“You are really a student of How to Train Your Dragon,What about your dragon?”Asked the peach girl。

“You leave it alone,I want the freshest peaches,Largest,The most juicy。”I wish Minglang feel happy all at once,The small grievances were swept away!
“Good good,you win,I have peaches in my house,Wait until I sell out today’s Taoer,You go to my house to get it。”The peach girl showed a bit of refreshment。
“can。correct,Do you know where silkworms are sold,Where else can I sell good nectar?”Zhu Minglang asked。
“I have it at home。”Said the peach girl。
Zhu Minglang looked at her puzzled,Tao,“Isn’t your house selling peaches??”
“Can’t farmers be family style?,My parents grow peaches and sell peaches,My third brother raises silkworms,My seventh uncle picks honey,There are no agricultural products that our family does not sell in Fengdi Town!”The peach girl said frankly。
“All the way,You can sell it at home,If the quality is good,I will do business with you in the future。”Zhu Minglang said。
“Say in advance,Our house does not take credit。”Said the peach girl。
Zhu Minglang is wondering,Where does I look like I’ll fall back,The way of anger at the moment,“All money is settled!”
I negotiated the price with the seller,Zhu Minglang breathed a sigh of relief at this time。
Finally solved the initial ration problem for the two babies!
“Little brother,You are short of money,Just bargain for something like this。Look at that painting boat by the river,In fact, there is not only a beautiful girl,There are men,You really have an urgent need,Why not go there and try,After all, you really look good,Will attract those lonely widowed old women like,Don’t run out of money then,It’s as desolate as when we first met。”The selling peach girl gave Zhu Minglang a kind reminder。
“????”Zhu Minglang covers his aching chest。
Lose again!
“Nian Nian,Did you leave a peach for sister??”A gentle and beautiful voice came from behind。
Only hear this sound,It gives people a feeling of scratching,I can imagine all the beauty of this voice master at this moment。

but,Look at each other’s age,It’s too normal to be confused in such a circle,It’s just that those people never think that the other party is actually the Dragon King。

“It’s not that you need to be partial,I just hope to give Lichuan College a fair sentence。”Zhu Minglang said seriously。
“how,Someone deliberately blocked?”Instructor Lin Da frowned immediately。
“who is it?”Teacher Lin Da stood up。
“father,I don’t know if I should talk about something。”At this moment,Xiaoxuan, the woman who makes tea, said。
“Say!”Lin Da taught。
“Isn’t Lin Kuang having a banquet today?,Said to be in love with a girl,Bring to the family、See you relatives。That woman seems to be from Sichuan too,Is a female teacher from Lichuan Branch。”Lin Xiaoxuan said。
“This is his own business,I am not interested in managing。”Teacher Lin snorted coldly。
“But the superintendent is your disciple,As long as Supervisor He does not agree to leave the Sichuan Branch for naturalization,They left the Sichuan branch in vain,Brother Lin Kuang must also know this。I just went out for a walk,I didn’t see the so-called woman of love appear。”Lin Xiaoxuan said。
Zhu Minglang also frowned。
Female teacher at Lichuan College。
Looks like I came this time,Duan Lan is the only one。
Think of that day,Seeing Duan Lan sitting outside alone,A melancholy look……
Isn’t it Teacher Duan Lan?!
This Lin Kuang is not robbing a local girl,Is a beautiful teacher from Lichuan!!
“But it’s Duan Lan?”Zhu Minglang asked that Lin Xiaoxuan。

Is in his forties,Fat man,He shook his slightly thinning hair,Asked Feng Xiaowei coldly:“Minister Feng!Who is this person!What do you want to do?”

