The door is empty,Lights in the room,But the sky above the kang is empty,Where is the shadow of Zhao Hong。

Xia Jian couldn’t help being taken aback,this late,Where can she go?Lights in the room,She shouldn’t go far,Xia Jian remembered,Zhao Hong may have gone to the bathroom or shower。
Thought of here,Xia Jian looked at Zhao Hong’s bathroom,There is a light in the room,Xia Jian couldn’t help feeling ecstatic,Then quietly walked over。
The porter has a slit open,Xia Jian took two steps,He looked curiously against the crack of the door,Seeing that Zhao Hong has already taken a bath,Standing in front of the mirror combing hair。
The bathroom in the countryside is relatively simple,Just a house with concrete floors,There is a drainage pipe below,People like Zhao Hong are already more particular。
Xia Jian gently opened the door,So I squeezed my body in。
Zhao Hong has seen Xia Jian’s figure in the mirror,She couldn’t help but open her mouth wide,But her voice hasn’t come out yet,Xia Jian has covered her mouth。
Zhao Hong who just took a bath,I only wore a thin pajama,Xia Jian’s hand touched it,Zhao Hong came out of the nose slightly**sound。
Xia Jian has a hot body,Hardly self,He let go of the hand covering Zhao Hong’s mouth,Both hands began to knead on her soft body。
Zhao Hong gasped and said:“Don’t be here,Let’s go back!“
“No way,Right here,I can not wait anymore“Xia Jian panting,Tore off Zhao Hong’s pajamas,Woman’s plump body,Fully revealed。
Zhao Hong is struggling,I pulled down the switch on the wall。
The bathroom was suddenly dark,But the heavy gasps of men and women inside ups and downs,And the clinking sound of the tub against the wall,Make this night no longer peaceful。
First0362chapter Confused
Early morning,Rooster tweet,When the smoke from Xiping Village,When some young people are sleeping。
The big horn of the village committee rang at this time,Popular songs played for a few minutes,Immediately afterwards, Zhao Hong shouted in a crisp voice:“Attention folks,Except for arranging the staff on duty to continue to work in the cooperative today,Others have a half-day holiday,Because this morning,The village committee will move into a new office building,I hope everyone can participate in this work”

“what?Five thousand yuan,Dare you say。People’s heads are broken,I heard a lot of blood was shed。You can’t give ten thousand,Let me give you eight thousand less!”

on this side,Wang Youcai is an expert。In fact, when he called Wu Wu just now,Call him,The person who was beaten was only slightly injured,Medical expenses are just over 1,000 yuan,If you can get five thousand yuan, it will be settled.。These three thousand yuan,But Wang Youcai added it himself。
Du Xiaohong is a smart man,When she heard that Wang Youcai said,She took the wine bottle and walked to Wang Youcai’s side,Then smiled and said:“Boss Wang!You don’t look at the face of the monk but the face of the Buddha,Three thousand yuan for someone like my brother,Not a small number。Talk more,If you can avoid it”
Wang Youcai fixed his eyes on Du Xiaohong’s tall chest,He didn’t hold back,Then reached out,I hugged Du Xiaohong’s somewhat plump waist,Then gently,Du Xiaohong took the opportunity to sit in his arms。
“Boss Wang!Let’s drink the bar!”
Wang Youcai smiled:“Drink a fart wine,I want to drink your wine”Wang Youcai smirked,Grabbed Du Xiaohong’s wine glass。He slammed Du Xiaohong down on the sofa。
“Boss Wang!You haven’t said about the three thousand yuan”
Du Xiaohong twisted gently***,A look of wishing to welcome or reject。Seeing Du Xiaohong like this,Wang Youcai couldn’t hold back for a long time。
He said roughly:“no,If unavoidable,Even if I paid the money”
“Say it early”Du Xiaohong smiled,The two people hug each other。
the next day,When Wang Youcai was sleeping on Du Xiaohong’s big bed, Zhengxiang,His phone rang。Wang Youcai touched the phone and took a look,I found it’s already over nine o’clock,Du Xiaohong by his side has long since disappeared。
The phone is the base number,Wang Youcai was a little unhappy to connect。Tian Wa’s a little worried voice came from inside immediately:“Wang Ge!Where are you?Liu Ying cut the vegetables,Very serious,Must go to the hospital for treatment”
“Oh!You guys get ready to go to the gate,I’ll be back in 20 minutes at most”
Wang Youcai hung up the phone,I quickly got dressed and got out of bed。Only then did he feel,Mixed body soreness and weakness。He really didn’t expect,On the surface, a serious Du Xiaohong,This sex is still pretty powerful。Wang Youcai almost fell into the hands of this woman。

