after all,The other party has not been directed by the master of the master.,They have huge progress spaces.。

“Next,No. 4 Hegao Exhibition Controlling。”
He Gaoyi is bitter,Step forward。
He knows that his own anger Dan control can also be touched.。
But compared to Danjun Sanyou,Still it is too small.。
He showed some,I also won a good voice,But only this is only。
After all, his show,They are within the scope of the Dan Pharmacist。
Not a desperate desperate Danjun Sanyou。
Test a followed by one。
If you are in other occasions,These Dan Pharmachers will inevitably win the full look,At least everyone has a stunt。
But in the east,All this,Just master a controlling fire,Don’t you count?。
Dan Jun Sanyou does not have to say,Great Dane’s He is also barely。
But more,The more I tasteful。
Only summer,From beginning to life。
He didn’t learn the control of alchemy。
It is good to see Lihuayuan after the inspiring,Heart is slightly reliable。
To say, just see the control of others.,That is in the heavens。
Summary also has your own pride in my mind.。
I finally turned to him.。
“Next,Triple Summer Exhibition Controlling。”
Yang Danqiong’s voice came。
Surrounded around around,Many Dan Pharmnesers have a sense of awareness revealing a faint smile。
Smile is not good,Nothing is the bottom of someone,Let them face the face。
Summer walks forward。
He didn’t have a card.,Just explore one hand,Gently in the Ding furnace。
Hidely,A migrant。
Then suddenly,It became a huge fire column with a grinding disc.。
See this scene,Dan Pharmacists who have been waiting to read jokes,Someone can’t help but laugh。
Make a fire column?