“Director Huang!This is the new mayor Xia,He came to check work”Feng Xiaowei said with a serious face。
Huang Shigui smiled and said:“It turned out to be the new mayor Xia,I thought it was from the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection。Come come!Give a seat to Chief Xia,Let’s play two together”
“Director Zhao!Clear cash on the table,Arrest them for gambling”Xia Jian ignored Huang Shigui,He said loudly to Zhao Chunling。
At this moment,A man sitting next to Huang Shigui heard Xia Jian say this,He panicked,He reached out to grab the banknotes on the table,He wants to sell the stolen goods。
But his hand is as fast as Zhao Chunling’s,All the banknotes on the table,But time in a few seconds,It’s all in Zhao Chunling’s hands。
“Chief Xia!You better not be so cruel,Donglin Township is not Pingyang Town”Huang Shigui said coldly。
Xia Jian didn’t justify Huang Shigui’s threat,He turned to Liu Zimin and said:“Secretary Liu!The people who took part in the gambling here,And all people watching,Report it to me immediately”
“Good mayor Xia,I will handle it”Liu Zimin said,So he shouted to let those who watched the card stand stand。Feng Xiaowei also walked over,Help Liu Zimin register。
Zhao Chunling quickly counted the gambling capital,Then said loudly:“Chief Xia!A total of two thousand four hundred yuan”Finished,She is very good at wrapping mahjong cloth,Mahjong。
“Few of you,Follow me to the police station”Zhao Chunling shouted loudly。Where does Huang Shigui sit,Motionless,The others saw it,Imitate him,Sit and ignore Zhao Chunling’s words。
Zhao Chunling is not in a hurry,She put the gambling money back in her pocket first,Then free a hand,Quickly grabbed the past。Grabbed Huang Shigui by the collar,Yanked。Huang Shigui’s fat body was actually pulled up by him,One is not standing,Almost fell to the ground。
The other three people are not doing well,Stood up quickly,Go out without saying anything。Huang Shigui still wants to resist,Zhao Chunling raised her knees abruptly,Without everyone paying attention,The action quickly pushed Huang Shigui’s thigh。Huang Shigui grinned in pain,Hurry forward。
As the saying goes,The ghost is afraid of the wicked。Huang Shigui never expected,The new head Xia is not only great,Even the female police station chief he brought,Also waiting。The hero doesn’t suffer,Huang Shigui is not a fool,He wants to be ashamed in front of everyone,Honestly followed Zhao Chunling away。
“Chief Xia,Twelve in total,I’m all registered here“Liu Zimin said,Handed over the registered book。

Autumn scenery,With the beauty of autumn。All the way,Xia Jian lay very relaxed on the seat,He kept looking out the window。Whenever a cornfield,Still a soybean field,He can feel the joy of autumn harvest。Because he never forgets that he is still a farmer。

The car is really from the foot of the mountain,Drove until the hospital。Take a look at which row of parked cars,Xia Jian knew that the incense here was very strong。
First2532chapter Memories
Park the car,Xia Jian led Guan Tingna towards the Lingguang Temple。As he thought,In the whole temple,Strong incense。An endless stream of tourists coming in and out。
Questioned,Only then did I know that the abbot here went wandering around。Since the abbot is not here,Xia Jianbian and Guan Tingna sold some scented candle watches at the entrance of the temple,Go to the Great Buddha Hall and put a stick of incense,And put some incense money。
Fulfilled this wish,The two drove down the mountain slowly。All the way,They have their own concerns,So not much talk。
Because I’m going to the provincial capital again the next day,So Xia Jian invited several senior executives of the company to a potluck。Banquet,Everyone also drank a little wine,I never thought Guan Tingna was drunk。This is really not intoxicating, people are drunk。
It was past 11 o’clock at night when the group returned to the staff apartment。Xia Jian stood in front of the glass window,Look at the bright stars in the night sky quietly。He couldn’t help but think of Zhao Hong,I remembered Guo Meili,He even thought of Wang Lin and Yao Junli。
These women have all appeared in his life,Especially Zhao Hong。But Xia Jiannong didn’t understand,Why fate always teases people。
Just when Xia Jianzheng was immersed in such memories of the past,The door of the room was suddenly pushed open from the outside。Guan Tingna shook her body and walked in。
Xia Jian was taken aback,Guan Tingna drank a little too much,Li Yue got her into the room。Nothing happened for a while,Xia Jian thought she was asleep。
After Guan Tingna walked in,He closed the door gently with his backhand。From her closing the door,She should be sober。
Xia Jian asked with a smile:“you’re awake?I can still fall asleep for you”
“Kind of disgusting,So come and sit down with you,I know you haven’t slept。What is thinking?Tell me to listen”
Guan Tingna said,He twisted and sat on the edge of Xia Jian’s bed。Xia Jian can see clearly,Guan Tingna’s pajamas are as smooth as silk,And also very thin。Under the light transmission,Xia Jiandu saw Guan Tingna wearing lace underwear。