Shen Yingjie suddenly tightened,Hugged by a solid and powerful arm,Then there was a feeling of falling forward,Actually leaned against the thick chest of the opponent,Immediately shame and angry,I don’t know what Li Tianzhen is doing,The elbow hits the opponent’s rib after the stress response。

“Hold your breath,Don’t breathe。”Li Tianzhi has a pain,The sound leaks a little bit,Then Yingjie Shen felt her waist tight again,The other party hugged her regardless,Suddenly there is wind in my ears,The body starts to violently bump,Li Tianzhen has already started running。
Inside the cave,Shen Yingjie suddenly couldn’t see anything,The vision just adjusted to the dark environment is lost again,The skin feels strangely cold,It hurts like acupuncture in an instant,No specific part,My whole body hurts,It hurts to the extreme soon,As if there are thousands of knives scratching on the body,She suddenly remembered that Li Tianzhen asked her to keep her breath,I almost yelled,I quickly reached out to cover my mouth,But found that the arm can’t move,Mo Ming’s fear made her suddenly fall into the abyss。
I can still hear the sound of footsteps,Gradually the voice is getting fuzzy,Shen Yingjie feels his body has fallen into a black hole that cannot be seen to the end,Tumbling and spinning,There are strands of black air lingering around,The deeper you go, the more black energy,A lot of black air tangled together and condensed into a cluster,Substance,The head of a monster suddenly appeared in front of him,Very obtrusive,This thing has a big mouth with a blood basin,Very scary,In panic, Shen Yingjie kicked the monster’s chin,This head flew far away。
But before she could catch her breath,Another head appeared,It was the man with a big hole in his chest that I saw just now,The chubby face keeps a strange smile,Her head is reflected in her huge eyes,This time, Shen Yingjie finally couldn’t hold back and screamed loudly,At the same time, he rose up and kicked the man’s face fiercely,Head away again。
But more heads made of black gas surged,Shen Yingjie punches and kicks like crazy,But she can’t move the next moment,The faces floating in the distance are very familiar faces,That is Xu Wen,Faint smile,Handsome face,Although dark,But still can’t hide his heroic posture。
“what!”Shen Yingjie holding his head in pain and shouting loudly,But there are always familiar faces flying by,‘Ranger’Companion in,Even instructors,And the comrades in the army、A long-awaited girlfriend Huayun,Friends from school days,Time seems to be tracing back quickly,She even saw her young self,Sitting in the stroller,Put your thumb in your mouth and suck it sweetly,Smile satisfied。
Familiar pictures are flying in front of her like explosive fragments,These fragments gradually become trivial,And then split into tiny black spots,Every black spot grows limbs and head,Holding a huge mouthpart that is not commensurate with the body, the monster called and threw at Shin Yingjie。
Am i dead?What a terrifying and dark world this is?Is it hell?Shen Yingjie’s nerves are on the verge of collapse,She suddenly wanted to laugh,But just about to open your mouth,Was firmly covered by a big hand。
“hold onto,Don’t breathe。”A familiar and warm voice lingers in my ears,It was a little ethereal and illusory at first,But it has strong toughness and penetration,Finally, there was a bang in Shen Yingjie’s mind,Those black、The very evil bug suddenly turned into nothingness,Her head became clearer all at once,I feel the cold wind around me again,And the sound of footsteps。
Li Tianzhen went crazy and ran towards the entrance of the cave,His body also began to tremble,The sea of vitality is boiling and roaring,But why can’t it break out of the sky,Colorful beams of light flicker,Buzzing,Can’t penetrate the night sky without stars,The huge sky seems to be covered by a black cloth with no end in sight,The black cloth emits black air like a living thing,Black gas is getting stronger,Filled the night sky,Cover up all the stars。
There are constantly dark golden runes falling from the air,The little golden man leaped high,Catch a petal-shaped rune,Trying to push the rune back into the beam of light,But it failed,Unexpectedly the rune is so heavy,Take it down to the sea of vitality。
Li Tianzhi who lost his vitality,Situation is terrible,Hallucinations began to appear in my mind,Almost exactly the same as Shin Yingjie’s situation,But fortunately he still has a sea of vitality,Although the vitality like a huge wave cannot break through the dark sky,,But it also effectively blocked the further intrusion of black gas,Countless runes burst into the night sky and exploded,Burning the raging black air,Some obscured stars showed light again,However, more black air comes from the shady scene,Rushing downwards with teeth and claws,Two powerful consciousnesses fought fiercely over the sea of vitality,Gradually fall into a stalemate。

