China’s national leader in South Korea

 According to the Chinese Consulate General in South Korea, on December 10th, Zhang Chenghong, the Consul General, Zhang Chenghong, published a signature article in the local media "Gangzhou Daily", "The Third Historical Resolution of the Communist Party of China", the Ten of the Communist Party The Spirit of the Jiuzhong Plenary Session and the "Resolution of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on the Communities and Historical Experiences".

The full text is as follows: The third historical resolution of the Chinese Communist Party and its meaning.

  Not long ago, the Ninth Plenary Session of the Ninth Central Committee of the Communist Party of China was reviewed the "Resolution of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on the 100-year struggle of the Communist Party of China", which is the third historic resolution in the CPC’s Century. For more than 100 years, the Chinese Communist Party will lead the people from quartep of five crackers, a plate of sand to highly unified, national unity, from a poor two white to comprehensive well-off, from full of bullying to independence, only for decades, after hundreds of years have passed the country for hundreds of years The industrialization process has created two miracles of rapid economic development and social long-term stability. On the eve of the victory of the Anti-Japanese War in 1945, in 1981, the Chinese Communist Party has established two historical resolutions, which laid an important foundation for realizing the national, Xingguo and rich countries.

  The "resolution" focuses on the historic achievements of China’s past nine years since the 18th National Congress. The party leaders the people of the country realize the first hundred years of struggle. In China, it has built a well-off society in China. The gross domestic product exceeds 10 trillion yuan, with a per capita gross domestic product of more than 10,000 US dollars, comprehensive national strength and international influence. Quality improvement. China has overcome a series of major risk challenges, solves many problems that have long been resolved and unresolved, and do a lot of things that have been wanted to do. Current China is moving towards the new journey to achieve the second hundred years of struggle.

  The Communist Party of China is highly attaching importance to history and paying attention to summary. The most important thing in the history experience of the success of the Communist Party of China is a systematic guidance of a strong leadership core and Marxist China’s theory of China.

The "resolution" has comprehensively summarized the ten important experiences of the Chinese Communist Party, that is, adhere to the party’s leadership, people’s first, theoretical innovation, independence, China’s road, the heart, pioneering and innovation, dare to fight, unify the front, self-revolution, revealing The successful password of the world’s first major government party. This "resolution" is a guide to building socialist modernization, achieving the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, is also a programming document in the world to understand China’s future development direction. "Resolution" will also have a profound impact on the world.

China’s development achievements have shown that a big country uses several decades to rank among high-income economies from almost the poorest countries, so that people’s lives have improved. China’s development has deeply affected the world history process, making significant contributions to human progress careers. China-style modern roads provide new choices to countries and nations who are both hoping to accelerate development and wish to maintain their own independence. Human fate is a major idea and "one belt all the way" major initiative, fully indicating that the Chinese Communist Party is for the Chinese people to make a happy, for the Chinese nation, and also make progress in humanity, for the world. China is the second largest economy in the world. It has been more than 30% of the global economic growth for many years. China’s long-term stable and high quality development provides a huge opportunity and strong power for the world.

China’s 14 billion people’s big market will become the source of the growth of the world economy, and the source of vitality. China will continue to expand high levels of opening up, sharing development opportunities, maintaining and practicing real multilateralism, promoting economic globalization, and promoting economic globalization. A garment of water in China and South Korea, the establishment of diplomatic relations in the past 30 years, the deep generation of various fields, the world is rare, and the world has established a model of bilateral relations development.

Next year is the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic diplomatic relations between China and South Korea, and the relations between the two countries face important development opportunities.

I hope that China and South Korea will jointly plan the future development blueprint, consolidate political mutual trust, deepen economic and trade, and active humanities exchanges, close international cooperation, and jointly build a community of China and South Korea, promote China and South Korea’s relationships.

(Editor: Shen Yuhuan, Wu Sanwei) Sharing let more people see.

Changfeng Wanli, Hundreds of Strong Flow

The tide does both, like a broken bamboo. Open the "reform case choice", which is compiled by the party committee reform office of the Autonomous Region, as in the time of the time, slowly launched a magnificent reform picture.

In recent years, various departments in our district have promoted the problem of developing the development urgently, the people expected the hotspots, dare to change, dare to break, a system initiative to explore, and build a courage and wisdom. The vibrant world, from the struggle of Qiandan sails and waves. With the construction of the construction of the Yellow River Basin Ecological Protection and High Quality Development, I have developed short board in our district, find the difficulties of reforms, boldly try, and the major reforms are born, and the momentum is likebow. The problems facing the construction of the first line are in the construction of reforms. Since July 7, it has continued to bake the northern part of Ningxia. Under the strong demand of 400,000 cubic meters from the industrial water, the Ningxia Shuiyuan Group Ningdong Water Co., Ltd. is the guaranteed capacity of 900,000 cubic meters per day, which is the Ningdong base numerous industrial enterprises. "Water safety feel". In the high temperature, an orderly water guarantee is both a timely response of the water sector, deployed as soon as possible, and is a fine face of the reform of the reform of the reform of the reform of the water rights reform in Ningxia. Ningxia with average water resources may not be 1/3 of the national average. Since 2016, the Ministry of Water Resources is determined as the national water property rights authentication, from clear use of water rights, transform water rights to establish a water market, promote water Transaction, Ningxia’s water rights reform all the way to cross the river, and went to the forefront of the whole country.

