China Automobile Industry Corporation also knows that this kind of forced free-riding behavior is more annoying,If the counterparty is a domestic company,As the investment and management agency of the national automobile industry,I can ignore the other person,But if this person is Chen Geng,That’s another matter。
So I saw Chen Geng,The former deputy director of the Automobile Administration of the First Machinery Department、Zhang Changmou, currently deputy general manager of China Automotive Industry Corporation,Apologize to Chengji:“Mr. Chen,sorry,I’m sorry,The reason,It’s really when our comrades are assisting you with the entry procedures for your vehicle,I think your car is too beautiful,Comrades have little knowledge,I don’t know what kind of car it is,After going back, he gave me a report。
After i went to see the car,Ok……This is not,I’m coming to you with a shame……Sorry sorry,Really sorry,I’ll treat you back,Apologize to Mr. Chen……”
Zhang Changmou has already said so,What else can Chen Geng say?He waved,Explained by the way:“Vice President Zhang, you are too polite……Ok,It’s also my cars that we haven’t officially launched yet.。”
It turned out to be a car that hasn’t been officially launched。
Zhang Changmou suddenly realized:The comrades of China Automotive Industry Corporation are very knowledgeable.,Basically, you know all the well-known cars at home and abroad,How can you not recognize this car that Chen Geng brought,This is understandable。
“Speaking of which,”Chen Geng changed the topic,Ask Zhang Changmou:“Deputy Director Zhang,I submitted to you an application for a vehicle test in China more than a month ago,Why is it so long,You haven’t given me a reply?”
Chen Geng’s application for road test did not get a reply?
This problem is a bit serious,Zhang Changmou’s face suddenly became serious:“There is this?”
“You don’t think I’ll make fun of you with this kind of thing.?”
“No no no,of course not,”Zhang Changmou hurriedly waved:“I mean……Ok,Will it be during the data transfer、What negligence occurred during the transfer?”