It is also because of the demolition,He before he lived in a respiratory ward because of his breathing difficulties.。

Is the old man really induced by these conflict contradictions?
Sure enough, it’s more.!
“This world has never been a sudden illness that will have no reason.,It is just that we didn’t understand the truth that hidden behind the condition.,And analyze the current clues,There is only one truth!Lu Min is really a mental illness!”He belongs to the voice。
Finish medical advice,Zhou Ye watched Eye Rivi Xin,I found that his face is very nervous。
“believe us,Since you choose to live in it,Just accept our treatment,I promise not to have anything.,It will definitely let the patient have improved as soon as possible.!”I just finished this.,Zhou Ye suddenly chest a bit of a while。
Is it that bragging can’t be too early??
Blowing sequelae?
Can be facing Lu Weixin’s nervousness and fear of father,This is not comfortable.!
“Small brother,Do we check a bed first??”Yang is watching22The bed also delayed a lot of time,So asked。
I have been waiting for a psychological department.。
Isolated,Check the doctor’s advice,Standing here, it is, it is to let Lu Min’s family is slightly not nervous.。
However, Zhou Jiwu is still a matter of unwillingness.,“Do you want to wait?,Your call,It should be very fast over there.,And I want to observe again.22bed。”
“Do you know how to consciously know??”Zhou Ye suddenly said。
His consciousness is not his professional,But sometimes it will be very accurate,Also hesitating and croising character,Make Zhou Niwu more than ordinary people。
Lu Weixin stands at the door,Listening to Lu Min,The eye angry infiltrates thin tears。
It is now that he is invited to take care of Lu Min.。
Zhou Ye went to Lu Weixin,Take out a pack of small bags from the pocket of white coat,“It’s fine,You go in.,Cast your father,Let him cooperate, etc.CTAlso do。”
Lu Weixin nodded,I wiped tears to go to my father.。
But helplessness seems to be almost crazy.。
Completely persuade invalid!
Zhou Yewu and Yang have only pushed to move to the bedside,“Even communication communication seems to be difficult?”
Lu Weixin sighed:“Dr. Zhou,Even if there is no disease,He has never slept, it is not good.,Town static?”
“Can。”Zhou Ye helpless。
to be honest,I know that he is almost the same as Yang.,will22Bed as a bed“Mental illness”,Even in the psychological,Pushed after stability,Take a bed for a bed.。
Zhou Yewu quickly opened a temporary doctor on mobile computer car。
Not two minutes,The previous supervisor will come in,Injury10Migrators,After a few minutes, the old man was quiet.。
“First do an electrocardiogram first,Then blood,Finally, go to the skullCT,If you have no problem, you will take the old man home.。”Zhou Ye has drawn the last words of the elderly about the illusion of the cause of the elderly.。
Will it be a problem with a heart??
This electrocardiogram is normal……I really check the one bed.!