But this does not mean that they only know how to kill and kill members of the four mythical beast family。

It is also possible to cultivate or enslave members of the four mythical beasts as spies。
Although the rise of the Lieshan Elves is not long,But the strength is definitely the pinnacle level of the palace lord。His previous battles,Battle of Flower Island,Besieged and killed by the three major palace masters,The battle to kill the blood elves, etc.,Have proved the strength of the peak of the palace lord。
Even the patriarch of the eight major families is not sure to defeat him。。。Even if it is two enemy one or even three enemy one,Maybe it’s okay to beat the opponent,But it’s impossible to stay。
But send out three powerhouse masters,It’s already a limit for the eight big families。
In addition to the eight patriarchs,There are only two or three palace-level powerhouses on the face of the eight major families,And they are all weaker in the palace master level。
Eight families,It’s because of the enmity of the four mythical beast families that unite together。It’s not a group of friendly。
Dispatched more than three patriarchs to besieged the elves,What if you fall?What if there is a loss?What if the four mythical beast families swarm out and desperately?
Anyway, now the eight big families besieging the four mythical beast families can be considered orderly。Although your lord Youlan jumped in,Preventing them from completely exterminating the four mythical beast families。But it weakens little by little,In the eyes of the eight patriarchs, it is completely acceptable。
Of course on the other hand,Although the wife of the Lieshan Elf is very strong,,Should have the strength comparable to the Seven-Star Elves,But the previous battles have never used their talents。
And the intelligence of the eight major families also showed,This member of the Qinglong clan,Ten thousand years ago, the four mythical beast families did not move.。
Maybe self-comfort,Or to give yourself a step down,The eight patriarchs directly judged that she was a very distant branch of the Four God Beast family,Haven’t even experienced the baptism in the ancestral hall。
Hate the four mythical beast family again,For a very far side branch to face up with a palace master pinnacle master,This behavior is obviously not worthwhile。

Zheng Sun Zhenchi is supported by the guests、Compliment to mid-frequency cheers,When I am proud,A horse ran up from downstairs,Even shouting:“Big……Big and young,Oh no……”

Sun Zhenchi frowned,Very unhappy in my heart,Today is my new day,Why does Sun Hong say all bad things?,Beat the table,Anger:“Sun Hong,What style of panic,I’m still fighting when the sky falls,It won’t fall!”
Sun Hong was scared by him,I even swallowed the words I put to my lips,Sun Zhenchi said with satisfaction this time:“Speak,what’s up?”
“two……The second younger is dead!”
Sun Zhenchi stood up excitedly,All the guests in the room are all silenced at once。
At this moment, Jiading was carrying Sun Zhenyi’s body upstairs in the back。
Seeing the brother’s body on the stretcher,The wine glass in Sun Zhenchi’s hand is“Bang”Fell to the ground,Roared:“Who the fuck did it,I will smash him into pieces!”
Sun Hong hastened to briefly talk about Chen Xiu and Daniel.,Even more:“Big and young,The two of them left the city from Beicheng a quarter of an hour ago,Do we chase!”Interesting reading
Sun Zhenchi has calmed down a bit,Shook his head and said:“Beicheng is the site of Hu Mazi,Our Big Sword Club only killed the wolf gang last night,Hu Mazi in Beicheng and Bing Liu in Xicheng are panic,All day alert,Worried that we will kill them together。
At this moment, if I lead someone to chase from Beicheng,Only cause misunderstanding,Let Hu Mazi go to war with us。Although we are not afraid of Hu Mazi,But I fought a tough battle last night,Haven’t taken a break,Now is not the time to start war。”
Sun Hong said right away:“Don’t you just let them go!”
“Of course not!”
Sun Zhenchi asked:“You just tortured me by the onlookers,Make sure one of them is an Orion in Longxi Village, right??”
“Yes,I questioned a few people,They all recognize that Daniel is the prey of Longxi Village,I used to sell animal skins in the town。”

