“Then you mean the materials are ready,We just runSHTo join?”Wang Youcai asked with a smile。

Niu Huiling nodded and said:“Once this matter is confirmed,Then you have to act immediately,Otherwise, if someone else opens it later,Then this business is going bad”
“it is good!I’ll be ready to go back tonight。You have to make arrangements,Don’t let the second brother know”Wang Youcai said,He took a long breath。The dust settled,A stone in his heart fell。
noon,Wang Youcai sat down with Wang Youdao and had a potluck。During this period,Wang Youcai and Niu Huiling,No one talks about opening a private hospital anymore。
After closing the box door,Wang Youdao just asked:“what happened?Why did you two become dumb??”
“Damn!That procedure is too troublesome,I can’t do it。Really didn’t expect,There is so much information”Wang Youcai shook his head,Said with a frustrated face。He played well。
Niu Huiling smiled and said:“This can make money,There is nothing to do。Since you can’t even bear this trouble,Then go back and open your little clinic!”
These two sang together,The acting is a bit realistic。Wang Youdao naturally believed,He laughed and said:“I said,This is not as easy as you think,Feel at ease now!After finishing the meal, hurry back and go to your class”
Finance Minister Wang You sighed,Pick up the chopsticks and eat。Wang Youdao made an exception and asked for a half catty of liquor,The brothers drank。
After eating,Wang Youcai really didn’t stay too much,He asked Niu Huiling to drive him to the train station。on the car,Contact information。Because this is not only to be done,And you can’t let Wang Youdao know when you do it。
Wang Youcai didn’t buy a sleeper at the train station,He went back in a hurry,Bought a hard seat。The train left shortly after getting on the train,He made up the sleeper again。
When I return to the city,It’s dark already。He had a potluck while running,So I took a taxi to the small clinic。
Maybe it’s late,The small clinic is quiet。There are two patients waiting to get medicine,And He Jing is reading the newspaper。What Wang Youcai didn’t expect was,Doctor Lu is wearing mirror eyes,Watching the medicine book attentively。
He saw Wang Youcai walk in,I couldn’t help but smile。Just listen to him with a smile:“Boss Wang’s speed is really fast”
“Not okay!Few people tonight,Everyone get off work early!”Wang Youcai said,So he winked at Doctor Lu。
The old man stretched,Yawned and said:“Get off work!There are many patients during this time,All a little tired,Go back to rest early,Let’s do it tomorrow”
He Jing may be the reason why Wang Youcai said something,She didn’t say a word,I just put down the newspaper in my hand,Began to take off her white coat。

“brat,You are my fourth disciple!”

The man in the white robe taps Li Ming’s forehead with his finger,Mass memory transfer。
Li Ming only felt the roar of consciousness。
No matter the deity,Still doppelganger,I lost consciousness in an instant。
Comparing Li Ming with the soul of a Taoist monarch,It took three full breaths to calm down。
Feel the massive inheritance in the sea of knowledge,Li Ming straightened his face,Three bows to the white robe man。
Preaching Grace,Second only to heaven and earth,Parenthood。
Proud of him,It’s also a solemn salute right now。
“Haha,It’s a little guy who is polite。”White robe man,Do not,The ancestor of Tianqiong smiled,“But not bad,Ok,You obviously got it《Holy Book of Thousand Body》This is the best way,But with the formation method to untie the remaining divine stone,It’s strange。”
Tianqiong ancestors have a mild temperature,Seems to be permeated with a passion for life。
“I’m leaving the Yanlong realm,Just before the endless territory we often say,Also received two disciples,Also established sects。”
“but,Your big brother was accepted when I was ordinary,Fall early now,Your second elder sister has assumed the position of Sect Master Tianqiong,If Qiongzong still exists today,,You can go find her。”
“I’m actually not good at teaching disciples,So i created,Collected tricks,But it’s all in the memory inheritance。”
“Since you are good at formation,that《Light Mantra Mandala Collection》It must be understood。Pointing to the eternal way,Very important。”
“Other methods,you have《Holy Book of Thousand Body》This method,Supernatural power,I have to study and learn some methods of fighting and protecting the body。I was negligent in fighting,It was miserable to be chased by a peak Daoist。”Talking about being chased,The ancestor of Tianqiong is still incomparable
“As for the treasure,I also prepared a million squares of Chaos Spirit Liquid for you,One Enlightenment,And a puppet with the strength of the normal three-step Taoist—but,Before your strength can reach the threshold of the ordinary three-step path,But it can only drive him three times。”

