Xin Zhao’s eyes showed a terrifying light,Subconsciously want to see more clearly,Unconsciously took Wu Xing’s phone in his hand。

Originally this was just a random take,But out of Wu Xing’s headset link,Directly play the hot music currently live。
moment,The classroom rang out. The man was beaten up,Woman listened to blushing dance music。
“!!!”Xin Zhao was taken aback,Quickly covered the phone’s pronunciation,But don’t want to be too late,Everyone looked at him in unison,Including Lena and Liu Chuang who was pinched by her neck and hung on the wall。
“sure,Xin Zhao,you666。”Ge Xiaolun said admiringly。
“Awesome。”Cheng Yaowen agrees。
Put this stuff in the classroom,And there are so many beauties present,This operation is simply a shock。
“Do not,not mine,From Angkor。”Stared by so many people,Xin Zhao’s face flushed red,After a quick explanation,Threw the phone back to Wu Xing,Trying to disassociate himself。
Because of Xin Zhao’s throw,The music whose voice was muffled sounded again,There are waves in the classroom again‘Ok…what’Jiaochuan。
“……”Ge Xiaolun。
“……”Cheng Yaowen。
“……”Xin Zhao。
This comes againyinThe music makes Rui Mengmeng and Qilin,His face turned flushed,Especially Rui Mengmeng,Already on the table,Covering ears with hands。
Although Du Qiangwei is not so serious,But his face is also a little red,of course,More weird。