In June 2020, General Secretary Xi Jinping went to Ningxia to inspect and gave Ningxia to build a new mission of the ecological protection and high quality development of the Yellow River Basin.

The first zone is sailed.

Make demonstration, create experience, create a model, and break out a high-quality development new road – Ningxia ushered in an unprecedented development opportunity, and it faces unprecedented challenges, and the reform and development has come to a new turn.

Use water rights, land rights, emission rights, and mountain rights "four rights" reforms to become the commencement of the construction of the first line. From April 21st to 22nd, the party committee and government in the autonomous region held the fourth promotion meeting of the Ecological Protection and High Quality Development Zone of Yellow River Basin in Yinchuan. Key one step.

"Not a generalized reform, generalized work, generalization requirements", point out "four rights" reform significance, not to be slow. The ideas and paths of reform are clear and determined: – In-depth promotion of water rights reform, implement the "four custom" principles, fundamentally optimize water structure, transform water mode, improve water efficiency, and achieve water resource intensive use; – Deepen Land rights reform, use live land policy, activate land elements, live land resources, realize land value discovery and benefit value, forming spatial conditions, ecological foundation and funding guarantee for supporting the construction of the first line; – Accelerate the reform of the pollution, establishment as soon as possible "Who is dirty, who is charged, who benefits" the mechanism, fundamentally consolidate the results of the pollution, from the source to promote energy conservation and emission reduction, expand environmental capacity from the strategy; – comprehensive deeper forest rights reform, accelerate marketization, Large-scale operation, constructing the value realization mechanism of "Green Water Qingshan is Jinshan Yinshan", with forestry growth to drive the land. This defective change of high-quality development with small incision reforms, when it is very important, when it is written, it is specified for extraordinary.

In bold criminals, wencer. "Ningxia Experience" in March this year, the Northwest Bearing of the Railway Truck Bearing was successfully launched by the railway trucks produced by the automatic assembly line. After 19 years, the Northwest Bearing "NXZ" products returned to the domestic truck bearings .

In recent years, various departments in all parts of the whole region, focus on breakthroughs, focus, key links, in the practice of promoting national reform pilot tasks, encourages the grassroots, bold, boldly trial, all local departments in reform practice A number of reforms and practices called to stand, stand up, and the masses.

– From the "one seal management approval" to "a seal data", create "Operation more fool, applying more convenient, handling more intelligent" online government service platform; from "Up to Run", " Zero Run Road "Zero" "Zero Material", builds the city of mobile services, and the company will speed up from one day to 3 hours … In the innovative government service model, build a national first-class business environment, Yinchuan City pace is more and more Fast, determination is getting bigger and bigger, goals, and it is also getting higher and higher; – March 2018 Team service mode.

Since is identified as the country’s first "Internet + Medical Health" demonstration area, Ningxia Jingji exploration practice, has now established five levels of telemedicine service systems, under 5G technology "bisector", use a network cable to be Northern Guangzhou Hospital The well-known experts "send" to patients who are in remote villages.

– For rural "hollow" increasingly serious problems, Pingluo County takes the lead in carrying out the right to conduct homesteads in the whole district, in adhering to the interests of farmers, the total land land is not broken through the farmers, the villager’s autonomy In the case of organically combined with other rural reforms and other rural reforms, and they have a free land resource.

In 2020, Pingluo County was approved the first national integrated rural reform test pilot county.

To the reform, it is the first to build a lotus in the Summer Stone Winery in the feet of Helands, and the New Home and Breather. "The dividends of the three-yield fusion are released." Xiao Wei, deputy general manager of Zhihuiyuan Stone Village, told reporters that it is a big event for the winery this year.

With the transformation of the winemare, the consumption upgrade has brought new consumer demand, and the construction of the homestay is sympathy.

Zhihuiyuan Stone Pastry Plan Phase I constructs 30 borset and will be put into use next year.

Through nearly 30 years of land, today Zhihuiyuan Stone Winery has transformed the gravel waste of Helan Shandong to the grape plantation, garden winery, sports park, and leisure vacation. The integration of the second-tech industry "ecological park has become the epitome of the Ningxia Wine Industry. On July 10, Ningxia National Grape and Wine Industry Open Development Integrated Test Area officially listed. Thousands of industrial objectives, internationalization models, Ningxia’s wine industry once again ushered in the strategic development opportunities of thousands of difficulties. Entering the new stage, scientific design, system construction is greater, system integration, collaborative advancement requires stronger, establishment of constitution, and the task of building a system, must be in more fields, deeper breakthroughs to the constraints of ideas Breakthrough in the barriers that have cured, with unprecedented determination and strength to determine the new mission of reform.

The industrial level in our district is low and the competitive strength is weak. Only have greater courage, more initiative to break deep institutional barriers.

