Sichuan introduced "Building a State-owned Regulatory Maturity" Guidance

People’s Network Chengdu April 27 (Reporter Chen Yu) Sichuan Provincial Government Office has recently issued the "Guidance Opinions on Building the Provincial State Administration of State Administration" (hereinafter referred to as "guidance on building the province’s national-funded and developing" Opinions "), clarifying 19 measures to establish a" Sichuan Program "that constructs a large number of state-owned policies, and the first" Sichuan Answer "with the distinctive characteristics of local state-owned supervision. According to the Guidance of Opinions, Sichuan further identified the goal of the national-funded major pattern – strive to promote the promotion of the province’s national-funded government supervision party in the province, the institutional function is coincident, and the regulatory system is consistent. Significant and unity of power, the cooperation of collaborative supervision is significantly enhanced, the province’s state-owned supervision big pattern is generally formed, and the national-owned corporate supervision is basically formed. The national-owned enterprise reform and development is unordered. The social community is concerned about supporting the national state-owned enterprise reform and development atmosphere. The province’s national The overall function of state-owned enterprises is effective, and the capacity of the central and provincial strategic development is fully improved. The Guidance Opinions identifies the seven key tasks of the national-funded major pattern, including the establishment of the supervision organization system and the regulatory system system, the improvement of cooperation supervision mechanism, and the overall establishment of various funds, etc.

Sichuan demands that each city (state) should establish a state-owned asset supervision agency.

County (city, district) according to the total amount of local state-owned assets, with conditions can be used in the institutional limit.

"Guidance Opinions" emphasizes the centralized unified supervision of operating state-owned assets and gradually incorporate state-owned enterprises supervised by other departments into centralized unified supervision systems. In order to strengthen the basic management of state-owned assets, the "Guiding Opinions" requires the construction of a national-owned asset statistical analysis system in the province. At the same time accelerate the establishment of the total state-owned enterprise total auditor system.

"Guidance Opinions" also clearly requires that accelerates construction to cover the province’s national-funded data and enterprise service cloud platform, and form a national-funded "one network".

"Guiding Opinions" also put forward a series of requirements for the reform of collaboration and promoting state-owned enterprises.

Including the construction of the party’s party’s party, collaborates to promote the implementation of major development strategies in the state and the province, cooperates to promote high-quality development, cooperate to promote the reform of state-owned enterprises, and promote open cooperation, and cooperate to promote social responsibility. "Guidance Opinions" proposes four guarantees to promote the construction of national-funded national-funded large-scale landscapes through organizational leadership, guiding supervision, external environment, and strengthening supervision capacity, and promoting the construction of national-funded national supervision, and coordinating the reform of state-owned enterprises. (Editor: Yuan Yu, Gao Hongxia).

People’s Daily Points Zain Shandong Linyi County Perfect Business Environment: Optimization Service Inspires Entrepreneurial Vitality

Shandong Linyi County Perfect Business Environmental Optimization Service Inspires Entrepreneur Vitality Ben, October 28 (Reporter Xiao Jiaxin) On 8:00 am, Shandong Province, Jiushan Town, Jiushi Town, Shandong Province Returning to the country, "Zhao Ji is really supported by three trips, stand on the phone, and start the live booser.

"The improvement of infrastructure, entrepreneurial subsidies, post loans and other policies, let me go back to the development.

"Zhao Zhaozhen said. Today, there are more than 200 returning entrepreneurships like Zhao Jizhen, and promote the development of industrial integration. In recent years, Linyi County has vigorously implemented talents and county strategies, introduced a series of support talents And innovative policies, this year, I also set up "Linyi County Dr. Service Station", establish a pair of contact service mechanisms for doctoral talents. In order to solve the problem of corporate financing, the county has also introduced to improve the value of land assessment, improve loan mortgage rate, expand the loan mortgage rate 10 new initiatives such as collateral and guarantor have increased the value of the peripheral industrial land mortgage guarantee. In order to improve the business environment, Linyi County continues to deepen the reform of the approval service integration, integrating 106 enterprises scattered in more than 30 departments Life cycle matters, implement "Integrated Batch, One Window Office".

At the same time, optimize the upgrade "Service Enterprise Manager" mechanism, organize 1045 specialists to serve 1165 companies and 107 key projects, and empower high quality development.

Tangshan Cao Dian: "The township of Shrimp"

Original title: "The Township of Shrimp" is the Mid-Autumn Festival in Shrimp, and it has reached the good time of gaining in Caofeidian.

"Three, two, one, the net!" On September 19th, the rainy rain, the weather is cool, located next to the shrimp pool of Liuzan Town, Caofeian District, Tangshan City, the farmers are busy with the world. As the bottom of the fishing net is separated from the water, the fresh shrimp is jumped, and countless water flowers. "Great, it is a harvest year.