And not far behind women,Middle-aged man standing with a black robes,actually,Man is not standing,Be suspended!

In his impression,The man said a word.,“Miss,Not going,If you want to know the existence of young people,Farm,This is a fear of the disaster,Young master is also difficult to live!”
Listening to this man,Woman gently pushed him,Then quietly put this ring to his arms.,“Xuan Chung,Take care of Linger,Take good care of yourself,Don’t hate your mother”
Say this sentence,Woman turns around with black robe。
He stayed,Then crazy, generally chasing,pity,He did not chase,Because the black robe man and the woman are flying。
that’s it,He has been chasing, chasing,Until, I still stopped it.,And that woman,I haven’t returned,Just like the black robe man disappeared at the end of the sky.。
After a moment,Ye Xuan recovery thoughts,His right hand pinching the ring,His right hand itself is hurt,At this moment,Wound crack,A drop of blood suddenly dropped on the black ring。The ring in his hand suddenly trembled,Ye Xixiang is shocked,I quickly bowed to the ring in my hand.,On the moment he bowed,The ring suddenly turned into a black light and did not enter his eyebrow.。
Instant,Ye Xuan disappeared in the original place,Once again,Already in a midst of no stars。
Not far from him,Hanging a black tower,Tower has a twelve layers,So that is suspended there。High tower has four columns like a huge black iron chain lock,At the top of the tower,Insert a three-handed sword!
Whole tower,阴 阴 森 森。
Ye Xuan’s shock in the heart,He looked at the top of the first entrance,There,Two blood red characters:Ringer。
On both sides of the door,There are also two rows of blood red,Just a pair of couplets。
right:Forbidden,Banish,Forbidden people。
Thirty-nine-ninth chapter force battle Dong evil
Guiyunzhuang garden,Moonlight,I saw a peach flower rain.。
Two kinds of palm and leg law,Junior to the odd monk armor!
A palm,Falling in the hands,It seems that elegance is beautiful.0Handsome girl reading mobile phone,Let’s register a member?,Registered members can experience the novel。
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Sword, Ye Xuan Ye
author:Jiangshan feather
Chapter One:Who dares to move my girl!
Qingcheng,Leaf home,Ancestral。
“Ancestor,Ye Xuan invasive,No morality,Show Ye Xuan Shizi,Inherited by Ye can’t。”
Speaking is a old man in a black robe。
Not far behind the old man,Standing a teenager,Bird’s mouth hangs a faint smile。This person,It is Yafe。
Both sides,Ye Houzheng。
at this time,A somewhat voice suddenly sounded in this ancestral hall。
Everyone he said,A little girl standing at the door,Little girl is about 12 or three years old,Two small hands pinch the skirt,Face with a pale case,It looks a bit weak,There is also a smooth color in my eyes.。/wenxue/78863/53080994htl
This little girl named Ye Ling,It is Ye Xuan’s kismer,I heard the family to see Ye Xuan.,She rushed over her illness.。
Black robe old brow frowned,“Ye Ling,what are you doing!”
The little girl named Ye Ling has a slight gift in the ancestral hall.,Sound:“Elder,My brother is the world.,Why do you have to waste him??”

He Chong is not to blame,He has a brain,Often can’t respond,Everyone in the circle knows,He is a famous martial idiot,Before he joined the Glory Gun Tai Chi Team,Is continuous5National Martial Arts Champion of the Year,Followed official visits in political circles40Many countries and regions,Won many honors that ordinary people can’t surpass in their lifetime。

