“That way,Let’s go one step at a time,If she’s not so excessive,We are not so overly,You like to fight back,Then fight back。”Wang Shuai’s posture as long as Chen Wenjin is willing to play,At the end:“but,You don’t want her body?”

“the first,I have girlfriend;second,You have to have a bottom line。”Chen Wenjin frowned when she saw Wang Shuai,Fudge him again:“You look so handsome,Maybe she will fall in love with you?”
“When i’m stupid?Will give this cheap?She gave it a bargain?If she is willing to give this cheap player, the introducer will not say that she is a good girl!”After a series of rhetorical questions by Wang Shuai,Said again:“Forget it,Take one step and see one step,In case she did too much during the period,To hurt our body and innocence,Then you can fight back equally。Hey,Punish evil and promote good with so many restrictions,Why are there fewer punishments??Because it’s easy to be a bad person and it’s troublesome to be a good person!”
“I think it’s because,Punishing the behavior itself,It’s actually evil。Turn into evil first,Use evil again,To punish evil。”
“……”Wang Shuai thought for a while,Feels like this。If you are full of brilliance and grandeur, you can only deal with it after evil happens,They can detect evil early in this way,Then it’s not good。
“I have girlfriend,So this scene,I can only pretend to be moved by Xiao Xiao,Acting in moderation。”Chen Wenjin thinks Xiao Xiao is just speculation,She can’t run away if she deliberately sultry,But deliberately just for fun,Still no bottom line,This is not sure yet。It’s just that he doesn’t want to punish Wang Shuai’s enthusiasm,Anyhow, the punishment Wang Shuai pondered is a good way to avoid going to the originally established future.,Count on Wang Shuai to change his mind,It’s unrealistic to glow with kindness from the inside out。
Play anyway,Playing bad guys is still a punishment。
This level is the biggest motivation for Wang Shuai to stay close to Shan,Even the only reason。
“Okay,Play free first。Since Xiao Xiao deliberately played with people,I don’t think she will just play with us,Maybe there are many people who are fascinated by her,It’s not uncommon to jump out suddenly。”Wang Shuai smoking a cigarette,Said again:“I have been weird for a few days,Xiao Xiao never brought her own friends to us,Like her,No matter how passive, there should be a group of people staring and chasing?”
“Do you think,Everyone’s activity is the same as ours?”Chen Wenjin wondered what misunderstanding Wang Shuai might have about a good girl,Think about Lulu,Don’t go out to play during holidays,In the school, I have regular activities with a few good friends,Only limited to the school,I always go shopping with her mother during holidays。Such a flower,Although there are many people who have a crush,No one else can date her,I want to stare and chase。
“Do you think Xiao Xiao might really not come out to play before,Just started recently?”Wang Shuai thought about this possibility……I really can’t say it’s impossible。
“Yes。”Chen Wenjin thinks there is such a possibility,Maybe Wang Shuai was the first wave of people that Xiao Xiao contacted outside to play outside。
“That’s more interesting,I can’t let her go to harm others,We must punish her on behalf of justice!Let her know how great,She won’t think she’s doing nothing,I can go back and be a good girl,Don’t we benefit society?Hey,Her future husband must thank us,Without us exuding the glory of justice,Xiao Xiao might fall into darkness……”When Wang Shuai is talking more and more shameless,I saw Xiao Xiao walk over in a silver skirt,Wang Shuai squinted and said:“Take a look、Take a look!Gold and silver,Besides, she must have heard people say that I like silver,Pick up two in a dress!I guess she will sit next to you in the car,If she is colder, she should move closer,My head is hotter, it can cause me to be anxious at a distance。”