Zhu Minglang firmly believe,Even if this dragon has just been full,It won’t take a few days to hunt,Besides, winter is here,Sleep,Predators are the most anxious!

Two days。
Three days。
On the fourth day,Unkempt Zhu Minglang finally heard the movement on Longya!
That’s the sound of flapping meat wings,Zhu Minglang looks up along the crack,I saw a dragon covered with moss scales in the narrow sky gradually lifting off,Its wings are as big as a pine canopy,The cast wing shadow gives people a sense of fear……
Is a forest dragon!
And obviously an adult,The aura emanating from the whole body is much stronger than the big black teeth!
Zhu Minglang can’t judge its strength。
The mature stage and the complete stage are very similar,If the forest dragon is complete,Even Bingchen Bailong’s shot may not be able to subdue!
It is wise not to use brute force at will。
Zhu Minglang has started to act。
He’s not waiting these few days,I have already figured out the habits of those treasure house guardian cliff eagles,Easily bypassed the group of cliff eagles,Zhu Minglang immediately rushed into the depths of the cave。
The depth of the cave is upward,Obviously connected to the top of the cliff,Zhu Minglang walked up along,Soon I saw a large swath of light leaking from above, obliquely,Like giant spears,Pierced the darkness under this cliff。
I wish Minglang go there,I found that whether it’s overhead or where I came from,There are cliff eagles patrolling,After the forest dragon left,Cliff eagle guards become tight,It’s a pity that they never thought that someone would hide inside early。
There is almost no defense inside,I wish Minglang walk towards the place where the light is pouring,Found that this is a chisel from the top of the cliff,Dragon’s nest cut by claws。
The dragon’s nest is close to a house,Covered with gold and silver jewelry,The slanted sunlight only shines on a small part of it,It gives people a sense of dazzling!!