So how did such a martial arts wizard enter the field of e-sports??
It is said that,He Chong’s real name is“He Cong”,His master at Ruyi Taijimen“Master of One Water”,Discovered his extraordinary aptitude,Carefully cultivate his every action essentials,And appointed him as the captain of the martial arts team。
“But He Cong has some flaws in his character,Too easy to soften up,I don’t know where to go,Better to rename‘He Chong’Bar!Don’t always think about obeying others in the future,But to have a momentum,Go forward courageously!”Master Yishui said。
that’s it,He Chong changed his name。He Chong as the captain of the martial arts team,The thing I do most is to wake up the younger brothers and sisters every day、Record points to attendance,Also, go to Internet cafes to catch other children playing games to practice martial arts。
Children always like to compete,Why go back,Unless He Chong wins them in the game,He Chong had no choice but to do it,So come and go,No one in Tai Chi Gate can play games above him。All the younger brothers and sisters were convinced that they lost,But they are only looking forward。
Over time,No one calls him again“He Cong”This name,This makes his brother“Where to go”Somewhat helpless,So his brother also changed his name“He Meng”,How Meng is not someone else,Now it is the youngest boxing instructor of Ruyi Taijimen。
Three caves,Due to repeated disobedience,He Meng’s most hated disciple,According to the rules of the gate like a tower,Should be expelled from Ruyi Tai Chi Gate,but,Guitu Sanku, a doll who grew up in Tai Chi Gate, has some hidden secrets,His original name is Zhang Santu,Both parents are disciples of Ruyi Taijimen,It was originally a fascinating couple,But 15 years ago because of a car accident during a martial arts tour,to make
A pair of desperate mandarin ducks,Their child Zhang Santu became an orphan without a father or mother,He grew up in Ruyi Tai Chi Gate since childhood,It’s not that He Meng doesn’t want to fire him,But Zhang Santu is really homeless,Even if he is expelled from his discipleship, he will not leave Tai Chi Gate……
In order to reduce unnecessary trouble for myself,Clean up this rebellious kid who always makes trouble for himself,He Meng will be sent to He Chong’s team,Guitu Sanku does not have much rejection of the game inexplicably,Except for a hot temper,But he will still give He Chong some face,After all, in front of absolute strength,Want to have a say,Can only defeat him。
Cunning Rabbit Three Caves in order to challenge He Chong,2Used various routines and career changes over the years,But He Chong can always cope with changes。This makes him extremely depressed,He Chong always said that waiting for Zhang Santu to challenge himself to succeed in the game,Will give him a chance to replace him,But this day has not come,Guitu Sanku is a bit discouraged,I think the longest way I’ve walked is He Chong’s routine,I know I can’t beat him,Also set this difficult goal,Harmful cunning rabbit Sanku is still a regular two-year team life,I simply suppressed the budding in my heart for too long too long。
“Why don’t you specialize in a profession?This is what Senior He Chong might want to tell you……”One by one, the new team members, one meter and eighth tall, gave their opinions to the three caves of the cunning rabbit lying in front of the computer,。
“who are you?Actually like to point old players?He let me be single?I don’t,I have to prove that the path I choose is my way,My way is the true way!”Guitu Sanku got up and looked at the newcomer with red lips and white teeth with hatred eyes.。
“Ha ha,My name is Huang Shangqing,you can call me‘Injury’or‘Emperor please’,Right my gameIDCalled‘Huanglian Shangqing’!”That one smiles like a mother,The newcomer who doesn’t have a hint of sarcasm introduced himself。

The people standing behind him saw that Wang Youcai became angry,So he huffed all over,Formed a semi-siege situation against Chen Feng’s people。Those yellow hairs of Chen Feng,Not vegetarian,They also jumped twice,People on both sides have a kind of trigger situation。