Based on Ningxia resource endowment, industrial advantages, development prospects, autonomous regional party committees and governments started from the high-quality development of high-quality development, focusing on breakthrough, comprehensive layout. As the nine industry, the nine industries, the nine major industries, the nine major industries, the cultural tourism, the nine major industries, the cultural tourism, and the overall situation of the national development, the overall situation of the national development, the construction of the national development , Major initiatives, key tasks. The nine key industrial implementations were issued, and the "Autonomous Region supported the provision of some financial measures (provisional)" in the country with a number of financial measures (provisional) "to become a strong measures with a specific measures of 17 gold. Pay attention to the systemic, integrity, synergistic, scientific planning of reform, and overtield all reforms – Ningxia promotes the practice of reform and innovation, by breaking the systemic disorder, caching mechanism obstruction, launch policy innovation, and put some good The reform experience is solidified into a system, long-term persistence, leading to drive, inspiring the reform of various subjects, and promoting the development of the whole regional reform. The reform is not poor. The road to the time, a large number of reform initiatives have been implemented, and a large number of reform pilots have achieved fruitful results, and a large number of grassroots reform economy continues to emerge. I look forward, on the way forward to the second hundred years of socialist modern power, I still need to condense the most extensive reform power, build pragmatic and efficient reform decision-making mechanisms, and continue to advance. Reform and innovation, promoting the reforms of all fields, letting development forever. (Reporter Yang Xiaoqiu) (Editor: Gao Jiawei, Jia Ru) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

All the way to the ancient city of the ancient Town, China National Geographic Network

The first known "Zhenyuan" is because the teenage period is obsessed with the martial arts book without Jin Yong’s novel "The Swordsman", "Jian Yan" and "Ice Sword" and "Ice Wash Sword Record" rivers and lakes, there is no wind, Yunyun, Zhenjiang Lake The Zhenyuan Dunning Bureau Zhenyuan Dart Barter, that is, the darts in the world are strong, the martial arts, the martial arts, the invincible, and theft will be bold! Once young love fantasy, fantasy is like ancient swordsman generally fresh clothes, horses and faster, and the sword will take the sky with curiosity. It has been in the past two years ago, the town of Zhenyuan is hidden here. ? Life is a lonely trip you walk every paragraph is a Zhenyuan Zhenzhen, which is a comprehend, traceable, ancient town, and the intersection of "five streams" and "Easyper" in history. The department, that is, the land of the usual. As early as the spring and autumn, the town is far-reaching, Qin is the county; the Han Dynasty is the Tomb County, the Jingzhou; the change of Tang and Songs changed to the final belonging. Song Baoyou six years (AD 1258) building Huangping City, giving a name Zhenzhou, and the beginning of the town.

The meaning of Zhenyuan Guzhen Town is that it is in the manner since ancient times, and the shortcuts and trims of Beijing, Southwest, and Siamese, and will have a shortcut and willing, there is "Southern Silk The road is the beauty of it.

Here is both the political, economic, cultural centers and transportation of Luoxidong, and the military heavy town that the military must fight.

In the classical master of "Confucian History", Wu Jingli did not hesitate to describe the Tang General and Miao’s leader, the leader of the town and the land of the local customs, and the local customs, Humen Yangwei’s patriotic Mingzi Lin Renxu, Zeng Sanjun Road, there is a sense of the land of the mountain and dangerous mountains and dangers, write down the "Zhenyuan Road" one poem: "Two mountains, rivers, water evil, one diameter autumn smoke mountain foot.

Pedestrians in the mountains in the stream, these are not falling. "Two mountains, rivers, water evils, one track of autumn smoke, pedestrians in the mountains in the stream, these are not falling to the town, there is no need to wait a stunning in one issue.

With the farther, the different mood is different, and the years of the years in each person see is different.

It is more than a bitter of domineering needs than many martial arts than most Wenzhu Town, which is more quiet than the ancient town of many people. Like a wise man who has a vicissitudaus, quiet and indifferent, standing in the southeast of Guizhou, silently watching you me … The ancient town is not big, there is history but does not look heavy, gossip general totems on this land Thousands of years of light.

Historical smoke clouds give its rich famous monuments, nature’s ghost artifacts make it unique in Taiji.

The unique Tai Chi is now, when the situation is moved, everything in the past has long settled.

Only the Yanghe day and night will pass through the city with "S".

The river is scattered with a large small pier, swaying in the clear color of the color of the color, telling the prosperous old dreams of Zhenyuan’s water trading.

One of Yang River pier Guxiang winding old streets of the city. Every piece of quartzite, are recorded every piece of brick monuments, Qi Su vicissitudes of the Millennium town.

Stroked the engraved full-time traces of mottled stone, time seems to have become slow, can not help but heart sigh: "Years of quiet good, this life peacefully."

Here the mountain topography of ancient houses, step-up layer by layer, the streets narrow and deep, cross-title even.

"Heresy" is its pattern, scattered seven guxiang level, but inconsistent, the door to the back alleys, back lanes of the mountains. After the slope obliquely, there roadway lane, Lane have wells, on the dock, through the post road, can also be met at the casual courtyard. Ancient houses by the mountain topography, step-up layer by layer, the streets narrow and deep, cross-title even. The so-called town of rhyme, in fact it is hidden in an ancient alley. Alley is not "can only look, can not play."

