The boy is closest to the stalagmite,I feel the eardrums are pierced by this sound,This fierce beast suddenly came alive,A huge shadow appeared out of thin air behind the stalagmite,At the young man’s teeth and claws,Fierce flame。

Analysis by Golden Crow,The vitality of this evil thing should be related to the strength of the call of the foundation stone of the holy fire above,Juvenile don’t understand,It was originally a holy relic of the Five Elements Palace,How could it become so evil?
In a rage,The young man made a mistake with his hands and offered a red fireball again,Although it is a bit smaller than the previous one,But more vivid and thick,The fireball whirled around the boy’s chest for a few times and then flew towards the foundation stone of the sacred fire.。
“Guardian beast,Why so manic?!”The teenager shouted,Crazy stimulus,Suddenly turned over from midair,Right arm long swing,A black line suddenly appeared in the palm,The shadow facing the red fire cornice is a void slash。
The black line was like a light at first,But in the next moment, everyone’s sight turned into a broken line where the phantom of the beast head suddenly split.,The scary thing is that this broken line extends down quickly,The real stalagmite suddenly broke into two pieces,A terrifying crack appeared in the surrounding land and rocks,Look at the mountains,It’s as neat as a knife cut tofu。
Imagination,The heart-piercing roar of the fierce beast did not appear again,Silently after the black line flashed,It’s as if the surrounding space was instantly annihilated,The very ferocious foundation stone of the Holy Fire seems to feel an indescribable threat,Suddenly quieted down in the entanglement with the flames of the sky fire。
The youth is pale,Right arm trembling,I did my best just now,Drained all his spiritual power in an instant,No room for anger,This is also his strongest blow since he realized Void Cleave,Unexpectedly。
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Stalagmites temporarily ceased activity,And the foundation stone of the sacred fire hidden behind the bright red fire cloud has not changed anything,It seems like a living creature knows how to peek and think in the dark。
Jinwu Sacred Palace climbed up from the edge of the cliff,Already weak,But still stand up,It waved to the boy who was about to rush over,Loudly,“Build up strength,Behead again!”
These words not only did not blame the boy for ruining a red fire cornice,Instead, he encouraged him to make persistent efforts,Sounds incredible,In fact, it knows better than everyone present,Let these red flames resurrect,Unscrupulous,Then it’s not just the Five Elements Island that is ruined,I’m afraid the whole free world is also at stake。
Teenage wry smile,The air sea has dried up and bottomed out,Just how hard,In a short time, it’s difficult to accumulate that kind of spiritual power again,How to behead one more?