“Boss Wang!What are you doing?If you really want to fight,We shouldn’t be here!Since it’s here,Let’s talk peacefully,Some things fist can solve,But some things can’t。dont you agree?“Chen Feng patience,Chong Wang Youcai said with a smile。
Wang Youcai just wanted to give Chen Feng a chance,He doesn’t want to really fight。There is no saying“A thousand enemies,Self-folding eight hundred“。He still understands this truth。
Wang Youcai stared,Roar:“Give me back!No one can move without my order“Wang Youcai’s voice just came out。The people in black behind him all stepped back。It seems that Wu Wu did not train them less often。
Chen Feng saw Wang Youcai’s people retreat behind,He also waved。Which yellow hairs on his body huff,Then withdrew,Some people still run into each other,After all, this place is just a place to eat,Size is still limited。
“it is good!Since Boss Chen has this sincerity,Then you can talk about it first!Your people steal my people,Six brothers who hurt me,These people are still lying in the hospital,What do you say about this?Finished talking about this,Let’s talk about the next thing“Wang Youcai finally showed his trump card。
Chen Feng said with a smile:“Boss Wang,As the saying goes, one slap can’t make a sound,So we are all responsible for this。You hurt six brothers,And I also hurt four,So you can’t just blame me for this!“
“Boss Chen!It seems that you have no sincerity at all,Do we still need to talk about it??I only know,It’s your people who caused the incident,Then the person who hurt me,It’s that simple“Wang Youcai said very aggressively,He didn’t give Chen Feng any room to retreat。
Chen Feng said with a smile:“Boss Wang!Pingdu is so big。The original old rivers and lakes are all hidden,Now speaking can count,Just the two of us,So we have to unite,Earning money is the best policy,dont you agree?”
“Don’t tell me these useless,You speak!What about my six injured brothers?If you didn’t think about it,Then you think about it before you ask me“Wang Youcai said,He stood up abruptly。
Chen Feng looked anxious,He hurriedly waved and shouted:“Don’t worry, boss Wang!Let’s talk about it now,I will give you a good answer“
“it is good!My six brothers only cost more than 10,000 in hospital,You can come down and ask about this。So you have to give me 20,000 yuan,There is no discussion on this matter。But I remind you,If you don’t agree,After these people are discharged from the hospital, they will retaliate against you in secret,I can do nothing“Wang Youcai sat down again。
He is forcing Chen Feng,Want him to make concessions,Otherwise, there is no way to talk about it。
Chen Feng looked at Wang Youcai,It took a long time to say:“Boss Wang!You are a bit too cruel, right!One export is 20,000 yuan。What about my four injured brothers?You can’t leave it alone!“
“I said,Your injuries have nothing to do with us,I’m talking about my six injured brothers tonight,You must give them a satisfactory expression!“Wang Youcai said,Looking back at the man in black behind him。He is putting pressure on Chen Feng,Let him first realize,If the negotiation fails tonight,The people Wang Youcai brought will definitely not let him go。
Chen Feng’s men originally had two generals,But these two people went out recently,Not by his side,So he seemed a little weak in negotiation。And this Wang Youcai is domineering,Blindly force him。
20,000 yuan for him,Not much。But it’s about face,If he recognizes the account so readily,Later, Wang Youcai was riding on his neck and shit。
“No good boss!You are a bit too domineering。If you really want to force me,Then we can only end the negotiation,As for the ending,Then leave it to God“Chen Feng suddenly changed,He didn’t accept Wang Youcai’s move。

“Its skin is,But it’s dark inside。”