And looking at it all,At this time, Wang Teng is looking in front of him,In his heart,Even more eager to try。

“well,In this case,Then just follow what you said,Ready to start。”
When Wang Teng’s words are finished,Others followed Wang Teng,A swarm of swarms began to rush towards the distance。
For them,How to solve such a thing this time。
Just these,Actually it has become very difficult。
And Wang Teng,In fact, it is also to solve this kind of thing comprehensively。
“Actually now,All of this,Are doomed。”
“In that case,Then this time,They will never have a chance。”
When Wang Teng’s words are finished,The people around looked at each other,They raised their heads and looked in front of them。
After all, the more so,These things,Still need to deal with it as soon as possible。
And at the same time,The other side。
Wei Zhonglei came here with a large group of people。
“Wang Teng,You get out!”
Wei Zhonglei knows,Now words,In fact, it should be necessary to deal with these things quickly.。
if not,Continue to consume,No one knows,What the result will be。
I watched it for a while,at this time,In front of Wei Zhonglei,The people around said to Wei Zhonglei。
“Boss,We took a look,Find something over there。”


Zhou Yewu and Xu Ruo were returned to the face of summer red autumn。
Xia Hongqiu is crying,Faint:“Thank you for。”
Originally thought she would say a lot,I didn’t expect to just say a thank you.,Zhou Ye is silent。
“Take a good rest.。”
Zhou Ye turned around the ward,Xu Ruobei gave a door with the back,How to deal with medical expenses about Xiahongqiu,Xu Ruo is suggested that he wants to contact local donation agency,I agree with this Ziyu.。
“Poor disease,Take a look at there is no good person to help them.,Recently, there is something like it.,That thing is perhaps useful。”Xu Ruo Reminds。
“it is good,I want to contact the dean of the orphanage.,There is still some of her?。”
Zhou Yewu and Xu Ruoge have been in a few beds to have come to a ward,In the ward is a Zhou Niwu, I haven’t seen youth guys.,No patient’s clothing,But wearing your own clothes,Green flower shirt,Blue cowboy,I have been stomach。
No patient’s clothing,It is a new patient.。
Zhou Ye watched the appearance of young people,Body type,Many small sectations and black sputum on your face,Some looks like。
“This is a new patient,You handle it.。”Xu Ruoi pointed to the young people without evil.。
Young people look at Zhou Ye has some questioning,Some proud deeds:“Can he see my illness??”
Xu Ruo is directly cold and cold.:“Then you are ready to go back??Not treated?”
Put your young people in a word,Zhou Ye is also stunned。
It is estimated that Xu Ruo is invisible to say this.,Not afraid that the superior leadership is handled。
Zhou Ye went to open a patient’s bed number,Seeing the name called Qi Pingjun,age29,It is indeed a young man.。
“Why is it uncomfortable??”Zhou Ye took out the medical record clip,Place white paper on top,Prepare to start recording history,Such operation,Repeat every day,Get him, actually some upset,But I have to repeatedly do these things every day.。
The momentum of Yan Pingjun was eliminated after Xu Ruo.,Speaking also became the only Inor:“stomachache,Have loose bowels。”
“How long?”
“More than ten days。”
“Do you have so before??”
“have,It’s more than four or five years ago.。”
Zhou Ye was surprised to look at the Pingjun,This looks old,The medical history is very long,Just saying that from Yan Pingjun almost24I started abdominal pain and diarrhea.,This disease is a bit long.,It looks a chronic disease。
His first idea is that there is a problem with the diet of Jun Pingjun.,Or parenteralness,May be related to the digestive system。
“Where is it mainly??”Zhou Ye asked,Staring at Li Pingjun’s belly,Want to see what part is,The pain of the pain represents different parts is different.,The latter organ is different。
I saw that the Hupping Army refers to his left lower abdomen.,Use your hand pressure to buy,The face is blue。

