In the Black Blood Guard,He doesn’t believe anyone dares to do it to himself,But this wild boy has a special idea,Who knows what he thinks?

“I won,Come take a bet!”After Lu Menglin finished,Step forward,In front of everyone,The four rulings placed on the table are all in the arms。
“you,Do you dare to use military supplies?”Master Hu almost jumped up in surprise,Yelled。
The surrounding black blood riders guarding the warehouse gathered around,As long as the quartermaster orders,They are ready to get people。
Liu Wenzhang was also surprised,Unexpectedly, Wu Hao really dared to go forward and get those rulings,Doesn’t he know that arrogant use of military resources is a big crime??
“Prince Mili invited me to the barracks!I took these four rulings,If you are not convinced,Ask him to reason!”Lu Meng’s scales and tigers eyes wide open,Said unceremoniously。
Listen to him mention the name of the Sixth Prince,That Master Hu couldn’t help shaking,Take a closer look at this one,Awe-inspiring,Where is the smell of wild boy,There is clearly a domineering attitude from a superior person!
Able to move out the name of the Sixth Prince,And speak so casually,Like an old friend,It shows that he is really confident!Hu Da is one of the most popular,Can’t help but feel half short。
Six Prince Mili,without any exaggeration,He is equivalent to the master of this black blood cavalry guard,Is the supreme leader of this army,It turns out that this little corps leader turned out to be the person next to the Sixth Prince?
“The Black Blood Cavalry’s wind is eroded,Weakened to the point where it is today,Don’t you people have any points in your heart??Don’t practice well,Strong oneself,Do these smoky things every day,Spend all energy on internal consumption!Humph!Master Hu,Do you think this is true?”Lu Menglin’s face changed,Aggressively scolded。
Master Hu paled at hearing,I feel more and more that this person should be the confidant of the Sixth Prince,Otherwise a corporal leader,How could such a powerful force burst out?And not only dismissive of myself as a superior,Dare to comment on military discipline,Obviously there is some support!
He didn’t dare to answer at all,Just thinking about how to settle this matter,Is to take advantage to sell the one in front of you?Still find my own backer,Center coordination?
At this moment,Liu Wenzhang also recovered his sanity from shock。
This buddy thought,Wuhao ah Wuhao!Why are you so courageous?It’s just hairy on the gall,I’m so bold!
His Royal Highness the Sixth Prince just heard your name,Whether you remember it or not is another matter!You dare to pull the chicken feathers as an arrow,To be the confidant of His Royal Highness the Sixth Prince,Comment on Military Discipline here。
If this is known through,Not beat you to death on the spot,My last name is not Liu!
but,Liu Wenzhang then thought again,its not right!His Royal Highness the Sixth Prince just put Wu Hao in the Black Blood Cavalry Guard,Maybe I’ll use this kid in the future,I really can’t let him be beaten to death in this camp。
“Wuhao,enough!The six princes just let you stay in the camp,I didn’t say let you monitor military discipline!Give me face this time,Don’t care about him。”Liu Wenzhang’s heart is over,Deliberately said。
He doesn’t say it’s okay,Say so,The sweat beaded on the forehead of that Master Hu,Scared to death。