“What do you say?”Li Tianzhen is shocked,And I feel very uncomfortable,I don’t know what happened in the former Temple of War,Why do so many silver armored warriors appear in the mortal world?According to Qilin Beast,Didn’t this silver armor samurai also fall??
“The soul makes up its flesh and blood,Soul crystal formed a new soul,This is an extremely superb trick,The caster arrested countless souls to prevent his reincarnation,Then cultivate the soul and kill the soul,Refining Soul Crystal,Finally find a suitable body to reshape a new soul,Sure enough。
“But this soul’s mentality is weak,But full of evil。‘Lord of Seven Flames’,We have to be careful,The guy just now is just an introduction,The guy behind it is really strong。”
“Compared to the Demon Lord?”
“Only high not low,I just don’t know if this thing is also trapped,Otherwise you and I better go home。”
“Since it’s here,There is no reason to turn around and run,Maybe the dignified Qilin Beast God is also timid and afraid?”Li Tianzhen frowned,Stronger than the devil,What is that concept?But it’s impossible to go home,Xiao Songhe‘Mane rat’Missing,At least check it out.,It’s just that the difficulties and risks are a lot bigger than imagined。
“Ha ha,You don’t want to excite me,I know I can’t beat you,How is this different from dying?”Unicorn beast talking,Body shape shrinks rapidly,The forefoot injury seems to have healed,Suddenly or as a black smoke, it sinks directly into Li Tianzhu’s Yintang,“You don’t need to go,It’s all up to you next。”
So bastard?Provoked an ass,Hide by myself?Li Tiansi stunned,It’s funny thinking about it,Once I make a mistake,Except for the Magic Tower,Where else can you run?
After the monster escaped,Doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to retaliate,The mountains in the distance are very quiet,Look around,Already dark as ink,The stars in the night sky seem to hide suddenly,Even the only light in the farmhouse disappeared,Since I hit the monster,Must have provoke the terrible existence here,I can’t go up the mountain right now,Can only make do for one night in this small village,Just to consolidate the state,It’s just that whether it’s peaceful this night is between the two。
Make up your mind,Li Tianzhen strolled along the path beside the paddy field,Not long,I saw a white flower appeared under the ridge in front,Seems to have just happened,Very abrupt,He couldn’t help but raise his energy again,The dark golden dagger on his arm spit out light,Now it is convenient for lighting。
That is a*Male corpse,Soaked Snow White Extreme,It looks very gloomy in the dark night,The male body is in his early thirties,Face square,Serene facial features,Just eyes open,How awkward,No matter from which angle,Those eyes seem to be looking at Li Tianzhi,Obviously no gods,How can there be a feeling of being targeted?Weird!
Li Tianzhen rubbed his eyes and looked again,The scary thing is that the corpse seemed to blink,I don’t know if it’s dazzled,Anyway, he really moved a bit in his feelings。Li Tianzhen simply squatted down,Energize,Full vision,Trying to find something from the corpse’s dilated pupils,There seems to be a change in the depth of the dead pupil,Gradually zoomed in Li Tianzhen’s sight,Soon disappeared,The gray and depravity that represents death is everywhere,But soon it gradually gained brilliance。
front,It seems to be yellow sand in the sky,The wind is raging around everything you can see,Rough gravel under the feet,The vague and towering mountains undulate in the distance,How can this picture be so familiar?Li Tianzhen’s mind only fluctuated slightly.,Fell into the picture again。
Someone is running ahead,Towards the rising sun,Four people in total,wrong,Is five!One of them is carrying an old man,After the yellow sand fades,You can clearly see the back of these four people,Uniform navy clothing,And old-fashioned berets,But it’s all shabby,Everyone is carrying weapons and water bottles,It’s like a long journey,They are soldiers?Special Forces?Performing task?
The running young man is exhausted,Some are still injured,The old man is dying,Skewed head,Seeing to be unable to hold it。Li Tianzhen’s heartbeat speeds up suddenly,He found the past almost forgotten all at once,The dream that was once painful,More than twenty years ago,Far west border,Countless scenes suddenly spewed out,Filled my whole mind instantly,Li Tianzhen wanted to look at the faces of these people,A little worried while hesitating。

“Actually I think,The most important thing right now,Or you have to keep these。”

“As for the relevant personnel,I will arrange immediately,As long as you report,I will remove these people immediately!”
Lin Kangtai finished,Ye Xuan nodded。
OK,Actually originally,Should do it。
But when I saw this,Actually in Ye Xuan’s heart,For such things,In itself,It’s a little unexpected。
slowly,Looking at these。
At this moment,Ye Xuan nodded heavily。
“Chairman,I promise you,No matter what,As long as these people don’t target me,I would never do this。”
Ye Xuan finished,Lin Kangtai is more important。
“very good,Now that you understand this truth,Then the next thing,In fact, it has become much easier。”
With Lin Kangtai finished,Ye Xuan smiled slightly。
As for other things,Ye Xuan didn’t struggle too much。
“All right,Since this is the case,Then next,What should I do,You can do it yourself。”
Ye Xuan saw this,I don’t forget to speak directly here。
The more so,Actually, Ye Xuan looked at these,At this moment,Ye Xuan’s whole mouth has a faint smile。
“Let’s not talk about anything else,But these things,Actually need to deal with!”
Chapter 39 The Attack
“But now the problem is,What are they going to do?”

