian can still hear it,She is very weak。
Xia Jian smiled at the phone and said:“I came to Pingdu, the weather is almost a month away,Do you have something?”
“Nothing,I haven’t talked to you for a long time,Just call to ask”Bai Ruyu said softly,Xia Jian felt her voice seemed to be far away。
Xia Jian said oh,Then said:“I’ll be back to Bucheon in two days,Come to see you”
First0467chapter The magical effect of Chinese medicine
Hang up the phone,Xia Jian faintly felt that there was something wrong with Bai Ruyu,But he just can’t tell,Because he is still busy with the launching ceremony of the leisure agriculture,So he didn’t think much。
Call for a long time,The launching ceremony of the official business of Pingyang Town Xiuxian Agriculture has finally begun。Many government officials led by Huang Ting came this day,With propaganda department,There is also the Ministry of Agriculture,Water Resources Bureau,Bureau of Land and Resources,Even the Public Security Bureau sent a representative。
of course,In terms of publicity,Xia Jian also worked hard。Provincial TV Station,A large number of reporters came from the Provincial Daily,TV stations and newspapers in Pingdu,Almost come out。In the words of the local people,This is the first time。

Lu Hao gave Xia Jian the route,Xia Jian drove straight to He Yumei’s house。The big village,Just a few minutes after driving。

Finally the car stopped at a courtyard gate。Typical rural yard,Red brick building on three sides。From outside,This family should be living well。
The big red painted wooden door is closed tightly,Xia Jian pushed hard。No plug in,The gate opened with a crash。At this moment,A woman in her thirties walked out of the upper room。This woman dresses plainly,But good shape。At first glance, it is the embryo of a great beauty。
“Who are you looking for?”The woman asked in her coaxing voice。
Xia Jian said quickly:“Let’s find He Yumei!”Xia Jian finished saying this,I found that Yao Junli beside me was standing still。Staring at this woman。
This woman did not speak,But came over to Xia Jian。I can see clearly when I get closer,Except for the traces of the years,Black skin is not black,Because women living in the countryside,It’s pretty good to have this kind of skin tone。
“Yao Junli!Did you go to the wrong door?!”The woman suddenly sneered。
Yao Junli smiled and said:“What do you mean He Yumei!Are you trying to drive us out?Don’t forget,All visitors。Zhang Lu does not treat guests like you”Yao Junli is the boss,People who have seen the world,He Yumei was trapped in two sentences。
“Your mouth is still so good。I mean my family is poor,You came in and didn’t even have a place to sit,I’m afraid that your clothes will get dirty”He Yumei smiled slightly,But she still doesn’t spare Yao Junli。
Xia Jian looked anxious,Because time is a bit rush,They have to do business。If these two people keep fighting like this,Didn’t you delay business。
So he laughed and said:“Sister He!We have something to ask you。Do business first,You two will quarrel again!”Xia Jian is straight to the point,Go straight。
“Sister He?Am i older than you?Don’t look at my dark complexion,But i’m young,Maybe younger than you”What He Yumei said is serious,Say it’s true。
Yao Junli couldn’t help laughing:“Cucumber hit donkey,Mixed tender。I’ll tell you!He is one year younger than me,Three years younger than you,you got it!”

The Lord of Peng Gong and the Lord of Yanshan are not surprised。

The Lord of Void Gold in the Giant Axe Battlefield、The Lord of Jiuyu frowned。
And the Lord of Dongqing、The face of the Lord of Desolation is not very good,Especially the Lord of Famine。
Create another vein?
The five forces of mankind,The interests and power of the human race have almost been divided。
The main line of infinity opens again,Where does the benefit come from?
Virtual Universe Company,The giant axe battlefield backed by the strongest,Naturally, they cannot share their interests。
These benefits,In the end, it must be obtained from the Universe Mercenary Alliance and the two major banks。
And Li Ming’s【Infinite Palace】,It’s no secret at the highest level of humanity,Its function actually overlaps with the cosmic mercenary alliance。
“unlimited~”The Lord of Famine Jian looked at Li Ming coldly,“I also know the infinite palace of your treasure,But the number of strong people that can be accommodated is very small,I’m afraid I’m not capable of cultivating strong people alone.。”
“I just used my own resources before,Naturally cultivated people are limited,If there are resources like the Universe Mercenary Alliance,Nature can cultivate more geniuses。”Face interest,Li Ming naturally refused to give up。
Create your own vein,Then you can enjoy the supply of human resources,Supply with human resources,Li Ming believes in his own【Infinite Palace】It can be upgraded to the level of high and even the highest level.,The number of people trained can also be expanded ten million times。Of course the most critical,Not those resources,But it can recruit people from many countries
【Infinite Palace】Cultivate more talents,The more complex the time and space it appears,Li Ming will benefit from it。
“Five forces of my human race,Each force is supported by at least two universe masters,One Lord of the Universe,I’m afraid it’s not easy to lead the line。”