Whether residential or snack, are enough fascinating. Shen Xiang, a taste of the ancient city of "soft tofu" tofu is not only fresh, and there Jisi old taste.

Along guxiang forward, inadvertently appeared in front of this distillery. Quaint atmosphere that attracted me, wish I could drink, experience the big mouth drinking bowl to eat meat heroic, time stands still do Zhenyuan Foolish. When approaching the ancient distillery evening, boarded Shi Ping Shan, overlooking the panoramic Zhenyuan, the ancient fortress sitting watching the sunset, sunset speckled throughout the city, giving an infinite sadness.

Ancient fortress sitting here watching the sunset of the United States, need to understand quietly. Walking in the Millennium stone on the road, hands touch over the ancient city walls; Miaojiang or set foot on the Great Wall, then feel here, "Xiao Bing horseshoe" …… remains of the ancient Great Wall, though not grand, but silent and quaint piece of history. As night fell, the two sides Caiyanghe red lanterns hung high, dim the lights dotted the river.

The ancient city after nightfall, lit up red lanterns, seems to remind guests from afar, booming life is about to begin …… night, dim the lights dotted with Yang River. A river, town houses, red lanterns businesses, ribbons and other lighting opt lit, the entire ancient city dressed up Ambilight, making a lot of modern and elegant flavor of life. The river breeze blowing, the two sides of different styles of music singing far and near, the lights on the bridge to remind you to complete the transformation of a piece of history of the crossing, at this time whether the find a place to enjoy food, but very close to the far Zhenyuan to be positioned. Guizhou to not eat the night Suantang the most pleasant way to explore the river tongue cuisine. To Guizhou, you can not eat the sour soup. There are a folk song "three days do not eat acid, walk to fight jump jump.

"Yang River Suantang eating warm, breezy, indescribably comfortable.

A bar lounge singer who sings, a drunk impermanence of life.

Zhenyuan night is noisy, blurred, that time is infinite.

Restaurant wine shop, among the shops, mixed with the Rendezvous Court Palace, on the streets, crowds of people coming and going, with a smile, eyes brimming full of praise on the front of the King and appreciation. Looking at the cool river, in the village singing songs on the chest beside children frolic there, looking at the cool river, in the village singing the song in his heart, a better life unspeakable, that is what we aspire to place. There are peaceful life in the mountains between residents who live sunset, sunrise life.

Not disturb things, full of the reality of the gas. Yanlong cold moon in the water cage yarn, Bells restaurants near Yang Yanlong cold moon in the water cage yarn, Bells near Yang restaurants.

Life flavors, water years, have turned into a sun shade in the river the night.

A lighting a mood, a ray bundle of warmth, one color one kind of flavor, deep and bright atmosphere Implications distant. The so-called moments of beauty since the day, that is the landscape of this city of Yelang the depths of it. A river, town houses, red lanterns businesses, ribbons and other lighting opt lit, the whole dress was the ancient city Ambilight night of the day I do not know, "charm", the night did not know the white simplicity. After a noisy night, it’s hard to imagine Zhenyuan day is so quaint tranquility.

The street is the street last night, but the night is brilliant and crowded, bustling but as a hallucination. Zhenyuan ancient day like living here, you can leisure life, do not care. During the day the ancient town of Pu Anning would like to use this round decorative hearts love affair quiet years, but knowing that they have become far too poetry, became the minds of most people aspire to look. "Rise former becomes slow, cars, horses, mail is very slow, your whole life to love a person.

"Zhenyuan Walking down the street you can see on a Qing Dynasty-like post office building, wall, shelf, on the counter, everywhere can see the history and culture of Post. And outside the Qing mailbox, brave copper plastic, Zhenyuan Post Station introduction, couplet, reflect each other, complement each other. Road ordinary people "do not look at the river Yang, Chen-yuan is equal to white.

"Yang River sign attractions – peacock Yang River belongs to a tributary of the Yangtze River tributaries, a total length of 258 kilometers, with the" Three Gorges of the male, Shu Emei show, Lijiang River in Guilin beauty of Yangshuo scenery of You "and the crown of the world yang. River water flowing out of the cave are mostly not only clean, but also very green. "peacock" is Caiyanghe sign attractions. maybe because I saw a lot of mountains and rivers everywhere, unrivaled do not think how amazing Yang River.

Look great scenery limitations on board, but as a general tourists only be the case. Sun River swim to the gate area, it should be the phrase "three days without sunshine", a sudden burst of heavy rain. Fortunately, just line to the entrance area, there would be no wet body said. A small town, the streets of a small town story, the story of the streets, the landscape here is soft dream in your heart, do not know what joy in this world, no traces worth in this excursion.

Zhenyuan, you wait for me two thousand years; these two days, I accompany you through two thousand years …… Zhenyuan, look forward to the next meet again! .

Chinese culture is the foundation of our existence of the meaning of the world

  Author: Chen Sheng pretext cultural genes are an interesting topic, and Chinese cultural genes are an important topic.