gained a lot,In addition to the nine wicked people,He also found the foothold of the Jiuxian wild chicken——Yixiangyuan。

It is said that Yuan Bazhen is really a big business.,Not only all the casinos in the city,It is his open.。
Seven days later,Liao Wenjie changed the book,Just walk to the door,The door is ringing。
Open the door,Bai Suzhen and Xiaoqing,One person carrying a bag,Hope the dust servant。
This is the rhythm of running!
Seven days, don’t see this pair of plastic sisters,At first glance,Looks like it is more beautiful,Liao Wenjie is surprised:“Young girl,How are you……And white girl,How come you come?”
Bai Suzhen bite to teeth,not talking。
Xiaoqing is unhappy with my sister.,Hurry:“Is such that,I am playing with my sister at home.,One accidentally burned the house,There is no relative in the city to go.,I want to borrow a few days in the son.。”
“Do you spell this??”
“nothing,I mean,welcome any time,I have no problem.。”
“Son,You a dress,Where is preparing??”
“Yixiangyuan,Very famous。”
Two women’s brain,Especially Bai Suzhen,I didn’t want to understand for a long time.,Placing ready-made,Why do you seem to have to go to Yixiangyuan??
After a while,She suddenly realized,Saving its Liao Wenjie’s honesty:“I see,Prostitute is also a person,I will also be old and sick.,The son went to the Yixiangyuan for the visit,Right?”
“no,Just looking for fun!”
Chapter 357 Good handsome back
The first floor hall is full,Qinse,Yan Yan Yan plugs,From time to time, I will pass the seriousness.。
Liao Wenjie opened the folding fan into the door,Bai Suzhen, who follows the female dress behind him,A white,Brilliant son,If it is not stinking a face,That’s better.。
According to Liao Wenjie,Tonight should take Li Rui,Considering that Li Maochun has a risk of madness,Just Bai Suzhen and take the initiative to hit the gun,I changed a teammate.。
Bai Suzhen is also the same,That is the people,And the robbery of the Magic of the Fahai,Changed to her without better effect。
The instant appeared in two people,The color of the whole hall is raised by 50%.,It can also be understood as,There are too many ugly men in the lobby.。
Because the two people are too large,娇 语 语 语 语 停,The little sisters put the light,Swallow water,Next, consciously mention the trousers belt。
This makes the elephants are unhappy.,A few meanings,Is the money in your hands not fragrant??
“How did the two sons come?,The girls are waiting.。”Old screams,Feng Yun stills,Eyebrow,I have been working for many years.,It’s an old technique.。
“Can’t talk about,My brother, two people come tonight.,I used to pass by。”
Liao Wenjie waves folding fan,Blank,One side of the ink writing‘Heartman’Two words。
“Hey, this mouth,Start coming again,The confidence of the two sons is tight。”
Old, it’s seen that Bai Suzhen is a female dress.,No bitterness,Men, the flowers, her, her, her, her.,Know that Liao Wenjie is the master,Laugh:“Two sons,It is ready to listen to the music on the first floor.,Still directly on the second floor to talk about the wind and snow?”
“Second floor,I am going to be a poem。”
Liao Wenjie smiled and said,One did not pay attention,The cuffs fall down a small gold bead。
Old eye-catching,Bend down the waist:“Son,Your money is lost。”
Liao Wenjie waved,Nothing:“Let it fall.,Just as I funded,Let your boss to repair stairs,Broken,Looking at some years。”
Old hometown,Laugh,Through the chest tremble,Pull up Liao Wenjie’s hand to the second floor:“Thank you for generosity,Your request,Be。”
Bai Suzhen black face with a face,unhappy,very unhappy,Unhappy。
Look at Liao Wenjie experienced,I am sure that I will find it out.,The old man in and her is completely one day.。