“alright!You just have a good time.。”

“Hey-hey,Row,Then I will go to the toilet first.,You will play with them first.。”
Zhang Erzhuang said,Also gone。
Just when he is walking, it has already opened mobile phone recordings.,Then I found a better shot.。
After another,Liu Dafu is also a glimpse。
Because Zhang Erzhuang actually brought a good beauty to come in.。
“Hey-hey,Liu Da Ge,People drink less,Why do we have to drink tonight?,Have fun。”
Say,Zhang Erzhuang is directly drinking。
Several many women are also clapping,Then looked forward to Liu Dafu.。
Liu Dafu frowned,Hesitating, it is also a drink.。
Originally Liu Dafu thought it would enter the topic。
But I drink ten o’clock.,He is all slim.,Immediately no longer hesitate。
“Just drinking is not interesting,Let’s play games,How is it drinking while drinking??”
“OK,Liu Big Brother is ready to play?”
“Yup,Liu Boss is ready to play?
Our few sisters will accompany them.。”
Feel a few women around you,Liu Dafu is also excited:“Start now,Let’s play the truth of the truth.,If you lose a glass of wine, you have to take a piece of clothes.。”
“How about it?
You dare not dare?”
“Liu boss,People are not wearing it today.,If you lose, don’t you have any clothes.?”
In the face of this soft but also with a charm sound,Liu Dafu is also laughing.。
“Hey-hey,Don’t serve without clothes.,Of course, is it to use your little mouth??”
“Boss,You are bad,But people like it.。”
Zhang Erzhuang also attracted this gameplay by Liu Dafu.。
When it is not necessary to start。
“Hey-hey,Let’s start.,Just here there is a dice,Three numbers plus,Who is big,Who can ask questions,How about it?”
“no problem,Let’s start。”
Several people said no problem,Zhang Erzhuang,Shake out a fifteen o’clock directly。
The next few people did not shake this point.。
“Hey-hey,Then I first take care of several ladies first.,Ask Liu Big Brother,Liu Big Brother is ready to let people who borrow?”
Liu Dafu heard this,Face is also a change。
Hesitate,Automatic number。
“I lost,You said.,How to punish,I will take a piece of clothes first.。”
“Hey-hey,My penalty is very simple,You come with Xiaomei once,And it is necessary to take the most intense moment with your mobile phone.,How about it?”
I heard this,Xiaomei is also a shameless road:“Boss,You are bad,People are not shipped,No losing can not cooperate。”
“Hey-hey,it is good,Let’s continue。”
soon,Zhang Erzhuang won again,Then I naturally ask a small beauty problem.。

From morning till now,Something is wrong。

“I won’t let go!Unless you lend me money……”
Ran Jing grasped Fang Yu tightly,Unwilling to let go。
Fang Yu is also afraid of hurting Ran Jing,No effort to shake off。
“You owe money?I remember that,Your salary is not low……and,Your Xu Chao won’t buy you luxury goods?”Fang Yu wondered。
“I bought it by credit card……I have no money to pay it back……You only need to lend me ten thousand。I won’t pester you anymore!”
Ran Jing cried and said。
“There are ten thousand in this card,You do it yourself!”
Fang Yu handed a card to Ran Jing。
I suddenly feel more relaxed!
Fang Yu now,I can say goodbye to the past completely!
“Thank you!!”
Ran Jing got Fang Yu’s card,Left quickly。
“what happened?”
Go back to Fang’s pharmacy in Fang Yu。
Fang Deyun is not happy seeing his son’s emotions。
I went to have a meal with other beautiful women at noon。

“Let’s talk about strange things,I know that a treasure was born naturally under the flaws of the rules of heaven and earth at that time,At that time, a lot of strange things were born。”