The so-called "cultural gene" means a long-term cultural characteristics, which has been previously long, and it will appear from time to time. It determines the identity of a group, just like a natural gene. A species.We all know that all modern human beings belong to a species, which differ in natural genes, and truly determines that the human group of contemporary society is cultural.Culture is an inclusive thing, so we can extract the structures of those long-term stable in culture, called cultural genes.The cultural gene is a product of a group for long-term production. It is something that can learn from each other – its main transmission mechanism is learning exchange, just like a natural gene can be mixed.

This understanding of the essence of racism is the essence of racism.

The racist believes that there is an indispensable difference between different ethnic groups, that is, a group is never have something in biological or cultural.

Cultural genes can be learned, and they can work hard to create.

In the past, we are used to the "excellent national cultural tradition" and the like.

The cultural gene is a theory and is the product of evolution for cultural analysis. Archaeological is a cultural and research representative represented by substances.

This theory can help archaeologists explain the evolution and blending of cultures, and even help archaeologists explain the changes in the specific material remains. "The origin of Chinese cultural genes: the perspective of archeology", Chen Sheng, the People’s University Press, the Press, China Publishing History, on the stage of world civilization, Chinese civilization (or Chinese civilization, Huaxia civilization) is a very significant exist.

China’s land did not disappear, and humans have been survive here, and culture has been evolved here, and cultural genes are formed, change, disappear or inherit.

Why is the Chinese civilization give more than 5,000 years? Why is the Chinese civil society form a super-large civilization? What is the cultural genes of this? These are all worthy of ponder. 2020 is a very special year, the new crown epidemic swept the world, the impact of it is full, very far-reaching, so that the "world is flat" Friedman Friedman Friedman will be re-crown Define History: AC and BC (before the new crown epidemic). His observation is quite keen, but his explanation is quite rough, and China’s successful response to the epidemic in China is accustomed to strict social management. This habit originates from history for long-term disasters in history.

He seems to forget the disaster suffered by the Western history, including the plague, not less than China. China’s truth is actually very simple, that is, respect for science, science has become a way to deal with the crisis. A major event that has had important significance for Chinese archeology in 2020. On September 28, the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee on the latest discovery of my country’s archeology and its significance, the meeting emphasized that it is necessary to attach great importance to archaeological work, strive to build Chinese characteristics, Chinese style, Chinese style archeology, better The Chinese civilization of the source is far from a long history, and the profound and profound Chinese civilization will provide strong support for the promotion of Chinese traditional culture and enhance cultural self-confidence. I very much agree with this understanding. Chinese archaeologists have a responsibility to have an obligation to try to know our culture and promote our culture. Over the past a hundred years, we have been in progress, we seem to feel that our history is a mistake, and all the difficulties of reality are attributed to history. Learning technology, innovation system, criticizing tradition, we have wanted to abandon Chinese characters, we successfully abandon our own clothing. We can think of this, if we truly delete our history, our culture, will we live in a world? People live in a natural environment, leaving it, people can’t survive; but people live in the cultural sense, leaving it, life will be tasteless. People are alive, not just because of life, more because of meaning, meaning, we really don’t have to hold it.

The meaning is from culture, and there is no cultural sense of life is pure animal. Chinese culture is the foundation of us existing in the meaning of the world, whether we like or don’t like it.

Our culture is our mental mother, lost her, we will have no loss. In such a big change in the world, in such a three thousand years of challenge, in such a thousand-year-scale social changes (from the agricultural society to the industrial society), our culture is transforming, is innovating It is also reviving. We need to break some superstitions, some superstitions that are modern in the West.

We don’t have to be completely self-defeating. In contrast, we must further reform and opening up, both to be external, and As a great civilization, we can’t stand at others, we need to have a unique contribution to world civilization. We don’t want to replace who, but never want to be replaced by who. Indeed, it is very difficult to study the balance between the West and the critique of the West.

Any learning must be hidden, it does not print, it is not intelligent, and it is not realistic (including the tradition of us).

邯郸 学 步 式 式 千 千 古 古 古 古 千 古 古 古 古 古 古 古 千 古 古 古 古 古 古 古 古 古 古 古 古 古 千 千 千 古 古 千 事

  The above is the background and starting point of the origin of "the origin of Chinese cultural genes: archeology". What I want is to promote the beautiful part of Chinese culture. I hope that all Chinese people live in a meaningful, meticulous, beautiful environment. I hope that Chinese culture can get a new year, and can bring more choices to the world. Just like a Chinese meal beyond Western food. I respect the value of each culture, nor does it refuse to learn from any object worth learning. However, if another cultural is over Chinese culture, we will regard our (or his own) culture such as enemies, that is, I am firmly opposed.

  (The author is a professor of Archaeological College, Renmin University of Renmin University of History.

Chongqing 28 science base linkage cloud help build global science landscape

  Sichuan and Chongqing to promote the innovation and development of science work together, help build economic circle Twins Chengdu-Chongqing region. September 17 to 23, both Sichuan and Chongqing Science and Technology Museum United 26 outstanding science base cloud linkage, innovatively launched the "science Huimin · conspiracy science base in Sichuan and Chongqing innovation and development" – Popular Science Chongqing train line 2021 National science popularization day online activities, activities audience of million people.