Even if you let the deer go to the emergency department and make a clinic,thats right“Have a sin”what!

However, when Zhou Yucu’s eyes look to Week antelope,He became extremely hesitant。
He carefully looked at Zhou Liang at this moment.,She takes off the white coat really looks really good.。
Slim body,Skin, like a snow,Delicate,Plus gentle eye,People simply see……
Let the deer go to the outpatient town, even if it is,If you let Zhou Lanbo have worked hard work overtime,Zhou Ye is even somewhat uncomfortable.。
Zhou Ye said to the gods:“Antelope,You should be tired,Would you like to take a break?。”
Being loved by Zhou Ye,Zhou Ante antelope is still watching the coordinates of the takeaway in the mobile phone,Take note of the special after his eyes,She began to avoid a somewhat awkward。
“Need not,Takeaway is coming,Do you want to eat first.。”Weekly seeing tall brothers are only in the emergency room.200Meter。
Should be delivered soon!
At this time, the nurses over the emergency department were rushed again.。
Zhou Ye,I hope that people are here.,Still helping Li Qifeng works alive.,After all, he can also have a meal of lunch.。
Zhou Ye called the nurse that came.:“No need to call Feng brother,He is handling things,I will go out for a while.。”
The nurse saw Zhou Yewu did not wear white coats.,Deck:“Are you also a doctor at the hospital??”
Zhou Ye went down at his clothes.,I found that there is no white coat.,Suddenly somewhat awkward。
Fortunately, Shu Dehe and Zhou Lu often come to emergency clinic,The nurse knows the two people behind Zhou Ye。
She laughed to Xulu and Week antenna.,I quickly withdraw the clinic.,There is also a bunch of patients waiting for a body temperature.,Emergency person is nervous now,Can’t delay for a moment。
Otherwise, the patient is anxious.,I have to start my mother.。
“I will eat here.,What patient do I go?。”Zhou Jiwu has walked in the emergency department of the internal medicine.。
NS98chapter Apple’s breath
Shu Lu originally wanted to leave!
But after all, emergency is also a poor department,I think that Li Qifeng is going to stay in the room.,It is also an internal medicine clinic to see a patient……
She actually couldn’t bear to call Zhou Niangwu, I didn’t go out.!
And emergency internal medicine clinics,General patients are really uncomfortable to see a doctor at night.,I really can’t bear it.!
Zhou Ye, rushed to the outpatient clinic of emergency internal medicine.。
Good in the emergency internal medicine clinic, set the entrance to the emergency,Not very hard to find。
When he entered the door, he saw a very beautiful.18The expression of a girl is very painful, sitting on a chair.!
To handle patients,The first thing is to wear a white coat,Prove that your identity!
Zhou Ye didn’t think too much.,After reading the girl,I will find a white coat from the door.。
Everyone is used to putting white big clothes behind the door.,So relatively,It is more convenient to find!
Who is Zhou Yixi?,It’s put on the piece and yourself and your figure.!A aroma floated from the white big jan!
He put it behind,I noticed that this white big coat is actually waist.……
The white coat of the waist is a female comrades.,Plus this white coat,In Zhou Ye, even if he guess, this is a white coat of a female doctor.。
But the patient is in front of him,Zhou Ye is not convenient to change it again.。
He does not dare,I sat on the chair immediately.,Looking at girl:“what’s the situation?”
The girl is also following a middle-aged parent.,Looking at Zhou Ye, my breast is unable to look,He is originally dissatisfied,But the girl is painful,He is already here.5Don’t see a doctor in minutes。
I am not easy to have a doctor now.,He really dares to drive away,Otherwise I don’t know when this is going to see.……
Middle-aged parents have not spoken,Girls will open:“doctor,My chest is proneous,Feeling that you can breathe。”
Zhou Ye looks to the chest of the girl,The two chests under the school uniform seem to have been!
It seems that the breathing cost is caused!