“You said why this is concerned!Not all because it is not so difficult??”

Li Huihe listened to Liu Xu’s slightly tone,Rapida understands that the other party will not leave your own,Immediately there is a breath。
“Hey-hey,Sweet sister rest assured,I won’t let such things happen.。”
“As long as the sweet sister doesn’t leave me,So don’t want to stop me from being with sweet sister.。”
Li Hui said this,A tightening that is not hugged。
Willow sweet is also the hardship of Li Hui Feng.,I immediately patted Li with the wind.。
“I can’t breathe.!”
|“Oh oh,Sweet sister,I’m so excited,sorry!”
“It’s fine。”
Looking at Li Hui’s face worry,Willow sweet is also gently coming out from Li Hui’s embrace.。
And Li Hui also thinks that he is going back to do this time.。
Through the willows,He feels that the so-called Meng Wenxuan is afraid not to be as simple as the pursuit of Liu Xu.,I am afraid I will think about this hotel.,Then according to it。
It’s good to come back in time.,Otherwise, he feels with willow sweet to the other party’s trust.,It is very likely to let the other party succeed。
“Sweet sister,That Meng Wenxuan’s wages remember to give him a look,Then let him go away,I will open a meeting for a while.,Collect all people。”
“Um,I’ll listen to you。”
“When do you want to open??”
Willow sweet feeling is now the time when the passenger traffic is,Should not open now。
But Li Hui’s answer is that she is somewhat unexpected.。
“The sooner the better,It is best now,Contained Meng Wenxuan。”
“Row,Then I will arrange this。”
Liu Xu’s words about Li Hui,There is no one hesitate。
soon,Li Hui Hui let Liu Xu’s all the plazen in front of the hotel.。
And the most basic waiters staying in the hotel。
Li Hui is looking at more than 20 people in front of him.,These include a disdainful Meng Wesixuan。
He has no nonsense,Directly hold Meng Wenxuan。
“Meng Wansuan,What are you doing here??Not told you that you have not been released??Lead your salary and hurry,If you want to continue to fight with me,I don’t mind, play with you.。”
Li Hui said this,The murder of the eyes directly looks to Meng Wenxuan。
At the same time, the momentum of the body directly lets everyone ignore Li Hui Feng, who is wearing ordinary dress.。
No one thinks that Li Hui is actually so powerful.。
Meng Wenxuan is a little bit of it by Li Hui’s eyes.。
“Humph,Is Liu Jiao let me come over。”
“Correct,I let her call you,Since you have said yourself, I have to go.,I can’t ask you again.,So, you will resign,I am not being expelled.,rest assured,I will give you a salary.。”
“But don’t expect anything else.,If I investigate something?,You may have to eat。”
Li Hui Feng feels that the other party wants to be as accounting,So want to do it empty,I have already made a good feet in advance.,Otherwise, there will be no so strong confidence.。
“okay,you can go now。”