  It is reported that the event directed by the Chongqing Municipal Science and Technology Association and the Sichuan Provincial Science and Technology Association, Chongqing Science and Technology Museum and sponsored by the Sichuan Science and Technology Museum, Chongqing China Three Gorges Museum, Marshal Nie Museum, Museum of Natural History in Chongqing, Chongqing Zoo, Chongqing Nanshan Botanical Garden, Chongqing garden Expo, White Crane Ridge underwater museum Chongqing, Chongqing Museum Palestinians, Jiangjin Science and Technology Museum, Dazu Science and Technology Museum, Rongchang District Science and Technology Museum, Wuxi Science and Technology Museum, Pine Valley Science and Technology Museum, Chengdu Research base of Giant panda breeding, Chengdu Zoo, Sichuan provincial disaster Prevention and mitigation Education Center, Yuan Longping hybrid rice Technology Museum, Aba Youth Science and Technology Museum, Florida Museum of Science and Technology, Science and Technology Museum Suining, Ya’an Science and Technology Museum, Mianyang Science and Technology Museum, the Museum Emeishan, electronic Science and Technology Museum, Zigong dinosaur Museum, pick wild? Natural History Museum co-organized.

  The event is one of 2021 National Science Popularization Day Chongqing municipal priorities, based on the grassroots, service development, the benefit of the masses, to follow the activities of Chongqing Science and Technology Museum and the Sichuan Science and Technology Museum Bokova mascot Koko take the "science train" Wandering Chongqing science base form of the "cloud" in the snow, the Virtual Tour, interactive experience and integration quiz with prizes, interactive space science to build up the network, so that ground gas, close to the people, and improve people’s science activities directly send of the public side, to the public to bring a new feel and experience science.

Quiz content reflects the characteristics of 28 popular science venues, covering cultural history and knowledge of the natural biological, physical, mathematical, and scientific and technological innovation "peak carbon, carbon neutral" application of the results, so that the public gain knowledge while playing the game.

  Last year, Sichuan and Chongqing Science and Technology Museum signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement, and the first joint "Wandering Chongqing Science and Technology Museum, jointly seek new development" online activities.

This year, the Chongqing Science and Technology Museum led, for the first time to carry out cross-border cooperation, to bring together the two kinds of science base position to carry out science joint operations, fully integrated 28 high-quality science base science resources for a multi-position, multi-field, wide coverage, Qi participation in the work practice, since the Sichuan and Chongqing Science and Technology Museum signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement, the largest and highest degree of social participation, the most extensive coverage of the surface activity, formed a sharing of resources to build, mutual benefit and create win-win grand coalition, big science work pattern of global collaboration.

  The event, the Chongqing Science and Technology Museum to play a leading role in radiation leading, innovative science organization model, extensive leveraging the power of science, strengthen the science base in Sichuan and Chongqing all kinds of joint linkage. At the same time, actively leading the drive Chongqing five counties Science and Technology Museum to explore science linkage mechanism, promote the integration and development of Chongqing popular science education, to promote collaborative innovation and development in Sichuan and Chongqing Science Popularization provides a new way of thinking, deepening the global science from to an important role in promoting. (Chongqing Science and Technology Museum feeds) (Editor: Huang Ling, Liu Zheng Ning) share to allow more people to see.

Do not forget the initial mission, stick to the fight against the epidemic – National Energy Administration, Menghe Village, Tongjixian, Help, Help, Handling First-line Fighting

  Since the emergence of a new round of new coronal pneumonia, the National Energy Administration has resolutely implemented the provincial, municipal, county epidemic prevention and control decision-making deployment, transforming the party’s political advantage, organizational advantage into powerful The epidemic power, the first time to get into the epidemic prevention and control, no matter whether it is dark night, no fear of wind and snow, always stick to the ordinary position, strive to build a strong defense against the resort prevention and control of the village, so that the party members become a banner, in The epidemic prevention and control is high. One is a quick response, take the initiative.

After the local case of neoguanpumitis in Gansu Province, the National Energy Administration resorted the residential prevention and control work as a first-class major event, and took the initiative to work on the weekend duty. Line, actively actively actively take the initiative to practice the initial mission in the prevention and control of the actual action.

As the Northeast Regulatory Bureau of the Northeast Regulatory Bureau of the National Energy Administration, as the first secretary of the village, helping the team captain, with the help of the National Energy Administration and the Northeast Energy Regulatory Bureau, always keep in mind the teaching and arrival of the Northeast Bureau Party Group, the epidemic The hour is not interrupted to adhere to the prevention and control of Menghe Village, and strive to get into the epidemic prevention and control. The second is the careful deployment and planning.

Coordinating a team of work meetings in the village, conveying prevention and control policies, seriously planning the situation, refining and decomposing tasks, ensuring that "external prevention input, internal to investigate" requires no unclosure to practice.

All members of the help team and the village cadres and the masses have a whole body. All-day prevention and control work, through grid management, take a person-by-week, forming the epidemic prevention and control system in the lateral, vertical direction, to ensure The health and safety of the masses, build the "copper wall" wall of the epidemic prevention and control with practical actions. The third is extensive propaganda, scientific prevention and control.