"Looking at the prawns of the living, Zhu Zhenzhou, General Manager, Caofeian District, Aquatic Breeding Co., Ltd., is full of smiles. Looking at the pendant scene, Zhu Zhenzhou calculates the notebook: 1500 acres of the company this year" China Oriental Shrimp ", YAN About 160 pounds, according to the current market market, more than about 3 million yuan.

In Caofeidian, Zhu Zhan is just a member of many pigs.

As the "hometown of Chinese oriental", Caofeidian is one of three more than 10,000 tons of shrimp counties (districts), and has received total production, single production, specifications, benefits, export exchanges for the national county-level shrimp unit for seven years. Shrimp brunette winter six first. "Caofeadad is the earliest, Asian Chinese oriental bringe farm region in China." Wang Yin, director of the Aquatic Office of Caofeian Agricultural Rural Area, said that with the continuous change of breeding scale and market demand, Caofeidian is in the road of shrimp in technology breeding. Leading far.

According to reports, the national shrimp crab modern agricultural industry technology system Tangshan comprehensive test has settled in Caofeid, 2008, has successively cultivated the new variety of Huanghai Aquatic Research Institute, "Huang Hai No. 1" "Huang Hai No. 2" "Huang Hai No. 2" "Huang Hai No. 5" introduced breeding and promotion.

At present, the annual incubation of the world is 500 billion Chinese Eastern China. It realizes that the Chinese oriental shrimp "Yellow Sea Series" will be full coverage, the acres of granular production is 75 kg, and the ear is over 3,000 yuan. "The company is now collecting filming, aquaculture, product processing, frozen storage, marketing, technology research and development, demonstration promotion." Zhu Zhenzhou said proudly, can breed 2 billion shrimp seedlings all year round, annual output of Chinese oriental shrimp 15 10,000 kilograms, annual processing of all kinds of shrimp, sea fish, puffer fish, seaweed and other sea products. "Zhu, Help me to prepare 100 pounds ‘Cao Zhuzhou’ prawns, send it for two days, relatives and friends love to eat your home.

"Every time, Zhu Zhenzhou’s phone has become a hotline." Cao Zixingzhou "approved by customers is the prawn brand of Zhu Zhenzhou.

In recent years, Caofeid has attached importance to brand strategy, created a batch of shrimp brands, and gradually made the most valuable and consumer respected and trust in China’s aquatic industry, market sales share, market coverage, market coverage Indicators famous in the best in the country. (Reporter Wang Yimmin Correspondent Ji Spring) (Editor: Zhang Xiaobo, Zhu Dragon Super) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.

The four four sessions of China ‘s Newspaore held Xie Sheng and Chairman

Dear leaders, all the representatives of the China Journalism Fair, all the colleagues in the Media Science and Technology, everyone, good morning, welcome everyone to come, Qi Ju Yamheng Chongqing participates in the 6th Director of the China News Technology Worker Federation Meeting, the 2017 Academic Annual Meeting and the "Wang Selection News Science Technical Award" awards conference.

As the chairman of "New Technology" and the chairman of this conference, on behalf of the China News Technology Worker Federation and the Organizing Committee of the General Assembly, I have to the Chongqing Municipal Committee, Chongqing Daily Newspaper Group, Chongqing Radio and TV Station, Xinhua News Agency The Chongqing Branch has given sincere gratitude to the support of this conference, and expressed its heartfelt greetings to the media colleagues and corporate representatives coming from afar.

  Throughout the development trajectory of the media industry, read newspapers, radio, TV, and Internet to mobile Internet from the development of information communication technology and media, and the development of information technology drives the evolution of communication tools; from the user’s perspective, read, read Figure, the video of the reading will reach multi-screen interaction, the innovation and development of information technology not only promotes the transformation of the communication method, but also changes in the behavior of people. How do journalists transform their thinking in the new media environment, adapt to new production and communication tools for content production? How do you respond to many challenges in the process of all things, the development of the media? In the face of the profound changes in news communication patterns, General Secretary Xi Jinping clearly proposes the duties and mission of journalists under the new era in 219, which indicates the forward direction for the general news public opinion workers, and proposes the specific development path. After nearly more than a year, the important speech of General Secretary of General Secretary in China is a guide, remembering responsibilities and mission, formerity, actively acting, in promoting the cultivation of the media integration development, has achieved gratifying results.