Leo’s fingers are against his face,If Leo is so a little bit,His head is about to explode。

“Are you sure you are qualified to ask me these?If you don’t have this strength,So hurry up and find someone who is capable!”
Several people heard what Leo said,Dare to say one more thing,Running fast under the pressure of death。
Actually,Didn’t wait for a while,More people came out。
Such a big movement,Naturally, the people inside cannot sit still。
“It’s your kid who made trouble in our Moses union?”
Headed by a fifty-third level person,Looks good,Obviously a cadre of Moses。
“Where is your president?”Leo spoke lightly。
“Still want to see our chairman?Let me send you to see the king!”
The cadre of Moses obviously didn’t intend to say more,Rushed directly towards Li Ao。
Just at this time,Suddenly a flash burst out from Leo’s side。
It was the green bull next to him who made this blow,Naturally, it is the long-range attack in the navy。
The light of the smaller one rushed towards the cadre of Moses,The cadre’s eyes burst upon seeing the blow。
Obviously he also recognizes that this is Lanjiao。、
“sea…”Even though the cadre recognizes his feet,But it is obviously wrong to estimate the destructive power of the green cow’s foot。
Lanjiao led Moses’ cadres directly towards the crowd,Immediately smashed a clearing。

Zhu Minglang firmly believe,Even if this dragon has just been full,It won’t take a few days to hunt,Besides, winter is here,Sleep,Predators are the most anxious!

Two days。
Three days。
On the fourth day,Unkempt Zhu Minglang finally heard the movement on Longya!
That’s the sound of flapping meat wings,Zhu Minglang looks up along the crack,I saw a dragon covered with moss scales in the narrow sky gradually lifting off,Its wings are as big as a pine canopy,The cast wing shadow gives people a sense of fear……
Is a forest dragon!
And obviously an adult,The aura emanating from the whole body is much stronger than the big black teeth!
Zhu Minglang can’t judge its strength。
The mature stage and the complete stage are very similar,If the forest dragon is complete,Even Bingchen Bailong’s shot may not be able to subdue!
It is wise not to use brute force at will。
Zhu Minglang has started to act。
He’s not waiting these few days,I have already figured out the habits of those treasure house guardian cliff eagles,Easily bypassed the group of cliff eagles,Zhu Minglang immediately rushed into the depths of the cave。
The depth of the cave is upward,Obviously connected to the top of the cliff,Zhu Minglang walked up along,Soon I saw a large swath of light leaking from above, obliquely,Like giant spears,Pierced the darkness under this cliff。
I wish Minglang go there,I found that whether it’s overhead or where I came from,There are cliff eagles patrolling,After the forest dragon left,Cliff eagle guards become tight,It’s a pity that they never thought that someone would hide inside early。
There is almost no defense inside,I wish Minglang walk towards the place where the light is pouring,Found that this is a chisel from the top of the cliff,Dragon’s nest cut by claws。
The dragon’s nest is close to a house,Covered with gold and silver jewelry,The slanted sunlight only shines on a small part of it,It gives people a sense of dazzling!!