Helping the Task Force with close to the public, to the masses to promote the epidemic prevention policy, through the prevention and control warning propaganda slogan, the household visit, WeChat group, shoot promotion, short video, etc. Educate the masses to understand epidemic prevention and control policies and knowledge, and actively answer questions and psychological counseling, urge protection of protective measures, improve the ability of villagers’ protection and scientific to prevent epidemic, and motivate everyone to unite, and hard work. .

Chinese denk- en culturele naamdatabase

Aanbevolen lezen 2021-11-1211: 40 bugs van White Heroni Foeragage in Hutang County, Jiujiang City, Poyang Lake, Habitat. In de vroege winter daalde Poyang Lake onder het fijne waterniveau, werd de assemblage van allerlei migrerende vogels.

2021-11-1210: 122021-11-1111: 122021 Yuxi County katoenplanting oppervlakte van 1,02 miljoen MU, waarvan 990.000 MU van implementatie van katoenen cultivatiemodus, gezaaid, chemisch dak en gemechaniseerde mijncollectie, na de productie, deze Het zaadkatoen van het jaar heeft 426 kg / mu geproduceerd, die kilogram / mu verhoogt, en het niveau van katoenwetenschappelijk groeimanagement wordt continu verbeterd, en de katoenteelt is gemechaniseerd.

2021-11-1111: 11 China Baowu Ouya Chain Gold in de eerste groene slimme fabriek ingebouwd in de metalen regeneratie resource-industrie, blijf oefenen "dubbele carbon" -verbintenis, introduceer het project van Solar Photovoltaic Power-generatie, kan schone energie 14 miljoen voor nationaal aanbieden Roosters elk jaar KAUCHING TIJD. 2021-11-1011: 01 In de afgelopen jaren heeft de provincie Guizhou, de provincie Guizhou, de ‘medische combinatie’ actief gepromoveerd door integratie van pensioen- en medische hulpbronnen en het cre?ren van een medisch centrum integreren van pensioenverzorging, medische rehabilitatie, vrije tijd en entertainment . Geef ouderen om de oude man te bieden om van zijn ouderdom te genieten. 2021-11-0911: 222021-11-0811: 10, Fuyang City, Hubei Province, "pleiten voor renrensporten, cre?er een beter leven" "100 miljoen" -series van evenementen – 2021 Het spel werd gehouden. Deze competitie is onderverdeeld in drie categorie?n Personal Racing, individuele bloemmonsters, groepscompetities, twee groepen volwassen groepen en jeugdgroepen, gericht op het passeren van springtouwactiviteiten, het besturen van nationale fitness-giek, het cre?ren van mensen in de stad, mensen houden van sport, iedereen Een goede sfeer van liefdesfitness. 2021-11-0810: 02 Fujian Province Substation Corporation Sea Cable Decoration Team Om het rescue-team van de party leden te organiseren om naar het eilandonderzoekspunt te gaan, de wind is regen, niet bang voor kou, neemt u drie klassen omgekeerde continu gebruik De hele dag en nacht wordt de zeekabel gesneden en defect, de isolatiemeting en de reparatie van de zeekabel en de interne vezel, die naar verwachting vóór 8 november wordt voltooid. 2021-11-0810: 00 4 november, 2021, Xiaogan City, Hubei Province, Yunmei County West Ring Road, de Shadow Hall speelt een prachtig wolkdroomleer, "Yang Jia Will", veel van middelbare leeftijd en ouderdomspubliek gezien 津 津. 2021-11-0511: 29 Wuhu, Anhui Province, ik vond een prachtig lichaam, sleepte lange staart, veren en foerageer van tijd tot tijd van het bos.

Na identificatie door professionals is de vogel wit en behoort tot het nationale secundaire beschermde dier.

2021-11-0511: 20 Om nieuwe Coronal Pneumonia-epidemische reguliere preventie verder te versterken, werkt Huzhou City deqing County Zhongtu Town Party Lid Desinfection Small Team actief samen met het busstation om een ??goed werk van desinfectie, temperatuurmeting, propaganda, en Implementeer de bushalte "Eén is gesteriliseerd", een ventilatie-tijd is niet minder dan 15 minuten, terwijl we passagiers eraan herinneren, moeten we een masker dragen en zijn eigen bescherming doen. 2021-11-0511: 17 Dit jaar richt Qingdao Qianwan Bondang District Taxation Bureau zich op "Uitgaan" Enterprise Tax-gerelateerde vraag, met Intelligention Tax Building als een doel, volgens "Credit + Intelligent" -modus, "Zelfhandel" Omverarmde belasting "Nieuwe formaten, om ondernemingen te" uit te gaan "om buitenlandse markten uit te breiden om belastingintelligentie en kracht te leveren. 2021-11-0511: 17 Persimmon in Wuyuan County, Shandong Province heeft het verwerkingsseizoen ingeleverd, lokale boeren stapten met het zonnige weer op gepelde, drogen en verwerking en de verwerking van Persimmon werd een speciale industrie in het late herfstseizoen. Een. 2021-11-0511: 07 Op 3 november 2021 speelden Jiangsu Huai’an, universiteitsstudenten op de spellen.