“Of course it seems that this statement may not be true,At least not necessarily accurate。There are still strange things born in our current era。Do you know Amethyst??!”
“This amethyst,From hell,To be exact, it is a god from hell。This main god gave birth to a kind of wonder of heaven and earth—Soul stone,Is the legendary soul treasure。And the nether mountain in the underworld,There is also a kind of fruit-like wonders of heaven and earth,Nether Fruit,It is said that a high-ranking refining god is completely comparable to the seven-star elves。”
“Brother Lieshan,Now you know why I don’t want to shoot the Concealed Leaf。This treasure is merely a collection value,It’s no less than a medium-grade soul defense artifact。unless,You trade with me with the top grade soul defense artifact,Of course it would be better if you could give me a drop of the power of the main god。”
The Golden Winged Darkwalker was stunned,He has never seen this level of transaction,Even the power of the main god came out!
Wright frowned,He also doesn’t have top-grade soul defense artifacts,And the power of the main god?He snatched a drop from Patriarch Bard,But it’s a treasure at the bottom of the box,Although it doesn’t mean much to him,If he breaks through the three high-level gods,Fusion power is also very close to the power of the main god。But Cecilia and Harry can save their lives,:“Master Zing,Why don’t we trade in another way?”
“Brother Na Lieshan means?”
“I pledge this soul defense artifact to you,For 10,000 years。Within ten thousand years,I will return this treasure to you,This soul defense artifact is used as a cost。Of course all this,I will swear in the name of the Supreme God of Destiny。”
Master Zhenqi was silent for a while,He has strong intelligence capabilities,Naturally know more than ten years ago,This Lieshan Elf also used the power of the main god,But he is not sure that he has a second drop of power like this。Of course he also hopes to exchange for a drop of the power of the main god,This is a treasure that can save your life at the critical moment。But if the opponent does not have the power of the main god,Lend a strange thing to hide the spirit leaf for 10,000 years,It is also very worthwhile to exchange for a middle-grade soul defense artifact。
of course,This is also risky,In case Wright falls,Naturally this treasure can’t be exchanged。But compared to risk,Benefit more。After all, the family of the soul defense artifact is barely close to the strange thing in between。
“Then deal?”
“Congratulations。。。”The Golden Winged Darkwalker looked at the eyes of the two,My heart burst。“and many more,You two are trying to kill me。Master Zing,We are old friends,Brother Lieshan, I brought you here。”
The Golden Winged Darkwalker is really scared,These two can control the magic circle,An amazing strength,Team up to kill him easily。And that’s all about the secrets that the owner of the 豸蛌 said before,But later transactions,Feel that matters,Maybe these two will really do。。。
“You don’t have to kill it!”The owner of the 豸蛌 glanced at Wright,“but,Brother Jin Wing, you must swear to the Supreme God of Destiny,What I heard today,Can’t leak a word。”
“Good!”The Golden Winged Darkwalker took another look at Wright,I found Wright looked at him with a smile,No plans to do it,But relieved,Swear in the name of the Supreme God of Destiny。

He wants,Personally use a dagger to scrape the enemy alive。

To pay tribute to their dead comrades。
at this time,I don’t know who is the first to say。
Then everyone yelled,Unforgettable bloody hatred。
“We must use the blood of the enemy to pay tribute to our comrades in arms!”
Flying Wolf said in a deep voice,Clenched fist,Blue tendons burst。
“set off,search for,Be sure to find clues about the enemy,”Flying wolf commands。
An instant,Everyone is going in different directions。
“Flying wolf,Here are clues,”Qin Hao said at this time。
Then point to a corner,This is a fragment。
“The above seems to bemChinese characters,”Qin Hao gave the fragments to Flying Wolf。
“I seem to know where they are,”Flying wolf just took a look,Then smelled it,Just said。

Xia Jian said with a smile。

Daochang Ziyi shook his head and said:“It’s all your credit,If it weren’t for you to open the Ziyang Temple tour route,I have such a strong incense here。Two years ago,As a teacher, I think this life is over like this,I didn’t expect you to realize this dream for me。Ziyang View Now,There are as many as twelve Taoist priests sitting and watching,And I have a successor,So be me……”
“master!Don’t you always say that,You can live to be over 100 years old”
Xia Jian interrupted Dao Master Ziyi,Said emotionally。
Daochang Ziyi smiled and said:“I’m already alive,I should have left two years ago,But seeing Ziyang Guan so defeated,I can’t bear to leave as a teacher,It’s different now。You saw it too,The Ziyang Temple now plays the role of its ancient outlook。One can let everyone sightseeing,Two can pray for the people in all directions,This is what i hope”
“master!You can do more”
Xia Jian said eagerly。
Daochang in purple smiled slightly,Took a breath and said:“Everything is fate,Can not be forced。You’re a disciple, you have done a lot for the peaceful city,Loved by everyone。Merchants put interests first,But we must understand the true meaning of taking from the people and using it for the people。That’s difficult,Because there are not many people who can do yours”
“master!You saved my life,Since when,I know I must give back to the society,So I did everything as it should”
Xia Jian said,Bowed his head very religiously。
“Ok!You are great good,It’s just that you have committed peach blossom in your life”
Mr. Ziyi said,Suddenly looked at Guan Tingna。He watched for a long time,Can’t help but shook his head:“Let it go,Not forcibly detached。Three-legged standing,Is your greatest guarantee of success,The mystery,Maybe you will understand it after many years”
Guan Tingna listened to Dao Master Ziyi’s words,She seems to understand something。
“Grandmaster!I have never believed in fate,But today I don’t know why,I just want to hear you talk about me……”
Guan Tingna talked but stopped,After all, Lin Wei is still standing beside her。
Daochang Ziyi smiled and said:“Believers have,Don’t believe it。You were born rich,Could have enjoyed it,But you are trapped by love。Even though I’m nameless in this life,But you will be happy”