For example, "Xi Jinping’s six-piece" series of micro video, "The Tour of Avenue", "Junior Heart", "Two Senders", "Two Senders", "Twilight" The combination of content is connected in the new media public opinion. After these innovations, we see that the mainstream media is accelerating the change of news production in the process of occupying the Internet public opinion position. From the innovation of the product to the institutional mechanism to the top-level strategy design, the People’s Daily breaks the traditional model of the past, realizing the operating mode of acquisition, multi-build, multi-channel propagation. Xinhua News Agency innovates from a single product to the formation of product research and development systems, realizing systematic innovation and long-term mechanisms, and in the "Mobile Priority" concept, the first online news editing process, and build holographic news products "On-site cloud". In addition, Xinhua News Agency also achieved a gratifying performance in robot interviews and writing.

In the radio and television industry, the integration of radio and television, broadband radio, intelligent radio and electricity, and safety radio and powering have made great progress.

Digital, information, networked, and high-definition development and intelligent development in radio and television. Among them, in the process of promoting the digitalization of the wireless radio and television, the FRF Digital Audio Broadcast (CDR) has formed a mature industrial chain under the guidance of the State Administration of Press, has a large-scale industrialization.

  In various provinces and municipal local media, the newspaper group promotes the development of the media integration development, the Zhejiang News Group makes full use of the large data technology construction, the media intelligent communication service platform "Media Cube", Cast "policy, pick, edit, hair, reverse (feed) "Full process data, forming big data platform and communication service platform. The technological innovation is highly coupled to the adapter business, and a technological innovation is driven by technological innovation, and the system innovation is a breakthrough, with content innovation is the fundamental integration path. In the exploration of the mobile Internet, the Southern Newspaper Media Group has re-integrated the Group’s quality resources on the content resource. On the construction of the technical platform, I will go out of an innovative path of independent research and development + cooperation and win-win. Localization service, forming the linkage mechanism of "News + Service + Social + Industry + N", through the "release number" and "service number" to achieve high integration of the service. From this year, the integration development practice, mobile Internet age, acceleration technology and news business, user and service are integrated, and the new media public opinion has become a consensus. On October 18 this year, General Secretary Xi Jinping referred to the Internet eight times in the 19th National Report. General Secretary of Xi emphasized firm cultural confidence, promoting socialist cultural prosperity and prosperity to firmly grasp the ideological work leadership. Highly attach great importance to the construction and innovation of communication, improve the communication of news, guiding, influence, and credibility.

Strengthen the construction of Internet content, establish a network comprehensive management system, and create a clear network space.

  Learn to speak the speech of General Secretary, General Secretary, combined with the current development status of the current media, we should pay attention to: First, strengthen technical sensitivity, rational thinking of new applications When the Internet has become the subject, big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies of information transmission into accelerated conversion transformation Pizza, we should rationally treat the relationship between technology, content, market, etc. and the media industry. The media integration development in recent years has achieved results, but there are also some misunderstandings.

For example, problems such as heavy-form light content, heavy-channel light products, red-proof models of technology worships are made.

  As a news techniciary, we must always maintain the sensitivity and enthusiasm of innovative technologies.

Support, leading and guaranteed in the fusion development process. At the same time, it is also necessary to be alert to the blind "technical worship", and the ability to pursue the form of forms and ignore the ability of technology on content resource integration and user demand excavation. Second, strengthen mechanism system innovation, excitation production vitality With big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other technology accelerated the arrival and development of intelligence media, the media pattern has changed, "on promoting traditional media and emerging media integration development In guidance, the central government is fully deepening the leader of the leadership team, and the leader of the leading group is emphasized that the traditional media and emerging media integration development must follow the law of news communication and the development of emerging media, strengthen the Internet thinking, and adhere to the complementary advantages of traditional media and emerging media. Development, adhere to advanced technology as support, content construction is fundamental, promote traditional media and emerging media in the deep integration of content, channels, platforms, management, management, etc., focus on building a number of forms, advanced, competitive new type Mainstream media, built a new media group with powerful strength and communication, credibility, influence, forming a three-dimensional and diverse, integrated development.

It is necessary to grab the integration, grasp the management, and ensure that the fusion development is advanced in the correct direction. From the perspective of the integration development path of product innovation in recent years, the systemization of product innovation must complete the reform and adjustment of the institutional mechanism, and the content is driven and re-adopted process and organizational architecture. For example, in the local media, Zhejiang Pixel Group is designed from the top floor to the specific editing business, re-integrating the newspapers, forms a new media matrix of the core circle, close a circle, synergistic circles, with differentiated reconstruction system mechanisms, from the source end Avoid news homogenization. In collaborative production of normalized operation, establish a daily editing mechanism, adopting three meetings, coordinating command, network, end, micro-editing resources, realizing full media, full procedure, all-weather news editing and dynamic follow-up. In this year, in the face of many changes in the industry, the China News Deliva has always adhered to members-oriented, promotes news information construction services, strengthens media technical exchanges and academic discussions, disseminate new ideas, new technologies, and new experiences.