Chen Feng was terrified,He hurriedly said:“Boss Wang!If I, Chen Feng, offend you somewhere,Just say it,I can do it,Must do so”

Chen Feng was talking,I kept looking at the door,How he wishes this time,Which horses standing outside the door can rush in。I also blame myself for being careless just now,If you bring all these people in,He won’t be like this now。
Wang Youcai saw through Chen Feng’s mind,He let go,Chen Feng almost slumped on the floor。Wang Youcai said with a cold smile“Boss Chen!Don’t think about it,Even if all the people you brought come in,Still lying on the ground”
“Ah!Boss Wang’s two men are really amazing”Chen Feng said with a smiley face。
It’s almost done,Wang Youcai said to Chen Feng:“Sit down!I really have something to find you,I didn’t expect that I would come here to spoil my good deeds“
Wang Youcai said,So I pulled Lan Ling,Let her sit on his lap。Then his big hand was in front of Chen Feng,Caressing gently on Lan Ling’s thigh without any scruples。
“Boss Wang!Tell me what you have,Although I’m not talented, Chen Feng,But I still know a few people in Pingdu“This guy is about to play his score again。
Wang Youcai laughed and said:“Don’t you have a brother in the city hall??But you forgot,My second brother works in the provincial government。He said,As long as I don’t mess with him,If anyone dares to bully me in Pingdu,He won’t stand by”Wang Youcai is definitely a good player。These words are all made up by him,Wang Youdao wouldn’t say such a thing when he was killed。
Chen Feng,His face changed slightly。He was thinking,Some time ago,Wang Youcai always sees the dragon but never sees the end,He is hiding from the lawsuit,Now suddenly appeared,It seems that what happened to him is over,He has to be careful。
“Boss Wang has big roots,Don’t talk about being in Pingdu,Even in the provincial capital,Generally no one dares to move you。You speak!looking for me?”Chen Feng suddenly became very refreshed,He said with a smile。
Lan Ling was a little uncomfortable being touched by Wang Youcai,She twisted her waist like a water snake,So I say:“Wang Ge!This place has always been your place,Now under the control of others,I feel very uncomfortable”This woman can really see the needle。
“Really a smart woman,How do you know i’m going to say this?”Wang Youcai said,Reached out and grabbed Lan Ling’s plump ass。
The woman yelled a little presumptuously。Chen Feng is not a fool,He has seen what Wang Youcai meant,But he has a special heart for this beauty international,Even though I’m a bit sad,But this situation tonight,If he doesn’t let go,I’m afraid he can’t get out of here。
There is a saying that he who knows current affairs is Junjie,Chen Feng knows everything in his heart,Money is insignificant compared to life。Moreover,Feng Shui turns,This place is yours today,Maybe it’s mine tomorrow。
Chen Feng thought about this problem clearly,Smiled immediately:“Good to say boss Wang!This Beauty International was originally Boss Wang’s plate,It makes sense to take it back today。starting from tomorrow,This is yours”
“Happy Boss Chen!Aperitif”Wang Youcai pats his thigh,Shout loudly。

“But really competitive with us,Just now the Nine Spirits Yuansheng is one。”

quickly,The Red Dust Boat flies all the way,But encountered several flying boats one after another、Palace magic weapon。
It is clear,These flying boat palace magic weapons are all here to find the crocodile devil。
On these flying boats,From ten to twenty gods and gods,More than 30 people,And are led by those top gods,At least it is sure to deal with the strength of a Seven Lunar God。
Lu Dongbin is considered to be a direct line of Daomen,Is of human origin again,More popular。
Most of the gods and gods who came to deal with the crocodile king,I can get some friendship with him,Even if there is a competitive relationship,But not hostile。
But occasionally there are some gods and gods,Quite hostile to their group、indifferent。
For example,The black warship that passed by the Red Dust Flying Boat just now。
“No room door?!”Lu Dongbin’s face turned gloomy,During the First World War,He has not reincarnated,Or the Emperor Donghua of the ancient heaven,Also participated in that battle。
Countless friends have died tragically under Wujianmen’s hands。
Although Wujianmen is now integrated into the Three Realms,But it is impossible not to be hostile。
of course,Not just him,Wang Lingguan、Qingfeng Daotong has been hostile to Wujianmen,Among the four, Li Ming has never played against Wujianmen。
Even in the life of the candle dragon,He fought Luo Hui,Killed the Chaos Alien Mind General。
But long before the invasion of Wujianmen,He will reincarnate,The only time I have dealt with Wu Jian Men before was when Wu Jian Men pulled him into the group and was rejected。