The people standing behind him saw that Wang Youcai became angry,So he huffed all over,Formed a semi-siege situation against Chen Feng’s people。Those yellow hairs of Chen Feng,Not vegetarian,They also jumped twice,People on both sides have a kind of trigger situation。

“Boss Wang!What are you doing?If you really want to fight,We shouldn’t be here!Since it’s here,Let’s talk peacefully,Some things fist can solve,But some things can’t。dont you agree?“Chen Feng patience,Chong Wang Youcai said with a smile。
Wang Youcai just wanted to give Chen Feng a chance,He doesn’t want to really fight。There is no saying“A thousand enemies,Self-folding eight hundred“。He still understands this truth。
Wang Youcai stared,Roar:“Give me back!No one can move without my order“Wang Youcai’s voice just came out。The people in black behind him all stepped back。It seems that Wu Wu did not train them less often。
Chen Feng saw Wang Youcai’s people retreat behind,He also waved。Which yellow hairs on his body huff,Then withdrew,Some people still run into each other,After all, this place is just a place to eat,Size is still limited。
“it is good!Since Boss Chen has this sincerity,Then you can talk about it first!Your people steal my people,Six brothers who hurt me,These people are still lying in the hospital,What do you say about this?Finished talking about this,Let’s talk about the next thing“Wang Youcai finally showed his trump card。
Chen Feng said with a smile:“Boss Wang,As the saying goes, one slap can’t make a sound,So we are all responsible for this。You hurt six brothers,And I also hurt four,So you can’t just blame me for this!“
“Boss Chen!It seems that you have no sincerity at all,Do we still need to talk about it??I only know,It’s your people who caused the incident,Then the person who hurt me,It’s that simple“Wang Youcai said very aggressively,He didn’t give Chen Feng any room to retreat。
Chen Feng said with a smile:“Boss Wang!Pingdu is so big。The original old rivers and lakes are all hidden,Now speaking can count,Just the two of us,So we have to unite,Earning money is the best policy,dont you agree?”
“Don’t tell me these useless,You speak!What about my six injured brothers?If you didn’t think about it,Then you think about it before you ask me“Wang Youcai said,He stood up abruptly。
Chen Feng looked anxious,He hurriedly waved and shouted:“Don’t worry, boss Wang!Let’s talk about it now,I will give you a good answer“
“it is good!My six brothers only cost more than 10,000 in hospital,You can come down and ask about this。So you have to give me 20,000 yuan,There is no discussion on this matter。But I remind you,If you don’t agree,After these people are discharged from the hospital, they will retaliate against you in secret,I can do nothing“Wang Youcai sat down again。
He is forcing Chen Feng,Want him to make concessions,Otherwise, there is no way to talk about it。
Chen Feng looked at Wang Youcai,It took a long time to say:“Boss Wang!You are a bit too cruel, right!One export is 20,000 yuan。What about my four injured brothers?You can’t leave it alone!“
“I said,Your injuries have nothing to do with us,I’m talking about my six injured brothers tonight,You must give them a satisfactory expression!“Wang Youcai said,Looking back at the man in black behind him。He is putting pressure on Chen Feng,Let him first realize,If the negotiation fails tonight,The people Wang Youcai brought will definitely not let him go。
Chen Feng’s men originally had two generals,But these two people went out recently,Not by his side,So he seemed a little weak in negotiation。And this Wang Youcai is domineering,Blindly force him。
20,000 yuan for him,Not much。But it’s about face,If he recognizes the account so readily,Later, Wang Youcai was riding on his neck and shit。
“No good boss!You are a bit too domineering。If you really want to force me,Then we can only end the negotiation,As for the ending,Then leave it to God“Chen Feng suddenly changed,He didn’t accept Wang Youcai’s move。