Organize the selection of the Wang Selection News Science Technical Award, improve the status of the news and technical workers, and encourage science and technology to advance the outstanding projects of the development of the media.

  Below I briefly introduce this year’s awards: 91 projects participating in the Wang Selection News Science and Technology Award this year, with the evaluation of the judges, 76 items in the 2017 Wang Selection News Science and Technology Awards.

Among them, two of the second prizes, 16 first prizes, 32 second prizes, 26 third prizes.

At the same time, 160 of the 2017 China News Technology Excellent Paper Award, including 21 first prizes, 42 second prizes, 97 third prizes. During this year’s awards, we found that new technologies, new applications in the news media field investment accounts as much as possible, and the productivity improvement in technology tools also has a satisfactory vision.

The quality of the election of the Wang Dynasty is also increasing, and the thinking and theoretical research of news technologies in the technical level are also more specialized.

Thanks to the majority of members to recognize and support this platform. You will continue to actively participate, strengthen exchanges and cooperation through this platform, improve the influence of news and technical workers, and expand the impact of advanced technology applications. In the new media communication environment, the progress and development of my country’s media industry will jointly promote the progress and development of China. Finally, I wish this conference a complete success. thank you all.

Shenzhen Established Female Science and Technology Workers Association

Original title: Shenzhen Established Female Science Workers Association Shenzhen Female Science Workers Association (hereinafter referred to as the Municipal Women’s Association) First Member Conference and "Gathering Women’s Science and Technology Talents Promoting Science and Technology Self – reliance" Round Table, Recently Southern University of Science and Technology was held. Dozens of excellent female science and technological workers from the city colleges, research institutes, and medical institutions participated in the meeting. The association uses "Science and Technology Innovation, Expansion, Collaborative Development, Universal Sharing, Dedication Social" as the tenet, provides standardization, normalization, and diversified platform for Shenzhen female science and technology workers. At the meeting, the Secretary of the Southern University of Science and Technology, the Party Committee Secretary of the Institute of Engineering, the special allowance expert of the State Council government was elected as the first session of the Association. The academician of the President of the Southern University of Science and Technology revealed that women had already supported the "half-side days" of science and technology, and only more than 100 doctors who have cultivated, the female doctoral ratio reached 40%.

It is reported that the next step in Shenzhen is planned to introduce relevant policies and measures to support female science and technology workers.

  Municipal Women’s Federation Party Secretary, Chairman Ma Hong said that the Municipal Women’s Federation should play a platform role in the association, and when the cause of female science and technology talents, drive more young women to join the technology. At the same time, further strengthening the leading contact services, accelerating the implementation of the specific policy of supporting the role of Shenzhen to support female science and technology talents. (Reporter Huang Ziyi) (Editor: Zhang Chenmuse, Chen Yuzhu) Sharing Let more people see recommendation reading.

Pingguo City held 2021 Disease Prevention Control Work Conference

Huang Qixi, deputy director of Pingguo City Health and Health Bureau, pointed out that the disease control work relationship with people’s health, social stability and national security are a professional, social and political work, and continue to grasp the epidemic prevention and control. A new era of disease control work and promote the reform of the disease control system.

Huang Qixi requires: I have to recognize the situation and fully understand the problems faced by the disease prevention control. Further enhance the sense of responsibility, mission, reform and improve the disease prevention and control system, and comprehensively promote the high quality development of the disease control.

Second, we must consolidate existing results and continue to do our best to do a good job in disease prevention. Do a good job in new crown vaccination work, continue to do a good job in external prevention input, fully do a good job in the preparation of epidemic disposal, continuously carry out publicity and popularization work, etc., to highlight the focus, do major disease control. The three must strengthen responsibility and strengthen the construction of style.

Fully mobilize and stimulate the enthusiasm, initiative, creativeness of the cadres, and motivate the majority of cadres to take a mission in the new era, show new as a new era.

Shijiazhuang did not have new neoplactic diagnosis cases on November 11th

People’s Daily News, November 12, according to Shijiazhuang City to respond to the new coronary virus infection, the Office of the Office of the Pneumonia Epidemic Work Leading Group, 0:00 November 11, 2021, Shijiazhuang City, the city’s sealing area, control area and isolation pointThe key crowd conducted nucleic acid detection, a total of 8,770 people were detected, and all of them were negative.There is no new crown pneumonia in the city and sexy infection.On November 11th, 1 case of new coronary pneumonia was confirmed to be discharged, and the recovery was taken.

As of 24:00 on November 11, there were 55 cases of confirmed cases (38 cases of ordinary type, 17 cases of light type); 4 cases of existing sexy infections; 4 cases of existing diagnosis cases were discharged.(Editor: Li Zhe, Zhu Dragon Super) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.