2021-11-0411: 28 november 3, 2021, de eerste basisschool in Luoyang Road, keek Qingdao de viervoetige machinehondenpresentatie in de kunstmatige intelligente tentoonstellingshal.

2021-11-0411: Op 30 oktober 2021, gelegen in de navigatie van Nanjiang County in Pakinische stad, provincie Sichuan, de beste kijkperiode, de herfstkleur, zijn de toeristen in het prachtige landschap van de gouden herfst. 2021-11-0411: 26 Nanpi County, de provincie van Hebei, van Gu Jiwu, zoals de Erlang Boxing van het immateri?le culturele erfgoed van de provincie van Hebei, is meer voorbijgegaan, het ERLANG XIALU-prestatieteam van de provincie, in "Russisch-Chinees Cultuurjaar" , enz. Meer dan 1400 awards werden verkregen, waardoor een felle kleur aan het land wordt toegevoegd. 2021-11-0317: 0517, 2, de basisschoolstudenten in Xinyu City, provincie Jiangxi, gekleed in nationale kostuums en dansten om deel te nemen aan het sportfestival. 2021-11-0311: 29.

3D painting on the wall of the wall

  The elephant of spraying, charming the flamingo, swimming the ocean dolphins … Into the Democratic Village, Longt Town, Linkou County, a colorful 3D wall painted, attracting a touch of tourists to play card.In the painting, it seems to walk in the painting, walking into a bird and flowers, magical and colorful.This year, Dragon Town is an opportunity to meet the province’s leading conference, and continuously improve the beautiful rural cultural heritage and focus on improving the level of beautiful rural construction.The flat straight village road, bright street lights, neat houses, colorful wall paintings, cultural squares of various fitness equipment, while showing the "beautiful rural" new landscape while showing spiritual civilization.

(Zhang Xiaoguang reporter Zhang Xue) The picture is provided by the Linkou County Rong Media Center (Queon: Wang Yan, Zhao Yi).

Armed Police Hubei Corps Training Way to Carry out Revolutionary Traditional Education

On the morning of September 18, 2020, the Armed Police Hubei Corps organized more than 300 special team officers and soldiers to find the Sundang Source of Shiyan City Donggou patriotic education base to carry out revolutionary traditional education.

Recently, the armed police Hubei Corps, the "Devil Week" in the northwestern part of the Armed Police is fully launched in the mountainous area of ??Shiyan, and the local red resources have become a vivid textbook that stimulates the spirit of combat. In 1931, He Long led the Red Third Army to fight the Northwest of East, and the development of the revolutionary team in Donggou Village; 1946 On the eve of the founding of New China, the county party committee in the village is located in a Mingqing Architecture Court in the village.

In the revolutionary holy place, everyone will not be glow. In the exhibition hall, the officers and men played a piece of cultural relics carrying the revolutionary martyrs and bravely fighting the history of Guanghui, a picture, listened carefully to the explanation staff to lead the people to live for someone to die, and strive for liberation. The introduction of the struggle, deeply feels that today’s harmony, happiness life is not easy.

(Text / Figure Xue Le Sheng, Cheng Lin).

20 urban old district renovation pilot projects have been opened for 20

  On September 3, the Chongqing Daily reporter learned from the Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Development Committee that this year, the city launched 30 cities within the main city urban area, and the total investment of the project was about 70 billion yuan. Up to now, the construction of Jiefangbei-Chao Tianmen Green Financial Avenue Quality Improvement Project, 1862 Wenchuang Park and other 20 projects, some projects have initiated exemplary effects.

  According to reports, this batch of urban old functional district renovation pilot demonstration projects covers the renovation of old communities, transformation and upgrading of old industrial blocks, upgrades, traditional business districts, inheritance, public service facilities and public space optimization upgrade, etc. The five major cities update type. For example, Jiefangbei – Chaotianmen Green Financial Avenue Quality Improvement Project, involving Jiefangbei – National Road – Xiao Shi – Xinhua Road – Chaotianmen, a total of kilometers. The project is an important node project in the core area of ??"two rivers and four sides", mainly implemented "surgery" along the environmental quality of the green financial avenue, perfect urban function, development space reshaping, industrial age upgrade, etc. At present, the first phase of the transformation has been completed, the second phase of the project is fully promoted, and it is fully completed next year.

  The 18th ladder traditional scenery project is an important striped in the middle of the city. The project’s ABC region is open next month. The D area is planned to open in December this year, and the E-area will be open in June 2022. The historical and cultural block of the Kingdom monument is expected to be fully completed in this year and is officially open. At that time, the public came to the ground to see the special buildings such as the Qing Dynasty, the Republic of China, and experienced the natural hot springs, the Yunxiugou and Jialing River. The 1862 Wenchuang Garden project will also open an area of ??about 40,000 square meters from the end of this year. After all the projects are completed, it will become one of the important historical and cultural neighborhoods in the Chongqing Central City.

(Reporter Liao Xuemei) (Editor: Cover Pure, Zhang Wei) Sharing let more people see.