Green Bull looked at Leo blankly, not knowing what happened。

“Don’t snore!”
When Green Bull heard Leo’s words, he couldn’t help but curl his mouth.,You have a face to tell me not to snore,Why do I sleep in such a hurry??
Is it because you snore too loudly,Made me unable to sleep,That’s why I rushed to sleep first。
But Green Bull fought a few battles during the day,Consumption is not small,So go to sleep again。
Watching the green bull calm down,Leo lay in bed and thought quietly。
Although he doesn’t seem to care about power,But I really care,Because these little brothers are the basis for his future actions。
“Want to harm the Tianlong people,Power is definitely needed,Also let them help find Weibull!”
Weibull’s news often has,But it has not been able to lock Weibull’s position。
The vast sea,As long as you don’t stay in one place for a long time,No one can find。
If you can lock the position,Then the pirates are not a problem for the navy,Let the lieutenant general go and sweep。
The problem is that it is hard to find,I find someone and I will run when I see you。
“How strong is Weibull??”Leo has been worried about this problem,If too strong,Even if Weibull’s brain is not good, he can’t deal with it。
“Let Seun go first,Thurn is not Weibull’s opponent but can trade injury for injury,I’ll take the head steadily!”
Seen is really important,Not just facing Weibull,Leo still has to rely on Seren to resist the next temptations of the forces。
Thinking about,Leo stood up suddenly,Then take the moon song and go out。
When Leo took the knife,The green new who was still asleep suddenly woke up,There is no trace of sleepiness in my eyes,Only asking。

Yin Lingshi girl biting her small lips。

She can fool everyone,Only a prophet can’t be deceived。
First297chapter counting stars
The climate in Runyu City is indeed very comfortable。
Even in winter,You only need to wear a close-fitting lining,Then put on a nice gown at will,I don’t feel cold,Won’t look bloated,Affect their beauty。
It’s time to worry about Longliang again。
Xiao Baiqi’s star fragment crystals are almost eaten,Zhu Minglang had to drag people to several nearby countries to collect。
The meat of the big black teeth is easy to solve,Hao Ye has hunted the monster meat for Big Black Fang that he can’t eat for a month,Fang Niannian sold the extra meat that was not suitable for storage,Change some dragon meat biscuits,Make sure that the big stomach king will not be hungry this winter。
Shenmu Qingshenglong’s wood juice also costs money to buy,You can’t eat the fruit of the devil。
The main reason is that Xiao Baiqi’s rations are expensive。
I feel that no matter how many gems Zhu Minglang has searched,Are far from enough。

Out of the restaurant,Ji Yunfeng is still angry,“Poetry,If not for you,I have to beat up this bastard!Everyone can tell that the couple are lying,What makes money from stocks,Just that stock,It’s not bad to go bankrupt without losing money!That girl treats us as fools,Thought we would not check!”

Mr. Ji, who has always shown himself in the image of cold and proud,So angry。
Yu Shi was originally angry,Heard him say so,Instead smiled kindly,“Nothing,Before this I just doubted,Look at them like this,I’m sure,Who did my dad meet on the day of the accident?,Sun Jiaxing must know。It’s just that he was silenced,I won’t say it for a while。”
Look at Sun Jiaxing’s attitude,Yushi is a little disappointed。But think carefully,This is also expected。If he wants to say,Will not hide in the UK。
See Yushi go far,Sun Jiaxing dialed a phone number,This number is not in his address book,But he remembers very clearly。
Call connected,There is a man’s lazy and wary voice:“what happened,Why call me this time?”
Sun Jiaxing forgot about jet lag,It’s still late at night in China。
“Korean poetry came to me,Ask me who the chairman met on the day of the accident。I think she knows something。”Sun Jiaxing is a little nervous,Unprepared,Go straight。
The voice on the other end of the phone is slightly stagnant,Immediately disdain:“As long as you don’t say,What can she know?You won’t be shaken,Want to tell her?”
“I……Said nothing,She is gone,Said to return home for two days。”The expression on Sun Jiaxing’s face is very complicated。
“You hold on for two more days,Waiting for her to return home,It’s calm。All right,I slept!”Talk about it,Man hung up。
There is already a beep in the phone,Sun Jiaxing still stared at the front in a daze。
Ma Wanqiu hates iron and complains:“What’s so scary about her as a little girl?See what scared you!”